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Rolling On may 9th 2001 at the national press Club in washington Dc an unusual and unprecedented event Took place Over 20 individuals from the highest Levels of the u s military Intelligence and aerospace industries Nasa international air traffic Controllers Scientists radar operators pilots And other experts with rarefied Credentials and extremely high security Clearances All came together to share their Experiences concerning Extraterrestrials and ufos The focus of this conference put Together by dr stephen greer and the Disclosure project Was to promote open hearings in congress Dealing with ufo And extraterrestrial phenomena going Back over 50 years It was an astonishing series of Testimonies here were a couple dozen Seriously credible witnesses coming Forth on the national stage To talk about the most bizarre events Imaginable Objects under intelligent control doing Impossible maneuvers At thousands of miles per hour what they Did was coalesce

And started rotating in a circle and Then they disappeared Glowing red orbs disabling nuclear Missiles deep underground And this time it was a more intense tone In the in the guard’s Voice is very clearly very frightened He said there was a a Bright glowing red object hovering Outside the front gate We lost somewhere between six and eight Weapons that morning Alien structures on the moon and then he Proceeded to put photographs down in Front of me and Clearly in these photographs were Structures Mushroom shaped buildings spherical Buildings and Towers an et pilot killed on an air Force runway There’s been ufos in the pattern all Night they’re on radar But any case an alien had Come off the craft and had been shot by A military policeman And apparently was wounding was heading For maguire Dozens of incredibly surreal accounts Right out of a spielberg film But the witnesses are all dead serious Highly intelligent professionals of rank And stature And in fact were in these positions

Because of their quality of mind and Character Several had concrete evidence to back up Their claims And were all willing to testify under Oath before the u s Congress over 30 international news Organizations recorded and broadcast the Event The exceptional nature of this gathering And straightforward at times emotional Testimonies Begged the mind-bending question what if They’re telling the truth One of these witnesses an aeronautics Illustrator named mark mccandlish had Several high-level security clearances And worked for organizations such as Rockwell international Boeing and the u.s air force He’d spent over a decade in research and Development on the main focus of the npc Event Technologies connected to ufos and Extraterrestrial vehicles His detailed technical illustration of a Purportedly reverse engineered alien Craft The flux liner a strange flying disc Shown at a secret u.s air force air show In 1988 was a highlight of the Conference These discs were hovering off the floor Without any visible means of support

They were referred to as alien Reproduction vehicles Also nicknamed the flux liner because They used high voltage electricity but This this is a diagram that i Made based on a Sketch that brad sorensen did for me in Rough form And subsequently cleaned that drawing up And made it much more accurate This is his story He says you know i gave you the basic Verbal description of what i saw He says but somehow rather you’ve taken Everything all the information i gave You And you have graphically interpreted Into an image that is So close so accurate he said this Is really dangerous stuff here This Dean davis with united press International could you please address Uh the vehicle that there was a drawing Displayed of Why would this vehicle be on display at An air show What is the power source that you are Asserting is going to Be uh so very useful and how Can you determine that this vehicle is Not something That is being developed you know by a Government agency

Uh in fact i think that was the Testimony this is an alien reproduction Vehicle and just to be clear This means that it is a based on Advanced anti-gravity and zero-point Energy propulsion systems They are being manufactured by a Consortium of companies that include Lockheed martin Northrop saic and other corporations But this is not a jet internal Combustion system at all it is actually Kicked in by A type of electric power source and it Then accesses this Ambient zero point energy field that is Responsible for all matter and energy Existing And uh by special configurations and and What have you It causes a a cancellation of mass Inertia And an anti-gravity effect they do have Super Luminal capacity in other words faster Than the speed of light capacity I think mr mccandless and other Witnesses as he’s identified Could go into more the technical physics Of it My name is mark mccandlish and for the Better part of the last 30 years i’ve Been a Conceptual artist illustrator and

Designer Working predominantly for the aerospace And defense industries About 1988 i came into some information That Indicated that the united states Government was in possession of And operating a kind of anti-gravity Technology Through a a system An aircraft that was referred to as the Flux liner Or as the alien reproduction vehicle The story dates back to the Late 70s when i was going to college at Art center college of design Studying transportation and automotive Design Had a friend there by the name of uh who Had a number of classes with I uh switched over to an illustration Major before i left I spent a short time working in the Special effects industry in hollywood And Then left that job to work in the Defense industry for general dynamics Spent some time working there as a Conceptual artist and designer Illustrating weapon systems and then After a couple years left that facility And began freelancing Throughout the defense and aerospace Industry so

That was where it all started in the Early to mid 1980s Mark’s career as an aeronautical and Technical illustrator Began taking off as he accumulated a Client list Including the us air force rockwell International Lockheed martin boeing and respected Periodicals Such as popular science magazine He became well-versed in conceptual Design at the highest levels of the u.s Military Industrial and aerospace programs And often called upon to generate Classified and highly propriety material At the time this was around 1985 1986 And i had been freelancing for about Four years at that point Done a lot of work for lockheed a lot of Work for rockwell a little bit of work For bowling And so i was establishing a reputation And had the occasion to talk to an awful Lot of experts in the field Various parts of the aerospace industry So i had an idea of what was going on In terms of the technological Development that was occurring in the Industry at the time Worked on uh some conceptual artwork Showing cutaways of some of the weapon Systems and how the components inside

Those weapon systems that are related to One another I was given a lot of information many Times i was asked to Create illustrations for clients based On Just verbal descriptions of what they Want to see because a lot of it was Conceptual artwork that was supposed to Put across the idea to say A particular aircraft that they were Designing was going to be extremely fast So it had to have all the sort of Dynamic characteristics of what a really Fast aircraft would have And i had an idea of what these things Looked like so i was subscribing to some Of the trade publications that were Available at that time like Aviation week and space technology and a Lot of people at the magazines test Pilots Editors and things by the mid 1980s he Was a very successful professional Artist Living in rialto california he had a Full slate of high profile projects And become a very sought after and Respected talent In a very crowded field of designers and Artists Despite living in the era of reagan and Disco Things were going very well for mark

Then in the autumn of 1988 things took a Turn For the weird Well it turns out that this was in Uh october that the magazine hit the new Scan it was a november issue of popular Science it was called the block five spy Plane And a friend of mine from college brad Had seen this uh Cover illustration and opened up to read The story you recognized my name and he Called the art director He passed along my phone number and the Next thing you know i get a phone call And this Fellow calls them saying hi mark and Remember Yeah we were in the transportation Design curriculum the arts center in Pasadena when You study car design so Um we got reacquainted had lunch Together turned out that Just a few weeks beyond that The uh a local air force base norton air Force base was having a big air show And there was a rumor that uh they were Going to have A an sr-71 blackbird out there which was Still Kind of a rare occurrence at air shows To see something like that So i invited brad to

