*scary* OVERNIGHT In The REAL “Conjuring” HOUSE (Hunting For GHOSTS) | THE PARANORMAL FILES | Pt. 2

By | September 2, 2020
*scary* OVERNIGHT In The REAL "Conjuring" HOUSE (Hunting For GHOSTS) | THE PARANORMAL FILES | Pt. 2

So So I wanna do something okay I’m gonna record some i’m gonna record Some evps here This app is called haytel it just Amplifies the volume on the phone so Let’s see Let’s see what we can hear did i just Hear somebody coming from this room Can i just hear somebody coming from This room I know somebody’s here are you hiding in Another room I know somebody’s here are you hiding in Another room Was a very loud bang but honestly i feel Like it came from another room It came from this direction okay i want To go down to the basement and see Okay nothing is coming from this rem pod Yeah let’s do it absolutely nothing Can bring that with okay here we go Hello is there anybody down here with us Oh my god Men are touched by the furnace Nothing on the sls either Okay so i want to see if we can make Communication With the rem pod or the spirit box we Are in the area Where men are typically touched it’s

The hot spot for men to be touched we’re In the basement by the furnace room We’re not too sure Which spirit resides here but we’ve been Told that it’s a Friendly spirit they don’t think it’s Anything malevolent Hear that over in the corner i also just Want to say that If you’re here with us right now you can Touch me You can do anything to me you can Possess me if you’d like Okay so we’re gonna bust out the Necrophonic app if you guys Have a smartphone you don’t have a Spirit box highly recommend What it does essentially is eliminate The white noise So i really appreciate this it’s a lot Easier to Understand so let’s give it a go and see What we can hear okay so is there a Reason why Nothing is happening at the current time Are there any negative entities that are Still Residing here I heard that did you guys hear that I feel like together It’s not coming out but apart it would Come out Would you want to go to the third floor While i stay down here alone

Okay i really want to turn my light out And just sit here in complete darkness By myself So is there something or Someone down here that likes to touch Men Hell is it evil if colin stays down here By himself will you touch him No No why not if i turn my lights out Will you show yourself to me turn our Lights off We’re going to turn the lights off You’re not going to be able to see me he Is infrared if something happens we’ll Catch it Whoa i heard a child Stomach wait a second I heard a child and then it took my Stomach There was the kid that lost his feet So this is the crawl space apparently Where that boy Crawled into after he drank the horse Ornament and he died how old was He 12 or 13 wasn’t he I feel like i read some stuff that said Eight and then some stuff that said 12. Kind of an eerie little spot to die yeah Very sad how wild is that i’m pretty Sure Is the child’s spirit coming through Is that you can you make a sound

Lights out this is freaky Who’s coming there’s something behind me You gotta stop saying this you’re Freaking me out Dude i feel it yeah There’s something behind behind me It’s like on me it’s like on my back Well no i really don’t want to stay here By myself go I heard the word [ __ ] It shifted to where The energy just got more heavy it said He’s coming I don’t i don’t think it’s like an evil Thing i just don’t think it likes me She let me be down here by yourself dude Like this is Freaky i’m ready See chris okay everybody so The entity down here supposedly likes When men are alone Right here so i’m alone in the basement Of the conjuring house As freaky as that is and i’m just gonna Sit here and uh See if i can get whatever’s here to come Out she’s gonna be on the third floor And i’m in the basement so Let’s see Okay i’m alone in the basement with you Completely by myself it’s just me if

There’s anybody here I am completely open to you and i want You to make your presence known Is there anybody down here with me in The basement If you’re down here with me you can walk On over i’m not afraid I just want to talk to you Who’s down here with me Can you move this piece of stone in Front of me If you’re down here Can you touch me do something to me Are you here right now Right here i’m in the conjuring house You can touch me Punch me do anything you’d like are you Here It smells different almost like cigar Smoke Go oh What what Oh my god okay i’m coming up holy [ __ ] So what happened to you so i was sitting Right here in this chair Looking at the library because something Was taught me to look at the library That’s where we heard The sound before and it just felt like a Tug on my hair but i’m not sure if like Maybe the way i was sitting because i Had moved i think just like i was like

