The Baltic Sea Anomaly, Interview with Mars Moon Space TVs Thomas

By | August 20, 2020
The Baltic Sea Anomaly, Interview with Mars Moon Space TVs Thomas

Good evening folks And welcome to alien addict now a Massive thank you to each and every one Of you To all the subscribers to everybody Putting the thumbs up to everybody That’s hitting the bell To the the 14 patreons that i have I can’t thank you all enough the support That you are giving me Is what keeps me getting behind this Desk Doing the interviews that i’m a Curiosity for the subject don’t get me Wrong Um but um it’s It’s very overwhelming and um Yeah i just can’t thank you enough and i Would also like to apologize if i’m not Going to get the videos out as quick as I want to For you guys i’m currently i’ve got Another two Interviews to edit for you guys and Let me tell you this so this interview Has a few problems with the audio like The Last interview did where i kind of pop And It it goes low and then it goes high you Can hear it it’s manageable Unless you you know you’re a complete Not a bell end and you Really really just cannot cope with any

Bad audio whatsoever If you i’m sorry okay [ __ ] happens the mic is either on its Way out like something that i’m doing Wrong if it’s I’m trying to find out what i’m doing Wrong um Maybe i do need to wear headphones During the interview Process um but i’ve always managed Without them before and it’s been Fine so i think it’s something else but Anyway Unless it’s popping now and then it’s Definitely the mic But thank you so much guys i’ll let you Watch the interview it’s thomas from Mars moon Space tv somebody i’ve been subscribed To for Many many years before alien addicts Before all this 51 that was my channel Start off with i used to be a dj I was called all this dj elvis an Ex-girlfriend fight was a good idea Because my first name’s ollie And i never played elvis but for some Reason she just said All this she was a novice fan uh but Yeah that’s why I was called all this 51. Alien is a lot got a better ring to it i Know um But yes mars moon space tv guys

Check out his channel um check out the Links below And uh yeah i’m gonna stop ranting now And uh Sorry about the audio Good evening thomas how are we tonight My friend Good evening i am fine thank you how are You Mate it is it’s a privilege having you On the show i think i said before Uh when i interviewed dolly that Your channel was probably one of the First channels that i subscribed to when I When i asked before i got a youtube Channel myself And then i got into um hello dog I got into doing mars videos And i think it was inspired by yourself From mars boone and spain mars moon Space tv So here yeah thank you tell us a little Bit about your channel and your journey With that Before we get going yeah well I started in 2014 13 14 with marshmallows based tv and and I remember i was on facebook and i Looked at A guy’s post neville thompson it was his Name’s post Of a giga pain and saw something that Looks like a doorway within a rock and

It Actually looked like there was somebody Standing in there and the picture was Taken from a little bit of distance Maybe a little bit out of focus but it Definitely looked like there was a Figure in that doorway i forgot what Soul number it was now and it was one of The The very first and i think it was Actually an opportunity A picture from the row opportunity i Remember that And i looked into those gigapans that he Has made and that caught my interest so Much because This guy enabled thomson had made it so Easy to sit and look For all these anomalies on these Pictures coming back from the rowers on Mars Opportunity spirit curiosity and even The Uh mars orbiter That are going there there are quite a Few that been around and Their satellite images came down as well And he made them available on gigapan so We didn’t have to search make advanced Complicated service journals aside and Download big files and it would just That was just what we needed and that Kind of activated me and i got my Interest and i started

Um i have to tell that when i did that Has just been through an operation with My ears So i was going home for three months and I had nothing to do Except i had a good computer and and now I had gigafans so i went off With this giga pen for three months and Started finding anomalies and i got more And more Attract sucked into it uh And [ __ ] there’s a lot of work to that Because i i did it for Probably a year and and you’ve done it For a long long time Um to actually find some of the findings That Are not just you know a A rock that looks like a face but to Find something that looks quite Unique and looks like it’s got um Structure to it in an intelligent Structure right I’ve seen so there’s quite a lot of Stuff on your channel that you find I think some of your findings as well Have made it to the papers Yeah there has been uh it has been made A few articles we have been in in in Washington’s post and i think that bbc Used the picture once and we have been We have been everywhere on all the Internet tabloid and people has Literally jumped

Over some of the pictures where we found In In the beginning and posted them all Over and Some of them went viral uh pictures of What looks like a little wall and Pictures satellite pictures up with like A giant construction on mars uh That was later presented on A conference in los angeles expo in los Angeles Uh by somebody else that gave the full Credit uh For it and that was an amazing feeling To see this these famous guys standing There with your works Your picture and and putting them up That It gives you some kind of kick and you Wanna move on you wanna come on let’s Find some more These guys like that it’s going viral That’s going crazy and people are Stealing and putting Them on their youtube channel somebody Even steals the picture and brush out The name on it Or the logo and say look what i found And we we’ve been through it all But yeah i mean that’s one thing i Respected with Security in 10 is you know as much as Some people might say Some a lot of bad stuff about him i mean

