Visitors not from this world. (David talks to John about his encounters LIVE)

By | November 14, 2020
Visitors not from this world. (David talks to John about his encounters LIVE)

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict on this fine luxurious Evening We have none other than wreaking havoc Two one five that is john For anybody who doesn’t know who john is John is somebody i interviewed on the Channel Um a few months ago and he spoke about His experience That’s gone on for years since he was i Believe 14 years old Um where he saw Two grey creatures outside the window And he’s seen many more paranormal Things And we’re currently investigating what’s Going on in john’s life Now on the back of that i got david on Um a few i think it was a few weeks Later And he has he’s had this subject With him all his life he knows more than Not more than i i do about anything to Do with paranormal i’m only just Touching the services The surface on this i’ve only had one Gin and tonic guys I’m going to bring him into the chat now So Boys welcome to the channel david That was a really [ __ ] intro but we’re Live so i can’t do anything about it How you doing fellas good good good how

About yourself Well i i will be all right in a minute i Just need to kind of like uh Top up get my stay well this is my first Glass of wine Of the night but this is it i’m just i’m Just gonna I’m just gonna sit back and let you to Uh Just go with the flow because john You’ve got you’ve got questions for David That’s a place to start plenty of Questions from So john just to give us a bit of a History history For anybody who has not watched the Original video Uh the the original interview uh that we Had where you were in a really bad place Uh can you just kind of like just go a Little bit back Yeah yeah definitely it’s just But uh yeah when i was a teenager i uh Basically i had an alien abduction you Know as far as i can tell And uh i was 15 and that was the first Time I’ve ever had anything like that happen To me and throughout the years i’ve had Different experiences Seeing shadow people ghosts Sleep paralysis all types of stuff and It’s been going on

For the majority of my life it’s been Pretty spread out And continuing now to have Some type of experience going on so it’s Been about 25 years i would say and uh yeah it Wasn’t a bad place but Our first interview helped me get over It for sure Yeah you’ve definitely changed yeah a Lot since our first interview And that that’s what brought you to the Channel david Is that right uh yeah that’s right um i Figured john had the courage to do it And i had spent I’ve spent a lot of time in years Research researching my Particular situation and kind of looking For someone that was similar And i don’t know that that john and i Story Is exactly similar but uh I was like if he has the courage to do It surely i can do it too because i mean I saw him in that state and i was like You know this guy’s clearly dealing with A lot of [ __ ] And uh he could muster it up i’m sure There’s a way i could figure it out And you had mentioned during his his Thing that you were going to try and set Something up for people with experiences To talk and i was like that’s

Yeah the discord yeah yeah yeah that’s Still in the works that It’s going to happen like i said that I’ve just got to Find a way to vet that properly um Sorry i was like i liked your idea of Getting people together because There’s so many experts in the field and I mean They’re just all full of [ __ ] I couldn’t put it better myself yeah Yeah the people who have Experiences they’re they’re debunked They’re marginalized and they’re cast Off But when they get together when i’ve Talked to other people that i know have Had things happen You start seeing pieces of this bigger Picture when you listen to The experts i’m making air quotations You can’t see but i’m doing it Um with my fingers um we saw the fingers Just okay Okay yeah but we can’t see the case Don’t worry Yeah i mean so so we get to see a bigger Thing is is the experts are just trying To sell another book or You know ride high off their I don’t know i’ll get offensive if i go Too far but there’s awful [ __ ] Yeah no no i would have to agree So john you’ve been wanting to speak to

David for Quite some time now ever since you saw The interview that i did with david You’ve watched it You say three times now yeah at least Probably i probably watched it twice Today once and a half one and one and a Half times at least So that’s what that’s a good compliment For david Because i didn’t say much i i don’t know What to say I didn’t think it was all that Interesting Uh oh it was it was very interesting Yes but well i mean Yeah go ahead john Question away so my first question is um I’ve had a lot of people suggest to me That i should try to Contact whatever’s going on in my Apartment Almost everybody has suggested that to Me i think that’s a terrible idea I wanted to know your thoughts on that If that’s something you would suggest or Something you think i should stay away From doing No i think it’s [ __ ] stupid uh people People love to tell other people that Hey why don’t you throw those five Gallons of gasoline into that small Campfire Yeah because i’m sitting over here and

I’m not you so of course i want to hear You do something You know people yeah i’ve encountered a Lot of people and a lot of people you Know everyone told me everyone who Georgia down at the dollar general i Mean good lord that woman has two teeth And And she flunked out of junior high like Don’t listen to her You know and this stuff no talking to it I mean uh I’ll probably catch flack from those who Are desperate to commune but Um i have had encounters with hundreds Upon hundreds of people who have had Similar situations And uh talking to it is always a bad Idea Uh if it wanted to talk it would talk to You okay that’s what i thought that was My gut feeling i was like you know it’s Easy to tell someone to do that but You know i have to be i’m confined in Here i don’t want to get In trouble yeah yeah Those people have no skin in the game i Mean could you do it sure Uh there’s a bunch of different ways That are a hell of a lot more effective I found than most people use But at the same time it’s kind of like Ripping a hole in a sheet You can sew it back up but it’s never

Really the same David would you say that kind of because I i’ve seen And heard a lot of things about Skinwalker ranch and that’s almost like It’s a it’s an opening but with john it Seems to follow him wherever it goes now They said This the skinwalker ranch they did Follow the family Would you say that’s a similar situation To to john’s situation yeah actually Yeah i i think it I i can’t tell if the location you live At i mean i don’t We’ve never met uh the location like Your location can act like that because Of you or you could be having that Because of your location the fact that It started when you’re 14 you’d have to Do some Some back dating and then there’s other Questions like Uh things about your childhood things About what do you dream Do you do you ever talk to a woman and Your man in your dreams is it very Lucid dreaming if they ever appear as Yourself And have you ever had any of those three Anxiety things happen either a man Stranger A strange woman or yourself And you’ll know it’ll be different than

Any other dream Nah i’ve never had anything like that All right so then I i would take it a different direction Then Uh you could have been exposed it could Have happened it could have been seven Stance And uh something about you has been Changed you ever had a head injury Serious head injury around the time you Were 14. Uh i got hit in the head with a pair of Like snips That were thrown off scaffolding how old Were you Around 14. no i was older i was probably Like Then yeah yeah that’s couple years after That’s it So when you go to look at that i mean i Don’t have a rhyme or reason i’m sure [ __ ] no expert Um and i can only base it off my case And And some of the ones of others like so I’ve met people before That they didn’t know if they were Haunted or their area was haunted and Then you come to find out that Their mother was into all kinds of weird [ __ ] and they were into weird [ __ ] when They were a kid and they didn’t know it Because they thought it was just some

Game and you realize they’re into like Ritual sacrifice And they’re like oh well now everything Sort of makes sense Some people lived in energized places And they themselves seem to Take a piece of that with them and you Know something else seems to be able to I mean yeah i say these things it but it Really depends on what Um how do you see reality Like what is reality um that sounds like Some hippie [ __ ] Um but there’s truth to it You know i agree i think the biggest Problem with this whole genre is we Like i said earlier we lack the words we Lack the language to Describe what this anomaly is how it’s Related we don’t even understand the Terms like It’s kind of like sitting down to a Coloring book and not knowing what any Of the colors are because you’ve never Seen them before You know yeah sure it’s a it’s a color By number but if you don’t know what Colors are well you don’t know what the Hell you’re doing It’s just a jumble um so i’ve spent a Lot of time dedicated to trying figuring That out Just just for my own sake um But whether it’s you or not i honestly

If i miss you i’d be able to tell you Um without fail but across here i mean i Know there’s a lot of I’m not psychic i know there’s a lot of Psychic people i got the vibe from I just think those people are lonely uh And full of [ __ ] But we would figure it out pretty quick Um Uh lightness when you get it together in A room physically it There’s a spark to it um like i’m Someone that’s not Whatever’s going on with me has to do With me I know that um with you It could have been a place you were at Or thing that you were exposed to or Maybe it was happenstance or Whatever is the fact that it continues Uh shows that there’s either A mark difference in you or marked Change Somehow marked let’s go with that um Yeah so like that then it’s you but the Real kicker is and i don’t know if You’ve ever thought about this Is do you change the places you’ve been If it’s been attracted to you And you with some level of consciousness Or energy or frequency or whatever New age term you want to use you’re Changing the atmosphere around you Because it happens when you’re not there

David johnson’s marked what do you mean By that It’s a different subject that i don’t Think smart to go down um But uh oh from like like from the last Um yeah interview but the first thing We did okay yeah so So then then it would then it would lend Itself to be you kind of like Uh if you look at do you ever see that Old movie stir of echoes Yes with kevin bacon kevin bacon that’s A great Great scene in that that i think speaks Volumes it’s the little kids run around The cemetery And the lady runs into the cop and he Like looks at her and he’s Like you know your kids got a really Good flashlight Looks at hers not you is it daddy and She nods You know he’s like hey have daddy come See me and i think that’s a good analogy That some people have a flashlight And i think some of them like not only Can it be intermittent But it can be directional like it can Act as a beacon And it may be only like if you had a Giant flashlight On the top of your head pointed into the Ceiling right Then occasionally depending on how you

Turn and where you go you’re gonna get Glimpses of what’s in front of you Illuminated correct But everything else knows where you are Does that make sense it does make sense And i think some people have that same Flashlight pointed behind them So shit’s just following them around but They don’t ever really notice it And then some people are have all three Like they have it pointing forwards Backwards and up in the air And that’s the curse that they live with Um So you know i i don’t know i mean i’ve Seen the footage you’ve shown me I’ve seen things very similar i saw very Similar things last night But uh so that’s another interesting Thing you can have wildly haunted Locations And some people just know it on an Instinctual level And other people blunder through live There for years and nothing happens You know why is that Who knows man i pretty much believe the Same thing like some people Can just see everything and some people Can’t you know i don’t know why But i can’t see stuff all the time it’s Only like summertime Like i’ve only seen a ghost once do you Think if you see ghosts you see ghosts

All the time I’m like a one done kind of situation Everything’s like one time and then i Move on to the next thing That’s the strangest part to me see i i Don’t call them ghosts because i’ve I’ve spent time talking to them um And what they appear as is not at least The ones i’ve encountered what they Appear is is not what they are Um not sure that we can understand What they are and i don’t think that They would be honest about it You know and whether it’s i had a person Ask me one time and they were dealing With some stuff in their life and They’re like do you think this is Malevolent or benevolent or and i was Like well i mean it How would you how would you know either And like what do you mean it’s like What is morality to an ant or an Orangutan You know that’s you can an ant possibly Divine my ways or means or thoughts Hell no uh i may destroy its ant-man so I can lay some sod or i may dig up the Whole colony And move it off to the side so i can lay Saw it either way it’s a traumatic to The ant You know it can’t tell if i’m hurting it Or for it just knows the world’s ending Um so i think when we deal with things

Of this nature it’s just Best to be small and humble know So david back on back on that do you see You think that This whatever this thing is maybe Not how do i put this from This is where we look we lack the Language we like the words It’s for it like so you’re not saying It’s definitely it’s from a spiritual World Well i mean so here’s the thing if we Use the if we use See words have power i believe that uh When we say spirit world Everybody immediately goes to a Preconceived idea in their mind of what That is That that’s going to fall back on what You learned as a kid what faith you have What you studied where you went all that But it may have nothing to do with the Reality of the situation Right because we’re not speaking in Clearly defined terms because there is No term for whatever the hell this is Um yeah so i don’t like to use the word Spirit world because everyone thinks you Mean where my aunt nana is and What hell no did the thing’s seven feet Tall and black what about that screams To you it’s your aunt You know what i mean like your your cat Was strangled on the front porch

Did your aunt hate cats no no no that Was her cat well then everything seems Odd now doesn’t it Uh so i don’t i don’t like those um Those terms i mean we we use them and we Have to because like i said we just we We lack the ability to describe what They are we like the ability to describe Many things we just ignore the fact You know so i don’t know if This is one of your questions john jonah And if it is tell me if it is but So so it was 15 years old you saw the Two figures at the window You described what was A grey Yeah david on on the back of that Because you’ve You’ve never seen anything like that I’ve never seen a uh No i’m not i’ve seen things physically Manifest but uh They do not appear as a grey alien i’ve Also Witnessed things that other people have Witnessed with me and i Generally see the same sorts of things And they’ll be like oh look at that Civil war soldiers like nothing about That looks like a civil war soldier what The [ __ ] are you talking about i don’t Know if that is the The nature of the phenomenon because There is a

Trickster but uh We’ll see so oswaldo if i can jump to That i like that What he’s saying there but this is the Kicker like we always assume that the Entities are hiding on earth or in a Semi-hidden plane i think that’s a Wonderful question But how do you know we’re not intruding On their plane What if we’re the anomaly to their world That’s interesting i i I just had uh a a conversation with A fellow that’s coming on the channel Because uh jeff young uh And he has a paranormal channel where he Goes And in the conversation he actually said These things have been here Way before us he believes and It you know it’s not necessary he He called the alien but he said what What what do we think Is a of alien you know is it something Coming from a different planet is it Something that was Here in the first place Yeah i mean that’s i think that’s i Think that’s a legitimate thought you Know and as So like why why would john have like why Would john have interest That happened when he was 14 what about John triggered maybe it’s something

