Jeff Young Paranormal Investigator LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT

By | November 21, 2020
Jeff Young Paranormal Investigator LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT

Good evening folks and Welcome to alien addict on this fine And luxurious and a little bit spooky Evening We have with us tonight a very special Guest Jeff young lead paranormal investigator From ghost tech paranormal Jeff my friend welcome to the channel Oh yeah how are you doing i i’m good i’m Good it’s it’s nice To get this done we’ve been speaking for For the week For a week now i feel like you’re kind Of like uh An uncle to me now i’ve got that Connection Yeah i mean it’s uh yeah it’s been a bit Of a long week but um we finally uh Summoned it out and we we’ve got we’ve Got it started mate yeah Um so i mean i have to say I’ve never i haven’t been into ghost Stuff uh It’s recently that i’ve been put onto The ghost stuff and then somebody said You need to check out Jeff young you know his channel is Superb but before we get into the Channel jeff could you Like take us back i want to take take us Right back to Where this all started well this all Started and what got you into it

Okay um well it started where i’m Sitting now Inside this house i called it the ghost House Um lived here since about 1975 Moved here when i was about 12 years old Um And at the age of well Before i say at the age of 14 when i had My first experience My parents were always into not in Not really into the deep into the Paranormal but They my mother had an experience where Seeing a ufo when she was a child And she started collecting books and Things so they was Always around and i was always looking At these pictures You know ufos and things and um But anyway yeah my room upstairs i was 14 years old and i woke up one night And i had a chair next to my window when I put my clothes on And i woke up probably about two o’clock In the morning And there was a man sitting in the chair And the chair was facing the window and It was probably Five feet away and he was sitting in the Chair With his hand like that looking out the Window Um there was no net curtains or anything

On the window it was just A window there was a full moon that Night And of course the whole room was lit up From the the brightness of the moon and I could see this guy sitting there Um solid now at the time i thought it Was my dad Um my dad was still alive then His bedroom was further on down the Hallway um And um so i i saw this guy sitting there And i sat up And i sort of sat there for a couple of Minutes and i said uh Dad what are you doing and there was no Answer And then i sat up on the edge of the bed And i said is someone broken in Is someone in the garden um what are you Looking at And there was no answer and i got up and I went Right next to his head looking out the Window looking at him looking out the Window To see what he was looking at and then When i turned and looked at him from the From the The brightness of the moon It looked like my dad same sort of hair Same sort of it But it wasn’t it there was something not Sort of quite right and i stood up and i

Said dad And i looked at him and he was still Then i said dad and i started to get a Little bit worried And i put my hand out and found the Light switch and i hit the switch There was no one in the chair now I wouldn’t say i was freaked out it made Me more Interested and i thought wow you know What have i seen there and that’s that Got me then reading up on all the Paranormal and stuff and um It was only two weeks later um again Um i was laying in my bed it was sort of Getting quite late i was listening to The radio and then days we listened to John pill Um because at that time it was all the Punk and new wave explosion so he’d have Bands on the radio and i’ll be sitting There recording all the vans And um my bedroom door is in front of me Half of it is corrugated glass and there Was a knock on the door And i said come in thinking it was My mum my dad and the door opened Three quarters of the way and there was No one there and i got up I went outside i looked down the hallway Everything was still closed Um so that even sparked sort of more Intrigue in me Um and that’s where it all sort of

Started Um with the paranormal for me that’s That was me into every single book down In the libraries buying every everything I could and studying it and Um yeah that’s how it all started That’s that that must be a lot to take In as as a As a youngster you know i mean i i Always heard stories when i was a kid But I never ever not that i remember there’s Stuff that i’ve been told about that Happened to me I’ve never remembered it steve by the Way in the chat jeff is the person that Put me on to you Uh who’s just donate five pounds thank You stephen And thank you mister and thank you Is that going to get you yeah yeah no I’ll buy you a beer When we go ghost hunting um yeah So so this this is this so this has been With you For for a long time and But i could i kid you not ollie um I moved back here um I’d say about 10 years ago um because of Um Because of me mum she was going through Serious medical conditions health and Stuff And i kid you not we still

See and hear things it was probably two Months ago even in the daytime i was Walking down the stairs And as i turned the stairs to walk Towards the kitchen i saw the back half Of a lady in a white dress Walk into one of the rooms I thought it was me mum and then when i Walked out my mum’s sitting at the Kitchen table and i said well hold on if You’re here who’s just walked into that Room We get it all the time i’ve actually had My name called Uh twice um a disembodied voice Um i’ve actually seen a woman walking Past My bedroom door you can see her through The glass i mean we’re not talking You know um at night we’re talking in Broad daylight Um so yeah it’s still it still goes on Here now But there but there is nothing that There is nothing nasty here otherwise i Wouldn’t have my children stay here Um they’ve not had any experience which Is really good Um otherwise i wouldn’t have them have Them here you know So what point did you decide i’m going To put a team together Um because for if anybody doesn’t know Who

Jeff young is jeff you just jeff has a Youtube channel Uh but and that’s not that’s just that That’s just one part of it the You’ve been doing this for quite a long Time i believe Yeah yeah it’s been 20 odd years I suppose i used to be a musician And i had my own studio in in the house And when my children come along we Needed the room So i sold off all my my music stuff Um still even at that point i was still Reading About the paranormal seeing the shows on The tv And um once my music career come to an End it was uh right what shall i do And i thought oh okay so it was a career You had The start of a music career um Well yeah i mean i was in bands we were Going we were getting paid You know for the gigs and stuff like That um So when that all come to an end um it Was um Okay i’m seeing this stuff on tv they Say you can hear voices Pick up um evps on a digital recorder Shadow figures all that type of stuff so I Then um decided okay let’s try and get Some people together and go out there

