Art Bell MITD – Open Lines – Past Lives Line

By | November 10, 2020
Art Bell MITD -  Open Lines - Past Lives Line

From the high Desert and the great american southwest I beat you good evening good morning Good afternoon wherever you may be in The world’s 25 time zones each and every One covered like a blanket by this Program Midnight in the desert I’m art bell and it is my pleasure to be Here with you Uh this night is special of course Because it’s your night No guests we hold fridays as a general Rule Open for no guests in other words it’s Your night Say what you want all right so Here’s the way it works we have rules no Bad language And one call per show now on friday Nights we also Try to include the two drink minimum No wait two drink maximum You know i watch the sites and people i Think Intentionally get that rule backwards Anyway right Convinced of it So i can make the rule but You know i just i don’t think it’s going To get followed at least that’s my Experience in previous weeks I would like to thank as always

Uh telos joe talbot For the great sound keith my webmaster Of Long time heather wade my producer and Boy does she do a good job Stream guys They get it to stream guys they get it To you sales Pete eberhardt tune in radio and of Course our own amy martin news There are a couple of items before we Open the lines to Heaven knows what today As you know we’ve been following star Kic 8462852 and guess what Folks greenback scientist The uh the scientists monitoring In west virginia have found And intelligent so there you have it Okay let’s now look at some back to Earth stuff Uh first of all um No earthly interest probably to anybody But um The other night during an interview i Swear to you all A little mouse came up not more than 18 Inches from me And stared at me right in the eye and i Looked at it We sat there and looked at each other For a little while And i was so blown away i didn’t know What to do i started to reach for my

Iphone 6 to get a picture And uh this mouse i’ve named abby normal Was gone So last night I i took the napkin that had the Bread and a copious amount of peanut Butter on it And i laid it on the floor Now i left the studio Empty with this on the floor i mean i Even i could smell the peanut butter Right I came back tonight fully expecting to See it shredded around on the floor And it hadn’t been touched not Even touched uh so what does that tell You Not even touched this means to me This mouse is not in the house this Mouse came somehow from outside To see me probably never saw a human in Its little life And left again because there is no way No way that could have been on the floor Untouched All night long so Makes it just a little weirder if you Ask me I hope frankly that abby normal comes Back One of these days for some reason All right let’s actually look at the Real news now Uh president obama has said no to the

Keystone Xl pipeline declaring it would undercut U.s efforts To clinch a global climate change deal At the center of his environmental Legacy His legacy huh so No pipeline i don’t know how i feel About that on the one hand You know we probably should build it i Think i think the president’s wrong Um internet very abrupt Turnaround after well a brief Secret ultra secret consultation with The us and London england russia on friday Suspended all passenger flights to egypt After days of resistance apparently what We told them convinced them They looked at the black boxes in the Plane And they found absolutely nothing but What they say is the sound of an Explosion So and plus isis cut a new video again Claiming Responsibility for it all so now what’s Going to happen Is russia going to begin to bomb isis as Well as the rebels trying to overthrow Assad You know have to wait and see knowing The russians though Well let’s put it this way in my opinion

Frequently when we hit back At somebody we do it by slapping their Wrist The russians have a different mentality About hitting Back so if you suddenly see You know some significant geography In the sun i’m missing soon you’ll know They reacted This is kind of an interesting story Fred dunham A former employee of eg g special Projects who worked as a security guard At area 51 just over the hill from me Here Has been successful in claiming Compensation For serious health issues which have Affected him as a result of his time There His case has now been taken up by donna Hand A workers advocate of tampa who contests The department of energy’s stance at eg G Is not listed as contractors approved For the compensation program And of course disputes that and has Documents Uh to support it so we’ll have to see What happens there In political news trump is up a little Carson down a little trying to answer Questions

About his past and that’s kind of it There’s some people who got booted out Of the uh the next Debate well booted out as an unfair Violent sounding term they weren’t Burned And booted out they they were just uh Demoted and he even um Chris christie didn’t like that word Demoted He said transferred so it’s like when They come to you in school and saying Listen i know you’re in the fifth grade But we’re transferring you to the fourth All right open lines anything you want To talk about is fair game I am going to open up as a special line Sort of in dedication To the quality of last night’s show my God it was a good show we talked about Past Lives and it really really really was Interesting What a show if you if you’re not a time Traveler All you should be you have access to all Our past Shows you can listen to them on your Iphone or your Android device or whatever You know we’ve got an rss feed and these Are good shows last night was just Over the top good we talked about past Lives

And so that prompts me tonight to Open one line at least For people who think they know what Their past life was now You know the reason another reason i’m Doing it is because He told this story last night about uh Skiing remember putting on the skis and Go Going rocking down the slope and he knew What he was doing And he had learned that in a past life Right For me i think that i was asian I really really do think that folks i Was asian I like asian culture I love asian food i eat asian rice Virtually every night I spent a lot of time in asia my Daughter is named asia I could go on asian women of course So all the way around uh i i think that In a past life i probably was asian i’ve Told my wife that a million times She’s catholic i don’t know how she is On prior lives We’ll have to talk about that anyway If you think you know what you were in a Previous life The number for you is area code are you Ready 575 two zero eight Seven seven eight seven once again

Area code five seven five two oh eight Seven Seven eight seven i will also Open the first time caller line if you Have never called this show It’s area code 775-285-5800 I’ll try and repeat this i know i forget Eight 775-285-5800 i guess i need to Have ross cut some more with these New numbers and by the way When i pick up your line if you are Listening to a radio station Please give their call letters give them Credit okay I also forget to do that all the time We’ve got more and more coming on all The time So give their call letters if you can And um something else is nagging at me That i was supposed to do But i don’t recall what it was so Uh we’ll go to break there is something Else what was it This is what happens when you get old um You know i’m just gonna go ahead and go To break think about what it was Maybe it’ll come to me through the gray Fog Maybe we’ll be right back this is Midnight In the desert the devil went down to Georgia he was looking for a soul to Steal he was in a bang because he was Way behind he was willing to make a deal

When he came across this young man Sewing on a fiddle and playing it hot And the devil jumped up on a hickory Dump says boy let me tell you what I guess you didn’t know it but i am a Fiddle player too Midnight in the desert doesn’t screen Calls we trust you But remember the nsa well You know to call the show please dial 1-952-225-5278-1952 Call or yes i’m all right so i thought Keith was screwing with me actually with A psychic treadmill repairman really I was sure he was messing with me but no All right so uh i meant to finish up on Two things Uh it did cross the gray matter and i Got it uh time travelers Um get all kinds of i don’t know Advantages Frankly you can download any show rss Play it anytime you want you can use the Wormhole which i’ve got right next to me And read from All the time somebody wants me to have a Section of the show called wormhole Corner I don’t know that’s kind of corny where I just Read wormhole messages but Maybe i’ll have to come up with a i mean

Wormhole Corner i’m not going to call it that Sounds like out of the 1950s or 40s or Something Uh if you want to become a time traveler You go to My website and then it’ll be Right there hit you in the eye Um join the time travelers and you get a Lot of stuff for it Including my gratitude um So there was that and then the talk I get so many requests for this i mean It’s just Unbelievable people just writing the Emails Phone calls it never ends even a few Texts From people i know wanting to talk okay Here’s the talk You can sound better better than the People on the phone They sound pretty good because we’ve got A superb phone system actually here And by the way that’s really true we do Uh but you can Sound better on skype more authoritative Clear you know the whole ball of wax and It’s so easy To do if you’ve got a portable Device of some sort Um even frankly your computer doesn’t Matter the world has changed i know You’ve got one of them

So download skype it’s free skype is Free All the way around free always free Of course microsoft might change that But for now it’s free And then you can put in um and put us in There If you’re in north america meaning America and canada please Enter you know as though you would a new Contact is a little plus sign for it up There Put in mitd 5 1 For north america m i T d five one from north america rest of The world Mitd five five and Even if you don’t call right away it’s All right Uh you’ll have it in there in your Contacts after you’ve done that and you Can go back to it and just go And uh call us for free from anywhere Virtually anywhere in the world Without any in mind let us begin it’s Hard to know where to start everything’s Full As you might imagine uh so let’s i guess Go here rochester new york i’m guessing Rochester new york yes yes Yes uh turn your device off please okay I can hear it in the background sorry About that can’t have that I mean once you’re on the line you don’t

Need it you can hear it on the phone Absolutely okay good thank you so what’s On your mind Well um it’s it’s in regards to last Night’s show Um i actually had a question and i don’t Know if it’s something that you would be Willing to answer but i was wondering If you think that past lives influence Your future Present life and if they’re signs like How can you tell if it does Okay well obviously i’m not the expert But i think that’s what it’s all about Hon That um house lives influence Your current life uh so the answer is Yes and yes But if you have no idea what your past Lives were Are there some kind of signs that you Can look for That show i don’t know I find it a little i i don’t either i Mean if you find yourself drawn to a cat Box Then you know Right other than that look i’m not the Expert i’m just the talk show host Right right right well i appreciate the Time Um you you really don’t find yourself Drawn to cat boxes right No not at all okay other than i do like

Cats but I’m not as fun yeah it’s not like when You see one you Anyway go ahead no no no no my husband He was dying to say hello Do you mind if i put him on i don’t know Does he sound pretty good He does sound pretty good all right yeah I’ll put him on all right thanks so much Hi art this is dan from rochester and I’m a very very excited new Caller to the show i just started on Like september 18th And have listened to several of your Past interviews And i think you’re just an incredible Person for Turning everybody on thank you it’s it’s Kind of an eclectic Show we do um and i think people forgot That over the years i I do all kinds of things uh not just Paranormal not just Anything really whatever i find cool and Interesting Exactly and it it peaks the listeners Curiosity And it challenges their intellect quite Severely in some cases but In a great way everything is very very Positive And we’re very we’re very anxious to Sign up and and donate and and be a part Of it

It’s fantastic well you don’t have to Donate you don’t have to donate but if You sign up it’s a hell of a deal Really it is i mean you get all these Past shows and i think we’re coming up On like 75 shows in this incarnation Right now And it is full of interesting stuff so You can just like download it And listen to it at your leisure which i Have And it’s really opened my mind to time Travel And i have a quick question if i could Use a time machine To visit with one of my past life Incarnates Yes could i do that could i go back and From this time period or time Line yeah okay the problem would be How would you know when you found you I mean even if you went back to say 18 1700 whatever How would you know you would have to Search for yourself i would imagine or Possibly well if you had some genealogy Traced back to say the 1700s Where you knew in my family’s case i had A A governor in a town of lyme regis England Yeah but let’s think about this for a Second sir even if you got back in time And you met up with the person you’re

