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Leaving the east gate of yellowstone Near sundown Somewhere between there and cody maybe Halfway And after dark i saw a dark Bipedal motion moving out of the tunnel Of light Provided by my van it was very brief And when i got back to florida at some Point i received a field and stream And read about the skookum cast after Reading it I went to the bfro and found the wyoming Hot spot And it all came back i'm a cautious Observer And realized how your eyes can sometimes Play tricks I asked my wife prior to telling her About the skookum cast article Or the other information about whether She remembered me saying anything on the Way When she left yellowstone she said that All she could remember Was me joking about seeing bigfoot i Wanted to be sure it wasn't a Manufactured memory Because some time had passed It was a long day and we had seen lots Of wildlife And finished with a nursing grizzly with Two cubs Just before leaving the park what i saw

Reminded me of a moose in color I've always described moose as being Difficult to see at night By saying it's the black that moves at The outer limits of your lights Often you really don't get a clear Outline of the animal But know by the way it moves i don't Know if that makes sense But it's 2 30 in the morning now so Forgive me I'm a bit groggy i was planning a trip Back this summer To take a better look around i was Finishing at masters last summer at Colorado state And had a week between classes so we Headed to yellowstone In hopes of seeing a grizzly and the Park Had i've been in washington i probably Would have been looking For the gigantopithecus many years ago I talked to dr krantz and peter byrne While working on a project For an animal behavior class at the University of florida When i called them they seemed credible And were very helpful My memory is from a second or two two Strides that it took from the middle of The eastbound lane To the middle of the westbound lane to The gravel on the side of the road

Dark and large Half laughing i told my wife that i saw A sasquatch She said so did she we both laughed And said we must be tired she said turn Around Which made me laugh even more we're just Tired She pointed out that we didn't even know We'd ever get back I don't think anymore about it until i Went to the bfro But i'll be going back this summer Probably june Depending on the cost of gas it's Getting crazy again I am an outdoor enthusiast who was Visiting the cody Wyoming area this summer during the Second week of july Right around the 14th while traveling The highway to yellowstone national park About 40 miles west of cody i Encountered heavy tourist traffic Late in the day i decided Rather than fight it to pull off the Highway for a while And go for a walk i hiked up an unmarked Path North of the highway through Intermittent timber I was traveling at a leisurely pace Exploring rocky outcrops And looking for native american

Artifacts Well about a half mile from the road i Could still hear traffic I heard some rocks rolling downhill Ahead and above me It was maybe a hundred yards away mule Deer and other game animals Are plentiful in the area and i didn't Think much of it I had bear spray with me as this was a Well-known grizzly country Maybe another half an hour went past and I was taking a break Sitting on a rock ledge with a good view Of the valley to the south I heard underbrush breaking not far away On a steep Timber-covered slope that led down to a Dry stream bed I was able to distinguish the pattern of An animal walking through the trees Again i didn't think much of it i'm used To hearing game in the woods and don't Spook it stuff like that I guess that it was probably deer Feeding along the slope A little odd considering the time of day Its behavior was highly inconsistent With bears Which don't hang around when people show Up I begin hiking again and almost Immediately Heard something move through the brush

Just below me In the same spot this was a little Strange i thought Like it was staying with me or something I tried to see down the hill But when i stopped i couldn't hear it It seemed to stop moving when i did and I couldn't get a fix on its location I began to get a somewhat uneasy feeling About things at this point There is no good way to describe it Other than something seemed to be Intentionally staying with me I started walking again shortly after Not having heard anything for a little While i heard something run across the Rocks Not far up in front of me it was up And out of the drainage at this point i Was getting a little apprehensive by This time And decided to start back towards the Road which was maybe a mile away I walked pretty quickly and for most of The way I heard nothing but about a quarter mile Or so from the highway And maybe 15 minutes since i turned back I heard rocks and debris Falling down slope again it seemed Awfully close And i instinctively whirled around Thinking that i might see something Which i did so i will do my best to

Describe it to you But as i only got a short glimpse i Can't be too sure of what it was It was about 60 or 70 yards away on a Rocky slope Immediately adjacent to the same heavily Timbered slope i had been hiking along As soon as i turned and looked at it it Jumped right into the cover And completely out of sight there is one Thing i am absolutely certain of Whatever it was it was upright I could clearly see two limbs of the Ground that appeared more like Arms than legs they were definitely Hanging down the side And not down the front as one might Expect of a four-legged animal Standing on two legs this doesn't mean That it wasn't a bear But i've never heard of a bear acting Like this thing was That is if i'm right and it was the same Animal that i feel was following me All along you hear about predatory bear Behavior Where they follow people though so who Knows At any rate the animal was brown with Very long hair I noticed that when it left into the Woods The hair on it kind of swayed to one Side from the sudden motion

It seemed longer than bare hair though And to notice this swing effect At this distance i would guess that Maybe the hair was a foot long or more Also for just that initial instant Before its flight I got a pretty good look at its face Which was long And somewhat flat it was too far away to Clearly make out individual features Though But i have seen several bears at greater Distances And it didn't strike me that that's what It was I was not aware of the bfro at the time Nor of the occurrences detailed in it For this area When i mentioned this incident to a Friend who had not heard of the bfro Either we did a search on bigfoot Out of curiosity i was a little Astonished to see the main page Indicating this region As potential bigfoot country with many Sightings I figured i might as well say something I think all three of the other incidents Had witnesses And i didn't so i can't point to another Who can verify anything that i saw or Heard It would have been nice just to see if Somebody else had seen something

