Alien or Demons (GUFON and DarkHour Paranormal LIVE discussion)

By | November 6, 2020
Alien or Demons (GUFON and DarkHour Paranormal LIVE discussion)

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Updates on this fine Luxurious evening we have none other Than goof on radio In the house and dark our paranormal In the house tonight and we’re Discussing a little subject which is Aliens or demons So without further i’ve only had one gin And tonic i swear Without further ado here’s the boys Edu what’s going on alien addict how you Doing today I think i’ve drunk too much already For a stout i thought we’ve already done This once they don’t know that But i thought it was live and it wasn’t This is the unedited edited version um I love what you thought in your living Room dude you know how long it took me To put these lights up and and get Everything the lighting the clock And uh all this stuff we brought it in From uh Where was where’d they shoot this in Ohio wherever it was And we’re renting out the living room For the weekend Starting now well they got the fourth Season coming up so that’s appropriate Yeah i feel like it’s gonna be a dark Winter it’s missing some It’s missing some green need some green In there

Do need some green oh let me see Yeah yeah i got some green right here That like took your shoulder out as well Um That was weird i can’t see through it so It’s kind of hard Boys thank you for joining me tonight it Means a lot to have you here Uh i know i’ve interviewed you both um Solo but but this is different for me I’ve never You know i’ve never had a threesome Before Yeah i have to say i’m joining this Experience for the first time myself Ollie so uh if nothing else Guys at the end of the show we should Just take notes and see what we could uh Well see who liked what really i guess Yes Not my first threesome it is with men Yeah so so guys uh constructive Constructive uh criticism Save it till the end of the show To be fair i’m gonna struggle to read The chat anyway but every so often I’ll be there you’ve got me in spirit People So we are with speaking spirits we are We are talking tonight Even though rich you did think we’re Going to play a computer game Sorry but the funny thing is nobody Corrected me on it

Nobody said what are you talking about i Was telling everybody we’re going to be Playing video games talking about the Moon nobody said no we’re not Yeah let me do something i didn’t Sorry that makes sense though did you Think i was prepping you the other night Yeah when i said rich come i’ll teach You how to play this game yeah i mean i Just i just noticed you walking around In a circle at the end of your show and I just thought i felt a little bit bad So far I need to show this guy even though i Had no idea what to do But yes aliens are demons people This is the question and i think it’s a Very good question Because when i first started this Subject I was all for aliens and i was pretty Much An atheist but but now I find myself i’m i’m i’m dabbling A little bit but i feel that you two Know a little bit more About the uh spiritual side of this So i i don’t i don’t even know who to Start with i mean Should we go by uh should we go We’ll go by the the best room and rich We’ll take that to you because it’s Uh it’s uh it’s definitely Even though dark dark hour yours is

Fantastic but it’s a rich Yours is this is brand new Hands down take it away rich this is Unbelievable i know thank you Yeah you know demons we’ve talked about It on unidentified last year season One episode four it was called reigning Ufos and lou elizondo towards the end of That episode Talks about how he tries going one step Further To finding the truth by asking Permission if he could investigate Something And the general or whoever it was says Lou are you kidding me they’re demons Man They’re demons i ain’t gonna let you Have any access he actually said that That was my reason for leaving atip or Whatever They wouldn’t let them investigate any Further In or into specific uh government Um you know ufo reports It was very interesting and it made me Think about it recently Yeah they’re demons i don’t think many People have actually delved into that Enough to to whether he was just like Speaking metaphorically No no it’s a very christian old Like our government is good right and And i think dark hour paranormal

Probably Knows this like me that this goes to Deep Christian roots you know that when they Built this country And it goes back into the belief in the Bible Now it doesn’t have to do anything with Aliens but if there are Aliens they’re demons that’s because the Bible said In its own way i guess there’s demons Out there And maybe that’s what they maybe they Know their demons maybe they’re not Friendly and if they weren’t friendly Wouldn’t they be hurting us physically And Visibly on camera wouldn’t people be Catching any of that So it’s a very confusing twist on the Alien Thing here you know what i mean i don’t Know i i don’t know I think that ghosts and aliens may be The same so maybe if we can go that way With it It’s possible you know i’ll be honest With you i think that there’s A lot to really be explored in this Because it is sort of a new correlation In so far as i’ve been able to see and To be honest with you we gotta Really start at square one you know

What’s the definition of a demon what’s The definition of an extraterrestrial And how would those uh you know two Entities have similarities Only then could you really draw a Conclusion and now rich mentioned Something very interesting about the Religion Because there’s a lot of Cross-interpretation of what an alien is You know you talk to somebody who’s Deeply deeply religious in a biblical Sense And perhaps they’re calling et’s demons Because again that’s what the bible Might say Uh and that’s their understanding that’s Their interpretation of what it is and Yet they’re not getting the full picture To bring uh demonic forces And you know extraterrestrial Extraterrestrial energy together I think right now is sort of a stretch And in my belief there Are two different realms of existence And You know who’s to say that uh A demon could be an alien you know why Why could that be something Plausible why couldn’t this demonic Energy exist in and of itself the way That Perhaps indigenous people of the land Were familiar with these negative

Entities that didn’t necessarily call Them demons As we do today but they call them Something else and we’re more in balance With that Whereas you know the extraterrestrial Presence you know we see that written All over in different ways and recorded Throughout history Uh in a different way than perhaps some Of the uh spirituality and demonology Has been I i couldn’t put it back myself The thing is for me if you stick a pair Of horns on on The you know the the logo here Uh my logo in this on on your picture um Which i need to move it over i don’t Know how if you stick a pair of horns on That that’s a demon In my eyes sure it could look that way Absolutely But then the question is where does your Interpretation of a demon come from And how does that relate to your Experience uh understanding and Researching extraterrestrials how did You come to that conclusion That this is the image that that makes You think that uh you could look at Something like the codex giga Where you know there are plenty of Illustrations of what people would Consider

Old world devils and demons but again That’s just another interpretation maybe They don’t look anything like that You know yeah i mean you’ve You’ve got rican It my friend you you’re gonna give me a Freaking heart attack That’s awesome oh awesome wreaking havoc Dude And joshua i will come to you in a Second but we can have it mate jesus Save you save you say go go buy yourself A bma but thank you very much Yeah i’ll be getting myself a beer i’ve Got Come visit me and i’ll buy you a beer You’re only about six hours away pal Come on thank you mate I really appreciate that guys the the Love is amazing Yeah but these these joshua as well Thank you mate i Really appreciate er every every little Helps for these small Youtube channels um because we we we uh Youtube doesn’t particular particularly Agree with their These little channels anymore these These little ufo channels we kind of We feel a bit unwelcome on the platform Youtube sorted out If that’s youtube if you’re watching This send me a super chat now

Um guys I i think what we said what we’re saying Is Is that we kind of They could we could we could be totally Deluded Into thinking that this is From a different planet and it could be An alien It could be a demon it could be Spiritual it could be a ghost You know what if we’re wrong Then they’re aliens yeah but what if We’re wrong about them being aliens Then they’re demons what are you saying They come They’re neither or they could just well If they’re either or then it’s aliens So you know one of the other but what do You think it’s like a mental thing we’re Like Seeing this stuff in our brain it’s Misfiring or something or Picking up energy swirling around Well both of you guys have interviewed Many people now i mean rich you’ve been Doing this For 15 years and you’ve spoke you’ve Spoken to people About abductions and when you sometimes Spit recently from me speaking to people About abductions Sometimes these abductions sound to me Almost like possessions

I get that impression and that i think That’s what’s been Swinging me towards that’s That that side yeah so if they were Possessions Then the abduction scenario could be Them taking your soul for a ride Dude you just blew my mind that would be Well no it’s what if they are taking Your soul what if your soul Is you your essence your your light You’re the being we don’t know where we Are this could be a matrix or Just a different dimension reality we Don’t know that’s the beauty of it all Until we die Well it’s kind of curious too uh looking At You know abduction cases versus Possession cases and You know even just looking deeper into The abduction cases there have been many Instances where somebody somebody’s been Physically taken and they have that Memory maybe immediately after or maybe Years after Uh so there may have been some sort of Brainwashing or Some sort of interruption in terms of Interpretation for the person so they Wouldn’t remember that But either way they were abducted Physically now there are plenty of People out there walking around

Saying well i’ve been abducted through Dreaming and from my understanding In my research that’s very much a Possibility because Although for you and i to sit here and Say you know the soul is in the body And we have this sort of esoteric Understanding of what a soul is between Us or the energy that you know Is who we are uh i believe that there Are beings that are much more highly Evolved In those sciences so to speak that Understand How to remove a soul and and perhaps Inject a soul into the body and You know i won’t get into some of the The black projects that have possibly Occurred even here in The united states but that sort of Activity was purportedly done Through uh you know technology in the Last century So if people just saying if people had Some of this Uh technology and knowledge of how to do This it obviously came from somewhere And we could debate What that is but if the inference is That it came from a higher Uh civilization in terms of what they Know uh Then they could do you know run circles Around us in terms of what we understand

About the possibilities of reality Do you ever think that it’s possible That There is both For example on an Alien planet maybe they have their own Alien ghosts i know that sounds weird no Sure no no no sure Yeah i thought of that yeah yeah why not If it’s organic it would And within the confines of let’s say This immediate universe i would assume Uh that it follows the same laws so why Not I mean like i said sorry rachel no you No no no All right me i forgot what i was gonna Say I can’t believe it that’s true i can’t Remember what i was gonna say Oh okay we always assume That not always but we we tend to assume That aliens are smarter than us just Because they can go faster Or jump to another dimension that Doesn’t make them smart it means they Just figured that out I think we’ll eventually get there but They could be ass uh Jerk offs you know who knows they could Be me they could be really nice Kind i mean i bet you there’s you could Run the gamut on all different Personalities with these aliens because

We hear about it in abduction stories So but one thing that i have a problem With how do they dissolve the body and Abduct it through the ceiling i guess They Tear our molecular structure apart like In a star trek Yeah type of thing well what about Creating a synthetic Merkaba or electronic sorry um Electromagnetic field around A person or a an object yeah i mean They have understanding of how that is And you’re right it doesn’t necessarily Mean that they’re smarter than us they May have just evolved in a different You know direction perhaps being on par With you know or In parallel with uh the rest of the Species of the universe but again Branching out Either that or they’re like really good At taking out a window And then replacing it you know they’re Very good at diy [Laughter] It’s got to come down to vibration and Frequency i think somewhere along in There uh Is vibration and frequency manipulation Yeah That’s true yeah it I always go back to when people keep Because

You must have this in the comments of Your own channel when when if you’re Ever talking about subjects of aliens People say The demons the fallen angels this that And the other And then they’ll start getting spiritual With you so So my argument to them is you know if God created us Because i’m not saying i don’t believe And i like i did start out As an atheist But if god did create us why stop there Why stop at one Planet you know when you when you draw i I draw and i like to create stuff Would i am just going to create one Model am i just going to create one Picture I’m going to carry on creating For any gamers out there you know i’m Sure everybody’s played Minecraft that’s a gamer yeah Do you just do one minecraft project or Do you make another world Do you get bored of warning do you Change it up a little bit Do you know what i mean maybe that’s god Yes Yeah well what do you think I i am having a hard time thinking all i Know is That it is really really really

Difficult to figure this one out Uh yeah i don’t know man I i didn’t have an answer when you asked I was just uh trying to follow along and Think You know what are they and stuff like That but uh so rich Rich rich yeah i’m going back to you a Second there because the One of the main reasons and and it’s Similar for for dark hour One of the main reasons why i i i do Want you on is because And i’ve warned you about this before You’ve played about with the uh Seriousness out here oh lots of rubbish That’s beer doesn’t do the same thing uh As a nos um that wasn’t a pure No it was like it was it was horrible Um but you’ve dabbled into things like The ouija board Yeah and you’ve you’ve seen things That you cannot explain yeah Captured it on camera too Shadow person yeah exactly exactly So but at the same time you’ve captured Some of the best ufos i’ve seen You showed me that one the other day and I’m like holy [ __ ] that’s amazing How how come that is not blowing up and It didn’t Come it didn’t back when i started right Yeah back When you should be and this is it needs