Talking about right now And you presented them with uh genetic Evidence that you were the same Do you know what they would do with you In 1700 Oh that i would be a heretic most likely But you’d be locked away in a rubber Room Genetic what are you crazy Well you wouldn’t you wouldn’t have to You know you would have to Uh use your best uh downton Abbey you know accent and and play Dumb as it were yes yes exactly So but i do think you could communicate On a level Of the time period without exposing Yourself You could be very cautious Well i don’t know you think it’s it’s Possible I mean i think you could narrow down the Region that you were in And you’d certainly know this is why i I reckon i want you to go out and Somehow get a copy Of a movie called i origins I will okay i want some feedback after You get it Okay i will very good well this is Dan from rochester so i will definitely Check back with you and it’s Such a pleasure to talk to you i can’t Even tell you thank you buddy

Take care and uh oops sorry about that i Thought we were uh We’re done all right let’s go uh Here you’re on the air Hello there going once Yes hello oh okay I’m listening on the phone i didn’t hear You this eric from clemens north Carolina Are you a first time caller i would take It yes sir i am i’ve Been listening to you since way back When we both didn’t have any gray hair I want to thank you for getting me Through many night shifts in hospital Laboratories across the country Wow i’m way back are you listening on Radio or the internet I am listening to uh on through dark Matter On the uh tune in radio app okay And i want to say hi to my buddies out There at the Midnight fans forum i’m sure they’re all Like oh that’s him that’s him Yeah guys that’s him yeah anyway So i’m glad you’re back oh my god can’t Say uh Of course that’s probably the time You’ve heard that um I don’t know if this counts really is a Past life but I had a dream once and it was what you Have one of those dreams where you

Smell the smells you feel the textures It’s almost like you’ve stepped into Uh like on a stage it was like So realistic i felt like i was actually There it wasn’t so much a dream state But like i was well okay okay Was this dream did the dream involve you Yeah it was from my point of view it Wasn’t like i was looking At a character it was like i was Standing Flat-footed on this It’s all like in a grecian you know Mediterranean type Stonework pier wow you know like there Was a Boathouse to my best thing i can do to Describe it is a boathouse With columns you know made of stone I looked up from that and there’s this Wall of water And the next thing i know i’m being Obliterated by the Rubble that’s in the water and it’s Kind of an alarm yeah it was kind of an Alarming thing but it was so realistic Perhaps your death in a uh previous life Huh I’m wondering it’s like It was i didn’t okay let me Note something here sir thank you so Very much for the call and Let me let me note something quickly and

That is When we dream don’t we Always dream about Ourselves in other words have any of you Ever had a dream That in which you were completely Somebody else that would be weird right Another creature another person The dream was not you were nowhere in The dream whatsoever i mean i’m always In my dreams I think i’m trying to think back but i Can’t Cannot recall a time i’ve had a dream That i wasn’t Part of it it was part of my past or Something like that And i’ve never been back in the 17 or 1800s either Um hello there on a cell phone somewhere You’re on the air Hello yes hello this is julie in Colorado Julie in colorado hi julie yeah hey art So glad you’re back on the air thank you It is uh It’s not the same when i’m not on the Air i don’t know why It’s like i was made to do this i guess Or did it in a past life You were made to do it well i have to Tell you this I have to tell you i’ve been trying to Call in for weeks

That i saw a structure You mean a megastructure i saw The megastructure in 2007 I was um i had to go open up A business that i used to run and It was at three in the morning Drove to the business that i ran and One employee and then i drove back home You’re not talking about the mega Structure that we’ve been talking about Are you Yes yes how could you have seen that i Mean even with the best Yes i saw it i saw it because i called My husband and this was about 3 30 in The morning And i said i’m looking at a ufo I and i you didn’t like shout honey Honey a mega structure come quick No i didn’t i didn’t know how to Describe it i didn’t know how to Describe it And and it and i closed my eyes really Tight and opened them again And i’m just to make sure that i wasn’t Just all right hold on uh we’ve done That we’ve got a break Well The clock strikes 12 and midnight in the Desert is pounding package your way On the dark matter digital network to Call the show please direct your finger

Digits to dollar 1952-225-5278-1952 Call art who sings with that much Enthusiasm boy is that something That song welcome everybody it’s open Lines anything goes Anything you want to talk about is fair Game national number 952-225-5278 Uh the other numbers of interest has Lives line At area code 575-208-7787 That’s 575-208-77875 Two eight five fifty eight hundred That’s seven seven five Two eight five fifty eight hundred and The young lady who was on the air with Me Uh prior to the break is now back where Were we Hi art hi i was telling you about the Mega structure i saw in 2008 Well okay but i mean you were On earth right i was on Earth yes and you were looking in the Sky i presume And you said sort of ufo Right yes yes well it was unidentified It doesn’t look like any ufo that you See you know you see pictures of now This was like a structure Is it in it sounds like a ufm Unidentified flying megastructure Yes yes and i i didn’t know how to Describe it

Until the last couple weeks when you Started talking about this Megastructure gotcha and i said to my Husband i said that’s It that’s that’s what i saw because i Could draw a picture of It that i could never explain it to Anyone And i have an assignment for you Yes draw a picture of it and send it to Me I will okay send it to um Kny well let’s see how do i want to do This uh Art bell at knye Can you do that yes people get it All messed up they get dyslexic with it It’s k N y e i don’t know why people want to do It the other way i won’t even say it or It’ll stick but Send me that photograph i’d love to see It I well it’ll be me drawing it i will Draw it and send it to you and it was Huge And i just wanted to let you know that Somebody has seen it All right um i will just take your word On that I have no way of knowing if you saw the Megastructure Or a megastructure actually Uh let’s go here

Uh to our first time color line actually Hello hello yes hi Oh hey mr bell boy this is an honor hey I just wanted to tell you i’ve been Listening to you for years And uh this is calling from kcaa which Is near either wild california That’s the way to do it yeah yeah all Right yeah put in a good plug Anyhow i only get you for an hour on This and then i Switch over to uh your your antithesis And that’s george nori who actually Bashed you last night about the whole uh Mega structure thing no Yes no he’s just a cheap bass beat But anyhow on the way wait but don’t Just leave it at that hold it hold it Hold it What did he what did he say oh well well This is after he was justifying that the Earth produces oil Abiotically i mean this guy’s out of his Mind he’s not But anyhow he’s he was saying that you Know some people exaggerate what they Find Or they exaggerate the fines of Scientists which i don’t think you would Do it at all i mean you know take it for What it’s worth But the reason i call is i wonder I listened to you 20 years ago do you Ever feel like you were set up by

Richard hoagland And i’ll just go off the phone thank you So much art Um set up uh No not really i don’t think i was set up At all Uh the only the you know I looked at rocks with richard for years Uh the one he got me with was the uh The thing that a lot of other people by The way have found and said look this is Artificial there’s no question about it Maybe it came from our space program Maybe not but there was a pipe sticking Out of it Uh what he called uh number nine i Believe right So And and you know as far as uh my making A big deal out of this story Uh it is a big deal now nobody’s saying That It’s aliens well actually uh Jason wright mentioned that i’ve not Said that i’ve said Um it could be and uh I don’t know why bash me actually for Saying that because it it It would be the biggest story of our Lifetimes Absolutely no question about it if it Turned out to be anything at all All the indications are and i’ve had Leaks from nasa as you know

Leaks from uh the scientists trying to Puzzle it out Nobody has knocked it down yet so it Remains An item of intense Interest and so if you must bash me for That who cares That’s just you know well there’s a word I I won’t use it uh hello undead Uh i believe is undead quake guy That’s your name right hello there art Undead quake guy How did you come up with a name like That uh well it’s a bit of a moniker That the village up here in canada gave Me To be honest i’m extremely talented at An old game called quake Uh on the pc and uh Well it was halloween and so i decided To change it to undead Frankly i’ve just been asleep for too Long and i forgot to change it Um well um it it makes you distinctive That’s for sure my uh Daughter was watching pixels earlier and I was watching guys play donkey kong Ah yes a classic i like an absolute Classic Yes i was calling in uh for two Quick things uh wanted to have a little Bit discussion about the mega structure Yeah and uh how it could have been built

But first i want to to give you an Update about my cow I called in a week or two ago when you Had the witch on Um okay You asked me to call you back for a bit Of an update on The cure that she gave me for the cow And i want to let you know she should Not be the local witch Because i fed my account exactly what She told me too Which was milk and and honey and uh And of course she was the only cow in The village so i gave her her milk and Honey and A week later she passed away and Unfortunately i won’t be able to marry My wife now Because that was the dowry there’s Tragedy and then there’s This call i mean my god that’s awful It just capped right on the barnyard Floor so that that which i I just don’t know i really think you Should give her a pass But uh on to something a little more Extraterrestrial yeah Allow me if you would a moment of Socratic dialogue Uh if they’re going to be creating a Dyson sphere that would require a Massive amount of materials would it not Oh you would and in order to harness

Such material they would most likely Need to be gathering minerals from At least all over the solar system at The least correct i have the least However what if instead of requiring Going around Gathering all of these resources they Had something what Is called a universal constructor have You heard of this art Well is it is it from star trek Universal constructor is not from star Trek now is it from star wars Unfortunately it’s actually a concept That goes back several decades in Science Sort of the philosopher’s stone of Science if you will being able to Put materials into this machine and then It rewrites the code at the sub-atomic Level Moves the particles around and changes It into the particle of Of what you need for instance led to Gold or Silicon to petroleum i don’t like star Trek In a way i was just wondering if you’ve Had any guests or any scientists or Anything of the sort that might have Brought that up Because i do believe it’s a fascinating Topic and it might be the only way that We as mankind