I’m good friends with With him but i remember when he put Somebody off stuff on And he gave full credit to your channel Um and he was What was it i can’t remember what he Featured now have yours be featured Something what was it that he featured You might have featured a few things of Yours actually on there yeah i think he Has featured a few Uh pictures and videos that that We made over the years it’s hard to tell Now because he’s got no videos up so Yeah he can’t go back and look at that i Remember one specific It was a satellite picture the same one I just talked about that mike Barra presented on the expo live Conference in los Angeles uh That one oh let me hang on For a second i think i know so many so No It’s a well known bus and orbital Numbers in my head sometimes It’s it’s kind of complicated to find The right numbers but Yeah if you send me after the after We’ve done the skype i can put Some clips of it in in the video but i Do think i know when you mean I think i might have even talked about That before did will will from

Will ferrell did did he do something on It as well Will farrar and and us me And dolly and the whole uft team we have Shared a lot of stuff And we always said to each other We don’t mind who’s uh found it but Let’s keep us Dig into it and let’s get different use Views on it The more that are looking at the same Anomalies and give different pictures And The better the better that’s what we Always been saying uh So yeah so one of the Amazing things about yourself that I just thought wow this this is it this This guy is kind of Really on to something he is when the The baltic anomalies The baltic anomaly kicked off and you Did that amazing Documentary where uh you you actually Got me on for a For a little clip and i had no idea what I was talking about But um i remember that yeah Yeah the unsolved mystery what spiked Your interest With the baltic sea uh how long time Have you to Two hours three hours of silicon with The short version

I think that the if i start from the Beginning In 2009 809 i had this weird dream and i Remember it I was out with somebody we were diving And we went down to this object that was Not a normal it wasn’t a rock And i remember i saw this object while Diving and then i kind of Woked up and forgot about this dream but I remember what i saw when i was diving And uh that was yeah in 2009 yeah And then in 2011 Cnn just suddenly Sent a i think it was a live feed from Somewhere with the Baltic sea anomaly that divers have Found something that Loot like the millennium falcon on a Sonar scan from the um from 86 meters below the surface of the Waters between Sweden and finland just above the Godland island And i remember that and looked at that And it was kind of it was an Animation they had put up and it was not The right animation it was an animation Of the millennium falcon looked at that So that was interesting So they had a facebook group so i found Ocean explorer on Facebook and joined the group right away

More or less and this uh guy That later has become a very good friend Of mine how can From portugal had made this um Painting a picture of what the Divers has described it been sitting and Listening to the divers like describing The colors the edges The corners everything and he had made a I think you call it a phantom A drawing of it and posted it and when He posted that on facebook i remember i Was like i got goosebumps that was That was the thing i saw in that dream In 2009 and that really really Kicked me and started the joining active Into the group and participate in the Debate of What thought or thoughts of what it Could be and i remember at that time i Was 100 sure it was a ufo i’m not today but That’s another thing but We take that later but but i remember Posting post about this could be a ufo And it was so interesting and we should Dig into it Um i joined them and I became good friends with them i Actually met some of the i met the whole Team in stockholm i’ve met them two Times and we’ve been out Doing a interviews with them as well and Having a

Nice long conversation over a few beers In the bar and Got a few secrets of what was going on And what is going on On what’s gonna go on in the future so So So the research is still going the Research is still going on And i remember i made the unsolved a Mystery and at that time in 2015 Everything that was collected as Evidence and material At that time was what i basically also Used to present in in the documentary With pictures sonar scans and what People talked about And now is actually about three or four Years Since i made that documentary and The stuff that has come in since is Amazing for forget it i i i i Tell everybody go watch the documentary The unsolved mystery You can find it on forbidden knowledge Tv There are two episodes there’s one Covering the ocean explorer team when They’re Out there diving and and we talk to them And we hear them Each one of them what they’re thinking About and then there’s the second part Where People from around the world there’s a

Researcher so Scientists and ufo enthusiasts everybody Gives their their bet on what It could be down there watch that but i Guarantee you the next documentary That’s gonna come out about the baltic Sea anomaly will be Much much much much better and contained Much much more New in the making that documentary I am gonna make exactly as i did with The unsolved mystery an Independent documentary and i am going To use We are going to use dolly and i my wife Are going to go to Sweden make an interview with them Whenever it will fit into our calendar Within the next few months here because We are going to Sweden anyway soon here and we are going To follow up on everything what’s been Going on since we made the documentary And put all the new Evidence and material videos and Whatever we can get our hands on Into that documentary so that would be In about a year and a year and a half And the next one would be out So a lot of people were speculating that You know In the documentaries that it could be Something ancient Some people said uh a crashed um

Craft of some some kind um Do you have any kind of is there Anything you can say On what what you know that it that it That it is all what is it [Laughter] You see Like a sneak peek yeah we have we Already started the process of of Collecting Information for the next documentary and And and I know i really want to support you Oliver and i love your channel But if i give out all the information Right here right now I’m guarantee you i’m gonna sit in uh S-h-i-c Back t-bag later tonight here But what i can say will be that It’s not a rock i cannot believe in any Second after everything we’ve been Through Since 2016 after the documentary that It’s a rock anymore it is Very interesting and there is new Information Uh data pictures coming we are not a Dolly and i marshmallow space tv or Forbidden always have I’m not in control of anything on what’s Come out Uh it’s all up to the ocean explore Whatever that