To be reintroduced to the world It will be it will be I’m working on it but you know what i’m Saying this is why i wanted to get you In on this conversation because i know How much You’ve been through a lot of [ __ ] And you’ve dabbled with the ouija board Right So you have a base coming into it sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you No no no no no no yeah that’s the words Out of my mouth So your what was your question nah i got You sorry You were drinking it’s not really a Question it’s more That this is why i got you why i got you In on it so This is why you must you’re you’re Mainly a ufo researcher yeah would it Would it be right by saying that And you would be right and wrong but You’re right it’s about 70 30 ufos to Ghosts But yeah and i hope you don’t mind me Saying this but in our personal Conversations The experiences you seem to have a very Spiritual or you know and i try not to Think it is spiritual but i i don’t know If it is I’m not a spirit i guess i’m a spiritual Guy i don’t i

Never read the bible from front to back I read it a little bit here and there Even though i had uh what do they call It christian academy till you’re 13. Um excuse me covet so Sorry if anything happens just come to Me Oh my lawyer will handle it uh the ouija Board I the reason i do this because my whole Life i’ve always had a fascination with Ghosts because i actually think i’ve Seen a few when i was a kid And had very strange dreams when i was a Kid too and then when i hit 14 15 you know around that age i Started dreaming about ufos which was Really cool i have to admit um And then you know when i hit 35 36 It’s the first time i ever think i saw One For a quick split second in my bedroom And then Weird things like that because i’m Delving into it i’m a researcher that’s Why I mean that’s it’s not anything else Other than trying to find out what is This stuff can i document it Can i be the first person to get this in History and Have a conversation with it and find out Where they’re from or if they’re there Or is it my imagination creating this in

Front of me A lot of people think it could be your Own brain waves creating this effect And hallucination maybe that’s why not Everybody sees the same things i don’t Know but Yeah man i’m into it i’m i go in there I want to know what’s going on before i Die Because i want to be prepared i guess i Can’t I can’t believe how many things have Happened to me And i don’t know if i’m crazy I haven’t even told you guys half of What the stuff i I’ve seen i just don’t because it’s I’d be the crazy guy in the corner if I’m not already So you’re willing to say and admit to Yourself that maybe maybe It’s it’s me yeah that’s the problem Not all the time things move you know I got the spoon that’s possessed i love The spoon Yes the spoon is awesome that’s been With me uh What 17 18 years now it’s crazy This from day one with that freaking Spoon Um and i saw my dog’s bowl move about Three to six Inches i got that on video posted it and Everybody said i faked it

So i said all right i think i faked it That’s interesting that’s what i That’s what i hate about the field Because it what happened no trust me What’s that yeah there’s no trust yeah Even though It’s me who preaches you know never fake Anything This and that if i captured something I’m faking it too So i could understand the frustration of Somebody being called A faker and a hoaxer if they’re not it’s Kind of why i got away from doing a lot Of that type of Calling out because i’m not there and i Don’t really know but the obvious stuff You can tell But this is you’re talking demons you’re Talking abductions you’re talking ufos God Where does it all come from is it tied Together that that’s what i want to know That’s why i do both sides I was wondering what happened hey one Second i’m Getting a little lag here oh there’s no Worries right no worries Yeah i know what you’re saying rich and And this is this is the thing Hang on one moment there okay okay Back we’re here you are about yeah yeah What i was saying Daca what what’s your take on that

Okay uh so my thoughts are that you know There’s a difference between A researcher who is doing this sort of Work because He wants to find out if it’s real and Then share that with the world and Somebody who Perhaps has had their own experiences And are convicted already that it’s real And they’re perhaps doing this to Further their understanding With perhaps a secondary focus on Distributing this to the public so When somebody comes to you and says well That that shit’s fake man You faked that uh it’s gonna hit you Know either person A little bit differently in terms of you Know how they’re gonna take that sort of Criticism Uh how do you get to one point or Another i don’t really know i think it Just depends on the person and what You’ve been through and what you’ve seen Uh and with what you’ve experienced how That ties into your beliefs So such a great point it is different For everybody isn’t it That’s what’s so difficult about this You can go back to the same haunted Place and it’s different every time you Go It’s incredibly personal these Experiences and you’re trying your very

Best it’s like trying to record a dream Sometimes You know you know you’re going through It you’re experiencing it you have the Tactile sense and you try to convey that In any other way man Uh it’s a very difficult task and i feel That you know chasing the paranormal in Terms of physical evidence Especially is very much like that Great way to put it it’s like trying to Record a dream Do you think it’s dangerous chasing the Paranormal That’s a huge can of worms doesn’t i uh I say It is and i used to say it and it isn’t Uh you don’t know you that adage Be careful what you wish for because I’ve always I prayed to be abducted i prayed for it Why would anybody do that well for Research and to see if it’s real But dang it some of the stories of People Coming back with bruises and wearing Other people’s clothing and Being you know physically touched and All that other stuff that goes with it It’s scary and what if like what Happened with me with the ouija board You can get a spiritual Attachment spirit attack or something Whatever happened to me that

That permanently ruined my voice from The rest of my life Having that thing happen you know i used To do Impressions and i can’t do half of them Now because i can’t get to that That place yeah rich do you remind if we Reverse a little bit with that and You kind of you you tell a little bit of The story there with With what happened to your voice i Didn’t realize that affected you in The long term rich no yeah it did yeah Okay Yeah i know it sucks Well you know i i did the research i Wanted to Use the ouija board because a lot of People said don’t touch an ouija board And i’ve had one since i was a kid So i i go you know i’m gonna try to Reach out to the devil You know that’d be great for you know Content for the show And uh well i i documented and recorded Which i’m Making into a little document about Myself and uh Did 125 ouija board sessions trying to Reach And make a deal with the devil and i Really was i was going to say you could Have my soul whatever You know and just give me that money man

Give me that cheddar I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck So that was the deal Um find a path for me to make a lot of Money and you can have my soul And i recorded everything uh and never Really caught much i caught What sounded like a you know like an evp It would sound like a pig snorting which I understand is not good and uh dishes Rattling Like like if there was an earthquake and You would hear dishes rattling that I heard that which was very strange Because They weren’t i didn’t hear it um but That happened twice Out of 125 so i figured uh Well it’s bullcrap it took me a year to Do it by the way in case anybody’s Wondering i did the first two months Like real quick and then i sporadically Did it because i didn’t believe in it So it took a while for me to go through All those but um I woke up at one and one in the morning After i did a session and said That’s the last one and uh i didn’t i Don’t know if i told this story before But uh I hear a loud bang and I thought somebody came through the Front door and right outside My point of view on the hallway is the

Stairs because i lived upstairs and they Would have to come from those stairs so I’m waiting for somebody to come up Nobody did i fell back to sleep at 3 a.m I i wake up to take My dog out for a walk come back up those Stairs and as i’m coming up the stairs 30 minutes later Uh i’m eye level with my floor Because you know when you’re coming up The stairs right into your place you Could see in And i noticed that 300 pound wall unit Was 15 16 inches off the wall It moved off the wall not by me So i documented it because you could see The dust you can see how it was pushed You know and that’s the noise i heard That’s what woke me up at one o’clock Was the moving of this wall unit Yeah which is where by the way i had the Ouija board the candles and everything Was in a little cubby Very interesting so that that’s when it Started but i didn’t put two and two Together I didn’t say it was the ouija board i Didn’t say anything about it You know nothing like that i just Figured i moved It and i didn’t remember why i moved it Maybe the vacuum Which never happened uh Then i got the attachment uh

I i don’t know i i didn’t know i was Going to tell this story Ollie but uh because I i know i know that it is it’s a weird Story though that I mean the fact that that kind of Affected your voice permanently that’s And Yeah i had uh i’ve seen you in earlier Videos when you were younger And your voice was different Yeah uh yeah now it’s kind of more Scratchy And uh i i yeah anyway So uh you know one mo uh tuesday I went to taco bell oh yeah i denounced The devil i found a gold chain That had a cross on it and i said i’m Denouncing the devil now i don’t believe In you you didn’t You know you didn’t bind the contract With me and there’s no money rolling Into me so you’re done And by i found this cross and my mother Gave it to me on communion when i was 13 And i haven’t seen it since and here it Is i’m holding it how did i find this it Must be a sign i said So i said my god i’m back and i put it Around my neck And a few days later my voice I you know it was crackling and i kept Coughing And it started hurting and i started

Feeling like i had to throw up and Every time i ate and swallowed there was Like this reflex Like i felt like i had to throw up well Friday came around And every breath i took made me feel Like i had a gag you know Made me feel like i had to throw up and I did And from friday night until saturday Night it was literally 36 hours i was Laying on the floor In the bathroom i threw up stuck my Whole fist down my throat just so i can Keep throwing up Um but what i didn’t realize was well i Went to the hospital make a long story Short Sunday it was father’s day and i went to The hospital my parents met me there And three hours later after taking X-rays and all this The doctor comes in he asks me if i’m a Magician and i said what do you mean and My looks at my is he a magician he asked My parents no Are you and i said no why and he goes Be honest with me because what i’m Seeing on your x-ray doesn’t make sense Unless you’re You’re doing something i said what and He’s like are you A sword swallower and i said no What and i look at my dad and he goes i

Said no i’m not a sword swallower why He goes well i had to ask because your Esophagus is bruised from top to bottom And the only way that could happen is if You were attacked Like somebody choked you or you’re Putting a sword down your throat And you’re damaging yourself because It’s your whole esophagus and he showed Us The x-ray and it was all Dark and he said if this was in color it Would be all purple that’s how bad your Throat is And the reason you’re feeling like you Have to throw up because you’re it’s Spasming Your throat is spasming so i’m going to Give you some this and some of that you Should feel better But stay away from the sword swallowing He tells me and i’m like i’m not You know and i i had uh The next night was monday and i was on Somebody else’s show and i couldn’t talk I literally had a very hard time i Should pull those up and hear how bad it Was And and he goes dude you had a spiritual Attack And i said from the ouija board i what He goes you put the chain on where and It attacked you because i talk for a Living and i do the show so everything i

Have is because of my voice and it Attacked me where i live And i denounced the devil put on the Necklace Welcomed god back into my life and the Devil i think uh Showed me uh yeah you’re you’re in Trouble I don’t know um but i i said But i found out i never closed The doors to the every time i opened up The ouija board So i had over 150 because i’ve done Other things with the ouija board during That time So i didn’t know it doesn’t come with an Instruction booklet at least mine Doesn’t but But you would think i would know that Right you got to say goodbye you know And close the Portal that you opened up but i didn’t And it could have been The reason why if you believe in that And i still I’m on i’m not on the fence anymore i’m Kind of almost believing in the Spiritual side of things now because This is It proved to me twice that i should Never disrespect that ouija board Um and whether that’s a mental thing i Mean that’s why i always say maybe it Has to do with your own brain

Uh the way your brain thinks And fires is like right now i’m looking At you there’s a certain emotion of Feeling a firing of my Brains of neurons and whatever and if i Remember this Three hours later it’s gonna fire the Same way so the universe doesn’t Can’t tell the difference between Thought and reality And that’s why they think uh your brain Has a lot more activity other than just Helping us move around in this meats act So if we can get attacked by something Like that it could be something Spiritual Electrical that is bound to the earth Some way or another because i believe The planet is alive I believe it i don’t know i mean it Seems like it breeds and Has its own you know well it does have Its own ecosystem It’s the earth yeah idiot But anyway we’re just living in it and We don’t understand it i think and And the ouija board proved that to me And Uh in a very profound way and i’m still Suffering from that I think in some respects it’s good no no I was just gonna say very quickly i was Gonna say i think in some respects As we dive deeper into these sort of

