5 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

By | November 7, 2020
5 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

Curses It is said can be placed upon all manner Of objects It is believed when someone uses or even Touches these malevolent artifacts They can cause irreparable damage to Them and even the entire world If these stories are to be believed Cursed objects Do exist and can be deadly In 79 a.d an eruption in southern Italy would tremble through time forever Staining the pages of history A devastating incident that entombed at Least 1100 people This was the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius And the place that it buried was pompeii A roman city Home to up to 20 000 inhabitants at the Time of its destruction For centuries the city slept under Pumice and ash Perfectly preserved awaiting rediscovery When it was uncovered by archaeologists Throughout the 19th century and later In the 1920s the well-preserved corpses Of many of the volcanoes victims were Found Lying on the ground face down shielding Their faces with their hands at the Moment of their death Today the ancient and ruinous site is One of the most visited in italy

Usually attracting some 2.5 million Visitors Each year an illicit but surprisingly Common practice for many of these Visitors Is the pilfering of fragments chippings Of stone and pieces of ancient Mosaic from the devastated city in 2005 A canadian tourist known only as nicole Engaged in such thievery snatching two Mosaic tiles Fragments of avars and shards of Ceramics from pompeii Souvenirs of her trip and pieces of History that couldn’t be bought In the course of the next 15 years However nicole suffered such Hardship that she regretted ever having Taken the artifacts The fragments of the city she claims Were cursed Fifteen years after her trip a travel Agency in pompeii received a package Postmarked to canada but with no return Address from nicole Containing the stolen artifacts and a Letter of apology The travel agency forwarded the package To the local police In her letter nicole described how bad Luck had plagued herself And her family ever since she stole the Fragments I am now 36 she wrote in the letter and

Have had breast cancer twice The last time resulting in a double Mastectomy Financial woes have also haunted her Family since 2005 Preventing them from getting ahead all Of which she blames on the objects she Took Which she considers to have so much Negative energy because of their link to That land of destruction In returning the relics to pompeii and Apologizing for her careless act She hoped to appease the gods and lift The curse that they had placed on her I don’t want to pass this curse onto my Family she wrote in her letter Whilst nicole’s story might sound overly Dramatic She is far from alone in her claims Shortly after nicole’s package arrived The police received another containing Yet more stolen Artifacts and a similar letter of Apology may their souls rest in peace Wrote the couple who had returned the Items massimo osana the archaeological Superintendent of pompeii Has reported that he has received Hundreds of similar packages in recent Years From all around the world containing Items taken from the archaeological site Invariably the letters which accompany

The objects Speak of terrible bad luck brought about By possession of the artifacts One such letter from south america Reported that a stolen piece of stone Had brought the thief and their family Trauma after trauma if great acts of Devastation have the ability to scar the Fabric of the place that they occur Then pompeii must be scarred indeed So much so that the very stones of the Ancient city are cursed And that any who remove them are Destined to suffer the wrath Of the gods For hundreds of years the manuscript of The orphan story has stood still the Reason for its neglect it is claimed Is a deadly curse contrary to what you Might expect The book is not about anything overtly Sinister It was written at the beginning of the 17th century By martin de leon cardinals a spanish Augustinian friar Born near malaga the story centers on The adventure of a 14 year old spaniard Who traverses the spanish empire during Its golden age From the high society of peru to the Sacking of cadiz The book serves as a vivid and honest Portrayal of the times and as such

Is considered to have great academic Value many have been attracted to it Over the years but it has never been Published until Recently many believe this to be because Of a curse When the manuscript caught the attention Of the peruvian academic Belinda palacios she was given a warning By the teacher who sent it to her According to palacios they said i must Warn you The novel is cursed you must know the People who worked on it before have died Palacios dismissed the warning as a joke But then received a further warning From professor raquel chang rodriguez a Distinguished scholar at the city College of new york She warned that the manuscript was known To be bewitched and that she had heard Of at least two renowned academics who Are thought to have fallen Prey to its curse it is alleged that Antonio rodriguez monino and the spanish Professor william C bryant both perished whilst working on The manuscript In addition to this palacios herself has Stated that amongst those who died of The curse one succumbed to a strange Disease And another met their end in a car Accident

These are of course the known deaths Associated with the orphan’s story It is impossible to know if there are Others who have been afflicted by its Curse Over the centuries after such warnings Palacios began her work with trepidation So shaken by the story she had heard she Even instructed her friends to burn the Manuscript if the curse revealed itself To be real causing something Terrible to happen to her no one else Would be able to succumb to the Temptation Of pursuing such deadly work happily It seems that the curse may now be Finally broken In 2018 thanks to palacios’s efforts The book was published for the first Time in history In the 1890s the welsh city of swansea Decided to rebuild their saint mary’s Church A central place of worship it was an Important task And several architects were invited to Submit their proposals for the new Building The job went to the acclaimed architect Sir arthur blomfield A decision which left another a Competing local designer Angered he had wanted the job for Himself

