By | September 13, 2020

I'm gonna keep the park that i work at Anonymous because i still currently work There But in the past four months since this Whole coven 19 Craziness there's been some bizarre and Disturbing things Happening for example the biggest one Is we've been finding human remains Being hung up Randomly in the trees throughout the Entirety Of the whole park i know that might Sound disturbing But i promise you it's only a small Segment Of all the disturbing things that have Been happening Sometimes we only find one of these Human remains once a week Or even one every couple few weeks other Times We find three to four a week and it's Never in the same spot It's always spread throughout random Locations but always left hanging By a rope in a tree the human remains in Question Just happened to be skulls perfectly Preserved skulls Not too weathered not rotted just as if They were left there To be taken by nature and because a form Of human remains are involved

Police have an ever going investigation And forensics from what i know have Shown so far That every skull retrieved and recovered Is from a missing person Who has been gone for at least several Years It's very disturbing i will admit that And we're not sure who Is putting these up or why so far we Have no leads And we can't find any traces of any Individuals putting these skulls up in Trees But i'll let you know if things continue To happen i will share with you however That i do work in one of the largest Parks in the entire country And that i have a huge staff that i work Alongside with And unfortunately i'm not the only one Finding these skulls Like i said there's a lot of ground to Cover because this is such a huge park And there are many others in our team That are finding these Along with other various human remains Like feet For example and sometimes hands All in skeletal form working in the Forced Service and participating in search and Rescue It's not necessarily uncommon to find

Human remains Especially those of missing persons and Even more so Of missing persons who have been gone For a while But this is on a whole new level of Disturbing It's definitely not likely to find Missing remains of people Found attached to ropes and only parts Of their remains It's almost like something or somebody Is setting an app for us to find In some morbid way i don't know if this Is a group of people Or one individual but these skulls are Placed up in places that normal people Couldn't actually get to For example there's an instance of the Park where we found three skulls in the Past two months Where there's so much a brush normally You have to have pretty thick gear to Get back in there And if it weren't for our heavy Equipment and to know that this area is There You wouldn't even know to get back there It's really hard to explain I'm probably not making much sense but What i'm trying to say Is for just some innocent bystander to Sneak back there And place a human skull there would be

No reason He would have to be heavily equipped With the right gear to get back there And we would all see him since we keep a Pretty good eye on the park After all anyways i'll keep in touch With you And write you back if we find anything New or exciting to write about For now just know that disturbing things Are still going on All throughout the country and not just In our neighborhoods with covid But even currently in our national parks Stay safe So i don't work in the forest service Anymore But i used to for quite some time And when i did i had a variety of Stories that i could tell you But i'll keep those to myself for now What i will tell you about though Is for a short period of time when i was Working around the lower east coast I would encounter bizarre lights going Off in the forest In the early morning hours see I worked the nights i don't necessarily Want to say the night Shift but i worked early morning hours And from where i was in my station i had A perfect view Of a specific area of the park Now the park i worked at was quite a few

Miles large I don't know the exact size and i'm kind Of afraid to give you the name of the Park Because i worry that this will get Traced back to me And i don't want anything coming back on Me like lawsuits or any sort of Harassment You know i might be being paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry Anyway the lights that i'm talking about Were Not normal lights if you're thinking i'm Talking about fluttering flashlights No well the lights i saw did flutter And pulsate it was similar to that of a Really bright flash to a camera But longer lasting and sometimes Brighter And again the light would sometimes Change colors And it would pulsate with no real timing Or pattern to it It did not match any light pattern or Any person turning their lights on and Off It made virtually no sense sometimes You would have multiple lights going off In different locations But all completely visible for my Location At one point there were six lights going Off at once

All doing different things one pulsating One seeming to flash while the others Just completely would die out At random intervals this was very Strange And after this kept happening night After night after night It really began to creep me out so i Finally told my boss about it And i was really shocked by how he Treated me He kind of berated me about it told me To hush it up And keep quiet and it was in my career's Best interest to ignore it And just resume my duties and do what i Was told I figured something was up but i didn't Care enough to poke and prod even more To dig i never did find out what those Lights were But then again do i really want to I don't know now that my mind and Knowledge Has been open to all the available park Rangers stories and tales out there Although i'm sure some are creepypasta Stories while others probably hold Genuine truth it's interesting to note That there are many many many cases of Strange things happening All throughout national parks and what i Experienced Was just a fraction of what some other

Rangers go through That in and of itself is terrifying to Think about I'm glad i got out of that job field When i did Okay so first off i didn't believe in Bigfoot before this whole experience That i went through But now i know they're very real And whether they're humans or creatures Or part ape I don't care they terrify me whatever They are No matter what bigfoot expert says that How peaceful they are I don't buy it i had my experience and Nobody can tell me otherwise So i and a few other rangers had the Liberty Of permanently closing down a trail and The fear of safety Of hikers and travelers because well Apparently A very hostile group of bigfoot were Traveling through the area And began throwing rocks and logs of People who were hiking among this Section of trail In the month of this happening we had Received at least five different reports Of seeing these large hairy humanoid Beings that looked to be half man Half ape throwing rocks screaming Wood knocking and making all sorts of

Racket we ourselves got to see these Things first Hand when we went to go check out the Area me and my co-worker Who were not believers before this are Now When we got to see what we believed to Be the big alpha male Who nearly threw an entire dead log at Us this thing Charged us out of the tree line and we Also had rocks thrown at us And all sorts of noise and screaming There was also occasional wood knocking And other noise like pounding and Thudding and all sorts of crazy Thrashing around in the forest And to be honest with you just thinking Back to the event And reliving it in my mind is utterly Terrifying Because growing up my entire life i was Always told like everybody Else monsters don't exist oh bigfoot Don't believe in that they don't exist Yadda yadda yadda Well i'm here to tell you that people Will lie to you and they have been These things are very real and we have To be very careful Not to piss them off even more from my Gathering of this Series of events they are extremely Territorial

And who knows what would have happened Had we stayed around longer Or possibly provoked it since then That portion of trail has been Indefinitely closed down I don't know if it's going to be Permanent or not but that is until my Boss gets a hold of somebody To deal with that situation this only Happened in the past few months So it's still pretty fresh it was right Before the whole quarantine happened So maybe it was early march it was just As spring was starting to come So that's when we encountered it i have Worked at this job for a while now And i've seen my fair share of stuff but This Takes it to a whole new level and no To ask anybody who wants to know i Haven't seen any stairs in the woods or Any of that crap I don't believe in that but what i went Through I definitely can't deny that it's Changed my outlook on my entire life And my job will i stay in this job field Long term Probably because even though this Happened to me I still do love working as a ranger and I love being a part of search and rescue But it's just sometimes i'm guessing i'm Having to cope to deal with there are

Things out there in the woods That i might not exactly be mentally Equipped to handle And i'm talking more than just finding Dead bodies Or even missing children what i've Learned from this experience Is there are things out there that are Far worse than any of those things Things from your nightmare that you Wouldn't normally believe exist