DO NOT Enter This Haunted Abandoned Building In New York At Night- HERE’S WHY | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | September 16, 2020
DO NOT Enter This Haunted Abandoned Building In New York At Night- HERE'S WHY | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This is intense Yeah let’s just dip Spits okay guys It’s uh colin here hey guys i’m chris Starr you can check me out On youtube as well i do a bunch of Spooky stuff just like calling here She was on travel channel as well i was In travel channel as well go Sloop yep you still check that out too Yep there’s um There’s a lot of cars on the street and People walking yeah we don’t really know What we’re doing here tonight guys We don’t know how this is gonna go no so Basically We are at one of the most infamous Locations in the new york city area This is the staten island farm colony This place has a lot of history Uh satanic rituals have gone down here In these abandoned buildings It’s all it’s online like they have Actually confirmed this There have been dead children that went Missing in the area that were discovered Buried on this property After the facility was closed people Were just killing You know kids and leaving them here and There’s proof of that As well unfortunately in addition to all

Of that it was a farm colony And house tuberculosis patients um some Of the mentally Disabled back in the day and there’s Just a lot of death and Kind of weird sad macabre history about This place but I’m gonna make the intro short we’re Just sitting here on the side of the Street This is a property that’s really fenced Off but we found a hole in the fence When we were driving up here We’ve never been here we don’t know what The [ __ ] it looks like what the [ __ ] is In there But we’re just gonna walk over to the Hole and Crawl in we’ll walk over there though Like I don’t know i don’t know what else to Even describe that’s just that’s all we Can do honestly and we’re this is again This is honestly a freaky video we don’t Have like any protection no Nothing with us um not our smartest Night Yeah but we’re gonna go do it and uh We’ve got a ton of equipment too so this Is gonna be a long Uh spooky investigation any uh pregame Thoughts for you I want to make it through that hole Me too we are going to make it through

The hole I guarantee that that’s literally the Very beginning that’s the easiest part Of this entire thing Cool okay well here we go Yeah so the farm colony i don’t know if You guys are able to see this because It’s kind of dark but it’s All behind this wall of fence That is like super long and uh That’s where we’re headed wish us luck Okay we’re walking up the street It’s kind of creepy well i shouldn’t say Kinda it is very creepy At least there’s no one around this Looks like ominous on my camera Here we go Yeah you got to be careful not to get Lost in here like that ass I’m not sure where i’m leading us i’m Just taking like the most obvious path You know what i mean Oh this is creepy as This is like treacherous Oh [ __ ] See that Look there’s another one right there There’s another building Yeah oh Yeah i would call this spooky just real Quickly Before we go in i just want to point out That

This is like creepy as [ __ ] like Situationally I have never done like a a ghost It keeps getting colder do you feel that Too yeah i keep feeling a little like Right when we got here i just wanted to Point out to you guys that are watching That this is like very freaky because We’re out in the middle of the woods Just rolled up to these abandoned Buildings part of the farm colony Yeah this is uh it’s really eerie i If you guys were here you would Understand look at this path Leads to the other ones oh Oh my god are you kidding me Bro this is intense Yeah enter the heart of darkness No we got to be really careful too with Structural integrity Hello is there anybody in here Do you guys have like poisonous spiders Oh this is creepy Hello I like it This is the most scary [ __ ] Why don’t we turn our lights off and Investigate right here because we’ve Cleared these areas That trash bag is kind of ominous Okay guys so we’re here in one of the Buildings at the uh At the farm colony this is a very very Scary experience i’m not gonna lie

I’m like on edge i’m sweating through my Entire shirt but we’re going to start This investigation Got the rem pod right here This thing kicks out electromagnetic Field and if it’s disturbed or another Signal comes in It lights up on the lights turn that on I’m also going to use the ovulus I’m going to set this up put it on the Floor i always like to ask everybody a Question On the episodes someone asks you guys Right now would you come into this Building like we’re doing right now I’m going to guess most of you are going To say no but i’m eager to see If you guys are willing to push Yourselves like this because this is a Very very intense Place to come visit but Hello is there anybody in here We don’t want trouble let us know that You’re here and we’ll just leave I just felt like a creepy sorry this is Bright a song A really creepy wave of like ominousness From behind us Like something just kind of like came Into the environment that just Oh my vision just went blurry yeah my Camera did too right when you said that My vision okay

Well i feel like we should go to the Second floor Oh oh god Oh my battery just flew out of my camera Oh my [ __ ] dude oh No oh god Literally an inch from my face i got it On my shot you’re gonna have to light me Here Holy [ __ ] dude My battery just died no What oh my god nope yeah let’s just walk In here Just because we’re all the way in here Okay just real quickly If there’s anybody here in this building With us My name is colin i’m here with my friend Chris Can you give us a sign that you’re here By maybe saying something or knocking on Something I thought i just heard something too Are you nothing kidding me It looked like someone just peeked Behind that wall just like this Oh [ __ ] that are you pointing over there Yeah i was filming it i wasn’t looking At it though I was looking at the ground The shadows are playing tricks on me Okay This is [ __ ] sick oh gosh