Special and magical and unique Maybe it’s nothing maybe it’s not even Discernible like so i recently had a Pretty in-depth conversation with a kind Of a I won’t say well anyway and we were Talking about my particular case and And we were running different scenarios And maybe this will relate to you john Is There’s nothing extraordinary about me In my life i’m not an extraordinary Person i odd i Have a lot of friends and i have a lot Of people who’d like to shoot me with a Bean bag Um so i think i’m just a normal dude Right there’s nothing unique there’s no I’m not changing the world i’m not Discovering any That’s never going to happen um so why And he and i were talking about it and Again i go to is it a genetic defect is It this or that and he Had this isn’t my theory but uh he had Said you know like people Have recently got into uh the paranormal Like if you take dmt It puts you into the machine elf realm Or whatever like that and it’s some Alternate And you produce dmt when you sleep maybe I have a uh And maybe you john maybe we have a brain

That produces some extra chemical That makes you a beacon to other things To flock to because that seems to be What’s happening And for me to be able to perceive things That shouldn’t be You know maybe that’s all it is since Yes that makes sense Because every time i i encounter Something It’s always just looking at me like i Always feel like it’s there Just looking at me the interaction is Very very limited Something to pop up and stir into my Eyes for a little bit and we’re going And see that’s david it’s always Just before you you go and go into that John do you mind Bringing up a um i mean i know we’re Saving most of the evidence for the vlog But for the For the viewers that have been waiting Do you mind bringing up a good Screen share of some of the stuff that’s Going on In your apartment and we we and Then we can just you can let the guys Know what you’ve done to Debunk this um but yeah david uh Carry on while john brings that up sorry Oh i don’t know man i had a Flighty thought going on but it’s Something i’ve been i’ve been dedicating

A lot of time to maybe a switch topic to Get here and i don’t know maybe it Brings in Are you guys familiar with the uh Physicist james gates No okay james gates physicist brilliant Guy works on string theory works i mean He he does a lot he’s doing a lot of out There stuff Anyway when he’s diagnosed in like Fractal or mathematic fractal patterns That are mathematic or not Fracture patterns a specific name for it Anyway it’s a picturesque Representation of mathematical language They used to describe parts of like The universe and they found a repeating Code a code that was developed in the 40s for computer programming and in fact Is the base code for the internet today Like when you type in and do search Queries in the internet there’s a piece Of base code from the 1940s the sheldon Guy came up with That helps fill in the data and helps it To Move more naturally to make things Seamless it fills in gaps on the data And he’s found that like in nature Like in the world in the universe and in The definitions that we use to describe Gravity between stars And he sees it repeating Now what does that say nothing it just

And he says in his own words it’s more Questions than answers You know maybe the dark shadows we see Or maybe the the grays that That john saw hell maybe they’re the i.t Support Fixing a patch man i don’t know Well i’ve got a good friend of mine that Says it’s all the matrix I know people who think that i but then Then that comes down to like what we Define as a matrix are we all plugged in Or is I don’t know that gets into the nature Of consciousness and and that’s why i Stem away i i shy away from The matrix theory just because of Consciousness like if we stop talking And we all think of mcdonald’s in our Heads you’ll be able to hear that in Your head you hear that in your mind Right you can visualize in your mind’s Eye a mcdonald’s big mac right anyone Can do it Here’s the thing your brain is just Neural electrochemical responses there’s There’s not a projector in there there’s Not an audio boost so how are you Hearing this echo in your head how are You seeing that picture You know neuroscience goes into all that But when you actually sift through their Research it’s mostly they don’t [ __ ] Know

I wish they would just say that i mean They don’t have to say they don’t [ __ ] know they can just say i don’t Know but no I i think you hit the nail on the head Then i don’t think anybody knows Uh yeah and going back to to to the Uh jeff young that will be on the show Uh coming up Um he said to me tonight you know i Can’t call myself an investigator of This because You know i i’m interested in the Subjects i love the subject but There’s nobody who’s an expert in this Field because they can’t be No no and like some of the videos like John showed us earlier The flash in the shadow one it’s Obviously trying to avoid the camera too It is clearly hiding from it So that shows intelligence intentions And it’s being sneaky So people are like well it’s benevolent Well [ __ ] if it’s benevolent Why is it hiding yeah so john give us a Little bit of um A backdrop with this story and what You’ve done to debunk it i know you’ve Got the fan in the background there but The fan is not turned on because i’ve Asked you that question So many times yes so you see my screen Right

The figure behind the couch yeah Is this one of the videos no this is Just the still shot i was going to Show this still before the video i think The video is probably the best one to Show Because that’s what the the the It kind of develops into the video of The figure or the shadow Just just to show people what’s going on In the apartment Because we’ve been looking so So both goof on radio uh dark hour Paranormal and myself We’ve been keeping an eye on what’s Going on in your apartment and It’s it you know we’ve asked if it’s Dust To start off with we and you know if you Was fighting maybe dust But then we’ve seen have you got the Dart that can you explain the story here Yeah so this every morning When i wake up i start recording i I record till i’m halfway to work and i Shut it off i do that every single Morning So this video here i’m already gone i Left for work About an hour before this so On the right side of the of the screen You’re going to see a light appear And you’re going to see a shadow kind of Scurry from the light

And go behind the couch and then you’re Going to see it Pop its head up and to me it looks like It looks at the camera and when it Notices the camera It drops back down real quick and then 20 seconds later the light goes out And i’ve tried to debunk this myself Trying to duplicate the light in the Shadow The shadow of myself and i couldn’t get Anything close to this So for the viewer john if you just point Out where it is Uh oh the light will appear right here And then you’ll see a shadow About this tall from here down scurry Across And hide behind the couch here and then It’ll pop its head up right here You’ll see a head and a shoulder right Here So i’m going to play that now so don’t If your cursor will be showing but i can See your cursor but Basically that’s at the end of the couch There’s the light There’s the shadow and right here it Pops up And ducks back down so i’ll play that Again That’s at the end of the count to the Right of the of the The screen shot yep and it’s it’s crazy

How it peaks its head up To look and it knows the duck back down Like the camera is positioned Looking pretty much directly at it so Here it is again the lights going to Appear And you see it come out and pop his head Up And would you say this is similar to the Figure that you saw that jumped into the Wall Not at all not even close Because you saw because you saw a figure One night when you came was that quite a Few years ago That was uh about 10 years ago That figure looked like a human 100 Like it looked like somebody with Clothing on in hair Was just outlined and filled jet black This figure Had like a head shaped like a light bulb And it was like It was black but it was a little fuzzy Around the edges Um but it was totally different than When i saw the First time i think the first one i saw Wasn’t actually a shadow person And then you see the light goes out on Its own now i try to replicate The light um many times And it’s impossible to even get Something like that

Um can you show one of the ones where There is Loads of these i mean i know there’s a Lot of people that might think that he’s A dust but i’ve got I must have about i think i’ve got Roughly about 20 gigs worth of Footage that you’ve sent me so far um And also you’ve sellotaped the the Windows You’ve sellotaped the you’ve turned your Ventilation off For for a week we did that as well Didn’t we Um yeah we i taped off all the heaters And everything and uh See i’m not 100 sure where that video Actually is That is uh one video i didn’t have up And running Earlier where there was literally loads Of them And they were moving in all different Directions Yeah i know which one you’re talking About i’m just not sure exactly where That one is So so david actually can you look at This do you see Dust no i don’t think that’s dust Here’s one there’s a lot of orbs Shooting straight up It’s kind of uh a little fuzzy But this is a video where you’ll see a

Shadow run across the heater A couple times right there you see that The motion sensor picked it up now i was Home when this happened But i’ve tried to replicate a shadow on This heater And i would have to be standing right Here in my living room For me to get a shadow from my kitchen Right here So i that i have a question about the Layout of your apartment So that that other video we saw where it Highlighted in the corner and the shadow Went to the corner Yes is that the same quarter that one’s Running across your heater Yes this is the corner uh the same Corner here where it ran across To me it looked like the light was Somewhere back here like maybe on the Floor or something that appeared Now see that’s interesting now it goes It goes back and forth this one has a Lot of orbs as well But uh it scurries back and forth a few Times And like i said i tried to replicate my Own shadow on there and i had to stand Like Pretty much right here to even get my Shadow on this heater at all And as you can see i’m nowhere in the Area here yeah

No i mean i don’t i don’t worry about That man i don’t i don’t think you’re i Think it’s all very legit Um you know the problem is people always Say well dust or a shadow or this or That and i mean the reality is any Miracle you’ve ever heard of through History can be recreated with little Time and Yeah ingenuity um so you either roll With it or you don’t The the problem is people get so caught Up on that that The minutiae of it that you know they They missed the forest for the Leaf um yeah i saw that And john the shadow and and they Actually picked the square What what was it picking it it’s a Motion sensor so the camera picks up the Motion So i’m going to hit hit play it’s going To start to run across But then you see it’s stopping cut back So that’s right here So that’s the radiator right there yep It just ducks right back and see it pop Its head up behind the light a little Bit it’s still in that corner You know that’s 100 and not me i don’t You know it’s like scurrying like it Like it sees the camera and it doesn’t Know what to do like it doesn’t know Where to go

Is uh yeah things like that always scary You know it looks like hunched over like It’s kind of lurking around and So hobamalo says could it be due to the Window Outside the window and outside like Contaminating the room to make the Shadow Uh no the only reason i say no is Because i’ve watched Two months of footage of just my living Room so i know how car lights affect it I know how the sun affects everything You know i know how light you know is Portrayed in my living room inside and Out from like every angle So you know i got plenty of videos where I’ll see lights shine across the wall But i know it’s a car driving by You know so that’s me turning the lights Off i’m getting ready to leave work I’m going i’m leaving my apartment right Now and That’s my gps you hear and as soon as i Leave the orb activity gets a little More crazy like the motion sensor is Still picking stuff Up but i don’t see nothing like that’s Me shutting the door But it’s picking it up from the same Corner and you’ve had multiple shadow People run too Yeah yeah And then you see the orbs will start

Going crazy when i leave I mean correlation isn’t causality but Correlation is definitely you have Shadow people running to one specific Corner of here So one thing i will say when you see the Orbs going crazy when you leave So i know as debunkers we will be saying You’ve just slammed a door Could that just have brought up a load Of dust In the house no there There’s no way you know i mean uh There’s sometimes i’ll leave and the Orbs won’t start For you know maybe 20 seconds 15 seconds After the door shuts Um sometimes for the most part they Start while i’m there but they start Slowly it don’t pick up till i leave but There’s it’s impossible to have that Much dust in my place You can see my place is pretty spotless There’s not a pocket of dust like that Anywhere in my apartment Yeah yeah we’ve just we i’m going to Bring us back in In uh now okay all right We’ve actually I’m quite addicted to them but yeah no We’ve We comment commented on how spotless Your house is Yeah and there was a piece of lego up my

Ass earlier on Um foundational building blocks So so what else you have for david then Question wise Um david what Made you want to reach out to speak to Other people that had The same type of experiences as you have How did you start that process Yeah see the kicker is it wasn’t my idea And i don’t think i can really go into It more than that It wasn’t of my own my life’s pretty Good i wouldn’t go out of it to Complicate it with a bunch of crazy People with these things If it was up to me i know the answers About john you don’t want to know that Yeah also how how have you like kept The stuff you dealt with separate from Like your You know business life or personal life It’s not me It carries over it almost destroys every Other aspect or at least it used to And see that this is where the i think Some of the differences come down Uh like So there isn’t um from my my Professional life Um i’m usually in charge or Employing so uh You know i don’t really give a [ __ ] what Anyone else thinks if you’re signing the

Checks Uh your thoughts really the only one That matters um As far as like my family and and people Friends in my close circle Uh a few friends i’ve revealed 100 Of everything too um And it’s changed their their world Um in in In ways that i don’t know being around Me Your will be affected everybody notices It At some some level or another and so the People i tend that stay around and stay Close or You start hearing that they have Experiences with people that were Possessed and this and that and Then you can understand how why we Relate as far as my family goes Unfortunately my children Suffer the same affliction uh my poor Wife just has to endure she actually Said one night that I should have came with a warning label Because she didn’t sign up for this [ __ ] It was the night our cameras were going Crazy i think i sent ollie i think i Sent you Yes i needed a video of that from my Phone i need to put that out I need to edit it because we need to get

Your family’s voices out of the video Oh oh yeah yeah yeah so You know and like but that’s some have You ever seen anything like that Yeah it’s like how do you wrestle with That when your son comes in You know uh or you hear him crying in The room my wife will go check on him And he’s like no Mommy i need to talk to daddy these are The things we don’t talk to you about And my wife’s like why don’t you talk to Mama you talk to mommy about anything And she goes they say it’ll scare you And so she just like turns white as a Sheet walks out of the room sick that’s Your son You deal with that i didn’t sign up for This And uh so i mean that’s and that’s all Of my children and i’ve I’ve met david’s wife uh briefly And she she said as much she said as Much as that in the kitchen Yeah um steve has a great question for You both And i’ll start with john with this one Um What do the guests think of the shadow People That’s a good question if My answer now i would lean towards Inter-dimensional being But what i don’t understand is why is it

So sneaky Like i seen this thing in person two Weeks ago in my hallway Clears day and just like peeked his head Out Of like say this is like the wall of my Hallway it like Peeked out on an angle like on a 45 Degree angle his whole body peeked out Saw the shoulders and like a light bulb Head And uh it was black but like a dark Smokey look Looked nothing like the one i saw before And i saw in the corner of my eye And i’m looking at my tv and i’m i can See it i’m looking at it in the corner Of my eye and as soon as i turn my head It just ducks away um i think it’s Interdimensional but i’m I just wonder why it’s so why it just Lurks around and like hides and just You know takes peeks at me or i hear it That’s how it is but a lot of people Like You know it’s always in the corner of The eye looking When you’re not looking but i think the Way they act is so strange i That part kind of stumps me What about you david on the on the back I i think they are friends to no one And their behavior is predatory it’s why You get goosebumps when they’re looking

