I See Dead People (Interview with DarkHour Paranormal)

By | September 24, 2020
I See Dead People (Interview with DarkHour Paranormal)

What i saw from this point is something That i Have very difficult time describing but I will do my best Immediately i noticed some movement Along the side of the entrance on both Sides As i look at it i notice that there are Figures shadow figures that come in And outline the entire perimeter of the Room I’m like what the hell i’ve never seen Anything like this As i’m watching this happen and this is With my physical eyes now okay Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict now i want to say a massive Massive massive thank you to you all Uh 5000 subscribers here People are sharing the videos people are Hitting the thumbs up I want to say a huge thank you to the Reddit users as well because I’ve seen that my my shares Most of them are coming from reddit and I’m not even on reddit so I think i did make a reddit account once I’m going to revive it and uh See what you guys are putting but anyway Thank you so much It means the world to me i know it’s Been a while since the last one but Yeah i’ve been working long hours and um Yeah making time to do the edits

Arranging interviews there’s more Interviews to come by the way And some very special ones on the way But yeah thank you so much guys 5000 Hit the only ways up And uh yeah keep sharing people and Check the patreon page out uh 13 patrons now um Fine specimen of people on there as well Beautiful people great little community It’s growing And yes it it puts a little bit of money My way So it helps the channel out because the Money for patreon just Is it’s just that support the channel Because i do have a day job But um yeah the channel is growing People at some point I will have my own little alien den And you know maybe i’ll you know fly um What’s his name bob lazar Over and interview him in my garage with Corbell Yeah one can dream but anyway enjoy the Show This is dark dark hour paranormal that’s Capital d Capital h all one word paranormal Then paranormal separate but yeah enjoy It he’s a fine specimen of a fellow Beautiful man and uh interesting We do talk a little bit about ufology as Well so we don’t leave that out of it

But i’m starting to delve a little bit Into the paranormal I think you’ve got to if you’re going to Look at the uh Over the other side of things you know Bob bubbles are in the garage yeah Michael welcome to alien addict my Friend it’s good to have you Otherwise known as dark hour paranormal How are you on this Fine evening oh is it daytime So to say i’m doing quite well the sun Is shining and watching my kids play on The beach right now ollie thank you very Much for having me on uh Your show i have been watching your Episodes and you’re fantastic at what You do Uh and it’s an honor to be here man Thank you for having me i really Appreciate that my friend I mean the main reason and i’ve seen Your name pop up On on lots of channels people people Know you You know and you’ve not been around for Long so i thought who is this guy Who is this might i didn’t know he was Michael that doesn’t know his darker Paranormal So i’m typing in darkhouse paranormal And it’s all one word it’s dark Dark hour then paranormal yes yes

You know i’m just i’m thinking this Guy’s he’s doing some good stuff But it’s weird because recently i’ve Started to delve a little bit more into The paranormal Which is why i wanted to get you on so Can you tell us a bit about your channel And uh you know Why why are you doing the channel in the First place Sure i started doing dark hour Paranormal as a youtube Channel back in may so it hasn’t been Very long And as you and i were discussing earlier Ali it’s about timing I’ve wanted to do this sort of thing for A very long time i’ve worked in radio But never had the chance to really Express the side of the paranormal And everything that’s encompassed Underneath that umbrella and So when i was doing some broadcasts on Spoon which is a broadcasting Application Which i’ll be honest with you uh i had Success within respect to A following but the technology had a bit Of catching up to do A friend of mine rick from rick’s realm Had mentioned well i have a show on Youtube i’ve been doing it for several Four five six months And it’s a great time man you should try

Doing it or bring your stuff In in that respect so after a little bit Of hesitation and some Gentle nudging i finally looked into it And established Dark hour paranormal as a youtube Channel and Within the first couple shows it was Mainly rick and myself kind of bantering Back and forth about Paranormal and whatever you know broad Subjects we wanted to bring up Uh at the same time we did have a couple People actually from The uk call in and be able to express Some of their Investigational findings and so forth so It started there And very quickly within i think the Third possibly the fourth show i Realized That the trajectory the channel was Taking was absolutely focused around Interviews And i really wanted to get to know Other people’s perspectives now one of The broader Visions i’ve had for dark hour Paranormal as a channel is that You know you and i will sit down and we Can talk to some of these great guys From ttsa or mufon You know i’m gonna use uh those two as An example

Just big names okay great guys might be A little bit of a stretch But that being said i know they’re good Yeah i’m just saying what we’re all Thinking it’s okay Um that being said i realized that it’s Important to interview those people but It’s also very important to interview People who Aren’t really out in the public eye or Who have not had a chance to express Themselves because of the experiences They’ve had or Yeah the social uh adversity they may Face as A result of coming out so the layman the Common person who’s having these Extraordinary experiences dealing with The paranormal dealing with uh You know astral topics uh dealing with Et’s and so forth i think their voice is Just as important As you know somebody who is out in the Public eye and has been known To do this stuff for a very long time so That’s what i wanted to bring to dark Hour paranormal and that’s that’s the Overall vision for the channel i think I found that really interesting because You’re going down the whole route Of interviewing now when i first started Out it was just Me ranting and debunking and all sorts Of nonsense

Uh we should still do a little bit of That but i’m mainly doing A lot of interviews now but how do you Vet it How do you vet the people that you’re Interviewing A lot of times i will just take a chance I’ll reach out and say if it happens it Happens And i’ll be honest with you i’d say About 70 to 75 Of the time i get a response that’s Positive about coming on the show and There have been many times where i’ve Opened up my phone and Looked at my email i’m like oh holy [ __ ] Okay They said yes you know so i mean it Would get me really excited And pushed me to reach out further i’ve Talked to um Representatives for neil donald walsh I’ve reached out to eckhart tolle Uh you know some of the bigger names Going volo melchizedek you guys might Recognize these names that have been Around for a very long time Um if they come back i mean they have Walls uh To get through before you actually get To that person if they come back That’s great i have a feeling a lot of Those kind of folks will probably pop up Within a year or so giving me

The thumbs up with a thumbs down uh but It’s really just a matter reaching out And then of course i’ve had People on my show that have been in my Past Uh there have been a couple women that I’ve brought on that i’ve had Relationships when i was in my early 20s But we were always spiritually inclined And just again on a whim i just had this Feeling like reach out to this person I’m like man i Don’t even know where they are look on Facebook i ain’t fine oh there they are Contact them all right well what do i Say hey how you doing want to come on The show i’ve seen you been doing this Lately You know okay so i start there and sure Enough uh I get an overwhelming positive response From the majority of people that i Contact So your channel’s growing quite fast you Know it’s only been going a few months Now Um so you at some point you’re gonna get Like your email uh is gonna start Getting filled up so i I take a risk i i know i do that when i Interview somebody that just Says they want to come on the show they Want to tell their story Um so have you

Have you taken any risks like that and Just had somebody on that you don’t know No i always have a good half hour to Hour and a half to two hour conversation With the people before coming on With the exception of michael horn who i Corresponded through emails uh for Quite some months before we came on and That was more of a dissemination of Information And and things like that you know Educating me on what he was doing and i Was checking out stuff and responding And so forth Other than that i’ll always screen Somebody before Uh inviting them on the show i might Approach them with the prospect of You know that being a possibility but i Want to talk to you i want to get to Know you first i want to see if you’re a A fit for the show And b if if you’re really you know who You say you are Some of these people say well i’m a Medium or i work with energy and i do it As a professional career and then i Start talking to them and i’m like well Yeah maybe you do but i don’t feel You’ve reached the depth of what it Really is and Maybe what it’s really all about i don’t Think you’re I don’t i don’t let me put it this way

You have to resonate with somebody Too okay on a level that you say okay i Feel Comfortable with this person presenting This particular information and i’ll Never shut somebody out If they’re proposing a different Viewpoint It’s a matter of experience i guess is What i want to say do you have the Experience What is that experience and how what Does it entail um I want to see that human side of you Yeah you know what i’m saying though When somebody sends an email to you i’ve Got They’ve got this amazing story but then We speak to him in person you think This guy was bullshitting me but i know Now it’s too late Because i’ve opened pandora’s box i’m Now coming into you See i i’m very careful with that i’m Very careful with that because you will You can get yourself into trouble in That way and then what happens then You’re not doing a service to yourself Or the show you’re not doing a service To the guests and the way they think They’re being presented And there’s all this uncertainty Surrounding it so that’s why i say okay Listen okay so for example somebody

Emails me has this crazy Story i said great let me talk to you Either on the phone let’s talk through Uh messenger or something like that Where we can sit and have a conversation As if maybe we were Going through questions on the show and Let me feel you out because if it gets To a point where i say okay This guy’s bullshitting me this isn’t Working or it doesn’t fall in line You know in one way or another i say hey Listen thank you very much For your time i appreciate it i will Consider uh reaching out to you we’ll See how this fits in the future If that works great if not man listen i Appreciate you contacting me we’ll see We can do later on And i’ll leave it there you know because You don’t want to get yourself caught in That situation where You start a show and you’re like oh god This is this is going to suck man uh god What can i do already to dock this up You haven’t even gone live yet You don’t want to get into that point You know i’m i’m waiting for the person That comes on that tells me they’re an Alien and i’m just yeah This show must go on and that’s what it Will that’s what will happen But the person might regret coming on Well you know what you’re doing your job