Resembling what i think i saw trust me When i say It takes a little bit of time for it to Fully register in your brain You just don't think right off hey There's a bigfoot I was probably almost at my vehicle Before i even let that thought even Enter my mind I can't say for sure what i saw but i Had been hearing it through the woods Throughout the entire hike one tends to Make these connections afterwards But i really have no way of fully Knowing I will say however i think that it might Have been But this is based more on a feeling than Anything else I realized that breaking branches and Rock slides don't exactly constitute Scientific certainty It really was like something was Checking me out though that's for sure And again the incident had occurred in The late afternoon The weather was clear at the time with Great visibility So there is no real mistaken identity There might have been intermittent Thunderstorms in the region But there was no rain at the time It was the winter of 1980 my older Brother and i were hiking and camping

In yellowstone park after a five mile Hike from the road Up to a lake that reportedly was the Only place in north america To catch arctic grayling other than in The arctic We set up camp for the night after Eating the day's catch And cleaning up we settled in for bed Early As we were tired from the days hiking And fishing We were in our tent quietly talking and Starting to get drowsy When all of a sudden something ran by us On two legs something very large And heavy we looked at each other With eyes bulging out of our heads and i Told him Just to go see what it was he replied No flipping way and as we had no Sidearms or weapons We just sat there terrified for the rest Of the night At daybreak we broke camp and left there Looking for tracks but the ground was Bare And there was no sign of our midnight Visitor except for our own personal Experiences I'm gonna keep the park that i work at Anonymous Because i still currently work there but In the past

Four months since this whole coven 19 Craziness There's been some bizarre and disturbing Things happening For example the biggest one is we've Been Finding human remains being hung up Randomly In the trees throughout the entirety of The whole park I know that might sound disturbing but i Promise you It's only a small segment of all the Disturbing things that have been Happening Sometimes we only find one of these Human remains once a week Or even one every couple few weeks other Times we find three to four a week And it's never in the same spot it's Always spread throughout Random locations but always left hanging By a rope in a tree The human remains in question just Happened to be skulls Perfectly preserved skulls not too Weathered Not rotted just as if they were left There To be taken by nature and because a form Of human remains are involved Police have an ever going investigation And forensics from what i know have Shown so far

That every skull retrieved and recovered Is from a missing person Who has been gone for at least several Years It's very disturbing i will admit that And we're not sure who Is putting these up or why so far we Have no leads And we can't find any traces of any Individuals putting these skulls up in Trees But i'll let you know if things continue To happen i will share with you however That i do work in one of the largest Parks in the entire country And that i have a huge staff that i work Alongside with And unfortunately i'm not the only one Finding these skulls Like i said there's a lot of ground to Cover because this is such a huge park And there are many others in our team That are finding these Along with other various human remains Like feet For example and sometimes hands All in skeletal form working in the Forest service And participating in search and rescue It's not necessarily uncommon to find Human remains Especially those of missing persons and Even more so Of missing persons who have been gone

For a while But this is on a whole new level of Disturbing It's definitely not likely to find Missing remains of people Found attached to ropes and only parts Of their remains It's almost like something or somebody Is setting an app for us to find In some morbid way i don't know if this Is a group of people Or one individual but these skulls are Placed up in places that normal people Couldn't actually get to For example there's an instance of the Park where we found three skulls in the Past two months Where there's so much brush normally you Have to have pretty thick gear to get Back in there And if it weren't for our heavy Equipment and to know that this area is There You wouldn't even know to get back there It's really hard to explain I'm probably not making much sense but What i'm trying to say Is for just some innocent bystander to Sneak back there And place a human skull there would be No reason He would have to be heavily equipped With the right gear to get back there And we would all see him since we keep a

Pretty good eye on the park after all Anyways i'll keep in touch with you and Write you back If we find anything new or exciting to Write about For now just know that disturbing things Are still going on All throughout the country and not just In our neighborhoods with covid But even currently in our national parks Stay safe So i don't work in the forest service Anymore But i used to for quite some time And when i did i had a variety of Stories that i could tell you But i'll keep those to myself for now What i will tell you about though Is for a short period of time when i was Working around the lower east coast I would encounter bizarre lights going Off in the forest In the early morning hours see I worked the nights i don't necessarily Want to see the night shift But i worked early morning hours and From where i was at my station I had a perfect view of a specific area Of the park Now the park i worked at was quite a few Miles large I don't know the exact size and i'm kind Of afraid to give you the name of the Park

Because i worry that this will get Traced back to me And i don't want anything coming back on Me like lawsuits or any sort of Harassment You know i might be being paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry Anyway the lights that i'm talking about Were not Normal lights if you're thinking i'm Talking about fluttering flashlights No while the lights i saw did flutter And pulsate it was similar to that of a Really bright flash to a camera But longer lasting and sometimes Brighter And again the light would sometimes Change colors And it would pulsate with no real timing Or pattern to it It did not match any light pattern or Any person turning their lights on and Off It made virtually no sense sometimes You would have multiple lights going off In different locations But all completely visible for my Location At one point there were six lights going Off at once All doing different things one pulsating One seeming to flash while the others Just completely would die out at random Intervals