At you it’s why you know it and pay Attention out of the corner of your eye If you’ve ever been to a big cat exhibit And you’ve been stared at by one of Those [ __ ] Even though you’re not looking at it you Know it’s looking at you Um everything about their behavior is Predatory Uh easiest way to deal with that What’s that they’re intelligent too Because from one people If they see my cameras they do not want To be recorded Yeah and see what what about that Behavior seems Benevolent it doesn’t and again maybe We’re Well they’re also hiding and So are they scared of us if you remind Me of that later Um maybe i’ll talk about that Um so that’s the question easiest thing Is Are they scared of us so you’re gonna Come back to that Yeah yeah uh so the best thing i think Is to john next time you see it call it Out Call it out don’t try and get a better Look at it don’t try and bend your mind To it don’t Let your heart rate face directly where It is flip on the light and march that

Way and say either [ __ ] show up or Get out Now i will say that with the caveat i Have had it just show up uh But you know hey 99.997 percent of the Time they just go away And if that one happens just roll with It When you say call out How i mean what do you call it i mean That you hey you looking at me What the [ __ ] are you doing I thought about that too absolutely do That It’s part of it it’s part of expressing Dominion and will Over your property over your things this Is your place If you notice rican john this is The the thing to take away from this i Think is maybe You notice when you leave the room all The activity increases Yes because when you’re in the room it Is suppressed You have to choose to evict it Just exert your will over and it’ll be Done Yeah see this is this is the frustrating For me Listening listening to this because this Is this this This is new to me but when you say You’ve got to choose to

Evict it how do we do that Because there’s so many people asking me Like sending me messages asking me They’re saying that they think they’re The possessed or the the being abducted This than the other And i think this all boils down to maybe This situation that you d You describe david so that how do we Actually get This how do we get it to piss off tell It to piss off In a minute i i i mean that and then the Thoroughness your words have power Your intention your thought that a human Being is far more than Flesh and blood and muscle um So and then nobody realizes that nobody Takes it like The fact john if you think about it i Mean seriously take a second to think About it activity picks up when you Leave As you’ve talked about this you you’ve Taken a dark fear and you’ve bring it Into the light And everything has gotten better The shadows hide that says everything About the nature inherent to them You want peace you want your house take It That’s all you gotta do so he’s gotta Confront This shadow oh yeah yeah speak it speak

It loudly into the world Right because it’s one thing to think it It’s one thing to hope it and it’s Another thing to actually [ __ ] in your Hand and smear it on the wall Only one of those things is effective it Will get results Same thing speaking your intention to Quote unquote the universe of the world There’s power to that man I don’t understand it i i don’t Possess the mind to um but it works You know it’s kind of like you find People that think they’re possessed or Are truly Are possessed um or have family members Or Or they’re under oppression or there’s a Demonic influence in their life and and These people bump into me Like what do i do he’s like well i mean I can help you but i can’t do anything For you i’m not I’m just a dude you have to do that Now if you’re fully possessed and some Outside force decides to Intervene then yeah you know right place Right time [ __ ] happens and it’s amazing It’s also you’ll brown your pants in the Process but you know I think that’s i don’t think you can Judge anyone for that Yeah you know but the thing is too I’m kind of waiting to get that

Definitive evidence I don’t know if i wanted it to go away Quite yet so so and And with the definitive evidence buddy Everybody i mean You know do do as you will i i’m i’m not In charge nothing but it If i were to recommend one thing don’t Waste your time The inherent trickster nature of this Thing is that is what it Does this professionally it does this Professionally and if this is the aspect That you deal with Then that is probably the easiest one Uh to try and get actual proof of Evidence no one will ever do that Um while they’re Chicken shits and terrified of people And and i mean you’re a soul You you’re not a person you’re not a Body you’re not a phys you’re a soul That’s running this biomechanical Beautifully engineered and made unique You meat suit That you know has its own combustion Engine that runs off biodiversity of the Fuel and its nature and It’s run into this i mean you think About all those things it’s amazing but That’s not you Right it’s just a suit you want to make Your suit bigger you lift heavy things It gets bigger

Right you want your thing to run further Than you train it to run further it It’s equipment but it’s not you Um you’re much more than your meat suit And you’re infinitely more Able capable and powerful and the shadow Slinky entities that can just barely Manifest I have a lot of theories none of them Are worth getting into but So by the looks of this thing gustavus Has tried to come from okay you see the Can you see the message yeah so i mean And that so him talking about it Fighting back like that is Absolutely part of the necessary and That’s part of why it has to be verbal So when you say like how do you do a Thing it’s you know how did you propose To your wife You mustered up the courage you moved Forward you got down on the knee and you Did it And then whatever came after came after But you did it and that’s the start Um same thing with that literally speak It into being and some people with Faith if you have faith it makes it Instant infinitely easier Infinitely easier uh people that are Into a lot of the new age [ __ ] makes it Infinitely harder and a lot of that Backfires because they don’t Are you saying you need to have kind of

Like a religious Aspect to yourself well i don’t like the Religious aspect i think that that uh Has negative connotation right again the Definition of words that we use brings Up preconceived ideas and notions I don’t know why i mean um You need to have faith man you need to Have faith that there’s there’s more to You And there’s more to the universe and That you matter and have a place in it To give some of the viewers a backdrop Of your history so you’ve You’ve researched you’ve you’ve gone Through everything From ufos everything you even you’ve Even uh paid to meet travis walton You know i didn’t meet a bunch of people He just happened to be there he was such A dick Such a dick but you believe him i do Believe him i i don’t believe his whole Story Uh i do believe that him and his buddy Saw something on a hill i do believe That something happened to him uh I also think that he may have changed The narrative a little bit Because if you listen to all the other Guys and you listen to him there’s Certain topics they tend to avoid You know what i mean um it’s kind Of like look at this stan and and here’s

Again this this nature so You bring up uh the nature of this Entity and and what you’re You’re trying to capture john which is Admirable i get it uh And again i’m no expert opinion i just i Just live with weird [ __ ] Uh if you look at skinwalker ranch right Now I could give you five or six names of People who are investigating it who are Getting sued by the owner Who are because i dived into that like i Wanted to go out there and spend time i Was contacting people figure out who i Had to pay And i kind of rumbled into this rolled Into this [ __ ] show And i’ve i’ve noticed this consistently Around areas where the phenomenon Manifests People kind of like gold fever Go after it they’re chasing it i need The evidence i need the proof i need to Move fat like there’s something to this I can find this i can do it It always ends in a [ __ ] show um Nobody gets famous from it nobody gets The evidence they want It’s always just around the corner and It’s always outside of the reach and i Think that is part of the trickster Nature Of these entities like that frustration

And just [ __ ] with you it’s a way to just to Mess with your psyche mess with your Mind get you to doubt yourself And once you have that [ __ ] in your Armor They just keep chipping You know the and the thing is like a lot Of people think these things So you also have people that will go the Opposite road right you’ll have people That’ll go down the dark path to try and Prove that light exists or they think It’s a faster road to get evidence And they’re like well nothing manifested You don’t know that nothing manifested It just chose not to give you what you Want you have no idea how much of a Thing you bring into reality you have no Idea what it is What it can do and these things can Physically [ __ ] manifest Um and that is an entirely different Situation that I pray never occurred to any every Person ever But for what what the gentleman had said Earlier yeah Things will tick up like so if john goes You know this is my place I want you out i exert my will my power This is Mine out either show up and do something About it or get the [ __ ] out

Uh things may pick up but if you keep That tone It’s kind of like being in a bar and you Can sense the atmosphere has gone to a Fight you know you either gotta Make your decision and i’m gonna walk Through that door and what happens Happens Or i’m gonna sit here and things are Only gonna get worse It’s a choice that has to be made Gotcha yeah so do you think everything That’s happening In my apartment right now is all Connected Like you think let’s say i get rid of The shadow person are the orbs are gonna Go along with it With also with the figures i’m capturing Is that all one Connected thing or like what are your Thoughts on that so I i don’t know man i don’t know i don’t I don’t I know how to get it out of your Apartment and get you a little rest and Relax I think that that that is part of it um I see things outside my house my kids See the one thing i am promised Is my house i actually have a friend who Sometimes comes and sleeps here because He has experiences And this is where he can find this is

Mine it doesn’t cross my My threshold um and it doesn’t I don’t mean with that word what you Think i might mean with that word um And for you you can do the same thing Are is there always going to be activity Yeah there’s always activity in my house I could tell you about A bubble that flew around a ceiling fan And chased my kids up and down the Stairs and bought my dog in the nose or My wife seen you know thousands of shiny Little twinkle lights moved through the House in a whirling pattern Um and i’ve seen that Yeah i tell you about you know For you everybody’s different man i Don’t know why If i had to guess with you john there’s Something about you that’s a beacon It’s a shining light but the light isn’t Bright enough to really see anything Or get anything but for whatever reason It’s flashing You know maybe you have a bit of a Genetic abnormality in your electrical System or neural response or Who knows maybe it’s [ __ ] we can’t even Quantify your electromagnetic field is One Whatever out of whatever um And it allows it to happen um David’s okay another question sorry if i Don’t get

Everybody’s questions in the chat it’s Hard to concentrate On the live stream and the chat I do miss one i i am sorry but uh i this Just popped up so david do you Do you think these experiences are here To test us well see that That that question alludes to what do i Think is more or After or before and you can also derive From that reincarnation or not And i know for a fact i am not Reincarnated I know that with certainty i think some People are um Are they here to test us man i have no Idea i have seen bizarre [ __ ] that had No rhyme or reason it couldn’t be a test I had that incident when i was on the Beach um Oh god can we have a story please that Might go So steve had a question earlier and i Don’t know if you that you was waiting To bring that story When he said uh let me go back up the Chat It was a super chat so it pops straight Up that one there Where he said um Are they scared of us and i think you Can answer the question here when you Tell this story Well and that’s like so by that you know

So I think he’s talking about the shadow Figures right yes Oh yeah i think they are terrified of us I think most of that is um See this that was down to sorry sorry to Cut you off there david Just you rang me you went on holiday you Rang me While you were on holiday and told me About this experience So i know about this story yeah i’m not A shadow figure No no no that was a physical though Those were they have footprints bro they Were people Okay yeah well i mean i don’t know that They were people But uh whatever uh but for the shadow Thing yeah i think well i know that they Are Um they’re those Shadow people are what i would equate to The things that You know like people what is it that the Old southern baptist ladies on their way To church not today satan Um you know everything is is something Else Shadow people i think like to play with Your emotions and your consciousness And uh your sanity if they can and just Their presence tends to be A drain um there’s nothing good to come

From that And that i think they are because once You realize what it is and you can Find someone who can help you you find How easy it is to evict them from your Space You know but yeah So let’s see the story i i can hear it Again People on the beach the beach i’m Talking a lot Listen we need to say this story i think John needs to hear this story as well They’ve done it probably [ __ ] you up so So uh i don’t know to re-emphasize i’m Not a small man Um and i’m always armed uh And i’m i’ve done cool things in cool Places with cool dudes and cool stuff But anyway so we went With my family we rented a beach house In florida with our own private beach And there’s a lot of beach houses with Their own private beaches and when i was There i rang up ollie to brag And to rub it in his face a little cause He’s got that good english weather Um i wanted to show my beautiful beach And sunrise Talk [ __ ] uh but anyway so I went out one night uh I went out one night and i i have a uh Ultraviolet light that i use when i’m in Places like that that

I use in places anytime i go somewhere That has scorpions right because they’ll Glow And they’re like the blacklight uv light Thinger like that’s what i bought it for Anyway it’s a low intensity wavelength So it doesn’t spread very far So i was using that to go out to the Beach you know this piece there’s like No lights no nothing And we’ve been there for a while now We’ve been there several days uh i know Who’s in which beach house and which Isn’t that’s Kind of situational awareness stuff i Tend to be obsessed with And uh These people there was a woman and a kid And the kid was in the ocean and she’s Standing there and the wind’s blowing And they’re probably 100 No like 80 yards away i say they’re About 80 yards away And um i could tell she was a woman Because the wind was blowing And the storms were coming in and there Was lightning but there was just enough Ambient light from some of the distant Houses They could still kind of like bounce off The clouds and kind of see what’s going On right Um i wish i had to grab my night vision I had it with me i also had my thermals

I should have grabbed that But uh that’s just dumb of me anyway so I’m out there and i’m looking at the Ocean swell so it’s high tide now and The ocean waves are coming in like [ __ ] six Feet right like this is big i’m six Three two eighty uh that’s not all Muscle that’s for sure But uh i’m i’m i’m a stout Former division one athlete um americans I think will understand that reference Um and i’m like watching her and as i’m Sitting here watching her kid and her Kids just kind of jumping in the waves And i go and kind of put my feet in and Not only is the waves crashing but it Has a hell of an undertow we were under Red flag advisory the whole time the Suction Is like burying my feet in the sand and I pull out of that and i stand back up And i’m like damn And again over there this kid’s just Jumping like it’s nothing And it’s just a kid i mean he had to be I assume it’s a he Uh eight or nine i don’t know he’s that That boyish build And the woman standing there and as i’m Looking over there she turns and looks At me and so does the kid I just snap my head forward very Predator prey response now that i think

About it And i definitely thought about it Afterwards and i stood The hairs on my neck start raising up And i’m like Something isn’t right something isn’t Right i have that voice in my head just Kind of going off it’s like you need to Get the [ __ ] back Get back lock the doors get back lock The doors and i’m like This is stupid i am uh i’m not gonna do This i’ve i got my glock i [ __ ] i’ve trained for this kind of Stuff for years it is a woman and a boy Get over it and then i had a moment of Clarity and a sound voice came through And said that’s what every person who Disappears Thinks so i turned around and ran my ass 150 yards taking the steps two at a time Sprinting like a maniac ran in locked The doors turned on all the exterior Flood lights and uh Chambered my rifle and uh my wife’s like What’s wrong and i told her i i I don’t know i don’t know something’s Wrong something isn’t right Uh gives me goosebumps now thinking About it i mean i laugh i laugh out of Awkward fear uh and i mean i’ve i’ve Dealt with exorcisms and demonic things And things that manifested And and some other very weird [ __ ]

