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This Is the c seti triangle that i was Talking about This was a crop circle that we Visualized and sent to the ets I don’t know if we need all these flood Lights they’re not going to be able to See A lot So we were we were seeing this formation In our minds Sent it up to the et’s and then this Thank you that’s what i was talking About half hour ago Um well It doesn’t matter if people can see me It’s more important that they see this And so here’s another we have a member Of our team as a famous space artist And just switch that off and this object Appeared You see the red laser look at the shape Of it It has it’s very unusual and this was a Communication system device he was doing The ce5 And he stopped his van his car and took This picture I not long ago got from the french Military Exactly the same object In a drawing from 1968 and that was in 1990 something 92.

So this one you saw this was in the film Sirius we can take this off if you If you i don’t know if the way to get Rid of that bar um These were one two three there were Eventually four Bluish white now they don’t look that Way on this film And this is great to hear that the the The sound on this but i guess there’s no Ability to turn on the off the sound Okay all right and this is the one where The guy goes holy damn hot But the reason he was so astounded is That this is an old height eight film it Wasn’t digital it’s pre-digital this is In 92 And i was signaling to them They we had done the meditation they Popped into They didn’t move in they materialized in Front of us one two Three and then four and i was making a Triangle In the sky then they Came in and made a triangle they’re Signaling Reproducing what we were doing there Were two kernels from the air force There And as it turns out a guy named moore Who wrote bush’s brain about karl rove He was there Um and yeah that book

Uh about karl rove and but the Here they are and they’re moving towards Us against a stiff wind coming off the Gulf of mexico In march 1992 As this was going on the part that isn’t Filmed because There’s no camera i know that would have Captured it We were in a circle by the ocean and it Was very windy And amongst us and near the cars were These shimmering almost holographic Forms here they are one two Three four one two three four and they Were about 30 40 feet in diameter each and these Little beans started moving around us And there are Several women jumped in their pickup Trucks and roared back to pensacola Now a member of our team in new mexico Was doing ce5 during the day meditating And she couldn’t see anything but she Clipped this picture And very important as you understand You may not see it with the naked eye But It’s there and this is a seamless sort Of sombrero shaped Golden object and it’s been analyzed it Was estimated to be moving maybe around 500 miles an hour just from the blur Factor

Um and it was a ce5 Outside santa fe this is what i was Talking about when i decided to buy my This estate where i live now this Appeared in the meadow of the Land of the man who was representing us To buy the property And it’s basically the sea city triangle But the line going to the center Instead of the outside with these three Other Sea city triangle here in the center a Smaller one and then a central Circle so it’s it’s it’s variations on a Theme it’s more of a tetrahedron looking So it’s like a 3d representation of the Triangle or the mantra And it was the et’s saying welcome to Your new home and this is a good move For you Was on the front page of the weekly Paper uh This that i couldn’t believe it So once you get plugged into these Civilizations they do all kinds of Beautiful things to let you know that You’re Not alone and in fact we’re never alone This is a beautiful a series of events That happened It was again an early event in the 90s At mount shasta A high eight camera no knight scope so i Really need to describe it but basically

An Object that was a triangular craft Around or estimating 800 miles to a Thousand miles across It was exo-atmospheric it was seen from Vancouver all the way down to la I remember art bill getting hundreds of Calls about it We had created a ce5 protocol where After we do the meditation and remote Viewing and the coherent thought Sequencing to invite them in I did a prayer for the healing of planet Earth where we asked the et’s to join That they loved it so much they came in And it was this massive triangle and it Actually flips end on In these are just the points you can see Three edges of the triangle And it was really astonishing Unfortunately it was a very poor Uh camera we have much better cameras Now but they were saying to me yes Do that because we will join you in this Consciousness That will heal and guide the earth and Humanity Oh it just froze Oh okay yeah just let it roll this is an Object that was in the atmosphere Uh in creston colorado where it had a Ranch Uh right above the sangre de cristo Mountains