Manage to reach out past the solar System because we’re having a rough time Managing our own resources as it is we Could certainly use a Universal constructor there’s no Question about it um But all the scientists that i was aware Of that had anything to do with that Project Came to untimely ends i wouldn’t be Surprised at all Well anyways thank you very much for Allowing me on i just want to give you An update about the cow Hopefully uh her family can find some Other sort of dowry or Uh this cow farmer is just going to Become a normal farmer give yourself a Good night get off my line thank you uh Let’s go Here to uh i believe washington and say You’re on the air Hello art hi hello hi but Um i wanted to let you know we’ve had Problems in our Area where we have these little little Uh Local mice they’re kind of a little Forest mice and They will get into the engine of your Car And they love to eat the wiring it’s Happening and um Yeah and so and they love when they get

In uh Let me let me tell you how how bad let Me tell you how bad it was We had a mouse that got in the heater You know the heater part of the car yeah And the fan part And we had we had little mouse pieces Coming out Oh no oh yes oh it was awful it was Absolutely awful and and little mouse Pieces and fur Kept coming out for a long long time Oh it’s a tragedy well mine last year it Got in my one of them got in my van Outside and it started it started the Engine light came on and i called my Mechanic And he went into it he’s a really good Mechanic And twelve hundred dollars later he told Me uh He immediately came up with photos and Everything of what they had done And we got the parts and everything put Everything together but he said there’s So much Wiring that they’ve shoot through and he Showed me all this All these photos he’d taken in there and And i could actually see down In there well now i’m not worried do you Know why Yeah i’ve got a lot of wiring here of Course but i left the peanut butter and

Bread on the floor last night didn’t Touch This to me means that mouse is not in This house Well you know what they love because i i Had some some help i was Donating at the wildlife shelter over Here and they have a lot of they hate to Kill animals and they had a lot of Rodents coming in at night And even eating some of the birds that Were in the in the cages Uh that they were trying to rehab yes That was tragic so So what they did they were trying Everything to try to trap You know put them in rat traps and and They couldn’t bait they tried peanut Butter Everything and they finally used cheetos And the things Every you’d even hear them snapping During the day you know the they love Chicos Cheetos huh cheetos that’s the best Okay i get it but i thank you very much I’m i am convinced My mouse that’d be normal Is not in the house there is no way That a mouse could not smell peanut Butter probably Five rooms away So that little guy little gal I do believe came to me

Wanted to see me wanted to see a human Saw me and left it can That’s the only explanation Right because how could she not have Eaten The peanut butter overnight Simple as that let’s go to our First time color line how about there Hello you’re on there Going once yes this is yes this is Jonathan I really enjoyed a very interesting Interview with the Gentleman that does the past life yes Progressions yesterday very fascinating I want to suggest two alternate Possibilities Of how to interpret what people are Experiencing there first of all If there are beings whether good or Malevolent were as much bigger Than us as we are then bacteria They could if they wanted to give us the Impression That we are experiencing a past life Regression they could They could mess with our minds just like We do with Experimenting with some bacteria and i Suppose You know small small creatures of that Sort so so if they had an agenda that Involved Confusing us about the afterlife that

That is a possibility that i don’t see How we could rule out But the second one that i That occurred to me was that when you Have a love Relationship when you really empathize With someone can i ask you a quick Question What are you talking on anyway Well i’m i’m talking on a uh mobile Headset is it too Is it hard to hear it’s awful actually Is it you mean like bluetooth Yeah right i’m gonna demonstrate this For everybody’s good what i want you to Do Stay on the line disconnect the Bluetooth and talk directly into the Phone Instead you got it you got it all right I’ll wait let me just connect it won’t Take long All right good i’ll wait i want you to Here i am i’m on the phone directly now That that sounds so much better so much Better Don’t ever use bluetooth that’s what Bluetooth does To a phone folks um all right back to Matters of love Okay that’s yeah that’s a good that’s a Good learning uh For me yeah if you empathize with Someone

Uh whether it’s the empathy of Friendship or romantic love some Especially when you’re a child sometimes The distinctions between your Ego who you are and who they are can be Um dissolved you know Especially if if the love is really Strong you really identify with that Person So why couldn’t it be possible That um you know whether psychically Or through remote feeling that people Are doing that That these people are emphasizing with a Person in the past or like you said There were some people who were parallel Who were living at the same time As them that you’re deeply empathizing With but it doesn’t Necessarily follow from that that you Are that Person well yes i do um Interesting you know the program last Night really brought All kinds of questions to my mind we’re Not done with that man by a Long long shot i mean there are so So many questions skype brings somebody Named action Oh this is ross in st louis missouri Ross hello How you doing uh hey uh i Had a few things for you sorry all right Sorry first time skype

Right so i’m having a heart here Oh now you’re breaking up You’re breaking is this any better a Little bit better yes go ahead go ahead Okay well uh i have a couple past lives For you that i thought That uh i’d like to hear about with this Kind of connection i’ll take one past Life Okay that’s fine um just real quickly Then Uh i meditated many nights in a row About Trying to get to a past life so right Before i’d fall Asleep in that kind of gray area i would Listen to myself say over and over again What was Past life right and i need to know about Okay and What it came out was nothing important I was a monk on a road and We’re being invaded and stabbed i would Say That’s pretty serious actually well i Mean Death itself may be serious but their Role you know i wasn’t some pharaoh or a No no i’ve got it you were a monk but um Yes thank you very much Look that’s pretty interesting stuff Right If you were a monk i say interesting Very very interesting actually at least

You know more than i do i I just sort of generally know i was Asian And i’m not even sure that i i know that It could but yeah it does seem likely Actually Uh you’re on the air hello Hello yes hello Art indeed hey um i started listening to You Well actually watching you in 2000 with Your show with uh ramona On tv here in peru i Wait wait ramona and i Never ever did a show here in perum So i i appreciate the fact that you You like the show uh there is a couple That does a show Uh or did a show some years ago i don’t Know if they still do But that wasn’t me no well I’m sorry i haven’t safety for that Sorry i lost my site In 2003 so i exponentially Enjoyed radio from that point on But uh and i am so glad that you’re back On And every kudo you get is fully deserved But the other thing i i may i recommend A book Yes i don’t read of course because i’m Blind but i Listen to them about five a week for About 12 years

Okay real quick cause we’re at a break What’s the name Uh death in the pines by Tom hartman Death in the pines Sound painful all right we’ve got a Great gear I appreciate all open lines I’m waiting for someone to ask Very much look at Us While midnight sweeps across america You’ve found an oasis for the mind To call midnight in the desert please Dial 1952 Call art that’s one Fifty two 952-225-527 eight you know on Fridays i get to play around a little More with Bumper music and i do i play Everything actually uh fridays are open Lines And that’s exactly what we’re in the Middle of right now so if you are Just joining us here’s a deal Anything goes all right We’ve got a national line of area code Five two seven 952-225-5278 you can call That one you can call the Uh oh we do have a special Past lives line that would be area code

Five seven Five two zero eight seven seven eight 7787 575 208 7787 and First time callers to the program area Code 775-285-5800 And the talk no i’m not going to do it Again Everybody just cringed right hello there You’re on the air from uh well on our Special line Actually hello Yes me yes you ah well What i figured was back in uh Well 66 67 drove with my Parents uh back to maryland We took the deep south route we were Going to family reunion in maryland and Uh Starting in mississippi alabama Up into the carolinas we would go Through Towns in little you know small towns Yeah we were talking Taking a lot of the you know the blue Highways Because my dad liked to do that are you Like chewing gum Oh sorry it’s gone ah Like a fifth grade seriously chewing my Nicotine gum I see all right anyway uh We’d go into these little towns i know Exactly what was gonna be there

Before we you know hit the main street Deja vu In several towns and i thought about That A long time and It was all it wasn’t you know terribly Long ago it was Ah mostly 20s and 30s Pre-uh pre-depression I said now what would get me all over The south And moving like that all the time And uh being real familiar with all this And i Well a traveling salesman so you think You were a traveling salesman In the south well that’s the only way i Could explain it Any idea what you were selling No idea at all it’s just all these Little towns Back then it could have been like Encyclopedias Oh sure sure but i i just figured that The more i thought about the more i Thought well What would get me around and then i Happened to be watching uh For about the third time i was watching Uh 76 trombones and watching all these People on the train They’re salesmen and they travel all Over these places they do it on a

Regular basis Maybe that’s what i was doing i was born In 51 And uh my dad now i’ve never took the Sales i was terrible at sales All my life so i you know tried it two Or three times Right my dad was a salesman and he knew All the little towns in central and North East and northwest northeast texas and East texas And uh he just enjoyed the heck out of It he’s quite successful with it And you’re not violating rule three are You What’s rule three a rule three is a two Drink minimum I haven’t tried anything not with the Medications i take i See okay it’s medications sorry um okay Well i get it so you were a traveling Sales person Uh back in uh well who knows when Remember the days they used to knock on The door Knowledge for your children ma’am i Remember those days Now encycloped encyclopedia sales people Are no more i don’t think they have them Anymore The internet has taken that all away Okay gosh so many people calling it once Um

You’re on the air good uh evening Morning whatever Yeah you are how are you uh i’m quite Well To drink minimum i gotta start drinking Every time i say i say it one way or the Other people Know what i’m talking about but twisted On purpose so now i’m saying it either Way Do you want to catch them kill him or Feed him uh oh i don’t care i’m Not my brother’s keeper in this case let Him have that uh Try a piece of bacon fried ham oh you’re Talking about the mouse Yeah yeah yeah um look if Bread with uh copious amounts of peanut Butter on it will not bring a mouse To nibble it can’t be done this mouse Obviously came from outside And returned to the outside the peanut Butter they’re selling today They don’t like it anymore I’m telling you this is good skippy Stuff smooth That’s the same stuff i got yeah and I’ll tell you Every time i use it they pass it by oh Sure You’re telling me mice don’t like peanut Butter anymore come on I don’t know it’s something in the mix That they’re using today

I’m telling you well now you’re scaring Me i mean if a mouse won’t go for peanut Butter And you’re telling me there’s something In there i don’t buy that i eat a lot of Skippy i’m okay Put it put out a piece of bacon or a Piece of fried ham or Or the last one that uh i’m not i’m not Trying to throw the last dinner for abby Normal here i was just trying to see if Abby normal really was here And i maintained that if he if abby Normal would not go for the peanut Butter Abby normal is gone i bet you put out a Piece of meat you’ll find It’s gone in the morning all right all Right well i’m i’m also not trying to Attract bigfoot so I’m done i’ve done as much as i can Let me go overseas to uh mark uh i Think in uh hello You sound like you’re at the bottom of a Barrel mark Really uh now you sound a little Different what are you doing Um i’m i’m sitting here with my ipad and I just changed the volume Control maybe that makes it better Here’s a deal mark find where the Microphone is Okay is that better it is better Okay a couple of things you just gave a

