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Reality falls Uh my name is michael schratt i’m a Military aerospace historian Primary focus of my research deals with Classified aircraft developed within the Military industrial complex I started this line of research about 30 Years ago Tracking down test pilots engineers People who worked on classified programs And started piecing this mosaic together Of this black world You tell the difference between a Man-made vehicle and an extraterrestrial Vehicle It is at the point now that it is Seamless It’s almost impossible to tell who’s who But two points i want to point out if You hear about a vehicle or if you see a Vehicle First hand that’s tested on a thursday Night there’s a strong possibility it’s Ours If you see a vehicle that has Bulkheads that has transparent panels And has rivets Fastening this together with an Electrical humming Noise there’s a very strong possibility It’s one of ours but at this point it’s

Reached A segment of the technology where it’s Seamless If the extraterrestrial vehicles are Being mixed In with our man-made vehicles you’d Never tell the difference That’s how far the technology has Progressed Unequivocally without question that There is a black world out there there Is a black landscape that we don’t know Anything about Uh exempt can from congressional Oversight it has no public scrutiny And that is just a tip of the iceberg of What’s actually there There are dozens of programs that we Still don’t know about There could actually be hundreds but There are at least dozens of classified Black budget programs That we don’t know anything about and i Will refer you to a quote by President abraham lincoln when he stated That You can fool all of the people some of The time You can you can fool some of the people All the time But you can’t fool all of the people all Of the time We’re not going to be fooled anymore

Thinking that everything is alien We’ve already proven that a lot of these Are our own aircraft Because of the trust beams because of The rusty rivets Because of the electrical humming noise Because of the electric coronal That we see on the front side of the Craft that’s indicative of a High voltage electrical charge so we Just won’t be fooled anymore The the reason why i’m passionate about It is because it could change the world We are between 100 and 400 years behind Where we should be right now We’re living in a matrix this is not the Real world We don’t need internal combustion Vehicles we don’t need Coal fire plants we don’t need wind Generating uh Windmills we don’t need solar power All of that is obsolete technology We could be living at least a hundred Years beyond Uh what we’re living now and when you Can control gravity you can control time We could be looking at something way More advanced than what we could even Dream of that’s the reason why i’m into It we could Change the quality of life for everyone On this planet Instantly with this technology that’s

Why i’m in it And the only way that’s going to happen According to gordon cooper Who’s our original mercury 7 astronaut Is if the scientific community Comes together as a united coalition and Usurps and goes over the head of the Defense contractors And unless and until that happens we’re Still going to be living in this Level one society using these old Gasoline-powered vehicles with these Coal fire plants and these nuclear power Generating Reactors we’re going to be living in This obsolete World for the next 100 500 years If we don’t take and break away And take matters into our own hands We’ve got to do it for our children For our future generations we’ve got to Do it We’ve already made the gravity Breakthrough according to dr greer and It’s Absolutely referenced in the in the Works that we’ve made the gravity Breakthrough October 1954. factor in the billions We’ve already spent on these programs Over all that time period you know They’ve made the breakthrough You know that we don’t need liquid Rockets to get in space now

And all this stuff about the saturn v Rocket and the space shuttle using Liquid rockets We’re talking about obsolete model t Ford backwards dinosaur technology using Liquid rockets there’s a better way to To go to space they made the Breakthrough october 1954. In this particular sighting there were At least Two dozen naval officers on the deck of The uss Fdr that when they looked up Above the deck of the uss fdr they saw This craft approaching the aircraft Carrier And this thing parked itself over the Flight deck There were at least two two dozen uh Naval officers Who saw this and what they saw was a At least 100 foot long cigar-shaped Craft That had what were termed square windows And then there were what they were Termed beings looking back at them Waving back at the aircraft carrier People on the aircraft carrier flight Deck Looking back at them so this is late 1958 Uh this is the uss fdr i actually Tracked down The original eyewitness on this

Particular case And was able to secure the paperwork The documentation and the original Sketch You can see the fdr here these are the Naval officers here and you can see the Box type windows And then this craft came down so low That the naval personnel on the deck of The aircraft carrier Could actually feel the heat emanating From the craft on their faces that’s how Low this thing was And then this thing took off from their Location but There were multiple eyewitnesses it’s Been confirmed It probably was put in the logbooks Those books are no longer available But this is a multi-witness case from Credible naval officers Many of our naval warships have been Basically tracked and followed by ufos By usos at least 51 percent of ufo cases Are in point effect uso cases Unidentified submerged Objects where these craft have been seen Bursting out of the ocean And flying right off into space being Tracked by radar Being scrambled uh force phantoms trying To track these craft They could not be tracked by our naval Aircraft no way

Way beyond our capability this is we’re Talking about 1958 here technology So who was flying these things out of The ocean Who was you know tracking our naval Submarines At over 160 knots back in the 1960s These occurrences did take place no Doubt about it There’s two reasons why they would want To keep it secret number one They want to control the high ground Because anyone who controls the high Ground in a battlefield environment Wins that battle no question about it if You’ve got Black triangles tr3bs hovering over a Battlefield Monitoring the situation and you’ve got Military assets within those triangles You’re gonna win that war there’s no Question you’ve got the high ground The other reason is the propulsion System Associated with these craft would Essentially Make all the utilities null and void we Wouldn’t need coal fire plants we Wouldn’t need Nuclear power reactors anymore we could Tap the And access the ambient zero point energy Field And we wouldn’t be metered anymore uh we

Could do away with the oil industry That’s the other reason why they’re Keeping this under wraps those are the Two reasons What i want to show you is three cases That I have to i have to be honest i think We’re looking at a man-made technology That people are mistaking as alien In this case this was seen by a woman Driving home from a dinner engagement Back in 1983. She heard this real loud explosion her Car started vibrating she pulled off to The side of the road thinking the Transmission Fell out she checked the bottom of the Vehicle And there was nothing wrong with her car So she kept on going And then off to the right in a clearing She saw what she described as being Approximately 165 foot long craft that was about 60 Feet tall It had multiple port windows in the Craft It had two sections up here with what Looked like 5 foot 10 uh white single piece Tight-fitting flight suit individuals That look completely oblivious to what She was Seeing from her ground location it also