They are gonna release and then it’s Good to be good friends with the whole Team Yeah yeah i believe that you’ll probably Get the exclusive rights too There are tv stations For what i know that are working with Them right now to make a Documentary as well and So people are investing money into this That people are Interested it’s a those uh Production companies that have contacted Them so far No it’s not something that they get for Free cost a lot of money the fuel alone To go From the harbor with the ship to the Anomaly is 25 000 dollars wow rain getting anything But you Ain’t gonna dive down pick up a chest of Gold and sell it at the Curse these auctions for a million Dollars you ain’t getting anything but Pictures And the fame what’s it christian i’m Gonna go in back and forth back and Forth back and forth For nothing you know so the thing is Who will invest in paying that kind of Money and i i Can tell you so much that going out There will cost more than 250 000

Dollars And that would be achieve tour that Would not be with the Everything needed that would be with the Essential Equipment and not the best of the best You know So uh when they dive down there It takes when they get to the bottom They have about 15 to 20 minutes of Timing time Because the time to get up during the Decompression Is about two one and a half hour one to One and a half hour So the amount of equipment the divers Need to wear Is in almost their their weight body Weight are more than triple when they’re Wearing their equipment as well Oxygen tanks and so on and so on so to Go out there Send divers down you need to send Minimum two divers down at the time Uh with cameras and and you have this Rov as well So so with two divers down you get 15 to 20 minutes That which would be 30 to about 40 Minutes That that can’t be much filming time or Much research time no and if you don’t Know what you’re going down to you have Like one or two meters visibility and

You have to take it meter per meter and The object Is 60 meters wide you won’t even have Time to explore one tenth of the object In 40 minutes total research time so When you go out there You need to have a diving team not just Two you have need to have four Six eight if you really wanna get a Result Right here right now if you don’t you Will have to be out there for days and Take 15 20 minutes at the time then wait Hours and hours take 15 20 minutes again At the time So the investment in getting an answer To what the baltic sea Anomaly is is in no Divers aren’t cheap and they all need Full payment and i don’t think that They will become a team and say we’ll do It for free or anything If they need payment and a production Company coming in To make something a direct documentary Whether go with them on the ship And pay for it all they would be Standing with with with 500 000 Maybe a million dollar bill after that So guess who’s going to pay for that It’s a hard task but i can’t reveal Anything about now about who’s doing What right now

I can say there are somebody doing Investment and And it’s not dolly and i uh we are Standing on the sideline with with all The information we can get and And all the pictures and videos we can Get of the team that they want to Release to us That’s what we can we can get and then When they are finished the other Production companies we can come and see What’s What’s going on we can make our own Independent documentary and Unsolved mystery part 3 and 4. Out of that so what the exclusive Footage that they sent you Uh for the the part 1 and part 2 Documentary I mean you can see the visibility is It’s hardly anything because it’s that Murky How deep is it uh It’s estimated to be about 86 to 90 meters below the surface wow so It’s it’s quite deep it’s it’s not a Sports dive of a scuba dive a dive You’re doing it’s a professional dive With professional divers And professional equipment you can’t Just go out there and go down to to Those steps If you’re not a professional know what You’re doing

Does the team have any competition do You know is anybody else Trying to kind of beat them to the uh The treasure where you know I think and i’m not talking on behalf of The team i’m talking of behalf what i Know from from our history Um there was some other another theme That showed a lot of interest In 2011 2012 and 2013 but as i said This minimum for a discount expedition Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars With the right equipment So pay 250 thousand dollars to go out And say hey we found it first and now we Know what it is Uh a professional uh No i don’t know how to say the uh Timing company won’t do that just to to To go out and say we have that when They know they ain’t getting any Monetary back from it it’s pure fame And is pure it will be in the tv for Sure they will grab it again as soon as Anybody gets out well no matter What it turns out to be it it will Generate some fame And that’s it no money yeah it’s I’m excited to find out what it is i Mean when So am i sorry You know i seems like sometimes we’re More interested In what’s up in in in the stars when

We’ve got So much stuff underneath the ocean You know what did they say that we’ve Explored more of uh Space than we have our own oceans or Something like that I think we only explored about ten Percent of our oceans And we are already on our way again to Mars with a new one better Did you watch that i did yeah i did and It was amazing and the rocket went into Safe mode and Of course the conspiracy starts right Away But we learn and um we waited a day And and to read up what was going on and It turned out to be a temperature Difference Between two body parts of the rocket That activated and then A sensor that made it must be very Excited about another rover I am i am it is it is uh when this rose Come up compared to the to the other Robots that has been there like The first row they stand up there they Didn’t want oh i even forgot the name of It that’s almost embarrassing But that was kind of like very rover and No in our spirit the one before them but That was kind of like An old forty and then we came with Spirit and opportunity then we’re up in

In in the eighties vote is caught we are Driving in here if you compare it to a Car Then came curiosity that’s that’s a Really really really nice expensive Volkswagen now we have precision Perseverance it’s very [ __ ] sad That’s the supposed one that’s the Lamborghini That’s the ferrari of rose you know with All the best equipment The top of the top so yeah it’s gonna be Exciting to see what they’re gonna find On mars With with that new rover and especially The helicopter the little i was going to Say that It’s part of my french but it’s got a [ __ ] drone But but listen to this we’re talking About the helicopter on the on the road Here starts Here begins the conspiracies already Because if you read on the data sheets On it it says it has Batteries for about four to five minute Flight And then it will have to fly back again And recharge And this is where i am Really really wandering With the best technology in the world They’re putting up in a rocket and Sending it to mars