And i’ve never been afraid um Other things in my life that have very Near death experiences Been fine uh that scared the [ __ ] out of Me and maybe it was just an overreaction On my part Uh i’ll never know and i don’t care to Ever know But there’s something about that just For you just made you want it Yeah because part of the thing like so That The warning if you will that i was given That you just need to like everybody Everybody who disappears thinks that i’m Thinking i’m out here with a giant Undertight Undertow if i don’t come back in they’re Just gonna think that [ __ ] idiot swam Out in the ocean thinking he could deal With it they’ll never see me again No one would ever see me again you’re Talking about an eight nine year old boy Jumping in six foot waves that have an Undertow that I was up a foot and i could feel it it’s Literally sucking the sand out from Under my feet if you’ve ever been at a Beach when it does that Yeah uh and you’re like oh hell i’m not Getting in that water that’s dumb You know and this kid’s just jumping Around and his mom standing over there All freaking weird and their both of

Their heads were just fixed on me Because i when they first turned towards Me i turned away like oh i’m Probably some [ __ ] creepy guy and Then i’m like how the hell do they even Know i’m down here And i kind of turn back and they’re Still looking and that’s when the like You need to [ __ ] run and i ran i ran Like a coward i would have ran Yeah i mean not my bravest moment in my Life man you know i once stood down a Homeless guy who was swinging a lead Pipe And uh i was unarmed and That’s a laughable situation but the the The Woman and the kid at the beach Something’s wrong with that Everything everything is everything is Wrong with that and the thing is the Beach house that they were at Nobody’s there there was nobody on three Beach houses on the side of us and these Are big tracks of land Where we’re staying i mean this yeah Like where were they how did they get There you don’t just [ __ ] walk up on This place Um i don’t know I i i would have i don’t think i’d gone Down there myself anyway A bit of a coward i was going out there With my thermal and my night vision like

Looking at the sky and stuff but it was Stormy in the evenings so so john you You um had a situation I think it was a few years after the When you saw the two grey faces Where you were at your friend’s house And you saw Was it a white lady Yeah i woke up in the middle of the Night and she was standing there And uh she wasn’t going nice or she Staring at me like everything else but The detail that i seen was Was ridiculous like it was the detail Was pretty Amazing but it was like barely barely Translucent And it was she was like off the floor Maybe a couple inches Just stared at me so like you tip so You’ve seen so This is that’s what interests me you’ve Seen the shadow figures you’ve seen the Grays And you see some i saw a white lady Apparently my mum tells me this All the time i don’t remember it when i Was a kid and you’ve seen a white lady Yeah who was my friend’s aunt And what’s crazy is that i was sleeping In his basement so i was on a couch he Had another Bed the other side the ghost pay no Attention to him whatsoever

She was standing there staring at me by Her nephew Did she hang did you say she hung Herself or something something On the second floor of that house about 20 years Before that 20 or 25 years i believe How did we find out i can’t remember how We found out that he was exam Did you tell him i woke him up once it Disappeared And i and he went and actually taught me A picture of his aunt And he was like is this the person that You saw And i was just moving the hell away i Was like that’s exactly I mean it was like no more than three Feet away from me If probably less did he ask you this Because He had seen her himself have the family Seen the ghost or star He he didn’t mention that but he knew That his aunt Hung herself in the house i don’t Remember Talking any anything further that sounds Like he knew that That sounds like a few people may have Seen us Possibly we’ve never had that Conversation as far as i could remember I mean that’s like 20 25 years ago

No i’m sorry it was like 21 years ago So i don’t remember talking about that Though jesus i just described the lady He showed me the picture And i was like that was her and i didn’t Go to his house for a little bit after That So john you’re the same age as me now You’ve you’ve what 40 years old nearly 40 yeah be 41 next year so i’ll be 40 in December Um we all look good for his age yes I know um But this has gone on since you were 14 Years old And you’ve kept you’ve kept this to Yourself you’ve only Spoke about this to mice to me um People on the channel other channels da Da girl paranormal Goof on radio and i think you went on Another channel Uh but you haven’t spoke to this You haven’t spoke about this to any Family whatsoever No i’m i’m actually supposed to do that Tomorrow But uh see coming out tomorrow I plan on it i’m i’m nervous about it i Hope i don’t check it out but that’s my Plan I hope i stick to it it’s just i feel Like there’s so much to unload on them At once because i’m not going to go

There And tell them a piece of it i have to Tell them everything And i feel like that’s a lot to unload On them i don’t know i know i have to do It I’m just i feel like i’m being uh what’s About it But i plan on going tomorrow that’s the Point see But you have a suspicion that is it your Mom Your mum’s seeing things i have yeah i Have a suspicion There’s nothing only thing that can that Makes me think that is because i believe That My situation is something that could be Hereditary Why do you think your mom has seen Something like I just got a feeling i’ve got a feeling I can’t put my finger on it i could be Completely wrong it’s just a gut feeling I have You know john can i ask you what your Blood type is I asked that god yes we know that now Yeah she said she believes it was type a Because i was born premature and i had They had to yeah i take some of her Blood and give it to me And she’s type a so she thinks it’s type A

Negative or positive you know she didn’t Say Okay but i think that’s what it is but Yeah i have a suspicion it’s one of them For sure i just don’t know which one i’m Leaning towards my mom You know why why do you why are you Scared of telling your parents This you don’t mind me asking I was afraid to talk to anybody about This Until recently pretty much you know but I feel like now so much has happened i Have like So much i could tell them like i plan on Bringing my laptop And just i was gonna stop just showing Them everything And see what happens uh I think it’s overdue i think that’s the Problem i think i waited too long To talk to him now it’s going to be an Overwhelming amount of information You know plus who knows what they’re Going to say back to me As far as to have their own experiences Or You know if they believe in that stuff Or not David that’s probably a question for you Because Unless you’ve researched that john but i Don’t know much about blood types I know my mum’s rhys is negative and

That’s Apparently a weird blood type but david You’re You’re a ginger you probably are as well Uh yeah so i mean um like there’s lots There’s lots of theories on on what it Is uh i don’t think anyone really knows I know it’s something Most people just avoid and if you’ve Ever had any serious biology classes They just kind of glass over Uh because no one wants to talk about it It’s it’s weird uh but you know you have Rh negatives rh positive rh negatives Lacks certain antigens on the outside of The cell like the d antigen and then Various other connectors and uh So it is incompatible like so i’m i’m I’m o negative all my children are o Negative uh my wife’s o positive But she’s a ginger as well so Hers is probably a recessively carried Trait it would make sense That she’d be recessive well i’m double Dominant because both of my parents were Both O negatives um yeah So some people think that there’s Something squirrely about that blood Type and I tend to kind of agree um And uh that some are Maybe a little more attractive to things Of the ethereal than the others

You know you tend to find people who Have a lot of experiences tend to be a Negative Um not not a hard and fast rule it just Tends to be um I don’t know i mean it’s one of the Gajillion things i just don’t know about You know Just so many questions i’ll never be Answered it’s frustrating No matter how much research you do and How hard you try you’ll never get the Answers you really want But do you think the big re researchers Up high like so for example Uh nasa must have people that have Looked into [ __ ] like this Do you think that they they know things They know Exactly what this is I know i have business partners that Work as contractors at nasa And uh don’t give nasa too much credit Uh if you ever if you’ve ever walked Around any of their facilities it is not What you would imagine it to be out of a Movie Uh it would probably dishearten you Not to say they don’t have certain Aspects that aren’t super ahead of their Time and Are funded but i would think that most Of the real research and money In dollars for money or sorry money and

Dollars that are spent or not spent There that they’re spent at other Uh places like uh the There’s so in the united states they Have national laboratories most people Don’t even aren’t even aware of that National laboratories that are funded of Billions upon billions upon billions of Dollars They have them in i think like new Mexico arizona idaho Tennessee a few other states um it’s Where they you know make nuclear Fissionable material as well as a Hundred other labs that are all Classified Um i live near one of those labs And i know dudes who work out there i Know dudes who run secure i’m More guys who run security than work out There but they got all kinds of crazy [ __ ] going on they got you know Particle colliders they have out there Buried under the ground You know they call them tabletop Particle climbers because they’re only You know a quarter of a mile or whatever But it’s still pretty damn big and They’re they’re just into weird [ __ ] i Mean that’s where all the money goes Uh nasa probably not uh Guys like that maybe Maybe but i also know some of the Scientists and the bureaucracy involved

So It makes you wonder what what can they Really learn like i get why bigelow went Out there and did what he did You know eventually he gave up on proof And was just looking for answers I would love to know what he got you Know brandon fugal Um didn’t bigelow buy Skinwalker yeah he was the first one That bought it And then he sold it to brandon football David do you just do me a favor could You just turn The audio coming from your laptop with Our audio down because i can just hear Myself a little bit If you want mine You but yeah bigelow i’ve just been Watching Some documentaries on skinwalker ranch Um And that whenever i hear skin walk Around you it Brings me back to both you both of your Cases And the fact that it fall especially With i mean i don’t know If it’s followed you david and i know That you’ve you’ve kind of got I would put your case down to what you Said with um Stare of echoes and i’ve just watched The sequel to the shining which is not

Nowhere near as good as the shining but It’s kind of like a shining that’s kind Of like a A real thing and but but john seems to Be Taking he seems to be following john Where as you It seems to be you that’s the one That can just walk into any building And send something straight away Yes what’s the difference what’s the Difference between you and john I can’t answer that i mean i can but i Can’t Um You know what i’m saying though don’t You like oh yeah i know exactly what You’re saying like you were saying About a stair of echoes like with the Father and you know the father Not so much the son Yeah i mean he’s like you know so maybe John’s walking around with a piece of a Component somewhere in his genetic Makeup tied up That has a little blinking light on it That things see And they’re wondering why he doesn’t see Them but that’s that’s Like the stir of echoes i like the Analogy of the flashlight but i don’t Like the connotation that it gives Thinking that you know all spirits are Looking to move on uh

I’ve never encountered that i don’t Encounter that what i find Are dark things that where the guise of What was once man I understand these things are lower than Us they would love to pretend to be us It’s like the best place to find the Possessed persons in a really good Church You’ve seen the shining yeah would be Right by saying that You do you know about you you know it Was um stephen king that wrote in Stanley cubic that directed it Yeah and stephen stephen king had a big Problem With what stanley kubrick did with the Film yeah He was pissed off oh yeah yeah they Remade the shiny and i like the remake More Oh no i i i i’ll i will disagree there You you talking about the You’re talking about the the the one the Kind of low budget one Yeah the one with the guy from wings Yeah yeah no no i love the original but The originals not really it didn’t stick To the story did he he Kind of like he he did his own little Yeah he he went off on a tangent but It was it was a work of art yeah so Yeah oh yeah yes kubrick’s brilliant guy He’s he’s on a whole nother level

But uh like for why i mean i john i got Nothing there man i i don’t know why I only have theories you know why so my Mom has had experiences my sister has Mostly ignored hers And her flashlight’s not that bright Although the interesting thing is She has all the components should she Choose to like turn it on She could she chose not to my mom same Thing my dad Ended up driving him to uh insanity Which also ended up causing him his life Um because he couldn’t take it And i just went a different route with It i saw it destroy people around me i Think that’s a difference You know where you see a shadow in the Middle of the night i mean until you get Up and have a conversation with one You know um or you have something pick Up into your bed and slam it down Um or children weeping outside your Window Or the claw marks that are left on your Wall because you know it can’t touch you But it can [ __ ] up your [ __ ] um Which is equally as irritating um John can you bring a picture of the uh The thing that keeps The i don’t know what it is the Ectoplasm or whatever it is the the Brown substance that keeps Coming onto your hand for david um

Yeah oh the spirit guru i didn’t I was i should have took a picture when It happened the first time If you give us give us the story behind That So you can ask david a little bit about This does it evaporate or do you have to Wash it off I have to wipe it off so in the Beginning it looked like a Brown piece of like gelatin wrapped in Like a mucus And it was in the same part of my hand For about Four or five days all right let me see Where this is at And uh i immediately here it is i would Immediately wipe it off because you know Stall was gross but this is nothing Compared to what it was usually there’d Be a big Ball like a brown mass here and this Oily liquid Would be around it encasing it and would Run down My hand to my thumb This was the time i thought to take a Picture before i wiped it off I tried to do that at the time previous To this but My initial reaction is like oh what the [ __ ] is that and just wipe it off you Know to get it off my hand And i was like crap i should have took a

Picture so this isn’t the The best that i’ve seen it but this is Definitely the same type of material And i i have a very strict morning Routine so i would trace my steps i Would touch Knob to touch like you know the handles Retrace my steps i would never have This material on anything you know i Wake up to go to work and i look at my Hand nothing’s there 10 seconds later i look back down and There it is Without touching anything it happened For a few days and never happened again Like everything else you said you had a Strict Morning routine why is that well I do the same thing i you know i wake up On my couch i walk to my bedroom Put my work clothes on go to the Bathroom brush my teeth go use the Bathroom go in the kitchen eat breakfast And i leave it’s just the same thing Every day every day So it’s easy for me to retrace my steps To see what i touched You know yeah like a touch of ocd or Anything Uh slightly when it comes to stuff being Clean Maybe um so like it would appear on my Hand and all i did was walk into my Bedroom so that would backtrack i would