Then And if you listen to uh you know coast To coast am which I started on in in the late 80s um There have been many times even on space Out radio there have been many guests Where you know you could see that that Dave or you could hear that art was Really Interested in what they were saying but They’re like okay That’s interesting you know you can tell That there’s there’s something maybe not Um grounded about the guests or what They’re saying but yet it’s something That they believe in and so My job as a host as i believe it is most Of our job is to present the information As it is presented to us you will find My bias in there a little bit because of My experiences and this is something I’ve outwardly expressed before But by and large i want to just present That information i’ll never judge Anybody that comes on the show you want To come over and tell me that You’ve done x y and z and you’ve seen This planet and you’ve been through this Meditation Great that’ll be on you and that’s what We’re going to know you For you know what i mean but again you Don’t want to get yourself into a Situation

Where you can tell if somebody’s just Blowing smoke up your ass to get the Attention Or you know possibly even worse having a Deleterious effect on what you’re doing Creatively So this brings me on to my next question What brings you to the paranormal What is what is triggering you to do This type of work because you could be Doing anything you could be You know you’ve got a great voice for Radio you’ve got a great voice for Interviewing But you could be doing anything you Could be talking about Sports you know anything you Interviewing actors But you’re doing paranormal there must Be a reason behind this And this is what i’m interested in well Thank you for that number one and number Two this is the uh heavy hitting Question isn’t it Um so myself i got involved with This field in general when i was about 12 or 13. I was always aware of something more Or outside the box if you will in terms Of my life and what i was going through As a kid i had a difficult time Academically i was diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder back when They called it that

Uh when i was 11 and from that point on You know i was medicated with ritalin Dexadrin a couple other test you know Drugs that they had so I already had this this different Perspective i felt different Than everybody else around me because There really wasn’t anybody else in my School that was Uh undergoing this sort of treatment and So i think that In that and then being you know bullied And stuff uh You know in grammar school and so forth Really kind of thickened my skin to Perhaps having my own ideas and being Able to stand up for those Ideas and once i started having Thoughts of let’s say spiritual nature My family was very supportive both my Parents are spiritual individuals my Mother i think a little bit more so in Certain respects Uh but i had that support and though i Felt Different in respect that i was looking Beyond and saying well what’s the Meaning of life at the age of 12 And you know sitting through an entire Semester of Science class where the teacher would Just let me play around with objects i Had in front of me because i was trying To disprove

The existence of time instead of Following the curriculum You know this is stuff that normal kids Weren’t doing in sixth seventh and Eighth grade So you know i garnered the attention Back then as is sort of Being interested in things nobody really Understood um I remember there was a very point moment For me when i was 13 The early years of 13. i’m sorry the Early months of 13 years of age And i just had this pressing question That we all have what is this about What’s the meaning of life Forget about every other question what’s The meaning of life and i would send This out there and i would think about It all the time like what is it what Is it what is it and one day i actually Got an answer back The way that i would say it okay in my Head i heard it wasn’t my voice it said The point of life is to just be And i said wait a minute that’s that’s It But that means and i started rolling Around in my head what that meant to me And what i got from that was that the Point of life is to experience it Doesn’t matter what the experience is The preference comes from the mind and Or the ego if there is a separation

Uh but the point is to just have the Experience So i started there and i brought to my Mother i said ma you know i’ve been Thinking about this lately and this is This is what i’ve I’ve come up with she looked at me she Goes okay Okay i’m gonna talk to somebody and uh I’ll come back to you about this okay I thought that was a little odd uh so She called a friend of hers who Is a clairvoyant was a clairvoyant she’s No longer with us But uh she said i want you to come for Your first reading With this woman her name was joyce I said okay that’s interesting and i had Known that she had gone to readings Her and my father had been visiting Somebody For many years prior to my birth even Who had helped guide them along the way And this this woman was very very very Connected to spirit and she would Back in the 70s she wouldn’t just talk About spiritual phenomenon she’d talk About Manifesting abundance she talked about The et’s she talked about future Events happening on the planet she’s a Very very uh Visionary individual so this person she Took me to my mother uh this woman joyce

I sat down and normally you’re not Allowed to be read Before the age of 18 and that’s because I was good I was actually gonna yeah so i was a Special case in that respect Uh that i was allowed to have this Reading and the reason that she did it She said that she felt that i was ready For it At that age i didn’t really know what That meant but i was very much open Because i wanted answers and i mean i’m Just getting into adolescence here i’ve Got lots of questions about life And now i’m digging right into the core Of you know what perhaps Connects us all in the respect of energy And so forth so i go to this reading And you know not surprisingly she looks At me and she’s like oh you’re a very Old soul you’ve been around for a very Long time this And that the other thing i said okay Yeah okay that resonates with me Then she looks at me she goes but you’re Also an energy healer you’re a healer So what does that mean she goes you have The ability if you choose to To use energy to help heal Situations people animals and so forth i Said well that’s that’s curious i’d like To learn more so i’m going to put you in Touch with somebody

Come down to this gathering we have in Willimantic connecticut Uh we gather about five six seven people A night and we’re all interested in Working with energy this is before i Knew about the modality that is known as Reiki Uh it’s got a name these days and There’s many divisions of it underneath That just usually reiki and so forth Lots of different modalities But we weren’t really concerned about The words of the symbols we were Concerned with just the Intuitive channeling of energy so i went To this church uh if you want to call it That I get i think today it’s a church and i Met this guy named norman Now i walked into the building and he Kind of shuffled over to me Like something was up with his leg Wasn’t bending right And i’m looking at him and he approaches Me and he’s very friendly very warm very Big aura Very big energy says hey how you doing Hey come come sit down i want to talk to You i said all right So we sit down and he’s again talking to Me i’m 13 12 13 years of age and uh he goes So i understand that you want to learn About energy i said yes so he goes

Through and he tells me his experience Uh long story short this guy started Working with energy some years ago It was an incredibly bad car accident And broke nearly every bone in his body Was in a body cast for a very long time And as he was in this continued to work With energy With the idea of healing himself well Doctors told him he’d never walk again And here he was walking up to me doctors Told him he’d never be able to do Anything for himself in terms of uh Self-maintenance here he was a perfectly Functional individual of society And he swore by this energy so he Started me off by doing a little trick Where You rub your hands together you feel the Friction you feel a little heat that’s Physical You hold them about yay so far apart now In doing this and keeping them still You’ll feel That heat that energy that friction that You just you know brought up But at the same time if you push down a Little bit you’re going to feel the Slight Odd resistance okay and as you do that You can actually pull it and get it to Move from side to side so now you start Feeling this vibration As you start getting aware of this

Particular phenomenon happening You can then control the speed of the Vibration and at this point i was Captured i was like holy [ __ ] what is Going on here And he’s showing me all these things Right off the bat he says this is energy That’s all around you you can use it for Healing you can use it for Remote purposes but this is energy that You can use and it’s around every single One of us we all have the ability to use It So from there i really delved Head first uh into this realm I was very interested in the paranormal And stuff alongside of the energy but It really played into it and this is Where my understanding of energy began Um i don’t know if i i’m Okay yeah so i’m getting i’m getting Right go ahead Hey are you still are you still Practicing in this Healing yes yes Um i do it when i’m called to do it Somebody will come to me I’ll feel guided to offer it But it’s usually a special case uh and Like i said i i’m usually sort of guided To it it takes a lot out of you To undergo something like that and to do It consistently uh it will make you Clearer and make you stronger as a

Channel But it takes a lot out of you and you Have you don’t regret it it’s like a Business or anything like that No i never actually charged for any of My My services even when i used to read uh And channel Back in college and after i got out of College and do reiki sessions i never Charge for anything And yes i understand there should be an Energy exchange in some respects Uh for me it’s never been an issue i’ve Just wanted to put that out there i Wanted to give somebody that that Ability to heal or You know guide them in some respect i Never want to keep it for myself And have you had some success stories From on the back of this Oh yes uh yes um i’ll give you two Actually So the first one came Excuse me when i was uh first starting Into this um I think i was 14 i was at this this Willomantic place okay And this woman came in and we used to Practice on each other You know playing with the energy it was Just it was a very friendly sort of Environment

And anybody who came in and wanted to Give it a shot could and this woman sat Down On the chair we’d set up four or five Chairs for people who were gonna receive And then there would be people selected To Uh provide the energy or channel the Energy uh Again very old woman had very difficult Time getting to the chair had somebody Helping her and i’m thinking okay this Is great you know i’m gonna be able to Give some healing to somebody that Visually to me really needs it again i’m Very young 14 years old 15 at very most And uh so i stand behind her and what we Would do says the person’s head We’d always start around the neck area And it doesn’t always have to be a Contact thing It absolutely doesn’t have to be unless You’re guided to and if you’re guided to You need to Seek permission before you do and that’s For many reasons as you can very well Imagine So i started with her and what happens When you get into This is that you kind of let yourself go So i’m not thinking about um Pushing energy or where is the problem I’m just

