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I got trapped here about 1 30 or 2 O’clock Very bright doesn’t seem to be moving Just to change the colors i don’t think It’s a star It looks like it’s about eight or ten Miles worth of actually I’m showing fog at 12 30 10 miles Uh [Applause] O’clock 15 miles south downtown Hell yeah He’s stationary he’s about eight to ten Miles i mean he looks like he’s coming Right at us we get so bright Like he’s got his landing lights on then He turns away Probably the comedy you know we saw the Comments about Two weeks ago we know what that looks Like it didn’t even close Okay cactus 700 take a look at 2 o’clock 25 miles about 2 000 feet above east At that same planet there for about Three or four weeks [Applause] Eleven forty-six 9 o’clock All civilizations attribute their Genesis

To contact with the gods in their Historical and spiritual texts Our ancestors maintained that immortal Beings from elsewhere were responsible For the development of life on earth Despite common acceptance of these Creation tales as mythology Sightings of supernatural beings and Contact with them Have persisted through to the 21st Century Could this be the worldwide ufo Phenomenon According to recorded history laws Sciences Architecture even writing itself stemmed From knowledge Received from the gods the bible has Many accounts of flying objects and Beings from elsewhere Coming to the earth can these accounts Shed light on the nature of the ufos are They mere observers Or participants on the world stage Are they all benign or do they have an Agenda And finally do the ufos fall in the Scope of biblical prophecy When the lord said that in the last days Knowledge would be revealed The spirit is beginning to show us the Truth of it All right and as the church is beginning To

Wake up to to it it’s changing our Perspective Uh considerably it’s making it so much More real I think than than it has been In the past but this is definitely the Work of the holy spirit there’s no No doubt in my mind whatsoever While i was in seminary i became Distressed Over the fact that many of my professors In seminary did not seem to believe in What i would call some of the most basic Things such as the resurrection and Ascension of christ the christian faith Does not work if there’s no resurrection And so i felt i needed to study The whole issue of eschatology which is Future things uh More deeply before i entered ministry And so i went to university of edinburgh In scotland and spent three years doing My phd there And studied the issues of eschatology Time and space and the thought of isaac Newton Because i was a 17th century figure who Was pivotal In changing our understanding of the Universe in which we live By the time i was in my third year phd Studies Suddenly the whole issue of how the

Space age might relate To the bible and the possibility that Beings from other world might visit Our planet and if they did so during Biblical times What might the reaction be these issues Started Coming to my consciousness and then of Course i made the connection with ufo Reports [Applause] In christian art the question of how it Was these human-like beings Got to earth from up in the sky was Dealt with By putting wings on them they felt that They couldn’t just fly around without Wings so they turned the angels into Bird-like creatures so that they’d be Humans with wings on And that’s how they got up into the sky With the birth of the 20th century came Advances in technology That allowed us to soar into the skies And even reach Into the heavens Um [Applause] Because of the day and age in which we Live and the kind of Things that we’re seeing in the world Today with the technology and our

Search for extraterrestrials and those Kinds of things Are uh top on people’s minds As they as they look outward With those ideas in mind as i began to Read scripture Suddenly the angels Started to appear more and more like Those that are coming out of these Ships scripture refers to them often as A fiery chariot And the lion the chariots of god are Myriads Thousands upon thousands the lord is Among them Is in sinai in holiness psalm 68 17. one of the strange things to me Is that there’s been Very little connection between our idea Of angels and ufos and yet the idea Is that both are some kind of reality That comes from a higher world above Earth And wherever that other world is we Don’t know And the possibility is that both groups Influence human development and are Guiding human development And perhaps or even acting in a god-like Way in Controlling human culture but there’s Never By and large in modern thinking there’s Been almost no attempt to connect the

Two A well-known ufo sighting involves The prophet elijah he finishes his life On earth And he goes to the jordan river with his Associate prophet elisha and uh And is taken up into the sky in the Chariot of fire in the new testament Some magi some wise men from the east uh Saw a sign in the sky which they thought Was a star called a star And they followed it to the place where Jesus was born And one of the interesting things that It says is that when The star came to the place where jesus Was that it stopped And stars don’t usually move through the Sky like this Nor do they stop after they’ve been Moving so this sounds more like The type of thing that you would get From a ufo report In ufo studies themselves there are Interesting reports of people out Driving in a car A ufo comes along flies over their car And then flies ahead of them and leads The way back To their home so this idea of following The leader Is something we see in some modern ufo Stories Uh it’s there in the story of the birth