Check the doorknob And then i’ll check my dresser handles And everything’s like bone dry But i got this stuff on my hand um It was strange looking you need to i Would You i don’t want to say you need to but I would highly suggest Getting like a test tube glass test tube With a good rubber cork sealer and next Time that happens try and get as much of It in there as you can and seal it See if it stays or it evaporates Yeah i wish i would have thought this The first time i saw it It looked like almost like a brown Gelatin Almost like a brain like a small brain Yeah it was real bumpy but it was Encased in that liquid And it went from my pointer finger all The way down to my thumb same spot every Day Same everything and uh You ever had night terrors Uh not really Not really no sleep paralysis I’ve had sleep paralysis uh Twice that i can remember once Okay once was just me paralyzed and the Other one was there was like an incident Involved with it You ever woken up with any electrical Marks like a burn like a

Small black fractal pattern No but i would say what was that ali Maybe a month and a half ago i had those Scoop marks Yeah i mean bring him up if you want Right Okay this uh was pretty strange i woke Up with all these marks on me Um Alright can you guys see my desktop Again Yep i’ll tell me when it’s there i’ll Bring it up All right so while john’s finding that Um We’ve got um a question Uh david here If john confronts it And it reacts negatively or physically What is the best way to Deal or still communicate a question i Don’t give [ __ ] for a positive message I uh throw down the gauntlet this is I think he’s saying if he reacts Negative that if he If it goes pear shape and the thing is Scaring the [ __ ] out of him What does he do If it can do something it will do it Would have already done something Okay it’s it’s kind of like the bluster From the drunk guy at the end of the Bars who’s never actually been in a Fight but talks about how badass he is

All the time You know same thing uh Worse that’ll happen could it could it Physically scratch you or attack you at Night sure Call it out continue to call it out that Challenging Not so much aggressive behavior but Dominant It’s your space so here’s the thing you Have not only home court advantage Because you live there How long have you lived there since March So not that long um but it’s still your Space You know like you don’t sleep in your Bedroom anymore I i haven’t stopped in my bedroom since I lived here Yeah take it back man john d sleepwalk Uh hubba mallow says I i heard i have a couple times in my Life but That was a while ago well I just from actually i have all this Camera footage about two months of me Sleeping So uh well like we do where i sleep is i Flail my arms like crazy like i’m Arguing with somebody like i’m having an Argument like my arms are animated But you don’t sleep in your bed and you Haven’t for how how long have you not

Slept in the bed for Uh since i moved in here since uh march And you don’t recall your dreams oh i Recall all my dreams Yeah i mean like there’s some nights Where i could have like up to 10 Different dreams You know i’ll wake up for a couple Seconds go back to sleep have a Completely different dream or I’ll continue the one i was having Earlier um Yeah i pretty much remember all of them I got that picture up holly Yes so just before we go into the Picture Uh for for hobamalo’s um Question did if you wouldn’t mind Explaining the story again for anybody That hadn’t heard about the coke cam Oh yeah yeah this this this is something That Is absolutely strange so i was 25 i think i was 25 25 26 Living with my uh girlfriend at the time I I don’t i don’t have the feeling like I’m waking up But i have the feeling like i’m Able to see again like my vision is Coming back not that i’m actually waking Up so when i get my vision back I’m sitting up in my bed indian style

With a coke can Upside down and one arm completely Paralyzed And the soda is just pouring all over me And i only can move my eyes so i look to The left my girlfriend’s on our hands And knees she’s like talking to me But i can’t respond i can just look at Her and i’m looking at the can i’m like Why is it upside down like why is it Dumping all over me Like i can’t move i’m i’m soaked the bed Soaked And the second that can emptied i was Able to move again And then she she claimed that she saw Like three uh Children or something outside the window While this was happening Or three kids uh we’re we’re on a first Floor apartment Um you know these strange do i have an Implant I have no idea if i had to guess i would Say yes But uh i don’t know for sure so i’ll Bring the patreon now john Okay so this picture i just highlighted Them To show that i believe that the holes Were in pairs Um i just woke up with these one morning Um is that on your is it your leg That’s my left leg right right above my

Knee like the lower part of my thigh Um yeah so these were pretty freaking Deep and i was in so much pain i could Barely walk Um and the night before i didn’t have Anything Um this this was probably two weeks Before i got my Cameras so i wish i got him a little Sooner but uh Yeah i just woke up like this and Excruciating pain You know what a dream diary is no So it’s uh every time you have a dream And you wake up and you remember it you Write down what the dream was Uh i would make a strong suggestion that You do that Then once you have that data you can Compare it to your video camera your Physical And then you can you know start Extrapolate a correlation and then maybe We can get that to point somewhere Um my dreams are like a movie every Single night it’s like a two hour Three hour movie they’re pretty uh Ridiculous They go in every direction possible it’s You know to my i try to explain a couple Of my friends they say Their dreams are nothing like mine but Mine are like very detailed almost like Lucy experience in a different life but

It’s so extreme that it couldn’t be an Actual another life If that makes sense Well so that raises a couple concerning Questions Like yeah i could be sitting at a table Talking to people I can be thinking in my dream about Other stuff like living like i’m going Through the motions of living a regular Day But you know you’re still you’re Somewhere else yeah but To me it’s like the surroundings and the Actions are so extreme that it couldn’t Actually I couldn’t actually be somewhere else is The way i look at it If oh that makes sense we should talk About that after this What do you mean after the show yeah You guys you gotta get those the best Bits mate No i understand i understand yeah But yeah as far as those marks though I’ve had stuff like that Throughout more than half of my life I just never thought twice about it Nothing that extreme like those holes Were deep Could barely walk i was in pain Yeah and that’s a good idea john that is Actually a really good idea you should Get a smart watch

Do you have a smartwatch very good no i Don’t Do you money yeah what phone do you have I have an android lg yeah yeah yeah just Get it Android smartwatch there’s loads of them You i think you can pick them up cheap Enough but you can get them to monitor Your sleep so you could see Because a guy that a good friend of mine That were with He he had a really weird Spike in his sleeper in it and he’s like This is not normal and he’s It shot up from like literally his heart Rate just shot up at the middle of night For no reason You know like insane to look at like Whoa that’s really weird that But it’d be interesting to see what your Plan is It’d be an excellent metric to add with The video diary you have going the dream Journal you have going Uh it would Honestly it won’t change anything but it Could give some hypothesis as to why i Mean the reality is we won’t We don’t know like if we knew why some People experience things and others Don’t I don’t know some people are damned and Some people aren’t i guess Yeah yeah it’s just the more the more i

Further in life i’m going it’s just i Think i’m getting closer to more answers I just get more questions That’s the hamster wheel we always think That what about for you david have you Ever woken up with uh Do you ever get that um That goo have you ever seen that before Or any of the marks that you’ve seen on John I i’ve seen something yeah i’ve seen Lots of things like that uh me Personally Yeah yeah i’ve i’ve had things done to Me in my sleep And i woke up um It was horrible but uh I was younger and i didn’t understand Things that i understand now Um i didn’t have help i did i had to Figure it out Um so yeah No i had you know scratch marks cuts Bruises subdermal hematomas that would Manifest Massive bruising um black eyes [ __ ] like That Um i had a lot of sprained ankles And sprained wrists yeah yeah Uh my wife and i we actually keep a Because i I sleep my my sleep’s pretty intense so We keep a Big body pillows between us it’s kind of

Like a safety thing so we have a One of those nice uh expensive air beds That you buy that like bends and moves And heats and cools and does all that [ __ ] And it’s like two separate beds put Together so it’s like an extra separate Thing And uh yeah because i all kick so hard In my sleep i’ll rip sheets and and Like a duvet uh punch a hole in a wall Um and then i Like so when i was younger i used to Deal with uh sleep paralysis and night Terrors Until i understood what night terrors at Least what i think they are And what sleep paralysis is and it Helped me move past that Um and take a little bit more dominion Over that and It made things a lot easier um But yeah i also had dreams i have had Dreams where i’ve I don’t know i don’t know it’ll just [ __ ] sound even more crazy than i Probably already found So yeah yeah i have experience with that This so i’m going to go back to To john’s experience with the Because obviously i’m called alien Addict for a reason Um and you you saw potentially two alien Greys at the window

But my first question is for you john What do you believe they are now and Then i want uh david to elaborate on That That’s such a good question because i Kind of flip flap on this Um so for anybody that’s just joining Now Um hit that thumbs up you sexy little Shits and um John’s john when he was 14 was it 4 15 15 15 saw two figures outside your Bedroom window Which led to them coming to your door And you’ve been in the fetal position in Bed You you came on my channel first off to Discuss this And it it terrified you for what how Many years now 25 years you’ve been terrified And you don’t three months ago yeah and You don’t sleep in your own bed still To this day no i’m working on it i got Take baby steps It’s not you think it’d be something That’s easy but For me it’s like i kind of got to ease Into it a little bit because i really Have a fear of my bedroom at nighttime That’s something i haven’t got over yet But you only saw The gray figures once i I can’t remember do you just excuse me

Did you say you’d seen the ufo before I think i’ve seen one a week after was That with with you When when you was in the basketball yes Page yes i remember that Okay so you so you see but that’s the Only ufo you’ve ever seen Yes other than on youtube Yeah so but everything ever since after That you’ve seen shadow figures You’ve seen orbs you’ve had weird [ __ ] Going your life You’ve seen a a truck Stop recently in the last few Two months ago a truck stopped and there Was a spinning Um yeah that was crazy Man what was that i started that’s when I started taking Like ecstasy no Like people talk about how you have like Your energies and your vibrations That was the day where i accepted that As something that’s real You know um i’m sitting at the bus stop I have like My head in my hand i just started Recording i’m kind of stressed out about What i’m capturing And i get that feeling through my body You know it hits me in my back And i feel the energy eject out of the Front of me

And i got the goosebumps and i just lift My head up And there’s a truck parked in front of Me at a red light and an air freshener Spinning like super fast all of a sudden It comes to a complete dead stop And it’s the head of a great alien with A little smile Like it was spinning fast and just Stopped and looked Freaking directly at me after i had that Weird feeling go through me and i was Like Okay what are they serious you see all This [ __ ] and then you see Something spinning what’s that and then It stops it’s great it’s weird And i didn’t have that feeling go Through me i would say it could have Been a coincidence But i was like told to lift my head like I felt it And i’ve never felt stuff like that Before Uh until a few months ago like this Feeling i have this energy that goes Through me Uh it kind of guides me in a way somehow It’s Like it’s stuff i never believed in but It’s stuff that’s happening to me so i Can’t deny it so yes so you see the Alien greys back when you’re 15 years Old

A bedroom window you had You woke up the next day you had a Uh a pain in your back you still have a Scar to this day From that and i believe you’re getting An x-ray on that All right yes i still plan on doing that It’s something i’ve kind of Been chickening out on as well but i Definitely want to do that yes The shadow figures the orbs everything What do you think the grays are what do You think them two Figures are Your opinion i’m like Never mind what anybody else thinks i Don’t give a [ __ ] Whether i think it’s alien without i Want to know what you think I think they’re what we call aliens what Everyone Generally explains an alien to be i know That for sure i believe i was You know abducted if they’re from Another planet or another dimension That that answer always flip-flops with Me I always believe they’re from another Planet that was like I always stuck to that but recently some Of the Stuff i’m starting to learn especially With the paranormal Connection to the extraterrestrial

Connection like Those two together is kind of changing My views a little bit I mentioned this to dark hour uh today Actually A theory i might i have is what if like So let’s say there’s different Dimensions right so what if one Dimension The grays make contact with earth or Friendly were earthlings like you know If they have a connection in a different Dimension On earth and they just pop over into our Dimension Do you know what i’m saying like they Could be from a different planet but In a different dimension maybe a Different dimension playing it for Closer Or uh i’m just sorry i’m just i’m just Answering habermalo’s uh question asking What What red what red i’m drinking sorry John come i feel like in a different Dimension Aliens live on mars so it’d be a quick Trip for them to go to mars to earth So what if they go from mars to earth in A different dimension and then jump the Inventions over here Maybe i don’t know there’s so many Different theories

To for me to believe they fly that far To come here I have a hard time wrapping my head Around that I think hopping in and out of dimensions Makes more sense But they could be an alien from a Different dimension If that makes any sense to you well Yeah it does but at the same time it’s Absolutely frying every single brain Cell that i have in my head and that’s Not many after a full bottle of red wine Let me tell you that Like you know that’s a far travel back And forth unless they’re Stationed here then that would make Sense if they’re posted somewhere close If they’re not it would make more sense After going from dimension to mentoring Or in the other dimension they’re coming From they are alien in that dimension to Earth And just hop and over i don’t know That’s how that thought today i mean There’s probably endless possibilities But Dimensional or another planet in this Dimension it’s like 50 50. You know also there’s something i never Mentioned on anyone’s show before Which i think i should just mention i Was a little nervous to say this at First

Because i think it’s a little crazy but When i saw those two figures in my Window You know the first time after the fact I had a very strong feeling that Somehow they were parental in some way Shape or form Like a very very very strong feeling Not at the time because their fear at The time overwhelmed every other feeling But days after and even to this day I have a strong feeling just You mean they would they was like Looking over you Like they were there like almost like They were concerned for me And there to watch me as the other two Outside my door were gonna come into my Room well maybe they were because your Parents had just gone away and left you At home at 15 years old to do All kinds of things maybe you know steal Drinks on the drinks cabinet You know whatever you’re gonna do at 15 Years old so they maybe they just Thought You know what we need to make sure john Is not getting absolutely shit-faced With his friends But the the feeling that i have that one One is a male and the one is a female That’s the joke by the way Yeah i know and just the way they were Standing and just