This was very strange and after this Kept happening Night after night after night it really Began to creep me out So i finally told my boss about it and i Was really shocked By how he treated me he kind of braided Me about it Told me to hush it up and keep quiet and It was in my career's best interest to Ignore it And just resume my duties and do what i Was told I figured something was up but i didn't Care enough to poke and prod even more To dig i never did find out what those Lights were But then again do i really want to I don't know now that my mind and Knowledge Has been open to all the available park Rangers stories and tales out there Although i'm sure some are creepypasta Stories while Others probably hold genuine truth it's Interesting to note That there are many many many cases of Strange things happening All throughout national parks and what i Experienced Was just a fraction of what some other Rangers go through That in and of itself is terrifying to Think about

I'm glad i got out of that job field When i did Okay so first off i didn't believe in Bigfoot before this Whole experience that i went through but Now I know they're very real and whether They're humans or creatures Are part ape i don't care they terrify Me Whatever they are no matter what bigfoot Expert says that how peaceful they are I don't buy it i had my experience and Nobody can tell me otherwise So i and a few other rangers had the Liberty Of permanently closing down a trail and The fear of safety Of hikers and travelers because well Apparently A very hostile group of bigfoot were Traveling through the area And began throwing rocks and logs of People who were hiking among this Section of trail In the month of this happening we had Received at least five different reports Of seeing these large hairy humanoid Beings that looked to be half Man half ape throwing rocks Screaming wood knocking and making all Sorts of racket We ourselves got to see these things First hand when we went to go check out

The area Me and my coworker who were not Believers before this Are now when we got to see what we Believed to be the big alpha male Who nearly threw an entire dead log at Us This thing charged us out of the tree Line and we also had rocks thrown at us And all sorts of noise and screaming There was also occasional wood knocking And other noise like pounding and Thudding and all sorts of crazy Thrashing around in the forest And to be honest with you just thinking Back to the event And reliving it in my mind is utterly Terrifying Because growing up my entire life i was Always told like everybody else Monsters don't exist oh bigfoot don't Believe in that They don't exist yadda yadda Well i'm here to tell you that people Will lie to you and they have been These things are very real and we have To be very careful Not to piss them off even more from my Gathering of this Series of events they are extremely Territorial And who knows what would have happened Had we stayed around longer Or possibly provoked it since then

That portion of trail has been Indefinitely closed down I don't know if it's going to be Permanent or not but that is until my Boss gets a hold of somebody To deal with that situation this only Happened in the past few months So it's still pretty fresh it was right Before the whole quarantine happened So maybe it was early march it was just As spring was starting to come So that's when we encountered it i have Worked at this job for a while now And i've seen my fair share of stuff but This Takes it to a whole new level and no To ask anybody who wants to know i Haven't seen any stairs in the woods Or any of that crap i don't believe in That But what i went through i definitely Can't deny that it's changed my outlook On my entire life And my job will i stay in this job field Long term probably because even though This happened to me I still do love working as a ranger and I love being a part Of search and rescue but it's just Sometimes i'm guessing i'm having to Cope To deal with there are things out there In the woods that i might not exactly Be mentally equipped to handle and i'm

Talking more Than just finding dead bodies or even Missing children What i've learned from this experience Is there are things out there That are far worse than any of those Things things from your nightmare that You wouldn't normally believe exist I just got back from a region known as Madawaska valley In renfrew county about three hours North of me It is located on the southern edge of Algonquin park Several reports have come out of that Park including an encounter i had back In 2008 I had a different experience with three Of my other friends in that same park Which involved rock throwing odor and Even feces found My family and i rented a cottage this Week on a small private lake Called spectacle lake the cottage is Surrounded by forest And the region has a good population of Moose deer Wolf beaver and even bear On monday july 27th when we arrived at 1500 hours We got unpacked and got settled in for The afternoon At 1800 hours we had a nice dinner And then sat around a big bonfire at

Approximately 20 hours At about 22 while sitting and talking Around the fire I heard something across the lake in the Distance I told everybody to be quiet because i Could hear something Above the sound of our fire i then heard These series of howls come from across The lake The distance across the lake is about 500 meters The area has thick forest with cliffs in The background The howls seem to come well beyond the Distance across the lake And even beyond the cliffs behind the Tree line I would estimate the cliffs to be Approximately 150 meters high There are no cottages directly across The lake There are three small cottages at a Distance to the north of us However no one was at those cottages During the week Having heard these kind of sounds before I figured it was a sasquatch Since i'm a stranger to that but nobody Else in my group has experienced this Before And naturally they were all taken back And quite excited Everybody agreed the house did not sound

Like wolves coyotes Loons deer moose or any other kind of Animal that we are familiar with These howls went on intermittently for About a half an hour each And they were about three to four howls Each time About midnight the fire was dying down And we all headed into the cottage for The night But just before going in we heard a Large branch break close By i would estimate about 20 feet from The cottage In the tree line and it was a clear Distinct crack of a tree limb I would estimate the tree limb to be About one inch or more Again i knew what this was having Experienced this many times and so i Tried to peer into the tree line To see if i could see anything i heard Nothing else and saw nothing I didn't want to shine a flashlight Because i knew this might end the Activity for the night So i just went inside the cottage we all Went to bed Shortly afterwards at 3 30 in the Morning I looked at the time immediately Something hit or through something of The cottage Very very hard it shook the entire

