Our Haunted Doll Is Scary As F*ck | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | October 14, 2020
Our Haunted Doll Is Scary As F*ck | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Haunted objects have become a norm in Popular culture From the infamous annabelle doll that Inspired countless films To the dybbuk box now owned by zach Baggins which supposedly haunted a man And drove him crazy To robert the doll the infamous haunted Doll from florida And even the hope diamond people have Always been intrigued by haunted objects This october i ordered three of them two Haunted dolls And one dybbuk box to see if the rumors That these objects were haunted were True The things that have happened since i Ordered them are unexplainable And this video contains some crazy Paranormal evidence Welcome to the paranormal files hey Everybody it’s colin here Welcome to this new series that i’m Beginning Today on the channel just something i Want to cover real quickly I want to address the fact that i Haven’t done any major haunted locations In the last you know Month two months i mean i did stuff on The east coast but with covid it’s been Really hard to book locations and really Hard to get out of the house safely But i’ve been working my hardest to

Still find cool places to go film it I’ve had to Scrap a lot of videos that i was going To release so I’ve had to brainstorm and try my Hardest to come up with content for you Guys So i’m proud to announce that at the end Of the month i’m going to be on the Queen mary I’m being flown out to la i’m going to Film a whole series out in l.a in los Angeles And that’s going to be super exciting We’re going to have some extremely crazy Videos coming out of that trip Then i’m going on another trip i don’t Want to tell you guys where i’m going Yet but in the middle of the month to do Some filming as well And at the end of november near Thanksgiving i’m doing a Massive filming trip with papa spooks my Dad and my mom she’s coming with As well we’re going to do some of the Most famous haunted locations in the United states Including the valiska axe murder house The squirrel cage jail And some places in minnesota that are Crazy including the palmer house hotel And some other just massive locations That i’m excited to share with you guys So this is video number one i’m gonna be

Opening up these haunted objects that i Purchased online Investigating them and then those Objects are gonna be in the rest of the Series Now the apartment that i’m sitting in Right now this is where i’ve lived for a While It has recently become extremely Actively haunted i’m Gonna be on stage at a halloween event Next weekend telling the story For the night owl podcast steven’s a Great friend of mine he’s from austin I’ve been telling all my friends and Family about this but Courtney and i i figured that she needs To be in the video because she has Experienced a lot of the activity when i Haven’t been home when i’ve been on Trips She is gonna sit down tell her story i’m Gonna tell my story and then we’re gonna Finish it together For tuesday’s episode and i want to Shoot it kind of like a Uh like one of those shows where it’s a Reenactment so we’re gonna kind of have Fun with it and film some little Reenactments of exactly what happened Yeah that whole story is really deep i’m Gonna go to the location where i think This spirit came from And investigate it and ask it some

Questions but in the meantime Just keep in mind throughout this video That the apartment that i’m in right now Is supposed to be haunted Because that plays a very important role In This story that’s why i decided to bring These two haunted dolls into the Apartment and this Cursed you know demon dybbuk box i want To state that i personally you know Don’t think that anything is attached to These items because you guys know me And how skeptical i am when it comes to This stuff especially when you have Unverifiable stories and everything so Take everything with a grain of salt but It’s always a fun and interesting Experiment i thought it would be great For halloween because people love Haunted objects and i’ve already got a Bunch in my apartment but I wanted to introduce these three Energies if there are energies on them To see if they’re going gonna interact With whatever’s already in this Apartment so Basically that’s just the beginning the [ __ ] was that Hello Um i don’t see the cat anywhere Something literally just fell off of the God i was not ready to film this my Apartment’s kind of dirty right now so

Holy [ __ ] dude are you [ __ ] kidding Me What the [ __ ] that’s crazy Look at this guys look at this [ __ ] i Don’t even got shoes on God my heart is like beating really fast This literally just this was sitting Right here when i started that shot That was literally sitting right there And it’s knocked over right now on the Ground that was on camera too that was On camera Holy [ __ ] i was just trying to do a Monologue God look it well yeah don’t mind the [ __ ] that was in here it’s just a bunch Of pens and some Coins from england a little little love Note but That’s [ __ ] freaky man Keep in mind that i already opened up The dybbuk box And the two dolls and investigated them This was just meant to be the intro to The video but i guess this just took an Interesting turn [ __ ] has been happening Constantly In my apartment literally almost every Day we have stuff happen that’s what We’re going to talk about in the next Video and we’re going to investigate the Apartment and the place where I think this thing came from but anyways God damn that’s gnarly that this