And see if this is true So spend some money on some equipment Finding people was that’s a hard task There are people that like the Paranormal but would they stand in a Dark room With a night vision camera ghost hunting You know So many people said no i do like it but I’m not i’m not doing that there’s no Way I’m too scared to do that um so then it Sort of started off with Um with my nephew jason we started to go Out and um And and film stuff um and And that’s how it really started i mean There it’s um On my channel i mean there is some of The really early episodes Looking back on them now the way they’re Filmed And stuff like that you know we wasn’t Really There to to film an episode we was there Just to see what we could capture Um and it just sort of went on from then Um and as time sort of went on we had a Few other people join um Nice people but just not just not cut Out to To be paranormal investigators even Though we took them on We gave them time to try and join the

Team Um sorry About 10 years ago i bumped into phil Just over 10 years ago and phil had a an Experience And he was a i guess an urban explorer As such um but had an interest in the Paranormal and Um he asked young Can i join and i said it’d be great to Have you along um And the thing is with phil he’s a Big skeptic he’s he looks at Other answers before you know he says oh That’s paranormal Um and he knows how things work Electronics things like that he’s he’s Been building us some Some equipment and things like that and You know and he’s ended up to Not just be a team member but my best Friend you know i know he’s got my back Um i trust him with anything and Then about three years ago mark joined Um Mark’s a big paranormal fan um he’s Really committed i mean he travels Four hours just to get to me to load the Equipment so then travel to where we got To go Um and we’ve now found that with just us Three It works we know what we’re doing we Know how to set up

Um you haven’t got to tell anyone what To do they just get on with it and And we all look after each other so it’s Absolutely brilliant So i’ve got a good question here and This is one that i’ve actually Wondered um but ginger steve says Can you ask jeff uh would he set up a Patreon So we can help him fund the Investigations Um have you ever thought about that no Not not at all um i haven’t even crossed My mind actually Um because that that’s what intrigued me About you in the first place i’m like So so whenever everybody says ghost Hunters I automatically think like most haunted Things like that the the Other guys on the internet what they’re Called their Ghosts i can’t remember the names of Them now Um but but anyway i i think of these Guys i think I think somebody who’s messing about and Then they’ll say Just give me give just buy the t-shirts Buy this not the other You don’t seem to be selling anything Every single thumbnail is the same You know there’s no kind of like click Bait

To the channel yeah i mean It’s but i think when there’s good guys Offering to fund you Because they noticing the good work that You’re doing you know maybe that Could have you not thought by that you Mean people if you’re spending this much Money doing it I we we haven’t really i mean if if that Was uh An opportunity then yeah i mean maybe we Can Think of something like that um i think That the whole idea was Um we didn’t want people to think that We’re doing this to make money Um that’s that that’s not what we want To do Um it was to help people and to be Honest and you know and do what we We can do best um We do all work and the money that we Spend on we do spend money on hotels on Petrol and food Um we don’t ask for anything back Whatsoever Um to to to do what we have to do Um so it was like i didn’t What we didn’t want to profit out of Anyone’s misery Um if they’re going through a bad time With something happening um The only money that we are getting now Um and that’s with the travel channel on

Paranormal court on camera and just Recently Um someone wanted to put us on with the Osborne’s I think it’s a show called the osborne’s Want to believe um So when you’ve got these big tv Companies uh like the Travel channel and you know uh that want To interview us And and and show our episodes then yeah We do We do say well you know this is several Hundred bucks for that episode if you Want to use The clips on paranormal court and camera And i think that’s fair because I don’t think people i don’t think People realize that If we’ve been out on an investigation For 12 hours Um and we’ve had 15 cameras rolling Digital audio um after the investigation I sit down and i have to go through Every single camera live Every piece of audio any evidence That we do get i then enhance the best That i can And then i sit down for three weeks to Four weeks Producing an episode um that might only Last 30 to 40 minutes so when a tv Company that i’ve got Thousands upon thousands of pounds um

Why shouldn’t i charge them a few Hundred bucks if they want to definitely You know use one of my shows because It’s taken me three four weeks To put together in terms of of equipment The what what type of stuff have you Used and what’s kind of Like is the cost in involved in setting Up this Ghost tech uh paranormal investigations Oh gosh the money um I mean even now we’re currently Upgrading our cameras you know It’s a good uh good new high definition High definition cameras Um which are full spectrum um most of Our equipment we get off um We call him infrared anti his name’s Andy and his company’s called infrared Uh and uh He sells everything um and he builds New equipment as well um and I suppose do you know what i can’t even Put a figure on how much We’ve spent since since this has started Just recently we’ve um purchased some New equipment Um that’s cost you know quite a good bit Of money Um and constantly we’re always Updating our equipment um to see you Know To see if it makes any difference so Sometimes you know you

You could you could be wired you could Wire up a house you know from top to Bottom And it doesn’t make much difference you Know sometimes the simple method is A night vision camera a digital recorder It’s just as good and i’ve i’ve found That it does work It just depends on what sort of location You’re going to What do you what do you think of the Competition that you have here i mean Well i don’t want to say competition Because i know you’re doing this for the For the love of it but Um what do you think some of the The other channels the the other Programs that are doing Kind of a similar thing to what you’re Doing Um i used to i used to say we’ll pick One I mean a popular one let’s pick ghost Adventures Um i guess they’re millionaires now you Know you can tell by what they’re Driving where they’re living Things like that um when they started Out You know it was like just them free guys No big camera crews following us around And then um To be honest i don’t watch it anymore i Lost interest a few years back because