And they put a battery on a helicopter That lasts four minutes Um something is not uh not quite Right uh do you You know what i mean well yeah because i Mean we’ve got drones now you can buy a Drone that’ll last 30 minutes can you but i don’t know do They do one’s probably for an hour now If you pay enough money i know i know They do a 30 minute one yeah i Definitely know about that Exactly and and the conspiracy in this Begins with is it true uh does the Better we have a longer A lifetime and we’re just not aware of It so they can cut it off after four or Five minutes and see this is That’s it cameras up the drone is flying Back now Well that would make sense you see it Would make sense if there’s something to Uh so anything so that this helicopter This little Rc helicopter can fly more than four Minutes but i I don’t think that would be the the case In this case i think that’s so this Little Helicopter i’ve forgotten the name of it But this is going to go It it gets is it detached from the Bottom Of the rover and then it the rover then

Move so it’s underneath the road it’s Underneath the Uh perseverance i believe and then Uh it leaves the helicopter the Helicopter then takes off Um it and is it going to be filming Yeah the whole idea about the helicopter Is to Look over the area to find out which way They can navigate the rover They’re looking we’re using as a kind of They have nav cams on the rover and It’s basically a flying left camera from The rover they can plan their route After see which way we can go to what What looks interesting in In the distance where should we go oh And Of course it it could be you and can and Will be used when they see something On the mass cam for example in the Distance what would be more perfect than To send up the little helicopter And have a four minute video of Something far away in the distance with Some of the best cameras in the world Mounted on the flying helicopter Do you think the quality that we’re Going to get back is going to be A lot better than what we’re getting From curiosity i mean some of the Curiosity pictures are fantastic don’t Get me wrong

Um but you know are we gonna see Things in true color because we don’t Really see mars Uh in true color do we I think we are getting to a point where We are try Where we are gonna see the true color Slowly seeing the custaroo colors i Remember A lot of the pictures that came out uh I think it was from the hubble telescope In 1998 96 or something Where we have a picture of glass Just as blue as planet earth and then 10 years later five years later or later They have a picture of mars All red so i definitely think that’s the Conspiracies again i think we are led to Believe Something else than the truth because It’s easier for them to Handle whatever the truth is as long as We don’t know the truth if we can Believe something else that’s not red That’s not blue that’s red okay if it’s Red then there’s no life and water like On earth let’s look somewhere else let’s Look at What’s the next one let’s take jupiter This time let’s look at jupiter you know I think they are trying to manipulate People Um to believe something to make it Easier for themselves to keep the

Secrets there are because i do believe We have live on mars And and and i remember when they said There was no water on mars but there are Ice caps on both north pole and south Poland mars and They remember they said there was always Saying that the years Yeah and they said the temperature was Constantly minus and then the real work Curiosity came up when there was a Temperature feel around and it was like From Minus 18 degrees in the evening to plus 31 48 in in daytime so so that Cold cold that planet that was in minus The gates all the time wasn’t just Suddenly minus degrees all the time it Was Flourishing like earth is day and night Up and down and so on and so on uh I think we are they’ve been trying to Make us believe A lot of things to make it easier for Themselves to keep the secrets Because whatever secrets are up there Would be Chaotic for humankind to know if Humankind is not ready for it yet Do you understand what i’m saying yeah i Mean i i have i’ve Seen lots of mars image images that Some of them look like they’ve be They’ve something’s been covered up but

I don’t know if they’re they’re What they call the artifacts the image Just image artifacts Or that there’s been active like Photoshop jobs Do you believe that nasa actually gives Us these images that Have something hidden in them and covers Them up or just doesn’t show us The images or shows as an image i know I’m giving you a lot to think about here Our shows is an image but things they’ll Never work out what that is I have let me say so dolly and i Have two good friends and They’re both well-known the one is ken Johnston Um that used to work with the apollo Team Uh the other one is don o’hara that used To work at johnson space center where They had All the pictures from the apollo mission Coming in And those two actually met There at the johnston Control center space center donna Herrera has been Interviewed a million times because she Was that person that came into the room Where they were actually editing the Lunar pictures that Came from the apollo missions and she Also said that yet they were brushing

Out Objects flying in the air sitting there Doing paint brushing old-fashioned style In the 60s and 70s old-fashioned style Paint brushing it all out taking new Negatives pictures of the paintbrush Released them Ken johnston confirmed the same Ken johnston uh had all the images From the apollo missions There were that was back at the time When they were printed in five Folders with five copies with all the Original Images copied to each folder nothing Done to them When they went to do all the images Digital He was ordered to take all five folders With pictures And destroy them because now it was Digital Ken johnston got rid of four of them And saved the fifth for what 20 30 years 40 years wow And came out with them a few years ago i Have the whole collection i’ve been Going through most of it and i can spend Hours and hours and hours and go through Most of it and if you have two computers You can have two full screens up I would recommend to go find ken Johnston’s uh collections on the Internet it’s on flickr also

