Overnight in the MOST HAUNTED Chapel in Texas

By | August 26, 2020
Overnight in the MOST HAUNTED Chapel in Texas

Hey everybody it’s colin here back at The editing chair Once again good to see everybody i love And miss All of you guys and i would love for us To be able to have a big meet up one day Once uh The pandemic is over uh we’ll start Those up again and i’ll get to see your Beautiful faces in person Just wanted to give a little intro to This video this was filmed back in june There’s a special one-off investigation Before i start the next series it has to Do with the series because of the guest I just wanted to make this intro because I didn’t get to introduce her properly In this video Because i assumed that the series would Air first but This video you guys are going to meet Ashley she’s a really good friend of Mine and A very very talented artist who knows a Lot of really cool people She has helped me out in so many Different ways with filming the videos And she loves urban exploring so we Decided to go On this adventure together i hadn’t seen Her in a while so yeah I just wanted to intro her before we get Into the video so that you aren’t just Confused on who it is she’s just a

Friend good homie yeah anyways everybody I’m happier than i’ve ever been this is A great video it’s a I was blessed to have this opportunity To come investigate the group that i was With that night invited me out And uh it was a very fun time so anyways I love you guys so much enjoy the video And stay smooth [Laughter] Oh my god that was scary man Okay guys i’m gonna shoot the intro real Quick for our video i’ll let you run out There Okay guys it’s colin here and uh ashley I’m gonna shout out her instagram right Here But i can’t say it because i’ll get Demonetized It’s actually the metro yeah there you Go i’ll have to bleep that out thanks Ashley Tonight we are out in bandera texas About an hour from san antonio at a very Famous Chapel called paulie’s chapel but uh now That you know that Tonight we have some experiments planned We are working with another group that Has invited us out i’m gonna let them Introduce themselves in a second

But uh ashley how are you feeling um I as soon as i walked into this chapel i Felt like an uneasy energy so i’m Excited but And the fact that it’s like native American spirits that they they said That they’ve kind of Uh picked up on i think that that’s even More interesting because I think native american spirits are much More powerful and Can be just a little bit more volatile Than any ordinary spirit So i think you know we’re going into This space with respect To whatever entities there might be out There And i hope we you know see some things And if not You know i’m happy to just be in here We’re just uh we just got here but Anyways y’all Before we start this video i just want To hear from you guys online I always say this but i love reading you Guys comments trying to respond to them Just realize how sweaty i am of jesus Sorry My t-zone is shaking i keep saying I keep seeing like figures moving past This one just like when i Was right here i was like [ __ ] i saw Something like Shoot like that like across and i

Thought first thing was like is there Look for the window i mean it could have Been just like a reflection or some [ __ ] But No no yeah comment below if you’d spend The night in this chapel because So tonight we were invited out by these Guys to investigate the chapel Um why don’t we start with you eddie uh We’ll let everybody introduce themselves And kind of what you do in the group in Your guys’s group sure my name is eddie Hill i’m uh I’m basically the narrator i do a lot of The Voice overs and things of that nature For paranormal analytical I also host a show paranormal analytical As well and I’m one of the hosts on that show and uh Lead investigator out here with renee Howdy he is our mad scientist and then We have patrick newcomb over here who Is our medic he’s our field medic in Case uh one of us gets hurt or something Happens We’ve been doing this for quite a long Time i’ve been doing it since probably Around Professionally since about 2000 had Experiences all my life Tonight we’re here at paulie’s chapel And we invited colin to come out over Here with us because

This is one place i think that he hasn’t Been i think he’s been pretty much all Over haven’t you yeah We’re going to be out here for a while This place it’s Always active and we’ve been out here Quite a few times and we’ve never been Let down So we’re going to see what we find Tonight yeah i mean he pretty much Almost covered it there I’m just one of the investigators and I’m also the medic for the team so i’ve Been here several times before Let’s see what happens tonight and our Mad scientist renee Uh i’ve been with these guys since uh 2008 uh previously i was I was working with mufon uh looking for Ufos and i kind of ran this guy And uh we joined forces now we’re Investigating The paranormal we’ve seen a lot of crazy Stuff here since since i’ve been with Eddie and patrick It’s it’s ramped up a lot so i’ve seen Ufos ghosts cryptids you name it i’ve Seen it It’s legit well what we do is you know We want to make sure that we capture Any and all data that comes our way so This way Nothing’s left to the imagination we’ve Got different lighting different

Cameras that are able to pick up Different lighting so if there’s Anything at all that happens we’re Hoping that Between our main camera which uh miguel Here is using That uh basically films all of our stuff You know we’re hoping that Between something we’re able to pick up Whatever it is that we see Feel or smell for that for that matter i Mean so i mean we have to use all our Senses So real quickly i want everybody one by One to just give me Your favorite experience that you’ve had Here The craziest thing that i’ve had happen Over here was one night miguel and i Were filming and we had the rest of the Team That was with us at the cemetery part of Paulie’s chapel And while we were there i was talking to Miguel and i’m in front of the camera Like this and we’re talking And i keep seeing a light over to my Right side back in the back of the Cemetery and it looked like three Uh fluorescent tubing lights that were Moving in unison like this And when i kept seeing that out of the Side of my eye i thought it was one of My guys