And took the rejection badly some years Later he designed a red brick office Building across the road from saint Mary’s And gave it a distinctive feature a Horned carving of satan Facing the church still angry at his Rejection The man cursed the church prophesying That his devil would remain laughing When your church is destroyed and burnt To the ground Years later saint mary’s church suffered Extensive damage When it was bombed in february 1941 on The other side of the road the devil Looked on grinning and free of damage Imbued with his creator’s curse He watched the church burn to the ground Eventually the church was rebuilt and The vengeful designer’s building torn Down And replaced with a shopping center Somewhere along the way however the Swansea devil went missing He was later discovered elsewhere left To rot In a garage anxious that he be returned To his rightful place Watching eerily over the now restored Saint mary’s church He was repaired and placed as close to His original location Inside the shopping center as possible

There was notable religious objection to The horned figure’s reinstallation Ultimately however public favor for the Swansea devil was stronger with him Becoming Affectionately known as old nick as of 2019 His home is the city’s museum there he Sits behind Glass with local people whispering that This is more for our protection than it Is for his The patek philippe henry graves super Complication Is considered to be the most beautiful Watch in the world It is also one of if not the most Complicated mechanical pocket watches Ever created having taken eight years Three of which were dedicated to Research alone To make after it was commissioned by the Banker henry graves jr In 1925. the watch has 24 complications 24 functions beyond the display of time Including a perpetual calendar the Phases of the moon A record of sunrise and sunset times and A celestial map Including 500 golden stars of new york City as seen from the window of graves 5th avenue apartment Most remarkably the functions before the Age of computers were performed

Mechanically And so the supercomplication is a Timepiece of superlatives It is one of the most beautiful watches In the world one of the most complicated And after being sold in 2016 for a Record 23 million swiss francs The then equivalent of 24 million us Dollars Certainly one of the most expensive it Is also if these things are to be Believed One of the most cursed watches ever to Exist Just seven months after graves took Possession of the pocket watch his best Friend Passed away and a short time after that His youngest son George was killed in a car crash his Eldest son harry having also Tragically lost his life a few years Earlier in a similar accident Years later when graves was in his 60s He took his daughter out boating one Afternoon He is said to have been in a dour mood When his daughter questioned him about It Graves supposedly pulled a large watch Out from his pocket Before lamenting how such things bring One nothing but trouble If the story is to be believed graves so

Disturbed by the watch and the Ill-fortune it had brought him Very almost threw it into the lake there And then Only to be stopped by his daughter after Graves death the watch stayed in the Family for a time Before being sold on the 2nd of december 1999 For a colossal 11 million dollars it was Purchased by a member of the qatari Royal family The sheikh owned the timepiece for many Years before deciding to sell it With sotheby’s announcing on the 10th of July 2014 That it would be put up for auction Later in the year on the 11th of November Just two days before the auction date However the sheik died Aged only 48 after suffering Complications from a heart condition The auction still went ahead being Purchased by an anonymous buyer for a Record sum And so the location of the infamous Supercomplication Is now unknown On the night of the 16th of april 1939 The lights went out Across cairo egypt five minutes before Tutankhamun’s trumpets were scheduled to Be played

After thousands of years of silence by Candlelight James tapen of the british royal hussars Regiment Played the ancient king’s trumpets on The radio for the bbc 150 million people heard the sound Some believe the trumpets had a military Purpose in ancient egypt Whatever the truth the instruments seem To have one now for it is said that the Trumpets soon brought the world the Deadliest conflict it had Ever endured when five months later Britain declared war Against germany the melody of the Trumpets would not be broadcast again However egyptologist hala hassan Believes that the magical powers of the Trumpets extended beyond That great conflict in 1967 Before the six-day war that engrossed The middle east it is said that the Trumpets were played again Then in 1990 a student who was Conducting research on tutankhamun’s Artifacts Blew the trumpets soon after they Sounded the gulf war Erupted most recently a week before the Revolution broke out in egypt in 2011 During a documenting and photographing Process one of the staff

At the egyptian museum where the Trumpets are housed blew the instrument These incidents have sparked a legend That the boy king Used these trumpets to herald the Beginning of a new War with depictions of powerful egyptian Deities Carved onto the instruments this may Very well Have been the case it is also an eerie Parallel to consider that it was a British soldier who sounded the trumpets In 1939 Much in the same way as an egyptian Soldier might have done before their Country went to war As well whether or not these instruments Are actually imbued with a curse With the power to ignite war is of Course up for debate But after more than one incident Connected to their playing pure Coincidence Starts to look less like reality as the Egyptologist and curator of the Tutankhamun collection At the egyptian museum hala hassan has Confidently said Whenever someone blows into it a war Occurs Thank you for watching just a quick word Before we finish regarding my Documentary in search of the dead’s

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