Clue to me Why the mouse didn’t come you said You’re using skippy smooth Peanut butter yeah sophisticated mousart He wants Chunky Leave me alone okay then i have Something else for you good What’s that there was an emergency Landing i don’t know if this was picked Up in the u.s Press an emergency landing of a Singapore Airlines freight plane this week Carrying two 1200 And sixty eight live goats From singapore to malaysia i bet that Wasn’t That much i’ll go ahead it must been Some cleanup The reason the plane had to make an Emergency landing Is that the methane gas alarms went off In the plane That’s why i said it must have been Messy you know which leads to the Question art Yes who cut the goat cheese Oh mark go away Let’s go uh here to um new jersey I think hello good uh good morning or Uh new jersey how are you tonight sir I’m okay Um just wanted to touch on a few things

With you um One great dead air show last friday Night it was a lot of fun Pop pops i i had called in and told you The story about the carlson Um being found in the backyard with a Small child oh yes But look um anyway a couple things uh One when you had um Bill burns and the other gentleman on uh The same week Yeah they were talking about the uh case Yes has anyone ever reached out to the Children To ask them if they were told to lie About this Or they went along okay here’s the deal I’m i’m gonna answer your question all Right uh we’re in touch with christopher And that’s all i’m gonna say right now i Repeat we’re in touch with christopher Now i don’t know Whether he wants to come on the air i Don’t know whether he wants to tell his Story But my producer is indeed in touch with Christopher Lutz so we’ll see what happens Uh but that was uh that was quite a show Wasn’t it Let’s go to skype and tony hi tony Hey how you doing art i’m doing okay Good um I wanted to tell you how uh learning

About my past life Has affected my entire life He’s still there okay i am well i Went i spent a lot of time in the navy When i was Quite young and i was on the flight deck Of an aircraft carrier I used to work there and when we didn’t Have flight outs I would go up and go to sleep In these uh nets that hung over the side That would catch you if you Happen to fall off or get blown off And i used to go there when there was no Flight after the course And uh jump into them and go to sleep Okay and it would be you know in the Middle of the ocean and it was Unbelievable Sleep was very very heavy and I would have some truly amazing dreams And uh i used to dream over and over Again about Being up in the balcony in in a building On the second floor In the balcony painting a portrait Of a woman and obviously it was Uh you know at one of the Old country towns small Village and it would wake me up it was So strong And what would happen would i’d be Looking out onto the Town square obviously the building was

Right on town square And there was a fountain in the middle And the light would start it would start Smalling and to get real real bright So it blinded me and i was painting at The time a portrait of a woman Okay we very limited time here so That’s and i will i’m sorry rush to the Conclusion if we can Okay i’m sorry and what and what Happened there is I actually made it uh You know of course went to a lot of Ports overseas and i happened to come Across a little village in spain And in that village uh as i was walking Through it with one of my uh shipmates Uh we seen a fountain in the middle of The Square and i recognized It and that was it that was the that was About that there was the building Yeah and i knew that i was there at one Time Well the way it affected me the rest of My life is uh I realized at that point in time i still Had A few few more years left in the navy i Realized at a point in time that You know my artistic talents that i had When i was younger I i needed to develop and i did And i spent my life doing artwork

Actually Military artwork and uh It just was amazing now what actually Happened is after we did see The light go after i’m sorry after i did See the fountain Where a light went off i went to the Backyard of the building And there was another fountain back There made out of a seashell And i seen that in my dream originally i Did i wanted to cut the dream a little Short For time okay so i was vince Okay so that that was like the second Piece of proof you needed To decide you had indeed been there at a Prior time Yeah okay i get it um I’m not sure how i would handle that Either if you saw something absolutely That you had dreamt about or that uh Was from a prior life never had been to That location geographic location before Ever ever Ever and yet there it was So do you think this proves Reincarnation It’s an interesting question i’ve got a Lot of people who Have put messages speaking of uh Well roger for example all right past Lives Bunk hebrews 9 2

7 2 seven it’s appointed unto men Wants to die but after this Excuse me after this the judgment And that would be the view of many many People it offends their religious Sensibilities Right so think about that a little bit If reincarnation were real well It can’t be right not according to the Bible we die but once Then we get judged and it has to be that Way So this kind of talk is From a heretic on my first time color Line you Are on the air barbell Yes sir how you doing Great how about you good this is rich From new jersey Okay uh i wanted to ask you um That alien megastructure thing that’s Going on do you think that could Possibly be us from the future trying to Signal Us now well as i mentioned earlier that You know the scientists um At greenback Nothing is right uh you You fuzzed out for me like through your Whole comment which sucked I was waiting for somebody to bring that Up You up me but uh i’m the time Traveler so i’ll check back with you but

All right thank you it’s a pleasure yeah Thank you Finally waiting for somebody to mention That Actually there is no new news But i thought i would do that and surely There would be somebody that would come Along in the first hour And call me on that but no nobody did I couldn’t believe it maybe that’s a Lack of interest or Maybe it’s religious objection or maybe They just don’t want to hear about it i Can’t quite figure it out the way People are reacting or is it a Non-reaction To this story now there’s no particular News tonight but i thought i’d give that A try And and see if it peaked anybody’s Interest and it took over an Hour for anybody to come along come on Folks give me a break here uh Celeb is that right Yes sir yes sir this is caleb caleb all Right caleb I’m calling you from silicon alabama uh I’ve talked to you over the years Uh probably this is probably about my Fifth time Since uh 1999 and that’s what Brings me to my call tonight my first Time listening to you was when you Interviewed chris carter back in late 99

And uh i’ve heard you mention it several Times about the exiles coming back That’s one of my favorite shows and i Know that you were Involved with the sister show millennium Uh i was just calling to ask you if Have you have have you thought about Having him uh chris carter back on the Show Or about on on the new show for the First time i should say um I i all right I’m not supposed to talk about this but Yeah i’m going to have a money scheduled How about that that’s Beautiful i shouldn’t have given that Away but you pride it out of me I wanted to ask you another thing lance Henderson i know you had him on the show A long time ago around work with him oh Yeah i remember on millennium yeah That’s one of my favorite shows and i’ve Had my fingers crossed that they’re Gonna bring that character back into the New x-files series but i don’t think They’re going to but uh That would be something that i would Dream of but anyway uh I just wanted to call you and ask you That and i i Hate tv i hate doing tv I’m i’m really serious uh it’s wild It’s fast it’s hurried it’s Constantly redone it’s tough

I’m glad i’m in radio Well i’m glad you’re back on the air and That’s really all i wanted to bring up And uh I’m glad to hear uh what the secret that You just devolved You mean the one you yanked out of me Okay well i’m probably gonna get in Trouble for that But how could i not admit it when he Brought it up I can hear my producer now going oh Up to canada i believe hello Hello yes hello hi this is david from Nanaimo british columbia canada Glad to have you art i have a really Interesting story about my mom and dad That i’ve been wanting to tell you for a Few years now go right ahead Um my mom and dad were born in the 20s They were both In world war ii my dad’s from canada Brought my mom over from england she was A war bride Right back in 2006 my dad was in his 80s And he was Suffering with severe dementia it was Really really bad and every once in a While he’d have some lucid moments It was really tough to communicate with Him but every once in a while for about Five ten minutes he’d kind of come back And he’d know who he was and where he Was and who you were

Sure and um during one of his lucid Moments he told me that David i’ve been unplugged and they’ve Called me back to the mother shop The mothership and i thought oh my Goodness what’s going on with my dad but Anyways um jump back to the 40s when my Mom and dad were Married bringing my mom over from England Um from world war ii my My dad made my mom or my part of me my Dad made my Mom’s dad a promise that he would never Never ever ever leave her no matter what Um he says you’re taking my daughter Away all the way overseas and he knew He’d only see his daughter Maybe once or twice again in his life so Please don’t ever ever leave her so Right Like my dad swore he would never leave Him and you know what they had a real Rocky marriage they had one of the Rockiest marriages you could ever have But He never did go anyways you go back for You go forward to 2007. this is when Um they’re both in a nursing home and my Dad was slumped over and Getting fed by the nurses in the nursing Home and all of a sudden he stopped Breathing And he went blue and the carry called uh

The nurse over And um turned out that my uh they took His heartbeat and His his pulse and his heart had stopped Beating so they wheeled him back to his Room And he sat in his chair i’m thinking for A few minutes maybe five minutes and Then the head nurse came over Checked his vitals and still it was Exactly the same way Um they put him back up on the bed and Sure as hell sure parked me sorry He uh he came to all of a sudden and all Of a sudden he was breathing again And um it was about a month later after That There’s only one part of this that i Don’t get yeah Why would they sit him in a chair as you Mentioned And not begin life resuscitation type Things oh i can tell you that He was in the chair and they put him in Into the bed and that’s when he started That’s when he’d come too He had a do not resuscitate order though Okay okay that answers it thank you Yeah so anyways it was about a month After that He had another lucid moment with my mom And my mom said john look at you you’re All slumped over all the time you’re Never able to communicate how the heck

Are you able to do this i mean a month Ago You passed away john and now you’re back To me and he looked at my mom and he Said I know i was sent back for you and Wow about a month after that my mom Started getting sick and it was about Six months after that my mom had died And Uh he died a few months after that but Uh So he actually he actually outlived her He outlived her by about three months Wow so it was his job to come back Collect her and uh and then go on Himself that’s incredible Um all right thank you thank you very Much for the call Huh that’s actually quite a story isn’t It It’s my job to come back for you Wow think about that one um okay Let’s go where let’s go to Lloyd lloyd uh you’re on the air on Skype Uh hi art uh let me turn off my radio Oh yes please thank you So he’s actually listening to the radio That should be interesting Okay i have a question about uh last Night’s show All right before you go into that sir What station are you listening to

