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It’s ago i am live I don’t know if it’s working the Lighting in here is abysmal I need to kind of like make get the mood Get the mood can you hear me is am i Getting is the sound Is the sound tell me this sound Tell me there is sound people Before i start so i just want to do a Little bit of a test Hmm it’s a good beer though Am i alive i need to see if i’m live I have no idea i see So i’m on my own youtube i’ll hear it Somebody saying something it is a test Anti-media zombie can you hear what i’m Saying Is the sound coming out Do we have any sound people Let’s see what i’ll type it Oh we’ve got sound fantastic it’s show Time then It’s show time so i’m going about to uh Do this thing where the screen just goes Bonkers Um how is everybody On this final show is that see i didn’t Even this this this video’s not even Showing on my own youtube channel So it’s i don’t know how many people Have got the uh The um what’s it what they call it Notification yeah Notification by the way

That there is green cobwebs it looks Terrible I know uh but we’re gonna we’re gonna We’re gonna sort the lighting out in Here And i don’t know if even if you’re not a Gamer here so i’m not really a gamer But i’m a big alien fan and um i love The original alien And i kind of don’t like what they’ve Done i do and i don’t like what they’ve Done with the story of the alien So i like the whole concept of Prometheus But it’s just gone a bit you know a bit Weird It’s gone a bit modern it’s gone a bit Like It’s got a bit with a bit but with the Times that we’re living right now Strange um so i’m playing this because It is very much It looks very much like the original Alien And uh i loved the original alien So i thought i’m gonna test the stream I’m not turning into a gaming channel For anybody that’s think you know It’s just like all the rest of them is Just giving in because all the Conspiracy channels have been Blocked on youtube right now including Mine um i’m not a conspiracy channel Um but um i thought i’d play this

Because it’s leading up to halloween and Hopefully i’ll better do Maybe i can complete it before halloween Because i have played games before on The channel and i thought i need to test This streaming platform out For myself but um antimedia zombie Hello my friend uh dinkum How are you doing g’day mate uh Chic i can never pronounce your name Mate Is arctic reveal Reveal review i love you anyway you’re Always on the channel but i just can’t Pronounce your name Dyslexia it’s a curse uh barbara can Pronounce that But bob crunch bob crunch How are you doing mate um Artism art is that how you pronounce it Autism a dyslexic man reading stuff is Just hilarious Um troll patrol my favorite troll and oh Don’t let me forget uber you were the First in The uh the chat um guys I’m gonna i’m gonna open up the the the Airwaves soon Um because this will be kind of the Platform that i’ll be doing The interviews on which i think will be Pretty cool uh Where you guys will kind of get to be Able to

Um you know ask the actual Guest questions i need to get a two Monitor setup because at the moment i’ve Got this set up on a On a pc and i’ve got the chat set up or Here On the mac as well is the echo in my Voice because I don’t i don’t i’ve had to turn the Sound off on this mac I’m hoping i’ve done that so i’m hoping The The um the vocals are coming through Loud and clear Are they coming at the sweet as a pickle Sweet say sweet as a pickle Sweet sweet pickles I love pickles um Blue angel how you doing Um i’m gonna try and look at the chat on Here every now and again But if i’m if i’m giving you a bit of uh I’ll be talking about alien as well the Actual franchise Which i think’s i’ve always wanted to Kind of do that because i’m a massive Massive fan of hr well The the late hr geiger um I think the guy was a genius when it Came to Uh creating um That’s the guy who designed the alien by The way if anybody doesn’t know the guy That designed the alien is a guy called

Hi geiger Um hans rudy geiger And he was he was the dog’s dick When it came to drawing is unbelievable Anyway turning these lights off people Because that way you don’t see the The mons the early halloween decorations Are just shocking I know it’s not good enough give me a Minute One second Oh that’s better that’s better That’s better i don’t like his ginger Um right so i’m gonna do the screen Share knife Let me know i’m gonna keep an eye on This Yeah i’m gonna keep an eye on this Here i might put myself in in the image As well Wreaking havoc my friend how are you Doing Yeah i’m just testing the stream with um A screen share i’m gonna I’m gonna put something that’s quite Hard Hard on the old computer in there to see How good this stream Services Connects it share screen Share audio Oh my word let’s look at that there we Go

Interdimensional Me and my good friend david we tested This the other night they helped me out David is the the guy If for anybody who doesn’t know that is Um The blurred out guy i’m gonna get him on With uh wreaking havoc At some point that should be interesting Um but here we go Let’s see if this works Is that working Is it full screen for you guys Hoping it is full screen Uh it’s not full screen now i can keep It like that i suppose Or i can get it like that Okay let me know if you prefer me to go Back the other way But uh survival mode as we play it we’ll We’ll do the world of the story Hey well i suppose it’s an illegal alien It shouldn’t be on the ship Uh okay start again Play nightmare shall i play it on Nightmare Jesus i’m not i’m not even good at games So now we’ll go for It i’m not going to go for it easy look For medium medium Um that’s visible Yep do we do enter enter I used to have it i used to play in Games console drive i haven’t played in

The games console a long time but this Is This is on the pc so Oh my see what you’re saying guys here So we’re I’m getting vibrations on my phone it’s Probably the misses saying Can you shut oh it’s It’s it’s some of my Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo Third officer reporting i’m live Tonight other members of the crew Playing Kane alien lambert So in captain dallas i’ll let you listen To this guys I’ll read your comments Cargo and ship destroyed I should reach the frontier in about six Weeks With a little luck the network will pick Me up This is ripley Last survivor of the nostromo Signing off Okay I love alien ripley I’m samuels i work for the company Oh dear one of them it’s about Your mother we think we may have found Her amanda

