Overnight In America’s Most Haunted Castle (they spoke to us) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | September 12, 2020
Overnight In America's Most Haunted Castle (they spoke to us) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Tucked deep within the woods of vermont Lies a very spooky haunted castle The wilson castle in proctor vermont is Known as one of the most haunted Buildings in the entire state And is one of the most haunted castles In the united states of america My friend chris and i were recently Given exclusive access to stay in and Investigate the castle overnight While we were there we captured some Crystal clear spirit voices on camera And had a couple of frightening Experiences of our own Welcome to a terrifying overnight Edition of the paranormal files Hey guys colin here so today’s video was Actually sponsored which is badass i’ve Been wanting this for a while and I’ve gotten a lot of sponsorship Opportunities over the years but if it’s Not right I’m not you know gonna go with it but Today’s video was actually brought to You by Word life before i get into it i want to Say that you can download the game Through the link in the description box Now word life is a game that’s free on Ios and on android you can get it Completely free like i said And the reason why i like this Sponsorship specifically was because i Actually really enjoyed the game when i

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This place was freaky it’s taken me all Week to edit because We had a lot of weird stuff go down in Here and it was super interesting to be Able to spend the night in a haunted Castle In america i love hearing from y’all Please leave a comment thank you so much Hi to everybody from tick tock and hello To everybody that’s been here for years I love all of you guys all the same And yeah enjoy the video and stay spooky Y’all Hi my name is denise and this is my Family home It’s been in my family for 80 years this Year This house is the love of my life it’s The passion is crazy that i have And if you’d like to come inside and see It let’s take a look Awesome um the castle was built In 1865 by an english Noble lady it was her family money that Was spent and it was all spent so it Wasn’t completed Two things the marble and slate around The Fireplaces the tiles came from chelsea Mass and everything else was imported Even the windows so the wood all came in Log form And everything was hand carved here in

The basement and the bricks Are actually from england and you lived Here as a child I lived here as a child what are your Memories of childhood here Riding my tricycle up and down this Hallway playing with my brother we would Shut all the lights off and scare each Other well you want to go upstairs Sure these windows are beautiful so That one that came from southern france Really so these three windows together Way over a half a time This area right here there was a man He worked for my grandparents and The castle he actually loved he Passed away here right here and i was Over By the stained glass window and i just Heard him say oh dear And it just went down but he Was here before i was born working for My grandparents so Actually there was not any other place That Dick would want to pass away his love Was here and so you were actually right There when he died Wow that’s incredible actually we were Talking about I said to him oh my god dick i said if i Fell through that stained glass window i Said my mother would kill me If i survived it and right as i said

That He laughed and then He was oiling here And he just said like oh dear and i Looked and he just Went down very gently heart attack heart Attack Wow but honestly he if he had a choice To die anywhere it would have been here So it’s all small stuff that keeps Happening nothing really big or Scary it’s just small little yeah if you Pay attention Well speaking of that let’s uh wrap this Up in the The room um this is my grandmother’s Room So this is a room i slept in as a child With her This is her dress and All the people that come paranormal This is the room that they get the most Activity Nothing bad it’s always very Nice i think it’s my grandmother for Sure And people have taken a photo of Something wearing this Dress right and there’s a woman standing Is that in this room yeah wow and she Had this dress That’s how does that happen i don’t know I know i mean when i was looking at the Photo i was like

And then the same woman was in the Bridal suite looking out the window In the same dress when my mom passed Away I just was asking her for some guidance And my brother was kind of pulling me To sell and i i did not want to My mother gave me the choice and i just Asked her for guidance And when i asked her for guidance Very quietly there was two other people With me in the kitchen The dinner bells went off twice And that just cannot happen It just cannot happen you have to hit Them And it went off twice And then immediately after that the Muser box started playing So immediately i felt Emotional and A good feeling and felt as though she Wanted me to keep going you ever just Feel um Fear energy in here energy what would You describe it as Um this room very warm feeling I i honestly feel like my grandmother’s In here mm-hmm There are no areas that you would Describe as kind of Not as warm anywhere in the house that Kind of is like a little just eerie to You

The bridal sweet a little bit and i Think it’s just because of the stories That have been told But i still would stay in there i’ve Stayed in you know All the rooms nothing Scares me it’s almost like oh Mm-hmm they’re here someone’s here Yeah and you would say that there are There is something here don’t know Exactly what it is but people yeah Really do feel it Yeah what’s up everybody it’s uh colin Here and Oh hi guys i’m chris you guys probably Know chris at this point we’ve been Filming for the last couple of days here In the east coast or on the east coast i Should say Tonight we are at a very very spooky Location this is the wilson castle In vermont we drove three and a half Hours to be here from the conjuring House it was a long drive but Finally made it and uh i’m not gonna lie To you guys online when i first Got into this building i’ve been telling Her all night It’s creepy in here this is a very Famous haunted location in vermont And the rooms in this building are just Impeccably decorated but also They’re filled with spooky stories for Example there’s a dress in that room

That people have taken Photos of spirits supposedly wearing So it’s very spooky in here and we got This whole place to ourselves tonight so As always go check out chris on youtube She’s got an amazing channel i’m in the Videos Uh with her that we’ve been filming on This trip so tonight We are a little you know spooked How are you feeling i’m ready like i’m So excited to be here and that lady that Wears that dress Oh my gosh like imagine we catch that on Camera yeah hopefully she comes out I already caught an orb i was doing my Intro and you see this like weird white Light anomaly just kind of bouncing Behind me To hear that yeah it’s starting Lady if you’re in here feel free to come Out We’re just a couple homies that’s it Just two homies If she knows what that word is but uh Spirits have no Perception of time so they know Everything True yeah past present and future Well hopefully i don’t know everything So uh yeah we’re gonna hop into this Right away And uh just get going so Time to get spooky baby