Moving but i’m not sure if my hair got Caught but honestly it just felt like a Tug I was really excited and honestly it’s a Little spooky i don’t like being touched By things personally Colin’s all four i’m not so i’m so sorry That i freaked you out colin but it was A little exciting but also super [ __ ] Spooky at the same time That scared the hell out of me i’m not Gonna cry let’s go upstairs Okay okay This is stairway right here no Um I’m still a little shaken up by that Good You should be but i’m just wondering if It’s from the way i was sitting like If my hair was kind of maybe caught my Nose i was feeling super anxious at that Point too Okay okay so we’re in the most Active room here can you make that rem Pod light up blue for us again Can you make that rem pod light up for Us Any color that you like Shadows you can touch colin Don’t touch me i’m good i’m gonna be Touched You can talk into our cameras we’ll hear It later i always feel so Bad i get so excited but i probably

Scared the [ __ ] out of you Sorry man Hey guys it’s colin here so uh i’m just Gonna interrupt the video real quickly To Explain what happened in this instance You guys know me you know that I’m very skeptical when it comes to the Paranormal i’m actually kind of militant About my beliefs and i debunk almost Everything that happens in the videos A lot of times i have videos that don’t Even have evidence because i’ll spend Hours in a location and nothing will Happen And for the most part in this conjuring Video there were things that went down But nothing really clear or I i was just editing and i found an evp That was kind of spooky but Besides that we didn’t really have that Big you know event that happened that Proved that this place is as haunted as They say until here Basically what happened to me was i sat Down in the chair You know it was oh my contact is For some reason right now coming into my Eye i was sitting down in the chair it Was late at night But i sat down and i kind of felt this Really weird blackness moving in on me And you can see it happen in the footage Because i kind of tilt my camera down

And i’m looking at the ground and I’m not saying anything to chris she’s Saying things to me and i’m not Responding And all of a sudden it kind of closes in On my vision for a second and i black Out and i literally dropped This camera that i’m holding right now This is the only camera that i had with Me on the trip It’s a 1 000 camera it’s nothing that i Would willingly just drop For fake evidence you know what i mean So for that to happen to me was really Really freaky And i came to pretty soon after i Blacked out but The whole rest of night i wasn’t really Thinking straight and i was acting weird Even watching the video of myself i just Feel like i’m acting like so strangely So I wanted to stop the video and explain That to you guys at home who are Watching Also shout out to everybody from tick Tock that’s here thank you all so much For supporting me on there i’m gonna hit A million followers pretty soon so if You guys on the channel don’t Follow me on tiktok i’ve been posting Stuff about this conjuring series and Other locations that i visited on this East coast trip on tick tock so

Shout out to everybody thank you all for The support and love there’s been some Negativity on there but What’s new you know what happens anyways Back to the video Keep that in mind that what just Happened was a blackout of kind of my Vision and Actually there’s something weird that I’m about to show you that corey and Jennifer said earlier in the night that I didn’t even know they had said at the Time so yeah Enjoy this you can talk into our cameras We’ll hear it later I always feel so bad i get so excited But i Probably scared the [ __ ] out of you Sorry man I get so excited but i probably scared This [ __ ] out of you Sorry man Are you serious What just happened how did that just Happen are you okay Dude are you good Wait colin Hold up give me a second This room gives you more of a feeling Yeah What’s neat is if you sit there and you Just let your eyes get

