By | September 13, 2020

Leaving the east gate of yellowstone Near sundown Somewhere between there and cody maybe Halfway And after dark i saw a dark Bipedal motion moving out of the tunnel Of light Provided by my van it was very brief And when i got back to florida at some Point i received a field and stream And read about the skookum cast after Reading it I went to the bfro and found the wyoming Hot spot And it all came back i'm a cautious Observer And realized how your eyes can sometimes Play tricks I asked my wife prior to telling her About the skookum cast article Or the other information about whether She remembered me saying anything on the Way When she left yellowstone she said that All she could remember Was me joking about seeing bigfoot i Wanted to be sure it wasn't a Manufactured memory Because some time had passed It was a long day and we had seen lots Of wildlife And finished with a nursing grizzly with Two cubs Just before leaving the park what i saw

Reminded me of a moose in color I've always described moose as being Difficult to see at night By saying it's the black that moves at The outer limits of your lights Often you really don't get a clear Outline of the animal But know by the way it moves i don't Know if that makes sense But it's 2 30 in the morning now so Forgive me I'm a bit groggy i was planning a trip Back this summer To take a better look around i was Finishing at masters last summer at Colorado state And had a week between classes so we Headed to yellowstone In hopes of seeing a grizzly and the Park Had i've been in washington i probably Would have been looking For the gigantopithecus many years ago I talked to dr krantz and peter byrne While working on a project For an animal behavior class at the University of florida When i called them they seemed credible And were very helpful My memory is from a second or two two Strides that it took from the middle of The eastbound lane To the middle of the westbound lane to The gravel on the side of the road

Dark and large Half laughing i told my wife that i saw A sasquatch She said so did she we both laughed And said we must be tired she said turn Around Which made me laugh even more we're just Tired She pointed out that we didn't even know We'd ever get back I don't think anymore about it until i Went to the bfro But i'll be going back this summer Probably june Depending on the cost of gas it's Getting crazy again I am an outdoor enthusiast who was Visiting the cody Wyoming area this summer during the Second week of july Right around the 14th while traveling The highway to yellowstone national park About 40 miles west of cody i Encountered heavy tourist traffic Late in the day i decided Rather than fight it to pull off the Highway for a while And go for a walk i hiked up an unmarked Path North of the highway through Intermittent timber I was traveling at a leisurely pace Exploring rocky outcrops And looking for native american

Artifacts Well about a half mile from the road i Could still hear traffic I heard some rocks rolling downhill Ahead and above me It was maybe a hundred yards away mule Deer and other game animals Are plentiful in the area and i didn't Think much of it I had bear spray with me as this was a Well-known grizzly country Maybe another half an hour went past and I was taking a break Sitting on a rock ledge with a good view Of the valley to the south I heard underbrush breaking not far away On a steep Timber-covered slope that led down to a Dry stream bed I was able to distinguish the pattern of An animal walking through the trees Again i didn't think much of it i'm used To hearing game in the woods and don't Spook it stuff like that I guess that it was probably deer Feeding along the slope A little odd considering the time of day Its behavior was highly inconsistent With bears Which don't hang around when people show Up I begin hiking again and almost Immediately Heard something move through the brush

Just below me In the same spot this was a little Strange i thought Like it was staying with me or something I tried to see down the hill But when i stopped i couldn't hear it It seemed to stop moving when i did and I couldn't get a fix on its location I began to get a somewhat uneasy feeling About things at this point There is no good way to describe it Other than something seemed to be Intentionally staying with me I started walking again shortly after Not having heard anything for a little While i heard something run across the Rocks Not far up in front of me it was up And out of the drainage at this point i Was getting a little apprehensive by This time And decided to start back towards the Road which was maybe a mile away I walked pretty quickly and for most of The way I heard nothing but about a quarter mile Or so from the highway And maybe 15 minutes since i turned back I heard rocks and debris Falling down slope again it seemed Awfully close And i instinctively whirled around Thinking that i might see something Which i did so i will do my best to

Describe it to you But as i only got a short glimpse i Can't be too sure of what it was It was about 60 or 70 yards away on a Rocky slope Immediately adjacent to the same heavily Timbered slope i had been hiking along As soon as i turned and looked at it it Jumped right into the cover And completely out of sight there is one Thing i am absolutely certain of Whatever it was it was upright I could clearly see two limbs of the Ground that appeared more like Arms than legs they were definitely Hanging down the side And not down the front as one might Expect of a four-legged animal Standing on two legs this doesn't mean That it wasn't a bear But i've never heard of a bear acting Like this thing was That is if i'm right and it was the same Animal that i feel was following me All along you hear about predatory bear Behavior Where they follow people though so who Knows At any rate the animal was brown with Very long hair I noticed that when it left into the Woods The hair on it kind of swayed to one Side from the sudden motion

It seemed longer than bare hair though And to notice this swing effect At this distance i would guess that Maybe the hair was a foot long or more Also for just that initial instant Before its flight I got a pretty good look at its face Which was long And somewhat flat it was too far away to Clearly make out individual features Though But i have seen several bears at greater Distances And it didn't strike me that that's what It was I was not aware of the bfro at the time Nor of the occurrences detailed in it For this area When i mentioned this incident to a Friend who had not heard of the bfro Either we did a search on bigfoot Out of curiosity i was a little Astonished to see the main page Indicating this region As potential bigfoot country with many Sightings I figured i might as well say something I think all three of the other incidents Had witnesses And i didn't so i can't point to another Who can verify anything that i saw or Heard It would have been nice just to see if Somebody else had seen something

Resembling what i think i saw trust me When i say It takes a little bit of time for it to Fully register in your brain You just don't think right off hey There's a bigfoot I was probably almost at my vehicle Before i even let that thought even Enter my mind I can't say for sure what i saw but i Had been hearing it through the woods Throughout the entire hike one tends to Make these connections afterwards But i really have no way of fully Knowing I will say however i think that it might Have been But this is based more on a feeling than Anything else I realized that breaking branches and Rock slides don't exactly constitute Scientific certainty It really was like something was Checking me out though that's for sure And again the incident had occurred in The late afternoon The weather was clear at the time with Great visibility So there is no real mistaken identity There might have been intermittent Thunderstorms in the region But there was no rain at the time It was the winter of 1980 my older Brother and i were hiking and camping

In yellowstone park after a five mile Hike from the road Up to a lake that reportedly was the Only place in north america To catch arctic grayling other than in The arctic We set up camp for the night after Eating the day's catch And cleaning up we settled in for bed Early As we were tired from the days hiking And fishing We were in our tent quietly talking and Starting to get drowsy When all of a sudden something ran by us On two legs something very large And heavy we looked at each other With eyes bulging out of our heads and i Told him Just to go see what it was he replied No flipping way and as we had no Sidearms or weapons We just sat there terrified for the rest Of the night At daybreak we broke camp and left there Looking for tracks but the ground was Bare And there was no sign of our midnight Visitor except for our own personal Experiences