And it was uh much brighter or as bright As a bright satellite but visible in Broad daylight And if there were we have satellite Charts when we go out Anytime you go out you should have Either an app Or a printed out of all the satellites In the sky If you don’t you’re going to misidentify Satellites as ufos everyone does it You’ve got to go out with a satellite Chart Here it comes and look at it suddenly Picks up enormous speed And zips off towards the northeast these Are the sanger de christo mountains Bye bye and then This was at joshua tree right before the National press club event i was told i Needed to come even though i didn’t have Time For the disclosure project took up all My time And we were hiking out of a cave where We had done a meditation Where we were told this vision must Guide the world of what we’re doing And sherry always appeared she had Passed away my right hand assistant best Friend And uh they murdered her and they tried To kill me but she’s always a pink mist And this is this et i call kindness that

I uh Sherry introduced me to an elusive dream The night of her passing And this is actually a ship cobalt blue And there’s almost Never never have we gone out for a whole Week where kindness Doesn’t show up and it’s usually blue White or blue And it appears and it can come in and Make right hand turns sometimes it’ll Actually shine a blue light into the Circle And that’s a senior e.t whose name i i Created kindness Because when i met her she was the Quintessence of kindliness So this we have to hear unfortunately Again i don’t know if we We have no sound when i took When i when i was talking yesterday at Mount shasta Uh about this this is when this hour Today there was this Tone that came through when we were in Deep meditation And at that instant there That we heard this tone that i hopefully Will be able to play The Ship it was a carrier wave for the ship And in your consciousness you could see This spherical pearlescent almost pearl Gray object

Float from one side of the field through The circle In our minds and out the other side and Almost everyone saw it in their Consciousness But it was carried by this tonality very Vedic You know the veda concept of name and Form or sound and form Where the sa here goes Yeah most computers have Yeah anyway it’s moved on this is Another event that I apologize we don’t have sound on some Of these uh this came in uh What is this all right someone says oh It’s a mosquito flying i know it isn’t Watch I’m looking this is me and i’m looking Up at this object right above us and i Look down look see me looking This comes in and it’s it’s almost like It’s a Uh communication rod Uh that came in and it stayed in the Center of the circle the entire night But in a transmitted you’d have to look Sideways with soft Eyes and you could see this thing Shining at the end of the night a man Went over and saw this green light in The center of where we had been In the center of our circle and tried to Pick it up but he couldn’t

This is an interesting object this is in The ultraviolet range a member of our Team in australia Her dog wanted her to come go outside And was sensing something And ran right underneath this object And it event it went into the water she Was Lived on the water there and very bright And we analyzed that it was in the Ultraviolet range In an ideal world we’d have 360 cameras At all times in the visible Spectrum night vision infrared and Ultraviolet but You know that’s a very expensive setup This is me Signaling to something that comes in Watch It’s not a satellite now we call these Cosmic flash bulbs and what they really Are There’s a craft sitting out there we’re Connecting to it and it just Lights itself up to let you know they’re There this is mount shasta And look what’s in the field look at These things this is not anomalies Now this is with a night vision camera Watch this Triangle appears right in the field So if you see one of these objects Two of them Watch they will actually light up the

Trees around them So these are coming in they’re very They’re like very fast And when you see them what you’re all The reason that’s all you’re seeing Is that that’s all you’re seeing in this Dimension of an interstellar craft That’s coming in at the crossing point Of light And is just letting you know they’re There and then they de-materialize and They’re sitting with you all night in The field Superimposed on space-time watch this One Lights up and it’s like a lightning bolt In front of this tree This is about 50 feet from us actually My wife was with me and saw this one Saw this with the naked eye by the way Another one And people asked me how many of these Have we seen tens of thousands We never do this uh protocol where we Don’t have The interstellar trans-dimensional Manifestations like this Ever And here’s an object um no satellites up At this hour Um it was at a time of night past when Uh The shadow of the earth and the sun There were no satellites