Had what’s Appeared to be tubes pipes and cylinders On the left side of the vehicle With a door that was closing from right To left there was also an Asphalt road section on the inner bottom Section of the vehicle And then she described what she stated Were 12 Inch by 12 inch square highly polished Mirrors On the bottom of it i want to point out That she also Saw inside this craft and she termed What she saw was naval bulkheads like a Shipyard She also identified rivets holding this Particular craft together Uh this came from the newspaper clipping I’ve got the actual Newspaper report here story behind this Case Gentleman was driving to work in the Morning he saw two bright lights Uh near his location he actually Followed these Lights around the bend and then before He know it he saw what he Termed to be an elliptical uh ufo With a notch cut out of the back it was About 65 feet across It had two powerful beaming spotlights In the front But then on the bottom of this craft

That he could see Outside his window he saw these Silencers tubes pipes and cylinders like A midas muffler plant On the bottom surface of this vehicle And this craft slowly Passed his location so now we’ve got 13 Cases Of this under structure understructure Indicative of a man-made technology This is a case where our gentleman was Driving to work in the morning he was on A motorcycle And all of a sudden his motorcycle Stopped dead had no idea why Next thing he knew he was bathed in a White light He looked up and saw a square Hovering above his location and there Were these brilliantly lit White light shining down on him and he Was looking at the bottom of a structure That had Tubes pipes and cylinders on the bottom And as this thing passed by he Immediately identified that he wasn’t Looking at just the bottom square But he was looking at in point effect The bottom of a pyramid He ended up walking his motorcycle three Miles all the way back home And when investigators got to him later And interviewed him about two weeks Later

One investigator had a metal lighter That he pulled out of his pocket and as Soon as he pulled that lighter out of His pocket It leaped out of his hand and went right To the gas tank of his motorcycle The entire motorcycle had become Magnetized So this is just another ce2 case Because not only was it a visual but it Had a a Physical aspect as well so we’re no Longer talking about just a ce1 case Where you can get the reference for this Is aviation week space technology Jane’s defense weekly you can go to a Reference library like asu where they Have government publications And you can read about these programs For yourself like B2 f117 a12 avenger 2 that is available To the Public it’s declassified at one time These were deep black programs That were still within that Unacknowledged special access program World within skunk works within boeing Phantomworks Within the northrop black widow group at One time they were super secret black Now they’re declassified but i’m just Making the point there’s so many more That we don’t know about And that’s one way you can research it

By going to those University archives but as far as those Uh the telltale signs Of the us versus them i mean obviously If you’re Looking at rivets if you’re looking at Cross beam Girder construction if you’re looking at Composite Panels using quasi crystals using Electrochromic panels Where they have the technology now and This is a technology That’s decades old now Where they can take an image of Something that’s in front or On the top surface of the aircraft and They can electrically transfer that Image on the bottom of the aircraft Essentially causing it to blend in with The background making it completely Invisible Now we’re talking about daytime stealth Technology They don’t have to do this in night time Anymore they can have a craft flying Directly overhead Totally silent and you would never even Know it because it’s blending in With the background they’ve got the Technology We’re going to consider mr ben rich

Who’s the head of lockheed skunk works Between 1975 to 1991. ben passed away in 1995. He was a good friend of jim goodall Who is a black aircraft researcher and Just Prior to ben’s passing Jim goodall wrote a letter to ben rich Asking if he would be interested in Doing a non-holds barred interview Would ben would just lay everything out That he had been Working on at the skunk works this Meeting was agreed upon By ben rich he actually agreed to do This interview Unfortunately ben rich passed away Before jim could actually interview ben Rich on tape However jim was successful in getting in One last telephone Call into mr ben rich at the hospital And ben rich told jim goodall over the Phone Uh jim we have things in the nevada Desert that are 50 years beyond what you could Comprehend if you’ve seen it on star Wars or star trek we’ve been there done That or decided it wasn’t worth the Effort That’s a direct quote from ben rich so We have that From the head of lockheed skunk works

Talking about programs That are 50 years beyond what we could Even comprehend Coming from him that’s a significant Statement now do we have anything to Back this up We actually do this is uh the skunk Works Management style by ben rich this is a I double a technical paper published September 7 1988 and in this document It makes a very interesting statement From ben rich And he says here quote i wish i could Tell you About the projects we are currently Working on they are both Fascinating and fantastic they call for Technologies Once only dreamed of by science fiction Writers So talking about technologies that are Fascinating fantastic And things that only science fiction Writers could dream of So there’s absolutely no telling What the skunk works could actually do What they’re capable of Ben also stated that anything you can Imagine the skunk works can do I mean they can do it they have Absolutely made the breakthrough Uh we now have the technology to take et

Home this is borne out by the technology This is borne out by the black budget By the 80 percent of programs that the Skunk works Is designing and working on is Completely black At this time so there’s no telling just How far Lockheed and all the other defense Contractors Have taken this technology they could Absolutely take it Beyond the moon and probably Interstellar at this point Are we interacting with alien beans is There a liaison That is the 64 million dollar question Have we had these crash retrievals um I for me personally i take a more Conservative route I only like to stay with the nuts and Bolts that we can pin down The evidence is clear that a lot of These Craft built with our tax dollars They mimic the farm fit and function of What are termed as Extraterrestrial ufos to me i just think That 95 of what is being reported as Extraterrestrial ufos Are important to affect our own deep Black programs Built by man-made technologies within

The skunk works within the phantomworks If there is a sighting of one of our Black aircraft Be it on purpose or accidentally in many Cases the next day You’ll read about that sighting in the Tabloid checkout counter Right and that is used as a diversionary Tactic To keep people like you and i from Looking into those aircraft That’s the tech if they they’ve used for Over 50 years Why would they stop using it now so That’s what we’re up against We are up against the best of the best The guys who control this technology The defense contractors the intelligence Community The people at the pentagon in the Procurement office that are in bed with The defense contractors These guys are good they’ll stop at Nothing to muddy the waters that’s what We’re up against False flags are as old as War itself um we have to figure out A new enemy to fight to justify Spending billions of dollars for Additional weapons of mass destruction We’ve got to do it now that saddam is Gone now that Uh gaddafi is gone now that bin laden is