Experiences And even look outward in some respects Uh We’re realizing that thought and reality Are actually synonymous Yeah it’s just a matter of how long it Takes That manifestation to occur so for Example if you have a flashing thought Of you know you’re walking on the street You see a guy and he looks like a guy Might mug you so In very quick instant you have this Vivid thought of this guy mugging you And how you might get away and so forth But then you just go on your d With your day because there’s actually Nothing there based in reality at that Moment Now if you were to continue to think This about every person you come across Uh The theory is that you’re putting Intensity behind it you’re putting Intention you’re putting emotion whether It’s through fear and you’re doing it Sort of Unintentionally or you’re doing it Intentionally and that’s where we can Start talking about the secret rich Um you’re gonna get that manifestation Eventually And they say i’ll just add this at the End that

If you are to kind of look at reality in The sense of dimensions as we do The third dimension has a specific set Of variables that cause it to vibrate at The function that it does that being Said only certain things are Allowed within that range of uh Frequency and for example thought that Moves possibly quicker than anything That really exists in the third Dimension therefore takes Longer than perhaps if you were to cross Over on the other side you don’t have The same limitations you’re in a fourth Dimensional state And then whatever you think instantly Manifests and so forth Right wow so that’s yeah God know what you’re going to say rich No no i wasn’t i was just agreeing Well he is he’s a very agreeable guy and A good looking one at that We’re all good looking men here real Good looking let me tell you i think I think about too much drink um Dark hour this before i get onto the Alien greys Or or whatever they are whether the Demons or anything like that This is why i wanted you on the channel On this particular video is because when I interviewed you last you spoke about When you visited a uh there was a Cemetery

Where you possibly took a witch home With you And the other one where you you went To a was it an asylum It it was actually it was a prison camp That had an asylum on it at one point so You’re not wrong Where you saw the shadow figure So your experience with that In your opinion is that On the spiritual side spiritual in the Sense that we’re putting it all under The same umbrella yes Because it’s something that we’re Defining outside of traditional belief And i think in a lot of ways What we blanket statement you know uh Spiritual as can be You know anything really intimately Connected with the person in terms of Getting in touch with their inner self And so forth obviously that can be more Expansive as you go outward however Uh to answer your question i mean yeah It falls in In line to that and because you’re going To use tools that are not physical To navigate that experience once it Comes to you Uh i think by definition that would make It sort of a spiritual experience yes Not necessarily the preferable one but a Spiritual experience nonetheless Actually uh john’s got a good question

On wait john Is actually coming on next week uh next Saturday guys yeah With um do you remember david the guy That i blurred out That was talking about his experience That’s gonna Yeah i’m getting them both on together Um But john’s saying here um why do some People How see these things some people have no Non experience whatsoever Well well i’ll be honest with you again It comes back to Uh personal interpretation and Perception perception is a really big One What dictates perception uh a lot of Factors that go into That uh culture for you know belief Uh it could be something physical you Know whether you have Floaters in your eye and you think You’re seeing energy in the sky Uh there’s lots of different factors That go into that Um so i guess you know the best way i Could say is You know everybody again we come back to Everybody is different everybody’s Having a different experience and the Continuity that we agree on we actually Call reality

As a collective uh by and large though If i was to perhaps sit in isolation Somewhere away from everyone else and In the world in general i would very Much have a different perception of what Reality is Um and you know maybe there’s a way to Come back from that maybe there isn’t Maybe there’s a way to teach people About some of the things that we’re Finding maybe It’s they’re not going to be receptive Um that’s that’s what i would say That so this is from steve Um has has any of you guys seen Anything that’s actually on youtube The uh that that is that you would Consider As real that’s a hard one to answer man Especially in this day and age i think All of it is very subjective and you you Really have to Take it as a possibility when you come Across something That looks like it’s real and i think This is why rich does what he does in The ufology field Where you know he’s really presenting All the reasons it could or couldn’t be But at the end of the day i think in Terms of the videos and stuff that we’re Finding these days that’s what we’re Left with The speculation yeah i think we’re all

We’re always searching for proof I mean i remember when i first started Out on youtube there was a lot of videos I was looking at Thinking wow that’s amazing and i’ll Show you mates have you seen this This is insane but Then after time i’m like i look it now And i’m thinking That wasn’t the ufo that was fake That wasn’t a ghost that was fake and i Can see how it was done Um but It’s it is a minefield it’s a minefield That we’re dealing with i would have a Much better time if i was dealing with Like a gaming channel or Reviewing tech or whatever you know than Doing this But this is the hobbit this is what i Love And the interest with this now I think is going to a different level And I have no idea why there is nobody else Like You’ve got ttsa which is considered like The cream of the crop when it comes to Ufo research i i know rich you’ve got Your Uh your opinions on that they’re not Even Close to the cream of the crop um But nobody kind of mixes the two

Together No i know you mentioned about about ttsa Vaguely saying something about demons And i remember that show But nobody kind of is asking that Question You know could these things actually be Not from elsewhere in terms of elsewhere In It on a different galaxy a different Planet whatever Could they be from a like a different Kind of World a spiritual world could they be From Could some of them be from a demonic World i mean you you look at The stories of the nephilim you look at The stories of fallen angels you look at And sometimes i’m asking myself these Days Is there some truth to these stories but What the [ __ ] part of my french Is the point in the little shiny discs That we see in the sky Yeah because they’ve been around for a Long time they’re in Frescoes you know the art the the one Where the Guys pointing up and seeing the beams With the dog i think that’s the Mary mother mary and jesus baby i’m not Sure what it is Uh but um they’ve been around

So why are they here that that would be The first thing are they are overseers Are they the gods are Are they manipulating everything we see Because our brains work that way it’s Amazing how our heart started What started the heart and and when it Stops how do we restart it With jumper cables it’s weird it doesn’t Make sense You know where does that energy come From it just starts So i don’t know man this this whole Thing Makes me think that it starts when we’re Gestating inside our mother and when the Heart Starts to form the spark that creates That is what Is that that is us being injected into That That form that body maybe i don’t know If that’s the soul you call whatever you Want But it it explains a lot for me it ties A lot of things together So for me to put that spin on it It that means there could be another Dimension another reality and That really uh that really puts Everything into a new perspective Because if that’s true they can come From anywhere anytime they could be Sitting right here next to me

And we wouldn’t even know it jim do you Remember the show And i know it’s probably been proven as Being fake now but i remember Before i did youtube this was one of the Videos that i Heard probably i was in my late 20s uh I think where the guy rung up uh Was it i can’t say his name the guy Who’s passed away out Bell uh bell yeah am i pronouncing that Right Arsenal yeah yeah um They rang him up a guy rang him up and They said He claimed he was from area 51 and he Said it’s not what you think it is and It was the best acting i have ever heard The guy’s crying he sound like a guy Upset and he’s like holy Cr [ __ ] but then it was kind of Am i right by saying it was debunked to Saying that it was a hoax The guy called in i think a year or two Later and Confessed on air that it was him and he And he Started the act all over again he goes The art bell goes prove it to us it’s You and the guy goes Or don i don’t know man i mean they’re They’re coming after me and he did it And you could tell it was the guy And uh so it’s all bs or maybe it’s not

And he was Forced to say it was all bs That’s what i think that’s a blessing Or there’s people that do great Impressions yeah Yeah so yeah who’s to say they They don’t get somebody who says an Impressionist I mean do you think the people up high Would have people that can actually Intimidate Intimidate sorry impersonate people did You see the guy You didn’t see the guy he just heard the Guy rang in yeah am i right you didn’t See him but Art bell somehow proved it was him by What Was spoken that what happened when he Was on hold The first time something happened and he Said i was the guy who was on hold that Kept getting disconnected or something And he said yep this is the guy because Who would have known that nobody would Have known that And you know if the government had an Impersonator they unless they were Listening to the call Oh well there that that debunks that So they could have been listening in the Whole time and didn’t his art bell’s uh Transmission go down yeah the show shut Off the first call

When which has never happened the Satellite went out That ran the show which only sort of Yeah we built that whole thing up at the Time so if that wasn’t on purpose that Was one hell of a stroke of luck Yeah it wasn’t yeah he that was bizarre And he said that they were um They they were coming dimensionally and Yeah yeah all right but then like yeah And it’s not what they what it’s not What we think it is I think he said they were demons or like I don’t i don’t think he used the word Demons you know Something like that yeah did not sound Alien at all it sounded like That was somebody saying we need to be Careful when playing around with things And this takes me back to To what cern’s doing my concern For certain you know And i think i the science it honestly it Excites me but then when i see that People are actually shooting Well i mean what they’re doing they’re Shooting chuffing atoms at A certain speed around a massive Well i can’t say that the the thing that Hard on collider whatever it’s called Hadrian yeah they’re they’re speeding up Molecules so fast i’ve nicked that by The way off dave

They they get it up to nearly this Light and they’re they’re just Colliding molecules is that all they’re Doing They’re recreating the big bang that’s It Yeah that’s all you know black holes and Stuff like that that scares the [ __ ] out I mean aren’t they looking for the dark Matter Is that with it they’ve been looking Regardless Yeah dark matter i think i’ve got the God particles it’s in my cupboard I’ll find it You’ll see the lightning Man but yeah that that Kind of resonated with me that that that Call And i was like holy [ __ ] give me goose Pimples You know good but but the perhaps the Possibility is there that we’re ready Subconsciously for something like that To pop out um And maybe that’s why it affects us i Mean the problem is this field is so Nebulous Uh no matter which way you turn and it’s It’s sometimes nebulous on purpose So it’s made it’s even harder to figure Out whether it was actually the person That called in the first time they

Called him the second time You know because we’re sitting here Discussing theories of what other Possibilities it could be Uh and yet definitively not one of us Three Could ever at any point really say it Was definitely this guy and i can prove It You know we just you know have to go on What we know Always that’s all we have is what we Know Unless we’re there and even then we Don’t know something yeah most the time Actually Yeah also the There’s what if these creatures Look at our planet and find it because You hear that you hear the thing where Uh they say that there’s a lot of Different species that are interested in This planet And whether it’s for minerals What if they are actually interested in This planet because that Is this planet has kind of like do you Know like that episode of star trek Where it turned out to be fake whether Where the guy Flew out and kirk flew out with his team To actually meet god Remember that yes i do actually and it Was a guy behind

Or something right wasn’t it another Human what if that’s right here And this is why this is why the aliens Are interested In this place Wait why why because Because we found god and they haven’t oh Man And i haven’t i have not found god well Yeah the closest i’ve got i get to go The closest i get to god is after half a Half a Bottle of whiskey you know yeah no I don’t thank you every er er missing Slur slurring here uh mr db cooper my Friend Beautiful um yeah it’s We could i mean this conversation could Go on And i’m planning this boy so i hope You’re in for a long one for about The next eight hours Yeah we won’t find an End to it but why is nobody discussing This Why is the none of the big guys Discussing this i mean gria He he he he um always uh Rims the fact about spirituality and the The the Medicate and medication meditation you Know but he’s very much Their aliens you know they’re coming From different planets

And they’re coming here and they’re Always out at sea Always glowing and i’ve always got a Team that’s paid 20 000 pounds to visit Them Right but i mean i don’t know man you Know it’s Uh you know when it comes to the Conversation of whether aliens are here Or if they’re on another planet or if They’re inside the earth or They’re interdimensional if all of those Possibilities are A reality in some way shape and form i Would imagine that Every single one of those possibilities Could be a reality You know what i mean so it again comes Down to variables and Uh you know understanding our reality if We understood our reality better If we understood the composites that That made the experiences that we have Okay not just you know outwardly in the Physical sense but how we Internally can affect our outward Reality i think we’d be a lot closer to Understanding what Some of the uh extraterrestrials Are giving people for experiences at Least in the way that they’re reporting But you know we’re all very curious Creative individuals that’s The base of humanity and i think that

Curious nature will eventually Pervade every single possibility that Could ever be Because you know if people say god is a Benign Energy and it again i’ve brought this Concept up before Uh it doesn’t have a preference of what The experience is it’s just In it for the experience where you and i Are like oh i don’t want to do that or I’d love to do that the soul’s just like Give me both of them You know so you know if that’s what god Is and it’s just uh You know this energy that is benign it Doesn’t care about what the experience In term of preference Then anything is possible and it would Seek At least in my mind to experience Everything it possibly could Within the realm that it exists in that Makes sense It does make yeah it definitely does it And that That for me and you intrigued me with This dark hour because When i watch your shows it seems very Spiritual Kind of like you you talk about the Paranormal Probably more than you do in terms of Alien it depends