Get his mouth A commercial vessel the anisa dora has Recovered what we believe to be the Flight recorder unit Of the nostromo it looks like an android They all look like androids though Stop your grin and drop your linen found It no the unit was taken to sevastopol Hicks has said that it’s proprietarial Materials so does the company want it to Be collected As soon as possible Sebastopol is a supply depot in the Region it’s a Permanent freeport i thought it was Quite fitting you know Playing an alien game transit’s arranged There’s a courier try something yeah There we go And you if you’re willing I’m loving this it’s quite a good little Platform Look ripley when this job came across my Desk I read the case history hudson See that’s that’s like the greatest one Isn’t it alien how you’re working In the region what is everybody’s Favorite alien film See i’m i i really liked one i like the Mystery of one you know That one alien on board i’m clear to Offer you a place On the torrents if you want to come

Along Maybe there’ll be some yes It does for you the graphics resident Evil Hopefully not the acting I’m probably going to be copyright Striped for the uh For the music of this but i’m not taking It out because it’s going to it’ll spoil The alien the music atmosphere in alien Is Awesome Okay getting out of the pod see I could put me in as well okay Pop me So I think i can pop me in can i pop me in There we are i’m in the game I have no idea i have played but i’ve Played this briefly on an xbox Um Any weird when you look at If you imagine the first alien film and That was what thousands of years into The future Even from now i think it was what Hundreds of years should i say And you look at these old old computers They’ve kept it So this is what i like about it they’ve Kept it just How it used to be in the original i Remember that On the table the uh

I know what they’re called another real That you could i want one i want one of Those That’s what i need that’s what i need in The background is one of those little Bird [ __ ] Guys i’m gonna try and keep an eye on The chat as well as play But don’t get pissed at me if i don’t See because i I don’t have two monitors side by side So i’m kind of like there And if there’s an alien on this ship I need to be watching out for the alien Um Now third phase of the moon good day Boys let’s put you up on the screen and Flying colors because you are Famous Are you alien fans third face what’s Your favorite alien film Our third phase alien one and two were The best yes Totally agree totally agree What’s everybody else saying bob Yep two was the dogs it was indeed Anti-media aliens aliens so we’re all Kind of in agreement on two Where as i’m kind of i’m i’m there on The solo of one I i enjoyed one because one was the First i think the first horror film That i was allowed to watch that my dad Showed me uh true story my mum the first

Time she watched Alien i wonder if my mum my mum may be In the Watching this because she’s not seeing Me in quite a long time because of Current events um But um yeah the um The first alien film i remember i was Allowed to To to to watch And um i don’t think it scared me At all um but anyway We’ll um see what we’ll have a little Look round See what i can’t remember that in the First alien film See i need to get this on in virtual Reality And got a vr yet for the pc but that Would be fun But yeah this going forward guys is Going to be the platform For the interviews and this is the whole Point of this just test this stream So i can look at going back how does Anybody know has anybody played this do You know how we get out of here And would you like me to put it full Screen Door A lot of people hated alien 3. Didn’t hate it alien 4 i hated Alien 3 i didn’t hate i kind of liked it

I just didn’t i didn’t i think i didn’t Like the fact that they brought in Special effects instead of practical Effects That’s what’s good about aliens too it Still looks good to this day what’s that Thing This could be like a live stream Basically of me walking around this room For the next hour So Just seeing if anybody knows how to do It Oh thanks mate That makes my day as well All right we’ve got the gamers in the House because i’m just Literally um There’s a door here the door is locked Okay it’s locked Surely when you maybe maybe i’ve just Come out of cryo sleep And uh you know i’ve got oh there we go I hate that in games Oh just one second my wife is ringing me Hello Yeah i’m actually live streaming right Now darling But i will do that okay One second people one second My wife needs me We think there’s an alien in the house I’m not even lying

Oh This is my jonesy He nearly had me then he’s a big lad Thank you What Sorry about people there was actually An emergency Right have we figured out how to do this Yet So oh yeah My little boy had um where’s my camera There my little boy had fallen asleep In our bed and um You know he’s a big lad so he’s four But he weighs like i don’t know smaller Small baby elephant so Let’s move him i feel like i’ve had a Workout Hmm Right how do oh yeah [ __ ] i just Realized i’m leaving people’s chats up On screen Right i’ll get used to this people it’s New to me this is why Practice makes perfect and this is the Perfect time to practice Rather than do an actual livestream live Stream with a guest And mess it up i don’t want to do that Um etu’s okay Get me out of the building if if there Is an alien in here I’m buggered

Take that i’ll take that Yes being is it it is a well it’s a job Uh troll patrol it’s definitely a job Um alien spaceship You say alien versus predator i enjoyed That film I won’t judge you for that you are a Beautiful man because she on this Channel Um or woman but uh yeah Not a massive there we go there we go i Think the alien Predator thing was a bit weird and the Fact that they used the same actor that Played bishop As weyland was just Strange is the sound of this game Playing by the way people Because i think this is what’s gonna Bugger me the sound It’s good sound so who cares Can’t do anything this bit these days Can you You see you see the mobs on the screen It’s orbs on the ship It’s even the same computers Okay reading this out right out loud People see I’m gonna leave this on screen for a Second for you while i check this live

Stream and i can actually see this On this screen so i can read it as well Um But you’ll have a good laugh at me Reading that I should tr i should try and play Signal simulator Signal simulator what’s that is i I don’t know what that is Signal simulator Sounds interesting Oh oh oh resume game how do i get out of This oh e Hey oh yeah q All right okay so i’m gonna put in full Screen so you lose my open mug There we go sounds working fantastic It’s just me on this ship See if the rethought the alien franchise The tv you’ll be able to you know you’ll Be able to put some Morning news on or something but Everything’s still old-fashioned which i Like what it’s done there Of course oh there we go oh got an Achievement All right got dressed get an achievement In life for the getting dressed oh it’s This What you call it 25 Attention to detail is amazing in this I actually have no idea what i’m doing Though

