3 True Dark & Scary Paranormal Encounters

By | October 3, 2020
3 True Dark & Scary Paranormal Encounters

The following accounts have been Submitted by subscribers These stories are claimed to describe True events I ask you to listen in good faith and Decide for yourself What to believe I spent my childhood days in our Ancestral house Where i lived with my parents and Grandparents While my parents worked the whole day my Grandparents would take care of me I was in extreme nuisance they used to Say None of the girls in the neighborhood Created problems like i did I was always getting in trouble as i Remember my stay in that house I can hardly remember anything pleasant Even today The thought of that house gives me Inevitable unsettling feelings When i was seven years old i saw my Parents fight A lot my grandparents had problems with My parents And often my mom had serious arguments Feuds with the neighbor were a common Thing to occur every alternate Day my dad is an extremely charming Person But i remember he used to get drunk due To the monetary crisis

My whole family was facing at that Moment I never got good grades the atmosphere In the house was Negative all around and it became normal For me As a child in this negative atmosphere There were many instances that kept Occurring to me as i was growing up One afternoon i was laying down on my Right side Cuddling my doll suddenly there was a Slow scratch on my pillow from behind My dad often used to play pranks and so Without any doubt I thought it was him i remember turning Around saying dada But the room was empty confused i rolled Back over Then again the scratch occurred this Time the sound was stronger I turned and a bit louder said dada i Know you’re there Once again he wasn’t and this happened Again another two times Certain my dad was playing a prank i Even checked if he was hiding under the Bed But it was clear this time i lay on my Left and faced the room Again the scratch on my pillow from Behind There was no chance someone was doing This as my back was facing the wall this

Time With my dad clearly not in the room i Was scared I got up and ran out of that room my Parents It turned out was still at the office As i said i was a nuisance creating Child Because of this i was barred from Visiting the terrace alone One afternoon my grandparents were Taking an afternoon nap And i took the chance to slip away from Their watch and climb up the narrow Stairs to the terrace I was walking along the edge and it was Like one of my wishes had been fulfilled Then suddenly to my surprise i saw my Grandma looking at me from the ground She stared at me for some time and then Went inside Why did she not scold me i remember Thinking at the time When my parents came back she would no Doubt complain about it to them Later that day in the evening when my Parents got back We all laid dinner together at the table My grandma didn’t say anything about me Sneaking up to the terrace When everyone was getting ready to go to Bed i went to her and asked if she was Mad at me My grandma was surprised and said no

Child why do you ask that I asked her why she didn’t say anything As i walked on the edge of the terrace My grandma was in shock and frightened She asked me when this had happened and Told me that i was not supposed to go up There What if you had fallen she asked very Concerned She made me swear not to repeat my Behavior and watching her like that I promised scared but then it struck me If my grandma had not seen me who did i Clearly remember her watching me With cold eyes i can still see them Another incident that i have no Explanation for happened when i was About eight years old when there was a Power cut I used to see my grandpa go to the Electric box Fix some wires and turn the power back On a child Constantly searching for answers to my Numerous curiosities Once again i slipped out and curious to Know what was inside Climbed up the ladder to reach the Electricity box I opened the box and was amazed red Yellow and green wires all entangled Inside I put my hand inside without taking a Second thought

I touched each of those metal bolts and Wires And when i was content was about to take Out my hand When and i swear upon god believe me There was another hand which came Out and just touched my thumb and went Inside I screamed and next i remember i was Surrounded by all my family members My cousins were also there in the house That day my parents were very worried They said i was lying on the ground Passed out for a few moments I tried to explain what had happened to My mom as i knew no one else would Believe me My mom said it was the hand of god who Saved me before anything more serious Could have happened But was it i’m not sure she said it Scared her to death to see me like that As i could have so easily been Electrocuted for what i did As i grew up similar incidents kept on Happening When i was 11 years old my parents got Transferred to a different City and i had to leave our house and my Grandparents behind Time went by and my grandparents got Older They were betrayed by their closest ones And a part of our properties were taken

Away Feuds with the neighbors continued as i Said Nothing good ever happened inside that House Eventually my grandma went into a coma And after struggling for three months She passed away Within two months my grandpa was also no More The loss was hard for me to take aged 14 I regretted having left them behind There was too much debt to keep the House and so my dad finally made the Decision to sell it As i remember it was sold at a very low Rate From that moment it seemed as though Peace and calmness prevailed In the family my father already had a Change in his behavior He became sober and peaceful our Financial condition Improved i went for higher studies and Completed my phd Overall we have come a long way from That tense and stressful time That my family faced when living in that House A decade passed after the house was sold And i decided to visit My old town aged 28 i took a walk and Asked about the person who was living at The house now