I’m gonna do my own little meditation And let myself be guided And you’ll feel it and you’ll move if You choose to in this respect So i’m working again around her head and All of a sudden as i’m scanning the rest Of her body I’m immediately drawn to her right knee Okay and so i’m starting to just push The energy there and the energy is just Flowing flowing i can feel it coursing Through me and it’s going through my Hands my hands are heating up there’s Tingling everywhere And i put my hands on her knee and the Second i do i feel like the knee shifts And cracks and crumples underneath my Hands And i was kind of like i did like one of These real quick but didn’t break Concentration it was just very odd Because it literally felt like Something had shifted and snapped and Cracked The [ __ ] okay so continued the session Tried not to think too much about it and Continued out and finished off The end of the session the woman looks At me she goes what did you do I said what do you mean what did i do What did you do to my knee I said i i was just sending the energy As i was guided to do that she says My knee feels better than it has in i

Don’t remember how many years she told Me let’s say it was 10 years okay So better than it has felt in 10 years I’ve had a lot of issues With this name like really well that’s Interesting i felt Crumpling crackling sort of i don’t know Maybe real lighting i don’t know And she said well thank you very much i Feel fantastic I came back the next week and this woman Was walking on her own Uh all the pain that she had described In her knee was gone Uh structurally she felt it was stronger And To me that’s really interesting so That’s a very physical manifestation of What this can do now what about the Emotional side So the story is kind of funny many years Ago i used to work for a burger joint And i was an assistant general manager i Had a bunch of these guys working Underneath me that were Between 17 and 26 let’s say So got a girl cook come up to me Very big hulking guy dreadlocks Everything kind of intimidating looking If You know first glance but was a Sweetheart real nice dude Had i think three kids at the time and He was trying to make ends meet so he

Came to me one day he said listen you Know i’m having a lot of trouble Emotionally He’s also a very good singer by the way Dude could bring me to tears just Singing something acapella and that’s Not often that i experienced something Like that Um he says you know i’ve been having a Lot of trouble lately you know just Another thing you know a lot of Emotional stuff going on he’s like You know i just i just wanted to you Know talk to somebody about it i felt Like i could talk to you about it I that’s fine Let’s make sure uh couches paid off Anyway So he uh again confided in me and it’s Like you know i just want to talk to him I was like listen I know you don’t know this but i i work With energy if you’re interested i’ll Have you over and We can do a session see what happens for You dude see if it works for you if it Doesn’t That’s fine if it does then we hit Something you know he was like okay And i explained it a little bit to him He’s like okay all right i’ll come over I’ll come over in a couple of days and We can try it okay so he did and Came in and i sat him down in an

Armchair and i immediately started going To work the way i just described So initially As soon as i opened that door up the Energy was just like Just just immediately channels in and What usually In terms of a visual sense i’ll have Like a smaller streams of energy to kind Of Run through like electrical currents This is like somebody opened up a dam And it was just like like this stuff was Waiting for him to Give the permission to come in it was Real healing energy powerful Uh i mean i was getting waves of it Through my body just letting it go Through him And as i’m doing this i started walking Around and i was guided i think Something down by his his foot Or whatever and i worked on that and all Of a sudden in my mind’s eye I saw the virgin mary i’m not a Religious guy Not in the slightest i know all about That you look a bit like jesus though You can imagine i’ve had a few comments Like that but hey there could be worse Things you know what i mean Um so i saw her come in and here she was Uh bright and surrounded by this this Beautiful

White light and she had her arms out Like this uh sort of in the same way That i start my sessions and it was a Very healing moment but i knew that she Was there for him Um and again i never talked to him about Religion i didn’t know what he believed Or anything like that So that was really powerful and as this Was happening I’m working again around his body i Don’t think i actually ever touched him In the session He started bawling absolutely Sobbing like this heavy releasing sob Like somebody had died And it was just like i could feel i get Emotional here right now i can feel it Still the energy that that session Uh brought up for for him And you know the as we went on The crying became a little quieter and It became It came to a lull and it was more like An accepting sniffle if that makes sense And he fell asleep I continue like a baby when a baby’s Finished he’s crying it’s just got that Like little correct yeah exactly Exactly and it was just again exactly Like that And uh he fell asleep which happens Quite often during these sessions Believe it or not

And so normal protocol i finish up i let Him Doze for as long as he likes before the Session i let him know if this is a Possibility that he might you know get Very relaxed so take your time Afterwards and what have you So he emerged from the armchair about 20 Minutes later And just hugged me and thanked me and Said i i don’t know What just happened but I feel very different positively Different I said well that’s awesome man you know And he’s like i want to sit on this And i’ll come back to you and i told him Very briefly you know virgin mary had Come in And that was something that very much Surprised him uh But she was around him she was in his Energy and today when i look back it Makes a lot of sense considering the Beautiful soul that he is And um so the next day We work together in the morning and he Comes up to me as soon as we open he Says listen Michael uh i got a favor to ask you i Was like what’s that man he’s like Listen uh If i disappear during the shift at any Point today just just

Just just man over for me i gotta go use The bathroom i’m like Okay everything all right man you Feeling okay you sick He’s like no dude uh i’ll be honest with You i don’t mean to be graphic But uh ever since last year yesterday When you when you did the session Uh i’ve had the runs bro and it just it Just won’t stop And i was like oh my god dude i’m so Sorry This is my fault i should have told you That is a possible byproduct of going Through this energy because it will Cleanse you physically As well some people experience flu-like Symptoms for a couple days Some people have a mild sniffle some People get sick like he did Uh poor guy poor guy but ever since then He has had A really strong positive outlook on life Which i think was something that was Innate Within him and this sort of just broke Away some blockages for him Uh i’ve been in touch with him quietly Yeah Yeah exactly um this was about 10 years Ago Maybe maybe uh that was about 10 9 10 Years ago And he’s still doing really well from

That one session that was all he needed Be honest you slipped a couple of Laxatives in his drink didn’t you Well i mean you know how many people are Gonna see this video [Laughter] Look i thought they were tums these the Other guys said they were tongues i Thought it was funny I kid so These are all the the the good side i Mean is this all you get You get is you’ve got you get complete The Good side of them because i i hear so Much about this Dark side and you are dark side Paranormal so have you experienced the Dark side Yes i actually am the one that sits Between the two pillars Uh she’s a high priestess if you look at The tarot cards and this is The life that i’ve chosen here so i Experience extremes On the positive end and i experience Extremes on the negative end And it’s been my job to make sense of That balance uh between excuse me That’s the thing about having long hair Uh it’s been my job to find the balance Between that and exist On that particular vibrational level it Hasn’t been easy

Uh in terms of reiki and healing energy I haven’t had much of a negative Experience other than you know what i Just described it’s more of a Not so preferable experience to be Feeling sick for a couple days after A session but in terms of The ghost hunting stuff and going into The clairvoyance end of it In relation to that i’ve had some very Negative experiences Uh with spirit can we hear about that Because That’s what a lot of the people that Will come on this channel will be Wanting to hear about Because people don’t like to hear good Stuff You won’t beat me scary ass stuff Yeah no absolutely there’s a draw to the Negativity Uh and i understand that first and Foremost because that’s that’s one of The things that got me into Uh hunting for ghosts if you will if you Want to call it that uh prior to me Actually getting into it back in 2008 2009 On a more active level i’ll say You know i had experiences but excuse me Allergies are killing me right now post Nasal drip is just rocking me sorry Um so

I’ve had experiences prior to what i did In dark hour paranormal as an Investigational team It was nothing like what i actually Experienced in those times there were There are three specific um Experiences that i had that were Long-lasting too connected with the Ghost hunting and one On its own accord um I’ll try to give those to you in an Ordered fashion here okay so When we first started the ghost hunting We went to uh Places that we could get in touch with And back then it was a little easier to Do it because you know even though it Goes something as An activity or as a profession was Already well established and out there We were still at a point where it hadn’t Really just reached its pinnacle it was Getting there And within a year or so it did hit its Pinnacle um But you know we were still on the Upswing in in groups of people that You know were being taken seriously for What we were doing And so The first real tough experience we had Was at this place called rutland prison Camp and this was in rutland Massachusetts it’s way in the middle of

The woods And the history of this place was it was A work camp Uh in the earliest part of the century Earlier part of the century There had been a tuberculosis ward there There had been uh The same hospital used to treat children With sickness and mental disabilities The camp itself had a very interesting History but i wouldn’t necessarily call It sorted That being said there was plenty of room For Uh some sort of tunnel to have taken Place like the isolation Booths that were still standing were Literally you couldn’t even Lay down in things they were so small And these in one Little pock mark in the ceiling that Would let in some sunlight and guys Spent A lot of time in those isolation Chambers um But yeah when i went there the the Dozens of times that i had prior to this Experience It it wasn’t that big of a deal like i’d Walk around the property i’d feel some Things i’d get you know a couple things Here and there maybe an evp or something On the ghost box But it wasn’t really all that intense so

This one evening we decided we were Filming a pilot because we had a Television show slated For acmi which is out of arlington in Massachusetts Uh we had already gone to classes for we Had full Authorization to use all their equipment That they had at this uh university And we were starting to film the pilot With rutland so i went there with rick From rick’s realm and another guy from My outfit named chris Uh big hulking guy from new york from New york you know what i mean he was a Big tough guy didn’t really believe in This stuff that was fascinated by it And i’d say that rick was probably in The same vein at that time too So we get out there set up our cameras And i start asking questions I think at this point in my ghost Hunting career i’m a little Impatient and i decided i’m gonna i’m Gonna Poke some some things here tonight i’m Gonna provoke a little bit [ __ ] it why not you know what i want Some answers here that’s not that i Wanted answers Are you here are you not i wanted to Experience something else i wanted to Feel that heaviness that that evil So that i could compare it with what

