UFOLOGY, Who’s Story is real? (Must See Audio & ALIEN ADDICT discussion)

By | October 2, 2020
UFOLOGY, Who's Story is real? (Must See Audio & ALIEN ADDICT discussion)

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict now what you’re about to Watch is Uh not really an interview but more of a Discussion On just people in the ufo field that are In the Field of aliens this that and the other Um It’s an open discussion between me and Must see audio i’m on his podcast He’s on alien addict go check his Podcast out he’s in the description Um and guys whoever is Sharing the stuff on reddit or whether He’s sharing it i want to know in the Comments because It’s it’s great i mean i hear in My stuff i’m seeing my stuff has been Shared On reddit the most over anything else um And i need to sort my reddit account out Um so i can Check you guys out but anyway it means a Lot uh Check out the links in the description My patreon is in the description as well If you want to support the channel Further That means a lot and yeah just Keep keep going guys because at this Point you know You could make me an absolute Millionaire you know so i can get my own

Little alien house that’s shaped like a Ufo that scott c wearing can then go On google earth and actually make a Video about it saying it’s a real ufo so Yeah keep them thumbs up and stay Subscribed Don’t unsubscribe stay subscribed and Yeah just share me out so i get more Subscribers Because the more subscribers i get the More powerful i get the more powerful i Get Them i’ll just bring disclosure down on You like a rain of fire Yeah the uh yeah like i said i’m doing The reverse rogan because i started Podcast I’m now starting to do stand-up comedy And the next moves i need to do is tell A jiu-jitsu and get jacked and then i Might shave my head Yeah i i think i think the shaved head Look Is it’s in in interviewing No not from my head it’s not I don’t know if it is for fun you see People say that My mates have always said you’re Receding i’m not actually receding This is like i’ve got a high no it’s Fine i’ve got a high hairline as well Yeah it’s got it’s called a widow’s peak [Laughter] Apparently it runs in my family yeah so

I’ve i’ve been receding since the age of Like I don’t know when i started growing hair I like the idea the idea was sat there With like a pipe and slippers at four But um yeah i i i Had the same thing my mate that went Bald he used to tell me all the time i Was going bald and I’m not going bald hello i love hair Long after you’re dead mate See my mate’s gone well he’s gone bald Um he probably won’t like me saying this But he doesn’t watch my youtube videos So It’s fine uh but he’s he’s gone bald Um and uh he’s had a uh You know like a permanent wig that even He gets it changed every now and again i Know someone that’s had one of those put On as well It looks amazing well this one looks Hilarious Oh no he this guy honestly his hair Looks He’s [ __ ] fantastic oh yeah i i know I know you can get some of them that Look Brilliant this guy looks like he it Looks like someone’s used a spirit level On his fringe yeah a bit incredibly Straight it’s got to get Changed like you know like uh well You do formula one like it’s a bit like

Going into the pits and you get you You change it every so often you know he Has to get his hair changed Um but um it’s um It just made me wonder you know in the Whole i mean Mates we’re discussing this a little bit Behind his back but i will say it to his Face and if you’re watching this my Friend Uh i do love you very much and you’ve Got great hair uh it’s not real but it’s Great Um some people like that one Well i just wondered through lot down You know what happened when he because He must have Needed the change yeah you know and People were couldn’t get into the Dentist So i don’t think you’re getting for your Hair to be kind of like It’s essential not essential Lee this is an alien channel by the way When we’re talking about wigs I know and hairlines anything happens Here How um have your interviews been going Lately Good mate well we’ve just been saying The interview That you interviewed with me and i put That little clip of um Where we were discussing bob lazar um

Jeremy corbell um he he uh he messaged Me He asked for my number and jeremy if You’re watching this i have given you my Number You still not wrong me he he said he You know he kind of hinted that it would Give me some inside information And i could ask anything i wanted come On jesse Come out get it sorted out uh yeah That was crazy it’s been going well mate It’s been going well Um i’m getting many interesting people On Um i’m delving a little bit into the Paranormal Because the more and more researched Ufos and aliens The more i kind of find myself Coming back to the paranormal for some Reason recently the more you start to Think maybe they’re not aliens Maybe not I think yeah i think they’re aliens i do Think they’re aliens Because they’ve got you know they’ve got Little [ __ ] spaceships It’s got something i don’t You know i don’t think um Spirits why would a spirit need a Spaceship or maybe it’s not spaceship Maybe it’s just like a [ __ ] Some energy an energy vessel um

I i haven’t spoke to you since The um The like i comment who was it was some So was it someone in the u.s government That said that They had like a right wreckage or A world craft off-world craft off-world Vehicles actually to Be how isn’t precise still the biggest Story because it got recalled did it What happened well the the new york Times basically just said that it was A [ __ ] mistake they didn’t say it was A weather balloon but basically they Just thrown the story out of the out And said you know they’ve got the wires Crossed so How do you how do you take that then do You think it’s Inventive reporting or do you think That it’s um someone said right enough Now You’ve tested the waters enough we’ve Got a reaction It’s not quite the air reaction that We’re after hold your horses Possibly possibly either that Oh it’s just somebody got a little bit Excited yeah Yeah the office probably doesn’t work There anymore That’s crazy though it’s it’s crazy that That sort of thing will slip out But then like i mean i’d heard nothing

About the retraction but This is the thing about retractions Isn’t it um journalists can say whatever They want And then it gets retracted but Nobody nobody knows it’s being retracted You know it’s because is it something Like if you take um Like the the number of that That read the initial article it’s like 20 Of that number sees the retraction or Some something ridiculous like yeah Yeah i just do you know something i mean Anything that goes out now they they Could tell me that They’re here and i i would not believe It until i was licking an alien’s face I’m so happy you said face Lady favorite because well and this is On lee’s podcast as well guys but Uh can you move slightly to your right Because when i Record this on a skype recording there Was one interview that i don’t know if You’re If you remember that yeah it’s just Slightly more to the left That was the left am i right You’re right this is a slight bit oh Yeah i know i ended up Screaming didn’t i yeah so you need to Go Back the other way this is exciting

That’s perfect Perfect yeah it’s okay people are um are Used to this quality content from my Podcast And yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s It’s a regular a regular occasion for Occasion no occurrence for nonsense to Happen on my podcast Um mate that’s the same with alien Addicts you know He’s you’ve got to get the nonsense is The fun I think so yeah yeah otherwise i think People take things too seriously Yeah you know especially in this subject Of ufology Um you know paranormal world whatever I think there needs to be a little bit Of a Bit of fun yeah i i think i think so I think if there was i think there Probably more progress made of the whole Thing because People would stop uh arguing with each Other all the time They would they would so yeah we was we Were saying about the the the bob lazar Um discussion with just a little clip of Me i think we only spoke about bob lazar That One little bit and it did he did pretty Well that video It’s i i was happy uh i was happy with That we were nice

Yeah but yeah no i was happy that we Were nice but About that i kind of uh there’s There was a few there’s a few people That piped up on the video and said you Know Don’t trust bob you know it’s all one Big [ __ ] lie you know the guys are hopes The guy the guy has Pulled the pull the wool over Everybody’s eyes i just don’t see it I don’t see it i don’t know i know we’re Repeating ourselves but yeah Kind of just i just want to put in place Because people always ask me Do you believe bob lazar story I have no reason not to yeah uh I’m i believe i i believe it for that Reason because because Like i’ve got no reason not to believe It um I don’t think the as much as there’s Holes Like in the in the story um I don’t think those holes can be filled In with the debunk The the debunking of it um And he seems truthful and and the there Is a bit of me that wants to believe it As well you know He does but then again you’ve got people Like um And i do i love um what’s his name west