It’s Um it’s not the same it’s not How it was and how it should be like it Was in the beginning And um it’s like near on every episode They’re going in to help someone that’s Possessed You know everyone seems to be possessed And i’m thinking oh god you know Why can’t you just go to a location Because there’s been a few people or a Few kids running around You know just something normal but it Just seems to be over the top all the Time So i’ve i’ve started to lost you know Sort of lose this interest in them Um and again you know um All of these programs on tv you know say Uh for entertainment purposes only and i Believe i touched on this with you in The weekend If you don’t mind i mean I mean we were we were you know Offered an opportunity to have a few Episodes shown on tv quite quite It was quite a few years ago a long time Ago and Um because they wanted to put up for Entertainment purposes only I wouldn’t have it i said this is not Entertainment i said you Actually honestly think we’re driving Around the country paying for our own

Hotels our own food Petrol book taking days off work using Your annual leave Um to try and get some really good Evidence and you want to put up there This is for entertainment purposes only As if we’re just making it all up Um and it went to and fro for for quite Some time and i turned it down and i Thought no you’re not doing that Um i actually said you know if If um it’s like people that go to church And everything like that there might be People that don’t that don’t Believe in in god or jesus or whatever But you don’t put Up this is for entertainment purposes Only so why would you do it to something That That i’m you know i’m passionate about And i’m trying to find the truth about Um so turned it down So when when you say god and jesus and It’s When whenever i think about ghost Channels i always think you know Spirits god jesus you know the devil This that and the other But you you’ve been to places like Rendulcham forest you’ve got two Two up two episodes where you’re in Renlution forest and at the end where You kind of get chased out of rentals And forests by

Uh helicopters um which is brilliant by The way Um by the way guys everybody in the chat And anybody that’s watching this after The chat i have linked jeff’s channel Um please go and check it out subscribe To the channel it is fantastic Um the work you do maze phenomenal But you ca we were talking about Shadow figures and what you believe They are and if if you could touch on That jeff And we can talk a bit about the the Reynoldsham incident Yes um there is an episode on our Youtube channel Um called the shadow people um And over all these years that we’ve done Our filming We’ve captured a few over you know over The years That we’ve been investigating and um I’ve seen some on online uh that were Quite interesting and i thought i’d do An episode on it but you know sometimes I keep coming across this and um it Seems like we’ve linked Uh shadow figures shadow people with uh Spirits ghosts the dead and I’m sort of slowly coming round to a Different theory on that Which is maybe Just maybe the shadow figures that we’re Seeing

Um number one may be alien and they’re Already here But another theory that i sat down and i Just it was going through my head and i Thought you know this is this is quite a Reasonable assumption but Maybe what we’re seeing is A humanoid species that’s already here That’s already Living here and we see them From time to time and What i’m trying to also explain is The spectrum of light Is it it changes it you know we use full Spectrum cameras in investigating That helps us see more than what our Eyes can see Um evolution of the human race Um we’re born our eyes are developed and They’re all developed in the same way Now the big spectrum it’s it’s huge and We only see In say a little bit like that And we can’t see what’s either side And i’m just thinking well what else is There what are we Not seeing because our eyes have not Been developed that way So what if you could see That whole spectrum and see what’s Actually around you And it got just got me thinking that Maybe there’s There’s another race here that we do see

And they we see them as like black Figures Um but they’ve always been here they’re Not spirits they’re not ghosts You know and because we keep picking Them up All the time nearly on um i’d say One out of three investigations we Capture shadow figures or shadows moving Um even in complete darkness in blackout Rooms you know Um so maybe maybe they’re not spirits Maybe they’re not ghosts Maybe people say that these black Figures are demonic Um again it’s you know they’re all Different theories and none can be Really proved at this time But i was just toying with the idea well What if it’s um it’s if They’re not linked together you know um So yeah i’ve done an episode on on the Shadow people Um and i show different clips what People have captured even on airplanes Um and towards the end i’ll show you What we’ve captured throughout our Investigations So what may what made you want to go to Rendelsham Again you know i don’t know why they’re Sitting here i didn’t put them there Perhaps mum did Ufo books there’s there’s cabinets full

Of them Um so i was brought up on it and it’s One of the biggest cases isn’t it Um you know uh It was in every newspaper it was called Britain’s russell Yes and i just sort of Thought oh i’ve never been there it’d be Great to get out there just see what It’s actually like i’ve seen Um the reconstructions of what happened That night and stuff I thought let’s go out there why not do An investigation a two-day investigation And um what made it interesting was Toying with the idea of doing the Investigation And we got access to um bentwater’s Rf ben waters which was involved and i Thought They’ve given us given us access to just Go and film and do what we like and we Went hey Okay that’s it you know we arranged it All it took A lot of time sort of juggling around With people’s rotors and Getting time off and booking this and Booking that and you know Hooking up hotels again and uh yeah Finally we um We managed to get out there and it’s an Absolutely brilliant place Absolutely brilliant somebody’s got a

Question here Jeff why is the channel called uh jeff Young and not ghost tech paranormal Um i don’t know really I think i know the answer to that did You have a youtube channel before Before you even did the channel yeah if I If i called it jeff young it would just Mean me it’s not just me is it i mean There’s Phil there’s mark we’re a team so it’s Ghost tip paranormal I mean it’s like saying uh you know Why did gary newman change his name to Gary newman when he was chewed by army They were just as famous When they had a number one hit with our Friends electric they were tube by army But i guess he wanted to make more money So he changed his name to gary newman But Hey this is this is not it’s not about Me it’s not just about me it’s about The the people that are alongside me you Know they They’re just as big as me as far as i’m Concerned that’s phil That’s mark even my poor 84 year old Mother i mean she does Some research for us you know dude if We’re looking up births Marriages deaths you know she helps out As well and