Cottage And woke all of us up keep in mind that This is a fairly large cottage That is two stories tall with a basement Walkout And sleeps all eight of us very well I knew what was happening and got up to Look around I wanted to rule out any of the kids or Dogs possibly walking around And maybe knocked something off of a Shelf in the dark So i walked all around the house from Top to bottom Everybody including the dogs were in Their beds The dogs never moved from their spots Even though i know they heard and felt The bang I looked outside and saw nothing in the Pitch black darkness So i just went back to bed i laid there Awake And listened for any other activity Then about a half hour later i could Hear something Mumbling or grumbling outside the open Window That's the best way i know how to Describe it it was close to my window But i still could not see anything when I looked out I did not want to shine a light hoping For more activity

At 4 15 in the morning something gave a Long Hard scrape sound along the outside of The cottage Then nothing In the morning at 6 30 a.m i woke up And checked the outside perimeter of the Cottage in the surrounding area The ground is hard all around the Cottage so i found no imprints I went inside the tree line but still Could not find no definitive prints I could see no handprints or signs of Damage on the outside walls I could not find the tree break i could Not see any rocks or sticks Lying close to the cottage that could Have been thrown I also found no physical signs of the Scrape either The next night tuesday july 28th While sitting by our bonfire again we Heard the same screams and howl from Across the lake This would occur often on until about Five in the morning There was no more activity of any kind On wednesday or thursday But i heard these screams and howls Again on friday july 31st During the night and there were eight Witnesses of us in total Either sitting by the campfire and in The cottage

The chances of somebody being out here And trying to play a trick on us is Pretty minimal The area itself is heavily forested on All sides for hundreds and hundreds of Miles This is all canadian shield type Landscape around the water's edge It is a very hilly region in the Madawaska valley With tall visible rock cliffs and even Some swamps Wildlife is abundant such as bear wolves Coyotes deer moose beaver and other Small game And plenty of fish First backpacking campsite on the Western uplands backpacking trail Rain lake algonquin provincial park Ontario canada i was lying in my tent About to fall asleep when the forest Around me Went dead quiet it wasn't an easy Feeling Then i felt an enormous thud on the Ground The thud was totally silent and did not Disturb my sleeping sun I thought that the thud was my heart Giving out as it was followed by Arrhythmia And i was praying that this was not the Time or the place for me to have a heart Attack

I then thought i smelt a skunk smell but When i breathed in deeper A second breath i smelt nothing The forest remained calm and i listened Intently Thinking we were visited by a bear The next morning my son and i did some Testing As it is possible to feel vibrations From walking on the thin Soil overlaying the shield rock which Sounds like hollow ground when walking Upon it We determined that whatever it was had To have been within four feet of the Tent We could not reproduce the amplitude of The thud We did however discovered where the Animal came down from the trail To the campsite and determined that Neither of us Had walked that way that night we also Believed that a 400 pound bear Could not have produced a thud unless it Jumped i thought that i felt more like a Thousand pound moose But could not explain why a moose would Come that close to a designated campsite I also thought i heard a loon hooting Later that night But the hoot did not just sound right as It was more of a loop Than a hoot and much much louder

There was a tree about eight inches in Diameter That had been snapped off at about two Feet above the ground And was there when we arrived in camp The splinters were fresh on the ground And not covered by other forest debris Such as pine needles And nearby ground conditions the tree Had been snapped off I noticed this as i cut the splinted end Off the stump for firewood in the Morning It had not been chopped down or cut down It was just a stump i did not think Anything of it at the time A dead tree blown down in the woods But in retrospect it was fresh No debris on the stump which begs the Question Where was the fallen tree surely Somebody could have burned it up all That day There was not enough fresh ash in the Fire pit when we arrived And also who cuts up a fallen tree and Hauls the whole thing off for firewood I'm not even so sure that the tree was In that condition when i first surveyed The site After having went forward to survey the Second site and returned the first I didn't notice until after my son and i Were both off site for some time

Hanging in the bear bags finally Earlier that night while preparing for Bed i asked my son Several times what thinking he was Talking to me But not understanding him but he said That he said nothing Listen i've been in bear country before And had a chase went off before But there when my son was 7 not 12 Which is now and took my daughter who's 16 months old Last week but i can honestly say That this was the most scared that i've Ever been If it was a sasquatch or whatever they Are called I think i know why they are unhappy with Our presence I tested a bare banger flare at the Bridge Just to make sure there was one in Working order The wind caught the flare and blew it Into a tree Stupid me it was embarrassing having to Tell my son to wait on the trail While i investigated to make sure my Idiot moment didn't catch the forest on Fire How careless of me anybody having Observed this stunt would have judged me For a rookie And wouldn't want me camping near them

And well I am when it comes to backpacking I've done wilderness canoe camping in Areas like this Dozens of times through the place was Littered with moose and bear sign With many bare footprints that seemed Large and elongated More so than what i am used to seeing Everything was not adding up And decided to hike out giving up in the Last seven days of our adventure While walking out i had the feeling of Being watched And even noticed something large in the Bushes about 40 meters away Upon investigating and finding nothing I just assumed it was an overactive Imagination But the more i think the more things Begin to add up in my mind I was cutting firewood in a designated Timber cut area With my brother approximately halfway Between cody and yellowstone we were South of the highway Very near the north bank of the north Fork an easterly flowing tributary Of buffalo bill reservoir the timber in This area is not Dense and affords good views of the high North facing mountain slopes South of the river shortly before Sundown i noticed movement up on the