Go find nasa’s a Pih catalog or Eeca catalog and compare them on two Screens at the same time It took us less than three pictures to Find the first picture where there were Actually stars and one pictures And the same stars some of them were Gone in the next picture and that was Exactly the same picture so The thing is was that stars that was Removed from the original Folder that can just have that wasn’t Appearing on the nasa images Or was it something else that probably Would be on another place In the next picture frame then you start Looking at the next 10 Picture frames and you do find that in Most of them Some of the stars are just suddenly Missing it’s the same picture The one is just digital the other one is The original from the folder That ken johnston had so yeah to answer Your question about nasa to the Office do do the do they hide stuff do They blur them out yeah Big time big time that’s what makes it Fun to sit and look after stuff because You know You can believe you can control the World But believe in something and the actual

Reality is two Different things you can control the Whole world nasa sleeps up from time to Time We have at ufa united family ever Normally hunters Thousands and thousands and thousands of Pictures Of anomalies found by anomaly hunters From nasa’s pictures Both from the moon from apollo images From spirit and opportunity curiosity Esp images hybrid Illusion images from the satellites The mars orbiter so on and so on and so On Even venus and jupiter and other planets Are Other anomalies found out from some of Our ufam members and Yeah i remember if nasa was perfect and And And they could do that job 100 we Wouldn’t have anything to do here but as I said before you can believe you Control it all the more you believe you Control it all the more you’re going to Lose it Is it it is strange to me that when You’ve got like um People who like buzz aldrin who is very You know He he he loves nasa i love boss you know I

I love buzz to meet him i’d like to have A drink with him never mind It’d be a dream to interview the man but That’s never going to happen in this Lifetime But to have a drink with him and just Ask him some of those yeah you know See yeah one to one he said there’s On phobos uh that there is a um And we have presented various images of That monolith And that is a monolith that is human Kind of woke up And got back to reality and gave things A second thought hey what’s that And actually looked at the pictures Instead of just dismissing it without Even looking at it they would be Able to see that there is something There that is Not a natural creative rock that Points up like that and creates that Shadow you can see on the satellite Images And that shadows actually says that it’s It’s a very very tall We’re not talking 10 to 20 meters we’re Talking huge we’re talking 100 100 Meters tall if not taller Why do you think he chose to kind of Mention that in that interview though do You think it was because He just thought i’m going to be be a Little bit cheeky and let something slip

Here or do you think nasa may Have told him but we want you to talk About this I just give them a little Little nipple i think I know i love boss he’s uh he’s My favorite astronaut no doubt about it I think that I’m sorry boss if you hear that i think That boss holding Is getting older and i think that he is Getting to the point that i’ve heard About a while ago that’s called If hit point without saying the word and I think he’s just gonna Uh slip slowly and uh Slowly give what we call a slow uh Disclosure Giving a little bit here and there and And i do believe that when he came out With that monolith Things on mars he had a contract about Luna images lunar expedition and nasa’s Uh contributor regarding everything About apollo What happened like 20 years later Pictures taken 15 20 years later he doesn’t have any Contract about being silent about And i think that was what it was his way Of saying there there are Things out there i’m an astronaut i’ve Been up there but Here’s another example i cannot talk

About what i’ve done but here’s Something else i can’t talk about Because it’s already public I think that was what was uh good old Boston it gave me goosebumps when i Heard that for the first time when he Went there’s a monolith Up there oprah there god you know I’m still uh i’m still thinking what Happened when boss aldrin went to Antarctica And he was rushed to an emergency Hospital And and what was it he was tweeting About on twitter he said it’s pure evil Down there Yeah what did a few of them went to Antarctica To meet up and it was so strange What was the reason now i can’t remember I i I i’m not quite i can’t remember this is So well find out i’ll put i’ll put the Reason why What’s the public something going on Yeah it’s just a such a strange place to Say let’s go to antarctica yeah yeah Let’s go to antarctica and let’s Yeah i think that um there’ll be a flat Earther typing now you do realize that Saying that They went to see the border [Laughter] I don’t think so no they will they’ll be

Typing right now Probably probably yeah we can’t control What they think i do I love the flyer it’s the welcome Channel Whatever they they want to say yeah yeah But again yeah yeah it’s it’s Interesting what’s going on in that Antarctica as well Is apparently surrounded by secrets just Like masses and venuses and a lot of Other stuff is Ufos is i think we’ve got a lot of Connections from our ancient past and My my beautiful wife can probably talk a Lot about that uh Ancient history and and uh And how it can be related to to uh To antarctica yeah yeah I mean i mean it’s You know what i’ve i would love to hear I would love to see Somebody sit down with elon musk and say There’s what’s going on with why are you Gonna put a rover on mars are you gonna Show us what’s on mars Do you think that man thinks there is Something on mars You know i mean you can hear my wife The background and you know what i was Just about to say write your questions Down I will give them to dolly and she will Ask elon musk

Elon musk first time possible I get i think you know elon I think he definitely he knows something Whatever it is that’s going on that man Knows about it I think he knows the score completely He knows a lot he tweeted the other day That aliens built the pyramids yeah Aliens built the pyramid Yes i need to see that tweet yeah check It out Yeah let me just shut this door we’re Just getting a bit a little bit I love it when an interview starts Getting crazy Yes so so elon musk has put a tweet out Saying that Aliens built is this one is this like a Classic elon You know it’s not a classic elon i Wouldn’t describe it as a classic elon But we’re not surprised at all Because if you are running a space Agency like that and are running Mass missions and and uh styling Missions and all this All that stuff you got i have you got to Have Knowledge about what’s going on out in Space You ain’t just gonna uh send a lot of People to mars hey there’s a planet Let’s go out there we know nothing about It but let’s colonize it and