Uh yeah so you see your mom’s part of The team My mum is and so is my brother yeah my Brother does the writing To go on the screens um he does the uh The writing for the evps that might come Up Um so yeah um we’re all sort of in it Together you know so It’s it’s not it’s not just about me The um so i’m just going to say to the Guys before Before we are going to take a break in About literally five Minutes but we’ve got a question from Ginger steve here Um so with all the ancient law about Fairies elves i always I’m dyslexic so i always say so with all The ancient law about fairies elves Gnomes etc does jeff believe that these Are Corrected to shadow beings entities here With us unseen well i mean i i don’t Believe in Fairies elves and gnomes anyway um That is folklore um i’ve never ever seen Any piece of evidence with any of those In it to be um you know True so yeah Jobs are good and the The when you were at reynoldshum yeah The helicopters came at the end the Apache

Helicopters yeah Yeah and you could you could plainly see Playing well mainly hear them and you Could see the lights Um but you kind of like uh You guys did one you got it After with the two nights investigation There With what we saw and we even captured a Beam of light come down from the sky and Hit the floor and light up a tree With big balls of lights moving through The forest Taking off into the air there were a few Um incidents um which Really did scare one of our team members Where he saw A copy i i remember this yes Mark was standing there clive was Standing here and he saw another mark Behind him which freaked him out um It absolutely freaked him out he’d never Seen anything like that before Something was there not just the lights There was something else going on there Um but um with all the evidence that we Did capture At brendelsen forest uh It just really everything that we’d seen And captured on camera especially these Ufos moving through the trees It sort of validated it all when three Apache helicopters um turn up hovering Over us

They were watching what we were seeing They were watching us We were watching them they knew we could See them with their technology they Knew where we was what we was doing um And they were following the same Lights and ufos that we were um and to Be quite honest you know it was a It was a long walk out of there with Turning off your lights so they couldn’t See you or I don’t know if we was being followed i Didn’t think we was going to make it out Of there With our footage but we did um And yeah it was it was like something From a arnold schwarzenegger movie You know it was you know these these Helicopters are equipped with the top Top stuff you know night vision gun Ships all You know is crazy just before You you nip off for a quick break jeff Because i’m going to talk to the guys in The Chat um did did did you say that the And we were talking last night and we Were talking about this rendustan forest You said there’s no life around the air The landsat area When you start off the walk towards the Landing sites Um you know you walk through it’s all Nice you can you can hear

You know birds tweeting things moving Around maybe like a rabbit or You know whatever’s out there you know It’s just the normal Wildlife but as you keep going it then Sort of dies down Dies down dies down and then When you get to the actual landing site And they put a mock-up Of um what was what the officers saw There yeah Um and it is the same size i think it Was about eight nine foot Like a triangle craft that sits there um But by the time By the time you get there there is Nothing No birds nothing moving dead silent Uh it is really really strange It’s like they sense something is either Gone on there or is still there And nothing nothing lives there it’s It’s really really quiet It’s crazy place that is odd i need to i Keep saying i’m going to get myself out There Maybe i’ll come with you jeff yeah well To be quiet the guys have been saying You know Some point you know because this Investigation of reynoldshum was Probably about two Two years or so ago um and um we keep Saying

We’ve got to go back out there because It was it was absolutely fantastic the Stuff that goes on out there Because you’re miles away from any roads There’s no Uh street lights there’s nothing nothing Whatsoever Um so it’s pitch black and um dead Silent And it’s just the right environment for A good paranormal investigation Uh well any time mate i’ll be there i Will be there Okay i’ll book some time off work i’ll Come and join you we can go to the pub Afterwards as well But yeah you get yourself off for a Quick break mate and i’m to speak to the Chat All right brilliant thanks so much ollie I’ll add you back when you come back it Okay no worries So we’re just having a quick break now Guys because jeff’s just got some things To do But i’m just gonna have a quick look Through the chat the best That i can um i’ve only had a couple of Beers i’m good Um so i noticed that Darkow wanted me to ask um Will you ask jeff what is what is the One thing he’s learned about Life after death dying that’s a good

Question Remind me about that one Can you ask jeff Steven he asks jeffy feels uncomfortable The atmosphere Renders from forest um yes the the thing Is So tonight’s gonna only gonna be an hour Guys so this will probably run till nine O’clock Uh until jeff while jeff’s gonna nip off And then come back on It was always gonna be about one hour Show i think i put that in the comments Uh but we i am on about getting jeff Back on we’ve already discussed this Uh it’d be nice to get the full team on And if any of the team are watching this Now Uh i don’t know if you’re in the chat But please comment in the chat if Any of the team watching this because he The the ghost tech paranormal is an Amazing team And i was like blown away by this guys Because i’ve Not seen um any Whenever anybody says here watch these Ghost hunters I’m like oh i really can’t be bothered To watch that And my good friend ginger steve uh Just said watch it you need to watch it You need to get jeff on you need to

Watch you need to get jeff on on like Okay let me watch it so i watched it and I was like all right you’ve got my Attention Because literally it’s linked in the Description Go check it out subscribe you’ll see There’s no Uh click bait nothing there is no Uh there’s no No advertisement on there apart from Every channel now Even if you i was just saying this to Jeff before the show Every single youtube channel whether you Put advertise so if you’re a youtube Channel And you don’t have advertisement on your Channel you’re gonna have advertisements Because youtube is changing it up So they’re gonna force advertisement on Even channels that choose not to Advertise So you may as well monetize yourself Guys so um Yeah make a couple of pence out of it That’s what i do Um but guys thank you so much for For joining it is always overwhelming The chat I just i am sorry to tell you that Well for the about the 20 000 time I always struggle to read the chat um It’s just uh