Else i had experienced in life i just Felt like it was part of The natural spectrum of what you should You know have a tangible idea about Um boy was i wrong but you know that Being said Uh we’re in this root cellar And you know you could tell it was a Cold storage area back in those days Where they would you know store lots of Plants and grains whatever they were Taking in from the fields And um i started Feeling kind of uh [Applause] Light dizzy but still i’m on the ground And i’m going through the questions in The dark you only see a couple lights That we have out Chris is on my left rick is on my right All of a sudden I get knocked down and i realize that Chris Has fallen on top of me and i grab him And My best my ability and my shock i try to Lift up i’m like bro you okay man you’re Right He’s like yeah i just all of a sudden i Didn’t know where the ground was i felt Really dizzy and i just whooped that was It he fell down He fell on top of me i was like wow

That’s really strange Uh actually in a following investigation He caught me on the same tip I’ll be enough so it came full circle But that was at first i was like that’s Really strange here’s a big guy who You know obviously has his [ __ ] together And and he’s Halfway passing out what happened here So we continued the investigation as I’m doing this and i realized that i Have a pain in my my left hand And i flip on my my light and i kind of Flashed and i looked down And i used to smoke cigarettes back then So i had my lighter in my hand Apparently intent on lighting At some point but i didn’t realize it Was there and i was holding so hard my Hand was White and there’s this huge imprint in My hand i’m like that’s really strange i Should feel that but i don’t feel right And this is like my first realization That something wasn’t right Didn’t dissuade me put the lighter back In my pocket continue asking questions Getting more and more aggressive All of a sudden in my mind’s eye i see a Figure big black hulking figure About uh if i were to make an Intelligible guess here i’d say nine to 12 feet tall And all i can see these two glowing red

Eyes And from this entity is it’s screaming What do you what what are you doing it Was just full of Rage it was like it couldn’t communicate Any other way except through rage Maybe he was just asking me but it was It was just it was just The manifestation of absolute rage and i Could feel this and around him Was this feverish red light have you Ever had a fever dream Where you wake up like sick with the flu Or something that you caught in the Dream first Is that sort of feeling like i’m in a Twilight but like there’s a sickly red Light around And it just it makes me feel really Weird so i said all right Guys let’s take a break when i go Outside smoke a cigarette We’ll come back in so we do and uh So you just seen a guy with red eyes Screaming at you And you say you know let’s take a break And let’s go out for a [ __ ] Yes pretty much cigarettes are different Become [ __ ] six yeah um Do you want a cigarette after seeing a Guy with red eyes I had to stop it there because the Feeling was so intense and in my In my chest it was like my chest was

Doing like this It was just getting tighter and tighter And i’ll be honest with you i think that It might have scared me a little bit but Again i saw this figure in my mind’s eye But it was behind me So out there i try to collect myself i’m Out there smoking a cigarette and Rick’s over here doing his thing the Other guy goes off take a leak And we kind of get back towards the Tunnel i’m like alright guys you ready We’re gonna go back in and keep going And rick looks at me he goes No i’m not going back in there he Doesn’t remember this apparently But uh he goes no i’m not going back in There i said what do you mean we’re not Going you’re not going back and he’s Like Didn’t you hear that i was like here What he said the footsteps They came they ran up from there and They went right into the room seller you Didn’t hear that i was like No i didn’t now the significance of this Is that When i went to rutland i had an advisor Who was very familiar with the area had Been in this paranormal field for Far longer than i was alive and he told Me you can go to rutland but don’t go to Where the tunnels are Somebody at some point had pulled some

Stuff out of there using You know dark energy and magic never Were able to put it back but they it’s Still out there roaming around but You’ll be okay as long as you go to the Tunnels So where rick was pointing was the Direction of the [ __ ] tunnels And now he’s telling me that this thing Whatever it was had run into where we Were And he wasn’t going back in there i was Like listen if nothing else we got to go Back in there and get the equipment If you don’t want to continue it i mean I get it but dude this is what we’re Here To do when i started sounding like uh Zack megan’s you know yelling at nick Groff or whatever Yelling at rick so we go back in one Second Did the other two guys did rick and I forgot chris was it chris did they see The dart figure with red eyes neither of Them expressed that they did And i’m not surprised if they didn’t Only because i’m very sensitive to this And i was already Working with uh i had already worked With spirit and channeling And you know i have you know people who Pass on come to me and i’m able to Recognize that i mean does it mean that

They they couldn’t no it doesn’t but They tell me they didn’t notice that but Rick was spooked by something Yes he was all right sorry mike yeah Carry on just get it in my head The picture feel free to jump in any Time bro believe me i can be uh Quite long-winded here um that being Said So we go back inside and i decided that We’re gonna we’re gonna keep doing this Because i’m yelling at both of them now Like this is what we’re here to do guys The [ __ ] come on You know don’t don’t be like this guys And uh So we get back into it now as soon as we Do The whole room just settles and the air Is incredibly still now The roof cell itself has one entrance And through this entrance there are some Vines coming down over growing But you can see the city lights on the Night sky So anything coming in you can see the The shadow or the silhouette i should Say Of of that individual walking in what i Saw from this point is something that i Have very difficult time describing but I will do my best Immediately i notice some movement along The side of the entrance on both sides

As i look at it i notice that there are Figures shadow figures that come in And outline the entire perimeter of the Room I’m like what the hell i’ve never seen Anything like this As i’m watching this happen and this is With my physical eyes now okay this Isn’t my mind’s eye this is my physical Eyes i’m seeing this I’m seeing these little pops of light That look like uh fireflies but they’re All different colors Red orange green white blue purple you Name it I’m like okay Again just experiencing this going Through this as i’m watching this Again this is all incredibly silent so Silent that you’re looking at say this Is unnatural i should be hearing Something from the movement that i’m Witnessing with my physical eye but i Didn’t hear anything It was actually the complete opposite of Hearing something that makes sense I see the [ __ ] figure come in the Door And at this point i’m at 9 10 feet tall Okay i didn’t see the eyes But i saw the outline it was just a head This head and shoulders to come down Like this And it walks in and i

Heard slash felt i am legion At that time i had an idea what that Meant but i wasn’t Fully in tune that i am legion Is one of the more ancient Organizations of uh you know negativity In terms of the That world um a lot of these big Ancient demonic entities will have Others around him or her whatever it is Uh acting in the same vein that that one Is acting same intentions they’re all Connected But they’re they’re they’re many of them And Therefore very difficult if they infest Your home or that one comes in to to get Rid of because they have all that power Behind them But i saw this with my naked eye and at That point I realized i time did not exist it Didn’t just Cease to exist it just it just was not a Factor And i was in a space that it just Everything was just at a standstill Well i don’t remember exactly how The investigation ended in the respect i Said okay guys that’s it we’re done But there came a point where i said okay Let’s wrap this up and it wasn’t very Long After we had gotten back in there and i

Had seen what i’d seen something didn’t Feel right So we packed up i got in chris’s car We were riding together and rick was Driving home and before we got the Property i turned to chris i was like Bro i don’t I don’t feel right he goes yeah that was Pretty crazy man i don’t feel I feel a little weird too i’m like no no Bro i don’t [ __ ] feel right Something’s not right And he didn’t know what i was talking About it was the first investigation he Had been on with us But he was trying to be helpful and you Know whatever but i was like all right You know Go home drops me off i get upstairs in My apartment i’m like [ __ ] something still doesn’t feel right Like it’s Something heavy i felt unnerved my solar Plexus was a light with anxiety i’m like The hell so A couple days go by i’m having a real Difficult time sleeping Don’t know what it is keep waking up Never feel like i actually fall asleep Third fourth night i start having these Vivid Nightmares where i’m just being held Down Being tormented in some way

I’m going through some sort of odd Emotional pain while I’m dreaming i don’t know what it is Even to this day i can’t put my finger On it but it was very unsettling And then the physical manifest Manifestation started to begin Which gave me feelings of dread my Temper was incredibly short That could be a result of not sleeping Too these entities will try to weaken You in any way that they can And uh it so see it was with me for About three months Three months and affected not only Myself but other people around me too And i ended up having to face it the Same way that i Asked for it to come because the biggest Thing i realized at that point was When it came and i realized it and i Could talk to it Said you asked for me i’m here i said But i asked for you like last week when I was At rutland camp he’s like time doesn’t Work like that with us You call we come when we come what do You want And at that point i’m like well i i just Want to know if you were there man You’re there all right we’re good we’re Good we’re good right we’re good No it’s not that easy because anything

Requests on the other side is honored You may not realize it but it is where Did you say this to them to the mirror Or To you know i had to go into meditation Situation were you in where you thought You know what i’m gonna Try and talk to whatever it is that’s Bothering me and How did that did you see something or Did you just hear something Yeah it was it was more like i realized I had to go into meditation and again in My third eye In my mind’s eye this thing was already There i was already constantly trying to Keep it away from my mind’s eye because It was just kind of Hey i’m right here yeah i’m here yep i’m Here And i was again consciously trying to Keep it away so when i i let that down For a minute and Back around because it still had its Purpose there because of me Yeah sorry michael you’ve got to bear in Mind though that i know Nothing about the third eye and you know The apparently i am just delving You know i’m just touching cloth with This uh paranormal Stuff um but so So you you can you can actually channel This