Literally just happened on camera And i just want to state to you guys That i’m not going to say that that’s 100 paranormal what just happened Even though like i’m shaking and that Scared the hell out of me i do have a Cat but i did not see her Anywhere around here and she has a Little bell that she wears so we would Have Heard the jingle of the bell kitty Oh [ __ ] look she was in the laundry room She was literally curled up like Sleeping on this blanket that I need to wash don’t mind the damn Blanket or the mess Like i said i was not expecting to Actually film my apartment i thought i Would just sit over there in my work Chair and just do the intro But that’s crazy isn’t that that’s like Literally exactly what i’m saying um That literally is exactly what i was Trying to the point i was trying to make With this intro anyways guys i’m just Gonna get into the video and show you What happened when i bought the dolls When they came in damn i can’t even Focus on it that’s just crazy that that Should just happen Back there if there’s somebody here with Me can you do that again I thought i heard something out there Yeah

That’s creepiest being in here alone but I’m getting hot But yeah anyways guys i’m gonna start Doing that investigation now Enjoy the video you know of what Happened how i got these dolls into the House and the box And like i said yeah i’m about to Investigate i was gonna say also that We had the power go out the other night At a really strange time Like really it just didn’t seem like it Was Like a random you know uh It just didn’t seem like a random uh Event But the power we lost the entire power i Can’t even speak right now because this [ __ ] We lost all the power in the apartment For like 10 seconds after we said something which Is a part of the story And it was like the timing of me saying This and then all the power going out Was like Crazy so yeah anyways here let me show You this too Here’s a funny caricature of us A little ghost skeleton guy But this right here is The haunted object that we’re gonna be Talking about in the story So uh yeah be prepared for that

And it’s sitting right there in the Apartment at all times But uh yeah let’s start the video guys And i’m gonna investigate Hey guys real quickly also before we Start the video I have two people i want to shout out One is carl he’s one of my best friends Of all time My oldest friend actually he’s from South dakota his quartet just released a New album recently it’s So good it’s so beautiful he’s so Passionate about his music and with Coronavirus and all the stuff that has Happened He’s had to cancel tours and kind of Shift his life around so if you guys Could just do me a favor and please just Go give the album a listen Boost their spotify plays it would mean The world to me and to him because He’s been a great friend an amazing Person my whole life uh and second i Have my friend jonah who goes by fantasy Camp he Also does amazing music it’s totally Different vibe he’s more on the emo rap The trap sphere of everything stuff that Like i used to do as kid spooky and Still do he was actually in an episode Of the paranormal files last june in Pennsylvania where he’s from Unfortunately i couldn’t air the episode

Because of certain circumstances but He’s great he hooked me up with a lot of Locations out in pennsylvania and we’re Filming out there even concrete city he Was the one that kind of got me to go There but it would really mean the world To me if you guys could just go stream Those songs stream the album give them Some plays boost them up because they’re People that i genuinely care about and Wasn’t paid to do this i just wanted to Do it out of the kindness of my heart so That would be awesome guys Anyways enjoy this video it’s really Creepy it’s nice and long you guys will Really enjoy this it took a lot of Effort but As always let’s just get into it stay Spooky it’s halloween season baby we’re Only going up from here Real quickly here are the listings of The objects that i bought as you can see I was attracted to this clown doll Because he looked kind of creepy A bit spendy at 50 but the story behind Him was pretty interesting apparently he Used to be a clown in a circus took his Own life and He’s haunted this doll supposedly Causing active paranormal activity like Really intense stuff So added him to the cart second up was This kind of cute looking little girl Doll that

Honestly when you look up close is super Spooky Even in this photo you can see they got The candles and the pumpkins and stuff But what was interesting about this Listing was that in some of the photos They were using an emf meter and showing That the energy was spiking around the Doll And add in the story about the spirit That’s attached to this doll having died In a car accident And apparently she’s super active and Causes poltergeist activity and of Course i’m gonna buy the doll Third i have returned to the dybbuk box Thing For fifty dollars i mean this was a Pretty expensive divot box but it sure Looked creepy on the outside i thought That this person had you know paid Attention to detail so maybe what was on The inside of the box would be Interesting this time as opposed to some Of the other dipping boxes that i opened As usual it says here do not ever open Lots of you know precautions please do Not open and on the bottom it says you Cannot be guaranteed Anything paranormal uh by buying this Box So knowing all those things i purchased The three objects had them sent to my Apartment