It’s a it’s just it’s not the beer It’s it’s just these eyes they just Struggle Needs to be color-coded you know maybe That i can the chat comes in in like Green Um or red writing you know That that can read i can read wrong White on black i can’t Seem to change this to white on black um Hopefully jeff will come back soon that Way i don’t have to rub it on But um i did say that we would take a Quick break But i’m gonna add him back for when he Does come back And i’ve got my little wall in the Background i like a good wall It’s good to have a good wall but the Paranormal uh Guys if for anybody who’s wondering why Is alien addict Kind of going in this Paranormal ghostly world shadow figures And all that It was a ufo channel i used to debunk Ufos I found i found a kind of a love for it Hence i’m wearing black I’ve always wanted black but yeah i’ve Found a bit of a I don’t know it’s it’s it’s just Something Tells me that there’s more to this life

Than just the aliens you know There’s some sort of link between all The the weird going ons That are around us every day i think Jeff’s coming back i just heard Something It’s come to rescue it See i can’t do what goofon does and just Chat for Three hours that man has got some talent But i really do appreciate the support People Here we go so let me go back up to that Question So we’ve got a good question here uh Jeff uh from Dark a good friend of mine he’s got a Channel as well he interviews many People He’d probably love to have you on Actually uh but dark hour paranormal Asks um Well you asked jeff uh what is the one Thing he’s learned about Life after death directly Directly through the research and Investigation Um honestly Confusion is probably the something that Sort of comes to mind um you know um I’ve seen a lot of things i’ve heard a Lot of things But i sort of uh i i find The more you find out things the more

Sort of confused you get and and you Know Dark hour paranormal um i’m sure You’ll agree with me that um If there’s you know heaven and all this Sort of thing you know Why are children left behind you know All these investigations that That we do sometimes you come across Children you think why are these Children still Here is it because they’ve uh they’re Too scared to To go where they’re supposed to go or They’re staying where Um a place that’s made them happy um You know there’s it there’s a lot of Confusion um And it’s hard to sort of break down into Sort of sections Uh sometimes um we have come across a Lot of um Uh spirits that are nasty They’re horrible um and i believe them The reason They’re like that is because that’s how They were in life um and they don’t want To go anywhere they just want to stay Here you know um But yeah there’s just too many different Sections and um When you do these investigations that Involve uh children and stuff you know Um just only recently um we

We were hearing children disembodied Voices and you think why are you here Why aren’t they Well why haven’t they gone where they Should go um And yeah it’s sometimes it can be a Little bit heartbreaking you know when You’re dealing with children Um and i mean one one thing one one Thing i do know i mean There is life after death and this one’s Guaranteed and that’s your children Um we know that um so life after death Definitely your children is Is uh your you know the life after your Death Um but i i find that as i’m going along Here i’m trying to process everything Um and trying to make sense of it And i think the paranormal world is so Complicated that it’s going to take uh Some time before you can sort of work Things out how it How it’s actually falling into these Different Sections you know when we’re talking About Evil um can can you tell us About a time that you’ve had The most scariest encounter that you’ve Ever had Or the team And is it one of your episodes Well uh it’s not

Due to be shown until Probably next year sometime towards the End of next year One of my top scariest places would be Englefield hall Um which is uh Sort of out in the country west of uh West of london and um We’ve done one investigation there And everything just seemed so quiet And then the clock hit 11 o’clock And it just went crazy absolutely crazy We had Footsteps running at us boots And it’s all been captured on film um Now after the first investigation there I mean halfway through Phil and myself were outside we looked At each other and i said look if you Want to leave We’ll turn on the lights we’ll get our Cameras we’ll just go And phil said no he said we’ve um we’ve Never walked out on an investigation Before we’ve got to stay And it was one of the scariest Investment investigations that we’ve Been on But we went back there recently and Um i don’t want to say too much Um to spoil it but what i am going to Say is i saw something That sent me into shock i was so shocked I just i didn’t know what happened i

Dropped everything i was I only knew what i’d done after seeing The cameras and everything of of how i Reacted Um and The guys looked after me because Something that i saw Um blew my mind and i was in a different Place but i’m not going to say too much About it Um at the time we had back-to-back tv Filming us as well for the first part of The investigation they were actually Doing Interviews and also to show reduction Forest Um the episodes um on i think it’s going To be the unexplained files And um yeah and they wanted to show Um engelfield on uh the osborne’s Um the osborne show um so i don’t i’m Not gonna Say too much about it i mean a lot of People say we like go set paranormal Because they’re so calm Um but this went out the windra Engelfield hall revisited And as i say that episode is is quite a Long way away but Um it will be shown and i’m i’m not Going to be embarrassed about my actions And what i’d done and what i said Um so yeah so you so you’ve got quite a Lot of shows that you’ve already filmed

That are in the works You just need to edit and get them all Together Yeah i mean we’ve um we’ve got 10 episodes put aside we’re always in Front of ourselves because the the Problem that we don’t want to do Is we show an episode every two weeks on Youtube We’ll show about maybe six seven eight Episodes and then we take a break for a Month or two Um that break in between is just so we Can get out there And do our filming get more episodes Because what we don’t want to do is show The episodes And then um we find that we can’t get an Investigation done and then people Our fans will say well what’s happened You know we’re not seeing an episode Um so we try and hold back so we can Keep it rolling and rolling and rolling Without running out of material Um to keep everyone you know they know Every two weeks they’re going to see an Episode Um we’ve just started started the ball Rolling again So there’s going to be another five Episodes and then we’re going to take a A two-month break While we get the get all the episodes Back together get out there filming