Yeah i wasn’t filming but the moment i Turned the rim pot on this thing started Hitting Then right when we started filming it Stops hitting And it’s right next to this dress this Is the uh This is the as the person described to Us The haunted dress the kind of trigger Object here that people have taken Photos of a woman wearing and the lady In the black dress Communicate with us tonight Object trigger Hung Look at that that’s exactly what it just Said object No it said hung first hung object Because the bottom is the top We i was just talking about that Yo that’s crazy look at it’s hanging Right there Wow i can’t believe that that’s crazy Dude I got chills literally my name is colin I’m here with my friend chris If there’s anybody in this mansion or Home We are inviting you to come out and Speak with us Tonight come through Talk to us give us any sort of a sign

That you’re here We are not afraid of you we just want to You know communicate with you We’re inviting you in If you’re here with us in this room can You make the Black device in front of your dress Light up If that’s you can you knock for us can You just make any single sign of your Presence In any way you’d like There’s something moving in Go there Can use any of the devices in front of Us to communicate We just really like to talk to you Do you have to feel hot no i feel hot as [ __ ] it’s not hot in here it’s actually Pretty chilly I’m like dead ass like really warm here It’s actually like 50 degrees out Tonight there’s not much insulation in Here and it’s all Cement this is just all cement It’s like getting louder in there are You in there with that dress You in there with your dress It’s inside yeah it’s in here she’s in Here She’s in here yeah just said enter yeah Should we go in

Sounds yeah okay we’re coming into well Walk around this creepy dress Okay we’re inside can you communicate With us please Oh yeah all we want to do is say hello Yeah that dress is creepy as [ __ ] I’m not gonna lie i don’t like that Thing can i do lights out for a second Yeah let’s go completely black Is there anything that you’d like to Tell us you can use the black box to pop Up a word Can you walk away from us and go towards That That red light in the center of the room In front of your dress Do you not want to talk to us is there Anybody Out there or in here Let us know that you’re here please I’m hearing something out there Pretty sure i just heard a woman’s voice Like i heard a faint woman’s voice say Yeah What i saw I want to take a hole right in front The moment i stopped Can you step away from the device for us Hello You in the wilson castle What the hell i’ve never seen it operate Like that I don’t really know what to do

What sorry guys just like change Locations just to make sure that there’s No wiring Under there that would let off any sort Of like emf And i put it back in the same spot so That kind of debunks what I was thinking like maybe there are some Wires running underneath Are you making me hot Sit on your couch here I just want to point out as well this is The only known recorded death In the house is a guy who died from a Heart attack on this exact couch Yeah this is the spirited man here with Us Did you die on this couch Yes Was that you walking i feel colder Right here i was just talking about how I feel Hot but i feel like what the [ __ ] is That This causes I feel hot but i feel What the [ __ ] Oh my god dude that just gave me look at Fill my arm for a second Look at my goosebumps who’s here with us Can you do that again for us we’ll sit Here in silence oh my god i’m so cold do You feel that

Oh my god look at my arm Look at my i can’t you can’t literally a Goosebumps you cannot fake this It sounded like metal on metal like Was that you coming from that room We heard you thank you for communicating With us we really do appreciate Can you make that device light up for us Again make it beep To anybody here in the wilson castle You guys heard that what did it say i Don’t know This is kind of creepy over here i’m not Gonna lie Could you move something again Sound like footsteps downstairs I’m getting colder over here me too you Look like you’re sleeping My eyes are wide awake Something moved i’m you thought it was a Voice i thought it was a hanger movie Is that you There’s all these white orbs all over my Freaking polaroid Orbs on the polaroid let me see that yo That’s crazy on her dress I feel like we need to go downstairs why I have a feeling okay Let’s go Wow this is So spooky yeah this I’m not gonna lie to people online i was Saying this to chris all night this [ __ ] Seems like scooby-doo

You know what i mean it’s got a very Scooby energy I feel like shaggy in the mix who are You daphne I’m daphne um Um so does this remind you of a uvula or Is this just me I guess it’s just me You don’t know what i’m feeling what are You feeling alone i think you and i need To do Sessions alone okay You’re going to go in the room with a Black dress You want me to i don’t know what do you Want to do i was going to ask you what You want to do I don’t care what do you want to do i Mean i’ll go up there Okay so decided for some loony reason To spend time alone here in the room With the Object with the attachment the woman’s Dress it’s right here This thing has spooked me out all night Since i came in here I’m not exactly comfortable being in Here but Chris is gonna go walk around downstairs And i’m gonna kill my lights and just Sit in bed and relax Cam lights out if the lady of wilson Castle is here

My name’s colin I’d love to talk to you if you could Show up and Hang out a little bit i know your dress Is over there It just said puddle Just let me know that you’re here if You’re here Can you knock like this if you’re here If you’re here if you’re here So tired all of a sudden All right we’re going to communicate Where did you go Did you use my energy to manifest Something because i’m tired as hell all Of a sudden At the end of the day we had a truly Spooky night at the wilson castle Not only because we heard voices and Movement while we were there But during post-production when i was Editing this video i found more voices That have you know kind of spooked me Out to think about The next episode involves chris and i Traveling to a haunted farm colony in Staten island where we encountered a Force that was so scary That we literally had to run through the Woods to escape whatever was following Us You don’t want to miss that episode Anyways

Thank you guys so much for watching i Love you all and as always it’s colin Here Stay spooky final reminder guys don’t Forget to download word life help me out With the sponsorship y’all I love you and uh yeah i hope you Enjoyed the video I’m gonna go i don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do i’m gonna do something Hope you guys have a great day no matter What and uh stay spooky Hello