Slope Across the river at first I concluded that it must be a bear or Elk And pointed it out to my brother my Brother fetched the binoculars from the Pickup Just to have a closer look as we are Hunters and like to keep track of where We see elk At first he seems startled and that he Didn't recognize What he was looking at rather than a Jump to a conclusion He handed me the glasses and asked me to Have a look By the time i got the glasses up the Animal had disappeared into the tree Line And i couldn't see it shortly after I noticed it again lower down on the Slope in a small Clearing moving all the while At this point i would estimate the Creature at a quarter mile from us Moving closer down slope towards the River This time i got a good look at it Through the glasses It was definitely unmistakably upright Walking on two legs though there is no Way to say at this distance The specimen appeared to be between 6 And 10 feet in height

More striking however was its mass The creature covered in dark hair Almost seemed fat maybe obese This was no bear i saw it walk for a Good 100 yards And it never came down on all fours There is something on the north fork That i have sure never seen before about A half an hour after my last sighting We were loading the truck the chainsaw Wasn't running So we can hear reasonably well the river Makes some noise Right before we left almost completely Dark I heard a high pitched eerie squealing Noise coming from a few hundred yards of River I have never heard anything like it Though it is about the right time of Year To still hear elk bugle this was no elk Ladies and gentlemen The sighting was witnessed by my friend And myself Both of whom are geologists while Driving into yellowstone from cody For employment at the park for the Summer my friend was taking his turn at Driving And i was soaking up as much as i could And see As well as providing a running Commentary to keep my friend alert

Driving our long drive as we came around A curve in the road Our high beams illuminated a large dark Shaggy figure Coming up out of the ditch on the left Side south of the road At a distance of about 250 feet As we approached the figure at a speed Of about 45 miles an hour It looked first at the vehicle we Noticed the yellow reflection from its Eyes That is seen in a dog's eyes when light Catches it at night Then it deliberately turned its head Away from the lights That motion was non-human or bear-like And that the shoulders chest and head Moved simultaneously As it caught sight of our vehicle and Then turned its face away from the Headlights We slowed well actually we slammed on The brakes Stunned at what we were seeing and Trying to rationalize what we were Looking at Some sort of hominid creature perhaps Seven and a half feet tall in height we Have a seven foot tall friend as a Reference Massing perhaps 600 to 800 pounds Without obvious signs of obesity Standing completely

And comfortably upright came up out of The ditch From the left side of the road right at The edge of the metal barrier Above the culvert it took three Extraordinarily long and fluid strides Across the highway 22 feet in total and another three of Four shorter strides down the other side Of the road Actually appearing to catch hold of the Metal barrier and railing With one long fingered hairy hand with Finally Swinging down under the road into the Box culvert Or channel bottom completely out of our Line of sight We stopped the vehicle within 25 feet of The culvert And watched the final descent of the Creature into the darkness of the Channel At this point we spit on toward the east Gate Of yellowstone national park hoping to Find a ranger to report the sighting to And perhaps to go back and take another Look There was nobody at the gate due to the Late hour And we didn't see any lights on anywhere So we just continued on to our Destination

And went to bed deciding not to Contaminate each other's observations With discussions until Morning in the morning we both Independently Described graphically and in writing as Much of what we had seen Six hours before this is a synopsis of Our finding There were virtually identical down to The movement of which lake moved first As the creature crossed the road the Head appeared to merge into the neck And there was no snout or protrusion From the face as would be commonly seen In a bear Trust me i've seen hundreds up close and In person The face was not clearly visible and was Only glimpsed for a moment We both got an impression of long hair Covering some of it The nostrils were large and open but Neither of us were able to describe Mouth or teeth the eyes weren't Exceptional Just the reflection of gold just like a Dog's What each of us can still describe with Great clarity is the size Shape and unique fluid movement of the Creature It was large easily seven to seven and a Half feet-ish

But not much bigger than that it was Very heavy and powerful looking In shape it possessed a rather blocky Yet elongated head slightly domed on the Top of the cranium Thick short neck broad shoulders and a Full Chest it was square and longer through The torso and hips than a human As it walked across the road in front of Us the buttocks were clearly seen as Muscular masses Moving under heavy shaggy fur They obviously attached to long powerful Muscular thighs Longer in proportion to a human big Knees that functioned As a human knee thick muscular calves And feet In proportion to the rest of the Oversized body The soles of the feet appear to be Hairless Or less covered in hair and very dark in Color The arms hung from heavily muscled Shoulders and were longer than a human Reaching to the knee length And extending fully and almost a Horizontal position To the front and rear of the body as it Moved The elbows were perhaps a little further Down the arm than

On a human or the usual length of the Arm made it appear so The hands were large and long fingered Neither of us could really describe the Palms Nails or other than the backs of the Hands which were covered in the same Long shaggy dark brown hair as the rest Of the creature The creature made no sound or gesture Throughout the sighting It appeared a little startled at our Vehicle appearing out of the night But in no other way frightened or Threatened It certainly startled both of us though That's for sure April 20 2003 a friend and i were Carrying in supplies on foot To a bear bait site about two miles West of highway 89 in wyoming This area is restricted to foot or Horseback only And is on the idaho wyoming border i had Carried in the bait barrel And some bait items a week earlier Having noted some bear tracks in the Snow Along the creek on the first week of April We walked along the foot trail early Morning and about a mile in Came upon the fresh carcass of a muskrat Right