Come out to the air show and he Suggested that he might be bringing Along a Client that he was working with he Didn’t say who it was at the time But that he thought that there might be The possibility we could network some Jobs together So we arranged to meet together and at The last minute I got a second call from popular science To do yet another Illustration it’s a quick turnaround and One that done over the weekend it was a Quick You know 3 000 bucks so i could turn That down It was for their february of 89 Edition with the cover story being about The x31 Which was an experimental aircraft Program so um Did that illustration and brad went Ahead and went to the air show And um when the uh the weekend was over I Was kind of interested in his impression And i called him up And i just said you know how did you Like the air show and He just just seemed completely different When i talked to him on the phone he Sounded Almost depressed it was kind of a

Strange sort of reaction And he said well i don’t know i think i Saw something i wasn’t supposed to see And i said how’s that possible Everything that’s at the air show is Sent there and flown there with the Intent of putting it on static display Especially for The public so how could you possibly see Something that wasn’t intended He says well he says i Got in to see a display that was a Little more exclusive it was something That was set aside For some top military brass top Politicians from Clarence’s the fellow i was with didn’t Realize at the time that certain You know items were going to be on Display and as soon as he realized That here i was without a clearance to See this stuff You know he basically said don’t say Anything don’t talk anybody we’ll get Out of here since we can So i i asked him i said well what did You see that you think is so Stunningly you know classified that you Know You’d be in trouble well he says uh There was a um an example of the first Generation of war There which was the aircraft that was The actual

Second generation aircraft that i did The conceptual artwork for So he saw the real thing and so of Course i was real curious about what it Looked like He gave me some details on that and then He described a number of sort of Odd-looking Hovercraft and troop transporters and Things that were Basically just you know kind of jazzed Up Advanced uh hover vehicles at one time Or another After going through all of this i said Well even this doesn’t sound All that extraordinary i mean you know Is there something else he said well Yeah He says uh after they had the main Little Dog and pony show they pulled back the Curtain and there were these three Flying saucers holding there and i was Just I couldn’t believe my ears said no wait Did you say flying saucers he said yes And i i said well what do they look like Well it just they looked like something From the 1950s like a jello bowl Flat on the bottom sloping sides a Little terrace around the middle not a Dome on the top With all these little bubbles around the

Top and a door that looks like something Off of a submarine you know the little Pins that go out into the frame for the Door and The big wheel that you turn to tighten In all this kind of stuff The smallest one was about 24 feet in Diameter at the bottom end of the craft The medium-sized vehicle was About 60 feet in diameter and the Largest was somewhere between 125 and 130 feet in diameter i said well they What were they doing they’re just Sitting on the floor he says no they Were hungry They were there wasn’t you know no Landing gear Nothing holding them up cables it’s just They were hovering There was a three-star general that was Part of the presentation when they when They pulled back the curtains and these Three things were These three flying saucers revealed to The audience that That brought there to this kanger Um this uh this general got up and he Was describing These vehicles he described them as Alien reproduction vehicles Arv for short they also had a nickname For the aircraft they called them flux Liners now flux is an electrical term For

A high electrical charge so a high Electrical charge liner a flux liner And so this was you know so he got kind Of scared he stopped talking and so i Said well you know let’s let’s have Lunch you know he was nervous about Talking about on the phone so I go over there and uh we start talking And as he’s describing this stuff he’s Describing The different features that he’d seen it Well how do you know that i mean if you Could just look at the outside of the Vehicle how do you know what the inner Workings is well They had taken some of the panels off The outside so you could see the inside Of You know what the components look like And he said it was remarkably simple There wasn’t that much to it And i said you were able to figure out How it worked from that he said well no They had a They had an easel next to it with a Drawing a cutaway drawing That uh that showed some of the internal Components how they were arranged was Oriented to one another and then they Had a little uh A tv monitor with uh you know a tape Player below it that was showing this Continuous loop of this thing um you Know sitting

You know or hovering over a like a dry Lake bed out in the desert somewhere and And as as you would watch the tape this Thing would make uh From went from a hovering position maybe These three little sort of hops going to The side and then as the camera followed It just went Straight up it disappeared outside he Was beautiful down to nothing in just a Matter of a second half or so One of the things that this general had Said during the presentation One of the things that really stood out In brad’s mind was that he said that These vehicles were capable of light Speed or better The aircraft looked very old like it had Been around for decades It had chips in the paint and runs and You can see fingerprints and smudges And you know boot prints where somebody Walked up the side of it this kind of Thing And he said that the the paint that was On the outside Looked like they’d taken a bunch of Powdered lead Mixed it into a resin and then just Brush painted it right on the side of The aircraft it was looked like it was Slapped together in somebody’s garage So according to his account on november 12 1988

Mark’s friend inadvertently gained Access to a highly classified air show Where the featured hardware of the event Was real flying sources They were really strange looking but Appeared functional And were named to suggest anti-gravity And reverse Engineered alien technology an official Presence stated They could travel faster than light Despite their futuristic performance Capabilities these appeared to be Stripped-down Road-worn working prototypes which had Seen practical operation for years If this were the case they were crude But tangible proof of concept For a staggering leap in aviation Technology They used extremely advanced Electromagnetic or Field propulsion as opposed to solid or Jet fuel Nuclear power or any other commonly Known conventional means It also meant our government and at Least one other major defense contractor Lockheed martin had been developing and Deploying functional systems along these Lines For many years to both mccandlish And brad who’d been working Professionally for some time within what

They thought were the highest levels of Aeronautical design This odd system was a sucker punch from The future Apparently this has had a really really Serious Impact on brad he just he really seemed Kind of you know stunned by What he had seen so i you know Got together for lunch i was doing all These ideas sketches and what he Described to me about how the components Related and i had you know your Stereotypical Sort of lens shaped you know flying Saucer like you see in You know more modern movies and stuff he Said oh no no It’s real simple it’s flat on the bottom Sloping sides like You know a section taken out of a cone a Little edge and then a dome on the top He said the dome is actually the top Half of a crew compartment that’s like a Big ball Pretty sure that was about 12 feet in Diameter there’s a Central column that goes down through The middle there’s like a flywheel thing On it that Uh you know maybe six to nine feet in Diameter there’s four ejection seats That are all back to back on this Central column above the flywheel type

Thing And he says a bunch of oxygen tanks in There they’re all around The bottom and uh he said the bottom is This huge Capacitor ray is probably maybe 12 to 14 Inches thick Uh it’s shaved off at an angle on the Edges looked like it’d been put on a big Giant milling machine and they milled Off the edges at a 35 degree angle he Said There’s a a series of these plate Capacitors i said well do you think that This is functioning like the beefalo Brown effect like you know these Experiments were done back in the 60s With levitating things with you know Electrostatic fields and stuff He said well that may be it but he says They told me he said one of the things i Saw was that it was using zero point Energy was using scalar energy Really it’s cool Zero point energy yeah i saved the best Inventions for myself Well i’ve been corresponding with tom Bearden for about eight years At that point he you know talked many Times nailed letters back and forth Talked on the phone and things Okay so what we have is we have A very strong argument that neither The scalar photon that is the time