Gone We need a new enemy we need a new Reason to justify billions of dollars in Defense contracts So they’ll invent something called Nations of a concern like carol talks About Where it’s a multi-headed hydra and There’s not one central place They’re all over they’re global so this Is like an ongoing war That could never be fought and never be Won This is great for defense contractors Because they just keep on building more Cruise missiles it’s a multi-billion Dollar bonanza But the ultimate and dr greer talks About this And there’s a lot of reference works Indicating that we could be heading in This direction now The ultimate ace in the whole card Because when we talk about these black Budget programs In the intelligence community they use Three terms They’re called ace and the hold Technologies they’re called Trump card technology and they’re called Silver bullet technologies The best way to increase defense Spending might be to create a false flag Alien invasion using these craft that

Look just like Alien craft alien extraterrestrial ufos To fool the public in into thinking We’re being invaded To justify spending billions on more Additional arms this could be the Ultimate arms bonanza and we could be Very close to such a scenario right now In the mid 1990s lockheed merged with Martin marietta to become lockheed Martin And i always thought it was interesting That of all the defense contractors that Lockheed could have merged with They chose martin company which was the Company that spearheaded the gravity Research In the mid 1950s this is referenced by Nick cook’s book hunt for zero point Where he drills down Really deep on martin they’re the Company that spearheaded the gravity Research So when you put the power of the Lockheed skunk works And you add that together with the Original gravity research by martin You’ve got A a superstar team and so it’s no wonder That lockheed merged with that Particular company Above all others and according to ben Rich Anything you can imagine the skunk works

Can do we’ve got the technology Let’s talk a little bit about how they Keep the secrets I’ll give you an example the have blue Program First flew at groom lake area 51 in 1977 That program led to the f-117a stealth Fighter program That particular project was not Acknowledged to the public Until november the 10th of 1988 so they Had successfully kept That stealth program hidden for over an Entire decade before American public had any specific details On that project So when they want to when they really Want to They can keep a secret one way they can Keep this secret Is by compartmentaling Compartmentalizing the information Uh you have a contractor that builds a Landing gear You have another contractor on an in Another state Who builds a flat for a wing section You have another contractor that builds A very specialized cd junction system But these guys don’t get together so no One person From those contractors knows the whole Story that’s how they’re able to keep The secret

By compartmentalizing the information Talking about the russian space shuttle If the russians do Anything well they are very good at Copying American technology they did that with The world war ii b-29 They made an exact replica of ours that Looks just like our b-29 they did the Same thing with the shuttle That flew in the 1980s although it did Not fly Manned it would it did one flight that Was unmen And i don’t think it ever flew again That was called the boron it’s sitting In a warehouse somewhere in russia at This time Just derelict and falling apart so they Can Duplicate a lot of our technology When you talk about these super secret Unacknowledged special access programs By far The united states is well into the lead Of this There is no other country on earth that Puts as much Research and development and funding Into these projects Like the us military defense department Establishment in fact we pour so many Black budget funding into these projects We spend more than the fiscal

Year funding for entire countries We’re way beyond the gross national Product of Other countries so yes we are the leader There’s no question During uh and after world war ii there Were multiple b-29 flights Over the antarctic region and they had All the cameras rolling Where these saucer-shaped craft would Come up from these Ice sections and even emerge from the Water And follow our b-29s with all the Cameras and instruments rolling All that was put on film and sent to Some large warehouse that we’ve never Seen so If we wanted proof that at least some Ufos are real The proof is there they’ve got it They’ve got in the form of Motion picture high resolution camera Footage But that footage has never been shared With the american public I would say that what gary allegedly Stated he saw Would be credible because if it wasn’t Credible Why would the united states government Be interested in Extraditing him to america over a

10-year period i mean it Destroyed this guy mentally so you have To give Gary credit for that he also talked About at least Two craft that he discovered during his Search He talked about the uss roscoe Hill encoder and he talked about the uss Curtis lemay so that would stand for United states spaceship and off planet Type secret space program curtis lemay Was Very well into u.s air force operations They called him uh bombs away lemay He was instrumental in forming the b-52 So it Stands to reason that out of a respect For curtis lemay they would have named Something after him we don’t have a u.s Aircraft carrier called the curtis lemay So that may be what gary saw with the Uss curtis lemay I actually believe his story All i would reference would be that uh Mexican newspaper report that talked About How uh admiral byrd said that if we had To We were in our next where we’d have to Fight an enemy that could travel from Pole to pole at an Incredible speed i believe that’s an Honest

Accurate quote and i believe that Admiral byrd did run into some type of Craft out there what it was i don’t know Was it part of this nazi breakaway group Difficult to prove but we’ve got to go Back to those b-29 Encounters and those motion picture film Reels where there’s no Question they did record saucer-shaped Craft following our b-29s So there’s something to that story that Comes from wendell stevens who actually Uh on a handcuffed linkage Chained to a briefcase he carried that Film to an Air force courier and that courier went To somewhere like andrews air force base And this went on For many times we’ve got also our References that talk about How these b-29s with all their cameras Rolling Captured this footage uh so the the real Reference to this Is uh uh the late wendell stevens who Talked about this and It’s it’s well known this did take place This did take place That represents some of the most Bombshell Evidence that would ever be released if They did release it Those b29 flights and that gun camera

Footage Uh they had electromagnetic instruments On board That recorded all of this and there were Multiple flights If there was any question about physical Evidence Used to make the case for this it would Be those film reels That could do it that could do it Uh it’s just my personal assessment that Before we can disclose The alleged extraterrestrial reality to This phenomenon We have to disclose the man-made part of It first i mean Doesn’t that make sense that we should Take and disclose and release the Terrestrial end Before we can jump on something that’s Even more exotic than that So it’s my job to track to identify To disclose the to the best of my Ability the man-made Nuts and bolts military aerospace Defense contractor end of this Because these vehicles can be mistaken Many times For something that we think might be an Extraterrestrial vehicle and the only Way that I know of to do that is to interview the Lockheed skunk works engineers Interview the test pilots drill down on