I’m listening on the app for uh Dark radio uh the radio app all right so You’re actually on the internet Yes okay all right very good go ahead uh I was wondering Concerning reincarnation and uh what About uh do-over Suicide if things aren’t going well in Your life uh Having personal problems or illness or Whatever If you believed in reincarnation why Wouldn’t you just Do a do-over and end it Well there’s an easy answer to that Because you can’t be sure well that’s True you sure can’t So i mean i just wondered if that had Been brought up by anybody you know Because if you If you actually believed in Reincarnation i think that’d be a very Viable option if things weren’t going Well well certainly it’d be a test of Faith yes Yeah sure would well it’s nice talking To you the first time i’ve ever called Um okay well thank you and please call Again yes i I would call that test of faith not not The right kind but definitely a test of Faith Oh i believe in reincarnation really Well under those circumstances

What are you doing here you should be Offing yourself right and trying to find Out if it’s Uh a real or not and have your do-over Why don’t people do it well because you Can’t quite always be sure All right let’s go to uh gloucester i Believe it is Uh where is that vermont well it’s in Uh virginia virginia i’m sorry all i can See on the phone is b Well actually i drive a truck um i’d Like to thank Kern in bakersfield california 1180 for Carrying your show Well yes thank you kern it’s such a gift For so many people you’re back on the Air thank you so much Sure and uh i’d just like to say back in 2000 in december of 2000 i was putting Some christmas lights At my home and uh i got a pretty good Electrical shock And within a day i don’t know how this Happened Within a day i was learning how to erase Chemtrails with mirrors and an infrared Light you raise chemicals Yeah i found out how to erase chemtrails Seriously and uh I had some some ill effects from the uh The shock and i found out later there Was a group called the survivors of Electrical shock and lightning strikes

We just really i can’t get past the Erasing chemtrails part so If you don’t mind before we go on how do You erase a chemtrail Well what i did i had two large mirrors Yes this Came to me on two six foot tall mirrors That were four feet wide Yes and i kind of marked i’d mark the Sun and then i’d angle The light from the sun at the tail of The chemtrail which erased it like if You’re erasing Something with a pencil and uh it eraser Again pretty cool it was it was a day Later A navy biplane buzzed the house about 300 feet over my house yeah how could You be Sure might ask please how are you sure That you’re On the chemtrail that you’ve got the Mirrors positioned properly so that Your beam is hitting the chemtrail You know all i can say is like there was A gift given to me like it’s like Working art or something it’s like Making art okay like artwork like i was Doing is and uh I also used at night i used an infrared Light Which i’m really surprised i didn’t Control but i never pointed it directly To any planes or anything then i would

Highly suggest no one doing this It was mainly during the day during the Daytime and it was on the coast of California there was an intense Intense sun in the december of 2000 And among other things i did that And i learned about remote neural Monitoring And the microwave auditory effect and I’d just like to point out to your Guests i don’t know Anybody anybody ever uh like you’re Listening to the radio and then You just so happen to hear maybe what You’re thinking about on the radio or Something or You’re thinking you know kind of quote On i nestle do not believe in Coincidences anymore And i’d just like to uh that’s the main Reason why i called it people should Check out the Remote neural monitoring and the Microwave auditory effect And uh and i learned so many things art And you know My neighbors probably thought i was nuts I was giving you know this this Uh i left this probably some people Listening right now maybe Thinking that listen i’ve gotta run i’ve Got a break but i i do appreciate your Call you racing Chemtrails out there with mirrors of

Racing chemtrails Some might say Me This is midnight in the desert to call The show if you’re east of midnight call 1952 Call art if you’re west of midnight call 1-952-225-5278 Messing with you folks a little bit yes The white noise that was me Messing with you waiting over an hour Until somebody finally got it You know there was no real news but i Thought it’d be interesting to say the Scientist green bank said Nobody called i was so disappointed i Mean we’re talking about this potential Gigantic story right And it took over an hour for somebody to Call Over an hour shameful Absolutely shameful anyway just messing With you on a friday night folks Let’s go uh to twin cities Uh you’re on there Hello hello say that last caller who Was using mirrors to erase chemtrails Yes sounds like a modern-day archimedes Kind of yeah it was cool uh yeah Until i thought about it for a while Focused mirrors erasing chemtrails Parabolic mirrors probably well the way

That setup Seems so yes i i was wondering how he Knew When he got him focused correctly i mean Did did you suddenly get a spot On the edge of the chemtrail and then Sort of like i don’t know What is it uh where you can paint on on Windows right you can race it A little bit at a time like that I don’t know um a couple of years ago We had a terrible mouse infestation In my house and uh I had a little bit of advice for you on Trying to get proof You take the peanut butter and put it in A corner Mice they they travel along the Baseboards Up against the wall this is a mouse that Had enough guts to come up on my Equipment and stare at me Now i left that on the floor all night Long Uh there it would have been absolutely Too much for a mouse you would have Eaten it he didn’t touch it this mouse Left well okay You’re saying put it on i i see what You’re saying but I’m i’m saying look no mouse in the World could resist this I don’t care whether it’s uh you know at The baseboard or out in the middle of

The room No way it was it was silent quiet in Here all night long that mouse should Have eaten All right i used to have pet rats too so Yeah i the idea that it would uh Sit there staring at you doesn’t isn’t Totally surprising to me yeah but okay This is a mouse though coming in from Outside you know just Coming in and hopping up here not more Than 18 inches from me you don’t think That’s strange Well we first discovered Maybe not some of you as rats yeah i Used to And until an unfortunate incident Happened Um i don’t think i want to hear about That have you ever heard of rat bite Fever Uh well no um but it doesn’t sound good No there was a kid in san diego i think Last year who actually died from it Oh i thought you had it no no my My mom actually got it Your mom got rat bite fever Well that’s a definite reason to uh have Rap be gone So yeah nearly nearly killed her Actually oh yeah yeah yeah that you’ve Carried a lot of guilt Yeah well actually we had pet rats but The one that bit her was actually one

That we were holding over christmas Break that belonged to my sister’s School They were doing they were doing Experiments and they got They got a pair and uh the female They got a male and female to get babies So We had the mom after she had the litter And of course you’d have to go in there To refill food and stuff and She’s very protective of the babies and She she actually bit All of us but it was only my mom who got Sick boy in prison can never have enough Rats huh No all right well listen thank you uh Very much for your call And that is a sad story indeed I don’t really want rats nor do i Actually want mice But anyway no more to say i think abby Normal is gone because Abby normal could not have i don’t want To talk about abby anymore Hello there you’re on the air hi art It’s great talking to you again and to You Hey i am curious um about People who believe that The revelation that ets will destroy Religious convictions And the religious foundation of the Planet i don’t

Believe i don’t believe that because And maybe it’s just maybe you’re not a Religious a very religious Person i am very religious person I am a member of the church of jesus Christ of latter-day saints And one of the things that our faith Teaches is that god created Many worlds like our world and many People On those worlds well to be fair sir The question that i asked these people Was If e.t came down and Um we got in communication with this Creature and this intelligent being From another world knew absolutely Nothing at All about god or even the concept of Religion How how would that affect you and uh the Religious people that i did ask that Said it would destroy their faith gotcha Okay so that’s a little bit different it Is Okay and even if you don’t mind the Other thing i Wanted to talk about well wait before You go on to the other thing what about You If that happened how would that affect Your faith Um it wouldn’t because my thought would Be

Maybe they at one point Did believe and they just fell away from Believing like a lapsed catholic okay Correct all right all right anyway you Had something else The other was i really loved your show Last night about reincarnation It was a great show i listened to it on Uh I’m a time traveler right i wish i could Have called in last night Because i wanted to know if uh He believed a possible Interpretation for past life regression Is maybe These individuals aren’t remembering Past lives they Lived but maybe they’re remembering Being guardian angels to those Individuals well if that’s true how Uh how can you account for the fact that Many of the people who he did take back Into prior lives Uh collected details of course you know Tape machines were running and stuff Like that And they went and actually dug up proof Of this prior life Well one of the other things that my Faith teaches is that we lived as Spirits before we came to this earth And so my thinking is maybe Like let’s say before i came to earth i Was a guardian angel to

Um i don’t know moses or Edison and i was with them through many Why would you imagine that you would be With such Uh people of stature like that I was just throwing out names art All right fine and i don’t imagine that I was just throwing out names So i was just wondering you know maybe His interpretation Of what these people are remembering Isn’t exactly on point okay but again You’re brushing Right past the important part and that Is that these people gave details of Their prior lives Then uh after the sessions they would go And Go and verify those details and you know In libraries and city halls and Stuff like that that that’s pretty hard Hitting But if a spirit was defined to be that Person’s guardian angel Wouldn’t they have been with them Throughout their life You’re really on this angel thing huh Well i’m i’m just saying Maybe maybe they beat that That’s all i had to say all right i i Appreciate it thank you I’m just saying the evidence uh that was Gathered by these people was pretty Impressive

Uh it was gregory paxson last night and You can be sure That we’re going to have him on again he Was You know awesome Wait wait a minute we got to start all Over again you’re not Allowed to use your last name on the air Only your first Act actually it’s a handle but uh Uh the uh station is wtw Excellent in in lebanon tennessee on the Banks of columbia uh Uh uh cumberland river wtw Covers the whole country and way beyond Hey and most nights is just booming in Here it’s a very powerful station And very good quality by the way even a Short wave uh Considering uh the fading that all still Does great job The um the really uh interesting thing About these uh Mega structures is uh that To build a mega structure of regular Material uh you would You know the kind of material you Were used to uh not dark matter but Regular matter Would be very um very Much intensive and tons and tons of Material be almost impossible to collect That much But if you were to combine just a slight

Trace of Regular of normal matter in the form of Metamaterial With dark matter and dark energy you Would make the perfect Dyson sphere because it would have Virtually no mass it’d be weightless And then even with a massive uh you know Conventional construction would be huge But it would still be able to drift and Accidentally collide with With tammy’s star if if there wasn’t Some control system to keep the star Centered in the middle of the sphere one Would imagine if you know an alien race Could do all this they probably could Get the trains to run on time and avoid Collisions The way you could do that is to use dark Energy to repel The dyson sphere from the central star Uh And that would effectively make a Cerebral control loop which is keep Everyone in the unit’s place and keep The start the focus of the sphere It would also allow you to create a Wormhole and send the energy collected To other places There’s now some indication that this Object is a Perfect perhaps triangle and If that were the case uh it would be Sort of an indication that they want