Polarized photon nor the longitudinal Photon which is over in three space Are individually observable but if you Somehow can combine the two they are Observable as the instantaneous quantum Potential And so i had a sense of what zero point Energy was about and We want to talk about longitudinal waves Of scalar waves and psychotronic weapons And all this kind of stuff So i’ve been following this for a while Reading tom durden’s work and thing and So i had a pretty good sense of what Brad was talking about which he was a Little surprised about that i would know This already So he opened up to me a little bit more And began telling you more and more About it When brad finally came became frustrated With my Questions he sat down while we were in The office His office together and he did this Rough sketch which i still have to this Day you know 22 years later And he just sat down and right is Sitting there at his table He just kind of sketched out in a with a With an ink pen on a piece of uh Legal size white paper and put some You know some little handwritten call Outs around the edges that described you

Know the The number of capacitor plates in each One of the little sections that there Were You know they were so wide at the end And the crew compartment was definitely About 12 feet in diameter just Kind of put all these things down as Close as he could remember to The way they existed and so i sat down With all this information And i just began sort of drafting it out It was at this point mark began putting His formidable skills as a conceptual Illustrator to work In uncharted territory taking brad’s Eyewitness account Detailed descriptions and rough sketches Of the arv Mccandlish began refining aspects of the Components his friend described And piecing together an ever more Precise rendition Of the craft over the course of the next Few years he generated a series of Drawings Culminating in the fluxliner cutaway Blueprint one of the most notorious Images in the history of ufology And the mysterious realm of black budget Aircraft I’m jesse ventura and this is conspiracy Theory This was called the flux liner this is

Probably the strangest one you’ve shown Me yet this actually Flies it actually flies on the Principles of high Voltage electrical charges Uh this is the uh the original uh One of the original blueprints of the Alien reproduction vehicle Which i produced in march 1989 It was put together by accumulating a Lot of Verbal testimony from brad and later From a number of other sources Including ken sellin and some other People that i talked to who Had some contact or information about The vehicle For mark his friend brad’s initial Account was a fascinating story with a Degree of veracity and plausibility Worth exploring and doing some research But was after all Just one man’s tale of a fairly Unbelievable event Concept and machine however this Subsequent research led mark to some Other very compelling eyewitnesses Official documentation including Numerous scientific patterns And other sources such as respected Quantum physicists which finally Convinced him Of the likelihood that the arv might be A very real thing

The first verification of uh The story that i picked up on the uh the Alien reproduction vehicle Was around 1991 1992 was the first Air show at edwards air force base where They actually had the b2 stealth bomber On display And in the course of that air show i had Occasion to Join up with some clients from rockwell International and they Introduced me to this fellow who claimed At the time that he was working with the Air intelligence agency his name was Kent selen He claimed that he had inadvertently Seen the same craft at edwards air force Base north base facility in 1973 And i said when how where you know what Were the circumstances he says well i Was a crew chief He said i worked on bill scott’s plane When he was a test pilot And he says one night my ship supervisor Said to me Go out to north base they’ve got a power Unit out there a ground power unit for An aircraft that’s Leaking or failed or something so we Need to take a tow vehicle out there Go out pick it up bring it back well Instead what happened is he comes up off The dry lake bed rolls right up on the Tarmac

And is going down these rows of hangers They’re all quonset style hangers back Then And he stops in front of the first one With the doors cracked expecting to find This defective ground power unit and What does he see He sees this flying saucer sitting in The hangar hovering off the ground So i i tie so well what happened he says Well this thing you know it was flat on The bottom sloping sides a little ledge Around there and then a dome on the top With these little glass things on top Looked like there was a camera under Each one And i said really yeah no you know no Landing gear nice It was hovering i said let me borrow Your pen so i took out A kodak lens cleaning tissue package That i had in my camera bag Was the only thing i could think of to Draw and i just i did a quick sketch of This alien reproduction vehicle as Described by my friend brad sorensen Back in 1988 and i said is that what you Saw and he says oh you’ve seen one I said no but i wasn’t sure until this Moment that the story was absolutely True And so that was when i knew there was a Second point of confirmation He says i wasn’t there for 15 seconds

And i heard footsteps running up to me Before i could even turn around look he Says there was a machine gun barrel My throat another one over here and he Says a gruff voice says close your eyes And get on the ground and we’re going to Blow your head off So they put a hood over his head Blindfolded and hauled him off and they Spent 18 hours debriefing him He was forced to sign some Non-disclosure documents about that but Then was given some additional Information about it things details About the ejection sequence for that Vehicle and so for things that brad Didn’t know anything about so that gave Some validity to what he was saying In addition to kent selen there is at Least one other witness on record Testifying to the existence Of what he describes as a ufo at norton Air force base Which may well have been the arv I can discuss norton air force base and That As a result of all the military earth Command bases under me for their Facilities that There was one facility at norton air Force base that was close hold Not even the wing commander there could Know what was going on And during that time period throughout

My career it was always rumored By the pilots that that was a cover For in fact location of one ufo craft And the reason for that location was Folks that Could come out landed norton play golf Be part of a golf tournament so forth And during that process could go by the Facility And actually see the ufo I became so excited about the prospect That this thing really was real And that there really was some Technology about it and So every chance i got i would strike up A conversation with someone i knew in The industry and i’d ask them if they’d Ever heard anything about this I was talking to a fellow by the name of Paul shepherd who was a ufo investigator I felt that he’d have You know a little bit more knowledge About The kinds of things that were going on In this area of research And he put me in touch with a couple of Gentlemen gordon novell And george eulek who was a physicist With hercules aerospace up in sandy utah And they were very interested in this Story i started off As an aeronautical engineer when i was In college and i got real interested in What makes ufos go and

And so i just kind of pursued The trail of the technology As opposed to the aliens and that kind Of stuff and that’s all i do is pursue The technology and I got lucky got very very lucky and got My hands on a cutaway of their bird One of them had an ongoing Correspondence with Ufo researcher wendell stevens a retired Lieutenant colonel from the air force Who participated in sort of these ufo Chasing exercises up Around the arctic many many years ago So um gordon sent a request off to Wendell stevens saying you know we know We have that you have this big Photo archive of all these different Ufos that have been seen over the years Do you have any Photography that even resembles What we’re describing in in this drawing That i had done And it turned out that there was a case I obtained Photographs that were taken in 1967 By a military pilot harvey williams Flying a c-47 for the air force at 12 000 feet Approximately 25 miles southwest of Provo utah This particular vehicle matches the So-called arv In all proportions and respects in terms

Of the detail of the shape of the craft It it really bore a striking resemblance To the arv with With one possible exception and that was That the Synthetic vision system little bubbles That accommodated the camera systems on The outside of this thing were quite a Bit larger than the ones that brad Had reported and so when i thought back To Something that brad had said and that Was that many of the components on the Arv like the ejection seats and the Camera systems Uh were all off the shelf components he Said that the The ones that he saw in 1988 look just Like the The little bubbles you see hanging from The ceiling in the casinos in las vegas So when i thought back to the camera Systems that are available in 1966 Of course they were much larger than They were in 1988 and so The larger acrylic bubbles seemed you Know To give some veracity to the photography As it was presented in these these Pictures taken by harvey williams One of the things that came up in the Investigation was the fact that A number of the witnesses starting in 1988 described the vehicle that they saw