So essentially when you’re going into Your mind’s eye a lot of people will Find This in meditation but there are many People walking around this thing Fully open where uh esp usually i think Happens in Around the pineal gland so it’s it is Associated with esp and clairvoyance Um in a very heavy way but you can use It as A remote viewer uh you can use it for Meditation to you know see yourself in Different light you can use it for Healing But the mind’s eye essentially is this Concentrated In my interpretation is this Concentrated uh Field in respect to the chakras Okay and the energy points in the body Uh the mind’s eye If you’re clear with that you can see Everything on the other side You can see things that are happening in Life you can see potential possibilities Future And past and yet anything else that Comes in front of you on any vibration You can see it But that also plays into your own Vibration and where you’re standing In that respect but uh yes so through Meditation

And i realize this is because it was Knocking on that door very heavily and Kept coming Back into my vision so to speak how do i Put this all right let’s say you saw Something really traumatic Okay so you say you saw somebody get hit By a car and You watch this happen your psyche you Know Drinks it in and as you start going on Your next day the day after You can’t shake this image of somebody Getting hit by the car And just no matter what you do it keeps Coming back in front of your head you See it You literally see it you’re good god It’s similar to that Especially in the respect that i’m Sharing now where it was a more negative Uh impact on on me so this thing kept Coming back so again again eventually i Went into the meditation i quieted my Mind tried to do my best to quiet my Thoughts but because it was already There It was waiting for that opportunity Because i had asked for it Um that’s how i had to confront it And i’ll be honest with you i was Nervous i was scared because I actually knew at that point what was In front of me i contacted the other guy

I said listen Uh we went to rutland and we did a whole Episode And uh you know sounds like something Came from the tunnels And now i feel like i have an attachment You know anything about that he started Laughing I said wow you’re laughing he goes yeah Well i actually had to get that off Another investigator eight months before You guys did that Uh but he must have been hungry if he Came all the way from the tunnels up to The root cellar I’m like oh great great That’s it i followed all the rules and He still came But you know again that was that was of My accord That was good you got rid of it i did It but it didn’t initially just leave Like sometimes happens This one actually backed off and it Stood behind me For another couple of months never Really coming Too much closer but it stood and it Watched me before it finally decided to Turn around and go That’s the first experience The second experience uh was also with a Non-human entity Or maybe it started as a human entity

But This one was had a feminine energy to it I don’t know why um so several months After this happened I decide that i want to go on another Goes on With a different outfit who kind of Convinced me well i got this great Graveyard we’re just gonna go to the Graveyard You know what we’re gonna be in the Graveyard come on i’m like okay fine So we go out to a graveyard in douglas And we actually went out with like five Or six people Well at the time i didn’t realize one of The girls that had come with us Was somebody who had been possessed and Had exorcisms Earlier in life as a result of it now That would have changed my mind To go out something like this without Some sort of control and we I didn’t know that so i go out there With my guys And like i said three or four other People come um And this graveyard is very old and it’s Pretty small And you’re walking around but outside The rock wall That line it uh is very very Very dark it’s Unnaturally dark even though it’s pitch

Black outside it seems Darker out there and as soon as i’m Looking at this one of my guys goes Hey we need to go out there i looked and I said why do we need to go out there He goes because there’s something over There i said yeah that’s exactly the Reason i’m not going over there He says yeah but we say listen let me Break into this You know you know what i’ve gone through Let me just ease into this i’m not Trying to find something that’s gonna Follow me home So he says okay all right so at this Point i have the camera out and i’m Filming And um i’m filming the far side of the Graveyard As i’m doing this i’m starting to notice Motion Out of my eye because i’m actually i Don’t have one i closed i have Have both eyes open because it’s dark Anyway and i want to be able to see What’s going on while i’m looking Through the lens too with the night Vision And so Excuse me this is killing me dude sorry Um i’m watching this this motion Out of my left eye and i’m like what the [ __ ] so i kind of pull the camera away And i notice

What looks to be a pair of feet and legs Kind of moving and as soon as i focus on That and i’m like wait Those are feet it disappears and it goes Into legs i’m like Those are legs but then as soon as i see That goes into the torso And then the arms and then the head but Nothing all at the same time it’s just Bits and pieces i’m seeing and As i’m realizing this there’s other ones Moving around and bustling like it’s a Whole town And yet it’s incredibly silent just like The other time Devoid of noise not just silent devoid Of any kind of vibration like that And as soon as i realize this i look Back into the camera and i see this bit Of What looks like little bubbles of light I can’t tell you maybe 10 feet away from The camera All of a sudden like this they come Right at me Go through me at this point i fell back My buddy chris was there this time As i mentioned he caught me pushed me Back up he goes through you okay and What the experience felt like is if you Fall back Into a pool of water and you let Yourself sink and you see the bubbles Floating up to the surface while you

Sink down that’s what this energy looked Like as it came Out of me so it went in back out And i was like wow what the hell i Couldn’t wrap my mind i had to sit down Uh take some breaths and eventually got Back up continued the investigation In which uh some of the kids decided to Do sort of like a little circle around One of the graves they believed Was the last witch buried in Massachusetts last woman who was accused Of being a witch yes exactly i don’t Know how uh accurate that is I’ll be honest with you i haven’t been Back to that place since i haven’t been Able to research it So i reluctantly joined hands to do this Knowing was a dumb idea But i did it anyway so we all get ready To leave And we start walking down the path and One of the kids says doesn’t you know One of the regular guys who never comes It’s never there he’s like i don’t feel Good And somebody else is like yeah i don’t Feel right either and we all kind of Look at each other because we were all Thinking the same thing Something’s following us so we turn Around again we’re like you got to stay Here you know White light surrounds us blah blah blah

Can’t come with us And uh we had to do like a little a Little session there If you will to kind of cleansing session So i’ll get in our cars and we go Like okay this is back in 2010 i think Go home felt odd but not like time Before And uh so The next day i wake up i have a podcast To do and i’m actually going to cover That show Or the investigation on the show that we Did uh the day prior So i do and it ends around 11 30 12 30 At night It has people on that were there talking About it And um i step onto the kitchen i’m like I’m kind of hungry i’m gonna have a bite To eat and i’m gonna go to bed So sure enough i start cooking the Spaghetti And i get this wave of energy behind me Like just stood straight up something Came right up on top like right on top Of me Every one of my hair is just straight up Back of my neck i could feel it in my Throat there’s this ball and i said to Myself No [ __ ] no no no no no no no no no put The [ __ ] spaghetti down fork over Here grab a cigarette went out on the

Porch where it didn’t follow me And i sat out there i’m like wait a Minute what’s going on here [ __ ] Okay i finished up my cigarette as soon As i walked back it was like walking Into water the air was so thick i was Walking right into whatever the hell This thing was just sitting there Waiting for me at the edge of the porch Door I get back in there immediately Uncomfortable immediate anxiety And i’m like ah to the point where like My stomach is not turning so much i’m Not hungry anymore I put spaghetti away keep the fork in The sink so [ __ ] it i’m going to bed So get into bed and i’m really Uncomfortable And i look over we sent vcr a little Light i see This movement shadow going back and Forth And i’m like huh and all of a sudden i Start feeling The bed shake like this i’m like what The [ __ ] I’m thinking was gonna be waking my Girlfriend up at the time you know she’s Sleeping right next to me And i said all right i’m gonna i’m just Gonna kind of ignore it see if it goes Away it’s like vibrating Then uh as i turn over one by one

Start pulling or pulling on or pulling Out One hair at a time on my head i’m like What the [ __ ] So i turned over the other way and now The bed starts vibrating even harder Now all right yes i am frightened at This point But i don’t really know what to do other Than to try to ignore it Okay so i turn over again And i look over to my left And i start seeing these little bubbles That went through me I see them and they’re now coming Together And as they come together there’s Something getting bigger and bigger And i realized that things trying to [ __ ] manifest in front of me i said Nope Absolutely not and i got up went out to The porch smoked another cigarette Came back in thing was still there i Laid down Said to myself i at least have to go to Sleep uh I can’t let this keep me up so I was just getting to that point where i Was allowing myself to settle even Though some of the activity was still Going around the room and i was hearing Noises like marbles dropping and Everything

And i heard in my right ear Everybody at that point had known me as Quincy i think my girlfriend at the time Knew me as michael that that was it Okay and she was fast asleep nobody else In that state knew who what my regular Name was My real name was other than my employers Who weren’t whispering my name At 3 30 in the morning next to my bed You know That was the last [ __ ] straw for me Dude uh I actually got up and didn’t sleep at All that night and from that point on my Health started to deteriorate My cognizance began to deteriorate i was Training for a new job and i was walking Around with what felt like Somebody had a knife to my neck like This and i’d be going About my day doing this just knowing hey I could pull this across and that’s it Dude The feeling is there the dread is there And Again it was just it was so heavy and Again my health was failing I wasn’t feeling well relationships were Starting to get rocky Well i’m not surprised you you left your Girlfriend in bed with uh with a witch Thing well the odd thing is i asked her About that and she said i never felt a