This comes in when i signaled to it look What it does Beautiful and it goes away Now people say well what’s going on with This i said they’re basically connecting To us Letting us know they’re there and then We go On their craft and consciousness and Travel out in the space with them Well that’s what you’re supposed to be Doing it’s some people have a hard time Doing that for The very first week but if you practice It you Instead of just sitting there in it like A lump in your bodies Let your consciousness which is infinite And omnipresent Go on board the ship and travel with Them and they will take you Into other dimensions and to their Worlds look at the size of this one This one was a blue white one and i’m Pretty sure was kindness This et that had perfectly round head Beautiful almond shaped eyes Very small not as small as atacama Humanoid but And kindness is sort of the reason i Named her that is she’s the Incarnation of just pure kindliness And enlightenment just beautiful Beautiful e.t

And she’s always with us when we’re out Now she’s a very senior ambassador And very enlightened from an advanced Civilization that’s been cleared to Interact with us Look at her this is her look at that Visible Massively with the naked eye past the Hour when there are any satellites Visible in the sky Now these are objects um air forces call Them fast move Fast walkers there’s a movie made of That look at this disc Not a falling star it’s going up and you Can see the disc shape of it See it it goes came up out of the Volcano This is the pleiades by the way straight Up Now we see this all the time when we’re Out And at mount shasta often like that one That we just saw not this one the Previous one Actually emerged out of the the volcano Because deep in the volcano is a Trans-dimensional interstellar base That’s been operative since the Lemurians and The the continent out in the pacific That sank You all know about that yeah most of you Do

Um hey it’s a weekend not a year i can Only go into so much i mean Look at this came out And going up and it was more like a ball This is not a falling star this is not a Tail there is no visible tail it’s a Knight scope and so when it’s very Bright it leaves A streak in the film here’s another one Going upward And by the way when we’re do when these Occur usually if we had the sound you’d Be able to hear The uh Detectors going off they’ll appear and Suddenly the detectors That i’ve just showed you these Electromagnetic device magnetometer Radar detector what have you Will start talking either just before or During Now these are the orion transmissions If you can put a mic i’ll put a might if I could find the speaker Where’s the speaker on this Celestial knowledge Look at this various frequencies Open your hands like this and let your Energy The knowledge of this transmission I knew i told our group that as soon as We arrived and made circle here This would happen you did

Oh that’s the other detective the two of Them is that yet another frequency of Yeah You can’t hear me Oh my god This went on for 23 minutes and It that was when the crystal began to Radiate the energy i spoke of last night Here’s an object we’re walking on the Beach a member of our team Senses and this object comes into this Dimension in the haze And the previous night the same object Came in and went into the ocean And it stayed there with us the entire Week on the outer banks of north Carolina the barrier islands here’s a Enhancement that shows the discs shape The night before we didn’t get it on Camera it came in and it was three Inches at arm’s length that’s how big it Was and it would materialize As a golden ship dematerialize and It materialized and go straight straight To the ocean This is one of the most astonishing Events ever We’re on the ocean a craft Uh had had come across the sky and gone Into the ocean That i just mentioned and this is our Circle

And suddenly on the beach for an entire Hour 90 feet from us this is the edge of the Ocean and the waves see them breaking And on the sand 90 feet from our circle Is a teal blue white And golden object And it completely Without any other visible phenomenon These are not fireflies and They had color and they had intelligence And Each time they went off they were Sending to us Packets of information and really it Would they were shifted Shifted beyond the speed of light Holding the protection oh my god The human cabal that has been targeting These things are being held off So this can be here visible for people This is amazing that this is business Look at how bright you see it now Everyone saw this with the naked eye not Just the night scopes It went on for an hour at the end of Which i walked into the area Where these three objects had been going Off For an hour and i went into an Energy field and the people behind me Saw me Dematerialize i didn’t i and i just felt Very light like i was levitating

But then there was a curtain of light Above me that i went through And i realized that they were asking me To leave and i could have But i knew it was in time and i just Burst into the team It was so emotional has everyone seen This at least once or twice Yeah it’s done it about a hundred times I think yeah Over 100 times but you know in the same Spot Right it was just exactly right here That’s my laser it’s right here did you See it so These were the the uh god Consciousness level interstellars that Were The ship was in the ocean they were Teleported Onto the beach as points of Consciousness that were visible with the Naked eye And they were communicating with us for An hour You’ll want to do this sometime let’s go Do it It’s so beautiful look at this this is The one the most important piece of the Video in history You won’t believe this when it goes slow There’s People go crazy we were doing the Contact protocols this object in the