The university archives get into the Aviation week articles And track the historical lab research And the legacy of the gravity research And how that started in the mid 1950s And has gone all the way to today and Looking at the funding Looking at all the defense contractors Points you into the direction Of multiple defense contractors Building these saucer triangular and Boomerang shape craft That look just like extraterrestrial Ufos but our own man-made vehicles And and that’s what i’ve endeavored to Do It could potentially be a beautiful Future it will be a non-polluting future It’ll be a future with beautiful rivers Lakes and oceans and it’ll be a future Where we go exo interplanetary We’re not going to be just confined to Earth we’re going to go to The planets we’re going to go to the Outer solar system We’re going to go beyond and make this Interstellar And we’re going to populate other Planets around other solar systems No question about it we have to do it We’re going to do it Phoenix lights that’s march 13th 1997 Seen by thousands of people in the Phoenix area

Certainly got right into this phoenix Sky harbor Airspace but i want to point out that The sighting actually started In nevada at around 7 55 p.m Made its way all the way down to tucson Later that evening now how do flares go From Nevada all the way down to tucson Flares only describe part of the phoenix Lights now this was a thursday night March 13 1997. i have an illustration Here That was done by a good friend of mine Tom bogan he’s got to get The credit for this and ladies and Gentlemen this is the most Detailed minute by minute Illustrative timestamp Illustration that you ever see of the Phoenix lights craft there is no one Who’s done a better job than tom bogan As you can see here it started up at 8 15 Over here in paulden nevada worked its Way down 8 30 At sunset point came over here 8 45 Continuing to move south over here by The south mountain Nine o’clock and it actually finished up Here 9 30 p.m in tucson You can see the flares in this location So bottom line is Flares do not explain the entire

Sighting of the phoenix lights march 13th 1997. now We also have another document to Consider as well And that comes in the form of this Document right here this Is the air force 2025 report And this is a wish list of what the u.s Air force would see They would like to see this implemented By the year 2025 And as you go through this document they Have all these different configurations Different technologies they’d like to See but i want to bring your attention To this Particular technology right here It isn’t talked about too much but it is Section 5 decimal 6 airborne holographic Projector and i’ll just read the The narrative here it says the Holographic projector Displays a three-dimensional visual Image in a desired location Removed from the display generator The projector can be used for Psychological operations And strategic perception management it Is also useful for Optical deception and cloaking providing A momentary distraction When engaging in unsophisticated Adversary

So is this a possible rosetta stone For the phoenix lights craft talking About an airborne Holographic projector something that Could be projected from another aircraft Flying the vicinity This is something that we need to Consider on the phoenix lights craft and I say that because Many of the eyewitnesses who saw that Vehicle On march 13 1997 hover directly over the Location Stated that the craft had fuzzy edges They weren’t sharp that might be Indicative Of a holographic image projection Technology Which is borne out by the 2025 report This is the configuration that was seen By tim lee over his house It flied so it was such a low type Flyover that he said he could hit it With a baseball that’s how low it was National geographic channel came back Later interviewed him They actually did a laser target Designator Gps measurement they came down within Plus or minus 10 feet this thing was 1500 feet across That’s how big this this was And that could be a holographic Projection

That’s one thing that we need to Consider Okay so let’s look at this really Quickly when we talk about the Military industrial complex the Aerospace End of the military industrial complex We’re talking about something called Aerospace alley That is from san diego all the way up Toward the los angeles basin Heading northeast on the 14 to lancaster Palmdale Going to the mojave edwards air force Base That’s the corridor that we’re talking About now What is the heart of that aerospace Complex It is air force plant 42 which I’ve got a map here showing you the Direction and how to get there Um take 14 north this will take you to Lancaster palmdale this is Air force plant 42. this ladies and Gentlemen is where the Action takes place at this location Over the years mcdonnell douglas has had A laboratory here Lockheed absolutely has a uh facility Here Rockwell has a facility here where they Built the space shuttle Northrup has a facility boeing has a

Facility But for this particular discussion We want to focus in on the lockheed Plant And that’s this detailed layout right Here This is plant 10 the lockheed skunk Works And it’s been stated that 80 percent of What the skunk works does Is completely classified so it’s not Known To the general public what they do but That takes place In this building complex right here Building 601 is one of the primary Facilities where Sub-assemblies of these aircraft are put Together so This is just a brief overview air force Plant 42 Lockheed skunk works plant 10 is within That section This is where the action takes place A12 avenger 2 as we mentioned before This is a mcdonnell douglas general Dynamics program It was cancelled by dick cheney 1991 at The cost of 5 billion To taxpayers there’s absolutely nothing Left of the a12 program despite all that Money It’s all gone it’s like a total waste And this is just kind of a poster child

For how these programs when they’re Basically they tried to make this a Fixed uh price contract but it just The cost overruns went out of control They eventually canceled the program What about the programs we don’t know About a12 is just an example of one that We do what about the programs that we Don’t know about That got shoved um under the carpeting We could be talking about Billions of dollars that have been Wasted that could have actually Helped american citizens in the economy It could have improved the education It could have retrofitted our Infrastructure something to consider but Again A12 avenger 2 5 billion dollars down the Drain I want to make a special mention of the Tr3b This is the ubiquitous tr-3b flying Triangle The reference for this is edgar fouche Who i unfortunately i must announce that He passed away But he has to get the credit for Breaching the subject of the tr-3b it Was unknown Prior to him coming out in 1998 Where he discussed this but basically What he described Is something that he saw at groom lake

Back in 1979 Parked on the tarmac near an avionics Lab When he was going onto a bus he stated That he actually Saw this vehicle parked at area 51 He described there being two different Sizes one being three hundred feet per Side The other one was six hundred feet per Side uh Had had multiple different missions it Could be used as a troop transport Cargo transport um it also had what he Termed at least two nuclear reactors Which served as the power source for Something called the magnetic Field disruptor and what they would do Is they would take a Pressurized liquid mercury that was Rotated at 50 000 Rpm and pressurized to 250 000 Atmospheres and when you do that It has the capability of altering Or warping the localized gravity field Thereby reducing the g Forces by 89 so when you see these craft These triangle craft making these 90 Degree right angle turns stopping on a Dime reversing direction Making these 40 g turns with this Technology They have the technology they can do it According to edgar fouche

