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We’re at an old abandoned nursing home Look at this burned bible what What is this this is bones is there Anybody here with us right now Okay i think we need to get this out of Here it’s pretty Beautiful nice sick Amazing sweet fantastic Absolutely lit and dope at the same time Oh we got a job Well i already get kind of a spooky It’s vibe of dope okay guys So today we are in a small town in texas So i want to give out the name probably Um but we’re at a funeral Funeral home we’re at an old abandoned Nursing home um We’re here to investigate i’ve never Been to this place before Keeper’s right here i want to show him So before we start the video i’m just Very Sorry what it just got really unfocused Is it focused yeah it is now there’s Something about nursing homes that seem To have a very dark energy Keeper and i have uh we’ve expressed Those thoughts before I think it’s because a lot of times if a Nursing home has been shut down it’s Because There have been things that happened

There that were not good a lot of times We found that there was abuse in these Homes The last one that we went to a woman Died out front because she was left in a Van And she either suffocated or a heat Stroke but it was a hot day And she died inside of there do you know The history of this place anything about It Let’s look it up later yeah definitely If a nursing home shut down it’s either A financial thing or Obviously it’s shut down because bad Things have happened so Already it feels creepy in here but Thank you guys for watching This is literally happening uh i’m gonna Upload this video in two days So this is uh it’s sunday night right Now And uh i just wanna ask you guys what Are you going to be for halloween I i want to get in the comments section Discussion about what everybody’s going To be doing for halloween because with Uh you know the pandemic and everything It’s a bit weird and nobody knows what They’re doing But i’ve got some ideas myself See them soon and uh yeah it’s time to Go Also you got you guys here you want to

Say hi Hello everyone hello what’s everyone Feeling right now Look behind you kind of creepy yeah There it is By the way go follow keeper on youtube And on tick tock He’s got a bunch of cool [ __ ] that he’s Doing I think yeah and go follow courtney On instagram and well her personal liner Fitness I’m on tick tock i’m helping you make The videos yes Yeah and everything you want people to Follow Oh gosh Norma and i don’t know kind of Interesting i’ve never actually seen Names before Do you think they made that or like yeah Oh that’s sweet The bed Tons of stains Yeah for me it’s just like out of these Beds End up like turned over you know what i Mean like It seems like a lot of work i mean i Feel like it’s people that come in Afterwards But at the same time it’s like a weird

Energy to want to just flip a bed over You know Thanks i like that Prosthetic leg oh my god Dude Somebody’s that’s like hello Okay so we’re in the central Area in the nursing home right now we’re Going to start this off real quick As you can see behind me there they just Went down this wing What is it eight wings each with Individual rooms and different Areas that serve different purposes when This place was open but i’m going to Turn on the rem pod You guys know what this does this kicks Out an em field and when something comes In and disturbs the field gets close It alerts a light to show how close it Is You guys have seen the obvious before This thing basically has an algorithm That It detects electromagnetic fields and Levels and when it changes In the environment those levels this Thing gives you a uh A word so let’s see if we can get Anything on this It’s dead shut up we literally charged Me Seriously look at this it was on in the Car too it had a full battery

God damn it it’s just like the last one Though Well i literally just charged this thing The entire drive up here and It had a full battery well i guess i Have to use something else then It sucks great this thing is dead too Shut down This thing is also dead well i was Trying to do evp for you guys but This thing also is dead for some reason There’s anybody here in any of these Wings If you lived here you died here If you’re still here with us Could you let us know that you’re here So it takes time as you guys know online It takes time to capture activity It’s never guaranteed but we’re going to Try our best here i’m going to leave the Rim pod on Right here usually you don’t see this Many wheelchairs There’s usually one or two yeah there’s A lot of wheelchairs in here I just didn’t know if there’s one of us But i heard i thought her Glass like moved kind of an echo from Down there Wow Oh [ __ ] If their spirits are in here Anything interesting over here

Stop hold up be quiet for a second Let’s turn the lights off We’re in the dark now that was you in Here Can you do something else So basically courtney and i were just Sitting here looking through some of Those photos of The people both of us just like standing Here And it sounded like something did you Hear exactly what it was sounded like a Piece of wood Yeah yeah yeah it’s like a piece of wood Like falling or Something moving but it was like right Behind me yeah Oh it’s kind of hard because there’s Actually like a for some reason a [ __ ] Load of wood Yeah but that’s exactly what it sounded Like can you do that again if that was You It’s like a voice We’re in the evp thing oh jesus It scared me let’s just stand here for a Second actually let’s kill the lights Out here Yeah what you want to go ahead and play Is that the roof Are you in here with us right now hello Oh [ __ ] now i just wanted to say it’s Almost like One of those things where uh when it

