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Okay everybody it’s actually right now The night before halloween It’s technically the 30s yeah i mean It’s like 29. yeah you know what it’s called Is it actually yeah Um it’s [ __ ] freezing cold out right Now Everybody’s got a jacket but me i feel Like a [ __ ] idiot That [ __ ] happens a lot of times it Doesn’t look cold at all I’m sure we’re like i’m here with Chris obviously you know her we just did A whole series on the east coast spent The night in the conjuring house That was interesting omar over here Obviously you guys if you watch my Channel you’re gonna know omar because He’s Way bigger than me and i’m doing it way Longer The boy we’ve been trying to set this [ __ ] up for the longest goddamn time Thank you yeah thanks for coming bro i Appreciate it Hopefully you’re willing to die for it We’re not trying to die tonight oh yeah We’re not we’re not we’re not gonna die Tonight But you guys also know that i’ve been to The devil’s gate damn Last year last september it was one of The freakiest nights in the channel’s

Existence Just because of the fact that we found The witchcraft stuff And then heard the glass shattering Behind us about Five minutes after we left the area so This is a spooky spot But without further ado we’re just gonna Get to it thank you guys for watching i Love you And uh let’s get spooky baby yay This is the entrance point and walk down That creepy path Go through the woods for half a second And then we’re there Probably too cool hopefully yo what’s up Guys Out here with my boy omar hey colin What’s up baby I love it hey guys what’s up hell yeah Bro They brought me out to the devil’s gate You can’t see it but it’s right behind Me well colin has a crazy story really Yeah last time we were here we found Witchcraft rituals Like literally bags full of uh of Witchcraft stuff and then Glass breaking behind yeah we were Leaving and the glass broke behind us by Itself This place you see with these guys i’m Gonna die i’m gonna die

Definitely here as you can tell my face Is still a bit Swollen from the wisdom teeth procedure I look really funky but recovery’s going Well i just wanted to Really quickly recap to you guys the History of devil’s gate damn i was there Before Found witchcraft rituals way in the back Of the actual tunnel And this place is infamous apparently Aleister crowley the famous occultist And jack parsons a Rocket scientist and elrond hubbard the Founder of the church of scientology did Some rituals back in this tunnel back in The 40s and 50s apparently they opened Some sort of energy portal back there That has led to Mysterious and negative events happening Around the devils gate dam in this Tunnel Four children actually went missing in The area around the devil’s gate damn Tunnel A killer confessed to kidnapping some of These kids but he committed suicide in Prison And they never recovered two of the Bodies so they may be in the area still People have claimed that these rituals Happen to this day in the area some Satanic rituals some occult rituals you Don’t really know what group is doing

What out there but There’s definitely something mysterious Happening at the devil’s gate dam so That’s just to fill you guys in sorry This is a bit of a short video but Um i just thought that i needed to Release this and with my surgery and Everything it’s been kind of hard to Focus on making content But saturday we’re gonna have a banger Video with some incredible paranormal Evidence coming to you guys so Thanks for watching let’s get right back Into it Um i think the path’s over here this is Definitely not it We’re gonna capture all the chitchat Cross the river luckily it’s dry Thank god hey i hate white rivers yeah A river walk right through that [ __ ] is There ever any water here I highly doubt it look at this thing you Guys can’t see it’s how many rocks I’m walking over oh yeah come right here How you feeling boy i feel amazing feel Like a million bucks Really i feel freezing cold i was honest I Feel pretty cool too i didn’t think i Need a goddamn jacket I was on the luxury queen mary today so When you need a jacket on that thing I think it says cast well here’s the

Devil’s gate everybody What the hell they like kind of bolted This thing How the [ __ ] did i get in here last time Here This used to not be here see how these Are different poles This was gone last time that’s where i Got in there bastards You see this i think we could probably Fit through that This i think yeah i bet so Homer’s trying i don’t know if he’s Gonna make it [Laughter] Yeah do you hear that echo Yeah oh man this devil’s gate And you go all the way back yeah i’ve Been all the way to the end god damn it Anyone in Omar’s here these big figures on ghost Too Oh [ __ ] Are you catching something something Right there So we’re hearing noises down there yeah We’re getting like responses Like we’re actually hearing a response From something Okay real quickly i want i have a