You seen that no This leaf just fell on me what’s Happening I’m kind of like i feel like it’s There’s like a Very eerie uh vacancy To the property You hear that yeah is that a pace Yes have kids up here Here let’s just look at what this Building is and then we can go Storage shack oh it smells Yeah yeah Yeah this one Or do you want to walk over to that one Let’s go this one this is like right Next Um Yeah i feel that too i just got anxious As [ __ ] Sure Chris there’s a flashlight in there i Just saw a flashlight In that building i just saw a flashlight Yeah let’s just dip So to explain what was happening here Right when i turned my camera to the Left and looked at chris I actually looked down the hallway of That building and i saw a flashlight Now it wasn’t far down the hallway it Was actually right inside the hallway That we were looking at And it was on the doorway you can tell

When a beam is far away And this beam was right there next to The doors in my theory somebody had been Sitting there Listening to what we were saying and They heard chris and i say okay it’s Time to go They heard chris leave and they heard me Grow silent so they assumed that i Left too and right when that happened They turned the flashlight on almost to Come behind us and watch us Or to come approach us i don’t know what The hell their plan was but if they were A ghost hunter or an urban explorer i Assume they would have said Hey guys we’re just trying to film here We’re just hanging out they could hear Us the entire time and It wouldn’t have gone down like this Somebody was following us now what’s Spooky is that this building is actually The building that we were in before Where i was yelling out Is there anybody in here trying to see If there’s somebody inside the building And what’s kind of shocking Is that that means that when we were in That building before More than likely this person was already In the building possibly watching us and At least most definitely listening to us As we walked around through the Buildings they could have snuck up on us

At any moment We never found out who this was or what They wanted but we were so far in the Woods we had no protection we had no Idea really where we were or the Orientation of the buildings that we Decided to leave and As we left the property we kept getting More and more afraid as we questioned Who this person was what they wanted why They were kind of following us around And why at that exact moment either they Allowed me to see their lights or they Slipped up and i saw them And exposed them no i’m not kidding i Thought that was you But it was in the building that’s Crazy that you just told us to not go in There you felt that Gotta follow the path that we came Through i just don’t want us to get Lost Go to the right Oh that’s the that’s the web i almost Ran into Here Right here you got it You got it girl we’re lucky that i saw That Oh there it is oh [ __ ] that was Okay guys uh just gonna wrap up this Video we’ve decompressed a little bit Um but to kind of explain what just

Happened in that footage I don’t know why i didn’t pan over The camera to film the flashlight in the Building But like literally we were standing There she Starts like making note of the anxiety That she has And i just was feeling like this Impending doom I looked at colin and i was like i’m Getting The worst feeling i want to leave i Could see it in your face too which is Why i was like yeah Let’s just go like i feel the same way And Literally right after she said that and Turned away i Look into that little building door that I was filming i was getting a night Vision shot of it And i like kind of went like this aside Because at that exact moment i saw a Light Like right in the hallway in the doorway Like literally Of the of the building where we would be Standing And it went and hit the door and was Like moving around like this like Someone was like moving their light It wasn’t it wasn’t me no and i thought That’s what i wasn’t even facing that

Direction No that’s what i mean when i look if you Look in the footage i literally sit There for a second like What and then i kind of snap like that’s A flashlight And like those windows like i pointed Out in the video Are all sealed on the bottom floor They’re all sealed so if even if it was A light from her If she had like a light shining right at The building it could physically not Make that light Because the things are sealed it can’t Get in there anywhere And so and you can see when i turn the Camera on she’s way away And facing the other direction it was Somebody that was trying to just like Either sneak up on us because they Thought that we said we were leaving Or like trying to get close and that Means that they were in that building With us because that building Is connected to the second building we Were in where i freaked out about the Bat so we were loudest In there they probably were like right Underneath us the whole time And i will say next time we investigate Together i’m wearing a diaper Because between the way he screams in my Baby bladder i almost pissed myself yep

I am a jumper jumpy ass we were trying To do a Spirit box we didn’t even get to because We literally just dipped and got Lost when we were running out i didn’t Like that i don’t like that Well that was like a massive anxiety Attack i felt like energy coming towards Us too Running away did you feel that dude like Right as i was telling you i was like i Feel like this dark Energy just like swirling around me Whatever was there If it was a human maybe it wasn’t a Human maybe it was just like some sort Of like weird Light anomaly i don’t know you know this Is part of our job We’re here to try to figure that out but Sometimes we just can’t And we don’t have an answer for what Just happened but i’m super Freaked out by physical people so that’s Kind of why we just got the hell out the Only thing Yeah that was horrifying i’m not gonna Lie that was definitely like Pure anxiety like we need to get the [ __ ] out of here like Running through the woods like we were Literally just snapping through twigs And trees through spider webs Big ass spider webs am i calling i don’t

Want to be in the back yeah Like being in the background and then You’re in the front you’re hitting all The webs in shape so i’m like yo i’ll Take the back like fine by me Well we’re gonna go film some more that Was adventure one of the night Didn’t disappoint the farm colony but uh Yeah go subscribe to her channel she’s [ __ ] badass we’re gonna have a great Week it’s chris and i here As always guys i love you and uh stay Spooky Peace out [ __ ] boom Hello