Of jesus And basically the exodus stories a Follow the leader story the pillar cloud Of fire Is the leader and uh it’s god leading The way to the promised land As you start to look at this it becomes Clearer and clearer That the lord and his angels exist in The physical universe Maybe in other places too but at least Now we know that they’re here The supposition of the church has always Been that everything was done by The supernatural power of god kind of an Energy that can do anything it wants to And i suppose if you want to go that Route it’s okay but As we move ahead in our own technology And we don’t know the world of the Angels doesn’t use technology When you’re thinking oh god couldn’t Possibly use technology And then i realized well we are We are his children i mean even the dark Angels are his children And so that ability and the desire to Explore And to expand and learn is part of our Godliness as part of our divineness So it’s it’s when we look at ourselves And say Yes we are the children of god and yes We are going into space and yes we are

Using Technology because god’s angels Use technology and god uses it as well The pillar cloud by day and the pillar Of fire by night That’s reported in exodus chapter 13 Verses 21 and 22 In fullest detail and it’s said that the Pillar claude and the pillar fire by Night Led the exodus it hovered above the Ground It was cloud-like during the day it Glowed in the dark some of the modern Uh cloud cigars have been reported to be Bigger than our battleships Maybe a quarter of a mile long and that They would serve As the mothership for the small smaller Flying saucer type ufos The ascension of jesus is spoken of in Acts chapter 1 and It basically says that jesus had some Parting words for the disciples and then He was lifted up into the air In a cloud and the two angels or men Stood by and said This jesus whom you see going into Heaven will return in the same way So the doctrine the second coming of Christ was established Right there at the beginning of chapter One in acts

It’s interesting that however it was That we might suppose jesus went away at That time He returns in some similar way In acts chapter 9 when the apostle paul Who is Persecuting the christian church and on His way to damascus to put christians in Jail When suddenly a bright light hovers over Him and the company that was with him On the road to damascus and he Hears a voice speaking to him paul saul Why are you persecuting me And he answers back with a question who Are you lord Then the answer is i’m jesus whom you Are persecuting So the the means by which jesus Returns to earth on the damascus road Seems to be consistent with the way he Went away at the time of the ascension Perhaps the most detailed ufo report in The bible is in the book of ezekiel And here the ufo itself is referred to As being like British bronze so it has a metallic Appearance It probably has landing gear it appears And so the way in which is described it Even has eyes around it And being like a wheel then a wheel is a Pretty good description of what some Modern flying saucer type

Ufos have been reported to appear and so On what i did was In the first chapter of ezekiel i just Took a pencil on a piece of paper And i sketched out the description And when i drew those eyes of course Around the outside of the rim I it was like it was like looking at a 1950s Version of a flying saucer ezekiel an Old testament prophet of the sixth Century bc Has left a record of his encounters with God and of the interaction that ensued With many of his people he was taken Captive to mesopotamia Where according to scripture the first Encounter occurred Artists throughout the ages have Depicted this encounter As they saw it Now so And i looked and behold a whirlwind came Out of the north A great cloud and a fire and folding Itself And a brightness was about it and out of The midst of it like the color of amber Out of the midst of the fire The appearance of the wheels of their Work was like the color of a barrel And they four had one likeness and their

Appearance and their work was as it were A wheel in the middle of a wheel When they went they went upon their four Sides and they turned not when they went As for their rims they were so high that They were dreadful And their rims were full of eyes round About them four [Applause] Coming to realize that that god has Come into the universe as a physical Being was a great revelation The biblical view of angels was they Could be very human-like In fact you might not be able to tell The difference between an ordinary human And an angel And that in fact goes way back to Abraham in the book of genesis Where three men came to meet with Abraham and eventually foretold the Birth of his son isaac Abraham come to understand that these Were agents of god or angels of god Suddenly the existence of The lord’s angels on our planet Became very real and The possibility of meeting them Because that scripture says you know you May entertain an angel unawares And so suddenly that becomes not some Sort of ethereal event But rather a real person actually coming And visiting in this case the angels