He saw it in 1979 so that may explain A lot of the ufo sightings that we’ve Seen of these big black Delta flying triangles that have been Seen All around the world since at least 1974 1975 time frame So i just want to give credit to edgar Fouche who is the first one to breach The subject All right how do we track the funding How do we track the funding this was a Watershed article Detroit free press secret ledger Hides military projects pentagon black Budget has tripled under the reagan Administration So how do we track the black budget what Can we As a taxpayer do to see Where our money is being hidden well You as a taxpayer can walk right into The library of congress You can go up to the reference librarian And you can request Something called rdt e programs r1 That stands for research development Test and evaluation programs r1 Department of defense and you can go Through this Rather boring and wordy document here And on the left hand side you see the Program element number and then the item Description

And the funding how much they poured Into that program So the bottom line is you take the total Amount And you subtract the knowns and what You’re left with Are the unknowns or the black budget Programs That’s how you can track these projects Now they don’t give you specific details Of what the project is but you as a Taxpayer can walk Right into the library of congress you Can request this document and they’ll Give it to you and that’s one way That you can figure out where your tax Dollars are disappearing to over the Last 40 years Every january this is handed to congress This is the unclassified version They get a classified version we as Taxpayers We get an unclassified version Let’s go back to the uh i’ve got the the Breakdown on this I’ve got the blow up chart on this but In this particular case you can see this Is the Federal spending by category and they Break it down to each department So on the left hand side you see that During the beginning of the reagan Administration in 1981 The black budget increased by just over

Half a billion dollars By 1988 it increased by 9.122 billion Dollars Here’s federal spending by category the Pentagon’s black budget was 35 billion Dollars for fiscal year 1988 Transportation was 28 billion dollars Education was 25 billion dollars so We’re spending more On classified black budgets funding Programs Than we are for education total Procurement funding For the air force for fiscal year 1988 Was 51.1 billion Of which 19.1 billion Were black budget programs for fiscal Year 1988 and it has just gone up from That point forward It has just exponentially grown from the End of the reagan administration we’re Talking about Billions of dollars being filtered into These black programs Now we need to talk about one program in Specific That is close to my heart because this Is A tremendous amount of research has gone This is basically a world exclusive here We’re talking about a program that had Its beginnings Basically immediately after the Challenger explosion january 28

1986 where we lost these seven Challenger astronauts With christa mcauliffe who was the Teacher Um at that point the air force Lost what they termed their assured Access to space Because as we know the shuttle program Is in point of fact Not a civilian operation but is in point Of fact a military application Because at least 70 percent of payloads Within the shuttle Are classified dod satellites things That are operated by the national Reconnaissance office like High resolution monitoring satellites Keyhole satellites That’s the kind of things that were Launched within the shuttle now When the shuttle exploded when change Challenger exploded january 28 1986 They lost their assured access to space And they started Launching these satellites on titan Boosters But something weird happened Concurrently with the challenger Explosion There were multiple titan booster Explosions As well so the air force the dod They were totally out of business and so A desperate cry

Went to the defense contractors Including lockheed Bowling mcdonnell douglas and rockwell And they basically stated we need you to Design for us A rapid response to stage to orbit space Plane That they can build quickly very quickly Something that could go into a low earth Orbit that could Launch depleted uranium rods from god or Also launch a very high resolution Spy satellite a very small High-resolution spy satellite and what They Ended up building was a two-stage to Orbit space plane and what you’re Looking at here Is an event that took place at holloman Air force base where a modified c5 Galaxy with what they call Chipmunk cheek extensions was seen being Unloaded from a c5 galaxy There was a tarp on the parasitic Aircraft That had four linear aerospike engines On the back Side of the vehicle with this grid or Vent part on the aft section of the Nozzle of the linear aerospike engines Here is the detailed drawing Of what was termed speedy part of the Black star program

It was called the xov or experimental Orbital vehicle It came in two sizes there was a 60 to 65 foot version And also a 95 foot version it has Four linear aerospike engines that are Grouped in two banks on the outside of The vehicle Uh the bottom surface here was Completely composed of space shuttle Tiles So just think of these black space Shuttle tiles on the bottom of the Vehicle It also had these channels that were Kind of milled into the bottom of the Craft To direct air flow and to increase the Strength of the vehicle This is the section here where the cube A was That launched these satellites and then I also want to mention that The nose gear had what we believe Four standard bogeys for the nose gear And then it had a skid for the main gear And then outrigger pogos for kind of a Supporting structure On the outrigger section of the landing Gear so that’s the Speedy xov now the mothership That actually launches that aircraft is This aircraft right here this is the What’s termed the elegant lady

Or black star space plane mother ship it Looks very much like the vintage 1960s Xb70 but the primary difference being That the vertical stabilizers On the xb70 have now been moved out to The Wing tips as winglets and then it has a Forward and aft retracting canard with Winglets on there Here’s a bottom view here so this is Section a a if you go to section a A you can see the relief section of the Bottom Of the xb70 mothership has A section which is allowing the Parasitic aircraft to fit up inside so Basically picture an ice cream scooper Taking out the bottom of the xb70 Vehicle Allowing for this parasitic aircraft to Fit Conformally on the bottom of this craft And that is air dropped When they’re basically getting their Operation going and so this is the black Star Two stage to orbit space plane Transportation system Bill scott has to get credit for doing The leg work And actually breaking this story in Aviation week space Technology so this this is just a brief Overview of the black star program

So what we’ve got here is kind of a A brief overview a collage of aircraft That i mentioned Have been tested designed and built Within the military industrial complex That’s the reagan years between 1981 to 1989 A tremendous amount of black aircraft Research Was done in the black world within that Time frame that’s extremely important to Keep in mind because That’s when these things really started Getting funding We can start here on the left hand side And we’ll work our way down here But before we begin our story actually Begins in 1974 With a darpa funded program called Harvey This is project harvey was a a Procurement Program by the defense advanced research Project agency To design build and test fly a low Observable stealth aircraft That could sneak in under the radar Screen of enemy radar And basically hit their target and come In And return safely now that was something Very difficult to do Back in 1974 because this is an emerging