I learned that the person was not well He was suffering Within a year after he bought the house He got sick and came to be in a Wheelchair At present he is facing crisis in all Different aspects of his life It seems that something very negative Lurks In that house the attacks were never Physical I experienced many things but never felt Threatened What i feel is that whatever it is it Fed Upon our sorrow our stress our bad Health our fear and i do not regret At all selling our ancestral home Several paranormal experiences happened To me and my housemates whilst at College in malaysia There were six of us in a house three Rooms two In each room when we first moved there We didn’t feel anything strange Nothing felt out of place however before Too long This would all change the first incident That happened was to a housemate while She was in her room My roommate and i were shocked when we Suddenly heard her cry out When we asked her what had happened she Told us that she had been

Pushed into the closet she had been Taking her things out when she felt Someone push her After that she couldn’t stay in the House for a week The next incident happened to another Roommate during the evening after class All of us are in the same class and Group and so we all have the same Schedule We arrived at our house around 1pm my Roommate and i went straight to our room She fell asleep on her bed and i fell Asleep on the floor whilst laying down Another housemate was playing with her Phone in her room next door At that time there were only three of us In the house However that night one of our roommates Left the house to stay at another Friends She told us she did this because she Thought there was no one home that Evening And she didn’t want to be alone we were All shocked We told her that there were three of us At the house that evening but she said No There wasn’t she told us that she went To my room And didn’t see either me or my roommate I was perplexed I told her that i was asleep on the

Floor and my roommate was sleeping on Her bed But she swore she never saw us when she Went to another room she found the door Was locked again this didn’t make any Sense My roommate who was in that room told Her that she had not locked the door She was not even sleeping she was Playing on the phone at the time She even showed us a tweet that she had Posted during that time Still my roommate maintained that her Room was locked And she never saw any of us there was no Explanation the third incident happened To me and my roommate That time there were only two of us in The house at night She was washing her clothes whilst i was Playing with my phone on the bed She had just eaten and had placed her Bowl with the fork and spoon inside In the kitchen before going to check her Laundry it was then that we heard the Sound of something hitting the floor I got up and saw the fork in front of Our door She came out the bathroom and just Stared at it on the floor Shocked we looked at each other when she Placed the bowl with the fork inside She had placed it on the counter next to The sink

If the fork hadn’t been placed properly Inside the bowl It would have fallen near the sink or Counter so how did it fall In front of our room the next incident Is probably the scariest one that ever Happened Three of us were in the house at that Time the others were sleeping Elsewhere so we all decided to sleep in The same room We were finishing our assignment and it Was nearing one in the morning We all went to bed at the same time my Eyes were only closed for about five Minutes When i heard a knocking sound at first i Thought i heard it wrong Then suddenly one of my roommates asked Did you guys hear that Another replied that she had and we knew It wasn’t the front door Because it sounded different it was from The window All three of us got up and closed the Windows pulling the curtains closed They fell asleep after that but i Couldn’t i was too Scared at four in the morning i still Couldn’t fall asleep So i opened my laptop and watched a tv Show Then i heard it again the knocking This time it was longer i ignored it

Put on headphones and raised the volume But i could still Hear the knocking then it ended This incident continued to happen for a Few days Until we called the college’s Electrician to fix our broken ceiling Fan The first thing he said when he saw our House was Wait not this house we asked him what he Meant Curious if he had heard any stories About our house He looked at his friend and told us that Before this The previous occupants who had stayed in Our house had reported hearing knocking From the windows Apparently she had been studying late When she heard it There were lots of smaller incidents That happened during our time at the House Hearing the tap water being turned on in The bathroom The feeling of someone watching us after The knocking incident Nothing big really happened we all tried To ignore all of the small incidents And attempted to move on with our lives After all we couldn’t move out of the House Since it was provided by the college we

Had to stay there for a semester Then we could move out that was the First time Any of us ever experienced anything like That It’s been four years since and i will Never forget it My experiences are hard to talk about Due to some of the things that have Happened to me in my life I grew up in central wisconsin in a poor Family The house that we have lived in was an Old farmhouse By the time we moved in the place was Already starting to fall apart I remember being a small child and Always being able to see Things standing around my bed at night When i tried to sleep Once in a while i would feel fingers go Across my face And through my hair that never scared me If anything it conditioned me for my Life to come When i was in school i would get picked On because of the clothes i would wear My family could not afford much the Constant bullying And getting into fights gave me a Reputation of being a tough guy I was always one of those people who you Would call if you needed help with Something

Or if something bad was happening and You needed someone there to protect you My first major experience happened to me Around the age of 14. There were rumors about this old Abandoned church that was supposed to Have a lot of paranormal things Happening there Being in the group of people that i was Associated with at the time I was not scared so one night my two Sisters A couple of friends and myself went to This abandoned church And broke in we were there for around Three hours Nothing happened to any of us about a Week later i talked to another one of my Friends about the church As soon as i mentioned it to him his Eyes went glossy And his skin turned pale he told me if i Was smart i would never go back to that Place again Not believing him and being the person That i am bull headed I decided to go back there this time on My own I told one of my sisters and she agreed To drop me off and pick me up several Hours later Whilst i was inside the church by myself A few things happened to me That i still get goosebumps thinking