In the bible uh usually appeared in Human form And appeared very briefly as in the case Of the angel that Descended from heaven and rolled back The stone at the tomb of jesus and then Sat upon it obviously you’d understand That this being is very human-like And there’s no report there actually of The angel having any wings And in fact there’s a passage in the Book of hebrews which says be sure to Entertain strangers because thereby Some have entertained angels unawares it Seems to me that The doctrine of the resurrection Suggests that we humans Will end up in a world a heavenly world Which we have bodies That’s what the uh the apostle paul Seems to promise in first corinthians 15 In his long statement on the Resurrection of the body And of course the resurrection of the Body of jesus is meant to Confirm that idea that we’re not just Going to be The spirits that have no dimension but We’re going to have bodies A spiritual body but nevertheless a body That could be touched the way Thomas and the others touch the body of Jesus See my hands and my feet that it is i

Myself Touch me and see for a spirit does not Have Flesh and bones as you see that i have Luke 24 39 The bible speaks of a spiritual physical Body The idea that god and angels take this Shape simply to interact with humans Is beyond the scope of the biblical text In our culture some scientists speculate That the key to immortality May lie in dna At first i was thinking how is it Possible For god to be a person right In a body when we think of god as being Omnipresent And omnipotent everywhere inside and Outside of all things How is this possible and so that the Mind tends to To go to the uh the extreme the large The Imperceivable when we think about god And so what i found i began to realize What i was doing Was i was limiting god’s power I was saying to myself god couldn’t do This Because he is so big and Inconceivable how could he be a person And then i realized with what christ Said with god

All things were possible and so When i thought that god had created this Universe And then entered into it right to be Part And then have a son right For which he we believe he created it It was a was a wonderful revelation The ufos have already kept us from Annihilating ourselves I think that ufos started Doing things that led to the formation Of the hotline in the united states and Russia back When we had the weapons to do bad stuff And we were thinking Let’s strike first there are stories of Ufos flying in formation and triggering The norad sightings okay and they were All set to push the buttons And then they realized ufos are doing This so then moscow and Washington had to start talking to each Other they also had ufos flying over Nuclear sites a lot ufos flew over a Nuclear Hardened silo out in i believe south Dakota And changed the retargeted the warhead In there Now if you’re if you’re the president of States and you’re thinking of pushing The button And the guys out there told you well you

Did have it targeted from for moscow but Guess what a ufo came and re-targeted For For washington so if you push the first Strike button guess what they’re get It’s getting you How did this happen we don’t know a ufo Flew over it apparently they can control Our technology The angels that came to meet with Abraham and tell him that Isaac would be born or the angels Liberating jews from egypt or The angel coming down from the sky to Roll back the tomb and raise jesus these Are all good angels What about bad angels [Applause] This war that was happening between The fallen angels and and our lord of Angels And uh as we began to study it you see Started to realize that The dark angels satan’s angels are here On planet earth our perception of Reality Has been skewed by the artistic Depiction of angels The angelic reality or ufos as we call Them today Have been a constant in human history And have been an integral part of our Story For many centuries now satan literally

Literally has been ruling the world And he led him up and showed him all the Kingdoms of the world in a moment of Time And the devil said to him i will give You all this domain And all its glory for it has been handed To me and i will give it to whomever i Wish Therefore if you worship before me it Shall be yours matthew 4 8 9. Satan has been ruling through his Minions and through his officers and Generals and so forth And he real beings real people And the lord said that he would give him Four kingdoms Before he would return The book of daniel records that in the 6th century before christ During the jewish exile to babylon king Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that Disturbed him greatly He tested the elders of his court by Asking them to tell him the dream Followed by its interpretation nobody Could accomplish this feat But a young daniel one of the jewish Exiles to whom this matter was revealed By god Daniel tells the king he dreamed of a

Statue with a head of gold Breasts and arms of silver belly and Thighs of bronze Legs of iron and feet of iron mixed with Clay A stone appeared which struck the feet And crushed them The statue crumbled and turned to dust And was carried away by wind All that remained was the stone that Became a great mountain and filled the Whole earth Daniel tells the king that god has Revealed to him The sequence of world empires from the Time of nebuchadnezzar To the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth Um The fourth empire rome is separated Into east and west the eastern part of The empire is conquered By islam constantinople is renamed Istanbul The western part remains the dominant World power According to the bible these four Empires are ruled by the fallen angels The gods [Applause]