Technologies Okay what i’ve done is i’ve built a Scale model here um They eventually identified two aerospace Contractors This is northrop and lockheed for this Project harvey competition uh Lockheed eventually won the program with Their have blue design Which eventually came into the existence Of the f-117a stealth fighter But northrop’s version which is a lot Less known Was a program called project xst Experimental survivable testbed And although they didn’t make it to into Production they did build A basically a one-to-one scale radar Cross-section model this is a replica of That model And you can see it’s got this diamond Configuration it’s got the faceted flat Plates just like on the f-117a and then It’s got these twin Inward canon vertical stabilizers it Also has a air intake On top of the fuselage of the aircraft Although lockheed’s have blue featured a Air intake on either side of the pilot’s Compartment so the concept being If you have an enemy radar that strikes This aircraft In a in a regular standard tier one Type aircraft the radar return would go

Directly back to the origin point that’s Exactly what you don’t want to happen in This design You’ve got faceted flat plates that are At an angle So when the radar is transmitted toward The aircraft It bounces and reflects away from the Origin point So it doesn’t show up as an echo on the Radar from the enemy and that’s what you Want in a stealth aircraft Anytime you deal with government Spending the first Rule in government spending is why build One when you can build two at twice the Price so i went ahead and built a A 2x size version of the northrop xst Exact same configuration but just twice As large Here you can see the overhead air intake The faceted flat plate technology The diamond configuration for the wing Platform and the twin Inward canon vertical stabilizer Neutral and non-biased that’s our job That’s our mandate So we have to eliminate every Terrestrial explanation Before saying that something is possibly Extraterrestrial and that’s what i’ve Tried to do With this research you know tracking the Test pilots tracking the

Engineers tracking their procurement Funding the black world what they’ve Been doing in the black world the past 50 years That’s my that’s my goal We are now going to move on to the Hudson valley boomerang that’s between 1982 And 1989 where 25 000 Eyewitnesses saw a gigantic Boomerang v-shaped aircraft hover over The taconic state parkway over populated Areas Over freeways over reservoirs ponds Lakes and rivers we’re talking about Probably The most significant ufo sighting in Ufology Period just on numbers alone the hudson Valley wave Represents a gigantic ufo sighting now We’ll start here at this beginning part Here What people are reporting is something That is as large as a football field A massive boomerang v-shaped craft That had what the eyewitnesses term Quote tubes pipes and cylinders on the Bottom of the vehicle Many of the eyewitnesses also reported That on the bottom of the craft when This thing was hovering over the taconic State parkway

They saw what looked like transparent Panels Where you could look up inside the craft Revealing what they termed A cross beam and girder construction Like a truss bridge So that’s very interesting bottom Structure also people were who were Under this craft And actually saw this vehicle stated That when it had these flashing lights The lights would flash in sequence They weren’t haphazard but they went off Where the reds would go off then the Blues would go off and the greens would Go off then the whites would go off then The yellows would go off And this would go up and down the wings So it was a An intent for the light pattern there Was a sequence for the light pattern Here you can see an enlargement of the Cross beam and girder construction And this is the different configurations Of the lighting pattern but bottom line Is We’re talking about 25 000 eyewitnesses Over an approximate 10-year period who Saw this Massive silent craft now i’ve built a Model here This particular craft was seen in 1983 By a woman named monico driscoll Near kent new york her daughter also

Named monique was with her as well This particular craft passed directly Over her vehicle She was looking outside the windshield As this thing passed over And it parked itself over a frozen lake So there was ice on the bottom this Thing did a 180 degree flat turn And had all these flashing lights on the Bottom That she could see reflecting on the ice Below So we’re not talking about ultralights Here we’re not talking about planes Flying in formation now one way we know That Is because according to the faa Regulations Ultralights are prohibited from flying a Half an hour After sunset many of the hudson valley Boomerang sightings Were 9 30 10 30 p.m or later so we can Rule out ultra lights But the point i want to make is when These craft Made a turn they did not bank like a b2 Stealth bomber They did this absolute flat 180 degree Turn Where all the lights remain equidistant As this thing turned now i’m going to Move on to the another one here Particularly what was seen over the

Taconic state parkway On march the 24th 1983 now keep in mind That’s Exactly 24 hours after Ronald reagan gave his address to the Nation Pitching the sdi our star wars program So i’m asking the question Is there a tie-in between star wars Sdi and what was seen exactly 24 hours Later On a thursday night we could be looking At a tie-in here Here you can see the multi-colored Lights you can see the composite panels And what i want to stress is the fact That when this Aircraft turned it was parking itself Over the teconic state parkway And i’ve got a map here showing you how On the march 24th 1983 It was heading north from millwood all The way up to Yorktown heights and it was zigzagging As it was going up to county state Parkway now keep in mind This is absolutely dead silent at Treetop level we’re not talking about Planes flying in formation here this Thing was Bold it was arrogant it was brazen It didn’t care who saw it was going to Go where it wanted When it wanted so it was a very arrogant

Type flight path Now the point i want to make is when it Parked itself over the teconic state Parkway and you can see the bottom view Here When it turned it made this flat turn 180 degrees with absolutely no bank Angle You just can’t get that with standard Aerodynamics You’re not going to get that with planes Flying in formation so we can rule out The plane theory Okay so we’ll start up here on the left Hand corner This is a scale model built by tony Gonzalez who’s Unfortunately no longer with us but he’s The one Who first proposed the possible tie-in Between the original stealth bomber Configuration And the redesign after 1983. here you Can see The original configuration of the b2 Stealth bomber with a single Triangle trailing edge and then after 1983 at the cost of one billion dollars Per taxpayer To the taxpayers they redesigned the Wing to the familiar double W or sawtooth trailing edge that we see Today Now this pre-1983 design is