Is it mick West yes yeah great debunker fantastic But i kind of think he’s got He’s a he’s a good one to talk about Actually i’ve got i’ve got thoughts About mick west at the minute Yeah yeah you know with the whole framer David fraver he sounds like a crazy Conspiracy theorist Well he’s basically saying he’s kind of Saying That favor doesn’t know what he saw but The guys got I don’t know was it something ridiculous Like 25 years fly experience Yeah and and it’s that’s probably wrong But it’s something It’s a lot it’s not just him is it Though because it’s him But it wasn’t him that uh he saw it It wasn’t him that was tracking it that Was a separate Aircraft wasn’t that track that and got The film Um so this so instantly there you’ve got Two Separate pilots i think there was four All together wasn’t not to mention the Guy that was tracking it on the radar Yeah ship and it but and west’s Like come up with this crazy thought was What is it like He thinks it’s a bird that’s colder than The ocean

Was that was that what his thing was it Was a cold bird that you think you could See I can’t remember what his theory was on It to be honest with you sure it’s Something like that but there was one Where it was an it was um an actual Uh it was um a jet with one of its Engines out And when you see it tilt like that That’s That’s the different sight in that but That was somebody else that debunked That one and said That it was an engine out but i think These pilots are going to [ __ ] know Yeah of course they will because i mean The thing is That’s it’s it’s okay to say oh well it Could be this and you know what that’s Great you saying that but The difference between you saying it Might be That or a pilot saying it’s definitely Not that it’s because The pilots when the they’re fl It’s life and death situations for them That’s what they’re trained for Yeah they’re trained that if they’re not Going to misidentify something because If they misidentify something before They know it That’s going to engage them yeah i mean That’s

It i mean my dad was in the merchant Navy it’d be like my dad say it’s me Saying to my dad When he’s telling me about a ship out Say that that he knows what it is Yeah when i say dad no that’s that’s not [ __ ] No trust me son it’s a ship because he Knows what he knows about distances he Knows how big things are You know they’ve just got that kind of It’s instant well it’s not instinct what Is it it’s just It’s experience yeah that’s what it is And and Your brain just gets trained to what Distances are I mean a bit like a snooker player you Know You know where to hit that ball exactly Because you [ __ ] because you know the Distance And i know that’s only a pool table or a Snooker table it’s a bad example this i Know but no no it’s a good It’s a good example because it’s it’s It’s been Being a specialist in something during Me like Like a professional video editor will Look at um a piece of film and go That’s 120 frames a second or that’s 25 Frames a second Whereas idiot like me goes moving

[ __ ] But um you know i don’t i i don’t Understand how He can he can be so absolute And that’s what that’s what gets me with Him Is is this absoluteness about it and I if perfectly honest i think he’s he’s Like he’s discrediting his own work The way he’s reacting i mean The it’s i i’ve always found it Interesting and i thought you know what As soon as the pentagon said yes these Are ufos Some of the debunkers are going to start Backtracking a little bit Yeah he’s not he’s not back god bless Him he Mingles is not backtracking on this Jalinki do you think it’s him because he Was Um he got such exposure from being on Rogan And it’s there’s the connection there Isn’t there between because he’s been a Guest on rogan Uh he um he’s been brought up On rogan’s podcast when he’s been Speaking to like corbell And uh um I i think that’s for him to back down Now I think he would feel he he feels he’d Look stupid

And that’s not a good play if you’re Yeah Possibly but if you’re following the Path of like logic and truth and stuff Like that Then you um you can’t be worried about Looking stupid you shouldn’t think that You look stupid you should just think Right i look Wrong that’s you know that’s that’s Science isn’t it you know it’s you can’t You can’t be right all the time you’re Gonna have theories and then someone Else is gonna have a theory that makes Your theory wrong yeah Don’t get me wrong i like the guy he Once commented it On one of my videos back when i had About 200 subscribers and it was a debut Video I mean i didn’t even know who mick west Was at the time And he just like commented saying that’s A brilliant ebon or something something Something i can’t remember nice And then i thought i was this but you Know when I don’t know how often you check on Youtube but you can kind of look at your Subscribers and it shows Subscribers with subscribers themselves And i thought oh and then i thought oh Wow he’s got a lot of subscribers So yeah i don’t know if he’s a

Subscriber anymore but he was there for He was there and um yeah He he commented on one of my videos and I was like really i thought what a cool Guy Yeah yeah he’s he seems like a great Great a great bloke he’s He always he comes across as like Genuine in what he does But i just think he’s he’s lost He’s lost his way a bit with this i i Just i want to ask you i’d love to get Him on i actually I messaged him on one of his youtube Videos but he’s probably gone to his Spam Because he normally does if somebody Kind of makes if someone tells you their Channel and they want to get you on or Whatever it automatically goes to your Spam because i get stuff in my spam All the time from other channels that i Don’t want to go to my spam but youtube Just puts it into the spam Even though you’re just ignoring me but I asked him to go i asked him to come on Because i would like to ask uh make the Question do you actually believe That we have ever been visited by an Extraterrestrial Do you believe that there are is Something out there I think he would say no Yeah you’re probably right you’re

Probably right but uh See that but i find that weird about Anybody um Because there’s such good film Of not all you know like most videos you See of ufos are The the really good ones aren’t real and Then The others are just like little blobs in The sky But still those blobs are there so what Are the blobs You know it the uh who was what was that Interview you sent me the other day with Fraver and the young chap Uh lex um luffa Yeah lex luthor lex fieldman yes i Russian guy he was actually asked about Uh Mick west in that interview And i think fravo was quite i expected Him to say Like something like how dary you know I’m a [ __ ] pilot I’ve been doing this for for years i Know i think he’s tactful he was very Tired yeah i was like oh Because if that was my dad they’d be Like who’s this guy to tell me what i Don’t know what i saw yeah yeah yeah he Could have railed on him a bit there but I think If he’d have done that he’d have um He’d have looked like what i think

Mcquest looks like he’s Did you see the video we did with them Explaining the trying to Explain the rotation of the of the uh Engine when you talk Where you eat he had to pop the the ball In his pool Yeah now that was really well done Though to be fair It was really well done but i couldn’t Help thinking like this is a crazy man With a football and a swimming pool Shouting at a camera yeah i wonder what His neighbors for They makes mix at it again yeah it’s Like It’s it for me looking at that that was Up there With a guy stood in his garden with a Hose pointed at a football goal Water doesn’t stick to a spinning ball It was the same Level of um the craziness and you just Think well you may be Maybe you need to sit down have a cup of Tea Maybe maybe sleep on this for a while And then move on to something else Lee i’ve got another prediction it’s Another joe rogan prediction What’s gonna happen fraver and nick west On together Make west i keep calling nick i’ve Watched imagine that

Yeah it’d be good i would definitely Watch that Um i do you think there’s a little bit Of me wonders though Whether this is it has all the Excitement gone because Everyone seems like that yeah everyone That can talk about this Has spoken so unless um The the to the stars thing all you all i Constantly Hear from people like what like fraver Said oh there’s some really cool stuff Coming from to the stars at the minute And you go right well where is it Because we’ve been here there’s been Cool stuff coming from to the stars now For a long time and all we’ve got Is a um weekly history channel tv show Which is the same as every other history Channel tv show Yeah let’s just say you and me got Together we got given a load of money by History channel And it was like like hunting for Dinosaurs And we were off we were off into the Amazon to find a real dinosaur And we found we found a raptor so we bag Our raptor We take it back to about back to Headquarters And we finished filming the show do you Think we would end up waiting for the

End of the show Or would that wrap to be shown to people Before we’d wrapped filming I love that example yeah you’d show the Raptor wouldn’t you you’re like A [ __ ] raptor yeah this is going to Be Yeah instead of eight eight episodes It’s now four episodes here’s dave So you know what you’re saying is you Know nothing there is no Big grand finale yeah this show And that’s it’s one of the reasons i’ve I’ve i’ve always been so interested in In All of these uh aspects of uh youth Ufology or Into the paranormal but i think there’s A certain I think it was when i was maybe my early 30s it hit me Where i just thought there’s never a Resolution It you’re just constantly it’s like Watching coronation street It never ends There will be people in the states Watching this that don’t know what Coronation street is Okay um actually no for the i think Everybody knows what coronation street Is A never-ending tv program yes Never ending story yeah um