Contact In other words you don’t find triangles Uh very frequently In nature and so we’re waiting to hear If that’s what it is Yeah that would be the perfect shape to Signal geometry rather than You know just simple gravity there you Have it This is a perfect way to signal it’s Also If you were to do this with regular Matter it would create tidal forces it Would be huge Which again kind of indicates they’re Way beyond regular matter they’re using Uh tachyonic matter Dark energy and dark matter which kind Of ties in with your show’s name very Nicely Um it does indeed thank you thank you Very much for the call Now it uh it would tie in with the name Of the network everybody’s got to get This straight right It’s the dark matter Network right actually the dark matter Digital network Dmdn uh the name of the show Is midnight in the desert so It is sort of the name of the uh the Network that i think he was thinking of Uh let’s go here to the first time Caller line and say hello you’re on the

Air yes Hi are you indeed a first time caller Yes i am wonderful where are you I’m in cambria california okay Yeah on the ocean and your first name is What Sheila got it Okay i wanted to share with you A past life dream which i had in 2002 All right right away i’m going to ask You You say it was a past life dream so were You The center in other words were you you In the dream That’s a good question and it’s really Significant because That was the first thing that alerted me To the fact that It was a past life i was the person in The dream Um i was inside looking out When i had the dream i was Walking down a street i had i was Carrying A black smallish cocker spaniel There was a man walking next to me it Was windy It was nippy and cold and i remember Thinking This feels weird it’s it i Sheila was in his body but it didn’t Feel right And i leaned back we were walking down

The street And there was shops to the right with Glass And i leaned back and consciously looked In the glass and i saw A woman with black hair Looking kind of like the 40s um You know the the 40 look my hair was Rolled up in the back And right the 40s you know look Sure and the man next to me was tall he Was Thin he had glasses and he was leading A golden cocker spaniel and i knew Instantly there was some Signature that came from him and i knew He was my husband Of present day wow also yeah Exactly and i went wow and all of a Sudden I had a download that’s the only way i Can describe It a rush of information correct And what i knew was that i was in Chicago Now i’ve never been in chicago in this Life And i knew we were going to a hotel ryan And i knew that i sang in a band Holy mackerel yeah and he Was the band leader or he played in the Band i wasn’t quite sure He seemed to be kind of like my boss but Not exactly

And i knew that we were intimately Involved as More than just friends and he was Married And not to me and as we walked Toward the hotel it was You know the doorman that opens the door And it was a nice It’s a hotel like in the movies And he said hello good evening that and And we walked in and kind of like he’d Seen you many many times Before correct and and and we were It there was a respect in his greedy Okay And i knew that we were on the big band Circuit Whatever that was i knew they were in Chicago we had been in We started out in florida we went to Where was it in the south not new Orleans somewhere in there and then it Came up to kansas city chicago And we were heading to la at the time i Had a friend who was kind of a An uh older well she was an older lady And her husband Had been um a band leader for mgm Grand yeah And so she was familiar with those kind Of things she’d Gone to parties with ricky and desi Or desi and rather desi and lucille ball And all that and in that crowd so i

Called her up and i asked her i said Polly is there really a big ben circuit And she says oh yeah There was a circuit of course and so I know how i died i died in pneumonia So you know i know you didn’t die of Like an angry ex-wife No but it’s interesting because i went In I’m a very cute i’m a writer so i’m very Curious minded And i went in and did some Googling you know searching and I found because i know he died of Alcoholism He was an alcoholic so you’re telling me You Googled up your ex life Yes that is so cool That is so cool and and you know you’re Right Google knows everything yeah i found a Singer that That was in his band Not married to him of course and he was Married i found a singer Uh a band leader of that died And he died of alcoholism all right Listen i i got it i gotta go we’re at a Break So thank you for the story right naughty Girl But what a story yes google is good for Some things right

Ah I’m telling you Come on men and women skype call Midnight in the desert at Mitd 51 that’s mitd 51. it never occurred to me that google Is an amazing resource In other words if in a dream or in Whatever state You get an indication of another life With some Factoid that you can check out google Would be invaluable So in this uh new day and age of google It may well be that we will if we begin Doing it Actually nail down this whole past life Business and be able to prove it There is nothing like google it Virtually knows everything well not Everything but close right so if you get A detail Now there’s a great way to check it out On Uh let’s see our first line Not that it matters in reno i think You’re on the air Hello hello hi art First time caller been listening to you For years I’m a retired airline pilot i’m your age I’m 71 years old

I’m 70. oh okay i got you got you by one Sorry about that Anyhow um this Goes back to 1958 this is a past life Experience i believe Okay i when i was a kid in san jose in 1958 i was 13 years old In those days san jose was pretty much Pruned orchards and we used to play in This old barn And on the wall this old barn Was a tombstone epitaph Newspaper stuck on the wall Of the gunfight at the okay crawl with Wide earp Okay which i thought was pretty Unusual you know why wouldn’t it be a Local paper But it was a tombstone laptop so i took It down And i in those days i used to hang out At a A gun shop in san jose a fellow by the Name of dutra He was a real good gunsmith and I showed it to a man that was in there And he said can i borrow it and i said Sure of course i never got it back right I’m 13 years old i was gullible i gave It to this guy And i never got the paper back okay so Here about six months ago my wife and i Are both Into uh old western guns from

Italy your birdie and we go out in the Desert we we dress up like cowboys Once a month and go out so anyhow i got Back into Studying about wyatt earp like you say Google okay and The other night i don’t know if this was A dream or what But i got woke up and white earth was Standing by my bed Oh well that’s um yeah that’s that’s not A Prior life experience here that’s that’s A ghost White herb would be a ghost so if wyatt Earp was standing by your bed Hmm that’s ghost Sorry um i would be I would be more than a little concerned About that um I wonder what would trigger something Like that just pure delusion Or it doesn’t sound like any sort of Prior life experience to me it sounds Like the Ghost of wyatt earp right let’s go to uh Cynthia on skype hi hi Um my craziest cast life experience has Been that i Was having flashbacks and with uh Um of somebody else and with uh My flashbacks in my current life you’re Kind of breaking up on us a little bit Here

Is this better uh well it’s it’s okay as Long as it’s Okay okay um Anyway i did some research on the Internet and i found out that this Person i was having the flashbacks of Was actually had existed and had died Two years prior to uh when i was born Wow um that one counts uh that sounds Like a prior life to me Like i said that’s the craziest one i’ve Had i’ve had a lot of uh Experiences that i believe were due to Past lives But that’s the craziest one i’ve had Well we appreciate the craziest Uh that’s for sure Um there’s really got to be something To all this right all this Other life experience that people talk About or think Represents a prior life and yet I’m kind of biting on the whole thing i Think that um Reincarnation is probably the way that It is And that’s i know it’s going to Disappoint a lot of people and i’ve Already got a lot of people On the computer suggesting to me that i Have my Religious views uh in a place where they Shouldn’t be I’ll leave it at that hello there you’re

Uh on the air Uh good evening art this is your buddy Milly I got another good scary one for a weird One for you here I’m not sure if this is past lives Or what it was but i’m going to explain It here You be the judge i am Okay back in the 90s they had uh This thing on discovery channel i think It was that uh They were talking about going into those Little tiny uh Tunnels in the pyramids yes with little Robots Yes and they didn’t know what it was for Well Okay i am pretty good at doing obes i Can do them awake Not all the time but if i get it’s like Your your guest said last Night that you can’t be the driver and Look at look at the scenery at the same Time That’s right so yeah so sometimes i have Trouble but that day I had no problem i’m i obed myself Into that hole and down in there and i Went to the door And went through it went into the one Door opened it up Went into the other door opened it up And you’re going to laugh i opened it up

And inside of it Was a whole bunch of people now these Were people from Older ages the i there was an old lady Cooking And heavyset old lady cooking there was An old man sitting on the table A guy that had one leg there was a Little kid huddled up in the corner There was this weird looking thing that You mean to sound like a star wars bar Almost like yeah there was there was Straw screwing around on the floor And and the strangest thing when they All see Me they started singing hail hail the Gang’s All here and i just I now in my mind you know they kind of Told me You know i wanted to know what it was i Went around it was kind of like I don’t remember it was a long time ago And i was kind of talking to some of Them And they said that they’re me And i just kind of at one point This was like an entire group of people Wait wait a minute people who have Actually been you In prior lives greeting you that yes That is what they told me and at one Point i just got so freaked out i kind Of like

Backed out and i know with obese you Back out of where you go Of where you are you go backwards into Your body and i Backed out of that tunnel so fast and Popped back into my body pretty cool It took me about a week to tell my Husband about it because i was just i Didn’t know what to think But hail hail or the gang’s all here Yes yes i’ve got it uh well we’re having Quite a variety aren’t we Everybody’s having fun there’s my gavel I’ve got it it doesn’t sound very good Does it here How’s that also not very good Kind of interesting so these were all Different ages That were greeting this lady pretty good Stuff Actually let’s go to uh kurt on skype Hello Oh no oh yes i’ve got to turn this Up i’ve got to turn this off here one Moment please Oh no problem uh yes always prepared to Turn off your device It came quick yeah well uh Jumped over there my lord well Uh do you still have that firebird that You had back in the 90s Firebird trans am sir yes 98. 98 Life titanic you were on the titanic

Yeah wow with my girl Um As a boy young boy i had dreams of the Titanic And then i did a research paper in Junior high and then another in 1985 In my senior year and then after i Graduated They found it in september of 85 And then my girl that i love her Birthday and james cameron have the same Birthday What happened when you went down just Cold cold i just remember i See cold i see cold gotta go Hello there first time caller line you Are on the air Hello art hi hey how are you tonight I’m uh attentive what’s up sir Hey i just wanted to call and uh share This weird happening that uh Has been occurring to me for about 10 Years and i really didn’t Uh i’ll meet people Just random people out in public that Swear that they’ve met me before i don’t Know if It’s like one of these weird occurrences Where there’s like a doppelganger I suppose there could be somebody like That out there Um in other words you don’t get out a Lot But uh your doppelganger does so

People recognize that i mean and it’s Just random people That swear not that they’ve just seen me But that They’ve met me and uh it Hasn’t been but For the past couple years that i’ve Really started taking it into account And it was really bizarre just recently I mean this happens Probably at least once a month Sometimes up to four to five times a Month imagine how horrible it would be If your doppelganger went around Borrowing money from people and never Paying them back so You know all you’d get is people coming Up demanding money Yeah yeah well um It hasn’t been until recently like Within the past week that i’ve had A very bizarre Encounter that Involves this happening and it was at a Convenience store came out of the Convenience store and went to get into The car And some guy slagged me down and he just Started a conversation with me said Hey how you doing and you said man it’s Been so long and and You know it’s been like a year since i Talked to you and i’ve never seen a guy Before