Field lifts straight up Watch it it turns to the left Great camera work talk Look at this watch out look at it right Here It is going it’s like a uh going in and Out of this dimension Almost like a caterpillar it’s shrinking Watch it now lift up straight up This is a light ship It is e.t and it had been there With us that evening it took off because Of a threat that came in But it went off into steep space is that Stunning Yeah yeah absolutely unbelievable we did A conference in rio rico For a couple hundred people were sitting On a roof of a hotel And this comes in right above the group It’s a partially materialized Tetrahedral shaped Massive ship that was right above us Yeah as soon as this happened the sky Was filled with jets there were Special forces that broke into my room You wouldn’t believe what goes on You could if you did it in a movie no One would believe it could be true Look at that disc now the streak wasn’t Detailed again that’s the night vision Scope Was light cells because it’s so bright Look at this thing you can see the shape

Of it It’s very disc shaped like the one that Came up out of Uh mount shasta that that cork one i Call it corkscrews through space and And sort of is going in and out of Space-time Watch this Not a falling star Are you all enjoying this is this Helpful okay well because it gives Imagery to some of what i’ve been trying To describe for the last day or so And if you go out with your own teams You’ll see much of this But i want to explain what’s going on It’s all interacting with consciousness And with our intent and they always try To let us know they’re there with us We’ve never done a week expedition where Kindness hasn’t appeared And several dozen of these others now This of course is the most important Photograph ever taken Recently someone published something Proving it was a hoax It is not i know the woman who took it i Was beside her This is not an angel looks like it Because it’s it’s an energy field His name’s bijou he’s from andromeda Galaxy This is not a man-made light this is a Teleportation system coming from

From uh the orb on the left And see his these two eyes nose has a Teleportation device up here He’s waving here his left leg is behind Him and his I mean his right yeah and his left leg Is here these are his boots And it’s just in this dimension he has a Concave head like wharf On the star track these two eyes he’s Wearing night vision goggles the nose is Bright because the orb is over here That’s Holding his energy this is his chest and Abdomen He’s about four to five feet tall he was Floating right outside the group And he was a senior ambassador look at The size of his head from his eyes to The top It’s at least two to three times hours This is the one when i asked him his iq About 450. Um very very beautiful spirit uh E.t this is a if you can imagine astral Projection that can be done Electronically Where it then bleeds into this dimension That’s what their technologies are Capable of This is not a planet this is the orb That lit up This is the cone of light holding his Energy and this is him

Just before this here he is if you Contrast it This is him look at the size of the head No no he’s not wearing a hat No i think the old you know jewish Yamakas And headdresses of darius tradition came From encounters with beings that were Wearing these Crown chakra teleportation devices That’s my theory i don’t think rabbis Like it but And what you need to understand about This is that it was preceded we were at A break and we walked out At geology tour road up here in joshua Tree And we at the break here he is this is What he really looked like now with the Naked eye Not visible but we heard a group of Three or four et’s speaking In a language not our own and the et’s Were in a group where the photograph was Taken And only bijou allowed himself to move Into The digital the camera Frame this is a very detailed Measurement so the east field is out Here I had been down there and this object Materialized about six inches from my Shoulder

This is what that same area looks like With a man-made flashlight look at the Difference With the same camera at the same setting This is a daytime shot taken by a Different camera And it just shows our chairs were here There was a tree here that’s not in the Frame And the bean the e.t was here Cool huh Now take a look at this we’re in deep Meditation There’s a medical doctor from peru who’s On the team In florida and this thing comes in wraps Around her Goes up to her third eye and crown Chakra i call it the cosmic spermatozoa It almost looks like but look at it come In this is a Still camera high quality it’s a five Thousand dollar State-of-the-art camera and this comes In Wraps around her and goes up so Very beautiful this happens All the time when we’re out there you Don’t always get a good photo of it But when you do you really see and Here’s The same expedition and this light beam Is on the sand in front of me we’re just Setting up looks like there’s a