[Laughter] I was gonna sing the [ __ ] neverending Story then but i’ve just forgotten the Song Um you’ve just got me stuck now On uh velociraptors and hunting them And how much of a good tv show that Would that would make If uh if we pitch that history channel Just looking for dinosaurs with with lee And ollie yeah it’s a great idea Dinosaur yeah we’d uh we we could guess We’ll see that and it’s awesome just get Like we would get like a [ __ ] To go around with us as well yeah Because because we he we could just use Him As bait because we wouldn’t want to get Ourselves in any real danger would we Well i mean you’d need more than pvc to Protect him if there was a real Velociraptor Yeah well i don’t mind if anything Happens to him that isn’t it that is a Game That where’s the yeah i i mean i just Meant general dog’s body but yeah we Are okay you can see if you want yeah Pvc mate But i mean well i thought to Like a month ago to two months ago i Thought wow we are We’re gonna get something here and we’re Gonna get some before the end of the

Year And i i just don’t know if that’s the Case anymore I did and we are we already spoke about This that we won’t use the word For anything that’s gone on this year in 2020. I’m not sure what words we can use on Youtube no i i have no idea But for the for the for the crisis That’s happened And the um strangeness And everything about it and all the Rules this than the other And then i i saw that they have Off-world vehicles When they announced that i thought this Is it this is going to be the next thing And i thought you know what if they Release something And tell me that there are aliens And they are visiting this earth this That on the other And something’s gonna happen i thought I’m not gonna believe it Because it’s just too much this year Tell me another year i might believe it Don’t tell me this year yeah Yeah yeah no no i i get it um I see i had this discussion with Somebody else my podcast when we were Talking about that Excuse me And um when i was saying to her i can’t

Make my mind up whether The um the the like The announced ufo video was Put out as um deflection Away from everything that was going on In the world at the time or Whether everything that was going on in The world at the time was deflection for Them just to slip That out i can’t i can’t make up my mind Where it was Because if it was if it was something to Get people talking about Something else then it didn’t work Yeah it was it was just strange how it Just kind of like We’ve got something we could it’s we’re Gonna you’re gonna hear from it They were about to announce in the next Article and then No we made a mis they made a mistake Yeah [ __ ] It’s i don’t i don’t quite get it the um The the thing is and this is what i keep Hearing Is that the pentagon Have more footage ttsa have some They’ve got something that they’re going To release next and apparently It’s going to be like it’s not going to Be like gimbal footage it’s not going to Be like You know the the heat vision whatever They call it

It it’s going to be proper Video evidence that’s going to actually Show Something now whether that’s going to be The fleet that they talk about I don’t know but this is people keep Saying this to me that this is going to Be the next thing So i don’t know if this is just like uh Chinese whispers I’m um i i’m i’m i’m through with Chinese surprises yeah yeah But but you know Is there going to be that hard hit what Would If we see it because we know the Technology that we have these days Yeah if we see something that is hard Hitting evidence And it the pentagon says this is it You know this is an identified fine Object we have no idea what it is But there’s nothing that can do these Maneuvers and it is in full color Is in hd or even 720p whatever Fall to our team take 420. um Do we believe it uh i think you’ll find A s switcheroo in the Perception of these things where the The people that didn’t believe or Weren’t interested You know you’re for um Like for good or bad your general people Go to work every day they come home they

Want to strictly come dance and they Watch Bake off of whatever countries of orange Origin they’re in Um never think about i think the Us version is the great um us freya [Laughter] Is that real now i just made it up it Should be Yeah um i think you’ll find those people That just They never give these things a moment’s Thought Will all of a sudden be completely on Board and go wow wow this is real this Is the thing that’s kept Happening whereas all the guys that were Looking for ufos and researching it We’ve got No it’s fake i don’t believe it i think You’ll find a complete switch around And there’ll be two reasons for that one Reason will be that um The people that didn’t believe in it Before will be being told by someone That they trust You know it’s whether it be a government Entity Or a leader or something like that you Know it will be someone even if they Don’t trust them i’ll be someone in a Position of power That’s told them something um Conspiracy theorists have a natural

Um a natural sort of pull away From like establishment and politics so If you you there’s a natural distrust For government organizations and stuff Like that But more than anything it what happens What what happens to all these people What happens to Um like nick pope and apart from the He might get a slew of um television Interviews when it happens You know but then as soon as it’s out None of these people have got home What’s the point in um We’re [ __ ] yeah yeah So i think we’ll be able to be a Pullback There’s aliens okay yeah what did they [ __ ] eat Um you know you’ll get somebody say say If there was Aliens yeah and they came down you know They they they shook trump’s hand you Know they started shopping in shopping Malls they started the other You’d start to see youtubers saying Crazy things and blaming them for things Blaming them for diseases blaming them For You’ve seen that film district nine Haven’t you yeah You know where they put them all into That camp this is so weird Like if i was aliens would i if i was an

Alien if i wasn’t Like if i was a being from outside of This planet Would i come here would i [ __ ] Evil crazy bastards i mean Are we uh i think that yeah i think That the higher powers are um i think That yeah the worst aspects Of um uh Of human society there is there’s Certainly that aspect of it but I think the the vast majority of things Mean You will only have to look at the words We’re not allowed to say like the The three-letter organization or the um Like what’s going on what’s going on in Government at the moment Um there are conflicting powers that are Working whichever games they want to Play themselves In order to disrupt like civilization And the way we are now and the way People communicate with each other But the majority of people like you like You Like me like our next door neighbors we Just kind of want to get along with each Other Even if you don’t even if you dislike Someone it’s like We all know those people that when we See them walk towards us they go God but they’re but then if they say oh

Hi You’re gonna go hi okay and then you’re Gonna go about your business The majority of us don’t want to Fall out with each other so i think if Anything did come and see us it And especially if let’s say for instance All these little things in the sky have Been We’ve been being observed for ages um I think the conclusion would be human Beings are nice But they’re run by psychopaths yeah Definitely the whole world you know well Not the whole world but The the majority of the the power He’s definitely psychopaths Some countries may need a psychopath to Run the country because because You know it’s that they need that Selfish element yeah I i think there’s a there’s a there’s an Argument to be had that you can’t be Successful without having that Characteristic yeah It’s i totally agree with that i totally Agree with that but i think Right now we we need we need somebody To come in that just has [ __ ] passion For humor for humanity That’s what we need um i think it should Be me I think i should be the the have you Okay prime minister

Yeah why not it’s it can barely spell my Own name but you know It’s i haven’t seen bojo ever write his Own name down so who knows So we spoke about bob we spoke about Fravor You know have you ever looked into Travis walton and thought This guy’s lying through his teeth and The whole crew were lying through the Teeth are You a big believer in the wall case I am i i know the walton case Uh i’m indifferent Walt neutral i’d put myself in um There’s a little bit of me uh I he went missing and i i oddly enough I’ve just watched Both the films um of missing 4-1-1 You know the um the documentaries of the The guys wrote about eight books hasn’t He on people gone missing In american national forests yeah um What’s his name now I forgot his name uh I mean what do you think we do this all The time don’t we i’ll just put it up i Was a week Yeah i’d like to see his head i’d like His head pop him so i’ll I’ll put i’ll put his head over your Head Um but was it a week was he gone for a Week

Travis i think it no i don’t think it Was quite a week i should [ __ ] know This but you know Stuff goes into one year with me it was Days wasn’t it yeah easy Was david for days um i mean the the one Of the cases in the I think it’s in the first book missing 4-1-1 Was a child that i She did i think it was a little girl Like Four or five and The child turned up it disappeared Like massive search obviously Um distraught parents it was in a National park And i believe it turned up By hundreds of miles on the other side Of this park Completely naked oh in about I i think it was four days There but he it would have took anybody Like six or seven ten days you know to Get where they were Where the child ended up um you know not Not to mention the fact How how old is this child now do you Know i i don’t know Um because it would be interesting to See Yes yeah yeah you know an interview of Yeah you know what happened what What’s your memory of that um but you