Because i think they’re very closely Connected but i don’t necessarily think That they’re the same thing in my Opinion they probably use the same Highways Right but all live in different cities Uh But where’s your view in In your in yourself with that forget Everything else but Where is your head when it comes to this Because you Must have and rich you must have and i Must have everybody in the chat we must Have A position on this we must have kind of Like Which way we’re swaying to or is the Both are you swaying to both Personally i’m not asking if you swing Both ways Well the compliments you’ve given me Tonight you know and i mean i might try Something different There’s anything wrong with that no not At all no no No i mean personally if you were to ask Me up front do you believe aliens exist And In what sense do you believe that i Would tell you yes i do believe that They exist i think they’ve been here For longer than we have i think there’s The very real possibility that we do

Carry alien dna in respect to different Species Um you know you going back beyond the Sumerians and start looking into some of The history You can find things that are very Curious that have uh Reflected some of the most recent finds In the last 20 years That when these theories were proposed In the 70s 80s and 90s People were like you guys are [ __ ] Crazy uh and yet we’ve Seen some reflections about that now Again this sort of parallels what rich Is saying in terms of are we creating Paranormal phenomena or Is it real um is this our actual history Or Are these theories that we’re projecting Into reality because we’re introducing Them into the collective consciousness So for example black holes we didn’t Find one for a very long time Uh but we kept looking and we kept Thinking that we had You know what made a black hole what it Looked like all the um The dynamics to it for lack of better Word and eventually one day we found it Now did we actually find it or did we Make that part of our reality through The collective focus Yes i believe aliens are real

[Laughter] Hobo melo has it has a good question Here is there a god We’re thinking uh i can’t pronounce that [ __ ] word Monotheism yes That would be a good question Is there a god we’re thinking mouthy Isn’t ideal where You go there were gods um because Because that’s a long time ago and that Is when What we we’ve we’ve all If you look back at the past it it’s Always we talk about god we don’t talk About this Obviously if you look at ancient aliens They say it’s aliens And we they were misunderstood Do you know you know what i’m saying They are well they are what rich They are the gods they so In your opinion the extraterrestrials The The the the a bit like prometheus kind Of thing They’re the ones All that stuff yep yep i do Zeus poseidon they could have all been Well alien i don’t know You have to you know go back like uh What Dark hour paranormal saying i forgot Your name for a second

Uh it has to do with the culture So is it the culture of the greeks or The romans You know to make these huge God-like beings you know and form them In those statues and make them huge and Talk about them like they’re huge Either they were or it’s just all about The culture and gods are just bigger Stronger And they dominate the oh you know when a Hurricane came in You know who was that poseidon whoever Made that happen You know what i mean lightning is zeus And Then you have the god of thunder and Lightning or is it god of thunder Well you you you look at the i think it Was i think it’s the allen that Is it i don’t know where where there’s The guy The statue and he’s got the the lion And the lion literally comes up to his Thigh And this is a statue of like this huge Person and he’s and he’s got this this What you can see it’s a lion And the guy it’s on his fight yeah it’s Got the The hair of a lion and he’s holding it And i talked about this the other day And uh you can see That he’s 12 to 15 feet tall compared to

A full-size lion So that’s that’s really amazing or Are they depicting him as that big yeah Or or the guy’s like Listen can you do me a statue yeah and You see my my cat can you turn into a Lion Uh i want to be big you know He might have just been the you might Just have this Vanity where he’s like i need to be Bigger than i am you know I wanted to be depicted in the future As being a [ __ ] giant he could have Killed a lion Saving the her the fam a family and they Made a statue of him For all we know but that’s not that’s Not how the stories go and Not what you see in the carvings and Everything so you really have to look at All that too You know some people can sit here and Say well that’s very curious you know Maybe there were Really giant people many years ago that We just really haven’t Known about or people are finding uh Bones few and far between and they’re Being whisked off before anybody gets a Chance to really research them Uh but then there are also theories that Propose why that actually might have Been and they connected to dna

And the number of codons that are a Light and they’ve done this Uh sort of as a backward engineer in Terms of The sumerian texts that were uh written And again there’s a whole host of Different Um ancient texts that i could bring up At some point if you’d like Um that sort of support the idea that These beings were definitely More sentient and more conscious beings They were enlightened beings That were very tall and they were from The anunnaki they were the nephilim Um and they were the ones that We look at you know the scripts and say Well they talk about them like gods But if you look a little deeper you can See that there’s a more literal Interpretation Uh and possibly the belief that these These beings were actually 16 feet tall And again they’ve kind of equated this To consciousness levels If you want to get into the esoteric Principles of it as well which is Interesting but boys if one of if one of You could be so kind to read Ginger steve’s super chat for me because A dyslexia man’s struggling with this One but uh It looks like a good question Have you got it on the screen so with

Pantheons of gods and the wealth of Evidence of ancestor worship Our ghosts and gods the same again Thanks for all of your opinions amazing Ghosts and god’s the same that’s an Injury I don’t know because ghosts In my opinion are struggling Struggling to get to god that’s not That’s what they say You know a ghost is a You know looking looking for the light You know Like party guys well if god is It’s the oneness and the oneness Encompasses everything that ever can be And i mean i know that’s hard For us to wrap our minds around that to Believe that there is an actual Infinite uh existence rather than a Finite existence i mean based on the Fibonacci spiral here in the physical Based on the golden mean spiral In the spiritual and so forth um if that Oneness encompasses everything then the Ghosts are also part of god You’re part of god this you know this Rose quartz is it’s god it’s all god Based and divided in different Frequencies What was that you just held hello there That’s a nice chunk of rose quartz Hmm oh yeah i found a piece of The beach when i was a child

Oh it’s a lovely stone very soft but we Can get into that later So but if god’s real who created god But what’s your definition of god I don’t have a definition of god this is Why this is what i do This is why i do this channel we can’t Answer that question You know what i mean you would have to Say the definition of god Is us but wouldn’t god have created a Horse You know what i mean hey you know Everything Yeah well i mean if it’s all encompassed I i don’t i don’t get how I mean well he we’re a part of god if he Created us in his own image To me that sounds like uh creation Not evolution right doesn’t it yeah That sounds to me like some alien Hybridization going on here Maybe we’re taken from other i think i Think humans are scattered throughout All over on different planets like earth Maybe that’s why Maybe because these ets did have some Say in our development maybe that’s the Reason that people For as long as we can remember looked up To Individuals and personalities and uh Figures Rather than a formless energy or

Perhaps just nature they made these like Deities that they could relate to Perhaps Because you know these alien beings had Interactions with us before So i thought i had at the moment here This this this conversation here reminds Me of being When i was a child and my dad used to Say to me If he may be watching now but he used to Say oliver That’s my name by the way what if your God What if there is only you what if there Is oh so This is for the viewer and both for you Paranormal And act uh dark hour Poor guy who can’t say his name today [Laughter] No no my pro my problem is is is is Having a day at work and then Coming back and nailing a few cans of Beer and then going live So they don’t do it guys uh But the problem That i have is my dad Like kind of inflicted this information On me as an early age he said Oliver what if you’re god and i’m like What do you mean dad he says well maybe I’m god and i’ve made you up My father’s actually telling me that

He’s Going focus you [ __ ] sorry uh My my father is telling me That he that maybe He’s god or maybe i’m god Maybe you the viewer watching this i got Maybe you rich dark hour michael You maybe you got maybe you’ve made Maybe all these things made up And we i mean your imagination you’ve Made this up now You’ve made youtube up you’ve made this Platform up You’ve made the whole world that you’re Living in you’ve made this whole 2020 up in your head you know maybe this Is what Is part of like a matrix but it’s his Own matrix Exactly what if that what you’re saying Is absolutely correct With the addition of a collective Creation on top of that One that we all agree in that anchors us Here in this physicality yet we’re still Just the reflection our lives are the Reflection of what’s what’s within us Okay but we’re all co-creating together That’s a pretty wow i mean that would be Almost I can’t imagine that i can ima now ali Said Something that i’ve been saying for a Long time since i was very young that

We’re all gods we are god we create but If we’re creating Our universe at the same time you’re Creating yours How does that all interject and work Together if we all have an individual Reality we’re living in So i don’t know how that works but um You know like we’re all here but if we Walked outside you know At the same place in the same time you Know what i mean we would all see the Same thing But from different viewpoints but how Does it all here It’s just how are we all here rich do i Speak to you Like every day on facebook and you just Part of the program And i’ve made you up but then how did i Me Then i made you up no i’m real So who’s the one god and only then well What about Well think of it this way okay uh yes You have your own personalities yes you Have your own individuality but who’s to Say what you’re standing there looking In the mirror at is the entire you Perhaps your energy is as big as the Force behind your house okay and you Happen to be that one little leaf that Knocked off and fell into the road okay You know yourself as the one leaf in the

Road now You might not even recognize the forest Behind you yeah that’s where you came From Yeah without the vanity guys i’ve got 33 People watching this live chat now So but 22 thing but you see what i mean Rich they’ve got the 33 I’ve got the 33. [Laughter] And 22 likes and uh the out there Channels disliked it so If we give them thumbs up guys um But without the vanity there There sometimes i do think elon is on to Something When he talks about this matrix That it could be a matrix but is but yet He’s trying He’s sending rockets up into space but He says that it could be a matrix How much do you think elon musk actually Knows More than me well i mean more than all Of us Possibly but in the scheme of things but I’ve got 5 000 subscribers that know More than me so he’s fine I think he knows what we know i mean he Knows some technical things of course What’s coming up in the future but I don’t think he knows anything about Aliens

I agree with you on that well you know You never know but Because we don’t know i don’t think so Unless he has been contacted and that’s Why he talks the way he does He knows something we don’t know maybe They visited him maybe he made the deal With the devil with the ouija board i Don’t know If there was a guy to visit right now Would be him right yeah Well that’s interesting what you’re Saying there rich so if elon musk I would think if anybody a space a space Industry Would know about aliens so if elon If you’re saying elon doesn’t know does Nasa Yeah um yeah why Why is why does nasa know i know he’s Been around for longer but why would Nasa know but elon wouldn’t know Well i don’t know for certain but i Would think That because he’s pro he’s a loose gun You know he says things he shouldn’t and He’s too risky Give this guy a secret it’s like given i Don’t know who I was gonna say trump a secret but um Yeah it’s very uh it’s a very str it’s a Good question Elon musk probably only knows technology From man not technology from aliens

So steve is saying so so we so So you agree it’s a simulation we are we Are players Characters who are the npcs Or are we the npcs An algorithm that keeps functioning Alive Well wasn’t it preston nichols that that Said that uh This wasn’t even in his prominent Research this came much later As he was doing his own thing he Mentioned that He did find through some sort of actual Projection Uh that there was some sort of computer System it was a Biological computer system help keep Everything in organization i know i’m Going way left field here right now but Because we’re discussing i’m throwing it Out there uh just as another theory About this being something more complex In in terms of the technological side Perhaps existing alongside of the Biological Carry on that’s a hell of a thing to Think of It’s a hell of a thing to swallow really Just what i said there i mean forget What might come after that in terms of Thoughts and questions you know I don’t know man i don’t know if we’re All in the simulation

You can you never will uh but it does Fill in a lot of the gaps of the Paranormal It fills in a lot of things uh okay talk About ufos You see a ufo go bing bing right well What if that’s just some sort of Um eraser like it’s erasing clouds Really quick or Somebody’s writing something you know on Our little planet here I don’t know man i know that’s a weak Way to uh You know describe it but there’s so many Things so many anomalies like What why would there be a ghost Continuously popping up in gettysburg Because they died and didn’t know they Died that to me doesn’t make sense How do you not know you’re dead you know I When you die shouldn’t other spirits Tell you come on let’s go Is it like the movie ghost where the Light comes down for a second or two and Then it Will come back in a few days after you Figure out stuff you know i don’t I don’t know why would they just be Residually Showing up you know a good friend of Mine Said that 2020 is the year that they are Doing the software updates