Halo it’s actually an energy field Teleportation energy field And you’ll see it has two eyes the torso Very abstract see the eyes very just Barely it’s like a crystalline bean in This dimension This would be a beautiful piece of art In a gallery Wouldn’t it michael for this art gallery Thing we want to do Stunning Outer banks i mean we’re going quick Through these Because i can’t pause now this we’re at A site look at this How close 20 feet 30 feet it lights up The tree So people say what is that that is an Entire extraterrestrial spacecraft Coming into this dimension all we’re Seeing of it is the leading edge of it Bumping up into this dimension And they’re letting us know they’re There and then they’re just hovering Dematerialized for the rest of the night Here it is this was visible with the Naked eye And i mean stunning in front of the tree These are not artifacts Or or you know what have you This is amazing story it would take a Couple hours to go through all of it You can hear the detector just went off Hear it

That’s walter I affectionately call him walter and uh There’s a ship out on the ocean There’s a highway here Watch this Jesus did you hear beep beep when it Came Look at the size of this thing it was Orange now this is a monochromatic green Knight scope it was beautiful orange Golden it lit up the entire ocean all The way to it and dematerialized Now watch this one It’s it’s absolutely and the light isn’t Light from an aircraft see and there’s Nothing there When it vanishes it’s celestial light From a deep trans-dimensional Interstellars that are at the level of God consciousness And the experience of it you go into a Very high state of consciousness just The energy bathing you in this cosmic Light Look at this one watch how it turns Sharp 300 degree turn Boom stunning and then dematerializes Not an airplane not a satellite not Superman not a weather balloon This is what happens all the time when We go out I’m just showing you a few images out of Thousands we have Thousands and this is with amateur

Equipment Amateur camera people and volunteers Imagine if we had professional grades Staffing and professional grade Equipment No i’m just saying that you know i mean You know we’re They’re doing the best they can i am too With very little resources This was a huge crimson red ship Look at this oh that Here it is right here oh it vanished There were two of them the first one was Missed this one It took a little while for the camera to Get moved over to it this is why we need 360 degree camera capability which is We just don’t have it um but we need to Get it Paging all camera nerds And but it was beautiful now on the on This film it looks just Monochromatic it was this gorgeous Crimson deep red And it just it was there very close And we were connecting with the Occupants and after it dematerialized we Had this meditation Where we met the the occupants In meditation many people the Electronics were going crazy And we’re out on this national seashore 100 mile long

Cape hatteras national seashore where There was absolutely nothing That would have made these electronic Detectors go off and they began to talk To us Afterwards in ways that were just Beautiful Here it is again It was quite large uh at arm’s length it Was probably the size of a nickel The older arm out which is actually Pretty big if you look at what the size Of a Helicopter aircraft is it was it was Fairly close over the ocean I’m quite convinced it was the same The same group of ets that had come up That had gone into the ocean the first Night we were there These civilizations are always With us and and there aren’t it isn’t Just one or two It really is hundreds of them Perhaps thousands and in the universe There’s countless numbers but not all of Them are Involved with the mission to planet Earth That’s my laser And we’re looking to east over the water This is beautiful because we have this Another like cosmic flash bulb And we’re there look at the brilliance Of it it lit up the whole circle

Oh it just did it again just did it Again So it’s this object that came in Materialized And filled filled the circle with light One time we were there we didn’t have a Camera on we were having bubitas and Conviviality At three in the morning after being out All night And sitting out in a circle just four or Five of us and Kindness came over stopped and rolled Out a beam of light that lit up the Entire Circle where we were sitting this is the Milky way galaxy And this we’re up at blanca peak at our Contact site and all these Objects appear within about four or five Feet of me Now in conscious on channel one in my Consciousness What we were doing we were having a Meeting at this contact site up on Blanca peak which is the sacred mountain Of the east for the native american Tribes of that area The third highest peak in colorado And there were et’s that were there And their craft emerging out of the Mountain And then behind shifted behind People could see the sort of celestial