And i’m gonna cut right now to the video Of me getting them out of my mailbox And proceeding to open them Okay guys so i ordered the haunted dolls A couple of days ago on ebay I got two of them and a dipping box down To give all this one more try And surprisingly they came in really Fast they came in like three days Uh it said i shouldn’t expect them to Like next monday Or wednesday but it’s saturday and they Just came in so We’re here at my apartment uh postal Area Mail up mail building so i’m gonna let’s Do it Got the advance got the advanced thing Right here Two packages hair’s so Vibrant right now Where’s the next one where’s it gonna be Where’s it gonna be Oh right in front of you Let’s go let the spooks begin today I’m gonna test the mic hopefully this Works Check what’s up everybody it’s colin Here And uh courtney and courtney We’re sitting right now in our apartment Right now it is wednesday october 7th We are well into the spooky season happy October everybody online

And tonight we are going to open these Three boxes in front of us That contain supposedly haunted items Each of them Yeah we’ve already you know got a Haunted item over there Interestingly enough and we’re going to Do tons of experiments this month The whole month i’m going to be filming With all these objects but it’s kind of You know obviously a little spooky to Open up a haunted doll To read the stories but um i’m excited These things have just been sitting in Their boxes and i’ve been eager to open Them but obviously you can’t Tell we’re filming to see you know if Anything happens I figured that courtney needs to be here For The opening as well because she lives Here and we’ve been experiencing all This together and she’s going to be here The whole time with the dolls So this is kind of a thing that we Wanted to handle ourselves but i’m going To be here alone with them when you Leave Yep she’ll be here alone for the finale Um i’m going to let you run on Um here you can do it on my phone Courtney is going to be filming From the iphone what’s up everybody up Close and personal

Too close for comfort you look great Thanks She’s gonna be filming on this phone so You guys can actually see right away What’s in the boxes Just to go over real quickly what we’re Gonna be running i’m gonna have the rem Pod right here i’m gonna set this out in The middle of the table This thing kicks out an electromagnetic Field around the device Closer you are to the device the Brighter the light Is so if it ever bumps like that that Means that Another phantom electromagnetic field Has Entered the space of the rem pod so I’m assuming if these dolls If these dolls actually have some sort Of spirit attached to them it’s going to Be here Immediately with the dolls Then over here plugged in because It was dead this is the ovulus this Thing is Kind of along the same lines it has an Algorithm that It detects changes in emf energy puts it Through the algorithm gives you a word So it’s basically A lot of people think that you can use This device as a spirit To basically access a dictionary and

Give responses so i’m going to put that On right now Just said aggression again Began aggression began [ __ ] Pushed [ __ ] that’s actually a lot what Aggression began can you film debbie Pushed It said right away aggression began Debbie pushed Okay and then i’ve got the sv7 spirit Box That i’m going to turn on after we open Each of these that was odd though Yeah that was because it usually only Gives you one word it’s kind of like a Opening thing clock gone Clock gone debbie pushed gone Clock weird lie No chance what the [ __ ] copper can you Film this Look at this What this i’ve Never seen that many words ever once Using this you can see it’s like Tweaking out Too with the electricity levels on top Yeah oh my god it said debbie and johnny Yeah look at that thing didn’t have Anything to do with it attack We haven’t even opened the boxes yet What if the spirits that are already Here named debbie and johnny And look at i moved it and it’s still Giving the responses and these are the

Sensors so it shouldn’t be picking up on Anything anyways in here yeah Weird well really weird That’s odd all right i guess um This is the first doll yep this is box Number one I’m gonna run the spirit box while i Open this as well Okay Here we go doll number one everybody Let’s see who we got in here Oh our friend is a Very creepy clown Wow Yeah there’s a note in here let’s see What this person wrote to us And this is the one that supposedly has I got like a chill randomly yeah this Time Weird it’s like on my skin Okay here’s the story bobby grew up as a Circus child they traveled all over the Country his mom and dad were Entertainers they were both so beautiful To look at People were mesmerized by their beauty They were very conceited and expected Everyone to bow down to them so when Bobby was born Did you hear that yeah What was that i don’t know there’s some Sort of movement Over there bobby was born with Birth defects they were in horror how