What do you you mean in the matrix no no No 2020 a good friend of mine um In the chat he he he said that 2020 is The year that they’re doing the The software updates on the matrix oh on Our matrix That’s why that’s why we’re going Through this this um Craziness curious style we won’t talk About that Um yeah So so we so the main subject is though Aliens are demons but this is very Relevant to the conversation I think you have to kind of dive into Different areas when you wanted to find Something like that you know it’s kind Of Let’s see if i can remember what i was Going to say here you know oh So you know we as human beings we’re all Gathered here right now today talking About You know these things we don’t Understand we can’t explain readily And yet it’s from the same species they Can’t tell you whether it’s awake or Dreaming according to descartes So i mean something that simple i really Think it’s a lot more simple than than We think the construct Uh everything that we’re experiencing i Think there’s a very

Simple common denominator that stretches Throughout all of that now what that is You know maybe we’ll find that maybe we Won’t in this lifetime but i i Honestly think there’s some mathematics Behind that Yeah well when we whenever we’re talking About maths This always makes me think about code You know this this makes me think about Computer code Whenever we talk about the mathematics Behind it absolutely Who’s the guy so i’m going to bring up Something different here I can’t and it’s literally just popped Into my head it’s not even Something that i thought of in the pre i Didn’t think of much to do with Much before the the pre-live stream to Be honest with you But the uh the guy who who drew an alien Grey Like a hundred years ago what’s his name Oh um the cult guy the cult guy It’s on the tip of my tongue i know You’re talking about i can’t think of His name either 100 years ago it was about a hundred Years ago and What are you talking about yes alex alex Aleister crowley yeah he drew that And he’s not a nice guy but he he drew That

And um i don’t know if any dude Darko do you know how to screen share it Or get the picture up but Let me grab that just give me a moment I’ll be more than happy too yeah because You You’re better than this and me uh all Right either one of you but Yeah that that that image yeah Look at that that’s an alien grey it is That was a demon that a demon that he He saw yeah i know it and i think it was 100 years ago was it something like that It was close to that yeah 90 years i Think I don’t know but you’re right it’s it’s Been a while Well why do they connect it uh why does Our government think it’s Demons because that goes into the Culture of their society and the little Cult that they have too Our secret government over here or world One government Rich when you say the government thinks It’s demons You know that there’s that episode of Unidentified when they’re saying it’s Demons but Very much the government when it comes To the pentagon they said that these are Ufos And it seems that the they are very much Going with the

The words aerial fret Right that scares the hell out of me That’s not on the bottom for you i don’t Oh thank you thank you thank you the Reason it doesn’t scare me because Nothing’s ever happened And never will all right here we go There we go yeah that little bastard oh Right yeah yeah Kind of looks like him doesn’t it [Laughter] He does a little bit yeah i think he was Drawing a figure That’s fine we can see okay he’s got the Head He drew david wilcock [Laughter] He’s a scary little [ __ ] in he is he’s Like It reminds me of something from the Early episodes of star Trek um well i’m sure that there was Some influence You know somewhere i mean the science Writers you know very creative people Uh you know but by and large you know When somebody hadn’t started was not out Then when he drew this No no no not at all but they’re gonna Divide um excuse me they’re going to Derive Influences from stuff like that you know What i mean tucked away deep You know back when you know he drew this

And the subsequent years that came after This was not always something in the Public guy you might have had to go in And dig for this somewhere to actually See an experience for yourself Um so you know i don’t I don’t know man you know I don’t know i don’t know how much is uh Uh Fiction and how much is reality Sometimes when it comes to Where people have gotten their Inspiration uh especially some of the Bigger guys That have been doing this for a long Time and well you’ve you’ve got Inspiration from arsenal wells as well You know war of the worlds Oh god yes subjects oh god yes It is a lot of this subject You know is it influenced Do you know what i mean i have to ask Myself that constantly Yeah yeah and and if that’s the case Then my channel’s gone You know well i mean i don’t know it’s Got nothing to talk about i don’t think It’s all that way You know it’s hard to uh you know map The human consciousness it’s it’s hard To See where creativity comes from Sometimes because i believe that not All the time is it just from that person

I think that people can channel Creativity i think they can channel Conversations And not even realize that’s what it is You know they might be Walking around here this this incredible Artist and not realize that it was it’s Just part of their connection To the all and they just have that clear Channel to access that I mean if any of us put the focus to it Maybe we could do the same thing You know within the strengths that we Hold as the personalities that we are in This lifetime You know Do you do you think that there is a Higher power here Do you think that these these creatures Whatever they are have their hands You know on the the strings When it comes to to people Aliens yeah whatever they are without Listen i’m not going to call them aliens Because i don’t know what they are I i refuse to do that anymore rich With the channel i know i’m not going to Change the name of the channel to I don’t know what they are addict but You know i have no idea what they are All aliens do exist it doesn’t mean They’re demons there’s no proof No no i’m not saying the demons but but What i’m saying is

Whatever these things are do you think They control What we are doing in our lives i have Some control over it I think they there may be influencing Powers I think that the aliens there’s Different species And there’s ones that look just like us Or Can look like us i don’t know if it’s in Their dna to Shape shift or whatever but you have to Think about that too Shape-shifting uh reptilian Human hybrid aliens that’s crazy talk But it doesn’t mean it isn’t look at the Octopus The octopus can shape-shift not Shape-shift but Image shift didn’t somebody say that the Octopus Could have come here from i’ve forgotten The actual scientific name for it but Basically on a [ __ ] asteroid it’s Panspermia that’s the one I mean it knew it involves sperm sure A lot of uh things could have come in From the atmosphere most likely uh it Would have to be a big Rock or something because it would burn Up but yeah why not The whole world could be filled up with That but you look at that thing

It is a cooler you know it’s got no Bones It can camouflage it can literally go Nearly invisible When you look at it and it can it can Squeeze itself Into the smallest of holes and Come out on the other side with no brain Damage did any If you want to know what a octopus is Really like Check out on netflix my teacher the Octopus or something like that A guy follows an octopus for 350-something days And it’s an amazing documentary the Relationship he had with it It was intelligent it i didn’t know this About I didn’t know a lot of stuff about the Octopus until then but man I felt you almost cry at the end it’s It’s amazing it was his friend this is a True story So yeah i look i love octopus Right just to eat it i think it tastes Amazing yeah But i i haven’t eaten one ever since i Saw a video on youtube Of a guy that picked an octopus off up Off the beach and he put it back in the Water And this octopus turned around and like Stroked his boot

It came back and stroked his boot and Then And i’m like wow i am not going to eat One of them ever again And they taste amazing i don’t know if i Did that i’d have to stop eating cow and Pig and anything else i could lick my Shoes Yeah but yeah I know what you’re saying though i know What you’re saying if you put a If you give us a piggy shoe it’s going To eat it not lick it Sorry but pigs are smarter than dogs Well they are that’s what they say That’s what they say I don’t know if that’s all pigs but Anyway but they both eat their own [ __ ] Must taste good [Laughter] Yeah exactly uh no Sorry good oh no no that was all i was Gonna say No but yeah that that with the octopus Is interesting Where they were saying that it could Have arrived here from an asteroid From a different planet we could have Well we could have reached but i mean There are other animals and insects that Are you know supposedly under the same Scrutiny tactites are one of them You know darwin says we didn’t Where is that missing link why did we

Have Hair and now we don’t anymore why are do Our eyes hurt when we look at the sun We’re not from this freaking planet i Don’t care what anybody says You know we have to wear clothing we’ll Get sunburned are you kidding me If we’re indigenous to this place how Come cows and Horses and everything else out there Doesn’t need to wear clothes I guess they get used to the elements Outside but Well they have their natural protections Where are our natural protections We don’t have any right when we’re born For the first year we need Help with everything well everything for Years Can’t cook for ourselves we don’t even Know how to talk yet A horse is born it starts walking Same with you know fish and other things We’re different we’re definitely unique To this planet But that’s why i think we’re spread out All over On planets that are similar to this but A lot of planets have methane Are most a lot of the planets that look Like earth have You know methane clouds and atmosphere And It’s not a i don’t think it’s going to

Be exactly like earth So there has to be some sort of Modification unless they’re making the Planets and creating them or building Them I’m saying the aliens if all this is Construct So rich your theory is that we were Placed here I think we were yeah I do and i think we were put down here To survive And uh take over maybe destroy the other Uh Humans that were here pre-humans or Whatever Okay see so you think we’re like we’re Like a virus You could say that why and the matrix Were They called us a virus because that’s All we do We’ve been kind of injected into this Planet to kind of Get rid of whatever was there before No i i wasn’t thinking that i’m just Thinking we needed a Uh they wanted to put us here and have Have us take this planet or see if we Would be uh Living amongst the other pre-humans or Midway humans Chimp half human obviously the smarter Creature would

Prevail you know But uh maybe that’s why we don’t have Fur Well we have hair and stuff like that But we’re not covered like bigfoot Right i had a theory before i Actually knew anything about any of this Before i was even on youtube That um i i always wondered maybe That the dinosaurs had to be taken out Of this planet In order for us to be on it because we Would never have survived in the early Years If the dinosaurs were still here right How could we We’d have been buggered you know Velociraptor no chance Maybe that was uh the precursor to you Know life on the planet that was the Natural course at the time then Something stepped in And changed everything that’s very Selfish Yeah it is for for a race to do that and Then Unless they just look at unless because They’re What they’re saying is that that there Is that many planets i mean there’s more What galaxies than there are grains of Sand On the beach is that what they say i’m Sure all the beaches on

That’s the one that’s the one not just Not just the blackpool beach Um but yeah that’s interesting And maybe planets just looked upon us It’s just life you know it’s there’s Some life on this yeah it’s not Intelligent it’s not intelligent enough Just Listen clear it out we need we need that Planet just get rid of that To them it’s nothing sure just ants It’s sad it seems like dinosaurs were Really cool like You know they had uh yeah you know a lot Of um They hunted and yeah it is it’s fake It’s fake dinosaurs Jeez man why Why would anybody want to fake that for Money i know it’s all about money Did you ever see the guy on joe rogan That the the the paleontologist The big guy with the beard and he was Doing [ __ ] Ape [ __ ] he was absolutely going mad at People saying that there’s no such thing As dinosaurs Oh yeah he was [ __ ] brilliant yeah Going after the flat earth guy that’s Why And then he was saying how dinosaurs did Not exist I found fossils myself on the beach not Of a dinosaur i’ve

Found sharks shark teeth and A trilobite and uh what’s the other one I forgot the other one Urchins i found urchins as well okay sea Urchin Yeah yeah um and uh plants you know you Can you can go On the coast in britain and you can find Loads of fossils Well that was a i think that i found a Dinosaur though Sorry but i think britain was uh in Route into the north american Region at one time it was connected So it’s very possible though yeah There’s there should be a lot of Dinosaurs where you live Or fossils dinosaurs yeah um But how about this the pterodactyls are Still being seen off the coast of hawaii And california I’ve seen this recently on it I don’t think there’s any pterodactyls Anywhere I know i said it funny but i think my Son just woke up when he heard Pterodactyl Why can’t why can’t they exist ollie You’ve seen the black and white pictures Where they’re holding them up though Yeah but a lot of those have been Debunked though that’s the only thing They’re very impressive i’ll give you That

That’s what’s going to say they’re very Very impressive sorry darling They’re very impressive really Impressive I know people say they couldn’t have Made a fake like that back then Sure they could have how would they know How would they know what the structure Would look like well they just copied it From a bat That’s all you do not that hard to Figure out But it looks real looks real back in That early 1900s i think one of those beautiful Subscribers ginger steve has just Made a good point back on the shadow People and ghosts And why we’re in the first place but but I think it’s quite relevant The the fact that people are talking About That there was no such thing as Dinosaurs because all these things All these little biscuits You know have a place in this Conversation Because people have many different Opinions And there is so many people with Different opinions of this subject That’s influencing it right now sorry Darling Um but where do we go