Thing Never saw thing never felt a thing i was Like ah You were in the same bed and thing was Shaking like this you didn’t feel Anything no So that’s odd you know so we’ve heard of This sort of thing where Somebody can experience something in a Certain space and right next to you Sharing the same space that person Doesn’t feel the same thing It’s very odd uh Long story short i carried this with me For I’d say about another three months and i Had a two hour commute to and from work Because i had four hours to drive every Day Think about this [ __ ] and um One day i just it just Clicked with me i was like i gotta face This again something came back from me From the freaking Graveyard and i gotta face it again damn It so i was actually driving this time And again it was just like right there And it was this Big evil-esque looking looking thing i Don’t even know what to call it it was Nothing i’d seen Like that prior prior to it or since uh Decayed emaciated intensely full of this Dark hatred it’s really hard to describe

But there’s a lot of feeling involved With it And again this one was asking not even In in a verbal sense it was just a Feeling like What do you want you called what do you Want And this time i handled a little bit Better than i did the first time around And i kind of had an idea i was like Okay listen My humblest apologies i contacted you With the intention To have a conversation about x y and z Or whatever i intended to do it at this Location It did not have the intention of Bringing you along with me I’d like you to return to your rightful Place and where you belong where you Will be in your natural state And i will continue and so forth i had To go through this whole thing that it Just kind of came out of me And again this one also came back for a Little bit Maybe a day or two and then when where The other one was there for probably Another Month or two uh in the background but i Was not bothered By those two again Wow so This these these beings no we’re not

Whatever they are um entities um Spirits dark spirits Light spirits they’re everywhere Even in my home absolutely and the Reason for this I very much understand and believe this This thought okay Everything exists in the moment Everything exists in the now that ever Will exist Or can exist it’s all existing in the Same space At the same time on different Vibrational levels So that makes sense okay if you can Imagine that and i respect That every single one of these Vibrational levels offers a different Experience of being And yet they all coincide with each Other now the thing that separates us From these Other dimensional uh places if you will Is our awareness of them our awareness Of Ourselves and what our capabilities are In terms of perception You can train yourself to become aware Of these you can become more sensitive In that respect But everything exists right now so Anything you’ve ever done In any life you’ve ever lived is being Played out at this very moment

Very interesting concept to think about That it’s all happening now and you can Influence That uh as a result of it all happening Right now so you could change your Future You could change your past you can Change a past life for example some People think deja vu is a future self Saying Hey listen i tried that and it gave you This result and this is how it made you Feel Why don’t you try something different You know what i mean So you’re delving into well not delphi You’re interested in ufology as well Because you’re looking at Channels that talk about ufos where In in your opinion do ufos come into all This is there a link between Aliens or what we believe are aliens To the paranormal world absolutely And as time goes on i’m seeing more and More of a synergistic Existence between the world of ufology And the paranormal As i mentioned before with you ali uh This used to be a more compartmentalized Field 30 years ago you’d have ufos you’d have You know aliens you’d have Ghosts and spirits you’d have demons and So forth none of it really

Nobody really kind of brought it all Together but today i think you’re seeing A lot more of that occur One of the reasons in my opinion is that A lot of ets have already mastered The art of traveling through those Different vibrations And even shapeshifters uh native American or other indigenous cultures They have this knowledge of magic to be Able to shape shift but it has to do With vibration And of course then coinciding with Dimensional vibration So if you’re able to understand that so For example if i was able to let’s say That my hand and everything around me Vibrates at x okay as a variable If i were to well that being said I can’t put my hand through the bottle Because it vibrates at an overall Frequency of x’s as does my hand okay Again simplifying this if i was able to Make um An electromagnetic field of sort of some Sort of field that with inside this Bubble My hand now vibrates at x plus one or x Minus one It’s now existing in the same space you May not see it you may see it Either way i’ll be able to go through uh The matter I’ll be able to do that so i mean that’s

The simplest way that i try to break it Down when When people ask these that that question Uh But this is i think aliens sorry Because i think aliens and Extraterrestrials have been using these Interdimensional Uh spaces as travel routes or they exist In that space That answers my question because the Question i have is You do do you think they’re aliens oh God yes Uh to me because some people say That you know they are not aliens They’re demons i think there’s a little Confusion because Some of these ets that we come into Contact with are not benevolent Uh at this point i would not say the Majority is like that’s in the majority Are benevolent But because they have an Interdimensional component To them they can visit you in the same Respect and they can do Uh their nefarious work is the same way As perhaps A non-human entity or a demon would So basically tapped into the technology The spirits that use so is that kind of What you’re saying Well i believe extraterrestrials as a

Whole if you want to look at in this way Yes they’re technologically advanced but They’re also incredibly spiritually Advanced Uh what direction they’ve taken that is Really up to them Uh whether they’re using it for you know A good purpose or a bad purpose so to Say Is really dependent on the species and What their aim was You know in the beginning but that being Said they’re they’re not only involved In a technological sense which is what a Lot of people focus on Uh but they’re very emotionally and Spiritually evolved as well Yeah i read an article um difficulty Become dyslexic but i did read an Article a long time ago And it was talking about which he was Probably [ __ ] But it was talking about one an alien That they captured At area 51 that revealed something about The fact that it wasn’t scared of death Because it it knew that it was going on To Something else i can’t remember the Article i read that in But it was really old i think i was About 21 or something when i read them 40 this Year as well

I know i don’t like it thank you um But yeah yeah it was um I that kind of even though i thought This is probably crap that i’m reading I thought you know that would be amazing If If aliens actually knew you know The secret to life after death they knew What it was all about they knew the Secret to life It’s my understanding that they they Very much do they have a better uh Tactile sense on that than we do and i Believe that the concept of Death the way that we rise it is more of A human construct i know that might be a Little strange to some people out there But hear me out with this okay if you Get to a certain point of evolution Where you realize That we are all one there is no Separation From the energy from which you came from Uh and this individualized experience is Is literally a divorce from that Illusionary divorce from that energy Just to be able to look back and reflect Upon yourself You know if you have that knowledge and You’re now living that knowledge you’re Gonna realize that Of course if nothing else yeah there’s Other realms of existence yes there’s Other

Uh you know ways of life that can be Lived um I mean some people argue with you that a Rock has consciousness Because it’s associated with the earth And it carries that vibration I mean there’s a lot to look into in That respect and if life itself is Infinite The the possibility of creation is Infinite Then yeah why would you be afraid of Transitioning from one To the other i’ll be honest with you i’m Not afraid of death either you know what Scares the [ __ ] out of me The prospect of suffering to get to the Point of passing over That’s what scares the [ __ ] out of me Dude not the fact that we’re gonna cross Over maybe do something else Yeah it’s it’s suffering you know what i Mean but i think death is a concept in This respect it’s more geared towards A human perspective than it is something Globally Shared as a fear i haven’t globally i’m Sorry universally shared as a fear Yeah because i’ve always you know you Hear about disclosure and you know People people won’t be able to handle Disclosure and i always wonder If if that would be if it would have Like a

A religious um effect Where you know people’s beliefs would be Just shattered You know maybe they’ll they may find out That You know it is all just science and There’s nothing after death there is Nothing spiritual about this But the more and more and i was telling You this before um We actually started the interview the More more i’ve delved into the subject Of ufos uh extraterrestrials I keep finding myself coming back to the Subject Of the paranormal you know and The spiritual level i wouldn’t pass Myself a spiritual at all But i only know what i feel you know Does that make sense It does make sense and that goes in line With You know your personal path and what You’ve chosen to do here and the Agreements that you’ve made to give you The experiences that you decided you Wanted to have Um you can always stray outside of that You know that’s the beautiful thing About being in this playground It a lot of it what we forget about but Sometimes innately do Is is have the play aspect of it so

When you talk about going into the Fields and doing paranormal stuff There was an element of play oh we’re Going out on adventure you know what i Mean but You know there’s another side that is Very dangerous and yet needs to be Respected In terms of the et phenomenon and you Know spirituality Again they to me they go hand in hand And something that we mentioned Uh before the show and this is actually Been brought to my attention more Recently with uh John’s interview that you had where he Has had contact or alleged contact with Et’s Maybe even of abductee either way He’s experienced some really heavy Paranormal Events that again when you talk to People who are Associated with uh abductions or have Had relations with ets in any way They find this complete fluctuation of Energy going on around them in the Paranormal sense And they may have never been involved or Interested in the paranormal in the First place But there’s that element too and i’m not Sure why exactly but it’s there Yeah i think i think john’s

Is more paranormal i think he maybe had I think he had an interaction probably With Maybe he was abducted who knows you know I think what happened to him was I don’t think it was a dream i’ve spoke To him a few times about it you know He’s He’s sworn blind that he wasn’t drunk You know Something went on and he did see gray Figures He saw the figures that everybody else Reports Now whether these figures are the aliens Are there something to do something more Paranormal i do not know But i would say john’s story he may not Even think this right now but i think His story is more paranormal Than alien it may be it may very well be Ollie and that’s sort of the Interesting thing that we’re kind of Looking at as we’re moving forward with His story Uh he’s actually shifted a little bit Away from the et’s And in my own thoughts uh I have all right so yes i agree with What he’s Been going through and i believe that he Believes he’s gone through that Him capturing the physical evidence of Certain things is a new beginning for