About There were pigeons flying through the Building i was making a lot of loud Noises Slamming stuff onto the floor calling Out provoking whatever was there Trying to get something to happen and This was disturbing the birds As i called out a pigeon fell dead in Front of me Its head missing the pigeon’s body was Convulsing and blood was spraying out As if it had just happened i called out Again Saying that if whatever was there and Responsible for that it should do it Again Or show itself it was then that a being Of around 10 feet tall Appeared directly in front of me it was All black and raised its hand The head of the pigeon dropped from its Fingers And then disappeared at that moment I feared for my life i tried to leave The building by the way that i had come In But no matter how hard i pushed against The boards They would not budge and at every other Exit point i did not have Any strength to get out now mind you At 14 years old i was 5 foot 10 and Weighed 250 pounds

And i could carry 200 pounds in each Hand without problem So i know i was not a weak person Still i could not get out after about an Hour of trying to leave i came to the Realization that it Did not want me to leave so i stayed Where i was Until my sister came to pick me up when She arrived she came to the same point Where i was sitting And i told her that i could not push the Boards back She reached over and pulled and was able To open up the boarded area with hardly Any effort When she saw me she could not believe The mess that i looked I was pale and looked like i had been Crying for hours But that would not be the last time i Would go To that church i had told one of my Friends that had been there before And had nothing happened to him what had Happened to me and he Wanted to go i agreed to go with him but Said i would not do any provoking of any Kind So later that week we went back to the Church and decided that we were going to Spend the entire night there I had seen the figure and what it could Do and knew that it was demonic in

Nature I was a devout catholic at the time and I carried a crucifix with me this time In the hopes that i would be safe from Anything that would seek to harm me After about two hours of being in this Church things started happening Boards were getting moved around and Certain things like Old pews were lifted and dropped ever so Slightly But loud enough that the sound rang Through the entire building I remember losing my friend for a moment Because i was stuck In prayer he had wandered off and said That he could see a woman in white After i had said the lord’s prayer Several times i went to find him When i found him he was sitting in a Corner of the room holding himself in The fetal position Crying i asked him what was the matter And he told me that the woman he had Followed Showed him how he would die it would not Be a natural death But rather something manifested he Wanted to leave and i was willing to go With him but when we started for that One door That giant black figure appeared again It laughed at us and told us how weak we Were i never felt so vulnerable in my

Entire life It was like i was an ant under a Magnifying glass Getting burned that was the last time i Went to that Church several years later my friend Died in a freak Car accident now i am haunted by Something Something that followed me from that Church If you are a skeptic in any way shape or Form please believe me when i say that The devil Is real and he wants you more than you Could ever want anything In your life ten years after i was Inside of that church I was with the woman that i would give My whole heart to She was into different things things That i never knew were real Like reiki sessions and things such as That We went together one time to a festival In her hometown Where people would do reiki and have Readings and all sorts of things that i Have been naive to even though i have Had so many paranormal things happen to Me already While i was there she talked me into Having a reiki session I agreed to it because it looked silly

And so i laid down and she started going Over me with these crystals I have never felt so scared again in my Life it was supposed to be an Aura cleansing but it felt like a raking Sensation across My skin during the session one woman who Claimed to be able to see auras Said that she saw my aura and saw that It was trying to fight out of a black Aura That encompassed my body she told me That my aura was good but that i had Something Following me and trying to block out my Aura After telling the woman about my past She told me that i should either see a Priest or a shaman And have myself cleansed at this point In my life i had fallen from the Catholic church Because of some of the things that i had Seen in the church growing up So i talked to a shaman right away he Started the cleansing process with me He was also friends with someone who Worked in the paranormal and so he asked If the session could be recorded To see if there were any evps i agreed To this and the session began i’ve never Felt so much Weight get lifted off me at one time About two weeks later

I was contacted and was asked if i had Time for a phone call conference with The paranormal investigator So i scheduled a time with him and when He called me back he played me the Cleansing session What i heard was a woman screaming Almost the entire time it was not too Loud But it was there something had attached Itself to me And i had carried it with me ever since I went to that church Despite the cleansing it is still with Me once in a while it will rear its ugly Face in my life I know that i am probably stuck with it Until the day i Die but now knowing what i know I know how to combat it and keep it out Of my life for the most part Thank you for watching before i end this Video i just want to make a quick Announcement regarding Halloween the spookiest time of year is Fast approaching And to celebrate i have completely Relaunched my merchandise store Head over to teespring or take a look at The bar below this video To see my new merch including my very Own Limited edition halloween design also in The store is the classic paranormal

Scholar quill and ink On everything from teas to mugs to Hoodies to totes As well as a few fun designs i created Myself Also for patreon members grand fellow And above Keep an eye on the mail for your Personalized halloween cards Members can also get a discount on merch So be sure to use your promo codes To conclude as always thank you to Everyone who so kindly And courageously shared their stories For this episode If you have a real paranormal story you Would like me to narrate You can submit via the form on my Website at paranormal scholar dot com And if you cannot wait until my next Video why not check out the one Suggested on screen now Until next time You