Where do we look when it comes to this Subject who can we trust And how do we not know that these little Shits Are not the bad guys You want to take that one rich nope [Laughter] Uh you know again it’s really just a Matter to me it’s a matter of Garnering as much information as much Research as much Uh opinion as you can and then coming to You know your own conclusion on that Because i don’t think there’s ever going To be a definitive moment where Somebody’s saying okay this is Definitely something that exists Something that we’ve been chasing for a Very long time Such as a gray race or you know a Certain Ghost or whatever poltergeist uh you Know i’d be very surprised if we were Able to prove that Beyond a shadow of a doubt that a Multitude of people would Take that opinion on as well uh in our Lifetimes i don’t think we’ll see it but The best thing we can do is again to Come to our own conclusions our own Truths And what resonates for you when you Listen to somebody talk And this person’s starting to make sense

To you with what they’re saying on these Subjects Why you know ask yourself what is it About the content or the way he’s Talking about it that Seems like this guy might actually be Telling the truth We’re all going to have varying versions Of that you know what i mean what you Interpret off this guy i might not get The same thing But that’s okay we resonate at different Frequencies anyway Uh based on what our path is here what We’re supposed to be discovering and Experiencing along the way So to answer your question a little more Point blankly i don’t think you could Put a thumb on any one individual To say this is you know somebody who we Should all be listening to he’s got Everything Or he’s even closer than everybody else I don’t think there’s just one person i Think there are A lot of people out there in the Different depths of the field That have their own expertise and Knowledge in Certain niches certain corners of it Okay so i Interviewed john back in I can’t remember when it was it was a Few months ago now maybe

Was it last year our beginning of this Year Yep and you both interviewed john John’s coming on next week by the way Guys there will be an interview with uh Wreaking havoc um on his experience with David who is in one of my videos where He’s blurred out But my question is John has been terrified for i think what Is it 25 years From something like that from seeing That them two images Of the two grain gray beans Outside his window That’s terrified and he’s seen the Shadow figures And he’s also the the he’s seen the orbs He’s capturing the orbs whether it’s Dust on i don’t know it Doesn’t look like it to me i i’ve i’ve Sent i’ve sent the video to a few other People But that’s a different video the sad Thing about what’s going on at john’s Place with the orbs is I believe there are spirit orbs 100 Percent And if you watch a lot of ghost videos The legitimate ones you will see An orb and get an evp You’ll see them go right over people’s Uh recorders And or eject out of them or go into them

And then you hear a voice somehow got Recorded or you hear footsteps John i think has got something going on Over there that’s all i wanted to say About that Uh i’ll just add i don’t know how much i Can talk about it because You know i know john shared things Amongst us three Uh but i don’t know what he’s ready to Divulge there is one Bit of video that he captured that Actually floored me And i believe he did send it to both of You uh so i don’t know if he had a Chance to review it and I’ll just you know say i’ll just Describe it very quickly but i won’t go Into detail Um about that essentially he’s now at a Different angle recording his living Room In the dark once again he’s now focused On the couch off to the right It appears like a light shines on Somewhere in the center of the room you Very distinctly See what looks like an apparition move Through the coffee table into the couch Perhaps even look over at the camera and Then sort of like do one of these and Like back up real quick And then just a moment later you see the Light go off

And john can’t trace where that light Came from Uh and again i watched this this video So many times and scrubbed through it Looking at frame by frame it’s You know if he had that standalone video I’d say wow that’s really something man Uh you know you should look into that Further But because of all the other stuff that He has All the other you know video uh footage And Uh faces and orbs that he’s captured It’s got to be connected that’s just my Thinking on that But here’s the thing what did his story Start out with The abduction Yep out the window yep 100 dude i find it very hard to believe That somebody can see two of these Figures staring at you outside the Window Then experience shadow people Experience a a a white lady Then i’ve seen the orb evidence that is Not [ __ ] dust i do not think that is dust Nope i did to start off with sorry john But i did when you showed me the first Videos Um but we’ve been doing this

We’ve been helping them we’ve yet you’ve You’ve literally tried to rectify Everything in the in the living room to Dispro disprove They’ve been dust And how do you explain That’s th this is probably one of the Main reasons for me For the title of the video and i’m not Saying it’s demons i should probably Shouldn’t have said there’s a bit of Click bait there where it says aliens or Demons but He saw two is that is it two separate Occasions Did he just see two aliens outside the Window because he He he described it perfectly as As a gray bottle of vodka You know he described it as as two greys Outside his window And then they came outside his door yeah But yet he saw the shadow figure jump Into the into the wall on the stairs He saw the white lady at his friend’s House He’s seen the orbs he saw the thing on The bus Uh where the traffic lights you know He’s seen I don’t know how much he’s told you guys But he’s seen this These things all the time the odd thing About john’s case is that he never sees

The same thing twice It’s always something entirely different So is this two separate things did he Did did did the aliens pay an interest To him yeah I don’t like it i’m i’m dying to drink This Did the aliens pay an interest in him And then It’s just the paranormal do you get what I’m saying Mm-hmm yeah are these the earliest Links or is it i think are they not Aliens Have we got this figure wrong have we Got my logo Have we got it wrong have i got it wrong No No you got it right it’s just to not or I think there’s different Uh species probably that’s all What do you think so you think all John’s experience is aliens No personally i don’t know I think it’s all aliens you know one of The things you see with some of these Cases is that you know it’s not Just particular to john but when people Have been visited by ufos or been Abducted a lot of times Even if i don’t say a lot of times i can Say some of the time They’ll come back and report that they Now can are experiencing paranormal

Phenomenon and nobody at least that i’ve Talked to Has really been able to link the two Together as to why that’s the case Uh my superficial answer would be maybe You open up a door Uh being abducted maybe they open you up Some way maybe they Mess around with your psyche so that you Know they’re You know opening parts of you that maybe You would do normally on On your own in your own development but They’re forcing them open I really don’t know either be honest With you He just said he just honestly the this Is what Is and it’s probably going to be the Death of my channel if i’m honest with You Because i’ve no because i i’ve started Out This this journey looking at Extraterrestrials looking at chuffing um Ufos i’ve seen ufos myself But i’m so intrigued by The subject of paranormal now and i have No idea why because i know very little About It but Well it’s fascinating it no it’s not the Fascination of it i don’t want it to be Fascinating

I also think there is a connection Somewhere somewhere B this is what i’m trying to nail down Right now So so so john is seeing two What he describes as a what we what we We depict as extraterrestrial grey Aliens At his window that is the story he tells Yeah yes it is are we getting an echo Was he just in my is that no echo I got a miami that’s okay i hear like it Sounds like a television feed or Something but i don’t know It’s fine because it’s probably it’s i’m Not used to wearing headphones What i’m saying is he’s seen Extraterrestrials what he describes as The typical Extraterrestrial outside his window But yet his story goes on and there is Nothing really mentioned much about the Extraterrestrial Other than the the coincidence that Happened on the bus But then again also i’m just going to Throw this out there and i’ll let rich Answer off if he has something to say About this but one of the things that’s Unique with john is that a lot of the Faces which may or may not be artifacts I i can’t tell Uh they happen to look like alien grays Um whereas you’ve seen other people

Catch faces of the paranormal in orbs And so forth And it might look a little ghoulish or You know empty Vacant but john’s consistently Happened to what in the world the Paradox would tell you looks like an Alien Head or something yeah where’s that how Come i’ve never seen that one Which one’s the the the the orb that Turns into Looks like a gray well i have one here That’s the uh The orb you can see what looks like a Three-dimensional person Almost that was like uh Two three weeks ago yeah i don’t think I’ve seen the one that turns into An alien so so i’m documenting it with John Um hope i’ve got lots of videos on here I’ve got over a gig i think no three About three gig now Video footage yeah And the plan is to kind of like tell a Story But john’s story and put that out But my question and i’m not gonna get i Know i’m not gonna Answer tonight but how do you how do you Explain Seeing grey aliens of the window And then you get ghosts is it linked

Are these the i don’t want to say it Because Yeah sound [ __ ] crazy but you know What i want to say don’t you No say it Okay are these not aliens Are they something else yes we call them Aliens because that’s what People were told that’s where they you Know that That’s what we would call them but i’m Not for Your opinion on it I don’t know i really don’t know that’s The honest answer I don’t think so i think aliens and Demons are different but i think if Aliens have technology that’s magical to Us because we don’t understand it then It could look demonesque So so rich you’ve had experience with What you what i would describe And probably what you would describe as Paranormal spiritual maybe demonic i Don’t know Dark hour you’ve got the same thing with With the shadow figures But we investigate ufology and we look At Ufos we look at aliens and we we We talk about them we both talk we all Three of us talk about them As alien as extraterrestrial as Having off-world craft we’ve done videos

On that Right and i’ve also talked about how Aliens and demons could be One and the same i’ve always talked About Of course we can’t get a good picture of This stuff how can we know what we’re Talking about We don’t have anything to study We just get fleeting glimpses in the Corner of our eye or And this is why it’s a risk for a Channel like any of us to talk about This No matter how big or small we are but we Talk about this and we’ve been very I’m being open and honest about this i Have no idea What this is i don’t think the the earth Is flat though guys Hey ali i my mother’s been calling me And my dad was Gone i just want to call real quick i’ll Be right back no don’t worry about it Yeah I’ll be right back i just want to make Sure it’s not an emergency that’s fine What i’ll do I’ll i will i’ll pop you i’ll just do This okay cool Do you know what i’m saying though yep Yeah no i mean you know It comes down to two another thing here Too i mean we talk about physical

Evidence all the time and a lot of People hinge Whatever is real it has to be on Physical evidence but let me ask you This Without physical evidence of a christian God existing Okay there’s not many people who can Argue this You can show me physical proof that a Christian god exists What makes people believe it what makes People live their lives Under that that pretense that as soon as They cross over There’s going to be this god that’s Described in their religion You know i mean the guy across the Street believes something else but he’s Completely convicted that his reality Is what he’s going to experience and That’s what’s real uh the only problem Comes when he starts thinking that he’s Got to impress his reality on the guy Across the street That’s where the conflict comes in okay Uh You know it really goes back to belief And why people believe what they believe In my opinion so to try to connect the Alien world with uh Spirituality uh demons or other You know essences of the etheric world It’s going to be a tough thing to do

While like i said before i think they Take the same highways to different Cities You might see something crossing in and Out they’re going to be Ets that have the knowledge of energy Manipulation to the point where they can Shape shift or they can disappear or Cloak themselves Using that frequency knowledge or you Know something along those lines So i mean that could look like a ghost To somebody You know if they had that sort of Technology and i’ll be damned if you Know We as human beings don’t have this Technology somewhere on the planet Already Um and are using it in various ways uh And perhaps nefarious ways as well given The way we see black projects work But it’s very hard to tell when you Don’t have a script As we kind of mentioned earlier in the Show of what you’re really looking at It’s the same thing that rich is saying In different words as well is we don’t Really know what we’re looking at to Compare it and say that there is a Relationship because We don’t know what the characteristics Of a is we don’t know what the Characteristics of b

Are in the natural world that it exists In You know so it’s a tough question man But definitely something to keep an eye On and Keep in mind moving forward as we do Uh with what comes next in our Respective fields So here’s the new one from the ufo new One sorry An interesting one from the ufo proof That Demon’s very unscientific Yep that’s all right that’s quite right Absolutely Thanks for coming that goes back that Goes back to the beginning of the show And we’re talking about unidentified Louis alzando being told everything was Demons you don’t want to know it’s Demons it goes back into the way they Think in the beginning of the country It’s all Christian based uh belief system that’s Really holding it back to us I think they really know what aliens are I think that i i Don’t think they trust them i think the Aliens are I don’t know doing some stuff that they Shouldn’t be doing maybe abducting us Against our will i don’t know But it’s interesting because i i think Especially