So About i’m getting deja vu This is this is the same one isn’t it Yeah We’re down here go down here We find people we’re fine that has got To be The greatest space suit in the world I i love this space i love this This space suit is amazing i know you’re Thinking get on with the game I’m not a gamer so this could be a slow Burner But we will complete this game before Halloween Um Okay i’ll try out the signal yeah I’ll try it out i don’t have a vr for The pc though So Let’s have a look here So i think it’s scared of the film It’s different when you’re in the in Fact i’ll turn it up a bit It’s a bit different when you’re in the Game you feel like something’s going to Jump out on you Oh wait there is pit over people on Board Taylor good morning ripley it’s Certainly I very much doubt it’s morning either Sorry I feel like death i don’t know how you

People put up with hypersleep regularly You get used to it you don’t do long Hair very often Most legal execs don’t travel further Than the coffee machine i’m surprised Waylon yutani felt the need to send Legal at all The loss of the nostromo and its cargo Cost the company a lot of money It’s important we find out what happened If i can close the case with a Conclusive accident report It’ll look great with my superiors i’m Sorry That was insensitive realize Your mother has been missing for 15 Years and you It’s okay we’ll both get what we want Right Have you seen samuels he’s probably been Up for hours I’ll catch up with him that’s because He’s an android probably Did anybody have one of those i did What my dad did ghetto blaster Amazing that’s like hungry hippos that Thing Come from there i have enough just come From there No idea why i’m taking scrap but i’m Sure it’s gonna come in handy we’re like Make an alien weapon or something About that isn’t it this this is the Design of this is fantastic

Attention to detail this is what i like About stuff like this So i thought it might be interesting for Us You know a little bit of alien history i Do hope That uh ridley scott finishes what he Where he left off with alien government Cover alien covenant now It needs finishing even despite I like the concept i do like the concept Of um The engineers creating um Bulls you know it’s kind of like it’s Always it’s like a lot of our theory Isn’t it Here jonesy hey buddy And you you little [ __ ] you’re Staying here Honestly i i must have watched the first Alien film I’ll have a shower with clothes on why Not Remember we We just got dressed we just got dressed We’re in space it doesn’t matter do Anything we want Get my wet floor sign up Not waste the water Oh She’s got skinny arms So we’re playing as uh Ripley’s daughter um Uh adri or whatever she’s called

What’s ripley’s daughter called what’s It what Anybody ripper’s daughter does anybody Know what i’m calling in this game Oh it’s one of them is it the year yeah Okay i’ll say thank you Thank you for letting me save the game We’re living it Still in the days where we need If we get the feeling of deja vu Oh my god Right i promise you I’m gonna pick it pick up the pace There we are there we go there we go This guy’s an android you can tell did You wake up early Well i don’t really need as much sleep As the rest of you don’t I was just inspection evil bastard a Well-maintained ship I realize it’s a very similar model to The nostromo Yes m-class a later pattern but Close inspect carrying jobs on ships Like this Of course yes it’s taylor amanda She’s not a seasoned traveler amanda Ripley and ellen ellen ripley’s the Mother yeah we talked She seems nervous i hadn’t noticed She’s a skilled executive though should Help us with any legal issues we might Encounter Is this okay with you guys by the way

Looks like we’re up You don’t mind me playing the game i Could just sit in front of the camera by Far I’ll do something while i’m talking Testing the stream and i thought you Know what it’s halloween It’s the lead up in it will you might See me [ __ ] myself Not literally Um if you’re watching this yes your son Will still play computer games Oh that’s listen to that sound that is Exactly how it sounded For my wife to scream wouldn’t that be Hilarious Oh hey shut up Let’s do that again Honestly Oh expense spared here oh Mother brother I don’t think i’d be very comfortable on A spaceship like this You know it is it’s quite scary looking You know Can i get up there I hate to come hmm All cool all cool thank you It’s the only thing with computer games I always get kind of like I do like them they’re good yeah it’s Good fun

But um left right This i need kind of like To see Yeah i can’t watch me play the game Because it’s there’s a slight lag Like it’s pretty good actually though It’s like It’s the second but not enough to We’ve been in there look around here Been here is there a map if i press m No Okay so it must be this because this is What made me jump Uh funny zeta reticular a game Not as much as i used to do but i do Enjoy it I kind of like to go into that’s not the Way I like going to another world you know Um Escape escape this one sometimes Um i think it’s this way Maybe not i bet there’s one of you like Screaming Yeah i i i’ve got claustrophobia so i Don’t like them Constraints i don’t like spaces um I don’t like having no space Right which way did we go Hey something even though i’m walking Around in circles It’s um it’s pretty cool Um just to um Kind of just look at it all

It looks amazing I’m gonna start right i need some bread Crumbs or something You know something just to mark my uh Way right So Okay let’s have a look here Why do i keep walking around in circles Right this way that’s got something lit I reckon it’s this way I don’t even know where i’m supposed to Be does anybody know where i’m supposed To be going Waylon’s welsh Possibly I would try and do a welsh accent for You but it always sounds jamaican Do you like my welsh accent do you Oh my god I think it feels like a playing ground All day never mind alien Oh wait here we go here we go what is This Oh Obviously there’s some sort i’ve got to Get to my mother’s Distress signal Something like that is oh here we go Here we go here we go we’re cooking with Gas I hope you all had a restful journey i Didn’t know i’m knackered from walking Around the ship She was a wreck when i bought her took a