Just think The all these people go missing In national forest there has to be Something that happens to them Um i don’t you know i don’t know if you Put it all down to aliens and Abductions and stuff but Maybe there’s lots of stuff that we’ve Because of because we’ve got the Um like the big theories like the Bigfoot theories and the Ufo theories maybe we’re like ignoring Like time slips and stuff like that you Know and Well like like rips in time yeah Yeah a few people have said that to me That you know that this Is it’s kind of like it’s what it is and The actual the alien aspect of it is They found that they know a way To kind of slip in between dimensions But if you can slip in between Dimensions can you do the same with time Um i know there was one in new york Wasn’t there i think i mentioned this on This podcast before i Was on your youtube channel my podcast Um there was a guy that was hit by a car In new york That was found like he was he was hit And killed in the middle of the street This was Um by 1950s say 1940 some of that um and he had

Unknown uh unknown money in his pockets And a passport with an unknown country Name written on it wow oh i don’t know If we discussed that i don’t know that Case Yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s pretty wild i Mean that essentially that’s what it is It was reported in the newspaper I believe Yes yeah so he got run over He had money that nobody knew what it Was and he had a passport Yeah a country that doesn’t exist and Then there was there was another one as Well where somebody was brought in Where uh they were ranting and raving About somewhere That that didn’t exist and i believe They just disappeared Like just like gone oh what This is just reminded what was that case Did you hear about the case This is like i think this is when this Is like Hundreds a hundred over a hundred years Ago something like that with that Little boy a little girl that had a Green tinch the skin Yes yeah yeah what the what the kids Called They called them something i um i can’t Remember it was in england as well i Wasn’t it was british yeah Yeah no i can’t know what they were but

Yeah i know they were great little Bastards but i Haven’t you know but nobody knew and They couldn’t speak either did they Speak in a different language or Something like that They spoke to themselves apparently in Like a Fathomable unfathomable but uh they Ended up speaking english because they They um they stayed didn’t they And i i like the story said that the Longer they stayed was the more the Green tinge disappeared off their skin Right so they’re not green and they were In the end they weren’t great yeah they Weren’t Green and then that was it It did we get like loads of stuff like This like the black-eyed kids that Freaks me out that you know the black Eyed kid stories The kids with the black eyes yeah And the have you heard about the uh star Star star children No what’s that i’ve heard the term star Children before but i don’t know what The star That’s not like the the kids with that I think it’s the kids with the like Little the little alien Heads i probably opened up a camera kind Of worms there someone’s gonna say

No you’re wrong alienated but i think That’s what it is star child i’m sure It’s like They’ve they’ve got the skulls of this Oh yes Yeah yeah i’ve seen that like the um There was a documentary was that part of Um Griez thing no that’s the um Anakhan anakana the little dude Announcing that wrong yeah the little it Was a little girl that We spoke about that actually before yeah Yeah because that was the The um the doctor gary nolan Was working with stephen greer people Are thinking now Alienate you repeat yourself because I’ve said this so many times on my show But yeah the doctor gary nolan was Working with stephen grier He was researching that uh A little thing um And uh he said that you know the dna was It was strange yeah definitely strange Dna And the it looked like a seven year old Apparently How old the actual um I’ve seen features but he’s affected Yeah it feeds us now but the child Oh person Yeah they said they said you know he Said that the

Dna was It looked like it wasn’t anything human Um but then he started to work with Tgsa to the stars academy and Then they they released oh it is just a Fetus Which was a bit weird how great was Working with gary nolan through the Actual uh documentary Serious disclosure and Then gary goes to ttsa If there is anybody at all In the ufo community that i don’t Trusted stephen gray Is that because of how big his hands are Um A little bit of everything’s about how Big his shoulders are and how small his Head is Well i think gria in only I always speak about this bless him Great i do love you Um he likes the sound of his own voice Just very much so but so do a lot of People that Talk on youtube um Is the fact that when i it took me Uh it took me I don’t know maybe It was a long it was a long time of Watching his stuff before i worked out That he was a medical doctor And i can’t help but he even from that Point i think

It’s i feel he was disingenuous Not not not not so Purposely misleading but even when he When it was always oh it’s dr steven Grier anything oh right Physicist biologist you know it’s Microchemist Trauma guy all right okay um I feel that he’s he uses the weight of Being a doctor You know it’s in the he he uses the way Of being a medical doctor in a Scientific world and i find that odd So you think he should scrap the doctor If he doesn’t know this Yeah not scrap i just don’t i i don’t Know what being an Er doctor has to do with researching Ufos Jeremy it’s not like um Of michiakaku or something like that you Know it’s not it’s not like one of those People using their background To talk to comment on something You know it’s uh unless he watches the Um Alien autopsy for the video maybe he Could give us a He gives a medical background on that Right you know what that would be good Yeah great if you’re watching this now And i know you watch my show many times Um you sh she should Do a a debunk or if anything

You know say you know this is a real Body i think it needs a rebound Not a debunk either Maybe yeah he could use that you know He’s uh He’s experience of Being in theater to You know disproving some of these old Autopsy cases i don’t Think there’s did we i i know we Messaged each other About um the the autopsy video But i don’t i don’t know whether we Spoke about it much on the last one Which one which autopsy video the one The one Yeah that you mean the one where they Said they they crash tested not It’s dummies shop dummies Yeah and bits of pig and stuff like that Yeah And special effects um the oddly enough The the older that is and the more it Goes on I i mean i only watched that a lot maybe Maybe a month ago After after we spoke about it and i Watched the whole Video again i mean it looks amazing Yeah and it shouldn’t because it was Done in the early 2000s Right was it like 2000 2001 yeah so this So people so there’s a lot of people Debunking that and saying yeah that it

It’s in fact it’s come out that you know The guy said yeah he was Yeah he was a hoax yeah but Was it yeah is that the hoax you know Yeah It looks i mean it looks amazing Yeah it does not look like sharp dummies Even the pigment the reason why i can Tell you this as well Is because i’m kind of I’m planning on doing something on the Channel Which is going to be no i’m going to do A hoax Right but i’m going to tell people it’s A hoax okay i’m thinking of making A recreation of an alien autopsy Because i’m very good with clay and Just general creating [ __ ] Yeah i reckon i could do something Pretty good and if i put enough I do i need to work out how to make Something look old See i can i can video edit but to make It look genuine It’s hard so i would like to kind of try And recreate something at some point The channel have to grow a lot more for Me to do that because it mean I’d have to take time out and it would Be have to be when i get the Studio sorted but I got a good idea i like it i don’t Think i could recreate that

No um i like i can i can I can draw and i can i can i can model Very well i’m not blowing smoke on my Own ass a little i’m a little bit I can’t read though so i’ve got to do That yeah yeah It’s what happens towards this like it’s What dyslexia people they They they’re good with their hands yeah Um But that’s what i like my wife to say But She doesn’t know But yeah the to get A bit of i’ve got a tiny bit of uh Clay here to get this and turn this Into that i know it wasn’t clay It was what silicon and Yeah and then animal parts in it and Yeah All sorts of stuff but the skin seems to Diffuse and that’s what i I i’ve only i’ve only noticed that Since um this generation of gaming Where one of the big um uh One of the big pushes forward was to Make skin look More realistic was that you can You can see that skin is is almost Slightly translucent because you can Stick you can see what’s Through it and like the the various uh I’ve [ __ ] i forgot what they’re called now

The various Like lies what the the is it the dermal Layers or whatever epiderm epidermis is The first one isn’t it No idea but you can i don’t mean you can See the Only doctor steven grier was here see if Only he was yeah but You i don’t even you can see the you see The veins underneath yes Yeah yeah see the bits where in that Video you can see it You can see the um like the Discoloration In the skin of that thing you you can It doesn’t feel like it’s a solid Like side of something it I it’s odd it’s so odd And my debunk would not come down to What that thing looks like no idea would Come Down to how it’s filmed yes it’s not Enough The the way it’s filmed doesn’t look Professional it doesn’t look like If you know if i was if i if i had an Alien in front of me I’d be going in on that things [ __ ] [ __ ] Its balls its [ __ ] its nipples You know everything and that’s just the Personal use I’d be putting the camera in the Cavities you know i’d be getting as far