As looking like it had been around for a Long time Chips in the paint you know fingerprints You know greasy hand prints and that Kind of stuff The uh the material around where the Zeus fasteners brought the panels Together all chipped and scratched and Stuff like it been around for a long Time When i uh talked in 1991 or 92 to kent Sellin You know he clarified that he’d seen This thing in 1973 which was you know What 15 Years or something earlier than that And then the photographs from wendell Stevens showed that this thing may have Been operational as early as you know June or july of 1966. So it certainly supported the idea that This thing had been around for quite a While Maybe even earlier than that When you look at some of the photography Of ufos going all the way back to some Of the earliest photography we know of Mcminnville oregon for example You see the same general layout you see The same general configuration the flat Bottom the sloping sides a little dome In the middle Sometimes pointy sometimes almost like The top end of a cylinder that’s been

Chopped off Sometimes a perfectly round dome Sometimes even you know like a cone on The top So it suggests that you know there’s There’s Um many different variants of the system But the overall arrangement of the Components is basically the same And i kept saying to myself you know This is just too much of a coincidence You know maybe Maybe this goes back a lot further than Anybody knows In fact in a translation of a sanskrit Text Written by a middle eastern king in the 11th century there are references to Vimanas Or flying machines with a propulsion System bearing a striking resemblance to That Of the alv Strong and durable must the body of the Mana be made Like a great flying bird of light Material Inside one must put the mercury engine With its iron heating apparatus Underneath By means of the power latent in the Mercury which sets the driving whirlwind In motion A man sitting inside may travel a great

Distance in the sky One of the things that they described When you you read up on The literature surrounding these So-called vamanas was the so-called Mercury vortex or mercury turbine engine I see the word vamana can you describe How that relates well this this is Something that I you know i spent a lot of time reading Up about uh the so-called mercury Turbine Generators or vortex mercury vertex Vortex generators Uh described in some of these ancient Sumerian texts And so i i started looking at the Possibility that there had to be some Kind of circulation going on in the Mercury itself so that was The kind of thing that i visualized Would be going On inside the chamber the uh central Column Has a number of components a couple of Counter rotating cylinders Sounds very much like the device that The nazis were developing in the Winsalis mine in poland Towards the end of the second world war There seems to be some evidence that They were trying to Develop some kind of an anti-gravity Propulsion system or a zero-point energy

Device Apparently if we’re talking about Systems using components and processes Similar to the arv We can’t ignore the nazis i think it was Timothy good Um published a story uh Uh they’ve been above top secret where He found a researcher who was following Developments by the nazis at the end of The second world war And they look like they’ve been Developing flying saucers up in poland The way cell is flying and they have This this thing looked like stonehenge Where they had all these High voltage cables coming into it and These chains that would hold something Down And they had this thing called the bell The dusk logan The bell that was in Down in this mine in one cells and that It Involved a ceramic dome and it had two Cylinders inside with a mercury solution Circulating in The two cylinders were inside an Electromagnetic field And they were counter rotating and they Had this mixture of Mercury thorium and beryllium now it Looks like there’s a high voltage Electrical discharges being sent through

The mercury and that is somehow doing Something that Enables this anti-gravity effect to Occur Besides rumors about hitler’s top Scientists and the mythology of ancient Kings There were other instances where a Central core involving mercury and other Components similar to the arv Were reported At one point mark contacted and Interviewed possible ufo abductees To gain insight on the technology they May have seen in the alien craft Something he had in common with Mcdonnell douglas in the 1960s And possibly numerous other corporate And government entities Since the 1940s i wound up going to my Management And telling them you know you’re not Going to believe this But the ufos are clearly Coming from someplace else they clearly Manned Or humanoided and the only question is Whether we’re going to figure out how They work before lockheed or after And so as a result of that the company At that time which is now of course been Bought by boeing Over several years put in about five Hundred thousand dollars worth of

Research Effort under mind direction to study Gravity control Techniques and also analyze ufos We hired some a police detective to Interview Witnesses abductees we had experimental Work and theoretical work so it was kind Of a fun project In the course of all this it occurred to Me that One of the other resources that i might Be able to draw on was people In the alien abduction community i begin To think you know well these people Either crazy or they’re really having an Experience of some kind And some of them even talked about Implants that are being recovered from Their bodies So i was intrigued and i thought okay You know if any of these stories are True There might be a chance however slim That If they really were abducted by aliens They might have gotten a tour of the Ship they might have seen some Propulsion system components And so i heard three of these young Ladies being interviewed on a radio Station out of las vegas this was sort Of the precursor to our bell on coast to Coast am it was the billy goodman

Happening And he was interviewing uh city of Odomos Uh malinda leslie and alicia davis Contacted the station they put me in Touch with these three young ladies i Interviewed them individually and Much to my surprise determined that These young ladies Seem to be bona fide examples of the Phenomena with implants That could be seen on medical mris So what i did was i simply asked them to Describe what they saw And without disclosing anything that i Already knew about the components inside The alien reproduction vehicle i found That these Young ladies at least one of them in Particular was able to describe Not only components that strongly Resembled the ones that were inside the Alien reproduction vehicle but they were Also At a higher level of sophistication that Actually gave additional clues about how The arv pro Actually functioned alicia davis Described being escorted into the engine Room Seeing the propulsion system components And it involved a central column That was made of a transparent Glass-like material she said there was a

Silvery fluid that was spiraling upward In this at the bottom of this column Down in kind of this well that was in The center of the spacecraft Was this little tiny flywheel-like Mechanism spinning which Matched the arv also and this is at a Point when this young lady had never Seen any of the drawings that i’ve done What the arv was structured like i was Just you know talking about Propulsion opponents in general but then She said that when you looked across This little This lowered floor area in the center of The mirror there’s like a guardrail Around it she stood there So you can look across and she said it Looked like the below the deck she was Standing on Was this glass-like material with these Coils of wire going through it And they were spaced out in the same Proportions as the ones on the qrb the Thing that she said that was most Significant Was that the column itself was rotating In one direction and the flywheel was Opposite spinning in the opposite Direction it was counter rotation Which is something that’s often been Reported in ufo sightings you see Components on the graph that are Spinning in opposite directions

Back here on earth the scientific Community has been busy since the end of The industrial revolution There have been dozens perhaps hundreds Of u.s And international patents dealing Directly with electrokinetics And electrogravitix going back to the Turn of the last century It would be safe to assume private Industry and the military Have also been working on a great deal Of related applications Off the public record in short Since nikola tesla’s first experiments With pushing electricity around Mankind has had a thing for anti-gravity If you look at these two illustrations This is a patent that was secured in may Of uh May 30th 1967 by james frank king Jr who happened to work with thomas Townsend brown In the labs of agnew bonson but you can See A striking similarity between the uh the Two Uh vehicles uh on the one hand you’ve Got uh Uh a sort of uh a frost from shaped Fuselage section you’ve got a series of Coils that wrap around the crew Compartment although the crew Compartment in this instance is more of