Realm And behind that the realm of the divine Avatars And ascended masters and and but this Appeared right Beside me next to us in front of the Bushes At this contact site When we we’ve gone to the areas of the Crop circles this is really fun we had Someone who Had a great camera who uh There was this orange weirdness now it’s On a tripod Not being moved and this is normal this Is a still photograph That’s my head and this is this object And it is not an artifact watch because It moves here it is again There’s a feedback coming out of Somewhere Look at it and it has a little bit of Violet color here This is my head now so i’m looking the Other way it moved this way Isn’t this awesome There’s a guy from france who’s on our Team And here it is another one this is a Separate photograph These are in sequence and i’m looking Around boom boom boom very quickly I felt it and that we had a detector in The center of the

Crop circle that was going dum dum dum Dum Dum dum dum dum dum dum Dum dum dum dum for a long time my Detector did that as i went into my House last night by the way Very anomalous so Watch when they put it into motion so we We Boom this is a tripod not moving With a remote we’d never let our people Touch the camera to take a picture They do it with a remote control boom Boom boom So this is actually there then watch What happens Oh there’s another one it’ll come in Later this is the crop circle where we Did Work that year and this is just from Above We placed ourselves in this area right Here Beautiful in the very center of it when I put one of our Detectors down it started making Like angelic celestial music and there Were all these crappies People who go on these crop circle tours It’s really a disaster when i go because There’s you know ended up Having a thousand people following me Into the field but That that began to make these sounds and

That night we set up and this was at Dusk Beautiful photography and there were all These Chevron objects that began to appear This is in one frame Luminous objects now this is with no Flash bulbs we never Allow flush bulbs because i see pictures All the time It’s a flash bulb it’s illuminating Insects dust whatever This is no place a very sophisticated Camera that had a high it would change It’s a high iso And and a certain shutter speed so we Could capture phenomenon And these are all above this crop circle Filled area look at this when you see The light Coming from another dimension into this One This is one photo These are the the et civilizations that Were involved with the Uh that particular particular fractal Crop circle shape they’re archetape Types in consciousness but enliven Awareness like a mandala Does that make sense People have to remember now this is the Puja it’s just a photo to show you Uh the crop circle and where we set up And this particular night

We had done a really deep meditation And in the silent time look what appears This is this is not an artifact there’s This blue Light that envelops the puja table this Is one of our detectors with a green Light on it This blue light and then there’s this Weird tubular structure Coming out of one dimension into this Dimension And it’s extraterrestrial but very Trans-dimensional Beautiful aren’t these beautiful Pictures Yeah i mean i don’t take credit because I don’t operate cameras you don’t want To get me near one i break everything Yeah so here’s another one And it’s beneath these low clouds And it’s this beautiful spherical ship And not photoshop this is actually the The reason it looks so bright and Colorful is because We’ve uh adjusted the camera For the iso the speed and the lens and What have you So it’s almost like a night vision System but in full color This is my finger and i’m in this Another crop circle pointing i said There’s a ship over here this is me in a Cap And here’s this what is that

Wait until they blew it up It’s like wow so this is an interstellar Vehicle that’s uh in a spherical form if It were to fully materialize It probably would be several hundred to Several thousand feet across But often they will just appear in these Uh forms because if they and they fold Within Space-time and all you can detect is a Small part of it And this is what you need to begin to Look for by the way and photograph with Your team And it’s a gorgeous now people said did Anyone see it with the naked eye I’m saying who’s naked eye i did and i Could feel it And so luckily the person with me that You’re listened When i would say i sent something over Here and i’m pointing he took a picture And there it is Now this is a different crop circle and We’re going into it climbing over a hill Into this field you see where people Walked in and this object comes in Over us very strange Wait till you get a good blow up of it Very high resolution Uh camera I forget how many megapixels it is is That nikon Look at it there again it has a dark and