Exactly repeat exactly what The hudson valley boomerang eyewitnesses Are reporting A boomerang shape with a triangle Trailing edge Exactly what they’re reporting he’s even Got the composite panels Where you can see up inside the aircraft So this is tony gonzalez model here Again this is the tubes pipes and Cylinders a lot of the eyewitness stated That this craft Looked like an inverted midas muffler Shop with all these pipes All these cylinders the same tubes pipes And cylinders Were seen on the bottom of the belgium Triangle in 1989-1990 The same tubes pipes and cylinders were Also identified On the january 5th 2000s southern Illinois triangle case which we’ll Examine as well Kent new york february 26 1983 That’s the one with monique o’driscoll Who saw this parked over a frozen pond It made newspapers all around the world In 1984 they had a conference with over A thousand people in attendance Abc news was there cbs news was there Nbc news was there multiple eyewitnesses Were Interviewed questions fly over putnam Hundreds claim to have seen ufo local

Ufos called historical and interesting Absolutely they are historical and Interesting multiple sightings in new York Now on july 24th 1984 An absolutely massively significant Sighting took place Over the indian point nuclear power Plant this is july 24th 1984 and this is in buchanan new york And on that night right around 9 30 10 30 time frame A massive 900 foot long Boomerang triangular aircraft parked Itself over reactor 3 At the indian point nuclear power plant For approximately 20 minutes with 12 Security guards Who had shotguns pointed at this thing With their miles Wide open were absolutely shocked by What they saw now We have it on very good authority from One of the security guards That was present at this event that one Security guard Who was in one of these adjacent Buildings was recording All this on videotape and he said that Quote this craft was so large He had to pan the camera 180 degrees to Get the whole thing in frame that’s how Big this thing crap was So at the very least there is a

Videotape Of this in existence but we don’t have It it was confiscated later This is a couple of illustrations of What this craft looked like on the Bottom This is over the taconic state parkway On the lower section here Now many eyewitnesses reported seeing That this craft Had a very powerful spotlight that was Shining down On the cars below this is march 24th 1983 so again We’re not talking about ultralights in Formation Again you see the multi-colored lights In this location here And the tubes pipes and cylinders with a Very mechanical understructure We’ll consider a couple of the uh Different newspaper clippings here Valley ufo sighting spark interest lower Hudson ufo this also took place Near the danbury connecticut area here So we’ve got a multi-state sighting Within the hudson valley boomerang ufo Or b2 That was done by tony gonzalez who Traveled around that three-state region Giving Lectures on his proposal and the Possibility of the connection between The hudson valley boomerang

Original pre-1983 design and what was Procured under sdi funding This is the original configuration here And then moving on to the After or post 1983 connection So just to sum up on the hudson valley Boomerang At the very least we’re talking about 25 000 eyewitnesses An entire cross section of society test Pilots Engineers lawyers doctors air traffic Controllers All credible witnesses describing an Incredible Massive boomerang-shaped craft that Hovers silently Has multi-colored flashing lights and Can make this 180 degree flat turn Which may be something funded under the Sdi program And no discussion about classified Aircraft would be complete Without talking about the triangles Black triangles have been seen All around the world the modern day Sightings of Triangles repeat modern day sightings Basically got kicked off around 1974 but What we want to focus in on Is this group of sightings right here 1989 1990 the absolute pinnacle of those Sightings

Is the belgium triangle wave 1989-1990 Where upwards of 10 000 people reported A gigantic Triangular-shaped aircraft that they Stated was about two times the size of a Football field In some cases as large as an aircraft Carrier Talking about a massive craft that had The same flight characteristics of the Hudson valley boomerang It was a very silent configuration It had a white light at each of the Corner that you can see In this uh sun newspaper article july 23 1991 and then one red or amber light In the middle section of the triangle But they also had Tubes pipes and cylinders on the bottom Of the aircraft Many of the eyewitnesses reported an Electrical humming noise Like kind of a machine operating in the Background Also eyewitnesses indicated that they Heard what they termed A sound like a sewing machine too that Was also heard in the hudson valley Boomerang People who were just adjacent to this Particular aircraft Said that they could see what looked Like windows on the side of the craft And this craft had the capability of

Basically dropping stead uh totally Steady into a hover And then going from horizon to horizon And back again in less than one second So we’re not talking about standard Aerodynamics here This craft was confirmed on five Separate radars Which is the two f-16s that were Scrambled which you can see here this is 1990 on march 30th when two f-16s were Scrambled And then three ground-based radars also Confirm a hard target So when you’ve got three ground based And two airbase Targets confirmed on radar you’ve got Something real here we’re not talking About something Fictitious now moving over here you can See different configurations of the Triangle I’ve included a very detailed drawing Of something that was seen in madison Wisconsin on november 22nd 1985. A very interesting triangular Configuration That had these tubes pipes and cylinders Crisscrossing on the bottom of the Aircraft and i’ll just read very quickly What the eyewitness stated here it says Quote the underside of the craft Resembled the back of a refrigerator Like a collection of condensation pipes

That ran back and forth now we need to Ask ourselves is this Something that you would expect to see On an alien spacecraft in fact i built a Model of this craft And you can see this is what the bottom Of this particular vehicle looked like With all these pipes running back and Forth Again this very mechanical Understructure was also seen On the hudson valley boomerang between 1983 82 time period all the way up to 1989. This is the case for november 22 1985 so The sightings Have absolutely continued now we’re Going to consider this particular case This was seen by a group of four Individuals Around 9 30 p.m this is monks kirby England and this is 1999 March the 31st when they were returning From a Dinner outing what they actually saw Were red lights on the left side of the Road Off on a 25 degree angle there were four Red lights As thy got closer they noticed that These red lights were connected to what Looked like a diamond configuration and What you see here When you have a nose down configuration

You’ll actually see this smaller Light here and they did identify that as They got Closer to this vehicle they saw that These lights were connected to some type Of a craft As they further got close to this craft Which was not too far Off the surface of the ground this Particular vehicle made a very Interesting maneuver it looked like it Was Under water that’s the testimony by Colin saunders who’s the primary Eyewitness this thing did a 90 degree rotation but it did it As it was looking like it was under Water it was a very smooth rotation And the pivot point was the back of the Craft itself it wasn’t the center Axis of the vehicle but it rotated from The bottom and came up he also Identified on the top surface kind of Like a Liquid mercury shimmering effect that Was on the top surface and bottom Surface of this vehicle It also was composed of these box-like Rays structures That in his opinion were kind of a Docking mechanism To a much larger wing-shaped craft that Flew Not too long after this was cited so