I remember faces and so i was he was so Excited to see me i just acted like i Knew him And talked to him for about 20 minutes And then i get in the car with my Girlfriend and He’s like he doesn’t i have no idea but He knew me So rather than going through the uh no Story i don’t know you bit you just went Along And i guess he just thinks he uh had Another conversation with the great guy That he once met right Yeah and he was so excited to see me i Didn’t want to disappoint him Actually that was a very kind thing of You to do sir Very kind Let’s go let’s see um i I realize i’m not giving people enough Time here let’s go outside the country And uh say hi sean Well hello hello yeah um Ah never mind never mind Oh sean so that was just sort of a Stupid trick On never mind really That might have been a response to my Trip so i probably deserve that Right uh let’s go to uh I think brandon hi Hi eric it’s sure it’s nice to talk to You again good to have you

Um what prompted me to call this time Was Your show last night about um past lives Yes And there’s another radio show on the Dark matter Radio network called epic voyages are You familiar with that one No i’m sorry well Well this um particular show Had a guest richard house md And he had talked about many things i Guess he’s He had a book out called between now and When how my death Um made my life worth living and He had touched on reincarnation and And what you’ve discussed tonight with Some people um Made me think of of this particular Interview And i think that and you can tell me What you think or maybe other people Will call in About the purpose of reincarnation or Past lives And what drew me into this particular Man’s Um story um was That i guess when we are if we do Come back as as different people in Different circumstances whether it’s Returning as a as someone who is Extremely poor or returning

As someone who’s extremely rich Makes me think that we’re supposed to Grow or learn from each experience To become more i don’t know More enlightened or more aware Or or closer somehow well that’s kind of The The story that always has gone along With reincarnation That you are constantly improving Yourself in Each incarnation you’re a little better Striving Eventually to get to perfection and then Move on Yeah and yeah and i i think I think there’s some truth to that don’t You There may well be i know i’m nowhere Near it Um well i i do have to say something to Well just maybe it’s kind of these shows Kind of opened my mind a little more i Just recently became a A roman catholic earlier this year i’m An adult obviously but was baptized as An adult And i i’m learning i’m still learning About the faith To a large degree there’s so much to Learn but this is something that i never Really considered because This gentleman seemed to be it seemed to Be so insightful he had quite the career

Before he Decided to write this book as a doctor And and some of the things he was saying Just really Made me stop and think about how for Example ignorance leads to knowledge or Suffering leads to bliss ignorance leads To knowledge And suffering leads to bliss Yeah you you’re referring to uh another Incarnation Right i mean if i was to return to a Maybe a if if i go into another past Life where there’s Extreme poverty or something like that Right which i’m not obviously Going through right now but maybe if i Had to If i do uh reincarnate in that type of Circumstance i guess That would be a big uh learning Experience as well I guess but um i just wanted to call and Share that Well thank you very much i don’t know i Don’t know what the Uh rules of reincarnation are or are not Let’s go to uh skype and Shark sharky is that right sort of right It’s just a Silly name okay thanks for having me on Mr dog Happy i i just like to confess actually The first time i called in uh i

Accidentally called you on the International line My bad you mean you didn’t really get in Earlier with the White noise I would i would have called it and i was Gonna go nuts about it i was really Curious what you had to say about the Superstructure that’s really been Captivating me lately God somebody out there noticed My god did i ever notice i went nuts About it well thank goodness somebody Out there did The evil roland almost cut me off Because you thought something was Going wrong with the transmission Jim and i were on the same page there But I remember when i when i actually first Heard you Many many years ago many years ago to me Anyway five years Ago uh i used to listen to you on Internet radio uh I don’t remember exactly what the Channel was called that does your own Recorded shows Right and they always left out the date On them I was trying to call your old minds Because i was so captivated by the show And uh of course i never figured that Out because you know they always left

The dates out they cut that part out Right but then i learned that you were Actually coming back and I’m so thrilled to hear you again i Really am well i’m very happy to be here And um I think that this incarnation of the Show Since we’re talking about incarnations And so forth Is the best ever it’s uh clearly to me The best ever oh certainly and and it Was actually your Show that really really got me into Thinking i’m not i’m not a religious Person um I was i was born to a family that had Very heavy religion on both sides Both their mothers and their fathers Very devout and For some reason they just dropped that They didn’t they didn’t carry on with That Um so the the whole matter of the Afterlife never really It was never really something i thought About until i started listening to your Show And the more i think about it i always Try to take a very I guess moderate approach you know so That if you If you decided one day just to speak to Somebody about it they wouldn’t uh

Sort of you know blink their eyes and Walk away well you know i I think that we’re upsetting a lot of People really i do uh Based on the messages i’m getting Because you know Uh you can go to a part of the bible Where it says a man shall only live once And then be judged that’s it you know So if you talk about reincarnation they Get upset You can’t avoid it but my take on it is Very peculiar And it’s much based off the question you Know does when a tree falls in the Forest and there’s nobody around Does it really make a sound and yeah it Does And in my mind though i wonder When we observe death from an outside Perspective when we’re not the one Experiencing it It is to us instantaneous the person is Gone They flatline no more right but In my mind i wonder us as Three-dimensional beings right We experience space we we observe it our Mind is Inside of reality and i wonder To their perspective if they have one The person who passes Is time suddenly over to them Because you know that that’s the fourth

Dimension we have is time And i i wonder if to them Is it all over instantly like might as Well the universe has ended Final great mystery isn’t it we don’t Know the answer And that’s what causes me to explore Things like Uh reincarnation it’s just One possible answer there are very few Absolutes right Why we’re here what our mission is On earth and what comes after these are Questions that probably are not going to Be answered in this lifetime So nevertheless the urge is to Try so whether it’s reincarnation Or its ghosts or its ndes or it’s So many other things it’s all looking In the same direction and that’s kind of You know What’s next going to uh laguna beach i Believe hello Hello hello going once going twice Go on uh to new salem hi Smart bell that would be me this is Bernadette from into the night facebook Fan page that’s a pretty big fan page Huh You have so many fans they just love you You just would not believe it there are Quite a few different pages out there It’s amazing but uh into the night they All love you

They all love you very kind it’s a it’s It’s an Honor for me to talk to you i have a Quick story My fiance unfortunately passed away And i dreamt of him and i dreamt he and I had a long conversation And at the end of the conversation i Gave him a hug And i said well i love you and I guess i’ll see you in the next Lifetime like i knew what i was talking About And i woke up and i said oh my god what Do you mean next lifetime Do i have to redo this again is it a Different life i didn’t know But the end result is i’m not going to The light Oh really i want to go to the i don’t Want to go to the light you in other Words you don’t want to do it again I don’t want to do it again and i think It’s a trap Maybe we’re going through the birth Canal again you and john We’re coming right back out you and john Well see that bothers me a lot I too i well because Uh now you have put more doubt in my Mind about the Correct direction upon death I i just i just think it’s a trap i Don’t know

I don’t know i’m going to hold off i’m Not going to the light Okay well you know if you go on the Other side What are you going to do i haven’t made Up my mind yet i guess You know when the moment comes i will Choose a direction All righty sir always a pleasure to talk To you uh-huh have a good trip Wherever it is you’re going wow I had a feeling she was quite serious She didn’t want to do it again And and in in a way i get that too and So she intends to go to the darkness That’s just one of those things that you Can’t unhear There are certain things you cannot Unsee some things you cannot unhear Some things you just can’t forget that’s One of them and thanks ma’am i really Appreciate that Sort of backed up what john said let’s Go to our first Time caller line you’re on the air hello Hello hi um Uh i’m just calling because uh you’re Talking about the uh Past lives and uh i have the This episode in my head that i’ve had The from like a decade ago i guess that You had That’s always been running through my Head so i just thought i’d call it and

Uh Talk about it for a second because it’s Just i think it’s a pretty amazing story Go ahead um it was about like a lady That like I guess she was like the assistant to Like a time travel the guy The guy that invented the time machine In the future supposedly And uh i guess who are we Who are we talking about here she was Like a lady that it was the guy that I guess was you had on the show that was About um Uh uh alien abductions And a lot of guys about that yeah he was Studying a lot of alien alien Abductions for like all the common the Common Oh uh are you talking perhaps about dr Uh jacobs maybe that’s who it was And like he had a book about it and it Was like all the different kinds of Common You know and there’s most of my guests Have books but uh Dr jacobs talked about abduction and Also talked about Half human half alien creatures that he Believes are on earth now Uh yeah i think that might have been in This country It was a lady that was like on a Spaceship

And she’d been abducted and put on the Spaceship and there’s a man with like Blonde hair Yes and he he would like psychically Talk to her but like Um not like verbally and there’s like Soldiers around the ship and stuff And he would like show her on a screen Her like other lives and stuff Now you’re kind of getting out there Where i’m not so sure Yeah and in in her future life She had uh been the assistant to Somebody or she was going to be the Assistant to a guy that invented the Time machine And uh he would take her back to like he Had a project with the time machine Where he would take her back in time to This place where they Which was the pyramids i’ve got to be Honest with you you’ve completely Lost me oh really yes yes Utterly okay it’s a pretty crazy story i Don’t know But yeah yeah it is um and i’m sorry i Don’t recall it um i have had many many People on the show Telling you know somewhat tall tales Uh some of which could be absolutely True or Others but that sounded like sort of a Compilation of many people that we’ve Had on the show

And i’m not exactly sure what he was Talking about Somebody else will call and say well i Knew hello you’re on the air Hello hello hello am i This is jackie hi jackie oh hi It is that’s my name in this life and my Last one it was catherine Really yeah i i’m very interested in how I you know you can possibly know that Well here’s how it all started uh when i Was a teenager I had a dream listen can you can you Hold on Can you hold on i didn’t realize we were This close to a break but i have to Break They make me do it thank you Okay we’ll pause For some information and entertainment And we’ll be back with the Jackie Um When i was down To initiate a dialogue sequence with art Bell please direct your finger digits And call 1-952-225-5278 that’s one Nine five two call art all right i guess I better straighten something Out looking at the wormhole screen