On the trail which was about 30 feet up From the creek And along the bend of the mountain we Were both startled by the dead muskrat Because there was just no evidence of a Predator in sight I suggested that it may have been Dropped by an eagle But honestly there had been no sightings Of eagles on our walk either Another mile in and we begin placing our Bait in the barrel Having noted that the bait was already There that had not been disturbed by Anything We were preparing to leave the site when We heard the cracking of branches And looking in the direction of the Noise we watched a large piece of tree Tumbling down the mountainside towards Us about 400 yards up on the ledge Stood something bipedal the color of a Moose Leaning against the remains of a tree i Nudged and asked my friend what is that He replied must be a moose And i answered but it only has two feet He did not reply but started walking Back to the trail I looked back at the animal which was at Least eight feet tall as best as i could Estimate Very broad of the shoulders with legs That appeared long and thin

Compared to the rest of its body it was Hard to make out the shape of its head As i couldn't see a neck and its head Appeared to be Bent looking down the mountain towards Us It then quickly moved behind the broken Tree and into the tree line I wish i had brought my binoculars that Day But in our haste to get on the trail That morning i accidentally left them in The truck My feeling were returning along the Trail to the truck Was almost myself being stalked a Strange Role reversal my friend moved quickly Down the trail No words spoken about what was on that Hillside When i recounted the experience a couple Months later to friends I had forgotten all about the part about The dead muskrat Which my friend quickly interjected to Them as a very disturbing incident to Him Yet he laughed when i told him we may Have seen a bigfoot Which he readily dismissed this bear Bait site Coincidentally is along a drainage that Connects to a larger creek

Near where a year ago i had heard some Strange and disturbing sounds on a Mountain Pass while hunting deer August of 2017 me and my son were Fishing in a secluded creek The creek is very shallow in spots so in Order to access it You have to wade fish we fished around a Low water bridge for maybe an hour And decided to head upstream to the next Deep hole of water Just over some shoals i knew that around The bend of the creek Where the deep hole was there were lily Pads So i instructed my son to be very slow And quiet On our approach so not to spook any bass That may be feeding around them Once we made the bend i observed what at First seemed to be a beaver About 75 yards away from us upstream Where the water is deeper It was headed towards some large rocks But what seemed unusual about it Was its shape it was higher out of the Water than any beaver or otter i've seen The animal got close to the rocks and Just stopped About a foot or two away from the Cluster of rocks just in the water If i hadn't seen it moving to begin with It would have blended in very well with

The rocks I noticed my son was watching it too and Asked what is that And i replied that i wasn't so sure that I made some racket With some cattle calls to maybe spook it Onto the rocks So we can get a better view of this Thing but what happened next Still sends me into a mild state of fear Just Recalling it it started swimming back to The opposite bank And just stopped for about a second then It rose out of the water now i know what I was looking at was massive Because the water in that part of the Creek is chest deep And i vividly recall seeing the daylight Between its legs It stood there probably three seconds at Most But the image was forever burnt into my Brain It had a reddish tint to its fur and Massive arms that just hung to its sides Almost touching the water i couldn't see Any facial features because the sun was Directly behind it After what i felt was a stare down it Lunged toward the bank that it Originally came from Which was an erosion bank about 10 feet Vertical wall

And it made it up using a tree about a Foot diameter to pull itself with Doing so it pulled the tree roots and All Down to the water we heard it storming Off in the thickets so we couldn't hear It anymore my son and i wasted no time Getting back to the truck Haven't been back to that spot since now What i'm guessing Is it was at the creek doing whatever it Was doing And we caught it by surprise it mimicked A beaver trying not to be discovered I always heard about these things and Thought it to be something to see one I wish now i hadn't seen it it filled me With terror And excitement but who can you tell My son hardly talks about it and i keep It all bottled up inside My son's father and i came home from Oklahoma to the buffalo national river Area I picked a waterfall out of my waterfall Guidebook that we were going to find We chose hideout hollow when we pulled Up to the parking area of the trailhead We turned off the car our windows were Down Because we were both smoking a cigarette At that time I heard what sounded like if you were in The bathroom and you heard your dog

Sniffing under the door I asked him in a whisper did you hear That He said that sounded like heavy Machinery off in the distance I let it go because i was just grateful He acknowledged the sound We started to head down the trail when i Realized we left our hiking sticks in The car So i ran to get them myself i had a Slightly creeped out feeling But didn't worry about it too much Because i could still see him the whole Time Once i got back to him we started down The trail We were just starting to round the Corner that goes to the left when we Heard a rustling in the trees to our Left We both stopped and stared and looked we Saw a huge figure Running through the trees i thought it Was a man at first Until i realized it was totally covered In hair medium chocolate brown in color I remember seeing its arms in front of It as if it were moving branches away To protect its face and its hands were Black I whispered what was that and he Whispered back that he had no idea So i asked him if he wanted to go back

He nodded his head Yes quickly the direction it was going It would have crossed the trail just Around the curve We turned around and started walking Quickly back towards the car Both of us constantly looking over our Shoulder behind us I started asking questions to make sure We saw the same thing And neither of us forgot we agreed that It was on its hind legs It was brown and it was a lot bigger Than us And it was fast suddenly Something flew fast over our heads a Rock possibly hitting leaves and Branches I turned and looked at my son's dad with A what the heck Look on my face and his eyes were huge We ran the rest of the way to the car i Had never been so scared and i wasn't Sure we would make it back to the car We immediately began second guessing What we had just seen Suggesting maybe it was a bear a deer an Elk Etc i asked him if he's ever seen a bear Run like that on its hind legs Or a deer or elk that dark running That's smooth He said no we went to the tea kettle Falls area