In there as i could Just to just to show everybody you know What an alien actually looks like From the um Um i would caveat that by saying If you if You like let’s just say that the whole Like Thought of that that piece of footage is Right Yeah it was in roswell new mexico There there was a crash there was bodies Recovered from the crash What it was whizzed onto the table let’s See what’s in Jeff um i would I don’t know what um Phil you know it’s not like an army base Would have a film crew So there is uh a high chance that Private gordon had a camera shoved in His hand Yeah yeah i know what he’s saying now Looking at this strange thing with not Enough fingers and toes Oh nurse nancy yeah um He’s being told to stay out of the way Of the physicians Because they’re doing their job i think It would be a rush job because You’ve got um you’ve got something Foreign there that you’ve You you’ve no idea what the biology of It’s like it’s very hot

For a sec for a start because it’s been In the desert So it’s obviously going to be perishing So time would be of the essence to get That thing somewhere And get stuff out of it to see what Happens that um It’s the it’s the little details that Get me Like the um the black like they could Peel those the black things off the eyes And what does that happen if we peel can We peel stuff off Our eyeballs no don’t think so Dora try no i’m not trying to They say that the clock though was too New For the time it was filmed i’m not sure I’m sure they said that the clock was Um not from pattern the pump but not From the right time I mean i’m sure there’s plenty of clocks I mean how do you I don’t maybe i’m not i’m not sure i Haven’t heard the clock thing i know That apparently the phone Was the right sort of era but more Importantly the film and the film the Film The film was the right ear you know it Was the Um speaking of film And autopsies so Do you um you’ve seen the skinny bar

Of skinny bob avenue yes There was there’s a guy um That has done a deep a debunk on the Skinny bob We spoke about this last time yeah he’s I’ve done a video about his abomination Yes yeah and uh i’m glad you remembered His name Sorry abomination but i’ve had a beer uh But yeah he’s he’s a talented Young man i think he’s a young man um he Sounds like a young man And he he’s done a recreation of the uh The gimbal um ufo Uh which he’s done a fantastic job of That but then he did a debunk Of the um skinny bob But he stumbled across a scene And it and it is one scene in The first video that went out skinny bob Where it shows ufos it shows them Walking about the The aliens it shows the actual skinny Bob when it looks like he’s been Interviewed where he’s got the the Turtleneck On not a chance in hell that would fit Over his head French but there is velcro they got Velcro from aliens Yeah um but he said there’s this One scene in this video and i’ll pull up Now for any of my viewers watching your Views you have to use their imagination

I’ll try and explain it very well um Your listeners um And it is this i think it’s a Literally must be about five to six Seconds and it is of this autopsy Of the alien and it doesn’t look Exactly like skinny bob does it looks Like skinny bob’s being copied off it But not only that abominations said That he’s put all the foot he’s done all The tests with the filters this that and The other To try and see if this How when this was done and this Particular Piece looks like it’s old And original so he His conclusion was that they’ve hidden Within this um ivan I forgot the name of the channel ivan035 Or something like that i’ll put up now But That’s the the original person that put The skinny bob video has Not gained profitable not he’s Nothing he’s got No monetary gain off this he’s just put Four videos out of this skinny bob And nobody knows why But this one clip He said looks original it looks old And he has he Is pretty much 100 percent that This it was done back in the day it’s

Old footage And he’s not said that that that means That it’s an alien But he he has said that he thinks that Was filmed back then It would be an um it would be a good way To get something out if you had Something To hide it hide it within a hoax but no And not even Not even just a hoax but to hide it Within something which is clearly had a Lot of money thrown at it as well You know because the the skinny bob Thing like you say with the uh where he Stood there in the turtleneck It’s it’s clearly like it’s clearly cgi Anyone that doesn’t Think that’s yeah i think it’s easy yeah Oh yeah it’s well done for for the Average joe blogs yes just Suspect it’s pixar level animation the Animation Is stunning um And that that’s what i mean that’s what Makes me think of that that’s had money Thrown out at it To do that yeah to start off with i Thought that was you know somebody’s Portfolio like Where they’d be taking that to a studio And i’ve put this out on youtube this is Me Yeah you know can i have the job um

But nothing’s normally with things like That like when you see these ufos Crashed in the forest And it’s from a movie set you see it it Turns up after a bit I’d be interested to know that to do uh To render something like that when it Was done What sort of graphics you’d need in the Computer Well you’re i struggle to edit now Yeah and i mean i’m running a mac it’s a State of the art it was a state of the Art mark Seven years ago yeah so i i struggle to Just do This interview that i’ll be editing now You know It will i’ll it will it will start to Slow down Through the editing pro because and Because it’s something like 90 something Gig By the time i finished yeah yeah yeah Believe it or not No you know video that’s what it is and I don’t even know how that works when You think of you can download a game That’s like 90 gig Like [ __ ] halo or whatever and Just one video is the same sort of data As a [ __ ] computer game yeah and i Have to compress my videos down the last

Interior i’ve just done an interview With a guy called darker Our paranormal and i’ve just compressed That video down And it’s compressed to seven gig yeah Yeah i didn’t even look what that was But That must have been over 100 gig yeah Yeah And and then you think about that’s That’s that when you’re doing what like 1080p Like video or and two lots of 1080p Video if you You’ve got my side and your side haven’t You um But think about how much data that is When you’re Like rendering 3d objects Yeah yeah it’s it’d be it’s insane the Amount of data that would be And i don’t filters all them filters Because if that’s that’s not just what That’s many filters that’s made that Absolutely I mean i’ve got a alienware um Laptop that i i use for doing audio Editing and stuff like that on it And that’s got a rtx 2060 In it i i don’t know because i’m not i’m Not a visual effects Artist but i think you’d struggle On that which has got like a you know What was a current gen graphics card

Until a few weeks I mean my pc it’s not um it’s not the Most up to date graphics card but it’s a Gtx 970 in there yeah that struggle with It Yeah yeah so it’s that that’s what gets Me with that is how How someone had the money to do it how Surrounded the money and the time To do it yeah so people say when they Say when they think Oh it’s cost This this what the cost of the cgi it’s Not just the cgi but then it’s the Equipment as well To do that cgi in the first place you’re Talking uh Skinny bob was like early days youtube Wasn’t it i think skinny bob Is f from 2005 2006 somewhere I’ll tell you i’ll say exactly where it Is Keep talking lee keep talking yeah Even uploading stuff though then i mean I i remember when i first started Watching videos on youtube i had to wait For them to buffer Okay i if it would have been back then i Tried to upload anything like A podcast or something i’d still be Uploading it now All right let’s have a look skinny bob Is from What i’ve got the wrong video here we go

The original skinny bob video was Feeling your drum kit nine years ago It’s a long time It’s a long time ago That’s that is that is early days i mean You’re talking How long have uh the iphone 12 is coming Out isn’t it How long has the iphone been around for Is that 11 Years because they skipped one or Something with 15 years yeah something there wasn’t There’s something with When the iphone yeah they skipped the Iphone 9. Yes yeah so yeah you probably I think somewhere around there yeah Before it yeah um Because people always look at these Things and it’s okay When did the first iphone come out The date of introduction of iphone was The 29th of june 2007. There you go yeah thank you i’ve got the Tools [Laughter] That’s it google’s now there on to us But Yeah um i mean that’s ridiculous to Think That someone’s just done that in their Bedroom and we

We have a tendency to do this where It’s it’s the same as when you look back In your life when you’re a child you Know You think back of memories of yourself When you were sort of 5 10 or something Like that You always do it but put yourself As you are now thinking about yourself When you were younger Yeah yeah and that’s what happens when We see things like this like the alien Autopsy We think oh well you know you’ve got all This stuff now it would have you know We’ve got all hd cameras we’ve got um Even Take out the physical equipment Look at the um software advancements That’s been made For things like this you know for video Editing and stuff it’s not like Um your man doing skinny bob would have Been using Uh the latest adobe suite Yeah no totally right Right on the money there lee i mean the That thing Nine years ago somebody put a lot of [ __ ] love into that Yeah and for no credit Speaking of special effects have you Heard about tom cruise No an elon musk