In the back of the cemetery kind of Exploring and when i yelled out to them They were all on the other side of the Fence of the cemetery Watching and they they were looking at Me like you see that as well and i was Like well yeah That’s crazy and i mean i took off Running over there and uh Miguel chased after me with the camera And we get over there and by the time i Made it to the where These lights were at they were gone and We looked all over the place to try and Figure out what we could uh debunk and We couldn’t debunk it There was nothing there that could have Been making that those lights there was Nothing there that was moving So it was that would that have been Probably my craziest experience over Here And you had those doors open behind Right i’ve had several but that was one Of my craziest but these doors here Had a much bigger rock there was a way Bigger rock than what you see there at The door It was like a boulder and i had those Doors And if you look inside you can i think You know what they They did it looks like they replaced Them or did something

But they’re real heavy doors and we had That big boulder in front And i was asking you know if there was Anything here if they could let it let Me know And those doors were actually pushed Open With no wind there was nothing there it Pushed the rock out of the way Or the boulder and the door just opened And you’re expecting somebody or Something to come through and there was Nothing there Uh mine was actually the last time we Were here it was actually me and renee We’re by ourselves We’re at the cemetery and like eddie was Saying those Fluorescent lights it looks like a tube Light it’ll just Appear it’ll it’ll kind of move and Dissipate Uh we actually seen one fly over a tree And then vanish so it was bizarre it was Something i’ve never seen before so Hopefully we’ll be able to capture That tonight uh let me see it was two Times ago we were Here we were packing up getting ready to Go to cemetery This happens all the time as soon as we Pack our gear we have something happen So right on the side of the the chapel Here there is looks like a shed

And i was just happened standing on the Corner here and i was looking at the Shed And i saw this this ball up here Uh it just just i saw just appear it Looked like a bunch of spider webs Together it was just amber color just Kind of sit there floating twisting Kind of get it brighter and then softer And brighter and softer and look like I look like a light made out of spider Webs just kind of sitting there just Floating and sitting there and i’m like I don’t have my camera and i’m just Sitting there gaping at this thing like Wow that is so cool And then it just slowly turned off And we’ve had those same lights like Eddie was saying down at the cemetery That was the same night it was the same Night same night that we had those Lights at the cemetery but when we When you saw that miguel and i were Inside filming and we heard you guys Yell And we’re like they know we’re filming Why are they yelling you know and so we Come outside to find out what was going On because we Just rang the bell on steeple and they Saw this thing Show up so when i ran outside i was like What’s going on That’s when everybody was kind of like

In a panic running around because these Balls of light that they saw were going Through the trees i didn’t i never saw Those lights over here But by the time we made it to the other Cemetery we were filming over there is When The rest of the stuff took place oh and The activity does pick up When we ring the bell we ring it three Times And we will get activity i don’t know What it is about this particular bell But we will get we’ll bring it later Tonight okay we’ll get something Well thank you guys for having us out And uh It’s time to do this it’s our pleasure I’m ready let’s rock and roll and get This Show i’m ready hey you know what let’s Get calling ringing All right you got to ring it three times Okay i got it you have to give it some Force but if it’s It’s not broken Oh yeah i don’t think it’s working Anymore I like lifted myself off the ground for A second 220 pounds it looked like it was Off the uh it’s off because there was a Thing that was attached to and it looked

Like it was bent I bet you they uh took it off took it Off of there because people were waiting Too much i was really excited to hear That bell ring we were too I was excited That’s the reason why that’s why yep i Haven’t been working Now we’re in the same boat man it’s been A rough one that’s unfortunate Yeah wow Two rings just three okay Watch out where you sit Okay guys so to start this off it’s Ashley and i in the chapel And we have been given some time to Begin the investigation without the rest Of the group that’s outside So we’ve got the lights on right here We’ve got a rem pod that i’m going to Turn on right away we’re going to move Into using spirit box and we’re going to Use the ovulus as well We’re going to start out at the Beginning trying to capture some sort of Physical activity because just a few Moments ago ashley and i actually heard Some sort of a knock On the window when we weren’t filming it Was on the pew Yeah on the pew right over there to the Right and apparently they’ve captured a Lot of poltergeist activity in here oh There’s a mouse oh my god

Oh my god if you’re being so rude to him I want him to see him on camera Ghost mouse is just what i need i’m Gonna start this off Like we always do um i’m gonna turn the Lights out and Walk to the very front and set the rem Pod uh actually i’m going to set the rim Pod Before we turn the lights out right here Because If you think about it in a theory if People were coming in and out of this Chapel like they were for church Services and whatnot That everybody would have passed right Here through these doors because they Were only doors in the building So this would have been the area with The most movement in the church Oh my god he’s way up there Oh [ __ ] that’s like a zero gravity Scorpion i didn’t know they could crawl Like that man Did you holy Bro i didn’t know that they could climb That high look at that thing Bro he’s way up there Wait i can’t even oh holy [ __ ] he’s even Higher than i thought he was Wow dude that scorpion is literally Way up there on the wall i did not know They did that