Indented area it’s seamless it has these Two Objects coming off of it here it is And uh it was above us in the field A kind of a dull gunmetal gray Now we’re up on woodbro hill here and Which is uh in alton barnes where Epicenter where many of the Greatest crop circles have been formed And this chevron-shaped Thing or boomerang-shaped object It floats down across this field where There have been many many many crop Circles over the years there weren’t Wasn’t one that year These are just this is a exposed for a Few seconds so my laser i was pointing It out And i hit the grass but it was pointed Out because it emerged into this Dimension And then dematerialized there’s no road Or anything else in this area this is Very very steep Those of you who’ve been there and you Can see everyone’s Craning around looking because i’m Pointing it out So we had meditated up there i don’t Know if this was the year here’s another Object And it was this year and when i did when I set up to do the puja In the center of the circle so we’re all

Make a circle and i do it in the very Center There were all these cows in this meadow That year which was a little just Disconcerting but it turns out they Loved us And they came over and this is a true Story one they came over when we were Ready to meditate And one by one they kneeled down and Sat around the circle in the push of Meditating with us until it was over And then we finished meditating they got Up and went off To another area the all these cows It’s magnificent another one Barely in this dimension boomerang Shaped Now this is not an aircraft that’s Changed directions with a time lapse This is Just here’s another one i don’t to be Honest this one was very very brilliant When it flashed in I don’t know if it originated here and Then left or it originated here and got Closer It happened very quickly But in a way these are beautiful Abstract paintings i mean You know if you if you just take them as They are There’s my laser pointing over to that One and here’s

Here’s another one look at this The area right over where these appeared In roman times it was called Flying shield hill And there’s a golden ball hill so these Objects have been seen since For thousands of years in this area of England That’s how those areas got their name I’m quite sure It makes sense doesn’t it So when we’re under the sky meditating These objects can appear during the Meditation during breaks at any point We set up the environment to welcome Them in universal peace And then we just let them appear any way That they can When we have an object that is in this Dimension for any length of time At this site we’ve actually had military Helicopters with No markings and no lights on them come Over at about a hundred feet above us Very aggressive and very disconcerting Actually This uh has happened more than once at This site and After this was rece a fairly recent Expedition but in 1992 When this craft fully materialized in The North field uh of off of woodbury hill On this 1800

Acre farm that we get permission to use As part of the royal trust lands And the farmer loves when we come This craft that appeared in 92 in the Field That ended up causing the following year The Covert programs to put antennas In the whole area and colin andrews had Multiple Farmers in the area saying that they Encountered these guys skulking around Putting reconnaissance Systems around the week before my team Arrived Which happens also all the time so when We do these Ab you know these announced locations And trainings obviously uh If you know that so does you know who But we just take that as a given and we Work around it by being in higher Consciousness With events like this happening that They can’t stop By the way this is uh this was a a time Exposure and this is an Object uh aircraft that’s moving over This is not an aircraft For many years i would take people into The crop circles To experience the And remote view the energy of each one And then at night go out till maybe two

In the morning doing this I’ve stopped doing it only because There’s very there’s no way for me to be There The last time we did it there were there Were entire tour buses trying to track Where we were And then like 80 people invading our Site And it just it gets out of hand so i Mean there’s no way to hi There’s no way to hide hide me out in Those areas during the crop circle Season This is fantastic so i was remote Viewing i said they’re here And at that instant you see people Turning around Now these are just people moving stuff Because it’s a few second exposure This object this is the edge of the hill Right here It appears right at the edge of the hill Looks like the sun rising look at this Not an artifact and it’s a big spherical Energy field and within it is an Extraterrestrial vehicle and a group of Et’s that we then Uh contact and remote view and Have relationships with and then stream Time afterwards But they come in very very profoundly Very briefly sometimes they will let us Know i mean like in bijou

I asked he told me they were he was from The andromeda galaxy did not get the Star system This one i don’t know the origin I didn’t ask i want too much else going On But i will tell you that every stable Star system has planets And in that how and those planets have Beings that are conscious even as we are Now this is one of the most amazing Photographs What didn’t get photographed was what Happened right before this we’re setting Up for the puja This is when we had the ministry of Defense of francis guys there But nobody knew it and i this object Blips into this dimension this move Purple Object beautiful You