Him and that’s really going to open Things up for him In a positive way i know it is but prior To that Maybe that one brush with the ets is all He really needed And again maybe just being in the Presence of something like that Will open something inside of you and You’ll be more perceptive of those more Subtle energies around you He talks about shatter figures too you Know every one of us could sit here and Say well i’ve seen some [ __ ] out of the Corner of my eye when i looked over There wasn’t there anymore Or i thought i thought i saw a figure You know whatever and it’s not there Majority of people experience those Subtle Vibrational overtones we’ll say okay Dimensions that are all around us And the things that exist in them but They’re just not aware of it Maybe coming into contact with an Extraterrestrial Gives one more of that boost to be aware Of it You saw that you were in the chat with Uh the interview i did with David and he discovered my channel Through the interview with john And he he thinks john’s Um what’s happened to john

Is very much paranormal now He’s he’s as you saw in the interview He’s His research he’s paid to go see people Like travis walton you know he spent Time with Um hunting different people and To try and find out where this subject Of ufology fits within The paranormal world um But he he did say something that you Said and he said this to me offline he Didn’t say in the interview Which you said about seeing the little Twinkles of light like So i it’s weird i’ve never really spoke About this i spoke about this Me and david spoke out as private but When i was a kid I once woke up and it was from a fever And i felt weird for days And i saw twinkles of light all in my Room everywhere but they were red And when i said they were red dots David said that’s not good um But he’s he’s he explained the same Dots that you saw the little white ones To Yeah but this was in a private Conversation So i found that very interesting i do as Well and it’s those Consistencies that i keep talking about On my show

That you know gather between people’s Experiences that i’m really paying Attention to The consistencies mean more to me than a One-off Incredible experience like travis walton As much as i enjoy his story and i Believe that that’s what he went through Okay or at least the majority of what’s Described is what he went through The consistencies are more important for Where we’re moving forward Uh as a whole a collective humanity if You will People are looking for those i think Even more so when the evidence itself The physical evidence doesn’t hold or it Doesn’t show Okay you’re going to go back to your Innate feeling how do i feel about this Subject You know what i mean the feeling and the Intuition that we all have and that’s Growing within each of us every day Is our best tool to measure anything in The paranormal world We using gadgets to go out in the field Such as uh recorders Evp um emp whatever you know whatever You’re using Not emp that’s electromagnetic pulse Sorry yeah um Don’t be using that don’t try that at Home

Especially if you’re watching my show But that being said to me at this stage Of the game i really feel using this Sort of technology is Again in the realm of play and yet it’s Very archaic in its approach Um it’s like getting just a visceral Glance at it when you have the ability With a little discipline To sit down quiet your mind and open Yourself up and believe me Most people will find what they’re Looking for in doing that kind of thing Even if you have trouble meditating Um there’s ways to open yourself to that Sort of experience without having the Technology but again Everybody wants that physical piece of Proof but what happens When we get to a day where physicality Is not as important and we’re not as Reliant on that What do we have then so speaking of Meditation you know we’re on the subject Of well You’re on an alien channel um but we’re Talking about the paranormal We’re talking about meditation we’re Talking about third eye What are your thoughts on stephen grier Okay so grier is somebody who has a lot Of information And i think that he as an individual has Done a bit of soul searching in respect

To Uh what he talks about uh obviously he Was you know part of the ce5 Uh and and that book and demonstration That he stands behind heavily Now you know i i’ve talked to somebody This big cat actually had mentioned that A handbook Has a lot of these same spiritual Principles that the ce5 has now that’s Significant because It was written in the 50s and you know Obviously having a spiritual Connection uh you know it’s gonna help People get through some you know darker Times but it’s odd that there’s a Connection between what’s written In the aaa handbook and the ce5 stuff in Terms of meditation and You know getting to your quorum you know Bring yourself back to that balance That oneness of sort okay i’m using Different words that perhaps Ea handbook has used but it’s in there It’s just the concepts are the same So my thought on stephen grier is that He has a lot of knowledge Um i’ll be honest with you i don’t know How the guy walks around so seemingly Comfortable with what he knows And what he’s experienced uh he’s got Some health Hell of protection somewhere got a hell Of a lot of protection somewhere to do

What he does but then again Some people are here to help raise the Conscious Consciousness level of the planet and The people and everything around So your specific mission for example the Cold tesla was a great one Okay but he did it through technology And unfortunately he didn’t get to see That and we’re still Struggling with that now but we know the Extent of his inventions and what he was Able to do and the significance of that You know in my opinion he came here to Do just that uh stephen greer is Somebody Who has a mission to raise consciousness Now when you get down here of course Ego can get in the way and yeah i think That career has a bad ego i’ll be honest All of us have an ego you know what i Mean but it can be a More negative thing or it could work for You or against you and in grier’s case i I think he’s pretty balanced in that but Um i i listen to him I listen to what he has to say yeah i i Give him a lot of [ __ ] because i like to Take the The piss a little bit out of him um just Just because some You know i i i think it’s the whole Cost behind everything that he’s doing You know you can come out on the beach

I’ll show you some ufos Just give me twenty thousand dollars and You know yeah you know i i’ll pay for The food You know we’ll have i’ll have some wine [ __ ] twenty thousand dollars Yeah man no you know it’s expensive Um maybe i should set up a gofundme so i Can experience A day with korea listen i’ll tell you What for twenty thousand dollars i’ll Put you through something that made you Feel like you were in another planet you Know what i mean it’ll cost you about 500 bucks now here’s Here’s the point as i mentioned earlier Uh energy exchanges are important but You need to Make it [ __ ] fair dude you can’t be Charging i mean what was her name uh it Brought you suey reiki To um the united states from hawaii she Was charging An astral astronomical amount of money For uh these reiki attunements and and For what dude This is something we all should know Okay again it takes money and time to Set up a public event Uh let’s say it cost you ten thousand Dollars to have you know 150 people at This event You charge each of those people what it Would cost

You know dividing that ten thousand Dollars up okay and then maybe Another half on top of that you’ll make The money back and you’ll have a few Extra bucks Put towards the next event eat feed your Family twenty Five thousand dollars dude The twenty thousand dollars i don’t know Where that 2000. it may not be 20 Thousand dollars Somewhere um don’t worry get me wrong And stephen if you if you are a big fan Of aliens which i know you probably are Um i do like stephen greer dog I actually do like the guy i just it’s The whole And i get that you’ve gotta you’ve got To make money you have to make money you Know I i’ve got a patreon page i that’s That’s That’s my where getting the patreon page In But yeah you know i’ve you’ve got to Make money if you want to Do that as a for a living because you Love it because you love the subject so I get what he’s doing there It’s just sometimes i mean i watched the Guy Interview that you that young guy that Was talking about radiant area 51 i’ve Forgotten the guy’s name

But he interviewed him in fact me and Rich were watching i think watching it Together and Both commenting um but It was like he was interviewing the Young chap that was That tried to organize the raid on area 51 But then he just started to speak about Himself Ah you know the way i threw it let the Guy Said ego yeah saying that i’m doing that Now No no no that’s that ego uh you know i Mean it’s You know a public figure like career he Has to know how to speak to and you have To learn Know how to pace yourself and you know When you’re interviewing there’s an art To that of course as you know Um you can’t get carried away no You know it innately brother because you You do it all right even if you don’t Know about it you do it i watch you Um but there’s a pace there’s a timing And and A point to jump in over somebody and There’s a point to Come in during the silence you know and If you’re there talking about yourself You know I don’t know it’s a little uh

Ostentatious i think It’s in its way but i still like career I still like them and again yeah like You said you got to make money I respect that uh you know but do it the Right way and don’t overcharge people For what it is you know i mean What’s the end here if you had all the Money in your world and you didn’t have To Work okay of your own accord what would You do i would still Do the same [ __ ] thing i’m doing Right now because i still i pay for this You know what i mean i don’t make any Money off my channel well of people gave It [ __ ] but i really liked unacknowledged I really liked that i thought that was Great i think that’s the best one he’s Done I enjoyed and acknowledged um But so while we’re on the subject of Ufos Have you seen any have you had any Experiences Two experiences where i i couldn’t tell You what i saw in the sky Uh and these aren’t as long-winded as The other one there but i’ll give it to You Um so i think it was about 17 between 17 And 19 years old I was in this house that i’m at now

We’re right on the beach overlooking Long island sound which if you were to Fall straight out you’ll get montauk Uh there as well so over across The way here i have well you know what Oh no you won’t be able to see it maybe You will hold on let’s see Oh yeah right up the tree line okay so i Walk over to the door It’s over here and i’m shutting up for The evening And it’s about 2 30 in the morning a Normal night for me as a teenager And as i’m shutting the door i see this Really bright white light just hovering Above the tree line Now out here you know over by the ocean You can see a lot of the sky And it’s very clear excuse me for what It is out here plenty of stars Uh this one just was way too close and My first initial thought was is that a Helicopter Because it was so bright but there Weren’t any blinking lights that i could See was just this Big bright ball so i kind of walked Outside and i listened i didn’t hear Anything but i’m still watching it So i got back inside and i’m looking out Out the window And i notice as i’m staring at it that In the middle of this white light There’s this band

Thin band it’s colored and as i’m Looking at it more i see you know blue Red green yellow So forth and it’s spinning it looks like It’s rotating in the middle Of this white ball of light oh my ah Well that’s weird and there’s a a Submarine base Over there a very very well known Submarine base out of groton connecticut Uh that i think it had was in that Vicinity uh you know in terms of A high high excuse me how high it was Above the tree line that’s what i’m Guessing Okay and so i said to myself well i need To get the camera you know i i knew There was a video camera in the next Room it was a high eight Tape and i was gonna go and grab that And film it uh in my head I felt or i heard it wasn’t like this Crazy voice right there i said you know If you turn around The minute you come back to look it’s Gonna be gone i was like ah all right You know so i entertained the thought For a moment Excuse me and so i stood there and Watched it for another like five seven Minutes At that point i was like all right it’s Still there i see it i’ve been standing Here for like 10 15 minutes now i’m