Competition i want everybody to try and Make the creepiest sound they can make [Laughter] Omar you start here on the left like Into the tunnel yeah into the tunnel Wow chris oh i’m good Are you kidding me what do you want Chris come on Make us make a spooky noise look i’ll be Like Yeah right come on now you got to send It let’s hear it Somehow that was way creepier than mine [Laughter] I don’t know i don’t know that was Creepy bro She’s up I feel like if you just talk in like a Low voice like Hey dude sounds like a real [ __ ] Voice I’m so sad we can’t go back there Someone tried to get in here We should explore them i wonder if they Were successful Someone probably do also i’m going to Point out over here There are all these candles left up here Which kind of would make you think that People still come here to do rituals i Don’t know why these are Left up here and there’s this thing

So yeah i don’t know what the any of This stuff means but One new spirit box up here because we Can’t get into the tunnel Okay two meter is just going off did you Ask anything Something about a bridge Did anyone die here Climb up ladies first [Laughter] Do you have a lighter okay Real quickly we’re sitting up here like I was just talking to you guys about Oh oh [ __ ] that’s going off already Um since we couldn’t get into the actual Gate Chris and zan and i climbed up this area Where These candles I think is there actually somebody over There I don’t know he saw somebody Omar saw someone Well there goes the light but i’m going To give him The spirit box because he’s never done One before So basically radio frequencies By the way i just want to tell anybody Who might be here That we’re here to communicate with you And i know i’ve been here before so you

Guys might remember me Because you broke some glass and [ __ ] But i’ve got two new friends with me We just want you to come out and talk to Us are there any spirits here with us Right now Is that where you’re staying here Are you a human spirit They’re evil here It is so evil or something like that That’s almost I don’t know it’s crazy this thing is Hitting right away now Are we in danger when we’re here Do Do you have anything else to say to us Well you didn’t think i knew your name He goes he doesn’t know my name it goes Diego yeah is it yo Is there any evil president here I heard yes of course how many spirits Are present with us Oh i’m so paranormal that’s the cult of 1983. Can you say one of our names I’ve been here before did you break that Glass back there Is this the same spirit were you Conjured in a witchcraft ceremony back There

I found the bag Can you say the word devil or demon Have you ever hurt anybody I’m not gonna lie my leg is literally Asleep It’s [ __ ] hurting me bro i gotta Stand up Of course two candles so weird right It’s a very creepy color Well you saw a ritual here last time you Were here yeah So colin actually witnessed that sure That’s what these people were doing too I mean there’s candles in that bag sage If you look behind you chris there’s a Little Sack of something that i found up here Am i sitting here it might be right There oh i see like i don’t know what That is but Oh [ __ ] look at it look at it right There that just went off as i was trying To go and touch Whatever you accidentally took it no No i don’t know what the hell that thing Was But but i mean there’s tons of [ __ ] up Here too man like they were burning Stuff For sure there’s glass there’s different Earth Stuff you see yeah yeah what was it that You found

When you were here you said you bought Something I think this was a nice start for zan Mm-hmm Yeah we need to take him somewhere super Ultra creepy Yeah sometimes when i when i see videos Like this Where there’s not a lot of activity i’ll Go and edit the video And like it’s like you possibly can yeah Exactly you hear something or you caught Something like your camera might have Caught something that somebody notices Or you just forget what happened too i Think that’s the most terrifying thing Sometimes when you go back and edit your Video You find [ __ ] i’d have to edit it with Like a friend [Laughter] Right when it dude right at three and The gate just opens the gate unlocks I’d be like yeah that is so tight guys We are here 3 am oh my god there it goes 3 am 3 am at the devil’s gate On The last time was in 1944 1944 Yeah and we get daylight savings so Another hour of getting [ __ ] up baby It’s like christmas but it’s halloween I’ll be drunk tomorrow oh yeah no

Okay well let’s then get the [ __ ] out of Here we gotta walk I gotta still get the backpack baby Hello