You know when i think back of the Feeling i have when i looked into its Eyes That feeling of a parental But you didn’t feel that the time you Said you were terrified At the very moment yes i was absolutely Terrified now this is like Like the next couple of days i rethought Everything and what happened I always had that feeling inside of me Always And i still do you know like when i when I envisioned the incident in my head and I closed my eyes i remember looking into The eyes That’s the feeling i get when i remember The incident every time Now if that’s true or not i don’t know But I see a little awkward mentioning that In the beginning i thought people think I was crazy i don’t know See your answer to the question is they You have no idea just like none of us I think it’s either from another planet Or from another dimension i think They’re Only i’m sure there’s more options but They’re the two that make the most sense But you don’t you don’t think there’s Anything demonic to it or Um no spiritual I think just people who see aliens can

Also see ghosts and shadow people I think they’re all separate things in The same spectrum somehow Where i’m able to see them all i don’t Think they’re connected Themselves but i think they’re in the Same space do you think connected The alien that i’m gonna call mainly the Gr do you think these guys yeah Needs to drink that vodka do you think These guys Have anything to do with the shadow of People do you have anything do you think They have anything to do with the orbs You think it’s coincidence well This figures like the figures i capture That look like aliens in the orbs Threw me for a loop so that kind of Messed up my theory Uh of what’s going on but by all means Bring that picture my friend Because i’m going to move over to david In a second but that okay That you know If you see do you mind if i share the Video of that No share the video away It’s because not many people that watch This afterwards will will make it This far into the video trust me usually Usually people they skip through a video All right i haven’t have enough i do the Same i do the same Um this is actually a video i edited for

You before Already this is already something i made So okay And and and david we’re gonna i’m gonna Come back to you with that question of The grace So i’ll bring up full screen you see all These orbs shooting around i’m kind of Can you bring it up can you bring it up For us is this the edited video it will It’s already edited i’m not doing Anything i’m just playing it but i will Zoom in I’m just trying to find the right mark So i’m going I went into point one time speed so it’s A frame every tenth of the second um So you’re gonna eventually see the Figure right here come Up through the couch um You see a couple on the left and the Right but you’re They’re not as clear as the one that’s Gonna show over here So you got one coming up here So this is like super slow speed you Kind of get to see Like you can kind of see figures in These but not really a hundred percent A little like two little eyes there yeah Yeah but when you see the one that forms Over here it kind of changes your Perception like this one right here Coming

It’s coming up from the bottom Right there i paused it So for that split second it looks like What appears to be a Alien gray right there obviously i can’t Do you have that still do you have that Still image Yes could you show that yeah Because she captured a better still Image and it did look like It did look like a figure i have to say As much as i’m i’m Totally against paradolia but Yeah again that looks again that over What you just went back to look What the thing is if you zoom in you can See depth In the eye sockets and in the brow area Like Really distinct like it all in here is Very three-dimensional also this picture This is that one that’s the one that Just looks stupid But the reason why it looks stupid is Because that looks like a Pixelated figure it does it looks like a Pixelated grey Let’s face it people it’s paradolia it’s Best But but that’s weird the video shows it Traveling looking pixelated like that Have you got the one without traveling Where you paused that one I i love that one which one was it

That one there that one right there the Really pixelated one that looks like That looks like a figure straight behind The couch i mean it’s pixelated as hell And obviously that that orb is tiny You know but it looks it looks like it’s Behind your [ __ ] couch So i’m gonna watch me like scrub through This real quick i’m just going to fast Forward You see all that stuff going on oh my God they’re everywhere Yeah well this is gonna eat that’s four But yeah they’re all over every Direction every size John john oh she’s just swear to me here That fun is turned off yeah Of course yeah you’ve not you’ve not Used a lot of talcum powder now Oh man this is uh legit man this is 6 30 In the morning October 1st i’m going for work so down Here i think is where oh Where’d it go i’m kind of going Backwards now There it is is that the figure on the Left Left side of the couch it should be any Second you’ll see it come up Does it come from behind the couch or is It in front of the camera so what my My question is is the orb tiny or is it Behind the cat couch Massive no it looks like they’re coming

Behind the couch And they look pretty big so because i i Think it’s I think it’s up close and personal and It’s tiny Really that doesn’t that doesn’t mean That’s not that’s that’s It’s only because of the pixelation on It yeah i think i need i’m ready to Upgrade my cameras I think i think anything that close up To the camera will pixelate This is this is not me saying that that Is dust this is me saying That yes that look that they do look Weird as hell and there’s too many of Them to And i’ve seen your apartment it’s [ __ ] immaculate i’ve had live streams With you many times i’m very jealous Of how clean you keep your place because Having two kids And two cats that wipe their ass all on The carpet Is hot it you know is literally hard to Keep There you go there you go so can you get That one animated i’m gonna I’m gonna hit play see how this is Yeah that’s in front of the camera mate That’s not behind the camera but yes That does develop into what looks like Cafe Honestly yeah david what do you

What do you think of that I mean i think that looks like uh Lamb from uh aleister crowley summonings What that little that that first drawing Of the the Yeah the entity’s name was lam but that One’s so pixelated that’s the only one Like that You know i feel like it makes it look More fake but Like my friend thought i did that on a Computer i was like i didn’t spend time To make a pixelated Alien orb i was like you know i don’t Even know how to do that No no john you’ve not i know you’re not Saying that definitely I’m just saying what my friends are Saying you know here’s another one that In this area here you can kind of see You see like the head right here and the Body down here But i would think that’s nothing but the Detail like right here like the shading Of the brow and the depth of the eye Sockets is what really convinces me at Least You know i’m not sure what other people Would think but that alone That detail in this area is pretty uh Awesome I would be interested to know what my Good friend from the out there channel Thinks of this if he’s made this part of

The video You’d probably say it’s a bunch of Butterflies or a lightning So so david so it’s the same question That i That i just asked john so i I know do you what do you you must have An inkling I you know i think that uh tuna Fishermen Catch dolphins in their nets they’re two Vastly different things they’re caught In the same medium and they’re chasing The same Prey That’s what i think i i love i love the Way you speak in riddles Mr e [Laughter] Oh yeah i’ve just got that now okay But yeah i have videos of figures like That Multiple ones per second but you can’t Distinctly see it like that one But they match the size and shape of That one So i’ll only have to assume but you can See like the one i’ll you saw like the Eyes look distorted like you kind of saw A face It could be parador who knows you know But john can you see the question on on The screen motion sentences Yes i have motion sensor cameras

But the uh They don’t pick up the orbs all the time Rarely at all We so a couple of the videos you showed Earlier you could see the little Square going that was the motion sensor Picking up yeah yeah that’s the motion Sensor but Um my camera turns on when it detects Something by motion or sound So when i leave my house i have to Manually hit record on the cameras Because they won’t all those orbs all Over the place the cameras won’t click On They won’t recognize all of them they Might see one shoot by here or there So i found out i have to hit record Myself and You know a lot of times i hit record I’ll walk out and it’ll be like calm for 20 seconds and then you’ll see one then You’ll see two And then it could be a free-for-all but It’s pretty consistent i say out of like Two months I might have had 15 days of nothing Scattered through there If that so David i know you kind of gave us the the Riddle there On the great but you must have You must have an opinion on it As to what it as to what it is you know

I mean we Feel like [ __ ] everybody’s got one It doesn’t mean anyone’s Right everybody looks funnier or better Than the other But we spoke about uh aleister crowley Yeah and you know i mean you know a lot About him than me But i know a lot about a lot about a Weird [ __ ] That’s yeah i mean that’s how how did i Get Here was you know just pursuing answers To my own i never looked up at the sky You know the first ufo i saw was a Couple months ago But you see them every weekend anytime We look up yeah you know i mean i bought Nice equipment to see it but i did have That I got messaged you i had that daytime Sighting Yeah you know yeah and then i had Witnesses there with me And uh so I don’t know i don’t know it like you Know tuna And and i don’t i don’t mean it to be a Riddle i was just trying to make it a No no no again i think we i think we Lack the language to really describe These things so i i Reason why i’m not saying i think works

Yeah but I think that’s there’s truth like a Dolphin and a tuna fish Eat the same bait fish that’s why they Get caught in the nets together They’re not the same species they’re Nothing alike you know one’s a mammal One’s not Or you know one’s breathing ones water Breathing whatever Um so for the audience in the whole at Home And my my my own sanity same for the Dolphin the tuna So the dolphin and the what dolphin and The tuna Yeah they eat the same bait fish they do And they get caught in the same nets Yeah right so you’re saying that But you’re saying the dolphin and the Tuna Is the greys and the shadow figures no No i’m not saying any of that i just i i Don’t know i don’t know what it is I’ve i’ve never to my knowledge been Abducted i’ve never seen a grey alien a Vast majority of my encounters are Demonic in nature or someone who is [ __ ] around with stuff they shouldn’t Have been and Somehow the universe puts them in my Path um But do you think How do i explain this do you do you

Think this is something Do you think the greys are involved Within the ufos Or more involved with the shadow figures I don’t know man i don’t know because You’ve seen you’ve see You’ve seen the ufos you’ve seen well i I’ve seen something in the sky that i Can’t explain I’ve seen things in the night sky that Flew in patterns i’m unfamiliar with I had a former uh annapolis naval Officer with me Um who commanded carrier ships and like He knows what the hell is up there and Uh he did he’s he’s never seen anything Fly like that And you know people say well it’s a Satellite it’s a radiant satellite that Flared [ __ ] i never said it went straight you Know I love that people immediately jump to Try and Cast things away before they they know Everything say One in the paranormal field that i found In ufology as well it’s a Great sport for people to run to debunk Well i can make this happen so it must Be But yeah I i i i’m sorry I think they’re all separate i think

Everything’s separate they’re just in The same plane You know it may very well be it may very Well but like My only inkling that went over to Ufology Um was because i talked to some guys and I had read some articles about Synchronicity and it was talking about Um You see you see that you see that david You see the number Yeah 33. there you go I told you this number follows me Actually in the net with the Tuna and the dolphins so For anybody who doesn’t know i see the Number 33 a lot And on it’s gone up to 35 so yes people We’ve got 48 people in the chat Smash that like button and uh get me off That uh That 33 that 33 got it haunts me Um no i mean i i i don’t know Like for people who are able to Experience the paranormal Are they more Are they a greater beacon to ufos but Then that would put ufos at some similar Plane like i mean There are certain things that dolphins And tuna have in common right they’re Both ocean creatures they’re both On this they’ve like you can draw

Analogies they may not be the same thing But they Share attributes right um So do these things maybe i have some Other theories that are a little bit Way more out there um i’ve never heard Anyone else But uh i would like to yeah i’m sure Um but Yeah so yeah i’ll touch on it a little Bit See what happens okay uh i know Are you saying this because of what Happened with our first interview Yeah so for anybody that doesn’t know Uh so i’ve interviewed david uh twice But actually only once on the channel Before the first interview i did uh Didn’t go too well Because as soon as we started to record It david was He was talking about the exorcism that You did when he was a young man And uh you were talking about i i’m not Gonna let You tell me you don’t wanna shouldn’t Have been so in-depth yeah i shouldn’t Have yeah yeah yeah But he kept cutting out and the weird Thing is and i think i’ve shown you john I’ve shown you a little bit of that Video if dave is cutting out Yeah obviously david i kept you censored For john because i had it i already edit

I’ve edited the video where you’re fully Censored Um but uh yeah whenever you try to speak About this subject You were speaking normally and then i Would say david you just broke up then Then you would just go Oh yeah it won’t like i don’t think You’ll let us speak i was like oh my god It’s blowing my mind Yeah i mean that’s thing things these Things have influence they can Physically affect you they can do Things you’re gonna hurt people um Definitely um but again there’s a whole Another caveat with that so anyway This has to do with a uh a demonic Situation this gentleman i knew when i Was a younger man i used to work for him I went to my church i want to Be careful how i do it because i need to Make sure i’m censoring myself properly Anyway um His son-in-law was living below him and His son-in-law was Kind of getting out of the occult heavy Occult and Uh he had cast something out of his Place but he was living in the Basement apartment of this guy’s head Beautiful home He just cast it out of the apartment he Didn’t cast it out of the house he Didn’t he didn’t tell it to get the [ __ ]

Out he just said you know leave my room So the thing apparently went upstairs And went to the contractor i used to Work for and woke him up And i guess was all up and uh dawn Oh see there i go this guy Uh reaches for it grabs it and starts Swinging away at it like trying to hit It And i was are you serious and he’s like Yeah he says it seemed genuinely Surprised Uh that may be the first reaction it’s Had Then i was like well what happened he Said it was a lot like trying to hold Smoke and silk that was somehow manifest Like if you could manifest smoke as silk And be even finer he said that was kind Of what it was like like Uh just just it was there but it wasn’t There and he said as soon as it was able To get out of the grip of his left hand It just poofed it just slipped right out Of Right out of like reality and so that’s Always led me to believe If these things rarely fully manifest And if they did does that mean they play By the same rules of physics that we buy Is by being slightly out of sync of our Reality What keeps them so terrifying or in the Machine because they can’t be touched

But they can’t Really affect us without coming in and When they do come in does that make them Vulnerable was it vulnerable was it You know and don was a man of faith he’s A strong dude he’s He’s a great guy he’s a great guy um But yeah so it it just leaves more Questions than answers everything leads More questions than answers But from that theory i always had maybe These things Maybe what we understand is these shadow Figures and other demonic entities are From a different vibration or a Different reality or a different Dimension or whatever And maybe so are the little gray things Maybe they don’t need a ship Unless they choose to physically come do A thing and then maybe for them it they Feel it’s safer Does that make sense yeah yeah like if They totally sink in they’re there or Maybe we’re invading their world And that’s how they feel safer to Observe us i mean i don’t know i Know everything poses more questions and Answers and all of it sounds [ __ ] insane it just sounds insane we Sound like crazy people ranting We we do but this is the field You know it’s crazy like you know the Majority of our lives