Few years and a lot of contracts to Refit She pays for herself now you said we’re Approaching sebastopol station Are we docking i believe your contact is Marshall weights is that that’s the Roommate that’s Mother faster with him good Let’s get this done i think i’m losing My voice routine In and out connor how are we doing Loaded and calibrated approach vector Lock prep con so i can say hello Panel open captain does everyone have a Briefing document You can watch the approach on the Monitors Oh i want to watch Whale Is that um mossy lv lv246 is lv2x6 Lv2 forces guys Is it Is that where the aliens from who knows Though because they changed all didn’t They with Prometheus Can we see it switch to monitors Sevastopol station that’s a different Station to What what is that man what’s up looks Like damage Punch-up 74 tight angle Looks like the dry dock bay is screwed i

Can’t bring the torns into that This is a commercial vessel torns out of Saint clair registration number msb 7760 calling sebastian traffic control We’re carrying three passengers on a Whale and yutani bond You’re holding the nostromo flight Recorder unit we request immediate Permission to transfer the passenger’s Port side over Say again Mr carpenter however is fine evening The station’s calm seemed pretty screwed Up so our fitted samuel suit with a Radio booster I can only keep the turns in transit for 24 hours You’ll have heard from us by then Safe trip Stand by my contract doesn’t cover Bloody space walks It’s the only option and it’s perfectly Safe if you do what i tell you Depressurizer [ __ ] hating this just Shadow me taylor You too samuels affirmative [ __ ] Happened here My god ripley you’re doing good tim Just keep moving Taylor ripley hold on

Samuels taylor respond Anybody Okay Excellent we can have it thank you Yes i do need 3d goggles play this in vr And [ __ ] myself Okay we’re loading we’re loading It’s all now So we’re on the uss testicle Okay You see now it’s getting scary guys i Normally when i’m playing a scary game And i have been playing the game That phasma phasma phobia whatever it’s Called Recently playing it with friends and Uh i can handle it it’s scary But because i’m not alone it’s good I don’t think i’ll get scared of this Either because you guys are here To keep me company and um I have no idea why i’ve just pulled that Lever You know i’d say anything to the to The future designers of spaceships is Please don’t make spaceships like this You know bright colors

Futuristic looking not scary you know This is realistic because you can tell It’s tough you know it’s a tough Spaceship Even though it’s creaking She can take So what i can do is i don’t have to keep Looking to the um To my left to see the chat Um Yes yes yes stephen phasmophobia is good So you’re left alone To die anyway Any of you guys played that is Terrifying It’s hilarious at the same time Oh whack loud i’m gonna have to shut That door because if i scream My wife will scream at me Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah right okay Can i get across here no Oh Okay that opened up Let’s have a look down here first Alien it’s just like it looks like alien There’s no such things as guns You know all i’ve got is my hands Against the xenomorph you know Well best best ring up somebody’s asking If i can save my game Thank you I don’t even know if there’s a queen

Eight i don’t even know how many aliens Are in this game Is it like i say i played it briefly On there Like on on a console on xbox and My wife was gave birth at the time And then i kind of never got around to Finish 12 i didn’t even really play it We’re probably still walking around the Uh Anybody else here that i’m getting like 3d Sound here i don’t know if you guys put Headphones in if you’re gonna get the Same Probably not Okay i’m on the other side I need i need a torch Where’s the alien i can hear things This is the terminal Okay i’ll select that Look at the chat well you guys read that Nocturnal news i’m not watching i’m Playing um I’m i am actually uh Playing an alien game Which is probably better than the last Four films so far No three wasn’t that bad like say i Enjoyed three I didn’t do any of that i just fell The rest of it was controlled by the

Computer i think you just hate that I’ve got a flare this will help Will it help but one flare i don’t think It will love Press q Ah to activate Okay but how many of these have i got The hell is it Boys and girls the atmosphere this game Is insane How do you look Can we get under there Look doc [ __ ] Duck duck how the hell do you look Oh c for crouch of course Why not because even because we see This is one of them There we go there we go Yeah i would totally agree mate flares In space It does seem irresponsible I have to say nothing as much on this Ship that looks like it would catch fire Even though there is fire on the ship at The moment Where’s my flag on are you kidding me She didn’t she she can’t even climb a Ladder without Putting a flare in one hand Okay Hello anyone here how’s that Oh it’s a model of the spaceship Hello I’ll put me into i’ll get rid of me for

A minute You want to see me Remember how we use the flare Doesn’t anything here work so the Stream’s looking quite good then guys It’s looking Because i’ve paid for like to get it to 1080p You should be getting 1080p hopefully You get into an ap Otherwise i’ll be having words with them Tapping it So you just you just can’t imagine Having to rev something up in in This fight in the future See what’s going on All right we got an access code there I’m gonna what’s that The code is oh three four zero I’m going to type that in here Oh three four zero So we’ll have that Just so we don’t Forget it put me that’s quite good Actually i can put my notes up on there It would be good to uh get some of the Guys on with Um plasmaphobia on here One night that would be cool that’s this Is a really fun game Hey i will do a little telephone Save i i bet that costs a fortune

Okay so Tomorrow no together future Is that right I’m so i need a torch I need Something Did i miss something in here how do i Get me I hope somebody’s got a walk through Through Bingo Okay I’ve already been down that’s where i Came from Okay oh yeah yeah what was the code Uh oh three pharaoh Okay Oh [ __ ] i haven’t held it oh that’s it Oh free oh [ __ ] Figure happy oh Three Four Zero there we go we’re in I love where I have no idea how to use it Okay we got a blueprint for a med kit Obviously too Med kit build Okay enter Click here to craft oh i Just made myself a And Anti-acid uh thing Well make it