A cylinder But you also have a central column that Goes down through the middle and you Have this capacitor section that’s in The bottom And then you have these little flight Control mechanisms here you know it’s It’s i find it really remarkable that There’s so much similarity between the Two Objects and when that when is that Pattern from yeah May 30th 1967 it’s called a magneto Hydrodynamic propulsion apparatus And so i started thinking well maybe It’s like a cyclotron maybe there’s an Electrical discharge from this Basically this this whole thing looks Like a giant tesla it’s got the Capacitor array it’s got You know a central column that looks Like the secondary windings of a tesla Coil And this might even go back to something That nikola tesla discovered back in the 1940s You know just was all hushed up and all The ufo sightings we’ve ever seen were Something that Came from nikola tesla not from another Planet these are the things that were All going through my head at the time So it was it was really surprising To find all the different sources that i

Encountered That seemed to provide useful Information as to how this thing was Made how it worked What its energy sources were it just it Was all really fascinating to me and That’s one of the reasons i pursued it Wasn’t because i was You know like i say trying to breach National security i was just insatiably Curious about how these things work He said it was remarkably simple there Wasn’t that much to it The arv system for all of its claims of Flashy Out of this world propulsion Capabilities was indeed Remarkably simple it could be described As a large-scale Souped-up tesla coil designed to negate Gravity And inertia with off-the-shelf Navigation and life support systems Bolted on Almost as an afterthought you could Think of it as the model t Of anti-gravity vehicles an industrial Dune buggy Or crude hot rod that can get you to Mars in a few minutes In this version at least first class Seating was still a way off From everything i’ve been able to gather It helps understand what some of the

Components are There’s a large capacitor array on the Bottom of the craft it’s In the smallest version it’s 24 feet in Diameter the outer edge of The plates and the capacitor section Itself are shaved off at that same 35 Degree angle so you have A series of plates that are Progressively smaller as you get Higher and higher in the stack and There’s 48 sections that are all set up Like that Through the middle of the crew Compartment is a central column That’s called the amplifier section That’s in the middle of the craft On the very center point of that column Is what looks like a large nine foot Diameter Flywheel type mechanism then around the Belt line Of the crew compartment is a About a two foot wide coil of wire That’s embedded in the same glass-like Material that the capacitor section Complaints are embedded in And there’s a kind of flange or fairing That traps The top and the bottom surfaces of the Coil you can see that it traps it there And at the top but in between our series Of explosive bolts that run all the way Around the craft

They said above this ledge there is a Look like a door out of you know your Stereotypical Cartoon submarine you know it has a Steel frame that’s embedded in the side Of this pultruded sphere That makes up the crew compartment and He said and it had a wheel on it with Little spokes that you would turn like An old you know captain nemo submarine With the pins it would go out and lock Into the door frame and had a seal on it So the airtight And then the ejection seats are mounted Back to back there’s four of them in the Smallest version of the craft and They’re mounted on this central column On a set of rails In the event of an ejection the Explosive bolts separate the top of the Bottom halves of the crew compartment And the entire outer sheath of the Central column Pulls away along with the upper half Of the crew compartment and the ejection Seats This crew compartment sphere can Actually function as kind of a Rudimentary reentry vehicle Coming down through the atmosphere and Then once you get say below 14 15 16 000 feet uh The thing will pop a shoot out the top And the ejection seats drop off on these

Rails one by one And the pilot can drift down in a Parachute or with a parachute Because this flywheel-like mechanism is Turning all the time The individual pilot or crew members Have a kind of a pan that’s right below The front of the ejection seat That affords them a place to put their Feet Now the control system on the vehicle On the ejection seat that the pilot sits In on the one hand it looks like A uh a high voltage uh potentiometer or Like a rheostat on the one side that has A couple of big heavy-duty cables that Come out of it and goes into the central Column and that’s basically The amount of power that he has in the System and on the other side There was sort of a uh an inverted J shaped piece of metal that came up and Over like that that had a sphere on it Now on the bottom of the sphere there is A sort of a bowl that’s sort of Slightly larger in diameter but it Conforms to the shape Of this sphere Of all the components of the arv the Navigation system While perfectly logical and even elegant In its design Has to be the strangest one it’s an Entirely

Unknown paradigm in steering an aircraft Or anything else Yet makes perfect technical sense if one Were to make the case for truly Alien aspects of the alien reproduction Vehicle This might be the first example they’d Use the sphere itself appears to be Um a uh kind of a domed arrangement we Have a number of fiber optic Leads that come into the the sphere And for each one of the 48 capacitor Arrays there’s a series of sensors That are then used to sort of relay Information to The individual plates so then on the Bottom of this You have a a bowl that that moves around And can be You know used to convey the the commands Of the pilot In terms of what he wants to do in terms Of shaping the field around the vehicle And right in the center of that bowl is A kind of a Laser diode that sends a laser beam up Into The the underside the inside of this Sphere and so as the bowl moves That laser is sort of scanning around on The inside of the different sensors That are responsible for each of the Capacitor sections then we’ll You know there’s a series of relays

That’ll open up and close and let Certain amount of energy in or You know prevent it from going in and When it’s dead center it means that all Of them get the exact same amount of Information you just go straight up If you want to bank to the right then You uh you turn You bank this to the right it sends uh You know these The the laser signal over to the Opposite side of the dome And it says that the opposite side of The craft is going to get more energy so It banks in that direction It’s kind of like in a helicopter in the Swashplate of a helicopter when you want To bank to the left You create more deflection in the uh the Main rotor on the right side so that it Begins to bank to the right or Bank to the left excuse me so it’s kind Of the same principle Then you have an oxygen supply that’s uh Strapped to the lower part of the Central column down here in the lower Part of the crew compartment You have a much larger set of oxygen Tanks and these are all protruded Vessels by the way there’s no steel or Aluminum In terms of the oxygen supply uh in the Vehicle There was also a pair of oxygen tanks

Under the seat Uh and that was assuming that maybe had To eject you know when you were 25 or 30 000 feet and you needed some air to get You from up there down to The place where you’d actually be able To breathe ambient air I said well were there windows and all The morning windows he said there was a Thing called a synthetic vision system And he said there were six or seven of These These little plastic bubbles around the Top of this thing One on the very top and the center and Then maybe six around Uh about halfway up from where the ledge Was to the very top and they were Spaced at even distances and he said in Each one there was a little ccd camera So the synthetic vision system was set Up so they would take two cameras And it would have a converging point of Focus In those two cameras so that it would Just be like looking through a set of Binoculars so you’d have a left and a Right eye view It’d give you a three-dimensional view Outside the vehicle but with no windows And the reason for that apparently was That this aircraft was using extremely High voltages and the voltages would Ionize the air around the vehicle so

Much that it would start producing x-ray Photons which are absolutely lethal so You have to have Basically a barrier to protect yourself You also have a Robotic arm that seems to be blended in With a composite fairing Sitting right on the top surface of the Capacitor array That has the ability to extend outward With a little uh Air driven claw that’s on the end of it In fact I think that the craft’s magnetic field Or electromagnetic field is probably so Powerful that Conventional little electric motors Probably wouldn’t work In this kind of an application where They took the panels off the side of the Aircraft is that they had zeus fasteners That were these little Like quick spin lock things that they Put on there to hold the panels the Panels are all Like a fiberglass material it’s all Composite the entire vehicle Appeared to be covered with what he’s Referred to as a goopy lead paint it Looked like Little flecks of lead that had been Suspended into kind of a resin and just Painted haphazardly over the outside of Everything on the vehicle