So apparently um the next Film where tom cruise is going to be in Space he’s going to be in space for real And i just think the conspiracy guys are Just going to Absolutely be all over that I i’m i’m a massive flip-flopper when it Comes to musk And i i know you are yeah you you’re Disappointed about the mouse I am i’m still disappointed around the Mouse but it’s like Sometimes i think he’s the The savior of humanity and then the Other times i think oh he’s the guy That’s going to destroy us All do you know what i’ll tell you what Is weird Like that he kind of he’s he’s been for A long time now warning About ai and now he’s like [ __ ] it we’ll Merge with it Well he said that all along hasn’t he That the only way uh Humanity can survive the singularity Is by like integrating with it but what If he’s the seed That newer link’s crazy yeah it’s would You put that thing in your head That makes me feel right now No absolutely not but If um I’m sure there was people out there that Said what like carry a small computer

Around with me all the time where people Can get in contact with me In like a myriad of ways i’m sure there Was people that would have said they Would never carry a device like that I mean as if i was a single mom which I’m not but Um if that thing came out in advertising Is get the neural link you know and get Laid You know five times a month by different Women Um i’d be all over that you know I would that would be an incentive for Me to get it you would Okay so on a serious note if it Cured my dyslexia so that i could pick Up a book And read it and unders and i can read Now but to pick up a book And actually take it all in i don’t Understand it yeah i get it yeah I’m exactly that’s a big seller for me That I agree yeah that would make me maybe Make me want to drill a hole in my head And put that little thing in Very jealous of people that um have the Attention span to sit down and read Books Like very jealous yeah i am um Yeah i i’m also jealous about Guys that get laid all the time as well I’m a married man

This is true and i hope the mrs is not Watching this All listening the glass Who’s that behind you with this with the Frying pan Yeah i think yeah I i’d like to say no but i think Probably in the end yes I think the um It sounds like a it sounds alien right Now you know the whole thing sounds So crazy and it had a weird reveal as Well did you see the reveal with them Just having these pigs running around Saying they’ve got neural links in them Like You could tell me that i didn’t see that I wish i had Yeah but i mean he kind of explains it Very well because he he kind of says You know what you you already have um A uh how does he put it you already Have a synthetic or whatever you have You’ve got this yeah yeah got your Mobile phone and it is very much It’s kind of a part of you in it yeah it Is uh when he says it’s Um all you’re doing is removing the Bandwidth issue between Like technology and yourself the only Issue i’ve got with it is Is if you could do the matrix thing of Oh i know kung fu Now um would everybody be knocking the

[ __ ] out of each other everywhere Everybody want to be knocked [ __ ] off Each other it just the whole Whole world would just turn into a Massive kung fu fight Can you imagine that you’re in the pub With some Eyeing up your missus and you’re like [ __ ] like teach become phone now Like really quickly i’ve not got wi-fi [ __ ] But um but the other the other issue I’ve got with that Is especially um like being a musician Um is Where does that stop so does that mean Um I can i just download like a template of Another drummer and now i can play Like that guy or i can now Like play guitar like somebody so now i Can write songs but am i really writing Songs because all i’ve done Is downloaded the knowledge of somebody Else And does it destroy human creativity Yeah i i couldn’t agree more that that Lately So yeah like i was saying before the Only thing that i’ve got going for me Is uh you know i’m pretty i’m pretty Good When it comes to creating stuff or Drawing stuff

But if if the guy next to me that’s the Genius when it comes to Science or whatever or you know yeah He’s the big The big guy that can do all the shares And this that the other and invest His money great but then he can draw as Well i’ll be pretty pissed off Yeah yeah i mean because he’s got the Money to afford the neurolink Yeah but he can do everything i he can Do everything that i i would i’m Naturally good at just from birth but i I’ve not got any of his in His advantages that has made him a Fortune but now because he’s made all That money He can do what i can do and the other The other thing there would be is how Satisfying would it then be to do Something I’ve always wanted to be able to draw I’m [ __ ] Awful at it i’m a terrible artist Um and i’m the living embodiment of you Know people say Oh if you do something enough you’ll get Better at it not at all I’m as bad at like drawing and painting Some people make it make make a living Drawing bad paintings Oh yeah i mean even mine like sometimes You look at paintings like bad paintings And someone goes

Yeah but there’s something to it yeah Look at mine there’s nothing to it There’s no there’s there’s no thought of Texture and things like that i’m just Not you told me that you drew that Behind you Well shh i’m trying to prove a point But but um The uh the thing is if i let’s say i was To Say like download art right so i got the Art Pack i paid for the art neural link back Now i can draw So i draw this wonderful vista of a Sunset I look out and go yeah but it’s not mine Is it it’s essentially the same As me just downloading a wallpaper for My Laptop because it’s not i i’ve put no Effort into being able to do that you Know it’s even the Um i’ve i’ve been throwing like Like hat in to try and do a bit of stand Up and I i enjoy sitting down and trying to Write Jokes and bits and I i enjoyed going out and trying to test Them out on people and when i got a Laugh back it’s because not Not just because i had something which i Knew was going to be funny

I had something that i’d sat and It might have only been like a 30-second Bit But it probably took about five to ten Hours Of moving words around adding words Taking out the thing i’ll go no that That punchline’s rubbish To get that 30 seconds which i got a Laugh back from Is that the one that i watched by the Way yes that’s the first time i’ve ever Done stand up It was very good mate thank you i really Enjoyed it it’s Uh unfortunately i the next one was Supposed to be this month And it was supposed to be on the third Uh But they had to shift the date to the Ninth i’ve got plans for the ninth so Now i’ve got An extra i’ve got an extra month to work On my stuff before I go out again so you came up with that How long were you on fire but about 10 Minutes i was like just the smallest Seven or seven minutes so you came up With that In literally an evening kind of well What i did was i had i had ideas for and Then i um I’d because i i i signed up to do it And then about two weeks before i was to

Do it i really sort of knuckled down and Started trying right And then i had a complete lack of Confidence before i happened to it Turned up to the venue early and then Rewrote the whole set What you re rewrote the whole set up Yeah yeah Because i shouldn’t have done actually It was a bad move But uh yeah i won’t do that again either But no i i enjoyed it it was good fun I i like i love comedy i’ve always loved Comedy yeah man i look forward to seeing You do some more stand up you should do Some Stand up on your channel get some Practice runs It’s weird i mean i can’t even rehear i Can’t practice In the house um it’s It’s weird trying to do it like the the First time i i held a microphone and Tried to tell jokes when i Took the microphone off the girl and Started You know even even it was really funny Like i told nobody for that for people That don’t know i come from the island Man it’s only a small place it’s got 80 000 people on it Um i told no friends i was going to do This I told one friend and she came to watch

Me and the only reason i told her Is because i knew she was going anyway But yeah she well you are like kind of Like the The recluse comedian oh it’s okay now i Just i wanted to get the first one Done out of the way yeah that you you Know you You if you’ve not done it before you you Think You know what this is funny but there’s A chance somebody else might not find it Funny So if it all goes to [ __ ] i want to be The only one that Witnesses it yeah yeah yeah yeah pretty Much Uh or even just the thought of because I’ve never I’ve never done anything which um Even like two seconds before i started Doing i’ve always had this thing of like Oh it might go wrong but I’ve practiced and i know i can kind of Do it But it might still go wrong but before i Stand up there i thought i’ll have no Idea if i’m gonna do this I could i could just start talking People just go look blank at me and go Oh yikes i totally get i mean i used to Back in the day a long time ago i used To dj for a living Yeah and when whenever my friend used to

Turn up to the venue It was like i i don’t know why i just Felt a bit weird Like i might should i pl Should i play to them or should i uh you Know It was it became i did it become a Little bit more Showy offi i was just weird So i can’t i get it and at the same time Your friends can make you More nervous than people that you don’t Know I think it depends how comfortable and How confident you are and what you’re Doing I am i play drums and um The more people that watch me play is The better i am Because i’ve got complete confidence in My ability to do it Um i get all the drummers in get all the Musicians get anybody anybody You can want to i’m quite happy to play Drums in front of them but like i say It’s because I’ve done it longer whereas the comedy Thing i didn’t i didn’t know if i could Do it or not But here we are but anyway that’s aliens We did start to speak about travis wall But we kind of went off travis wall but Yeah yeah We got we you believe travis walton