Gonna go get the camera so i ran over Grabbed the camera looked out the window It was gone Okay all right once you got me once okay So the second time i i saw something i Couldn’t identify in the sky I was in manchester connecticut i was Just after i got out of college I was in my recording studio doing some Editing and my folks Had gone out for the evening to grab a Bite to eat So they left about 10 minutes later i Get a telephone call from my mother Says once you look outside you know your Window There’s something weird in the sky i Said what do you mean so we had the Landlines back then so i’m on the phone I’m like oh yeah i’m like walking and Pulling the freaking cords get over There take a look out the window And uh sure enough up in the sky there Were three lights That were completely motionless just Like the other one i saw it was Completely motionless no movement at all And it was just sitting there in a Triangular form Huh same exact [ __ ] thing i’m looking At it Wow watching it watching it i should go And get the camera this time it’s Literally on the other side of the wall

I just have to kind of crawl over and Reach around grab it and i’ll be able to Film it Same thing in my head i’m thinking of Myself it’s probably me saying it’s Saying hey you turn around That’s gonna be gone so i sat and Watched it again same amount of time About 10-15 minutes i’m standing there Looking up at the sky watching this Anomaly never seen anything in the sky Before or After just like that okay finally i make A decision I’m gonna get that camera so i quickly Crawl around within five seconds i grab It and turn around it’s gone But how did that happen i literally Three lights right How did that happen twice twice so Next time i’m uh you know well these Days we have cell phones on us we have Cameras on us we didn’t have them back Then Uh i will not be leaving next time i see Something like that in the sky Yeah but they know we’ve got cameras Yeah they do they sure should do Yeah you know and i always i always Think If they want to be seen you know They’ll they’ll let you see them the Minute they They they know that’s enough

They’ll do whatever they do to disappear I honestly i don’t quit no That’s the thing i actually do think That these they know when you’re Watching them I would agree with you 100 they’re aware Of the fact that you’re going to watch Them before you even decide you’re going To watch them Uh you know i if these beings are Telepathic in nature okay they’re not Using Vocal expression and moving airways to Create communication they’re doing it on A telepathic level They’re they’re light years ahead of What we’re doing right now uh In terms of that esoteric progression um They’ve evolved i almost think that it Could be And i have this kind of like uh in my Head This is why i’m mad well it’s nowhere Else it’s not going to be in my balls Um i got this This feeling that it’s almost like When you see them it sends They receive like maybe a signal so it’s Not they don’t know you’re there But if you see them they get us They they they would get a signal almost Like You know like a satellite signal or Whatever but they they get the signal

From Us to say we’ve been seen We need to piss off right now let’s get Out of here Or we’ll actually stick around for a Little bit See see what this guy does see if he Gets his camera You know it’s very possible it’s very Possible ollie i’ll never rule anything Out until you know shown otherwise Um you know So you know in other words you think Maybe they you know we could be as much As an experiment for them as they are For us and and respect right possibly Yeah Yeah sure why not man why not So we’ve been going for about an hour And forty but before we get Going because i i definitely would like To get you back on Again sometime because i’m delving a Little bit more into this paranormal World When i know more i feel a bit more Confident get something like yourself on It might be i’d like to get possibly Some A few guys on together maybe a couple of Paranormal guys With a couple of just hard-hitting Science Ufo guys that you know don’t kind of

It would be interesting to have the Debate you know we have two sides i Think that’d be quite In with me with me just in the middle Just going like that You know it’s coordinating Coordinating that would be awesome Tell everybody where where they can find You um What your mission is what your goal is To get out of what you’re doing So i’ll start off by saying uh my Mission my goal here and doing what i’m Doing is to bring About awareness in an educated and Grounded and intellectual sense As well as intuitive to help people be Informed about the paranormal world Extraterrestrials and the realization That our consciousness is rising And that this is something that is Offered to every single one of us at This time If we so choose to have that my mission Is to bring this in the most unbiased Way but Sprinkle it with entertainment and Comedy at the same time because laughter Really is the best medicine i’ll be Honest with you it’s uh it’s a beautiful Thing now you guys can find me over at Youtube on Dark hour paranormal as olly mentioned It is dark hour itself is one word

Paranormal is it’s secondary uh if you Put the space in there you know it won’t Find me apparently i just Realized within the last week yeah so I’ll work on that Oh yeah thank you uh thank you ali i Appreciate that but yes dark hour Paranormal on youtube you can reach me At Uh dark hour p on twitter i also have Instagram as well as dark hour Paranormal and that’s Basically to kind of just let people Know what’s going on with the show and The broadcasts But yes you can also email me at Quincypelkeyellen Gmail.com or dark hour paranormal live At gmail.com whatever you like Also you’ll be getting um I’m gonna call in my little project That’d be still my little project just Told me His story and he’s kind of it’s kind of John is getting about now Um so john’s going to come on your show Yes he is he should be on in the middle Of september along with uh I have another really great guest coming Up elisa midhouse From channeling eric where she channels Her uh Her deceased son and she’s been doing This for many years with different

Mediums and we’re actually going to do a Session on the show which is new for Dark hour paranormal In terms of actually having a real Channeling session and i’ll be I’m really excited to be a part of that Because um She picks a very clear individuals to Represent the other side and her son Comes through with incredible Consistencies Time and time again and they talk about Every [ __ ] thing you can imagine Nothing nothing is taboo when it comes To uh Asking questions to eric so but yes john Will be on in mid-september As i’ve mentioned he’s been talking to You rich And myself showing us a lot of his Evidence i actually have a video to Watch Uh after the show with you here that i Promised him i would And yeah you got the same thing Um i don’t know if that now’s the time To yeah I’m sure john will be fine with it i’m I’m doing a vlog A john vlog uh which i will be editing So basically john’s gonna be he’s Filming his life over the next three Months And i’m going to put it together and

Then john I’m going to help him get his channel From running so then he can carry it On with it on his own that’s awesome Because i know that’s something he Really wants to do And he’s feeling very motivated to Go this path and he feels like he’s Being pushed into something You know better with what he’s doing now So i appreciate you helping him dude I really yeah he’s a different man from When he if you i mean if you watch The interview well you’ve watched the Interview but If you if you watch my interview and Then you go watch him On uh rich giordano’s goof on radio or Just goof on naoki um Then you watch him on your show when he Comes on I’m i’m sure people will see the guy’s Is it like a different guy He’s got he’s got a little bit more Confidence about it now he’s starting to Venture more into it and Trying to find answers yes He is he’s changing very rapidly uh And i’ll let him kind of explain that Transformation You know in a public form i won’t i Won’t say his words because It’s just incredible what he’s been Doing uh personally

Along this journey and all it took was For him to finally say yes To make a decision to without him even Realizing it stopped living in fear over The events that he was experiencing Whatever they were Uh and started looking at this in a more Positive light and talking about Releasing that energy And you gave him that first chance dude And for that i appreciate you Well i i had to ask him twice i know Yeah because he said no he said he Didn’t want to come the First time he said i don’t want to come On and then he He thought maybe he wanted to be blurred Out and then he said i said he said i Actually know he’s fine I’d rather you know it i’ll come on Uh just don’t put my picture in the Thumbnail Um nobody i don’t think your mum’s gonna Watch alien addicts That’s funny now he’s kind of like he’s He’s delving in the idea of Maybe telling people close to him And doing it of his own accord yeah he’s Just told his best friend So that’s amazing that’s i love watching This guy open up man it’s actually i’m Really I don’t like to use the word blessed but I think you guys know what i mean very

Blessed to be able to Watch him blossom into What he’s becoming it’s so positive man Yeah he did say in a message he said Between He says um Michael um and rich And myself it’s just three people he Trusts In this so and i think it’s good that He’s got Like my side that kind of You know i don’t know where i’m going With it you know i’m just kind of like An in-between guy that is just curious About the subject Is yourself with the paranormal i know Rich has dealt with the paranormal Quite a bit in his past um but also He he’s very much into the ufo stuff um I think it’s interesting i think john’s John’s journey I think it’s just begun it’s just begun And it’s So i’m so excited for the dude uh i’ll Be honest with you because he’s really Diving head First into this but you you hit the nail On the head saying there is this nice Balance between three of us Rich you know again he has a little bit Of paranormal but he’s very ufo oriented And he’s very good with analysis Uh then there’s yourself who has

Extensive experience interviewing i Don’t know about you You know in terms of your personal life Or experiences yet but there’s a Possibility that you’ve had experiences With that i’m sure that there’s a reason That you were you know Guided to work with him yeah this This stuff i’ll speak to you about Offline about that but there’s stuff In my past this that’s makes me Intrigued about this subject But yeah uh michael um Dark hour paranormal thank you so much For coming on the channel And we’ll get you on again probably get You one Actually with john and rich that would Be great That’d be that’d be a good a little Interview uh but yeah thank you so much For coming on Guys i will leave all the links below uh For dark hour paranormals channel um Check them out and uh yeah Thank you my friend thank you very much Thank you mind the books don’t buy