Let’s let’s get up there we already have A rover up there there’s Some beautiful picture there’s nothing Up there let’s go you would never ever Do that without having a probably Background knowledge about mars about Space A proper research elon musk Has very much been Enlightened in in some of the Big questions about what’s going on in Space before he would be able To have a mass mission in space And what’s happening on earth my wife is Telling me here What’s happening on earth yeah and elon Musk have A lot of knowledge i don’t think you Know everything but he know what’s Essential for him to know to do what He’s doing About life in the universe life on other Planets Yeah i you know i just i’m just waiting For that tweet You know that just sends the world crazy Did you see the the The new york times article the other day Uh Where they said that they said that that Something was going to get released from The pentagon And apparently they have off-world Craft it’s been retracted now completely

Yeah but yeah that that Yeah and they keep coming up with it we Knew it We’ve known it for years and and the way It comes out like pentagon releases news About uh Off world vehicles uh Our craft yeah it’s been going on for Years it’s what we call a Slow silent soft disclosure Yeah it’s coming out uh but at the same Time It’s sometimes being presented as a kind Of a little like with a laugh A bling with an eye even in when you Read the articles You know what i mean still trying to to Leave a backdoor open to To get out of if if if he’ll breaks out So it has been yes Yeah so it’s a so they’ll test the Waters And then if if they feel uh actually Now let’s try that or they’re just Testing the fit they have Every intention of retracting it they Just want to see like an experiment Yeah exactly exactly yeah exactly It’s interesting it’s very very Interesting yeah yeah So so perseverance how long how long Before perseverance Lands oh i think it’s gonna land oh it’s Uh it’s gonna land in

21 it was it in february Uh it’s gonna land on the 18th of february yeah yeah I cannot wait for them i can’t wait Either it’s going to be exciting [Applause] We at forbidden knowledge tv are Definitely going to cover both the Landing and all the first 100 pictures Coming out in Daily videos is that going to be quite You’re going to be quick to the mark With that so We are going to pump it up to the to the Max and and and the first month we will Be pumping almost Nothing out but perseverance well the Link to that will be in the description Anyway because i’m going to put the two Baltic anomaly Uh documentaries in there on forbidden Knowledge tv so they will be in the Description anyway So people can look forward to seeing um Your your coverage of the perseverance Landing um I they’ve sent that out for for one Reason And one reason alone that is to find Some Kind of life on mars in that in that car They believe that that crater had water In it

Yeah but Surely nasa already knows that there’s Life on mars These images i think it was was it uh They had a rover up that had a little Arm on in the 90s that was taking in the soil and hit Eyes like 10 centimeters underneath So both you and i and many of us believe That Something’s been covered upon mars you Know they know something has been Covered up they they have been telling The truth All the while but they haven’t been Telling the whole truth When they are showing us pictures they Are showing us my ass that’s the truth But it’s not the whole truth because They’re not showing us everything So my subscribers hate me for this as Well they’re like no Don’t don’t don’t show the mars images Only it’s just a rock i’m like no it’s Not a rock that’s not just I know and and the hard thing about Anomaly hunting And we experienced that with the ufa Group as well And and paige and members is that our A lot of people who want to join in Everybody is welcome we we We urge people to come on in come on Join us and we have you fab

Group now on facebook where you can post Your findings Together with the ufo members but There are some between That i don’t know how to say it It don’t look credible when they’re Presenting the The the wearing stuff did i say that Did i say that It does become too blurry personally What interests me On mars is when we’re looking at clear Pictures and you can see signs of Structures Or artificial carved rock or things that Doesn’t look natural Created um me personally i’m not looking For a little men or Beings on mars on on curiosity images Because if there was any life up there They wouldn’t have seen curiosity there Knowing that Millions and millions and millions of People are gonna look at those pictures Every day Oh we’re gonna be busy hiding all the Stuff no they would Send them to an area where they could Quiet for themselves go around take Pictures of an empty desert blah blah Blah so and so on and so on I think that there are more on mars made By humans that What we are paying for vnas and i have

To be honest i think the curiosity rover Is is Placed in that area specific to take the Eyes of the public Of for what’s real going on people would Be looking at curiosity rover and say This is mass this is what all of mars Looks like no this is not what all of Mars look like If this is planet earth then we are Looking at Something on size as disney world In france that’s the area that we are Looking at And if you landed in disney world in France uh as a little alien would you Believe that the whole world looked like This Full of uh things to try If you look around disneyland and then You you you look around china theme park In china Totally different exactly What i was trying to say is i think the Rover was placed there on purpose to get Our eyes to look at an area to make us Believe this is what we are looking This is what mars look like and there’s Nothing really up there Because then they can operate with all Their satellites take oh the Secret pictures of areas and and start Planning colonizing with mars one in That area because