Okay i think I think we go back down there Are we getting lag in the stream Anybody who’s um which i don’t even know How many people are watching i’ve got no Idea because it didn’t even give me the Option to advertise it So but um if anybody Is let me know is the stream running Okay is it Smooth I think i can have like Eight people in this um stream yard for Interviews in the future i don’t Know i don’t think i would interview Eight people at once but It could be fun like do with that um You know the round tables and Everybody’s doing maybe a triangle table There is no jump so we can’t jump in Space we can’t jump And run we can’t jump Can crouch Okay this is where we came from i Believe Came through there I’d say i do like that you can put any Any little Like background on this um stream yard And All the little functions it’s quite cool Um I tell you something is it’s playing

Something like this actually Makes you realize that it is not it’s Not just Lazy people that stream games For a living you know it’s it’s quite Yeah i imagine it’s quite strict and a Lot stressful but I imagine it’s quite um Challenging at times Especially when they’ve got like Thousands of viewers Smart lazy people that’s right they are Smart lazy people What the hell is that It’s a picture See something it’s it’s a slow paced Game People but we’re not here well I’m gonna say you’re not here we’re not Here for the gaming He’s gonna watch a game and watch a Stream i’m not a streamer i’ve No idea what i’m doing this is something I didn’t do on this thing Now we’ve done that we’ve been in there Right this is not going to keep pressing On one He did not press the right button Probably didn’t press the right button Yeah they were there a code on the Galaxy Traveller there was there was a code on I’ve already put the code in

I got the code Um Was going to play this over a few days Leading up to halloween and maybe Complete it for halloween But it’s probably going to be halloween Halloween 2020 What 2021 by the time i complete it Is that is that something i need to fix Or no There’s somebody watching this game what A [ __ ] And will be do some Game to tits off constantly Just knows this game inside out And just keep walking past what i’ve got To do what forgot to do Restore the power okay i just need to Read that Restore the power Oh i’ve pulled that The coding Everybody got a walk through That jump camera well it’s gonna have to Just follow the power whale No I’ve been through there Just all the power Been through here but this is something I didn’t do in here You’re not bad steven at all Okay This computer here no

It’s that door there and that door there There’s nothing in this door Other than that i collected Nothing nothing to press So it must be Down yeah probably lost about 13 subscribers or something from playing The game Or i thought this was an alien channel What was the ufo channel Where the ufos you doing like Who’s testing the stream halloween Ufos will come my friend It is it must be this way has to be Hastabis something here Something’s making a buzzing noise Galaxy you know this game very well Where do i go Don’t get me wrong it seems like a great Game so far you know it’s It seems quite Spooky but You know we need to get it going for the Stream we [ __ ] myself and catch me cat walked in Oh my god there’s a door here there’s a Door here There’s a door we found a door Just need to look We found a dog that just took us back Round to where we came from But at least we found another door Oh my word

Bottom bottom option Utility The terminal by the save okay Down here down down this section Galaxy trevelia is he down here Mr carpenter thank you very much my Friend Yes ghost hunting that’s gonna be next Mate Real ghost on in I’m looking to get actually looking at Getting a good camera Um soon a very good one But um There’s a there’s a there’s a house near Where i live That is um you can pay to stay there for The night Um not many people do They could be in could be an interesting Stream Up so right so it’s up Right so it’s up obviously is it Near that save did you say From here in here there’s a save there In this room there’s I’ve already done this if that’s what You’re talking about Kill the power oh Don’t forget to rip Okay All power no [ __ ] i need to stop Last folder the last one this one Utilities

Restore the power yeah i i know i know I know i need to restore the power but But how How do i restart i knew i shouldn’t have Played the game it’s I get into the swing of it people i’ll Get into the swing of it Um so that’s a save I’ve already pulled that knob And uh I don’t know what it did So Oh this is just a test stream though Guys so don’t Don’t take it personal it’s it is Literally Yep select it okay select it Right okay So go down e to select it yeah Or select again oh bring your bomb You’re right my friend thank you Oh who are they Right i think we’re cooking with gas now People I think um Thank you steven It’s a celebration of a celebration we Celebrate through a drink Um galaxy trav The guy let’s see traveler is it does it Um Does he get is it easier or is it harder You know We got power we’re done up here he

Didn’t open one there’s something with This one Like a circus train Train hell happened here training a Spaceship Space station why not Oh look at that That is nice Oh hell what’s up Damn it Um galaxy travel do you know do you know What um What key uh is to What the hell’s that noise I’ve got a flare i remember picking up a Flare Maybe you know what f1 f2 f3 F4 it’s usually one of the f’s in it Number one two three four Frigate doodle All right fasting menu i yeah i know I know there’s a crafting menu but um That’s the crafting menu is it not but What what What’s the button i’m just going to go

To options To look at the controls i should have Done this i should be more prepared Options game Mouse Controls No i don’t have a controller not on a Controller Input mapping there we go Crouch aim fire throw Use okay so that’s it So how do i get my What do i get q q Q okay q flares Who flies there how do i get them This is a nightmare probably Nightmare stream either does not know What he’s doing should have a test run First It won’t be natural with it if i’d done That Q maybe i don’t need it fly yet It’s a great game especially when you’re Drunk Oh there’s another flare there let’s get Another flare that we can’t use End the game with about 100 flares With the first man to complete this game With without using any Just hover over and let go Fq okay Hovering that’s cute flare Med kit flare free flares

Okay give me give me a bastard flare Sodding thing When saying the stream tonight guys i’m Going to um I’m going to go on to a video See how you use a bastard flair Yeah yeah i’m pressing q i’m hovering On it A one two three four five six No nothing nothing nothing I need to let’s do medium i need to find Out Game Yeah that’s fine sprint that’s when we Got that Crouch there’s not many buttons to Remember aim Yep fire throw Use q Oh what’s this all right okay reload Peak Select shock oh hey oh Flamethrower Motion tracker or brilliant flashlight Is f Okay F now I drag it or something Okay i can build another one of them That’s working Do you know what maybe it’ll be fine we Don’t need to fly I’ve managed 40 years of my life without Ever using the flare