With the possible exception of the door Itself and these little blisters that House the synthetic vision system so why Would it be goopy lead paint Well the theory is that the Electrostatic field created by This huge capacitor array and the Ionization that occurs Just because the propulsion system might Be enough to create A level of ionization around the craft That’s high enough that it would produce X-ray photons of its own accord and so You would want to be able to protect The the pilot and the the crew members From that radiation So anyway that’s the the general Overview of the the structure of the Vehicle This is a vehicle that has the ability To travel up to or beyond the speed of Light And part of the reason that is able to Do that is because it exploits The energy form that’s embedded in Space-time that’s responsible for the Effects of mass and inertia So here we have a configuration of Various components Creating a system that’s somehow capable Of producing And maintaining an insane amount of Energy In a concentrated field around the

Vehicle This field can be precisely controlled By the pilot with the aid of a basic Throttle An alien steering ball and a bunch of Casino cameras There’s plenty of on-board oxygen handy If you’re off the planet And a lead coating so the occupants Don’t get fried in their seats And a robot arm in case you need a robot Arm somewhere It looks like a big clumsy diving bell From 1905 but apparently works like a Helicopter you can take past light speed Its beauty and elegance lie in the Propulsion system Maybe a really really fast one that gets Around currently accepted physics One we commonly associate with ufos For anybody who has followed the work of Einstein Or just basic physics you know one of The sort of You know inviolable rules of physics is That there’s no material object that can Actually go faster than speed of light So somehow or other and i’m not saying We got this from aliens but they did Call it the alien reproduction vehicle But somehow or other This simple system that brad described In these diagrams Was able to do this

So i you know i began uh looking At the scientific literature i was Looking at uh This scalar energy anything i could find On zero point energy scalar energy Quantum zero point fluctuations of the Vacuum i think is the more technical Physics Term that they use in the literature and It turned out that there really were Scientific papers that were being Published by a number of different Scientists Hal put off bernard haich alfonso rieda Who just happened to work at lockheed Skunk works by the way So i started started noticing the names Where they worked and what they do What they were talking with their Publishing it occurred to me that you Know maybe These are people who have some insider So I started looking at that i started Looking at the things that helped put Off it said In the middle of last century Physicists made an astounding uh Discovery And that is what we ordinarily consider Empty space isn’t empty at all Even if you go to the far reaches of Outer space it turns out that Rather than emptiness what we call the

Vacuum Is really a seething cauldron of what we Call quantum energy Or zero point energy zero point just Simply means that even if you Froze the entire universe down to Absolute zero Froze out all motion where everything Would be as quiet as you could possibly Get it This energy is still there it was Predicted uh By the mathematics of quantum theory but The numbers were so large For example there’s enough energy in the Volume of a coffee cup to Evaporate the world’s oceans it was Thought well this must be some kind of Artifact in the theory But as time went on uh various Predictions in quantum theory Were verified in the laboratory and it Finally turned out we had to take these Numbers seriously So i um i opened up a correspondence With hal put off and he was Very gracious in taking time to talk to Me on the phone Send me copies of the uh The peer-reviewed papers that he had Published in you know physics Review physics a physics b and uh You know i couldn’t i couldn’t Understand the mathematics with all

These greek symbols and I mean it was it was really advanced Theoretical stuff and But what i was able to follow were the Paragraphs that were before and after The equation that explain what all the Math Was talking about and so as i went Through these papers and i would I would talk to hal he would explain to Me well this this means this is a Certain process a polarization process That happens in the vacuum of space-time And when you do that You have this kind of phenomena when you Do that you have this other phenomenon And the papers that he wrote started to Indicate The zero point energy that’s embedded in The environment Is responsible for the effects of Inertia and Gravity and mass and the reason why As you accelerate through space time the Mass of your vehicle increases So in a sense if you find the right way To do it you can actually sort of reduce The mass of an object and if you can do That then of course it takes less Propulsive force to push it around It means that it can go a lot faster Because it’s not limited By the amount of mass that it increases To as it accelerates in fact

It may in fact be a situation where The faster you go the more energy you Have available to continue And continue the acceleration process And at the same time the mass is Becoming relatively less and less and Less So it really it really enables the Possibility of being able to go faster In speed of light without violating General relativity and that was the most Fascinating aspect of the whole thing You’re drawing energy from the Environment and in the process of doing That You’re enabling the craft to not only De-mass itself But use basically conserve energy by Using The flux in the vacuum of space-time As the power source for your propulsion System so Literally the faster you go the more Energy you have available That you convert into propulsive force And the the lower the relative mass of The vehicle becomes so it’s actually Sort of an inversely proportional kind Of a relationship Most scientists with an instant response Would Think on special relativity terms and Say well The velocity of light is the limitation

You can’t go fast in the speed of light And therefore to conceive of us Exploring stars or Other people coming here it’s it’s just It’s It’s it’s too far they they just can’t Get from here to there Um we might explore our own solar system But that’s probably as far as we’re Gonna get But the truth of the matter is that in General relativity uh that’s not Not the case there are options there That limitation now has begun to Evaporate due to the new Understandings and predictions coming Out of general relativity so that’s not The issue And so i’m starting to learn about the Technology and how It might be playing a role in The function of this craft um the craft Of course had oxygen tanks and stuff and So it really suggested that the thing Was capable of going out into space The the idea was that Somehow this vehicle is is able to sort Of skirt the law In a way that allows it to do these Things that are unheard of So Um Well i understood that you know there Were probably you know

Some kind of a powerful electrostatic Field involved with the The capacitor ray there was obviously an Electromagnetic field that Was forming around this ring of wire That ran around the crew compartment and That would form a kind of uh donut Shaped or toroid shaped Electromagnetic field with field lines Stroking right through the middle of Craft which happened to be where there Was this large central column now The central column was supposed to be The most secret Part of the vehicle brad didn’t seem to Know too much about that but he said That he used mercury In some form he thought it might use it As a noble gas Vaporized mercury the the mercury based On a number of accounts Appears to circulate in a kind of a Closed-loop system That runs down through the cylinder in The middle and then Back up in the space between the inner Cylinder and the outer cylinder and There’s a counter rotation Kind of a mechanism that’s occurring There too and at the midpoint Is this thing that looks like a flywheel But in effect what i think it’s actually It’s its actual function is similar to What is called the homopolar generator