When christ said that satan’s throne was In perganum Huh that was a you know that was i think The first real Clue that something else was going on as Well and so when we when we looked at That we found that well the throne of Zeus Was in perennial a huge temple right There Scripture records that after jesus Ascended to god He sent an angel to earth with a message Which was recorded by his disciple john The content of this message is referred To as the book of revelation It begins with seven messages conveyed To seven christian congregations of asia Minor Modern-day turkey and to the angel of The church in pergamum right The one who has the sharp two-edged Sword says this I know where you dwell where satan’s Throne is And you hold fast my name and did not Deny my faith Even in the days of antipas my witness My faithful one Who was killed among you where satan Dwells Revelation 2 12-13 jesus makes an Association between the city of pergamum And the throne of satan suggesting that

Something Visible is pointed out textual and Archaeological evidence Point to the same candidate the great Order of pergamon One of the most significant and stunning Monuments to survive from the Greco-roman world Today it is preserved in the berlin State museum On it is depicted a cosmic battle Between the gods And the titans their hybrid offspring Flesh and bone descendants of heaven and Earth A connection is made by jesus between The leader of the gods Zeus in the greek pantheon and satan The leader of the fallen angels We began to take a look at the Roman and greek gods and began to Realize That they were the one and the same Fallen angels These were real beings who were setting Up real kings On the earth the ruling under their Officers whatever they decided they Wanted to do And we see this this pattern in Mythologies Uh all over the world uh uh in the Greeks

Certainly the egyptians there’s no doubt About that the lord himself Uh when when he uh Killed the firstborn of egypt right at The exodus Uh uh also said that he was putting Their gods under judgment now one Doesn’t put a Stone statue under judgment i mean this Is you know so obviously Uh this was a war uh with these gods These fallen Angels for i will go through the land of Egypt on that night and i will strike Down All the first born in the land of egypt Both Man and beast and against all the gods Of egypt I will execute judgments i Am the lord exodus 12 12. In 303 a.d diocletian sent a messenger To the oracle of apollo To ask about the christians the answer Came from apollo Enemy of the gods as a result Emperor diocletian on february 23 303 Chose the festival of the god terminus To commence the termination of Christianity Edicts were published decreeing Christians holding public office are to Be put out

All accusations against christians are To be received They are to be tortured their scriptures Confiscated and burned The church buildings to be destroyed the Civil rights of christians denied Presidents bishops and leaders of Churches are to be arrested And compelled to sacrifice to the gods While beasts burning stabbings Crucifixions The rack all the reliable methods of Torture were mercilessly employed In certain places it lasted eight years And it is known to historians as the Great persecution Another one of these so-called gods who Has exercised a large influence over Humanity Is the one who presents herself as the Mother goddess She has various names in various Civilizations But one of her favorite epithets is the Queen of heaven She is referred to in the bible by that Name in the post-christian era She presents herself as mary to the Church Oh In the modern world we see reports of Believers being told to gather Awaiting a sign from the queen of heaven

Mary And when they gather silver disks appear The most famous of these incidents According to ufologists Is fatima in october 1917 Sixty thousand people gathered to Receive a sign And three silver disks appeared as a Result of this the people felt Sudden intense heat drying of clothing And of the soil Physiological effects or miraculous Cures Could the same fallen angels who Presented themselves as gods to our Ancestors Be reinventing themselves for the modern World As modern day gods or as aliens who have Come to rescue us from ourselves The mayan calendar starts at 3114 bc And ends at 2012 a.d In 755 a.d mayan priests Prophesies that the total eclipse of the Sun of july 11 1991 would herald two events Cosmic awareness and earth changes On that day shortly after 1pm a silver Disc Hung motionless below the total solar Eclipse By appearing during this eclipse the Ufos have identified themselves to many

As the mayan gods The solar eclipse labeled the sixth sun By the mayan priests has been followed By a wave of ufo sightings in mexico Which continue to this day in march of 2004 The mexican air force captured this Footage on an infrared camera The footage was released to the public [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Laughter] Foreign This video captured by nasa shows two Ufos It appears one of the ufos is fired upon As it zooms away Uh this war is uh is a real thing to me Now And that the enemy are real real beings Real people And that real angel god’s angels are Also here with us [Applause] One of the strangest aspects of the Current ufo research Is the widespread emergence of abduction Reports Now these stories are too bizarre to be