Happens You hear it but then like the moment you Try to actually like Listen to it it stops yeah because we Heard that wood thing in there I thought i heard glass i thought Something was just in here not like a Spirit thing i thought somebody came out We were just down two doors Or just down two doors yeah just walking I mean we’re all standing right here and It’s like yeah that was i feel like we Could hear that on the camera though It’s creepy into rooms like this And you just see like a chair like this Yeah just randomly in the middle of the Floor And like who who was sitting in here Last who was sitting Yeah that wasn’t like naturally put There no Like sometimes you’ll find a chair like This like step back and behind me for a Second I’ve seen it so many times where the Chair is just facing the hallway Yeah okay Keeper yeah what’s up is that karma in There Yeah this hallway Is creepy too Oh yeah that’s a diaper Girls up in here

What is this this is bones oh It’s a dead animal it’s like a cat i Think it is a cat it looks like a cat You can see like the teeth There’s a cat paw in there Are those cigarette burns on that What are those those look like burns Somebody’s in here we don’t wanna we can Leave I want to say this to people online if Like we we Especially us too we’ve done so many Investigations that like If we point out that something feels Weird that’s not like us being like Wimpy or anything like that it’s like The energy shift like you can see us Walking comfortably through the entire Home then it always happens where you Hit that one little point And it’s just you don’t want it’s an Assumption That something’s weird you’re feeling it You always think that these places are Safe Just uh you just don’t want to be proved Wrong which is why we’re cautious You know my heart rate went up a little Bit It’s just very it’s like the noises like The fact that there’s somebody outside Too whatever that truck is that’s like

Rumbling in that room You heard something yeah what do you Mean like something like push something It’s not like rippling or something That one looks scary down there Ew that one looks different than on both I’m going to set the rampard up out here It feels creepy out here like dead-ass Oh my god that gave me like a full body Panic attacker i can’t even Okay good I wonder how long ago this was this Person was living in here Holy be really careful also This ceiling is falling too holy Please let’s get out of here now let’s Get the [ __ ] out of this room Look at this little propeller Look at this burned bible what What the [ __ ] no [ __ ] way Dude that’s honestly kind of creepy Sorry And look at this chair someone was Sitting here in this abandoned nursing Home Burning a bible literally this is it’s The only these pages of this bible are Burned Yes somebody obviously came through here And just destroyed these doors Come on update since this is like your First true like Creepy i’m feeling better after leaving

That room And that room was so scary yeah the Vibes in there The structural integrity as well it Looked like it was going to fall at any Second Look at this comment Oh no Can you take your flashlight Don’t know if it was just like a Distortion of my light i heard the crash I think from down there yeah that’s why I asked you to pan because I don’t know why i saw it but i saw Something like pull There’s anybody down there in this Hallway can you say something to us it’s Cold thinks the sun’s setting and the Air is coming in Go down there what what what Okay guys so we’ve been in this nursing Home about an hour now Investigating and walking around Increasingly as we’re Spending time in here we’re starting to Hear things and feel things in the vibe The energy in this building seems to be Changing to be sort of darker as the sun Is set now we’re in the pitch black And in addition something that i wanted To bring up that’s kind of interesting Is the fact that we found a burn bible I mean that that was not burned when

This place left that was somebody who Was probably living here who burned it And who knows why they burned it or what Intention was set behind that So if you guys believe in demons and Whatnot Who knows that’s uh it’s kind of a Creepy thing to find but We’re gonna head down into the uh the Hallway that we all feel is the Creepiest right now Oh look at look at look at it Are you a demon are you demonic okay Guys let’s do this Interestingly enough this is the male Wing This one If you’re here in the home with us Can you walk towards us Hello Okay i think we need to get this out of Here honestly We’re just here in peace we just want to Talk Can you do this Could someone show us a sign that you’re Here Let’s just go back out there because i Feel like it’s dead in here now Is there anybody here with us right now No i was standing still If that’s you we’re not afraid we don’t Want you to be afraid of us

Can you lay down on the bed Can you give us a sign that you’re here That’s wonderful Can you tell us how many there are Watching us using that device Do you have something to do with the Burned bible Are you right here with us right now if The activity feels fine it feels fine This Feels negative something for some reason Does it make me like Really on edge this doesn’t go off that Was crazy It went off so many times let’s go down 600. It got so quiet all of a sudden eerily Quiet I think it works best if we stand out in The middle Let’s get the [ __ ] out i’m good okay See you guys don’t follow us home please Please we already have enough Unless you want to have a party here and One of you can follow us we have enough Spirits at home Ah the air smells so much better out Here Hello