Where you can use the centrifugal forces Of a disc Conducting metal discs that’s spinning To actually throw The electrons in the material out to the Edge where they can be literally tapped Off with something that looks like A brush that has conductive bristles Now um i believe that what happens is That This vehicle develops probably several Million volts of voltage And the the shear uh Power of the electrostatic field that is Created in this capacitor ray Actually has the ability to polarize Uh the surrounding space time And polarizes the the so-called zero Point energy that is embedded in the Space time so it creates kind of a Positive and a negative aspect To the the status of that zero point Energy that’s surrounding the vehicle So just to kind of give a little Background the idea of a space warp Works on the principle of expanding and Contracting space in such a way That allows you to go somewhere very Very quickly what this does is it leads To something that was described by Mckellag kubieri In his 1994 paper on warp drive The creation of a warp drive that would Not violate general relativity and

One of the things that he was suggesting Was that you would be able to Engineer a vector or a pair of vectors In space-time That would on the one hand cause a Compression of space-time ahead of the Vehicle And an expansion of space-time behind The vehicle And that there would be an intervening Space between those two Phenomenon that would pretty much peg Your Sense of gravity your sense of inertia To The environment that you departed from When you initiated this This movement so in essence what you Have is you have a Spherical event horizon around this Particular Region that might be called a Dynamically engineered local spacetime And this particular region is set up in Such a way that It creates these influences in the Surrounding metric In such a way that it also creates a Vector that goes in this direction And so it’s kind of like having it’s Almost like having a black hole ahead of You And an expansion of space time behind You but

The the actual environmental conditions That you experience Inside the spacecraft are pretty much Pegged to the the time And place that you start out from so you Don’t have any sense of G-forces or or being moved around you Don’t have any Sense of acceleration because the entire Pocket of space time that you’re Encapsulated in is being accelerated by The vectors that are created around the System So it’s uniformly accelerated the Space-time pocket that you’ve created The uh the vehicle itself the The crew the cargo everything is moved As one complete package And so there’s no sense of acceleration But what it allows for According to kubiari’s calculations is What he was calling a An arbitrarily large speed which would Suggest something In excess of the speed of light at super Luminal speeds So to the person that’s inside the Vehicle it may appear that you know you Begin to accelerate for accelerate Away from a a particular Location but to the person who’s Standing outside the disturbed region of Space time it looks as though you just Were gone just you know in an instant

So this is an arv isn’t that what it’s Called Uh that’s what some people call it We we call it ram replication alien Machine Oh i see many highly credible reports of Ufos Share a few key descriptions of how These crafts behave They appear to have the ability to Accelerate to extremely high velocities At will Far faster than any man-made craft is if The speed of light maybe isn’t Any big deal they can stop on a dime and Turn at random angles While traveling at these crazy speeds Like the forces of mass and inertia Which would flatten anyone in a normal Situation Also aren’t a problem and they’re silent Without any visible rockets jets or Exhaust of any kind Like they’re pulling the energy they use Out of thin air Super luminal speed mass cancelling and Ambient field propulsion All apparently standard in the mid 80s Model fluxliner This makes the arv a seriously badass Means of getting around And kind of a missing link between Roswell and one of these Once we retrieved back in the 30s and

40s and 50s Several of these extraterrestrial Vehicles and began to study them We combined that knowledge with Knowledge we already had Because remember we had some people like T-towns and brown Who were studying anti-gravity quite Independent of this issue Back in the 20s 30s and 40s but when Their information Got combined with studying these Spacecraft They figured out ah this is how their Work and according to the latest Revelations in quantum physics All this is possible by tapping into the Sea of raw Energy we’re all just floating around in There’s plenty of energy in the pure raw Vacuum the new physics since quantum Mechanics The vacuum is a source of energy but It’s a peculiar kind of energy let me Explain the peculiar kind When a bird flies in and sits on a power Line he sits On a very high potential but between his Two feet he has no potential difference No voltage And so even though from the line to the Ground it may be a hundred million volts The little bird can sit very happily With his feet on this supposed 100

Million volt line And he has no volts across his body he’s Very happy and doesn’t even know it Let him touch his one of his feet to the Slightest thing that has the slightest Difference there and he’ll fly to a Greasy spot Now in the vacuum we have the same thing We have an extremely high potential or Charge of the vacuum But we’re immersed in the vacuum so they Were modeling the universe as being Sort of this this empty you know Material Free environment that had this energy That was embedded in it almost like Like a a fluid in a way that it had all Of this potential that you couldn’t see Until you found a way of driving it out Of this homogenous sort of State of equilibrium and getting to do Usable work Trying to remember exactly how i met tom I think we met At a um a ufo congress In laughlin nevada for the first time We’d been corresponding for quite a While Now what is zero point energy i’m going To show you different Many different definitions but let me Quote nikola tesla 1991 the world’s greatest electrical Futurist nikola tesla stated

Quote throughout space there is energy Is this energy static or kinetic If static our hopes are in vain if Kinetic And we know for certain it is then it is A mere question of time When men will succeed in attaching their Machinery to the very wheel work of Nature Many generations may pass but in time Our machinery will be driven By a power obtainable at any point in The universe And so there ladies and gentlemen is the Basic Birth of the concept of zero point Energy The real issue becomes um You know is is this new technology Something that’s so advanced and so far Out there That uh it’s it’s really Beyond the the scope of our modern Civilization is this something that’s so Hard to achieve that it re Requires such a tremendous amount of Of development that it would Cause the economy to collapse Or is it a real threat to existing Forms of energy like oil Coal nuclear wind power By the mid 50s they knew that this would Be the end of the oil cartels And the international financial

Petrodollar system And this is very important it means that We homo sapiens Have the ability to access this So-called zero-point field of energy Which the Is the ambient field of energy from Which all matter and energy is fluxing And can access that energy and generate All the power we need to run this planet Without fossil fuels or pollution So this stuff really works certainly Does oh well lots of luck Technologies connected to ufo and Extraterrestrial vehicles If declassified and used for peaceful Energy Generation and propulsion would solve The looming energy crisis definitively Would end Global warming would correct the Environmental Challenges that the earth is facing When i got involved with dr greer and The disclosure project i was very Excited And it was an opportunity to go to Washington and maybe Have an opportunity to talk some real Live politicians about What the potential of this technology Might be I was really hopeful that we would see Some kind of a

A door open publicly and that the Government would show That it was willing to have a Conversation A dialogue about the technology September the 11th basically knocked may 9th off the radar Permanently but it didn’t lessen the Potential importance of the spring Conference All the issues involved it did however Allow the bush administration to spend a Trillion dollars of our money On a war based on lies So getting together with dr greer going To washington dc Was exhilarating met a lot of Interesting people And it made it clear to me that there’s A lot more going on behind the scenes Than anybody can imagine I mean just just the sheer Volume of the stories and the accounts The experiences that these people have When taken as a whole you can see that There’s There’s this whole other level of things Going on that nobody knows about And there’s a handful of people that may Have An awareness and overview of all that But but how it’s affected me Well that’s a good question because You know i can think of a lot of things