There’s something going on on the Opposite side we don’t want to be too Close to that area and so on and so on And so On that there’s a so much going on We we don’t know about and i still think That It’s like yeah if you are on mars if you Are On venus i live there as an uh And wanted to send the mission to earth And you don’t want to show too much Because you know all of the inhabitants And some venus were going to see all the Pictures you would probably choose a Place like sahara Cindy rose out there hit this and then Make the orbiters take all the good Pictures all the other places you want To look at Isn’t venus like toxic though it’s like You know it’s atmosphere it’s just Yeah it’s got lakes of what’s the lakes Made out of venus now uh Massive lakes of something Yeah but they said the temperature was Some venus uh what was it like Very very high and uh the little amber That russia Sent it up to venus stopped working After I think it was a minute or two 41 seconds or a minute or two during to The heat

They say the atmosphere is made mostly Of carbon dioxide Um so my research My research primary has been on mars i Have looked at a few pictures but i Haven’t talked Very much into venus i’ve been looking As i said a few pictures but my primary Resource has been on mars in the moon Our good friend billy carson knows a lot About me venus and have made Videos yeah yeah we have pictures of What is believed to be structures on Venus that definitely not look Uh naturally created seen from satellite Images of course we don’t have any Rowers on venus For what we know so do you do you think Most of the planets That have actual ground to them Um possibly may have structures on them Rocks rock planets yeah i think yeah i Think and And when we are looking out as humans as Human beings and you know is we’re Looking for planets like our own Because we function with lungs oxygen Water air this is how we function so we Are led to believe that this is How life in the universe functions but We know nothing we are just a Tiny little fragment of of a fragment of A fragment of a fragment of a tiny Little part of the universe

So why does a planet need to be allowed Ours to be Inhabitable for for beings Yeah you know what i mean yeah we we Always believe everything is like Us everything every aliens have two arms Two b Legs two eyes and and they probably look Like us And if they are not looking like us They’re probably reptilians we’re still With two Legs two arms and two eyes and the nose And the mouth and control This is what really the dinosaurs kind Of froze that out with the water though Because Earth had a lot more was it a lot more Gravity Back in the days a lot less with a lot Less gravity I i don’t know i’m not into that that’s Why the dinosaurs were so Big yeah gravity in in in the in In that time that’s what i’ve led to Believe too uh And that could be a good reason for why Th this drug uh the size of the Dinosaurs yeah There’s a planet with water on it and It’s like what 10 times the size of Earth How big are those creatures going Exactly

Another good example is mars has Less Gravity than planet earth sorry i have To find all the words in english Bars have less uh gravity than than Earth have And if you look back to ancient history And hear about annunaki And nephilim giants coming from from From From other elsewhere from from heaven if You just mentioned it yourself with the Dinosaurs uh If the world is gravity they will Probably grow bigger and i think that’s The same thing we have been seeing on Mars and other planets Left less gravity and that’s why what Who lives up there probably would be Bigger uh physically than we are as Human living on earth and This is why i sometimes think sometimes Think that we in Ancient history hear about giants coming From Outer space uh nibiru or Planet x you can give it many names uh Annunaki history go research it in in Anarchy history on On facebook my wife knows uh 10 times More about Anarchy history than than i do um That’s coming to destroyers you just Mean that there may be another planet

That we don’t know about It’s a planet that’s crossing and and uh I’m I’m a bit tired of all those uh Conspiracies about nibiru is going to Crash into us in this story It’s a fear is something that people Used to Put fear into people and believe in it And as soon as you Think oh what’s going on you’re actually Going to click on that article and and Probably share it to something else and Those people behind think oh yeah fear Works we’re getting paid for ads and we Can then Let them walk around in fear and believe In this and that It’s kind of the same with with corona i Don’t know if it’s Wrong to say but nobody said the Population it’s it’s dangerous Uh you need to wear a mask everybody Goes out and buy a mask because You’re being told it’s what you need but In reality if you look up the mask And you look videos up about corona Viruses Mask if the mask doesn’t really help you Because you’re still Yeah we’ll stay off the corona virus Yeah it’s not good for youtube [Laughter] But it’s funny you should say that about

Nibiru because back in 2012 This is true story my friend my friend My friend kemp came around here we had a Few beers in the kitchen Uh and he started crying and i said What’s wrong with you And he’s like and i thought it was like Something personal like his wife had Been cheating on him or something like That No he’d been watching conspiracy videos About nibiru And the world that was going to end and He’s his two children You know i’d only just come into this World i’m like yo absolute Prick no no no no no no no no no no no No no no that’s what we call fear post Yeah And and we don’t approve them either in In any of our groups on facebook we we Avoid them we want to keep them out of Our Group we don’t want to feed any kind of Fear to people To believe something that ain’t true or To believe they can get well by buying Something or doing something that One way or another are going to cost Them money or Somebody else is going to gain anything Out of it you know what i mean You you must get though um when you over The years when you’ve been running mars

Moon space tv you must get a lot of Um like um People that are very religious coming on And saying well this You know what you show and that’s this Is no disrespect to anybody That’s religious but my question to you Thomas is Um with everything you believe And that the the planets have The the the whole universe and our Our galaxy you know the solar system Is possibly has life on other planets Um where does god fit into all this God i i wish you had believed Ask me if i believe in god well i swear But i don’t believe in god not as we are Told Not as we’ve been told from from school And childhood and I think god is a a wrong word is a Misimplication That has came up and again My wife could probably talk 10 times More about it than i can if we go back To anonymous history and you say the Word gods Where the really gas are where they’re Just beings from another place with way More knowledge Than we have technology go back to Uh 1800 something Take a modern flashlight like this one You you have for a camera that i’m using