Again this is the colin saunders flying Triangle Monks kirby england march 31st 1999. This was seen by one particular Gentleman who was coming back from a Music concert This is barnsley england august 25th 1990. Uh as he was exiting this concert there Was a lot of Cars in his way so it took him a while To get going but as he was driving home He looked out his window and he saw Emerging from this dark misty cloud A massive triangular shaped aircraft That was approximately 200 feet per side It had windows on the side of the Vehicle but then on the bottom of the Craft He saw what looked like cross beam and Girder construction which is the same Structure that we heard about On the hudson valley boomerang there was One light On the corner of the vehicle identical To the belgium triangle wave And then another white light here in the Center but he said that When he was seeing this craft he saw What looked like Human beings test pilots looking back at Him And he said that there was nothing about These pilots

Or or humans looking at him through These windows That gave him the impression that it was Anything other Than just human pilots reinforcing his Belief that this was a military project So this is another one of these Mechanical under structures that we’ve Seen i’ve gotten At least 12 separate cases of this very Interesting Mechanical structure on the bottom of The vehicle this was Seen by maureen davis this is november 1985 in yorktown heights new york right At the height of the hudson valley Boomerang Wave she was waiting in a bus stop for Her husband And she witnessed a massive 75 degree isosceles black flying Triangle Hovering not too far from her location a Massive craft And when she was interviewed by linda Zimmerman who’s a very good researcher On the hudson valley wave she was stated That This particular craft was not as big as A football field It was as big as a football stadium That’s how Large this craft was now what’s Interesting about her sighting is

She got under this vehicle and was able To look up Inside the craft itself she said that There was a Opening that just sort of appeared and Then a red orb Came up and went inside that opening and She Saw what looked like terrorist apartment Complexes With multiple lights connected to each Floor And so this was her sighting this is September on november of 1985 At the height of the hudson valley Boomerang wave now we’re going to move On to january 5th 2000 Which is the southern illinois triangle Case this was seen by at least Three police officers in multiple Counties Lebanon was seen in summerfield it was Seen in shiloh Millstop dupo this is about 25 miles East of uh st louis and what they Observed Were at least three different triangular Configurations And one particular craft that looked Like a sting A single story ranch with a penthouse on Top Primary eyewitness was a miniature golf Course owner

And truck driver by the name of melvin Knowl and he saw this About a quarter mile away from his Location And this craft was just silently flying By he said that this thing had multiple Lighted colored windows on the side of The craft and then a Lighted penthouse on top flying silently Near his location he said that this Particular craft Was about a football field in size other Eyewitnesses who include the police Officers stated That the bottom of the acute triangle Craft had a very mechanical under Structure but he said in this case it Looked like Stacked legos with tubes sticking down And these craft Also made these very interesting Maneuvers where they were just Hovering silently and then they shot Away like a spark off a grinding wheel And left no sonic boom So again we’re talking about an exotic Type propulsion system This is a actual scale model that was Done by a firefighter Who actually saw this vehicle as well so We’ve got multiple Eyewitnesses to this triangular And box like rectangular craft this is January 5th

2000 for that particular case now we’ll Also consider This particular case this is the flying Truss bridge I got this from the qfos archives this Is March 5th 2003 it had been buried in the Kyofos archives for years may have never Seen the light of day If i wasn’t fortunate enough to uh gain Access to the qfos archives and pull it Out But this particular individual i have His multi-page report And technical drawing he stated here That as This massive football field and length Triangle Flew over his house it rumbled the house So severely That it knocked pictures off the wall That’s how much of a frequency this Thing left but what i want to bring your Attention to Is this trust beam cross girder Construction And he stated that it looked like this Particular craft Was fastened by rivets from a bridge Like the george washington bridge or Even The golden gate bridge in san francisco And again He stated that this thing was fast and

What he stated Were these rusty rivets from a bridge so I’m I’m asking the question is this an alien Spacecraft that we’re talking about here We are looking at a man-made technology We can see that from the funding Multiple billions of dollars Have been run into these programs they Have no congressional oversight They have no public scrutiny a lot of These aircraft May in point of fact be funded under the Star wars Sdi program stemming from the 1983 Address to the nation on march 23rd and We could be looking In some of these cases of these Boomerang these triangles Of a airborne mobile over the horizon Radar system that is impervious To russian icbm attacks and that’s Something That we really need to consider that Could be one explanation For these triangles so that’s just a Brief overview of some of the flying Triangles That have been seen all around the world Stemming from at least 1974. The only thing that i would recommend to Others in this field The general public people may be Watching this is

According to the declaration of Independence by our founding forefathers It is our constitutional right it is our Constitutional Obligation to question authority so We have every right to question where Our tax dollars are disappearing We we have a right to demand an Accounting From our congressional leaders it’s In our original mandate to do so so you Shouldn’t feel embarrassed To ask about these programs it’s nothing To be ashamed of Our documents uh that you can get from The Library of congress our own documents Prove that We should have an accounting on a yearly Basis of these programs yet that’s not Done Because we only get the unclassified Version of that classified budget So a lot more of these programs should Actually see the light of day And that technology needs to be Declassified and handed into the Scientific community First i would say mr president or mrs President Uh it’s an honor to meet you i just want To inform you that as a temporary Employee of the united states You are not a hundred percent read in

And briefed On all classified programs within The boundary of unacknowledged special Access Programs that would be the first thing That you’re just not briefed And you do not have a high enough Clearance to know everything That’s going on at edwards north face Complex At the remote test site in nevada and Multiple other Installations within the intelligence Community and the military defense Contractor I would advise you to follow Where the money leads and give the American taxpayer What they paid for okay and i’d like you To declassify 10 to 20 percent of previously unknown Classified programs per that original Declaration of independence where it’s Our law It’s our mandate it is our right to Question authority And please do so at your earliest Convenience