Accepted and yet they’re too consistent To ignore they’re actually conferences At mit and elsewhere on the subject of What to do about these things People are not only citing ufos they are Apparently being abducted by them and What’s strange about these reports Is they virtually always involve some Kind of intrusive medical examination That always seems to have something to Do with the reproductive system And there are experts such as dr john Mack at the harvard Uh who’s out of psychiatry there he’s Come out publicly And indicated that he personally is Convinced that these things are ali These uh alien beings have an agenda To reproduce hybrids and this of course Shocked the psychiatric world because He’s quite a prominent well-credentialed Expert So something’s going on and of course It’s not free of controversy many people Have different views but What we put forth is the possibility That this may very well be a fulfillment Of prophecy that jesus hinted at When he warned us about these things People all over the world have The same experiences in precisely the Same details Uh and so it’s anybody and everybody There isn’t anybody

Who is predisposed to being abducted the Only thing is Is that their mother or their father Must have been an abductee We conducted a poll in 1991 of 6 000 Randomly selected Adults in the united states from all Sections of the country from all walks Of life Done to the roper organization not Asking people necessarily Whether they’ve been abducted or not Because people don’t remember what’s Happened to them we’ll ask them Questions That abductees answer affirmatively in Very high percentages The numbers were so high that uh we knew That politically we could not come Forward with them they were just insane So we became extremely conservative With this poll and we decided that we Would only accept People who answered affirmatively to The five highest indicator questions of Whether they’ve had abduction Experiences Although any question answering foreign Abductee Then we decided we would only count Those people who answered yes To the five higher indicated questions Uh if they answered Yes to four or all five of them

It was possible in other words to answer Affirmatively To seven questions out of the ten and be Dropped from the poll Maybe even eight questions emmy dropped From the poll When we did that we got it down to two Percent of the american people The numbers are probably going to hold Constant when everything is leveled out Around the world it’s somewhere between Two and five percent and probably closer To five or six percent actually I’ve done about 900 hypnotic regressions I’ve Cataloged 650 of them or so They will tell me something like in 1996 I was with My friend we looked up and and we saw This ufo coming down towards us And you know the next thing we knew we Were both running and it was two hours Later we then Begin to look into these these events Through hypnosis We’re looking at this uh primarily from Neurological point of view in terms of Remembering And from an experiential point of view In terms of remembering what happened [Applause] I woke up from my sleep

To a sound and i Looked towards My sliding door i saw this object Hovering above the tree line taking up A great part of my view It had a round part That was twirling constantly and Flashing different Lights the white light on the top the Colored lights around And a dark metallic material i said hedy This is Something like the lifesaver colors I fixed it in my mind i ran Got my binocular and was watching Through that i don’t know how long i was Looking at it Before eventually it started drifting Above the treetops to the left Of my view i wasn’t dressed So i just watched until it disappeared From my view I don’t know how long how many days Maybe even a week Or so went by i heard Something fall on the floor and i went Over and picked it up and i’m looking My binocular what’s my binocular doing Here this is not where i keep it And then click that was the second when Everything came back They know odd things have been had they Don’t remember what’s happened to them But they know all things have been

Happening to them let’s just say And they go they have a route that they Go to the first rule would be to go to a Therapist say doc what’s wrong with me I wake up in the middle of night and i There’s being standing around my bed Let’s just say and my first impulse is To go right to sleep Which they know is un unusual because You think if somebody was standing Around your bed There’d be an adrenaline rush the likes Of which you’ve never had before in your Life and uh you would not go to sleep And of course they don’t go to sleep They think they did but they don’t People say uh i’m taken out of my room And i’m going uh And and i’m going through the window and They’re taking me right to the window Into the Into the ufo floating up and the first Time i heard this i’d say Wait a minute now you’re walking towards The window there are these beings with You You can’t run you can’t scream you’re Rendered passive You get to the window do you open the Window I say no they say i think i’m floating Right Through the closed window and they’ll Say to me does anybody else ever