Because I i watched an interview you don’t know Okay i’m a bit neutral come back to that Because I watched a very very early interview Where travis walton is next to and i’ve Forgotten than the guys Just like we always do i’ve forgotten His name um But the travis is Talking about the interview talking About his abduction And the guy who said yeah but travis you Failed your first Um um lie detector My detector test and he says yeah but i Passed the second one and he says yeah But the second one Was performed by an amateur So he’s he it was a bit And travis looked a little bit like as If to say Go take your face for a [ __ ] you know How dare you i know i i know what Happened um I do believe travis i think something Definitely happened Because and it’s a funny one this Because i spoke to um A guy called david who’s in one of my Um interviews he’s completely blurred Himself out he spent Uh a day or so with travis i watched That yeah it was a good interview

Great guy and he believes travis Said the guy’s a bit of an [ __ ] he Says and the one of the reasons why he’s Probably a bit of an [ __ ] Is because he keeps having to go to ufo Conferences And to keep telling this [ __ ] story Over and over again And you can tell that to be fair he Doesn’t have to No i know he doesn’t have to but that’s Kind of it’s kind of all he’s got Going through a gig now yeah yeah you Know that’s his thing I mean can you imagine keeping a hoax up For that long I mean how much money how much money is He actually made out of it Yeah even if it even if it wasn’t a hoax So to have to consist consistently Relive that over and over and over again Would wear on your soul i think yeah i Mean He also says that you know the film fire In the sky was a Was just [ __ ] yeah so he’s saying That the film that they made about him Was [ __ ] you know he For him to turn up turn around and say That That kind of that might put off other People wanting to do a film about him Yes and that’s the last thing he wants To do

So do you know what i mean he’s got that Going for him in my book because If he he he wanted to make more money Off it There’s always room for another film but Then on the other hand there’s always Room for The real story of travis walton the film See I mean what would you what could it be Would it be Who comes up with that idea i think That’s that’s what gets me with With hope’s ideas you never hear About like big stories that come out Like travis walton Yeah that get debunked they’re all like Properly debunked Is in yeah you know it’s so it’s it’s Not like there’s a whole host of people Out there Pretending they’re being abducted and Getting loads of tv time over it It always has there has to be substance To it somewhere For it to like ignite the Imagination if you will Yeah i think one of one of the most Interesting things with that case for me Is that all the people That over time not one of them has Cracked Yeah and there’s only one person that’s Gaining off this now

If gain oh that’s travis he’s obviously Gaining a little bit of it but The others nothing yeah and Between friends that with success You know and i’ve seen friends do this Whether it’s In whatever career is they get jealous And you would think if it was a hoax one Of them would say One of them out of what i think it’s Seven of them I think it’s probably not um would get a Little bit pissed off from like going Enough’s enough this is [ __ ] it’s time to take this story Down oh What what if i think if it had been an Orchestrated story Of the all all of the people that Essentially had nothing to do with the With the action side of it um Like a year or two and or you you’d have Had someone say oh yeah but uh Like i i remember when i was waiting for Travis i i I remember him see being in a ship and i Saw lights out my bedroom window and You know it’s somebody would have Interjected themselves Into the action if it was made up yeah Because it’s it’s something you wouldn’t You you’d be jealous that i say if Somebody else got the lead jeremy in Your little eight-man play

Somebody else got the lead role and you You’re a bit part and i think At least one of them would have wanted To make their part more exciting it’s Just human nature But on the flip side of it And you’ve got to think about this in Other cases of people going missing What would have happened to those men if Travis had Never come back Um i don’t know Did you probably be sent out for murder One thing were they fingered for Whoops were they uh appointed Did they have the finger pointed at them For murder today or for like What have you done with travis i think He was going that way You know where you know you think about Even now these days you know a group of Guys Going to a police station or whatever Meet the local sheriff And say we’ve er we’ve been in the Forest with his mate and There was a massive big glowing object And it’s uh shot him with a beam You know and we think he’s dead What what’s what’s the uh What’s he gonna think well the fir the First thing they’re gonna think is That because they were that were they Hunting were they hunting no they were

Chopping down uh They were chopping trees down down they Were timber guys what they called yeah Lumberjacks so the first thing you’d Thought was would have been that Something had gone wrong One of them had got killed and they’d Come back with a ridiculous story isn’t That That’s the first thing that would come To mind um i don’t know It’s on the other hand I can’t help feel but then i think this Is A strange thing with abductions um Because i i there’s too many of them for It to be nothing But it there’s too many of it for just To be crazy people But on the same um same side I don’t believe it’s something that Happens physically to people Yeah and that’s what gets me with the Walton thing because that is an actual Physical occurrence of spaceship shoots A beamer allowed Takes them for a while and then puts Them back And if that was the case and If the if if the little black-eyed lads Were running around Jacking people for a couple of days or a Couple of hours and putting them back We would see more of it you know people

Claim to be abducted in Cities in towns um There would be evidence of it if it was A Physical occurrence yeah i mean i’ve I’ve interviewed recently two abduction Cases possible Abduction cases they get their both of Them have A lot of memory loss yeah but quite Fascinating videos as well Um where Both of them didn’t actually want to Come on i had to ask Beg them to come on they just it was Just like random Guys wanting to tell me the story just Because they They know i mean i’m into this subject Because It’s what i do um but yeah that was Quite cool They did come on when they came on there Was no sign of kind of like Silliness or trying to make things sound Over exaggerated i mean one guy just Literally told me he saw a plane stood Still in the sky That’s all he saw lots of members knows That don’t they Yeah i’ve never seen a ufo no he i’ve Never seen a ufo But the friend that he spoke to i think It was

10 15 years later when he said do you Remember the time we both saw that plane Still in the sky don’t you think that Was weird He’s like no he’s like you know the Plane that we both saw We were waiting for to go into Uh band practice there was a plane over His head it just stood still it was in Mid motion he says no but i remember When we saw the two ufos and He shot off within seconds So his mates our ufo have i had i told You on the podcast or uh When i when i saw ufo i know we talked About after I don’t know we’ll definitely have it Again Yeah the the group is only because he’s Actually an alien addicts as well as Your channel Yeah it was only it was only because it Was on the um Uh on the way back from band practice And uh the the driver that was dry Driving i was in the passenger seat He saw it as well but not as well as i Did because he was driving And it was it came from behind us Uh shooting across the sky and it was a Green Um like a green fireball One of the um you know There’s lots of pictures of them now

Because i i’d never seen anything like It before it was only when i went home And went on the internet I started seeing pictures that people Had taken of these things where it was Like I mean iridium satellites can have a Green tinge to them but i mean how how Close was it It was it felt like All right okay that’s not something yeah No it was Say tennis ball size sort of just Smaller than tennis ball size in the sky You know it was a sizeable object and um It had it was like a white A white center and then efforts Sort of green and then it had a tail off The back of it And as i would say because it was just Before as it was coming up okay As we were coming up the road i live on A hill How long ago oh 15 years ago Oh sorry not a drone either no no no it Wasn’t a drone but there’s a There’s a there’s a really good end to This story Um because i’d say and i reckon because I start from the corner of the eye And i say that if it started there it Would be like one Two three four five six seven eight Nine gone sort of thing off into the

Distance it was a great incredible speed Like it was going To cover the distance it covered um But i remember so i went home i started Googling like green fireballs because That’s [ __ ] crazy um I saw lots of pictures of things that Looked very similar to what i’d seen So at the time i was working with a Friend of mine paul he’s one of my best Friends And i got to work work the next day to Where he completely pissed all over my Chips Because i said by paul you like you’re Never going to guess what i saw last Night he said It wasn’t a massive green fireball in The sky was it And he lived about three miles down the Road from me And he was out having a cigarette in his Garden and he seen it at the same Time i did oh my different angle and he Did I’ve often said that to my friend before That If he hadn’t seen it i’d have ended up Doubting already You know i’d have had it down as a Shooting star or something like that but We we talk about it quite often and it’s It’s kept it fresh because because we There was somebody else that saw it