Um and um we’re just hoping to We’re hoping in december to get into Some breville’s castle which is in Gloucestershire Um and um that’s gonna be a three-night Lockdown We’ve got the whole castle to ourselves Um we was hoping to get there this month But obviously things have happened shall We say Um so it’s been put on hold um this is Going to be a biggie you know we’re Rigging the place up with 15 static cams We’re gonna have handheld cams we’re Gonna have 360 motion detectors We’ve got um our new developed um sls V2 high resolution cam um which Films uh what was stickman technology But also it’s got a built-in uh 3d monitor um and it’s brilliant because I can point it at you And i can swivel the screen and look on Top of you go down you go around you So if i see a figure there i can Actually flip it and And get a 3d mapping on the figure as Well as Uh using stick man technology um We’ve got lots of new gadgets and we Want to rig this castle up Um from top to toe because it’s meant to Be the most haunted castle In england and it was built around about 10.75 i believe

Um and yeah we just we’re itching to get In there at the moment So we were talking about fans earlier And like Like yourself most of my my fans are From the states have you ever Considered doing a show in the states Well as in going to the stage to do an Investigation yeah Um would love to But it’s it’s again it’s the money if You think of Even traveling over there you’re looking At what a couple of thousand pound each Um and your your equipment as well you Know it’s gonna be thrown around in the Back of a plane who knows what it’s Gonna look like when it gets out the Other side It’s it’s the taking the time out of Work Um if he was to take a week off you know It’s a lot of traveling a lot of Preparation A lot of money um but yeah i would love To go out there but at the moment You know the uk has got so much to offer It’s absolutely brilliant here you know There’s so many places to go and see You know um so i mean you know we’re Even looking at scotland at the moment Maybe Uh taking a trip up to scotland there’s Plenty of um old hospitals and asylums

That are just left out there in the Countryside Um because scotland doesn’t get touched You know it’s a big place it’s not as Heavily populated as You know um england so these places just Sit there um And yeah but maybe one day you know if Someone Someone says yeah hey you come to the United states uh We’ll sort you out you know um yeah We’ll definitely go So you you’ll probably understand this More than i will uh Okay let’s have a look there wait where Does jeff get the software to turn the Connect Into an sms cam i have the connect but Nor the software Uh where should i look for that okay Who’s that is that ginger steve again That’s yeah he he’s he’s the he’s the Man who put he Put me on to you oh okay oh I like the pictures steve uh ginger Steve what is it what is that picture of Is that a diddy man I have no idea what it is okay Um as i said earlier um all of our Equipment Um well most of our equipment gets built By um Infrared andy um although phil does do

Some bits and pieces as well when he’s Got time um So it was uh andy infraredi that Built was the yes this sls cam v2 high Resolution Uh connect um so you know it’s it’s a Tablet and it uses Um the xbox basically the xbox you know It’s uh i don’t know i’ve never done it Played the xbox before but i take it you Put it on your tv you play a game and if You’re playing tennis in your head it Picks you up And it does on the screen what you what You’re doing Um so it’s like it’s just thousands of Dots of light you know that maps in Um that maps in whatever’s there Um so it was built uh for us by Andy from infrared and that’s um if you Want to if you if you want to find him He’s he’s um He’s up north um he’s got his own uh Business there Um if you just type in infraredi it will Come up infrared website and you can see All of the products that he’s got on There um he’s a great guy good friend of Mine And um if you know even when anything Goes wrong he’s there for you he can Sort it for you Um but yeah it he builds them all he Puts them all together

And we were one of the first uh Teams to actually have the sls cam v2 High resolution and the differences Between this it’s not just a normal Connect We’re just maxing figures this um this System Again as i say has a 3d monitoring System Um so you can actually see a whole room In 3d Um it’s it’s absolutely amazing it’s Brilliant um Again i’ve i’ve seen it running in your Videos it looks In that’s what i was asking about last Night that it looks insane Yeah yeah um the our angle field hall Revisited We actually used the 3d mapping system And it did map in a figure um walking Right across the middle of the hallway So yeah it’s a brilliant piece of kit Fantastic so we’ve got here ask about Pendulum hill pendle pendle here Pendle hill um um i haven’t met him to Join his group and Seen anyone possess possible well yeah Pendle hill is Is uh i’m trying to think where that is Now but i do know it’s to do with the Witches Uh that lived out there uh that’s meant To be um

A very haunted place um and Uh yeah we have been thinking of um Going out there but it’s it’s uh it’s in The middle of nowhere This this place um but yeah no we We have been thinking about going there Um Well we have a medium to join my group Uh Has he ever seen anyone possessed by Spirit um I i have never Actually worked with a medium at all um I i don’t know if we ever will because When someone says something it’s like um It’s like a second-hand Um observation or statement um it’s Something that you can’t see that you Can’t touch that you can’t hear I like the evidence um when an Investigation when you can see something You can hear something but it’s like Someone telling you something and There’s no proof of that and that’s why We’ve never used the medium Um so have i seen anyone ever possessed Um well there was a there was someone That um used the ouija board once and Brought through the zozo demon um And that was a long investigation There were lots of threats made i i Remember asking what you want with the Girl and it said effing killer Um that was one of our clearest evps

We’ve ever had um We tried to make it leave um we couldn’t Make it leave and Um that’s why i then ended up calling in The church And um got in touch in touch with the pa To the bishop of churches that sent Us reverend to come in to resolve the Situation Um in fact since then um I i am now in contact with the church if I Was going to say because the church Look for your evidence now don’t they Yeah Yeah if there’s um there’s been several Investigations we’ve done Where it we do need the church to come In to resolve Uh the matter um so i have personal Contacts with them Um you know it’s it’s just to make sure Even after you know an investigation we We do keep in contact with With uh clients if you like um that have Contacted us we’re always making sure They’re okay if they still need us Is there anything else we can do you Know we just don’t do an investigation And then Just leave you know um so yeah Jeff see you talking to the church You’ve you’ve been to english and forest We you’ve you’ve seen ufos we’ve we’ve