Um To any spirits that may still be Here inside of paulie’s chapel i know That this place Was important to you in life and Since you appear and manifest and still Try to contact and connect with people Seems to still be important to you in Death So i’m going to introduce myself my name Is colin i’m here with ashley We’re just here to talk to you we don’t Want to scare you we’re not afraid of You So you can feel free to do anything You’d like tonight to come out and talk To us But you can use my energy and Use the energy from our batteries and Other things that we have if you even Know what that is Yeah we’d like to hear your voice so Come on out is there anybody here In the chapel with us Is It just got like really hot in here You wanna ask a question are you angry With what the man who built this chapel Did to you to your people you angry That he took your land And abused your people If you feel like if you could just tap Something To signify that you hear us and that

You’re willing to communicate Just simple tap anywhere On one of the That pews got like 10 degrees hotter Like sweating all of a sudden We understand that you’re not in the Mood we get it Oh i keep hearing like damn bug that’s What that is It is i want to try something there’s This feature on tick tock that a lot of People have been using It’s called reality ripple also Real quick if anybody knows what type of Bug this is online Please comment it below because it looks Really freaky Okay so this is reality ripple so see How it like detects like different Movement this apparent this is a huge Trend online of people using this filter And they say that they find ghosts in Their house from doing this so You can see from how i’m interacting you Can see how There’s like a um Like a wave that i leave behind so i’m Going to try to see Here can you point the Hmm like right on this pew right on my Stuff Every time we can put the light over Here Oh is that a kissing bucket i don’t know

There’s a lot of creepy ass bugs in here Man Okay this is why i want to do this Experiment I’ll take this Oh perfect There’s power in the blood it’s kind of A dope name I don’t know this is a hymn for the Coved era Clean hands Okay guys so uh Okay guys so we’ve been in here for a While nothing really has happened Um it’s pretty toasty in here but i Wanted to try An experiment so i’m gonna run this Spirit box Right here on the loop i’m going to set It up here I’m going to prop it up against the Hinge hook I’ve got the rim right here I’m going to prop that up there i’m Going to turn this on and i’m going to Play a hymn on the piano to see if we Can stir up any energy in this building So let’s turn this one Want to come to church feel free Services Right now welcome to i am Mr colin brown i’ll be your church for Today

Everybody [Applause] Foreign [Applause] This one is way Is can you say yes if you want to hear One of these How about my jesus i love thee Anyone come into his presence Sing to the lord I said i didn’t vote how about Turn me oh god uh the steadfast Love of the I lord no to that one um on jordan’s Stormy banks How about i’m so glad that jesus loves Me They said yes sure you want to hear i am So glad that jesus loves me Someone wanted to hear this i don’t Know how i’m gonna do this So Okay let’s do that Is This is the dearest that jesus Loves me jesus loves me [Applause] Anybody have anything to say

They said no they’re very ungrateful i Just played them to him Hey you’re playing along yeah no we have To do some great Chance like Wait let’s try to let’s try to um uh Harmonize wait wait You have to do the vibrato Wait one two three Watch this everybody get this trash Oscillating That looks good Delicious delicious Okay everyone i’m gonna open this book To a random page We’re gonna see what him it wants us to Sing What is it i can’t believe it what are The ghosts on listen to Um ghosts you got any suggestions I wonder what they’re thinking they’re Probably out there Yeah seriously The little lord jesus no christ I honestly took stage close to army Well i want to point out real quick that The oculus died when we were playing Piano So we’re going to finish this out we’ve Got the round pod now the very front I’m going to stand up here like i’m Giving a sermon i Am the mind freak i

Am the my great Okay jesus he’s got chills man really No if there’s anybody here in the chapel With us You can use your voice and speak to us Can you say the word Yes if you’re here Can you guys tell us what kind of a Building we’re in right now maybe say The word Church or chapel Can you guys tell us your name if you’re Here Sid Are you a settler or a native american Spirit Can you say one of those words Why are you still here can you just tell Us why you’re here if there’s somebody In here Are you still sitting in one of these Can you tell me numerically how many Scorpions are in this building I would really like to know if i can Watch out for them You guys say a religious word like god Him Jesus uh apostle Music did y’all enjoy The music that we played for y’all Tonight did you enjoy our free concert I think you said yeah do you guys want Us to play more music

On the piano can you say yes or piano or Music Okay guys if you give me one word We’ll end it with a little a little tune So you got to play our game Do you want more music or do you want us To leave can you tell us Okay so we’ve been in here about an hour Now we haven’t really captured anything We’ve gotten some responses on the Spirit box we played some hymns We’ve been sitting around the silence Trying to make sense of all this but We were just talking about how like i Feel like there’s not like a lot of Energy here Yeah specifically it’s just kind of like Tonight it feels a little empty Yeah but it’s still a cool place Lots of scorpions man and mice double Bugs They’re kind of bugging me out guys We’ll be back Hello