I don’t need one in this game What’s that Caps lock oh yeah caps Caps lock was on i’ve got me flare I’ve got my flare i’ve got my bloody Flame in my hand Right when it all the lights have come On And i’ve now got a flare but when the Lights were off i didn’t have a flare Maybe i couldn’t just don’t see the fly Oh [ __ ] What the hell is that in there it’s not An alien sailing staff torches [ __ ] with us now people we are Cooking with gas Julia jones today’s update after Numerous demands Martial rates finally called a public Meeting to address the rumors that have Been circulating on sevastopol But instead of the answers we wanted he Continued to be evasive and after only a Few minutes he and his team were pelted By projectiles from an angry crowd A gun was fired there was panic and now Weights and what’s left of his team are Forcibly ejecting us from the terminal Feels like we’re on our own now can that Cigarettes on the space station They should have to go outside smoke That is when a little save Well not first

Right I’m not care about zoey what is apollo Well it depends that’s what you’re Asking Oh i think i’ve just found a map Just found a map fantastic Guys this is going to be a better stream Now because i found a map So bear with me we’re good I found a map and i now have a flare in My hand So we good And i’m going to go down that hole It should be myself I feel like bishop Imagine you finally got stuck in that Tunnel Uh Thank you stephen I don’t feel it either What a year to to to become faulty What did you do for your fault if oh you Know Stay down I distanced myself from everybody oh Dear It’s all damn places falling apart A bit worse couldn’t it could be an Hospital Grateful grateful you’re not poorly Oh look at that All of a sudden don’t know if you guys Can hear what i’m hearing

But it sounds incredible but very scary Like literally it’s It feels like the spaceship’s about to Implode oh i’ll tell you what I watched an amazing film the other day If Anybody has seen it advertised And you’re wondering whether it’s gonna Be good or not i can tell you now it’s Good Spoiler alert is good underwater With uh the twilight girl i forgot her Name um Her that always looks like she’s chewing A lip um Amazing it’s just like an alien film With a bit of um lovecraft it’s Phenomenal But yeah go see it uh well nothing’s not Cinema anymore but Underwater I had to activate How you do it I’ve always wondered if holding a flare Actually hurts your hand you know the Sparks And they hit your hand I feel like that was a waste of a flare Oh well There is a lot of bodies here and i’m Trying on one of them sorry mate Are you You’ve seen it a few three weeks ago

Polymist [ __ ] [ __ ] the marshalls We’re sorry oh you gotta be kidding Restore the power Restore the power again Right get through them All right it’s got a pub lock on it Jesus man i’m hearing noises everywhere Every creek Just hurry the [ __ ] up wait Okay Anybody like the new alien films by the Way you know the uh The prometheus and the um alien covenant They were very well done now To to look at visually Beautiful i just don’t know where the Story is going I think if prometheus hadn’t been an Alien Film it would have been a great film if It did not mean an alien film it was an Alien film But that’s that’s the problem that they Tried to bring that concept Of um who created us Into an alien film it didn’t really Belong in that franchise i don’t think Okay i think uh unfortunately Uh ridley scott is um He’s [ __ ] it up a little bit It was well done don’t get me wrong But You know pump it up

We have guns these we oh what is that Another padlock Obviously i need some sort of um pickaxe Or An axe or a hammer Gun even i don’t always bullets Just realized it’s an alien game i’ve Not seen an alien yet Which again reminds me of alien one this Is why i wanted to play this game Because in the first alien And if no one’s ever seen the first Alien then shame on you you need to Watch it Um i need to turn all the lights off When you watch it It is so well done it looks good to this Day It’s like aliens aliens does as well Plasma torch okay it looks like we get a Whole Like bunch of gadgets in this game Definitely something moving We’ve been through here In up here That’s where we just We’ve been up there We have not been here And to me the zombie my friend know Where he’s my friend i will catch you Later how many times to say my friend Nice to be Talking but yes mate i will catch you Later mate thank you for

Popping in i’m glad it looks good um i Hope it’s 1080p Guys That nice I need Yes steve I need a map right so Yeah i’ve been oh it’s like the map in Um Okay okay i get this i guess Can i use the map i’ll use the map Oh my god You figure out and then the game goes [ __ ] you You figured out i’m gonna scare the [ __ ] Out of you All right it’s not here then See It’s gotta be down here Right down here The thing is yes i’m running you think Why would you you won’t be running You wouldn’t be running around like an Idiot knowing that there’s an alien There But i’m playing the game so in the game The character has no idea there’s an Alien She she just thinks the ship’s [ __ ] You know and in the game you you would You climb over there with your legs Wouldn’t you you but you can’t You’ve got to go up this tube

In real life you would not go that tube Not a chance You just climb over the fridge Is that where they came from did it come From that i think i didn’t Alright I came from there didn’t i Up top those stairs yes The stairs Galaxy travel out i’m am i going back on Myself Okay what the stairs is [Applause] [ __ ] Stairs Oh through here I’ve been through here already no i Haven’t He went off on Magical stairs i can’t see In this room oh stairs See the stairs i see the stairs people Okay That’s a bit dramatic You know you default you to just open The locker but now let’s jump inside That’s the mechanic of the game to hide From the alien Alright Once to get this thing to unlock all Them This looks promising