Could their child look like that bobby Was always treated bad by them they Would try to hide him when he was five They started to dress him up as a clown And let him perform with the clowns He felt so much love from the other Clowns and the older he got the more Anger hurt and hate he felt brewing Inside for his perfect parents When bobby was 18 he was still a clown In the circus and no longer spoke with His parents by this point he was a Full-blown alcoholic he started drinking At 12 years old one night after bobby Drank a whole bottle of tequila and went Searching for his parents He found them and sliced them both up With a knife he cut his mom’s nose and Ears off he cut his father up pretty bad Bobby didn’t kill them but he did scar Them for life so they would know how it Felt to be different Bobby was thrown in jail and that is Where he took his own life his spirit is Now in this vessel Bobby is quite an active spirit he will Not harm you but he can be very scary I’ve witnessed him opening up my blinds And tapping on the window He wants everyone to see him now you may Hear circus music playing and see bobby Acting as he did in the circus He was a good clown because he learned To hide his feelings well and was able

To make people laugh You may see him juggling your items Sometimes he will sneak up on you he Will talk to you and you will hear him Laugh often but when you hear him cry Please try to contain him Because he may have an episode if you Feel drawn to him then he is yours Many blessings bobby Wow [ __ ] Yeah there he is here’s bobby Here let’s set him right here okay Perfect okay so let’s right away try to Talk to him Puddle God this thing’s going crazy to me no Weird that right when we said him Right when we said it by him god Um okay bobby well if you’re in this Little clown right here You sure look creepy um we’re not gonna Hurt you or anything you’re welcome into Our house But can you use your voice and maybe say Hi to us if you’re here Bobby are you here Bobby can you use your voice Kind of like when it said scratch it Said watch your back on him Look at that thing it’s feeling crazy [Applause] I’ve never seen that device once give This many words in any circumstance

What the hell Bobby if you’re in this doll can you say Something to us Is your name actually bobby That’s crazy release norman soon norman Was my Grandfather who passed away who The psychics have told me has been Around me my whole life Dang that gave me chills yeah same Actually Bobby do you know my grandpa norman by Chance What are you saying here So we opened up bobby we gave him some Time I think it’s time to open doll number Two see if My theory here that i’m trying to Experiment with is that hopefully By bringing multiple dolls i don’t know The thing is we don’t know if there’s Actually something attached to these Things It’s that’s the whole the whole thing is That you never know i don’t even know if I believe in attachment but The thing is here it is we’re just Experimenting with it Because there’s no way to verify the Story yeah But even if this story is [ __ ] it Doesn’t matter because there still could

Be something attached to this and that’s Why they sold it you know what i mean Yeah and they might just be making a Story to make it more Sellable as opposed to just not knowing What’s attached to it It is weird though this thing’s going Off so hard It is like and it said some Weird things okay guys so we’ve got Bobby right here We’ll set him paint v Bright faster month For the second item oh [ __ ] That scared me it really scared me Oh he sits oh baby i would December december cold december cold News i should hope that’s not a omen Yeah me too um So we have the second haunted doll right Here Let’s just slice into this This is the one that says bless be yeah Also i want to point out here the box Says blessed be Glass fragile with the little uh Witch symbol pentagram pentacle whatever You want to call it Not satanic but still just kind of eerie To see on the box Yeah damn they really sealed this Ball in here you gotta keep it in i Guess

Hey Um Here is our second Oh she smells old smell it Oh she smells like grandma perfume Yeah that’s weird all right pray again Just told us to pray Doug that thing just started going off Again too It always goes off as soon as we take Them out of the box yeah it wasn’t going Off before but now it is That’s so strange so i don’t know I’d have to i have to look up the History of this doll again on ebay but So i’m reading the ebay listing right Here of this doll it says She was born in 1964 and passed from a Severe car accident at the age of 34 Born in london moved to the states at The age of five her parents knew of her Gifts and she began working on her Abilities if you’d like something Banished from the home she can do that She has also shown spikes on the emf Detector she likes to turn the tv on and Off she will flicker the lights Batteries drain she means no harm she Just wants attention Yeah her name is nadine You can use emf detectors and evp Recorders to talk to her so this is a Emf meter all right i’ll hand this back To you

So here she is this is nadine Nadine and bobby are going to be real Good friends nadine is Kind of cute she’s really cute she’s got Some like Yeah she has like some weird coloring Around her face right here on her cheeks And like her little arms like It’s a little stained and stuff she’s Been through it Okay nadine let’s uh We’re gonna do the spirit box with her Right now okay Nadine are you here with us Nadine if that’s you can you say hi to Us or hello Elizabeth If there’s any spirits in this room just Feel free to talk to us Doesn’t seem like she really wants to Talk she’s bashful But it’s interesting that when we Use the spirit box the Ovulus seems to stop giving words It’s almost as if something knows that We’re not using it Yeah you know yeah but I guess i don’t know how to like Properly set her Can you sit up maybe i think we’re gonna Have to like prop her up against Something with like a back thing where She can lean up against it well That’s nadine and bobby hopefully