Um you you dark hour have a lot of Spirituality Within yourself and rich i know you’ve Dabbled with So many different things and you keep Questioning but you keep telling me Stories That makes me think that you have a lot Of spirituality In yourself and my research Yeah me as an atheist Recently there’s Things that i’ve just been questioning You know am i going mental The longer you stay in the field this is What happens things start happening And for some reason because you’re maybe Looking for it or involved in this field You’ll see something in the sky or You’ll see a shadow figure in your home That you never Would have paid attention to it’s I don’t know if because you’re vibrating Because you’re talking about it at a Certain level and they see you as a Beacon of Whatever you know maybe because you’re Talking about them It illuminates you and you start having These experiences i don’t know What came first the chicken or the egg But i disagree with you Demons being very unscientific Because really yes i do

Because if any any scientist that tells Me that god Doesn’t exist that that um Angels or whatever does not exist you Show me the proof because they’re always Talking about proof i want to see the Proof of that That they’re saying there is no proof Exactly Right so it’s unscientific Yes it’s unscientific but at the same Time Maybe scientists should be looking for That But you they can’t measure it in my Cupboard No they can’t measure it but maybe they Could maybe they could i mean I think we’re getting closer with the Understanding of quantum physics Uh again it comes back to understanding The nature of our reality to the best of Our ability You can’t do anything if you can’t Identify where you are and what your Environment is We’ve done a fair job of doing that so Far we’ve survived And in some ways proliferated you know Various things but by and large i i we Just We need more of the knowledge we need More of the understanding to break this Out of the left-brained uh uh

Interpretation and be able to present This as Something that is measurable and i mean I think all of us can agree that in Terms of science You know it has to be something Measurable to You know disseminate what about Skinwalker ranch That’s a place that has all this Evidence whenever we Haven’t found out anything about That’s man are those demons over there Is that what they’re saying well they Say that it was like a weak spot That it was like that’s where the the The uh The the the thing was weak and it is a Way of letting them through It’s like uh what you would call a Portal But um there’s got to be another name For it because i know what you’re Talking about it’s not just like Something you walk into And sucks in uh it’s like a thinning of The veneer Over there so perhaps the realities are Just thinner i mean i think there were Spots in our spots like this all over The world And i believe that the indigenous people Of those lands knew how to use those Uh they were very much aware of them and

Probably some of the medicine men and The men of knowledge that were You know acclaimed in these tribes were Able to kind of dip in and out of worlds Uh skinwalker ranch i mean look where What that’s based on it’s based on an Entity that supposedly comes into Existence as a result of Black magic used by a sorcerer or Sorceress Uh and usually they’re they’re very Indigenous and they they know what They’ve been doing They’ve been doing it for a long time People know who they are when the Skinwalker form comes out People you know of the area know who it Is and they stay far away I mean it’s not this the case in every Circumstance but uh Yeah man i think that there are places On the planet where for whatever reason You know the veils are just a little bit Thinner And you might be able to use that if you Knew how to That’s an interesting question from from Steve do you think that the usa Uh fights ufos uh so fights the alien Spaceships If that’s what they are or the u.s Govs them Wait why does the one do you think do You think the us works with them

Or do you think yeah i think we do I think uh well i don’t know man i Really don’t know but if i think if i’m Gonna say i think we do I think a secret government probably Works with them not at people we see Every day Yep i do I agree with rich on that for sure i Think at one point They fought but i think they work with Each other at this point So how long fall you know you hear Stories about uh You know fighter pilots you know seeing Something in the skies Firing at it because they can’t identify It uh there was supposedly some sort of Battle that took place over Was it antarctica i think i’d have to Research that but this one Yeah apparently what we’ve de with Bird you’re talking about bird yeah it Was related to that in the uh opening of The hollow earth and so forth Which again i don’t know if that’s real But you know these are stories and it Would make sense that You know us as people in the state that We are the first thing we do is feel Threatened by something we don’t know About And when you see something in the sky Like that it would be the natural course

Given where we are in our evolution to Just start firing at it you know what i Mean Be defensive or offensive with it so it Makes sense i don’t know that that could Be The case but i don’t see why it wouldn’t Have been that way especially if they If the et’s kind of came back in full Force at one point where they’d been Absent for us Uh for a long time in our history and All of a sudden they pop up And you know maybe that’s a threat to us I don’t know So the the thing is though if you if you Think that there is something in your Airspace And you and you you’re the guy that’s in Charge Of control in this airspace but you have No idea what that is What do you what as you all the Responsibilities on you Whether what anybody in the chat if You’ve been a manager or whatever you’ve Done in life That you’ve had a responsibility and if You see something that is You know whether you’ve been i don’t Know the manager of a mcdonald’s and There’s there’s a there’s a cockroach You know whatever it is you’ve got to Kind of like manage that situation and

If there is Something in the sky that you have no [ __ ] idea what that is What what decision that must be a hard Decision to make So you just call it a threat well that’s What they’re doing rich in it they yeah Yeah Fred well the us’s Yeah you guys you your guys Are calling it a fret and you know why Because they’re They want to know who has this Technology And now they’re lou elizondo sent around All over the The world trying to figure out who’s got This technology He doesn’t want to know if they’ve got Ufos He wants to know if they have these tic Tac in these things that can go at Hypersonic speeds He won’t that’s that’s what he’s doing He’s fishing He’s not looking for ufos in my opinion There’s something about the tic tac ufo That looks Man-made to me the this the in it’s the It’s the prongs that stand out you know The prongs on the bottom the l shapes I showed it’s a drone that’s all it is It’s a drone and those drones have that On their

Tails but how do you explain the speed That was described by fravo don’t Believe everything you see I think it’s been doctored what do you Think frey was in on it I think fravor saw something But where’s the radar evidence all we Have is this blurry flier footage That to me looks like it could be an F-16 or a What i think is a drone a military drone And they just didn’t understand that When they go When they go ho there’s a whole fleet of Them over there He could be talking about drones and They used the flear camera for the first Time And they were excited that it worked oh Look at how it’s tracking You know i think it’s about i think We’re being Why would the government show ufos to us For the first time ever It doesn’t make sense they’re not That’s why i believe it’s so you’re Saying that this Is something that’s been made on this Planet It’s not something that you guys have in The us I’m saying definitely something from Another country I’m saying it’s our own and

Ttsa blue elizondo doesn’t know that The secret government won’t tell a Secret space force whatever you want to Call it They’re not going to tell us they have This stuff because you know why because People talk So what they’re doing is uh probably Using this technology And seeing how people react to it in in The battlefield Even our own people because they’re Talking about seeing it in china and Russia too So it’s not just the us they’re seeing It so what does that mean I think it’s it’s us it’s our secret Technology Back in 1997 in the iraqi war of Afghanistan they were talking about Seeing these man-made drones Making maneuvers that were not Supposed to be possible and here they Are some 23 years later Or 20 years later whatever it is you Want to Talk about a tic tac in 2004. And then 2015 yeah I don’t know man i think it’s us off the Malibu coast wherever they They see it you know the last time they Had them on radar there was a hundred of Them Right it was reigning ufos that was the

Name of the episode I’ll be honest oh and just one more Thing and i think What they’re trying to do is create this Alien threat Uh this imaginary threat that isn’t real Because they want funding to keep doing Whatever i don’t know what it’s for i Think it’s like the mafia you know yeah They open up a front Ttsa and then inside the shop in the Back You know a lot of weird stuff happens That goes out the back door I think it’s all i think it’s all to to Wash the money Wash the lies that’s all it is That nice in the background is my cat It’s doing something weird Uh yeah i know i get what you’re saying Rich That there’s so many people and i mean a Good friend of mine And you know you know as valdo franco You know he’s an investor he He believes in what they are doing He is they’re doing a good job but Are they they’re doing a good job uh We’re not talking about that tonight Sorry But this all boils down to the same Situation when they’re talking about Aerial threats they’re talking about You’re talking about that they are

Drones let’s go back to what these are What are these vodka balls what are These alien greys Are they are they the things that are Flying these these No ufos no there’s something different I don’t think anybody’s inside of them i Don’t know man then you got the Schoolyard kids from 1986 That saw the ufos and the aliens walked Up To them three feet away and talked to Them telepathically It’s real i’m not saying it’s not i’m Just talking about tic tacs being Something different As far as ttsa wanting funding for Whatever Aliens i think are 100 real i think they Do abduct people and i think they could Be demons Or we’re calling them that because they Can do whatever they want Whenever they want holy [ __ ] first face Have just said why did osvaldo franco Prank Third face the moon What happened i have no idea Oh you got no idea what happened what I understand i had a good job in my Opinion what did we miss I missed something rich i i Boyce i i do although he’s a good friend Of mine but i had no idea

That he pranked you but how I have no idea i have no idea i’m i’m Not in number I have not been in on the third phase of Moon prank in a long long time but Until this there’s an old star trek Prank but Oh he said he was an alien and called Into the show No no no that’s not osvaldo franco That’s not as valdo franco that was the He’s talking to you blake you’re talking About The the cat stop doing that Can you hear that yeah a little bit yeah He’s he’s he’s scratching his whole Thing Um i think he’s touching himself uh no Blake you’re talking about the the the Um The the star trek prank that was that Wasn’t allsvaldorfranco that was a Different guy That was i can’t remember the guy’s name Now i spoke to him for a long time it Was a great prank It was funny but um no but i don’t think Blake was having none of it But it it was a good sport um but yeah i Know what you’re saying The the And this is the thing for me because I’ve spoke Many a times on the channel and i’ve

Bigged up third phase The third placement a big dub ttsa Big time uh to the point where i even Said that joe rogan needs to give Uh tom delong an apology But the thing is let me just do me just One second i need to remove this cat Because he’s he’s strapping at something Can you carry on the show boys Sure [Laughter] Oh Wow I just had a lot of noise it’s perfect Even the first round But yeah Ttsa they’ve not released Anything new recently in my opinion they Haven’t released Anything but they They were the guys that were responsible For what’s happened with The pentagon saying that these these are Ufos i don’t think that would have Happened if it worked for ttsa Yeah no it wouldn’t have it could have But The way it happened you could give them Props for that tta Ttsa is an all uh you know nefarious so If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have Had Three years of mainstream media play i Believe

You know a lot of interviews a lot of Stuff was done in these last couple of Years that i’ve seen in 13 years combined it’s been it’s been a Joy to see but Now you just see it the same people over And over We keep hearing from the same people who Worked in secret Ufo research groups for the government All those people in ttsa were once and Still are affiliated with the government So how can you trust them When all these years they everybody lied Now you want to bring all the liars and Get a dream team of liars and make up a Group Nah come on man nothing nothing They haven’t fo they haven’t advanced Disclosure they haven’t brought it up It’s not getting any closer it’s not Going to happen That’s not their intentions though is it We think it is but that’s not ttasa’s Intentions i thought it was to build a Spacecraft Yeah that i mean that was a very cool Craft that they were going to build that Thing with the The little round disc and the the nice Um chassis it’s uh it’s very sexy but How the hell they’re going to do that i Have no idea Trillion dollars i’ll be honest with you

I’d say about 70 of what you see in the skies is ours The other 20 Is probably extraterrestrial and the Other 10 might be some sort of time Traveler I think the majority of what we see in The sky is is our own Work and the reason i think that is Because we’ve been messing around with These sort of designs Since at least the 50s um if not Earlier and not just us but all sorts of Cultures All over the place have been playing Around with different ways to Uh fly a craft unconventionally you know Given our standards um i think they’ve Achieved that many times and i think Sometimes when pilots see these things In the sky They’re just not aware of what that Project is because they’re not supposed To be so They’ll treat it they’ll play the drama Out it might seem very real but there’s Somebody behind the scenes who knows What it is and they’re gonna Keep quiet uh you know to protect that So But why would they do that in plain Sight of other people If if copenhagen if they have all this Land where they could

Fly you know area 51 groom lake you know You can go to All these other places in arizona and Fly this stuff without being seen why do They have to do it right over Populated areas doesn’t make sense That’s a very good question i’ll be Honest with you the only thing i can Think of is Either the very brazen nature of these People Uh and perhaps the invincibility they Feel doing what they do i mean i don’t Know how far reaching That is for them but i mean if they’re Elusive enough that nobody’s really Pinpointed anybody uh connected to Definitive black projects that you know We can prove i mean yes there’s been Many whistleblowers and people who talk Uh you know i don’t know it’s a very Good question It’s a very good question well say it’s Ours I mean you know you’ve Something you’ve got the brand new car And you’re driving past A bunch of girls and you think You know what i’m gonna rev the [ __ ] out Of this and look like a [ __ ] For for a few minutes But it happens doesn’t it you kind of Like you feel that show-off factor at Some point in your life