Report that not knowing that everybody Reports that everybody now if this were Psychological they say yeah i opened the Window Because it makes their story sound Natural normal Logical why wouldn’t they open the Window there’s no big deal on anyone Of course they open the window we just Don’t get that And they know that it sounds crazy to Say that they’re floating through the Window They say i can see people standing there Even sort of looking in my direction But it’s obvious that they’re not Shrieking in horror And running they’re just idly walking The dog or whatever it is For that part of the abduction sequence They are rendered unseeable to maintain The secrecy of this phenomenon And it’s something we can’t get away From it’s embarrassing They’re invisible let’s just say you Know because they’re going through a Solid object glass or the wall sometimes Or through the ceiling sometimes So you’re looking i think at advanced Technology When people are abducted they’re taken On board a ufo They’re closely removed they’re placed On the table and they have

Three events that happen to them broadly Conceived There are physical procedures mental Procedures and reproductive procedures When men began to multiply on the face Of the land The sons of god saw that the daughters Of men were beautiful And they took wives for themselves Whomever they chose Genesis 6 1 and 2. There certainly have been sightings in Ancient that may be embraced by ancient Mythology The idea that the modern sightings might Have a relationship With the ancient nephilim events of the Old testament Is a conjecture on the part of some of Us as scholars But i think the it would seem to be Consistent with the remarks of jesus Himself as jesus himself said that as we Get to the end times he says as the days Of noah were So shall the days of the son of man be Now that what he might mean by that is Simply that it was business as usual Until the judgment came that’s what many Scholars would would infer but there are Many scholars that believe the text Implies even more than that in order to Understand what jesus meant We need to understand what the days of

Noah were like and clearly the Sixth chapter of genesis demonstrates That the purpose of the flood of noah Was to deal with what was in effect a Gene pool problem There isn’t anybody who is predisposed To being Abducted the only thing is is that their Mother or their father must have been an Abductee And what that means is that they’re Abducted from the time they’re infants All the way through until the time They’re adults And they’re abducted in great frequency Over and over and over again They usually talk about having sperm Taken Having eggs taken harvested essentially When women become older they discuss Fetal implantations where they they Suddenly realize they’re pregnant I’ll take an early pregnancy test and it Shows positive which of course can’t be Possible And they’ll go to their gynecologist Who’ll do a blood test which is Absolute which is 100 reliable and the Doctor will say congratulations you know You’re pregnant And they think to themselves this Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever Doctors invariably think pseudosciences Which would be hysterical pregnancy when

A person a woman Really really really wants a child and Begins to fantasize it and even Causes some sort of physiological Reaction However most people are not like that They some people have already had kids They don’t want anymore Some are too young for you know there’s You have to have a certain sort of Mental set to have pseudosciences Or they think miscarriage and For women they would say well you know If i had a miscarriage I think i would have noticed that with Fetal implantation We get of course fetal extraction when They are not pregnant they will remember Events that happen where a fetus is Extracted from them it’s Very very small but they’ll know during The event That the fetus is being taken but it Happens to them so Often it’s familiar so we’ve seen these Reproductive procedures Quite a bit in fact it’s it’s critical To the to the abduction phenomenon Without The reproductive aspects of it there Wouldn’t be a An abduction phenomenon this is this is The point of it The nephilim were on the earth in those

Days And also afterward when the sons of god Came into the daughters of men And they bore children to them those Were the mighty men who were of old Men of renown genesis 6 3 and 4. the word nephilim comes from The hebrew Verb in the fall the fallen ones they Are the hybrid offspring Of the banaya elohim the sons of god It’s a technical term hebrew term used Of angels And these fallen angels cohabited with Human women and produced a hybrid Offspring it was Part of satan’s strategy this view Of genesis chapter 6 and all of that Is not free of controversy today however That Is the view that was embraced by the Ancient hebrew sages That is the view that is substantiated By the ancient rabbinical writings That is the view that was accepted by The early church When the hebrew scriptures were Translated into greek The language is even more specific and So This idea that they were somehow just a Leadership or sons of adam or something Were contrived arguments that emerged in The fifth century

So-called lines of seth idea and that’s Still taught in many seminaries the Problem with it it’s not biblical Because in the new testament it even Confirms this both peter And jude make reference to this clearly Talking about these angels That went after strange flesh that Abandoned their previous clothing they Disrobed from their previous existence To And indulge in this what should i call It chicaner This event was echoed in mythologies Everywhere As the age of the titans and demigods The same way that the ufo phenomenon is Echoed in our fiction When we study the passage in genesis 6 We’ll notice that one of the Distinctives of noah Was that his genealogy was unblemished And the hebrew word There is tamim which is used of physical Defects in other words One of the reasons that noah was picked Probably many But one was that one of his distinctives Was that his genealogy wasn’t Contaminated By these goings-on it would appear that The strategy of satan Was to introduce this as a means of Corrupting the human line to preclude