They’ll become good friends in the next Couple of weeks Yeah hopefully they work together Communicate for the third and final Object we have One of my favorite items actually a Dybbuk box Uh last time i did a dybbic box video it Has similar format to this but we kind Of thoroughly debunked the phenomenon Now i’m not Discrediting other people’s experiences You can have your own experiences In my experience i had three dipping Blocks in my house I had three dybbuk boxes in my apartment For A year and nothing ever happened So we’re going to try open this bad boy Now Let’s uh let’s take a look i’m willing To give it another shot Or energy if you’re in here come through Come on Extra seal to keep the demons out Sure looks creepy Um interesting well As you guys know divic boxes they come Sealed so You know last time i got wax all over my Table I’m just gonna do this this time That’s a good idea These things so goddamn hard to open too

Oh that’s the point i’m sure there you Go There’s scratches on it oh yeah there’s A bunch of little scratches on it It’s definitely a creepy looking box Good good attention to detail whoever Made this For sure or i guess whoever discovered This I could find But couldn’t have made this a little Harder to open Rapture what the hell Literally melting the wax off this thing Fine Come on bud Opening a demon box with fire Interestingly enough this is actually The last second of footage that my hero Camera on the tripod captured and Right here it just stopped recording as We were melting the wax off of the box I don’t know why it said that it was Recording i kept looking at it and Checking on it but Yeah it just stopped recording right Here courtney just dropped a knife onto My foot Jesus it was weird that the box said Blaze after we used the flame to melt The wax Off of the box in order to open it and It also said puncture right before we Used a knife to stab the box and open it

But we’re including the whole process Here Demon we’re almost there don’t worry the Process to open up this damn dipping box Took Literally 30 minutes shoved the knife Like inside of it Smart idea Thanks the first thing that we found Upon opening the box was a baby doll arm Which is weird to me because at first i Was only going to purchase the two dolls And then the last second i decided to Purchase a dybbuk box I didn’t know what was in it but just Odd to me that there was a baby doll arm When i you know had set out to buy these Dolls It’s not weird though that it came with A doll hand and we were trying to order Dolls Like the other divi boxes that i got None of them it came with dolls So that’s weird and you can’t see the Contents of this when you order it As we dug through the box we found a Bunch of different stuff what appeared To be some form of hair Either real human hair or something from A wig i couldn’t really tell it feels Pretty authentic And an animal bone and plenty of ash That coated the bottom of this box Yeah demon ash on you

Get up okay there’s like some little Marbles Inside the box there were also marbles Which were honestly pretty cool Some rocks that were covered in ash i Couldn’t really see you know the rocks Because they were coated And other pieces of the baby doll just Kind of strewn about the box Upon opening this civic box it Definitely felt kind of weird The ash seemed to have a little charge To it and i couldn’t stop Playing with it with my hands you can See in the footage i’m just running my Hands through it i don’t know if it’s Because i like the texture of ash But it coated my hands my pants the Table So looks like that’s it After we finished opening the box the Audio on my camera randomly started Going in and out so i had to salvage What i could for this portion these Dolls were crazy tonight too And the obvious going on yeah As soon as we opened each one and Started doing that we decided to call it A night after opening the box because we Had opened all the items And it was finally time to investigate Them but not until the next day You ready to live with these three yeah We’ll update y’all

Okay so interestingly enough i got up This morning And uh walked out into the main area in My apartment and check this out this is What i found This is where i you know i left the rem Pod and Nadine the dipping box but randomly Bobby the clown was laying down here On the ground i mean it’s just kind of Weird to find that i don’t know if it Was you know our cat I don’t know if it was i don’t know i Put it somewhat close to the edge i Didn’t think so Or i don’t know if it was bobby the Spirit of the the clown You know who’s supposedly attached to This thing but very strange i didn’t Expect that to happen But um kind of interesting and a bit Spooky considering that i’m here home Alone all day Working uh on the videos while courtney Is off at her job So interesting okay guys so i’m gonna Investigate These dolls now and the dybbuk box i’m Here All alone right now courtney’s at work So if anything happens uh i don’t know How It’ll be easy to debunk because i know That i’m the only one in here and

