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Hello I’m gonna tilt this down a little bit Everybody we got a little surprise Live stream um we’re gonna keep this Very brief and short for you guys that Are watching the future Um obviously it’s halloween right now And sitting here with mary And courtney So uh i just wanted to update everybody Um Why um their the videos have not been Posted as frequently this month Um courtney and i have been dealing with A lot of just personal Stuff that we’ve had to go through Really kind of deep stuff And um we’re doing really good we’re Doing great But it’s been a super unbelievably Stressful month And even just getting out to film we’ve Barely been able to leave i’ve been Barely able to travel But i was just in los angeles all week I’m you know in long beach doing the Queen mary and I filmed some amazing videos with like Steve ronan he’s an awesome dude Actually with lil xan the other day and Oh my gosh And chris starr all them they were all Part of the event on the queen mary Everybody is a really great person thank

You so much by the way to Jamie’s coloring for the two bucks happy Halloween happy halloween to all you Guys Yes in addition to all of that Um courtney and i were supposed to move Out of this apartment November 4th but the move out date got Bumped up to november 2nd so like literally immediately Like i’ve had to come back and we’ve had To pack and do like a ton of different Stuff and get ready And i haven’t had any time to edit Anything period in the last like month We’ve been So busy like doing so many different Things yeah And um just i wanted to let you guys Know that I didn’t forget about you the videos in November finally when i get moved in Um all this stuff that we’ve had to go Through has finally kind of chilled out Um i’ll be able to get everything out Again and i’ve got so many really good Videos but Here on halloween we wanted to just let You guys know that we’re thinking of you And we’re hoping that y’all have a Really good halloween because You got the full moon the super moon First full moon since 1944 on halloween Um daylight savings hits at midnight got

School hours Extra hour halloween this year and uh Yeah it’s gonna be a crazy month next Month on the channel Just some of the stuff that i’ve filmed Recently thank you to you guys that are Joining On the channel crazy christina and Everybody Yeah we’ve got also some huge news Coming about Stuff that’s uh not related to Paranormal files but i should be getting Some some news back next week about Something gigantic did i get my flu shot Now Yeah that’s all i want to say also is That Everybody since we’ll be watching the Future as well the Final investigation at this apartment That will ever take place Is gonna happen um tuesday night Here after we have moved out and this Place is completely empty we’re gonna Keep The um whatever it’s called the bed rail Yeah in the apartment to see if we can Talk to because courtney you actually Had something happen like a couple days Ago Yeah so i looked um wait the outside Yeah okay yeah i looked outside and All of our furniture outside was

Completely Tunked over like we have this like Wooden table and it was Turned completely upside down all the Chairs that we have on our patio were Flipped over There’s like a lid to this box and it Was Taken off of the box and it was like Broken in half Which it’s been really windy in austin But that like wind doesn’t break lids In half and it doesn’t completely Overturn tables Upside down so that was really creepy Yeah we thought somebody might be trying To like Find our address and mess with us but Yeah i I messaged on immediately a video of it And i was like what is going on and no He was away so he didn’t want to scare Me but he was like it’s fine but when we Got Back he was like no that was definitely Weird i mean like a full-on wooden table Flipped upside down like it would just Knock over if there was a wind So so yeah and then when courtney came Back inside This actually i got it right here This is a picture that i got from an Abandoned location that has just been Sitting

Up on uh our whatever you call that Thing shells And this was on the ground it was Sitting these were sitting up by the Two haunted dolls that he just got to it Was like sitting right next to them And then it got pushed over so i’ve Never seen that i put it away from the Dolls yes They didn’t like it thank you by the way Kevin by the way for the five dollar Donation thank you so much man Uh i haven’t been to the sally house but I do have somebody that knows how to get In there so we’re working on that doctor And yet one more youtuber as always my Man thank you i Appreciate you so unbelievable over the Years After this month i cannot thank you Enough thank you so thank you But yeah picture was kind of creepy and We’re going to do The full on investigation here live I know that there’s been a lack of Content here just because of like i said The month that we’ve been through The traveling that we’ve had to do for Me just even being gone and stuff like That It’s been kind of hard to get videos out But a lot of the stuff that we’ve had to Go through is over yeah thankfully we’re Doing really good

Lots of love every everybody here is Just filled with love and happiness yes And it’s halloween so we wanted to come On say hi to everybody Bg happy halloween adrienne sweet hi From texas What’s up adrian derek hey caller and Crew have you been to waverly hills you Know we haven’t but we want to go there Very soon shelby uh sandlin i don’t know Who the hell that is [Laughter] Brandy thank you so much brandi happy Halloween spooky fam we’re here and Excited Good brandy good i see you guys Instagram posts and everything Hopefully one day we’ll be able to meet Up when obviously Covet is over but what are you guys up To For halloween anybody got any special Plans we’ll read a couple comments Before we uh we have to head out thanks Much fingers Kathy you’re always in here stay spooky Y’all Bwya journeys and journals happy Halloween full moon time to Howl you hear that in the bathroom yeah Yeah what was that Yeah weird you were hearing a lot of Noises i was hearing so many noises when I was here by myself

I’m just used to it at this point that Just happened I was like i’m sitting here in collin’s Apartment and then i made a huge lot of Noise and i was like Did you hear that yeah like in the video Though Yeah i’m gonna put that footage all in The finale part to our story Because what we found was crazy the Stuff that’s already happened has been Crazy and the finale is insane So then we’re going to move on to plenty More spooky sites we got Really big special guests on the channel Really big But yeah thank you all john happy Halloween from the uk hell yeah Everybody that’s in here is is awesome And no to everybody who has commented This courtney is not my sister She’s my girlfriend she’s my nervous Yeah Years and years of abuse his body has Led to this That’s how i met courtney actually they Gave me this section yeah this is the Medicine We’re trying to yeah quickly Because this stuff we’re just trying to Help him on his way out you know Exactly but thank you sonia happy Halloween You all love your videos colin thank you

Sonya Hey you thank you so much for the two Bucks appreciate all that Oh and yeah one more youtuber paul my Boy Papa spooks with the 25 thank you so Much Man yeah you got anything to say over There Me no the ghost is next Wish everybody a happy halloween and That’s really it just stay safe Ross what are you all dressed up as Tonight I’m interested to see what people are Doing in the first place Randy thank you so much got a whole book Full of spots in indiana definitely to Investigate some tv Support this year please get your flu Shots true We got those voted out tonight all right Got your splunk here too oh yeah Colin’s dressing up as a um what a Victim He has just faced blood and he’s just Going to put blood all over himself and Yeah thank god get him bloody tonight Keeps see you in a bit buddy have to do That but love you much Buddy love you my friend Slash buddy but anyways y’all We’re gonna head out here i just wanted To say happy halloween

From everybody happy holidays be Safe enjoy what you’re doing be you know Cautious With the current state of the world just Be safe And um tuesday we’re going to be doing That live stream here The videos are going to be posted from This whole thing a lot of Adventures lately and really cool stuff But uh Thank you robert by the way happy Halloween the spooky family here we are Yes i love you guys But anyways stay spooky Everybody We’ll be back next week so thanks for Understanding everybody i love you guys So much And uh Peace out bye Let me take