God’s plan of redemption through the Messiah which had to be a kinsmen of Adam The parable of jesus that i count as Foundational for Satan and evil is the one where jesus Says the kingdom of heaven is like a man Who owned a field And sowed good seed in it had his Servant’s ghost good seed in it And then by night an enemy came and Sowed weeds in the field And then went away [Applause] Well the nephilim in the book of genesis Of course are the hybrid offspring Of these strange interludes between the Fallen angels and the daughters of Man of adam and so they’re hybrids And they are very prominent in The early chapters of genesis but They’re also the scripture says Occurred after that to some extent but They’re hybrids As we study the passages in the bible That describe What we call the end times it’s Interesting That one of the characteristics that Shows up in daniel 2 Is that it says they will mingle Themselves With the seed of men the prophetic dream Of nebuchadnezzar

Gives us an astonishing detail Concerning end times Scripture indicates that the last Government of earth will be a hybrid Government Iron mixed with clay and where you saw Iron mixed with merry clay they shall Mingle themselves with the seed of men But they shall not adhere to one another Even as Iron is not mixed with clay daniel 2 43 now in order for them to mingle with The seed of men they Have to be something other than the seed Of men so it’s just a hint But it’s a profound hint that somehow in The end times there’s going to be Again some kind of commingling some kind Of Intrusion into the genetic dna Makeup of people that’s going to be a Contaminant That will be part of the end times and That’s why there’s so much scholastic Interest in this ufo business In the abduction narratives and and Reports And we may very well be being plunged Into a period of time about which the Bible says more than it does about any Other period of time in history Including The time of the gospels when jesus Walked the shores of galilee

When people are abducted As part of the procedures they will Sometimes be taken into a room And they will see containers and in each Container There’s liquid and in the middle of the Liquid there’s a tiny fetus floating Later they’ll be shown babies Small odd looking babies as they will Report their babies don’t look right Physically they’re phlegmatic they’re They look like they’re Sick they’re not bouncing babies that Are grasping and gurgling they’re Silent they look they they almost look Like they’re half dead They also have unusual features people Say they look like they’re sort of Half human half alien they’re they’re Odd looking Yet they look sort of human uh my Colleague bud hopkins says that they Called them hybrids originally and That’s a name that’s That’s stuck they then will have to hold The baby Have some sort of physical contact with The baby put their hand on the baby’s Stomach Hold the baby close to their skin there Must be skin on skin contact Oftentimes when the baby’s a little bit Older they’re required to Feed the baby sometimes they’ll be

Brought into a room this is now Men and women where there will be What looks like two-year-olds Three-year-olds one and a half year olds Walking around And they are required to play with them Have contact with them And uh we see these toddlers when They’re four years old Five seven years old nine years old They’re already children young children At that point People describe them as adolescents they Describe them as young Adults they describe them as adults and They don’t describe them as Older adults so much by the time We see them as adolescents we see them Involved with the abduction Phenomenon performing tasks they have Jobs due They’re part of the the world of Abductions Going about their business doing doing What’s required of them Let’s remember that when jesus briefed Four disciples in his confidential Briefing on his second coming He opened his discussion and he closed His discussion With the urgent admonition let no man Deceive you We need to understand that the Characteristic

Of the period that we’re being plunged Into is one of deceit One a very clever misguidance By the enemy we do have an enemy he’s Very knowledgeable very resourceful And we are moving into Open spiritual warfare we’re used to Conflicts in countries about politics Different views Today there’s a fundamental war going on In world views Sometimes advocates were brought into a Room And their attention will be directed at A screen-like device And the person will hear a uh A voice in their minds saying can you Tell the difference between Us and you Now depending on who the person is they Will say What do you mean the difference between Us and you everybody is the same And they’ll hear in their head see Isn’t that wonderful isn’t that Beautiful this Pretty soon in the future we will all be Together You won’t be able to tell the difference And it will be wonderful