You know when you can use something in a Game when it’s flashing Can you imagine in real life if that if If life was as easy as that Don’t marry this woman marry this woman She’s flashing Not not flashing us in like Naked but Nice Hello i want to make a complaint to the Highest authority okay my name Is zachary watson that’s watson You get that my complaint is this [ __ ] marshalls Don’t think this [ __ ] thing even Works Right Of that I feel an alien coming on Other than um the galaxy traveler have Any of you guys Played this are you familiar with it you Just anybody else Watching this thinking what is this Idiot doing I feel like i’m getting into the swing Of it now Heist look if you can’t even tell me Your name We’re gonna be here a hell of a long Time

I just wanna know about your boss he’s Got you all into a lot of trouble Someone’s gonna be accountable thanks Steve i’m gonna make damn sure Someone’s accountable No tough guy huh Turner turn off the tape Maybe our friend here is just shy So he’s making damn sure somebody’s a Cannibal Sounds like a nice man I honestly i mean i can i i can play Again i don’t know if it’s because i’ve Had a beer or I mean i’ve literally had three beers I’m not drunk Yes um I can’t leave Oh oh i’m docking There’s something Oh That may be super nice dave Right this is this is where i came from Before in it But there’s then little bulkhead things I can open now Stay still okay Okay turn around Come on I’m ripley where’d you come from ripley Off station a ship there’s no ships here There are now well

That’s good news because things are not So good here Something blue just now rock this whole Place I saw it One lady who’s gonna die that’s the Least of our problems Yeah yeah something’s on the station Something you wouldn’t believe like what A killer you get it okay Okay what’s your name Axel i was boarding with two colleagues Eva we got separated by the blast Can you help me find them why Because you seem to know your way around Why what’s in it for me A place on the ship How do i know i can trust you i need to Find Comms i need to contact my ship I’ve got one already this Is your lucky d i’ll have two Thank you let’s go sweetheart seeks and Comes as an assistant expire It’s quite a distance but we can get to Transit through the freight area But watch yourself we can get into all Sorts of trouble there Okay Lead the way mate come on Come on i don’t want to stick around Here long if you if it’s your ship Then you can lead the way This is only 10 minutes in steve we’ve

Been playing this for like Nearly two hours was that you following Me back there I had to keep my distance i can’t take Any chances We were just taking in his eyes I won’t have a look in here What a waste and the flare They’re like you know like spit on it Put it out Oh okay okay we’re not looking for Trouble Who are you i’m john this is ringo We’ve got some [ __ ] we haven’t got Time for this come on jana We’re trying to get to cops can you help Us we don’t need their help Don’t tell them anything look i’ve got The elevator to work Janna let’s go okay i i’m sorry Good luck hey i thought What the hell was that about why are you So damn aggressive Everyone fighting [ __ ] scared keeping to Their own I hope this shepherd is Hold up let me get the lb Allow me the game people For anybody that’s just um Joined which you probably haven’t uh but Anybody who’s Still with us thank you uh it’s kind of A test It’s testing the new streaming service

Um I’ve given it a whirl um i’d appreciate It if you told me what the hell was Going on How good it is Are we getting any luck Yeah when we get to my ship i need to Know what’s going on Right [ __ ] now fine like i said There’s a killer a killer what does that Even mean I ain’t seen it but it’s here picking us Off one by one What are you saying a psycho a person no Something else a monster And a monster Oh this is definitely alien territory Look at this Aliens don’t like fire don’t they [ __ ] we need to move this way It’s just [ __ ] man should be looking For a way off Are you crazy there’s no way off at Least we’re safe down here For how long what if they come for us And we shoot the crap out of them now Shut up you’re making me nervous It’s jumpy the stream’s jumping And It could be because i’m running the Streaming software on two computers At the moment I know that i didn’t need to do that Bastard

I don’t get through there Um Friends of yours i’ve had runs with These guys before They don’t like strangers nice guys like Me I’m shocked i’d thrown your chain down You didn’t go and say hello it’s your Funeral those guns aren’t for sure Someone should be doing something they Are It’s called survival Everyone’s turning on each other the Fear makes people crazy I’ve noticed The game is alien isolation So it’s um It’s from the alien franchise Alien aliens alien 3 alien resurrection Oh flashlight thank you How do i put this flare down Come on what are you waiting for pick up The flashlight Where is it Oh it’s on my face Awesome just be careful not to flash it Around You don’t want to get caught let’s go I’m not going anywhere else saving my Game My friend That’s weird Yeah people this is um a test stream

Basically so This is just me messing about on the Game as you can see I am not gracious of gamers Um how about you look around we’re not Going anywhere until you find out You know it’s a good way of testing the Software There’s been a couple of jerks but not Too it’s running pretty stable i think It’s gonna be Perfect for interviews because this this Platform that we use and i think i Believe it can get about Eight and eight eight people in At one so maybe 16 i don’t know i need To look at it’s a lot A lot of people in and It should be a 1080p stream as well so Basically what i’m trying to do is get Be able to get interviews out to you Guys Faster um because what happens when i Is this it hold on i’m coming When i edit the interviews when i’m Doing it i need to edit and It takes so much time so you can get the Guests I mean the guests in this platform can Actually drop their own stuff in as well So they can screen share themselves So they can show me show Evidence or whatever you know whatever They want to do

It should be decent But i didn’t want to interview somebody First it’s not smart that’s It basically so That’s the way everyone travels around Here Foreign that’s your ship huh Quiet i hear something Yeah i hear you will do gotta go meet The others something’s going down There’s always something going down come On We don’t want to piss him off Evening mary jane follow me Okay I need to save it because i’m a shitty So for that i actually died yet so Quietly i’m being quiet Hold up what’s the emergency Someone else has been here everyone Stayed i’m happy to see you all Anyone you don’t know stick around while I check our stock And too many I’m here this is a test stream by the Way They’d have to check it out you’re Smaller than me