But i was just far too scared and Anxious to get out of the car again Convinced whatever it was could have Easily covered ground by then A google search once we had service said Only black bears live in arkansas And i'm positive that what we saw was Brown I didn't notice any smells but since We're talking I also did not notice if it was quiet or If any birds were chirping I know i have no desire to return to the Area i get sick to my stomach anytime i Think about it We had begun fishing along a slough a Few weeks ago And we've been catching some good fish Along it So we decided to clear out our own spot For camping sessions along its bank The strange things began happening maybe A week ago now We were night fishing along the bank When my friend jacob Spied something across the lake looking At us I pulled the jeep up and shined the Headlights across the lake And he caught a glint of amber-like eyes Staring at us He and jonathan our other friend said That the thing was Massive saying it could have went eight

To nine feet tall easily It was haunched over in a set of dead Grass that stood pretty high up It also had brown wavy fur but other Than that I never got a good look at it as it Apparently fled before i could have laid Eyes on it Now just last friday we all decided to Go camping And ignore the previous encounter from That night We set up late in the evening with the Cloud skies rolling in It rained on us a little bit but we Ignored the bad weather And even grilled some burgers over our Open pit fire Me and jonathan eventually left jacob Alone while we went out and cut some More wood After we left my dog who was actually a Small dog Became really anxious according to jacob It would bark and howl towards the woods Surrounding us Then whimper and wine to my friend Jacob said he felt like he was being Watched but didn't wish to ruin our Camping trip He also smelt an odor because the wind Had happened to shift for a moment He says the odor was like a very small Strong smelling gym rat

After a hard workout but perhaps Magnified by ten We returned shortly after and eventually I took jacob home because of his Uneasiness Jonathan and i stayed till about 1 am When the encounter actually happened We never saw anything though jonathan Had been sawing down a small tree for More firewood When a loud whooping moaning sound Echoed just 30 feet behind us The sound was unrecognizable as any Animal we had ever heard And we both spent many hours in the Woods hunting together He and i debated on the sound on the Other side of the fire Nearest to the water when it came again And this time much louder and deeper And it sounded even closer i told them It was time to leave As the hair on the back of our necks Stood up I pulled my dog out of the tent the dog Is usually very hyper And happy but on this night he cowered And refused to leave the sanctuary of The tent One side of the jeep he acted very quiet And sat in the back seat unmoving I was so afraid by this point that i Clambered into the passenger seat Instead of going around to the driver's

Side where the sound was heard We took off and left all of our camping Gear The bad feelings we had seemed to Disappear once we had left the area We came back the next day with our camp In good order still But my tent which had been zipped up at The time was open I looked for any sort of sign but could Not see anything Other than the burger patties were Missing also Had an old hoe we used to shovel up Leaves which was halfway burnt It had broken on us tonight but we moved It well away from the fire It was found near the fire and partially Burnt We also found what looked like a Footprint near the area of the sound But we could not really identify it it Was bigger than mifa though And i were size 13s Around 5 pm i was driving down highway 258 Just to go to the store we have had some Recent flooding So i was driving slower than normal and Watching for deer Along the way i seen two different areas Of deer One had three that i could see the other Was at least six so on the way back from

The store i knew to slow down in those Areas Just in case in one area It was a rather sharp curve and i had Seen the most dear there As i came up on the curb i slowed down And suddenly something jumped out in Front of my car I'll call it a heat from here out he Seemed to have been running from the Pine tree line and took a Well what i would call a leap out onto The road Then he was gone it was only one maybe Two steps on the road To clear the entire road i had slammed On the brakes And just sat there in awe wondering if i Really had seen what i did He or it was standing on two legs Lots of fur and what i would assume to Be at least eight foot tall When he jumped in front of the car he Was about a car length in front of me He looked to have had a large fish in His hand I know how that sounds but i swear it Was a long fish My husband said it may have been a stick But i'm a country girl And i know my fish his quote unquote fur Was longer than what a bear fur would be And although he was dark brown It had a reddish hue to it the

Headlights gave us a good look at the Color As it left across the road there is a Lake back behind where he was running But he also jumped across to the right Where those six plus deer were standing We are going back at first light to see If he left footprints It's so muddy that i'm hoping to see Some We hear sounds out here almost nightly Of what we describe As bigfoot sounds but i've honestly Never thought they were out here It is just sounds you can't describe so We call it bigfoot sounds I've had several friends and family hear Them and one of them Will not stay outside long out here Because she's heard it so much When i got home my husband came to the Door To help bring stuff in and ask what was Wrong I said the deer out here are bad and he Asked if i hit one I said no and he asked why i was shaking I didn't realize my whole body was still Shaking i began telling him and i had Tears rolling down Heart pounding and still shaking so bad It really shook me up so much Not sure what else to say it was one of The most amazing

Yet scariest things i've ever seen i Know i will not sleep tonight Due to thinking about it and what Exactly happened I'm writing this because i think that i Might have had a recent experience with A bigfoot I live in springdale arkansas springdale Is not very rugged As far as force goes but it can get Pretty secluded in the right places On october 10th 2002 Me and a friend set out on a trip to Follow a creek Just to see how far it goes because i Followed this creek when i was young This creek goes through springdale and Winds in Through elm springs where there's Nothing but dense trees on one side to The left And open fields to the right private Property Well elm springs is not a big city and You would never know the surroundings Where i was Not unless you owned the property it was About 5 pm when i decided that it was Time to try and get out of the creek And up on the bank we had been walking About two hours in And out of the creek and i decided that We could cover more ground on land Before the sun went down