Is stuff that majority of the population Doesn’t even believe in you know that’s The stuff that we live Every day that’s like a weird feeling You know That i see things we’ve all experienced Stuff that there’s people who flat out Think that’s impossible it’s uh Well the thing is i think more people i Think more people believe it than not i Mean that’s why Paranormal sews are so interesting That’s why ufo shows are so interesting That’s why they do so well Um like i i have a very good friend Who’s kind of been helping him with some Stuff and He initially had trouble accepting it But you know once he was able to get Past it and Things happened um i mean he can’t deny It he may not like it he doesn’t want to Accept it but it is what it is and You know i mean the thing is like Witness testimony Is enough to convict a man for the rest Of his life or send him to the death Chair just on eyewitness testimony That’s that’s gold evidence Except when we get to the paranormal Suddenly witness testimony isn’t Worthwhile and that’s why you have so Many credible people that don’t want to Be lumped in

I mean there’s a reason i i don’t want My identity known because it will [ __ ] Up my life Um and that’s a sad thing that’s not Fair that’s not right but it is you know Um so you get super creditable people That aren’t willing to do it unless they Have the big balls that john has to Just make that happen i mean i wouldn’t Do that you got more guts than i’ll ever Have And then we need more of that you know a Lot a lot of people For some reason in this field aren’t Maybe they start off truthful And maybe they do have a story but once That story runs out They try to keep it going it’s just the Way i i look at it And i just a lot of stuff that i saw a Lot of things i didn’t believe were true And there’s nobody there’s nobody uh Overseeing You followed you as a whole saying this Is true this is not true You can go and say whatever you want Someone will interview you somebody will Talk to you You know i could say i time travel i can Get on the show I can spread that lie if i wanted to you Know it’s Too simple and it just muddied the Waters

And that’s the main reason i wanted to Do this stuff in the first place you Know Do you know so john though you’ve the Journey you’ve come On i mean me and david were saying this Uh probably literally about five minutes Before you joined me and david In the pre-chat but the the journey Uh and uh oh thank you my friend Wow it’s very much appreciated I like you too um but The journey you’ve come on is From what you you you seem like and you Don’t take this wrong way but you Seem like a shell of a man When when you first came on the channel To what you’re like now and if somebody Goes back and i In the description i’ve put i’ve there’s Both my My first interview with david and my First interview with john And was i the first i was like the first Person to interview john Yeah yeah yeah i’ve reached out to a Couple places before But you’re the first one but you see you Seem terrified and you look like Somebody Who had literally gone through hell I can’t believe i looked like that and Now you look amazing I mean i look like [ __ ] you look good

And i didn’t even know it I sounded bad i look bad i look stressed Out i look beat up But like i said i felt i felt that fear Physically leave is one of the Most amazing experiences in my life Don’t take this wrong way but i said to My wife i said can you believe that this Guy is A year older than me Because you looked run down But now you look younger than me you Bastard I mean when you’re carrying the weight Of the I wish i didn’t react to all this the Way i did i wish i was Built to handle my experiences but i Obviously wasn’t And this stuff was just a burden on me And literally destroyed every aspect of My life Pretty much in one way shape or form so It was tough man it was it was uh There’s some bad times Mixed in there but like i said once and Another thing too is after our first Interview going back and re-watching the Interview And like looking at the live chat and All the nice comments and the support That feeling was absolutely amazing like That gave me that made me feel like i Can move forward

You know and keep exploring this and not Be afraid to have people behind me Like that was very important you know i Just wanted your viewers to know that Like they made a big difference in my Life just just Supporting me just typing a couple words You know went a long way And that helped a lot oh well that means A lot mate i mean that really does i Mean because that that’s I mean i i’ll be on i started the Channel Uh because i thought you know i wanna i Wanna be a millionaire And uh just get a load of merchandise Out there and uh A load of a load of alien uh like Figures that i could sell to people But but now i’m like no scrap that I’m all about the people Yeah i mean dude that’s a joke mate You’ll say if nothing comes out of your Channel like you the channel literally Changed my life you know what i’m saying I think i could make a good alien figure Though No this is it this is it this this is The thing and this is what i was saying To david Me and david had a chat in the kitchen The other day and This channel for me it’s like a Portfolio of people’s

Experiences and I’m the more out there The the some of them some of them are Really out there some of them are just Quite normal and but that At some point i’m starting to connect The dots with different People’s conversations now and i was Saying That with a guy that he that was on the Phone to earlier Um that this subject Of ufos has brought me to the subject of Paranormal Where i i’ve never ever gone there Before To the paranormal my dad is has always Told me stories about Ufos and paranormal but i’ve always been About the Where’s the science behind it you know Where do these little [ __ ] come from I’ve not been about anything to do with Dark shadow figures Ghosts even though apparently i’ve seen A ghost as a child My mother tells me this all the time When i go around for dinner Which is which has been a long time Because of the day and age we’re living But this subject intrigues me So much with people like yourself when i See The the journey that you’re going on

It’s interesting The fact that you you you’re now trying To You’ve gone from being somebody who just Sent me an email to somebody who’s Bought yourself Your own setup you know maybe maybe Gonna set you up for your own youtube Channel Uh which is wreaking havoc two one Two one five there once once our project Is finished that we’re working on That’s when i’ll get the channel up and Running well john you’ve been You’ve nearly filled up my my hard drive With the video footage but I’m so antsy like i can’t wait for that To come out Well this is the thing and people people What This is what i said to yourself he says You know why are you not releasing Anything i’m like We need to we need to get the evidence First and that’s the thing Because we can release a couple of Pictures of of orbs Is dust we can do the research like Goof on uh and reach from goof on radio Dark hour paranormal Telling you to turn to to start stealing I I mean i didn’t even think of that they Told you to seal off your vents and

Everything like that For the video that i’m doing so they’ve Got nothing to gain out of this but They’re interested in this research you Know they’re telling you to To and and even now when you’ve Taken off these air vents you’ve sat Sweating your tits off with no air Conditioning But you’ve got your phone running now But i didn’t i’ve not seen any ops Um there’s still the odds Even though we can’t see the fan and They’re going in all different Directions Yeah uh i can’t blame anyone for saying It was dustin in the beginning because i Didn’t know what it was in the beginning I thought it was just in the beginning I’ll be honest with you i’ll be honest With you in the first video You showed me i thought this is dust Everybody did you can’t blame anybody For thinking that because What else would it be you know but i Wanted i did the plastic thing because I don’t think it’s right to put out Evidence Unless you try to debunk it first Yourself you know I i spent time trying to debunk some of The stuff i put out because i don’t want To put anything out or share anything That could just misidentify completely

Like be way off you know So i you know i did the plastic test and Still had even uh in my bedroom i had The camera With two dusty fans blowing at the same Time Didn’t pick up one speck of dust in that Room and that’s my bedroom i don’t sleep In there so that room’s a mess it’s like A storage room So there’s dust everywhere and i didn’t See not one orb when i did that test With the plastic in my bedroom So i thought that was pretty good too David In your opinion what what are the orbs The dangerous thing is like i love that You guys are digging for proof And there was a time when i was about That but it’s never enough no one will Ever get enough proof No one will ever get enough answers to Satisfy It’s just you see people get obsessed With it And they’ll have good evidence they’ll Have good proof but it’s like Yeah it’s like this weird Uh gold fever that people get right It’s like people who get into the Paranormal and the next thing you know They’re trying to They’re gonna launch a tv show or They’re gonna get famous so they’re

Gonna It i swear it’s like the phenomenon does That Like that’s that’s what it’s goading you To do is always try and get more To come down the path a little bit Further walk just a little bit Further and it never ends never mind i Can see that But my my thing is i don’t want to stop Recording because i feel like i’m going To miss Something or i don’t stop looking at Footage because i feel like i’m going to Miss something Like all i do is wake up and hit record I don’t do Anything else whatsoever i just hit Record i go home i watch the footage you Know But i feel like i’m on the path to Something i feel like that you know Because it seems like the further along I go in this journey the Evidence gets greater and greater You know i started off my first video Was one single orb Now i’m catching capturing shadow people Scurrying around my apartment So it’s not really me Trying to really get answers i just want To get the Right now just get the best footage i Can share it with you guys

And that’s pretty much all i really want One out of it you know So for uniform pigeon 14 it’s an amazing Name by the way Um okay have we got like Another like like great video of the Orbs Me yeah yeah yeah i got like uh And you’ve got you’ve got like a Terabyte of storage of them You need to upgrade range your computer Mate is must be killing your computer I just got a new laptop and uh uh on a Two terabyte external hard drive I got it all set up now so i can handle This because i didn’t know what i was What i was gonna get or was working with Now i have i think i transferred 13 000 pictures and videos From my camera that my camera took on Its own See unicorn look through but uniform Pigeon the answer to the question is John does Have like he’s he’s filled Probably i’ve got a three terabyte External hard drive and i think john’s Filled about I don’t know 500 gig of that I’m probably exaggerating there i am Because i’ve had i’ve had a tipple But um there’s a lot there’s a lot you Know i haven’t done so much stuff John if you bring another piece of

Footage up for the people Because we’re not gonna go much longer Tonight um Okay but the the Did you have any more questions for uh Because i know you Wrote down some questions for david is There any that you’ve not Not asked um we actually covered all the Ones i i wrote down That i could think of what about you David have you got something in the That you want to ask john no man i just Think it’s i think it’s really cool that You went forward I think you got a big pair of balls for Putting your face out there in your Story Uh more courage than i got i think you Pursuing the evidence and trying to find It i think that’s amazing Um just You know you both you both for like a Bunch of bastards because that was the Filler The question that that was the filler For john finding the video I was relying on that there it is Yeah no i mean it it well i mean in Truth i I just hope that when you keep looking For the evidence john just be careful Not to get Caught ups i mean you’re finding it for

You and for the community i think that’s Awesome but I really do i commend that um But remember there’s so many people out There like with good evidence that they Put out or this or that that looks good And you get a guy that You get dozens of guys it’s just [ __ ] and they cast it off to the Side and you’re like wait a minute You know you have to prove it to me Those people i’ve never understood that I’m i’m not trying to prove anything to Anybody to be honest with you I’m just showing you what i got if you Want to think it’s dust you go right Ahead it doesn’t bother me one bit i’m Not going to sit there and Try to talk you into you thinking i have Orbs you know what i’m saying That’s no lag look at it yeah that’s i Think that’s the healthiest way to be Yeah i can’t argue with somebody if they Don’t think it’s or if they don’t think It’s orders i’m not going to sit there And try to explain you know or Make them change their mind that’s up to The people watching the footage For them to make up their mind I think i think i think the way that We’re doing this john and trying to See whatever this is that’s going on in Your life right now and trying to Capture it

I mean what i’m looking at now I’ve seen i’ve seen dust particles on Video It doesn’t look like the dustpan it Really doesn’t i mean i’m Sure the out there channel will probably Correct me on that But You know it i mean the movement is compl That there for example just what you’ve Just seen there The speed completely changes everything Um I’ve seen i’ve seen i’ve seen many other Videos and i’m like that’s dust Straight away with what i’ve witnessed With you over how many months have i When i when i told you to start doing This I want to say two and a half Maybe three months i don’t know i’ve Been losing track of time lately After three months something i think About about that Um and it and it’s got more and more Intense Yeah and i’m glad everything’s Documented and you have everything You know um i like documenting what’s Going on like to kind of Like to try to figure out or maybe at Least better understand what’s going on With me Most likely i’ll never find an answer

But you know as long as i’m capturing Stuff on camera I’ll just keep riding with it and see Where it goes you know If it stops one day it stops you know But there’s always that chance i might Get that one That one like tenth of a second where i Capture something absolutely amazing You know so i think i i think i think Before we Uh kind of call it a night boys fair is A Has got a great question and i think you Both can answer this so for john What what what for you as being the the The uh What’s been your best encounter I’d have to say uh seeing aliens Nothing can top that that was the most Amazing Experience i’ve ever had it literally my Life was going this way and then as soon As i saw them i just took off in another Direction You know it was uh the most overwhelming I mean it’s like four or five feet away From two aliens just looking at him It doesn’t get more amazing than that You know i wish i wasn’t As scared as i was and was able to hold It together and maybe try to communicate Or do something because i was able to Move

When they were there it wasn’t like i Was paralyzed So i wish i could have relived that That uh time in my life again and did it A little differently but That was the most amazing thing i’ve Ever seen just to look into his eyes And make eye contact and just stare and Yeah that’s the most intense feeling I’ve probably ever had in my life And you said it like it was faithless Yeah had no bones no bone structure no Uh Muscle definition it was just like take The shape of a gray head and just Mold it perfectly like smooth in every Direction like perfect And then just put two holes a little Slit and just drop some eyes on top I mean the head was like like this just The shape of it there was no Abnormalities or like it was just Perfectly symmetrical Round no cheekbone it was just a perfect Shape Like the alienware logo like the shape Was like perfect like that you know what I’m saying It was just you know i would i wouldn’t Be surprised if it was something that Was engineered it would Look that perfect to me And david what about yourself what’s the Best

Evidence that you’ve encountered or the Most intriguing thing you’ve ever Experienced In your life in terms of i’ll tell you So the thing that probably made me Question the most about what i thought i Had a grasp on Happened a while back is fairly recently I believe it was about two months ago Thank god did i message you about that About that shared dream yes yes i think You did Yeah so that I also been in contact with a different Paranormal guy and i had sent it to him As well it’s more in his alley Trying to think of how to do it quickly Without a lot of backstory um So dreams to me are important especially Lucid dreams Um and i learned when i was younger how To Turn a night terror into a uh something That You have a better handle on um anyway so I Had started on the stream and i could Tell There’s something going on it’s Different than you know just i ate the Weird pizza And uh now i’m going on you know Digestive Chemical trip uh there’s a point to it