That have happened to me that You know if i didn’t Sit down and seriously analyze all the Facts i might be able to attribute it or Blame it on you know Talking about flying saucers talking About the alien reproduction vehicle When i finally did a get around to Making a copy of this original drawing In the formal blueprint i sent a copy to Brad And the one of the first things that he Said to me on the phone was and he he Was He wasn’t kidding when he said this he Said you know mark Uh he says this drawing is about as Accurate as you can get he says Every detail every aspect of it is right On the money said it is so accurate in Every way He says this has to be probably one of The most dangerous illustrations you’ve Ever done in your life he says and if You’re smart He says you’ll tear up the original You’ll throw it away and you’ll never Talk about it again When it was all done the cia One of the cia men told the people they Were now sworn to secrecy That this meeting never happened and This event never happened You don’t necessarily write anything

Down you don’t write anything down And you keep it to yourself it’s a need To know basis only Well i thought gee this is something That we have to keep quiet that was Verified by the chief of security So i uh i got the feeling that somebody Was monitoring my Activity and there was one point in Which I wasn’t home at the time the phone Rings my girlfriend michelle Picks up the phone and a voice says to Michelle You better tell your boyfriend to stop Doing what he’s doing where he’s going To be in really deep trouble And you know then i did one by one i Lost all my defense clients as a Conceptual artist and it It could have been attributed to my Involvement with the disclosure project It could just be that that i’m an actual Artist with paints and brushes and i Don’t work with computers like you know Some experts that i know And it may be because there were a lot Of people that didn’t want to be Associated with somebody who talked About flying saucers and anti-gravity And aliens and all that kind of stuff The reason it’s called alien Reproduction Vehicle is that it’s based on the study

Of extraterrestrial vehicles but it is Manufactured by human Uh military intelligence aerospace Contracting arrangements we have studied Specifically extraterrestrial vehicles Which have been retrieved The breakthroughs in that research have Led to applications that have led to the Building of this and Similar anti-gravity devices and you can Understand how Corporations and brexit told me that it Had a big impact On his life because when his name Started popping up on the internet Associated with the arv story There were a lot of japanese clients That wouldn’t have anything to do with It because they did not Want any of that kind of reputation Tarnishing The information associated with their Product and their brand and so You know he did everything he could and I’ve i’ve minimized You know my uh mentioning of his name Except where it comes to you know Historical documentation what’s happened To him and i and other people i know but I feel terrible in some respects because You know i was encouraged by dr greer to Name names On camera and i wasn’t ever really sure What

What doing that meant in terms of Protecting identities or protecting People Other than making some footnote in History that this person Came forward says something and then Whatever happened happened I had threats on the phone i had the irs Come up and take all my money take all My cars um In fact that’s what happened to a guy in Canada um He had a machine a side of a shoe box That was supposed to put out enough Power to power your home And it was very unusual Well he was uh very open he would give Demonstrations he Wanted some investor to give him a Million dollars to sell the rights and You know he was doing all the wrong Things Sure of course and then one day they Came with a swat team surrounded His house confiscated all his Machines put him in jail And said if you want to get out of jail You have to sign this paper that says You’ll not Work in this technology any further so The Pretense of why they arrested him they Claimed that he was harboring weapons of Mass destruction

Terrorism weapons they create a very Time stable Pattern it’s sort of like look Again 14 times By the way mel what’s your phone number You’re calling from maybe Yes we should write that down Okay because they find they they find It’s coming from your end Not not from here something out of west Coast is causing this Okay you might check that out with the Police over there I noticed clicking on my phone i’d call Someone my voice would be echoing there Were all these weird sounds like someone Else was hanging up the phone after i’d Say goodbye but i wouldn’t hang up you Know So i had the feeling that i was being Watched you know i started feeling like Maybe i was being followed you know There were Just you know things you know cars that Would make a number of turns and then You know when you look at them they turn Off you know That kind of stuff and you’ve actually Heard a couple different stories about People Being shut down when they’re trying to Implement this or killed Or killed yeah i mean there’s there’s Many times i’ll lay awake at night

With my nine millimeter under my pillow Be loaded And i wonder why they haven’t killed me You know i honestly do There’s evidence to suggest it’s Dangerous to become successful in the Area of applied zero point energy Cold fusion or related free energy Technologies Or it can at least lead to very bad luck Professor stefan marinov founder and Director of the institute of fundamental Physics in graz Austria was the de facto leader of the European free energy movement He fell out of a high window in 1997. Eugene maloff an eminent physicist and Expert in cold fusion Who apparently had working tabletop Devices was beaten to death in 2004 At the height of his career and the day Before a public announcement Of his findings harry m de goyce an Inventor of a patented Revolutionary clean energy technology Associated with the zero point field Was found nearly dead in his car at an Airport in 2007 And died a short time later he missed His flight to europe Where he was about to obtain substantial Funding for his work Then there’s mark thomian a brilliant Physicist

And inventor of the patented star drive A system remarkably Similar to the arvs in its use of zero Point energy And related space flight applications he And mccandlish had corresponded numerous Times before his unexpected death in his Home In 2009. this was two weeks after the Successful trial Of a working prototype for a key Component Of this system and if i woke up tomorrow On the other side of the veil i wouldn’t You know i wouldn’t be surprised Honestly i really wouldn’t because i Know how serious the technology is i Know that it’s real The story line basically is that there’s A lot of work going on in the aerospace Industry That would indicate that we have black Projects that have gone Even darker and that there’s work being Done On electric rubidic on Scalar technology etc that We don’t even think that those in Congress or Even in the military that approve black Budgets are aware of I’ve seen copies of inter-office Correspondence among defense contractors That

Openly stated that they felt the Technology was a fundamental enabling Technology that it Had all kinds of different Defense applications but it also had a Lot of serious Civilian applications that would be Beneficial to humanity as a whole to the Environment It seems obvious that Someone perhaps a group maybe some kind Of a rogue civilization Within our society has captured the Technology They’re exploiting it for their own aims For their own Interests whatever those might be There’s not A sliver of doubt in my mind that it Exists That it’s being exploited in some way Whether it’s for intelligence collection Whether it’s for logistical support Whether it’s for You know retrieval of raw materials from The asteroid belt i have no idea why or What it’s used for all i know is that It’s extremely advanced it’s being used More and more I can only say that all the people Who’ve Sought to figure out what’s going on Using the freedom of information act Have kind of overlooked the fact that if

This was a purely corporate endeavor And not a government sanctioned endeavor That It may be one way in which the Technology can be Completely overlooked And skirt the the reach of the freedom Of information act Because if it’s considered trade secret Or You know corporate property so to speak Or Controlled by corporations it may be Possible that they could keep this Secret for a very long time even with You know people actively in the Government that know that it exists And maybe have contact with some of These corporate officials they control The technology So you know you kind of left with um You know a big question mark as to you Know where’s all this advanced Technology going and what’s it being Used for You know i mean if if there was some Somebody that had this sort of Inter interstellar trade program going On with another civilization you know That would be very interesting but i Can’t understand why they would want to Keep that quiet i mean it would seem Like such a A mind-expanding enlightening thing for

People to know about Maybe we’d stop shooting at each other And start thinking about How can we get along with the people on You know stars or star systems you know That are around us so It’s it’s hard to say The outer edge of this large 24 foot Diameter disc Causes the phone to ring Hello i’m trying to look cool do i look Cool Hey Yeah this is me on camera Okay You