Everybody’s saying art Where are your cats why didn’t they get The mouse Okay so here’s the deal folks I built my radio studio in our guest House we own a house adjacent to the Main house Another whole house that’s right and uh I bought this house originally so i Could put up my antenna Pretty weak reason to buy a house huh The truth i bought the house just so i Could extend my antenna So we thought well we’ll use it as a Guest house And rarely have we ever had that Opportunity a few times Uh bob and sucrane and a few others but Basically Um it stands idle so when it came time To do the radio show again I thought uh well i certainly can’t do It from the main house because my Studio or radio room which is now my Amateur radio room Is adjacent to my daughter’s room who is Uh You know just eight years old so i would Obviously wake her Up and that led to the decision to build The studio here in the guesthouse So i hope that straightens it out uh i Really do And let me go ahead and grab this

Overseas call and go back to the lady That was on the phone you’re back on the Air man Oh okay um i was telling you this is Kind of how it started for me Uh i had a dream when i was about 18 and It was so Intense and uh when i woke up Uh i felt as if i had just been on fire So i woke up and i was in a sweat And i was panicked you know how how you Would be if you were Actually burning and then it just stuck With me And then about seven years later Something like that Had the same dream again and i thought Okay this is weird so i started thinking About it more like Why would i be burning up and what was Going on and So it just stuck with me and i kept Thinking about the reasons why that Would be happening And and what the room looked like and And i remember thinking that i wanted to Open a window And then so i was like looking toward The window and It started from there i kind of saw the Inside of the room saw the outside of The house and Started seeing you know things about That

That experience there and i started Seeing myself sitting on a stone wall And i was laughing and i don’t remember Why and then So memories started coming back and i Realized that i lived in A town called stonewall mississippi okay Yeah And so i started talking to my husband And uh He he kind of if he said it kind of Sounded familiar to him too And so we were kind of shooting ideas Back and forth And some of the things that he Remembered were what i remembered And we realized that we knew each other Then in another Life oh man that’s a cool story That really is a cool story 20 years ago Yeah and we realized we’ve been married Before in several different lives Dad same brother yeah and even my son This is really hilarious in one of my Lives one of my sons was my horse Okay we’re gonna i’ve got so little time Left so i’m gonna have to leave it there But That was a good story can you imagine a Man And woman uh sort of slowly detailed by Detail realizing that they were Previously married my goodness Pretty good one i would say um let’s go

To The phone and say hi you’re on the air Hi This is wes from fort wayne indiana hey There Hey how are you doing well yeah i’d like To oh go ahead I said i’m doing well oh well Hey i’d like to tell you about an Experience i had um about two years ago I was at home sitting in a chair And i closed my eyes and then all of a Sudden i Am on a slab and i can’t move There are two beings to my left they are Like machine creatures And they are communicating to me telling Me to stay calm everything’s fine And i like ask them what they are and They we’re all one And i look around and there’s like this Bustling city around me there are like Creatures moving about like living lives Apparently And everything looks more real than this Reality ever could And then like so it was a world of Machines Yeah and i kind of feel like where was The machine Living in a reality that’s sort of built By them So we can experience biological life That’s pretty interesting um

You don’t you don’t find uh after that You get a craving for Little three in one oil or something [Laughter] No but i do feel better about the Afterlife I don’t feel scared or you know anything About dying Like i do believe we continue beyond This existence For sure still worried thank you about The Lady turning into the darkness cause Said she uh she doesn’t want to do it Again ron Hello on skype hi eric how’s it going It’s going great Call from x montana i wanted Oh who told that that craft was a Triangle Sir you’re kind of all broken up on this Here Yeah you are something about a triangle Yeah you said that the dresden sphere Was shaped as a triangle okay no i’m Please listen on the air we can’t Continue with that what i said was There are some scientists uh this was a Legit story the other day not what i did Earlier today Um there were some are some scientists Who Believe that if it turns out to be a Triangular shape

In other words in essence a perfect Triangle that that would be The sign that it’s an alien civilization And they wish to communicate you would Not find Uh perfect triangles in nature that was The Uh sort of the angle of the Discussion so if it does turn out to be Essentially a perfect triangle That’s an alien civilization trying to Say hello trying to say Hey we’re out here and so forth we’ll See The uh big dishes are pointed that way Uh let’s go to uh royal oaks Michigan royal oak michigan i guess Uh yes can you hear me art i hear you Sir Um it was a I guess about eight months ago I had a uh A strange uh dream and Uh in this dream i was uh In what i think was a museum And i saw a whole bunch of I think i think was a museum or Something built out of someone’s home And i saw a lot of uh well i think we’re African artifacts okay And uh someone uh handed me a Business card and Uh on this card was a name that is Spelled

O n e s I l e and i’m not quite sure how that’s Pronounced And uh I uh I remember what the building sort of Looked like Not sure what what the way you know Where it was But uh after i woke up from that dream I googled that name And it’s a uh it’s it’s a first name Actually and um it Appears to be uh french And um the thing is Is that uh i i found several spellings Of that name Uh including o n e s i l e As well as uh o n Well my point is is that i did not know This was a name I had never seen this name before I never heard this name before i did not Even know how it was pronounced But uh it was it was it was in fact Genuine and um Yes i had uh uh It was something i’d seen in a dream or Heard in a dream that i’ve never heard Of in real life Okay and when you checked it out so And when i checked it out i found that On I found i guess it’s pronounced on the

Side On the ceiling uh And i’m not sure what’s what What that’s all about but it is in fact It’s something i’ve always Only heard for the first time before I’m i’m afraid i’m i’m all lost i’m lost With what you’re saying Um i’m i’m not getting what you’re Saying I mean i hear what you’re saying i just Don’t get where you’re going My point is i’ve i’ve seen or heard a Name In my dream before about that and i’ve Never heard in Real life i did not even know it was now You went to And you found somebody in your family With that name is that what you’re Saying Not even my family not not connected to You at all No and uh That seems significant to me in the Sense that You you’ve you’ve heard a a Name you’ve never heard of before and Then you find it i i’ve got it okay well I don’t think that that necessarily Adds to the conversation of Reincarnation Exactly but it was a sort of an Interesting story

In uh las vegas you’re on the air Las vegas yes hello oh good Uh this is joe on the other side of the Hill right got it Okay uh well first i want to compliment You um You’re one of the very few hosts that Actually say Or say your piece about global warming And i’m very proud of that i’m very Proud of you Very few people as you know Conservatives talk radio that this is All a myth So i applaud and that’s because most of Talk radio Is right wing um politically i never Thought Come on and secondly your guest Uh the other night the regression i’m A very cynical person and i’m very Skeptical about a lot of things and of Course i Love your radio program because it Really puts those antennas up But that gentleman was so credible And so believable because is that he Would admit things that He would simply say i don’t know and That’s just a refreshing thing to hear Yeah i love that i love it when people Don’t know and actually just say i don’t Know I love it because too many guests i’m

Sorry to say Are in the category of um whatever you Ask them If they don’t know they’ll make it up Yeah they bloviate you know Their authorities on everything and you Know they pinpoint it But this guy to be fair you know there Aren’t that many Authorities on uh the whole idea of Many lives or reincarnation or any of That there’s not many authorities uh but This fellow was Really really good yeah i hope we I sure hope you have him on again i just Want to let you know that my wife and i Our favorite thing in bed is to have to See you Just losing me well uh Your bedtime needs some work there my Friend uh While i’m glad you’re listening i don’t Know that i’m i’m glad that i’m your Favorite Thing uh in that anyway um Hello you’re on the air louisville Kentucky Yes yes yes yeah i was just uh wanting To comment on the megastructure Um if you imagine this a star Like our own and then take a plant size Of earth And then you have a megastructure going Out about that distance

You know you’d have to imagine the earth Being the size of the molecule of that Structure So the amount of matter that would be Required to make it you know Would constitute millions if not Billions Of the entire mass of several star Systems it would So that’ll that alone you know kind of Makes it unlikely however you can also Just snap your fingers and just have it Appear proof there it is The gravity its own gravity would it Would cause collapsing on itself It would fuse and in all likelihood go Ahead and Within this couple minutes create a Pretty powerful singularity Otherwise even if you could just yeah Even if you could just Magically make it appear it wouldn’t it Wouldn’t last very well Well i don’t know listen we’re talking About The possibility of an alien race that Would be able to control the power of a Star As described by uh dr kaku right so Uh one would imagine they might have Ways around these things If they could manipulate the basic Principles of the universe i don’t think They bother making mega structures

But you know that i’d say the mo the Likelihood is that what you have is a Very dense cloud Structure around the star that you know Imagine like the wings of a plant like Saturn uh the same kind of thing just You know they never The problem with that theory the problem With that theory sir Is that uh these Light um dimming and then Brightening is very sharp indicating That it’s a very sharp Structure of some sort uh where a cloud Of some kind as you’re talking about Would Lead to a much slower dimming and a much Slower Brightening as you came in and out of Something that Was of various density yeah i understand But when i say cloud i was trying i’m Using that as like to explain the The density would be such as to be Allowed to exist like Uh basically like the thickness in Relation to the rings of saturn So even though it’s very thin uh If you were if the siren was putting out Flight you were getting the dimness from It it would be very sharp In and out okay well that Remains to be seen it’s a fascinating uh Adventure we’re on right now isn’t it

Uh yeah but but mainly you know it’s the It’s the The fact that that much matter couldn’t Be there without itself Becoming at the very least be careful About saying couldn’t be Uh almost anything could be Uh what we need to do is keep doing the Science and find out what Really is Well i would i’m a big science fiction Buff so i would love it That there was such a thing and just Unfortunately my physics training didn’t Allow for it so No um well uh Your physics uh training should allow For the possibility That somebody is um Thousands and thousands of light years Ahead of us Which they would be in theory if they Could make something Thin enough and i mean very thin And but then you’d have the problem of You really wouldn’t hold to it if it was A structure like let’s say you wanted to Have it where you were on the side that Was facing the star Sir what do you think would happen if i Could take my iphone 6 back and show it To somebody In 1900 I’m sure they would be impressed but it

Would still follow the laws of physics It would not to them Not to them sir To them the laws of physics at that time Absolutely made impossible something That complicated and small I mean they weren’t even Anyway i hope you get what i’m talking About so No yeah maybe unlikely but hold out the Possibility it could be i can’t believe This program is ending They all do this they end too quickly so Everybody have a wonderful weekend In all 25 time zones out there from the High desert Good night You