And i i’m usually able to pick that up That there’s something going on so I’m there and i’m with a bunch of other People and we’re all wearing the same Uniforms and we’re Going to do a thing i don’t really know What it is and i get assigned a partner And i’m like okay well this is [ __ ] Boring i don’t understand what’s trying To be explained to me through this Metaphor So i forced myself to try and change Dreams right And it’s kind of hard to explain like i Feel myself pushing out of this stream Into a different dream to try and Force whatever’s trying to talk to me to Give me a different metaphor something Something like I can grasp this isn’t making sense and At the same time i feel like a Pullback like i’m not able to do that And it sounds dumb but it It’s a thing and anyway So i’m like pull back and i’m looking at The chick i’m with is like a teenage Girl And she looks at me and i look at her And bam we’re in a different scenario Only i didn’t trigger the scenario Now i’m like well this is okay so do i Not have control here now we’re in a House we’re in my house And we’re upstairs and we’re in my my

Kids rooms and There’s things storming the outside of The house and there’s a storm the Windows are broke and the house is under Siege And i’m barricading the door and i’m Like well this is i don’t get this Either And as i try to leave i i say out loud In the dream i was like well this is Stupid and What i i in my dream i’m saying why can I not control this dream And the chick looks at me and says this Isn’t your dream this is my dream And then i wake up oh i was freaked out About it And i told my wife i immediately told my Wife i was like this is some weird [ __ ] And uh she sadly has to suffer with me Through most of this And she’s like listens to it and she’s Like you sure you just didn’t eat Something i was like no this is of those Times i know this was something i just Don’t understand what it was Well i i go out shooting with my buddies And i come back and she’s like i have Something to tell you And she brings my my middle daughter up Sets her on the table and she says tell Me about the dream she’s like well me And daddy Were with the army men and then we were

In the house and it was under attack And daddy was swearing is it so this is Your Your your middle it was my daughter had The same damn dream i think that My daughter was the teenage chick that Was in my dream I think we had the same dream and like And i’ve talked to her about it and She’s talked to my wife So that that that it like the nature of Of consciousness of dreaming of lucid Dreaming of our minds of the escape of It that’s why And that’s why i wasn’t able to you’re Telling me That this teenage girl in your dream You’re you’re my five-year-old daughter Yeah She dreamed herself as an older person Wow And she told my wife the same thing Unsolicited because the dream had Bothered her Because she was with daddy with the army Men and then she was with daddy in the House and it was under attack And she said and then daddy started Cussing and then we woke up Because at that point in the dream i was Trying to wake myself up And uh i couldn’t do it and then it just Like this is the king that gets weird So when i woke up like i was trying to

Wake myself up and i’m pretty good at That I couldn’t do it but i had felt like Once she had said that And i turned and looked i i remember the Dawn because my lucid dreams i always Remember they’re very clear And um i was like what the [ __ ] like What I don’t have other things like this this Isn’t what you’re And at that moment i felt like a giant Hand grasp me as though the thumb went Halfway down my back I’m trying to do it and i have it Blocked out but over my shoulder and Like that Like like you would grab a small boy by The shoulder You know what i mean like your thumbs Down his back and your hands on his Chest and you just kind of snatch him It was the same thing that’s how i woke Up like i was pulled out of it Um and man that’s just That freaked me out man that freaked me Out because It makes me question a lot of Assumptions i had previously What if you think about that for a Second Um so when i look after my kids and Whatever they’re doing what they’re Doing i

I think to myself god i i want to be Doing something else So you were in a you’re in a dream of a Five-year-old And thinking this is stupid i won’t have A dream I i wanna i went out but you couldn’t Get out of it No i was getting dragged i was getting Dragged through her dreamscape Because you’re a dad i don’t know How did i get there i’ve never had that Happen before i’ve never shared a dream I’ve never had anyone in mind Not an actual person like a physical Like this is a person i get a person who Relay the other thing who and here’s the Kicker i got up early in that morning Because i had A class and we were doing some range Time afterwards and i had to get some Stuff done And yeah yeah so i didn’t see her on the Way out i left before anyone was awake And she had told my wife because i when I woke up i told my wife that because She gets up at the [ __ ] ass crack of Dawn um Yeah that’s crazy yeah Yeah it bothers me too it’s everything About that was weird I was jerked out of it i was pulled out Of it Ripped so that means who’s monitoring

That situation That’s the other thing who who pulled Who pulls who out of a dream how Someone paying attention to this oh [ __ ] There’s crossover You know oh [ __ ] we you know we All right yes bizarre what you’re saying There about who pulls who out of this Did you In terms of um a bigger picture do you Believe that there is Somebody uh for example a god presence That or what people think of as god Yes you do oh yeah Yeah i mean you can’t see some things in Life and not believe that You just can’t So do you believe in god absolutely They do believe in aliens I believe i don’t have the language or Descriptive capabilities to describe What they are i don’t know what they are You know hell i could be the alien to That thing maybe were planted in their World Interesting we’re the black mold on Their walls you know John you you religion are you are you Religious at all Your family nah not really No i i don’t uh Believe in god really um Well my belief is that we were created At some point by something

But but you don’t believe so after all You’ve seen with With the with the the dark shadows the Orbs You don’t believe there’s any sort of There’s not something Different to to it to us Other than just flesh and blood Like i believe we all have spirits i Believe in that kind of stuff but like That one individual god i don’t believe In that You know because the way i look at it is Different religions different races all Have different gods I don’t believe there can be like 15 Different gods And personally this is my belief you Know i think Somehow we were created by what we call Extraterrestrials And they still monitor us to this day You know that’s that’s my belief i’ve Actually had that belief Since like elementary school i remember Sitting in class looking at the ceiling I was like I think guy’s an alien i don’t know how I thought of it And i don’t know why i still remember it But i’ve always believed that That’s that’s that’s you just give me a Great idea for A video of title i think god’s an alien

Like that sure i was gonna get a million Million views I mean just all the stories you know From the past of god’s coming and going The way they travel the way they Interact it just sounds like A bunch of alien species at one point Were interacting with us In the past you know i could be wrong That’s just what i believe You know So david before we go you mentioned uh That you thought You you spent some time with was it what Was it a couple of days you spent with Travis walton i’ve seen the pictures Yeah Yeah very very i mean i don’t know why Anybody won’t believe That but it’s you know you know anybody That Can kind of like get in that situation Can get on this i mean all it takes to Get next to these people is money Yeah did did you enjoy your time With him hell no um with most of the Mufon people there hell no they’re Idiots Um that’s what was getting every person There is looking to be famous they want To tell you how amazing there is and Their Their secret insight and there was one Or two people that were

All right and i think that they were Onto something but they were also Touched with touched with that like gold Fever like That i’m i don’t know i don’t know you Can tell and maybe it’s just me but when I perceive him i perceive him as just Like touched with this obsession You know like this is not an obsession It’s just kind of a [ __ ] thing that i live day to day Yeah because We were talking before john is getting Such a move on now Um and just be careful what we say about The recent stuff that’s happening With mofon because youtube won’t like Them words that we use Um but um do you think that’s a good Idea to get in touch with move on about Any sort of encounters you may have Oh who me anybody oh i mean hell i don’t Know tell the world man Tell the world the only one knows we’re Getting people sneak up i don’t have the Guts to show my face can and risk my uh My family to it but uh you know more Guys like john doing it will You know maybe if we can get more data Points put together we can See a better picture that’s the only way I mean i’ve i’ve met people that have Similar experiences to me but they went In a different direction than me

Um and they’re not someone i would want To associate with Um so Yeah and john’s john’s are very Interesting i i think it’s i think it’s Very interesting There’s a lot of questions there only More questions after watching some of Those videos But uh that i think that’s the nature of It man Is that well we’re not going to know So So before we go tonight boys i mean David Is is there any sort of advice that you Give to john And anybody that’s watching this that May be experiencing Similar stuff to john that has no idea What the hell is going on In their life right now yeah come Forward and talk about it Get a data point let us set there’s john I have similar things to john how so What’s going on The problem is most people don’t want to Be i mean this is why i’m blurred out Because not only would i be considered Crazy my business partners whose Families are invested in in Mutual interest that we have going coin Could potentially be ruined By our competition my wife’s career

Could be ruined Uh my family and then no i’m not doing That Um but the only way is to get get some Of this together start talking about it You know one of the biggest things that When i have talked to people in the past Before i learned i shouldn’t do that Um people are always why don’t you Record it it’s like because when i’m in The middle i’m just not walking around With a damn handicam Like waiting every second and john’s Wired his whole place for sound man Video and sound not everybody does that Um And that’s great that’s great and if Tangible great evidence comes from it i Think that’s gonna be [ __ ] wonderful I still don’t think we’ll ever know And i think every great piece of Evidence he puts forward Will never be enough because it’s just Like the people who are touched with That gold rush bug The people who want evidence it’s never Enough And at a certain point you gotta You gotta step out and you know i get it If you’ve never had an experience You know i i get it you know or the Worst people are people who’ve had Experiences and it scared the [ __ ] out Of them

They’re the first to dismiss all Evidence that comes their way because They can’t Cope with the reality that they went Through something that’s totally Unexplainable You know we got a three-dimensional Thought process trying to compute Seven dimensional problems can’t do it Yeah and john If you have any advice to anybody that’s Trying to I don’t want to say trying to come out But anybody that’s trying to come uh That’s trying to tell their friends or Family or Um just tell somebody about what’s Going on that that it’s because they Don’t think that anybody else will Believe them What would that be i would tell them to Do what i did and come on to a show like Yours Because you have why did you just say Yes i didn’t even have to say it Well done mate that’s yeah subscribe to Alienate and my email is Alien addict uk karen john Your uh your audience you know believes In the subject and is interested in it So you would be talking to a group of People that can pretty much Understand what you’re saying you know a

Lot of people in the chats have their Own experiences So you’re talking to people that Understand instead of just talking to Like one friend or a couple friends or Even just keeping it to yourself That made the difference the huge Difference in my life just getting that Off my chest And having a community like kind of Behind me You know encouraging me like it was you Guys who talked to me into getting the Cameras Into doing this stuff because you guys Kept pushing me uh you know pushing me Along giving me the confidence to do This stuff So i think it’s important to go on a Show like yours and just Talk to a group of people who understand What you’re going through And just release all that weight off you That’s the best thing i think you could Do because talking to like a friend or Something they’re your friend You know my friends believe like some of My stuff for You know or don’t believe anything it’s Hard to talk to people who already don’t Believe in the subject You know you’re not going to get a Response that you like So i think that was one of the best

Decisions i made You know to come forward and uh Especially david like you watching my Video and then you coming forward after Watching that That was like one of the best feelings i Ever had that made my interview with ali In the beginning of worth Worth it just that alone you know i hope People like us can keep that ball Rolling and Start pulling more people to come Forward you know because Obviously like i said with my experience With my co-workers There’s two guys i work with that both Had experiences So it tells me there’s probably a good Majority of people out there who have That dismiss it or have no one to talk To you know they need an outlet like This Yeah let everything out yeah man i think You’re right That year 100 that’s why i came forward I saw yours and i was like well hell Look at this poor guy if he can do it You know maybe i can put out there and Uh our sample size of N is now two and maybe n will go to Three and four And then we can get some real data sets And you know Compare notes keeping keeping the

Information to yourself is like the Worst thing you can do you gotta let it Out You know i was walking around with a lot Of weight not releasing not speaking About it you know And like i said after that interview my Whole life has changed the best decision I made Oh you had to talk me into it i didn’t Even want to do it it was like Oh you know so it’s a good decision i Suggest people in the same situation do The same Even if you’re nervous or scared just Gotta let it out Gotta let it out yeah i think the more More people that talk about this the Better boys i wanna i wanna thank you so Much for coming on i’m gonna I’m gonna drop you two out of the chat And i’m gonna come back to you after I’ve hip cupped Um but yeah i’m going to i’m going to Just Boys thank you so much for coming on It’s been in the mail I’m just going to meet you tag two guys Right now so i can just Uh end this with the guys but awesome Guys thank you for so much for joining Us tonight on alien addict Um it’s been an interesting show and Like john and david

Said you know so many people have Different experiences so many people Might Experience this in a different way To somebody else and this is the whole Point of this channel I don’t pretend to know anything about This subject I just i i look at i look at the Evidence i talk to people I’m not an expert i never will be Anybody but It intrigues me and you guys are the Main thing behind this channel So you know any uh thank everybody For being live tonight and joining us so If you can smash that thumb I hate saying that that’s that’s all That’s what these uh these youtubers Saying to I suppose i’m one of those now um but Yeah share the video out Um friends and family and if you are Somebody who wants to come on the show Email me it’s alien addict Uk that’s alien addict Uk i’ll if i remember to put In the description i will I can’t guarantee that it’s probably one Of my older videos if not But your voice needs to be heard If if you have something you want to say If you have a story That is true i don’t want any [ __ ]

On this channel If you have a genuine story and you you Have A situation going on in your life or Anything it doesn’t have to be alien It just has to be out with the arduino You know i don’t want to know about What’s going on with your mother-in-law Or you know your step-dad or your Your sister your partner i don’t Know about that [ __ ] unless it’s Paranormal or alien If it’s that you’re good to go alien Addict Uk i think i’ve drunk too much Red wine But anyway goodnight god bless mind the Books don’t buy i’m alienate Smash that like hit that subscribe and Uh Yeah see you soon and the books don’t Bite And i can’t remember how to end this Stream oh yeah anyway And broadcast good night