Adjusted to the dark you’ll actually Start to see Figures moving around like those black Shadow figures we’re talking about But you can tell there’s something there Because you’re going to feel like your Sense of space is being invaded on And like you can almost reach out and You can almost feel the The electricity on it static electricity Feeling really really neat but it’s just You just got to be able to tell yourself And Know yourself well enough that it’s like Okay i’m not getting tunnel vision Because i’m Because i’m falling asleep i’m wide Awake i know this is happening A lot of people complain in this room About feeling Not necessarily light-headed but yeah Yeah they Kind of go through like you lose track Of time you just get discombobulated And like disoriented yeah kind of yeah Like you can be up here for a good three Hours and think it’s all like been like Yeah i guess it’s more like a loss of Time So i’m interested I just got so i have to just like focus For a second because i just got so dizzy Yeah colin are you are you good dude I just dropped my camera i don’t even

Have footage of that happening because It Shut the thing i need to stand up Dude wait no be careful please are you Okay No no don’t are you sure yes That’s never happened to me i i Literally just got so sh You know what cory said before What is that sound what is Coming from in here cory said that in This room people get super dizzy Are you okay do you need anything do you Mean to get you anything Water at some point because of that you Want me to get your water it’s okay I can get you water do you want to stay Here i don’t know if we should stay in This room if it’s making you feel that Way dude you look like you like Your eyes were rolling in the back of Your head Can you turn the camera off for a second Yeah yeah Also like what the hell is that on your Hands Yeah it’s only on one hand too I wouldn’t even know what that is Trying to rub it off but it’s not coming Off I just feel horrible You want to go lay down a different room

Yes you want to go on that one Okay so it’s 3 p.m the next day Chris and i have been shooting um She shot an intro already did a little Interview with me I know i put some of the footage from What she captured of me After whatever happened last night the Kind of blackout thing In the video but if you want to see the Like extended stuff Go over to her channel and watch that Video and let her keep most of that Footage i’m just i’ll show The highlight of it but after that Happened i just want to clarify I didn’t want to film anymore i just i Haven’t filmed a single clip on my Camera since then But um i feel totally fine when i laid Down in bed after that i felt completely Fine And slept very well actually in this House We heard some things during the night But Whatever happened there was eerie and so We Just decided that this morning before we Leave well this afternoon it’s three We’re gonna set up the rem pod the thing Just hit when she turned it on And uh we’re gonna do an sp11 to see if

We can get Any answer as to what happened last Night So here i’ll prop that camera up so you Don’t have to hold it Um whoever’s in the house Last night i had some sort of an Incident in the middle bedroom I don’t know if you’re here from the Parent family I don’t know what that noise is it’s All different frequencies who was in That room With colin and i What happened to colin in that room So it’s right here where i’ll sit right Here again It’s right here where you made me kind Of black out Can you tell me why We really want to know What are you looking for are you Listening You guys know this dog So I’m just gonna say if anybody here has Seen the evil dead Uh really the remake but the first one Just as good but this looks Uh very similar to the remake what it

Looks like doesn’t this little path Behind the house it’s like some zombies Are about to Or demons whatever they are in that Movie about to pop the hell off Well this is definitely a sketchy bridge That i’m not going to cross But interesting the house is right Through there Here is flowing water in person you can See it This little creek honestly this would be Like a beautiful hike back here i’m not Gonna lie But these woods definitely seem to have Some sort of an enchantment to them They’re just a general energy that i can Feel Just being back here super pretty though I like it i could come out here and Camp overnight maybe that’s the next Video Anyways just walking around getting B-roll of this place I gotta say it is loaded Oh there’s just a noise it is loaded With energy Um this uh this whole property has Stories about it and People that supposedly died all Throughout this area and king phillips War and everything Um tragic tales but i mean look behind Me this is like a little glenn

With a mist a spooky ass big ass trees Um yeah i gotta say this place does have An eerie vibe But yeah at the end of the day we Had a great night and uh i thank you Guys for watching i appreciate the love The support the views You guys are helping make my dreams come True i know the channel’s gone through a Lot of changes lately but from the Bottom of my heart i thank you so much For supporting me And this authentic true work that we’re Doing here i’m out here in rhode island By myself out here filming this outro It’s calling everybody You know how much i love y’all and from The conjuring house As always everybody much love and stay Spooky Hello