Kitties over there still Like she was before when i was filming She’s just sleeping in the little Blanket and her name is kitty by the way I don’t just call her that but anyways Let’s just let’s get down to it i’m Ready We’ve got bobby over here he’s kind of Staring right into the camera Kind of creepy nadine i can’t find A way to prop her up really so i just Put my Macbook charger behind her but she Doesn’t bend like bobby does And then you’ve got the box right here I’m gonna set my iphone up right there It’s up guys Uh so that i can get a shot of what i’m You know uh what i look like when i’m Doing this stuff So anyways so I’ve got i’ve got the ovulus right here Just like we had the other night i’m Gonna really focus on the spirit box This time Uh because we didn’t really do a spirit Box session last time i’m gonna turn The rem pod On right here Okay i’m gonna set the rem pod in Between all of them Okay obvious turn back on bud There we go i’m gonna click the obvious On right there

Hmm okay Um bobby nadine Whatever’s in the dipping box The hell i turned the obvious off But it didn’t turn off Weird that said medicine placebo valley Casket Adultery god Okay bobby nadine Dybbukbox if any of you guys are here With me right now Please uh please come out and Talk to me let me know that you guys are Uh Are here with me somehow can you touch That little red light So Okay well i’m gonna open the dipping box Now Maybe you should take some of this stuff Out i want to get my hands on ash again But Isn’t that weird once again that i Ordered all these Dolls and this dipping box i didn’t know What it came with it just it doesn’t Tell you but it had a baby doll arm in It And i just bought that at the last Second thinking it would be cool to have Something other than a box too I’m gonna put that out there then let’s Take this bone out

Hello if there’s anybody in here with me Even if you’re not attached to one of These objects can you Touch this red light right here I don’t personally think that there’s Gonna be any Um physical activity with this so i’m Actually just gonna use the spirit box Right away Okay so whoever’s here with me [ __ ] this thing just went off actually Whoever’s here with me Can you talk to me can you use your Voice and say hi or hello If you’re here anybody in the apartment Hello Can you tell me your name Is there anybody here with me right now Are you something from this box right Here Churches are you a demon in this box Are you something evil Is there can you tell me your name if You’re here with me [Applause] Okay [Applause] Is your name actually bobby What’s your real name whatever’s in the Clown dog Amy do you guys know my name

By chance [Applause] This literally was like up here and it Just went like this I didn’t see it like levitate but it Just kind of went And like fell out of the box There’s I don’t think obviously that someone That’s i don’t think that that’s Somebody’s ashes but they had to burn Something to create them But yeah this just flipped out of there Let me ask this thing [ __ ] that’s kind of weird are you in This box I’m hearing a lot of words and stuff if You guys hear anything online let me Know please [Applause] Are you in this box [Applause] Are you in this box [Applause] Where did these ashes come from [Applause] Left to um anybody here [Applause] Oh satan he said evil I said evil and satan i think i got evil

On there and then all of a sudden it’s Saying that the sd Card is missing You guys have anything left to say bobby Nadine Can you tell me what you have to say Just say it [Applause] [Applause] I literally have my charger Right here that’s trippy Amanda r amanda Are amanda witch grave That’s pretty trippy isn’t it What the hell look at that it just got Dark What the [ __ ] it just died on camera This thing [ __ ] died too And this is plugged in look at i have This thing plugged in Right now oh look at there there it is It’s back online Damn that’s look it’s plugged in but It’s still dying how’s that even Physically possible or maybe it’s Charging now but That just died whatever Um well i guess The three of you we’re gonna hang out a Lot more In the next couple weeks well it’s Definitely kind of creepy in here now And like i said i’m home alone because

Courtney’s at work and i’m just going to Edit this Tomorrow courtney and i are going to a Place that is very evil to us That has caused some trouble in our Lives and we’re going to go to the Source point of of where this came from But Thanks for watching everybody we’re Going to do this whole series on these Dolls i’m going to be investigating them Every single day of the week for the Entire month of october the dolls in the Divi box i just ordered two more divot Boxes so we’re gonna have a whole party Of haunted objects here but As always everybody thank you so much For watching wish me luck i’ll be okay You guys know my opinions on all this Stuff definitely creepy and i think Whatever activity is happening in here Is related more to What was here before these objects Because that’s the next video We’re gonna explain this entity that We’ve come to call mildred That lives in this apartment with us She’s probably here right now But anyways guys i love you all thank You for watching Happy october we’ll see you on tuesday And as always everybody Stay spooky and uh yeah thanks for the Love and support everybody

And it’s almost halloween Hello