And this was a sign about 15 years ago On the isle of man Yes how big is the island man uh Is it fifteen by five miles from that Twenty-five percent i don’t know so you Know everybody Uh reasonably yeah recently there’s i i Know a lot of people Uh but there was a big sighting on the Island and i didn’t see actually where There was a like a mass sighting Um out on douglas bay where there was Like a ufo just hovering Over the sea that was That was in my lifetime but i know People that saw that but i didn’t see it The island one intrigues me because i Always hear about little Weird stuff that’s going on on the Island Not necessarily involving david ike but Just Weird stuff largest i i believe The the for more the most Masonic lodges for per person For anywhere in the world i think Really i think so So you think this the island is heavily Um You know with a ikea ikea reckoned it Was wouldn’t he he said there was Something to do with Like play lines and stuff like that on It he had something about the isle of

Man You’ve seen that um i’ve seen i think I’ve sent you some links Recently who’s been speaking about david Ike um Xe uh xe17 singer um Oh yeah um is it is it lee is he lee as Well No it’s um brian harvey brian harvey Yeah Yeah i used to like a bit e17 sorry all Right All right it’s really all right all Right sorry don’t worry about it just Don’t Don’t say anything we can edit this out I’ll edit it out no no Christmas song stay another day Best christmas song no i’m asking you Best christmas song said they did one of The best Christmas songs all right christmas song Well it’s not But yeah He’s he’s recently been i mean i can’t Make head of tale of it if i’m honest With you What he’s trying to say um but he’s he’s Looks like he’s throwing some Accusations david hanks way Oh is this something to do with you yeah You sent me the links about Um him being him being very much like Of an epstein nature well that’s what

I’m not going to say anything on here Because i’ve got no evidence to to back Anything yeah yeah Yeah it’s been a lot of um Like things thrown i mean i mean david Ike’s always speaking against that type Of stuff as well isn’t he I don’t do you know what i think i’m i’m Sure You um in the field you’re in i’m sure Lots of your listeners are big david Like fans Oh yeah i don’t dislike him I don’t i don’t i don’t i i i like the Guy i think he’s He’s kind of like he’s a funny little Uncle Yeah i don’t believe him but i don’t oh Sorry i should say I don’t totally believe him um i don’t Think oh yeah he’s got a bad bone in his Body I think maybe he’s a little bit he’s a Bit [ __ ] up in the head but he doesn’t He’s He’s not getting any evilness in him i Do question some of this like Anti-semitism I think that’s a bit far in points But um i don’t i don’t think he’s one of Them Like you know have you ever bumped into Him in tesco’s It’s wrong island mate oh is it yeah

He’s done he’s the uh He’s the other white oddly enough did i Say this like last time we were on the We’re we were on your island he’s Alawite yeah i’ll put one of one of my Listeners Yeah one of my listeners he lives on the Isle of wight and Uh his dad is in like a car park battle With david ike Where because they go selfish Yeah i mean he’s face but he doesn’t Really speak i mean he spoke about the Comedian That um asked him about the reptilians And he kind of like He he didn’t want anything to do with That he was like i’m not talking about The reptilians In this interview he’s not really doing That these days he’s not Speaking that much about the reptilians But he’s definitely speaking about the Will being Very [ __ ] up um Which is fair it’s as soon as you bring The world reptilian into it though it’s Kind of like Really yeah i mean i i I i don’t know the I kind of wish that he if for an Authenticity thing i wish he just stuck To his guns On it you know it but it seems now the

I’m not i i i think it’s odd that he’s Got himself mixed up with your brian Rose guy You know the man from that london reel Yes i know you mean yeah um because i Think he Is a bell end and i don’t know Enough to call him that but i call most People a balance so yeah He he just he seems like a snake oil Salesman to To to me you know it’s it which is a Real shame actually because like the London real platform he’s got is a great Platform There’s no reason why he couldn’t be a British-based joe rogan You know but it doesn’t seem enough for Him i think his Uh the like the reason for instance of The reason rogan’s really good at what He does and who he interviews and That is because he puts his ego away And allows other people to speak where Brian rose doesn’t seem to be able to Get over his own ego it’s When he like if for instance even the The interviews he did with david ike People noticed that it was always Advertised as rose Ike i think well you’re the interviewer You know it’s if you’re if you’re Interviewing someone You would put your interviewer first

Especially when it’s david ike Who is much more famous than you are So it’s i i j he can’t he can’t get over Himself and that’s why I don’t really trust his uh his takes on What’s going on at the minute Yeah i mean david i’ve seen recently David’s got his son working with him Yes yeah yeah both of them i think i Think there’s one of them which does Uh he did like he does a lot of talking Like ike does and then his other son i Believe is like the tour manager Right i think so family business Family business indeed indeed well you Know if it works if it If it works it works he must have made Millions You know when you look at the books that He sold oh apparently not Apparently you know he takes great pride In showing you His normal everyday car and taking you To his normal everyday apartment You know he’s he’s shown that a few Times this is where i live this is my Car Yeah yeah then what like but where’s all That money going Maybe he’s giving it to his kids maybe He’s giving it to his kids Well lee you know on my channel we Generally go for about an hour And a half it’s been an hour and quarter

I know we’re in yeah Cast as well yeah but um This is not the end of our uh podcasts This is good I think it’s gonna be an ongoing love i I think it’s an ongoing love I absolutely i’m i’m i’m here for the Long haul there’s a bromance here I’m not i’m not the type of guy that Just hits and leaves No so so we’ll get each other back on I think it’s going to be a mutual thing So so So for for my guys let can you just let Them know Where they can find you uh you can look For me on any podcast app For must see audio uh also if you’re on Youtube if you look for musty audio on Youtube All of the shows are uploaded um In audio form with like a static image Um Some special ones have got video you Know but The it’s it’s a lot of effort Editing like a two-hour podcast without Without a man to do it for you so yeah That that’s what i I’d love to do i’d love to be in the Position to do this podcast Like a rogan set up with a multi-camera Yeah Well-lit thing but it’s not happening

Until somebody Or somebody gives me loads of money or Lots of people give me a bit of money Mate i’m sure i’m i’m sure i mean Especially with the platform you’re on It being spotify and now that joe Roger’s gone spotify It’s just going to grow even more so you Never know Yeah even amazon amazon are doing Podcasts now you can get On on uh amazon music and audible thing You know what i haven’t actually Listened to a podcast on amazon yet but Yeah i know it’s there uh for mostly Audio listeners mate Where are you i’m on youtube alien Addict Or some people call me um alien alien a Dick Um it is alien addict um And yeah i uh i don’t really know what i Do I just kind of delve deep into The paranormal and it is the paranormal Now as well Not just ufos because i definitely think There’s Uh a mixture of the two that Are somehow connected I like to interview people just like This um And uh yeah i’m trying to build up a Bit of a portfolio of people

So then at some point it can be A case of well you know what This story and this story in this story They all match Yeah these people have never met each Other let’s get them on together I like your channel because there’s a Level there’s a levelness about it that I think lots of channels Miss thank you man yeah yeah That’s what i like about it i like your Podcast mate because you have a great Voice for it Thank you i think my voice is horrible i Think most banks people have got Terrible voices But no i i i’ve got i don’t i I i think this is what makes us good Because i can’t stand listening to me Back And sometimes i’m like i can’t Understand the word i’m saying my mother Says Used to say to me you know i i taught You better than that I said but yeah but mommy you moved to Yorkshire So my mom’s my mum speaks the queen’s English but when when i was very young She moved to yorkshire so i i hung Around with Everybody from yorkshire yeah so i’m Yorkshire now [Laughter]

But yeah thank you for coming on me and Having me And thank you for having me as well um It’s a bit weird this It is it’s got a bit broke back again Hasn’t it [Laughter] At least i know what to call the podcast Reference then but uh i won’t um Yes good night god bless folks mind the Books don’t bite I am alien addict and this is my crdo Thanks guys see you later bye