Doing anything what the same thing Happens If one of us gets behind the wheel of One of these crafts And we think [ __ ] this i’m gonna take This crap And i’m gonna take it over the city Just for the laugh of it you know just Because i know i can Yeah that’s possible sure That yeah i don’t know man why would They risk it what if it stopped working And fell out of the sky Disclosure 99.9 chance of not crashing Because of the technology that’s on Board of it I know there’s no reason to do it unless They wanted to fly over and see if Anybody would notice Do a test on the you know on people That’s what i think happened with the Phoenix lights not not the Orbs you saw floating at the 10 o’clock But At 8 to 8 30 there was a one mile wide Craft that went all the way from kingman Arizona which is by nevada all the way Down arizona to tucson And uh took 30 minutes to go what 400 Miles It’s pretty cool and yeah people saw Right through it A one-mile craft that’s was that what

Would be Big to say it was one mile long they say It was anywhere between one to two miles Wide And how fast was the queen oh sometimes It was barely moving And then what would happen it would be Wide like this then the wings would come In and it would jump And then stop again and slowly go Wherever But you think of the shape of that thing And i know we’ve kind of gone a little Bit off topic but we’ll Try and get on before we we are close to The end of show because we’ve been going For two hours now uh but you you you Think about the shape of that And you you it’s one mile long but yet It looks like it has wings i don’t think That shape Involves anything to do with the Aerodynamics of it No it doesn’t it wasn’t moving that slow It’s pointless it was a boomerang shape And You know it was wide and then the wings Would You want to call them wings whatever and Then it you know they folded inward I don’t know any craft that can do that And people said it was so Low it was only a couple hundred feet High because it it went over these

Mountains That are only like 200 feet high and it Barely went over the top of the Mountains and people said If they could have had a rock they could Have hit it if they threw a rock at it And they didn’t hear anything or feel Anything And uh it was an amazing event the Phoenix lights Do you know what makes it more Believable for me um Is is the who’s that what do you call it In the states the guy Is it like the mayor not the mayor the [ __ ] commission now The guy that the governor the government The piss take that he did Yeah with the wearing the alien grey Costume That makes that situation for me Something special Why do that he said there were so many Phone calls and people wanting an Answer that he just tried to you know Just change the mood and he says you Guys just take this stuff too seriously Meanwhile he said he he saw the thing That night which is another whole Show that he lied about that Yeah he lied though he didn’t see it He he told three different stories one To me One to bill burns one on the news

Who was it the report the pilot the Actor pilot that reported that Um russell um kurt ross Russell yeah he was the first person to Report it And didn’t know it yeah till years later When there they were on oprah talking About and he says honey they’re talking About me on tv That was me and that that’s how he came Out years later though he’s an actor Kurt russell yeah he’s one of the Biggest actors of all time Yeah he was big trouble for me No no no he was flying his plane his son Was with him and they were flying into Phoenix and saw the lights and he Radioed it in you can hear the whole Recording we should game on Kurt russell who come on yeah let me Make a few calls That’d be awesome i said i never i say Never say never honestly when it comes To rights Never know man why do you think that’s Not Uh on the up and up there alien addict What what me getting careless on I believe in his story i thought no he He’s just i i believe he said no because I love curt especially big Big trouble in little china one of my Favorite favorite films Especially when like that zuma wrestlers

Toe Uh blows up to the size of a melon and Then pops And you can blatantly see that it’s a Balloon um It’s a great film uh but no i i just I just don’t trust anything i don’t Trust anything in the in that that pops Up on television Well that guy you could trust you could Trust that story because he did call in And there’s a Recording in the documentary it’s very Believable And i do kurt if you’re watching this Right now which you probably are i Do believe you Make sure you like share and subscribe Hit hit the bell [Laughter] Hit that bell don’t forget to share it Well yeah so was that craft filled with Demons you wonder Yeah we’ve kind of rich well done mate You’ve kind of You’ve brought that back on subject Because we we we’ve we’ve delved Well we have to yeah yeah it’s all Connected necessary It is unconnected you’re right but how Do you explain the shadow figures Hey i i have it on camera i showed it on The show when i in my closet when the Light was flickering on and off

And then it and then i took my camera And started recording that flickering Until it Burnt out i saw a shadow go Right in front of the camera shoot Straight up Um and i’ve seen that yeah i’ve i’ve Seen it a lot actually in this place Because this is a weird thing Building i live in i think um i believe Anyway I believe yeah but you we’re talking Ufos we’re talking shadow figures we’re Talking spoons We’re talking um Everything you know so this is why this Intrigues me This subject because and same with you Dark hour You’ve seen ufos you’re on the phone to Your mother Your mother rang you and said look out The window you saw a massive ufo Am i right bye you remember that i don’t It costs a little remember everything I’m not allowed is it literally this is This this is non-alcoholic You’ve seen shadow figures John he’s seen These you know he’s seen Shadow figures I myself never spoke about this on the Channel but i’ll tell you now because There’s probably about 5 000 subscribers

That will not make it two hours And 17 minutes into this video but i Myself have seen Ufos i’ve seen things in the corner of My eye I’ve thought or i’ve even filled on On one of my pages that i put out Patreon page um there is a there’s a ufo That i fill And it literally i i decided to film it Right at the last Minute because i thought that’s not a Ufo And then i saw it go over a tree and Turn And that’s what i captured right at the Last minute But yet i’ve seen shadow figures i’ve Seen if i’ve had a figure Sit at the edge of my bed i’ve jumped Out of my bed at night My wife has asked me what’s wrong and i Said to her Nothing it’s okay it’s nice there’s Nothing to worry about And i can remember slightly doing that But then i turned around and went back To sleep she said Left freaked the [ __ ] out I could see that and i’ve seen Weird [ __ ] in my camera That is maybe it’s dust i don’t know But i keep seeing the number 33 so That’s numerology as well

I’ve told you about that story is a Video on the channel about how i keep Seeing this Freaking number that does my tits in It really does i see the eleven eleven Okay and it’s always up again it just Started again So is it aliens that’s making me is it Just my brain Or is it the fact that i’m into this Subject that much that it’s kind of like It’s making me just go a little bit Insane but at the same time I’m still focused Well you have to think outside of the Box when you get into this sort of stuff And if you don’t do that normally For some people that may be Uncomfortable You know opening up those pathways that You don’t normally explore Or you know different avenues of thought Which then Lead you into different questions that You wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t Thought about that prior to So i mean it might be a little bit of All those elements put together But i don’t think it’s madness i don’t Think it’s crazy i think it’s Absolute sheer human curiosity and More than likely what is part of our Natural evolution to discover what’s Within us and with

And outside of ourselves uh to You know create our own truth every Waking moment because let’s be honest Sometimes for people changes on on a Dime Depending on your experience you know You could look at somebody i’ll give Quick example somebody who’s been Through something as horrific as a Concentration camp Well they they went in there believing In god and they came out Not believing in god and there are Reasons for that life experiences you Know that show you otherwise You know than what you normally would Have expected so Cupid’s great to see it no yeah i’ve Stopped taking it but It’s um it’s wearing off Um It just this is the problem it seems So weird our situation All three of us and the people we talk To the things they tell us The stories that people have and it Always seems to link this paranormal Subject It’s definitely linked and we won’t put His finger on it tonight guys We won’t and it’s probably it’s coming To the end of The the evening for us and it’s been Great having you on

But i don’t think we’re gonna get Ever in my lifetime An answer for this we probably might get Something on the ufo where they try and Reveal to us what these ufos are No no sorry [Laughter] I was just waiting for you to say that The one that we’ll never know is my my No we’ll never know anything about ufos Ever we that’s it we already know That’s it this is it what you see is What you get and you will never get any More than what you’re seeing now It’s been this way 15 years since Youtube Do you feel like Do you think there’s a connection though That’s the question i’m asking Connection between The paranormal and you and ufology Yeah of course of course i do man Aliens that can abduct you can you know When you’re sleeping can be With us like i said earlier right next To us we wouldn’t even know it So maybe they’re the ones moving stuff Around you know been knocking over Bottles by accident because they’re Clumsy who Knows uh I don’t know man i i think they can Change the frequency of their being Somehow maybe with technology

And maybe it’s the suit they wear i Don’t know but whatever it is I think it is part of the paranormal Spiritual It’s all mixed together we just say we Just have to decipher who’s who and What’s what That’s the hard part yep Objects isn’t it pardon it’s our Personal objects Something that’s personal to us yeah It’s a personal experience Some might say that my cat is a Possession of mine It’s not the cat is selfish The cat decides That that it will live here [Laughter] And it would decide when it wants to get Fed and decides when it doesn’t want to Eat it Is it a possession of mine or am i a Possession of the cat Are you talking ownership yeah i i Purchased that [ __ ] but do i own that [ __ ] I think that pussy’s yours grab it I’ve tried it scratches me Shave it I’d like to pass that woman’s wife first [Laughter] Oh i hope she does not watch this I am on about i’m on about the cat Sweeter

Yeah that’s what i thought we were Talking about why Yeah yeah it’s cat But guys guys i’m going to thank you i’m Going to thank you for coming on We we’re not going to get an answer Tonight we’ll probably delve again I’m hoping you both will come again and And And join me for 10 minutes after the Show um For a quick chat i did a debrief to Where we went wrong Um but it has been absolutely fantastic Having you both On tonight and it’s a wee it was a weird Title for the video i just kind of Wanted to have a little bit of a Discussion I knew it would go all over the place And guys Thank you everybody in the chat i am Dyslexic so i can’t read it Um every so often things pop up and if They’ve got pound signs i may respond Um but uh that’s only because i’m British Um no seriously guys i love you all i Don’t care if you if you Give money or whatever as long as you Liking the video Thumbing it up and just being nice in The comments

And i i’ve noticed that you’re all Getting on it’s fantastic Um but first of all Dark hour tell us where people can find You Uh you can find me on the channel Youtube i have a dark hour paranormal Dark hour space paranormal as Rich so graciously it helps it does dude It really does and you do it too ali I’ve noticed that as well so thank you Uh just a challenge i’ll have to Overcome here in the future i’ve left The links anyway They’re there already thank you i Appreciate it you can also contact me at Dark hour paranormal live At gmail dot com uh dark hour p on Twitter twitter and i i know i have one On Instagram i think that’s dark hour Paranormal live as well And rich goof on radio or should i say Goof on now You’ve gone just goof on just goofing Right yeah Yeah even though the intro says goof on Radio the intro is so good i don’t want To get rid of it but Uh yeah goof on right on that That stands for the greatest ufo network Or jordano’s ufo network Originally yep we’re on just about every Day 10 eastern 7 pacific

Right here on youtube twitter and all That stuff you could find facebook too And you could email me at goofonradio all right I did the same thing i know that’s why i Tried But thanks for having me on man this was Unbelievably fun Yeah no we didn’t even play video games We can do that next time we had enough To go over this time and i i also Appreciate it ollie thanks for having me On and rich thank you for being here as Well this has been awesome Yeah myself man boys were you were you Staying for Another 10 minutes or so just for a Second have a quick chat afterwards Guys thank you so much for joining the Live chat Tonight it’s it means a lot to me to Have you all here Um we’ve just overdone 33 Uh views we’re now at 34 which means a Lot to me because it means i’m not going Crazy um share out the video People and make sure you check out goof On radio And dark hour paranormal uh both Fantastic shows Very original on youtube because this is What we need on youtube we need Originality And we need to let youtube know that

There is a place for channels like Like ours um again In the chat guys thank you so much and The final super chat of tonight thank You Ginger steve i love you very much I have not seen jeff young’s video i Mean i’m gonna watch you after the show Guy Guys check out jeff jeff young’s video Ghost stuff i don’t know what it is but Good night god bless Mind the bugs don’t bite i’m alien Addict Like share and subscribe and uh I’m gonna give you the outro that’s very Loud