You’ll make less noise great Which one of you checked our supplies Last i did what’s up You decide to help yourself a little What the [ __ ] is that supposed to mean Hey he’s been with me the whole time We’re missing food Ammo meds if it’s not one of us Then we were right someone’s been in Here This is no good i think i’ve got I’ve just come from there sealed tight Eyes open Keep your guns ready someone’s gonna Have to tell the boss Boss he’s a goddamn store clerk yeah Maybe you think you could do better he’s Not saying that I’m just saying that just stop saying And help me check the rest of this stuff That is if you could keep Easy Just stuck to the sides Stephen the the ali i’ve not seen any Alien and All i’ve seen is humans and they may see It’s the humans that we need to worry About Like in real life Everyone with me Doesn’t seem to be bro come out and we Won’t hurt

It’s not working now maybe the safety Got tripped it could have been a road Got stuck you didn’t set off to safety a Rat nice one I cannot believe i actually did that in One go I didn’t even this is it i picked up the Pace people Galaxy traveler you know i i do do a Little bit of gaming but Not not much it’s like It’s mainly multiplayer games these days With mermaids Which which is totally different to this Type of game Still there it’s Not quite what you’re expecting I’m not even supposed to be here my Shipping out papers were for a week ago Anything interesting there Flashlight there we go An old game this it looks it looks good I’m so impressed with the uh it’s Powered down The accenture that’s Good we need to activate both consoles At the same time to open it i’ll do this One you go to the one on the other side Okay It’s so obvious that we need so Obviously i’m gonna go to the other side I’m going to activate this and then an

Alien’s going to rub it rub His tail up his backside Ready on three one Two three You bums think you could take what you Want that’s it Yeah gotham ah a lot about ash [ __ ] let’s go the others are on their Way We need to go no hey you bastard I have just realized people That you love got a mouse Have you got a mouse on your screen Haven’t you um If i move this mouse down here Move it shoot him I don’t know why you’ve got a mouse in The middle of your screen Oh [ __ ] He’s just i think he’s dead just kidding Me Come on You killed that guy because he was going To kill me You saved my life this Is a boat kiss me then Do you understand don’t get soppy Something i hear something Excellent if i go on me I’m sorry I keep moving

Yes Sounds like the thing music That was a great film the original That’s where we died That’s where the men are This way from this flashlight on Get through there I’ll tell you something though hats off To the creators of this game because It really is very atmospheric Where’s my map Okay I need to probably guess Through there i can’t go there Hello There we go [Laughter] What am i waiting for it’s another Elevator Oh something’s going [Applause] Hope

She to break This is um this is if if If any you’ve never played this i Recommend getting it’s Very intense Station serving seeks in communication Technologies tech support services And gemini exoplanet solutions How do we get out oh there we go So So Mr mouse Your safety is important to us please Report all transit malfunctions Immediately Move key Humans and synthetics thank you for your Continued use of the Vegetable transit Oh [ __ ] Guys over here someone’s here Why would you shoot at me So I’ve let’s come i’ve gone in there and i Can’t get out So Here we go

Stephen you’ve played this am i any Closer to the alien So it looks like it could be a big she’s It’s a big ship Oh what the hell was i just stubbed Myself with Okay Uh Oh sorry i’ve got a hammer Says I’m upstairs i am upstairs What the hell do i do these things Activate active Okay Speaker system okay i’ll activate that Then Press a move mouse Tap switch room tab Well this ain’t got the foggiest As far end stairs far end okay It’s fine Me [Applause] [Applause] Keep us wrong Down Went downstairs or back on that terrible Thing

Easy fix Thank you steve [ __ ] So [Applause] I think i’m just gonna hide in here till The music stops Let’s use how it works I’ll have a little peek Are you so [ __ ] Move Oh [ __ ] Show me the ass yes Look at me senseless Right i have been streaming for an hour And a half on this It’s it’s obviously yes Low current safe okay Right Whoa Guys and girls i thank you so much for Um Helping me out with this test stream um Unfortunately i didn’t make it to see The alien but i could be here all night And uh i’ve got work in the morning So um

I have to find the alien another night Um but yeah this is gonna be The new streaming platform going on Um Yeah the alien does sound like it’s in My chest The um yeah the streaming platform going On Will be this i I believe uh so i’m probably gonna do an Interview on it Next i might do another test stream i Don’t know I just i just wanted to make sure Everything’s working okay And it seems it seems fine Uh not too many complaints i need to Watch the stream Well i’m gonna watch all that but i’ll Watch a little bit of it back And just to make sure that everything um Because you can see this is i need look At this This gray here I’m not missing half a mustache it’s Just gray Fartsy this yeah i need to need to just For men Um but yes The streaming platform going forward Will be this i better probably interview More than Sometimes i might have maybe three People in four people

In two people in or just one person in Uh that’s the sweet spot um but yeah It’s gonna be fun we’ve got rican havoc Coming on with david Um very soon i’m just waiting On um a date for that for both parties When They can both do it um but yeah it’s Gonna be fun And uh it’s gonna be a lot less less Work Is but eve at the same time it’s Probably it’s going to be work because I’ve never worked a streaming piece of Software before Seems easy enough um I’m still going to edit visit videos I’m still gonna edit videos as well Um Because i do love it so That’s not gonna stop it’s just the Interviews Are mainly probably going to be Live proper live so you guys can Interact with the guest ask questions You may want to call the guest the bell End from time to time and that’s fine Because i’m not not many people know What that means So yeah but anyway Thank you very much folks for sticking With me this evening uh For everybody who has i have no idea how Many people are watching this is

Probably just just a couple of yeah um But um it was just a test stream so Yeah good night god bless folks Mind the books don’t bite