Talked about that And you’re talking that the shadow Figures may be something completely Different and i totally agree with you There Where do you think the connection is Between or do you think there’s a Connection at all or do you think it’s Completely separate things Between the what you’re doing when You’re investigating something where you May need to get the church involved Or wait whether you think a shadow Figure is uh A a being that’s was on this planet well Before us Or it’s an extraterrestrial ufos do you Think there’s a connection with it all Um well I i i’m sort of separating it all up now Um i think At the moment i’m sort of leaning Towards that shadow figures Um are a type of being that’s already Here they’ve always been here it’s just That we just get to see them now and Again Because of that small spectrum of light That our eyes can see and we can’t see What else is here um so i’m leaning Towards that at the moment i’m not Saying that’s my conclusion but As i’m going on so far this is what i’m Looking at

Um fifth dimensional beans hobo mallow Keeps spamming fifth dimensional beans So He wants to make it very clear they are Fifth dimensional beans do you think the Fifth dimensional beans jeff I don’t know i can’t answer that at the Moment as you know Um so you know sometimes we do these Investigations and we’re looking at Things And we’re trying to process them but We’re only trying to process them in a Way That our brains will allow us to um Perhaps we’re Perhaps we’re not that intelligent yet To try and work this out And that’s why as i said to you i’ve got Different sections and And it gets confusing sometimes maybe We’re We’re we’re not there yet as you know to Watch to actually work all this out Um you know something’s there What i don’t know you know you know ufos I’ve seen so many so much stuff on that You know and people say It’s uh area 51 it’s It’s this it’s that but i mean i’ve seen Footage that I’m i don’t think it’s i i think maybe It’s reverse engineering Maybe we’ve built something or maybe um

You know there are Actual craft you know visiting this uh This planet I was going to ask you about that what Do you think about the the The gimbal footage that’s been in the Pentagon saying that these are Real ufos well i mean if you’ve got jets Traveling You know all these hundreds of miles an Hour that are using their night vision Zooming in locking on you know and i’ve I’ve seen it where it just then just It’s gone you know It’s it’s it’s too fast you know it’s Not another jet and these people are in Jets trying to chase them And these are qualified pilots um what Are these things Are these you know is it is it something That’s been Used in reverse engineering is it a new Uh a new system um and and the thing That’s really annoying is you know If you’ve if you’ve got something like That you know Um why not just let everyone know about It you know Unless there’s they’re waiting for a war Or something you know say hey we got This new stealth craft hey You know i i don’t know i don’t know we Were talking last night Um in a in a private conversation and i

Hope you don’t mind me saying this but You mentioned about the renders from ufo That you you guys saw but you said That’s not the only ufo That you’d seen so sorry The only ufo though that you you that You’ve seen yeah That you’ve seen yeah with with my own Eyes yeah i mean On on them two nights at reynolds forest I believe we saw one two three Uh four four ufos um One even actually taking off from the Ground going up into the sky That’s all on film um moving in and out Throughout the trees Between 10 20 feet off the ground it’s Uh Yeah i mean these are big balls of white Light you know It’s there’s no reason for that You know there’s nothing else that that Could be You can’t blame it on a car or a plane Or anything there’s just nothing there So when you when we look when you Do all these different hunt well i don’t Want to call it a hunt because it seems Like you’re kind of doing A service almost rather than hunting It seems a bit you know hunty rifle type Thing But when you’re doing it when you’re Doing a ghost um

Hunt um do you ever take it do you ever Feel like you’ve taken anything home With you You know you’ve taken your walk home i Have done I have done before um We was doing an investigation at a place Called the hope pub And i watched that one i think i’ve Watched that one today I think what’s wrong yeah um I brought the previous landlord that Lived worked and died there Um this lady um i brought her home with Me And um it was about half five on A the next morning in the summer The sun was up and i was sitting there Getting ready for work And i saw this little old lady walk past The window Of my bedroom door and i thought oh There goes mum You know she was she the point and Um it was in the direction of the toilet And i thought oh she won’t be long i Need to get in there you know and i Waited and waited away and then she No one come out and i opened the door And there was no one in the toilet And me mum’s door was closed she was Still in bed And i went downstairs and then i heard

This woman Say jeff and i looked up and i said hold On mum Be with you in a minute answer jeff i Said yeah yeah i’ll be with you I went upstairs she was fast asleep Um and then i sort of it dawned on me That i Brought something over me so then um it Was I spoke to the lady i said you need to Go back We we arranged all this went back to uh The hope hub And put a little plaque up on the wall Um Just so everyone knows that she used to You know work here she lived here she Did die there And there she is up on the wall there And yeah i took it back cam So yeah that’s happened I noticed in one of your videos you left A Winnie the pooh teddy for the um The the children you like you left it There and Also you know what that’s that that must Have been our very First episode that we have ever done as Whenever i whenever i look at a channel I always check out the first video Because that that is so that it was it Was a great place

It’s a naf film because it at that time I had no idea of Film production direction um Volume levels anything we just done the Best we could you know Um and um yeah We’ve done that um quite a few times you Know when there’s children involved Um we’d like to leave something for them You know just to say thank you if it’s a Little teddy bear or anything like that You know um So yeah yeah i mean we take that Seriously especially with when Children’s involved you know I know you’ve got to get off but uh Before you go Um so when when We we see in some of the some i think There’s one of the videos when you’re in The The house that’s quite near me the the Weather the black monk Where they did the film the when the Lights is that when the lights went out And you went and investigated that house Yeah so when they were talking about Sometimes the doll People believe the dorm is possessed When we talk about objects why do These why do you think these beings Don’t go into something like i don’t Know a uh A candle holder why do they go into