Now i'm about five nine and i guess the Creek bed must have been about seven Feet high So i had my friend c hoist my foot up While i got my knee up high enough To pull myself up now the original plan Was to yank him up Once on top but looking back on it now I realized how foolish this was because I would have had it been extremely Strong Because i probably could have just Barely have had touched his fingertips From way up there But it didn't matter because what i saw When i got up on my feet Scared the crap out of me the best way To explain it Is just to tell you that my heart sunk And i was extremely stunned When i got to my feet i was facing Nothing but dense forest or woods Something caught the corner of my eye About Let's say 75 to 100 yards off Just before getting a good enough look At it i could tell it was big And brown now i've never seen a bear Before out in the wild So immediately i started to panic I took one quick look down and figured i Would break every bone in my legs if i Were to jump For the water was maybe only a foot deep

With all of this happening and what i Would say just about two seconds And keep in mind i haven't even be able To warn my friend yet Of what i thought would be a charging Bear i looked back to see this thing Or whatever it was walking extremely Fast It was then i noticed that this couldn't Have been a bear I got a clear look at it for just a Second i'll never forget what i saw that Day I remember its head real long head I guess you could say it was shaped kind Of like an egg I just know it wasn't like a human's the Eyes must have been dark Because i couldn't make them out i Didn't really notice a nose either But there was so much hair that it was Hard to make out anything Except for the head the biggest thing I'll never forget Is the height and weight of this thing It was so big Legs covered with hair so massive That it had to be the biggest part of This thing so wide It had to have been as wide as a Refrigerator And comparing the legs to my legs i Would have to say that each leg Made two sets of both of my legs the

Shoulders were massive and could have Been three feet Or over from the shoulder to shoulder i Also remember how it walked Besides taking extremely wide steps it Kind of walked with its front body Slightly hunched over i don't know Like somebody with bad posture the Height of this thing was Astronomical the tip of its head was in The treetops Now don't get me wrong the trees weren't That tall but they were at least eight To nine feet Where the limbs started to curl out and I remember The head was up there with them there's No way i could have jumped and touched The limbs They were just so high up so i put Whatever it was that i'd seen To be eight to nine feet tall and Looking back on it now The frame could have easily held five to Six hundred pounds The arms on it looked long and they Swayed back and forth heavily I don't recall any odor or anything like That For this thing was out of my view and I'd say about Five six seven seconds now I realized when i was getting up the Creek bed i had spooked the thing

Because it sure didn't waste no time Getting gone into the woods And i was not about to follow it so With all this said i asked my friend if He had heard anything Which he said no just because of the Running water And i guess because he was down there And i just said Man i just seen a monster going to the Woods Of course my facial features were very Solid and serious But he still didn't believe me i Repeated this several times to him And i guess he could tell by looking at My face i was serious He later said that my face looked white And pale With his help i got down back into the Creek But it did take a few minutes and even Then I wound up falling back in the creek Luckily I wasn't hurt just wet and scared The sun was setting and we jogged and Trampled our way back Never once starting to go back up on Land we talked And thought better of muttering such Foolishness around for fear of people Thinking we are nuts Truthfully i don't even think he

Believes me But putting myself in his shoes i Probably wouldn't either But you know it doesn't matter i know What i saw So in closing i have ruled out the Possibility of a hoax Why would somebody be out in the middle Of nowhere in this kind of costume How would they know we were even coming And how do you account for the height And size It was easily a foot taller than any Human that i've ever seen In fact it was so tall you can't even Duplicate that kind of height I hope somebody reads this and takes it Seriously Because i don't know if i'll ever go Into the woods again after this At around 9 pm at night i was standing Outside my house in rural washington County Arkansas right near the madison county Border While standing there in the yard i heard A noise from the woods north of my yard 16 acres of my entire 24 acres of Property Were thickly wooded it sounded like a Hooding A deep-throated howl coming from the Tree line This noise occurred about three times

Within a 15 second time frame At the time my wife had just left the Property About two weeks prior and i briefly Considered the noise to be made by my Grandfather Who happened to live next door i shouted Toward the tree line Hey that's a good way for an old man to Get shot Afterwards the hooting howl occurred Twice more My dogs which are two [ __ ] hounds A rat terrier and a shepherd mutt all Bolted from the porch And headed to the tree line barking and Growling As if they saw something i ran to the House And grabbed my 22 running out the front Door And angling west along the tree line i Noticed my dogs Dogging something along the wood line With the brush and tree limbs thrashing About I followed this thrashing line of brush Approximately 1500 along the wood line In the pasture Behind my house as i tramped along I realized that my dogs were still Barking vehemently Yet they were still in the confines of The yard

I was alone along the tree line with my Brush thrashing guests in the dark I paused and observed the continued limb Thrashing Progressing toward the west of the Property Also during this run i could hear Thumping footsteps As if somebody were wearing heavy boots In some realization of my potential Vulnerability I returned to my house whereupon i Immediately phoned my next-door Grandparents My grandmother answered the phone i just Told her That was really funny and she asked me What I told her of my theory of my grandad Hiding in the woods just to scare me She just told me well he's sitting right Here He ain't been out all night Indeed i spoke with him and he certainly Did not have the time to make it back to The house And decrease his rate of breath 75 years Of age within that time frame I believe that i walked out of the house And disturbed and exploring sasquatch Who knows what it could have really been