A doll or a teddy bear you know Something that’s That we can relate to um Well believe it or not um there are many Items That are haunted possessed and you say a Candle holder yeah You know it’s uh if it’s a personal item That’s that someone really loved I mean put it this way i don’t go to Second-hand shops and buy a bookcase or A chair or anything like that because i Don’t know what else is going to be Coming with it you know the guy that Used to sit in it Um so believe it or not um there are a Lot of Um items that have got attachments to it Even a wedding ring You know you just don’t know what you’re Going to be bringing home with you when You buy something secondhand and that’s Why i don’t Um at 30 years drive when we were there And there were there was a doll in one Of the rooms and Someone had told me that uh the doll Spoke And i said i knelt down with my digital Recorder and i went down and i said Someone says that you can speak speak to Me and when we enhance the audio There’s this voice this child’s voice That says

Let’s play and starts giggling um Something some things that’s attached to That doll But you you know you’ve got to be so Careful of these these sort of things Because You know they can use it as a conduit They can These spirits can use it to draw your Attention to gain your trust You know so yeah believe it or not there There’s uh Lots of things that that can have you Know have some sort of attachment even a Book Um i’ve come across cases with that Where we’ve had to deal with Um something attached to books um so Yeah So steve says he wants to send you some Some beer some spirits no pun intended So so they so are not they can go into Anything Anything they want they can possess Any object you know it’s like um What what’s your most treasured uh Possession you’ve got ollie It’s this kind of beer right now um No um i don’t even know uh probably Probably probably probably my computer At the moment with what i do I mean somebody somebody’s just said That they just had the computer Possessed

You know what if you know i don’t know It might it might be a wedding ring Anything like that’s what i’m saying you Know i sometimes wish somebody had Possessed my wife You know what’s wrong with her Nothing Only because she’s watching this Probably right now Yeah i’m waiting for a can of beer to Come right across the screen and You’re in the head sort of thing um but Yeah no you know all Laughing and joking aside you know There’s i’ve come across so many things That have Got you know had attachments to it i Mean i believe there was a Um a show um on the tv um It was called the haunted collector And uh this guy and his team would go Around and then help people with Hauntings in their homes and believe And you know heart most of the time it Was an object that they They’ve got in their home um that was Causing the um Paranormal activity so they’d end up Moving that object Out of the home and sealing it and um Taking that away And um yeah it was on a long time ago i Can’t think who was in it now But i do believe that the gentleman that

Uh was in charge of the team was it was Something to do with lorraine warren Adam wayne uh lorraine warren who were The private investigators You know for amityville that’s how we Got the films the conjuring and It from their private investigation sort Of thing you know so uh Yeah um but i was like about them guys Uh you know your thoughts on uh lorraine And uh That with the the doll because i mean Obviously that’s a a big Film being a big film but uh i know You’ve not got long now jeffy you need To you need to get off but Um i i hope you would come on again On the channel so many more questions i Have for you Um but um yeah he said That lorraine and that you think these Guys were legit Um i do um For the simple reason um they wasn’t Just paranormal investigators Um how can i put this these days I don’t think a lot of people uh know This these days to To have uh the help from the church Is a lot easier now they’ve actually got Groups set aside all around the country Of priests bishops reverence that just Deal In paranormal helping people with

Possessions with Um haunted houses um didn’t have that Back in them days Um back in them days you had to go to The vatican you had to have proof Um you had to show them film um you know Of possession of a haunting you know and It had to be A 100 percent even before you got help Um so obviously edina raine warren Um whatever they’ve got in their vaults From all the cases that they’ve uh Investigated and what they’ve done the Church were willing to help them um All the time so they must have had some Some really good evidence Yeah jeff i honestly i listen i could Talk For hours with you a really good ba out Of respect for yourself i know you got a Gun i don’t want to keep you and have an Embarrassing moment but Um before you go can you just tell Everybody where they can find you i’ve Put in the description below Uh but if you just tell them a little Bit about yourself what you and the team Do Um and you know where they can find you Yeah sure so um yeah so ghost tech Paranormal I’m jeff young we’ve got phil um And we’ve got mark uh the three of us Guys we

Uh we help as many people as we can Um if anyone does need us You know to just email us call us do Whatever you’ve got to do We’re a free service we don’t charge you For anything whatsoever We’re on youtube we must have about 102 103 episodes at the moment uh on youtube Uh next episode will be coming out a Week on saturday Uh um to carry on with our uh series So yeah listen if anyone does need us um If even if you get in touch with ollie Here Um if you do need an investigation you Need advice help Just give us a call we’re here for you Jeff thank you very much my friend i’m Just gonna drop you out for a second Then i’ll end the End the broadcast and i’ll say goodbye To you personally um But thank you very much mate for coming On it’s i really appreciate you being a Great guest Guys thank you very much for joining us Tonight i know it’s been a small one Instead of being an hour long i could Have talked to jeff all night long I really could have done uh but make Sure you check jeff’s channel out it is In the Description below click on it it’s jeff Young and

Uh if you do if you if you’ve got Something going on yourself and you live In the uk You know email jeff uh if you can’t Get in touch with jeff and you want to Get in touch with me my my email is Alien addict Uh what is it alien edit uk That’s because somebody stole Alien addict i don’t know but They were a mean person It’s alien addict uk Guys thank you so much for joining Everybody has been in the chat all the Super chatters and just everybody for Being here Thank you so much from the bottom of my Heart good night god bless Man the books don’t bite