Here Show them that and they would be Thinking that’s that’s a the vinyl Instrument he has he’s got to be It’s got to be something special that’s Technology we don’t know we don’t know How to control it let’s Let’s get afraid of it or let’s fight Him you know what i mean Yes see this always brings me around to The question of Conspiracy not conspiracy sorry um Disclosure And part of me wonders why It wonders if a lot of it may fall apart If people think that they’re you know That maybe there’s nothing after death You know the universe is absolutely Teeming with life You know there’s nothing special about This little pearls In our solar system you know what if There is nothing And i know this this interview has gone A bit strange right now Yeah that’s cool bring it on but you Know Maybe that’s why they don’t want to kind Of give us disclosure because People people’s beliefs may change Why as my wife say why feel what you Don’t know Well if people may fear if there’s Nothing after death you know

People people people might not be able To control people Well enough i i must admit if you Said to me hahaha i don’t believe There’s anything after that I would be looking at you and i would be Smiling and i would be saying to you But i see you right here in front of me Right now Yeah you would probably say but you Wouldn’t understand what i meant You are here in front of me right now And you’re saying there’s nothing after That Death where were you before You came to that this body you have now And you’ll probably be saying i wasn’t Anywhere i just just created and i came To this Body and i became intelligence and oh Okay Okay but but the matter of fact what i’m Trying to say you’re here in front of me Right now Right now which means you’re alive You can’t be alive if you haven’t been Dead Yeah think about that you can’t be alive If you haven’t been dead You can’t be in debt you can’t be dead If you haven’t been alive Is the circles everybody that is here Present at this planet have been alive Before somebody have no clue about it

Because they are cloned by Closed-minded uh narrow-minded people That don’t want to open the horizon Don’t want to open their mind it’s their Problem But everybody that has been on this Planet has been alive before This is a part of the whole process Recrea Reincarnation which is one of my Favorite topics Speaking of my god believes in Reincarnation yeah Yeah and so do i we have so many people Who have past life Memories we have uh so many videos Where people are explaining and giving a Good uh Research and explanation for why they Believe that there was this Boy from was it from ireland or scotland Here from england around here that Remembers he was living In a house a specific place he was no One four or five years old He could describe the house and they Actually went like many hundred miles up To that City because he’s been talking about That for years and he guided them Straight to the house and he found the House and they actually knocked the door And Remember he came in and he could point

Out his room and this and that And they found the history about the House everything That boy had told was Real they could confirm it about the People that lived there and how they Died He drowned he drowned he said i drowned In my past life we live in that house And there was a sea had been nearby and There was a little bridge and we fell Off it was an exit and i hit my head and I couldn’t breathe and we drowned The people on the castle i’ve got some Goosebumps The people that lived in this house at That time when they visited with the boy Said yeah yeah there was someone living Here many years ago and there was a boy That lived here that drowned down on On that beach down here and that bridge Down here There was a bridge down there it wasn’t There anymore but there was a bridge Down there He died he drowned exactly as the boy Said so that’s amazing that a little boy Four five years old considered describe A house many hundred miles away from Where they are living Describe the people that actually lived In the house together with him Describe the area and when they came to The area he could even

Sit and say you have to go that way and That way and the house is around that Corner and there it goes And there are so many of those Testimonies From people that that i really believe In and Normally you said that you hear the Truth from drunk people and children If you leave the drunk people out i Believe in the children this kid here Was telling the truth and we had many Examples of kids Telling about past life memories and Where they have been living and so We have all been living before i it’s Not Something i believe it’s not something i I think it’s something i know Because i have past life memories too i Can’t sit And make a drawing and point out exactly What when where why and street and so on But i have past life memories too from Two Three four different life and i know I’ve been living a hundred maybe a Thousand times before maybe not on this Planet but elsewhere but i have been Here Many many times before on this planet And so have Most of all of them that are down here So when you ask me the question

Do you believe in life after death i Look at you and say you Are here in front of me yes i believe Blow my mind mate in terms of Like what got you i know you saw that um Image on facebook and that got you into The channel Um but have you seen things yourself You know have you seen have you seen Many ufos have you seen Things that you just have you seen Ghosts or anything like that I i i when it comes to that i’ve had an Interesting life Um i’ve seen a lot where did it start We probably should have started off with This but you know if We didn’t start i was two or three years Old The first time i i don’t know if i want To dig into the childhood I was two or three years old the first Time and i remember every day for a Period of a week or maybe a little bit More than a week This entity came through the door to my Bedroom where i was sleeping and he was A very very hairy man If i would see the same man today i Would say it was like a wolf a werewolf Or something like that but it wasn’t It wasn’t it was a being not a wolf but It was hairy very Completely covered in hair all over he

Came in with his hand Put it on my tummy down here and he did Something i could feel he did something Inside of me i was paralyzed i could see Him coming through the door he didn’t Open the door Right through and he did something and And i was not old enough to explain to My mom What was going on as soon as he left Again and i came out of this paradise Of course screaming for my mom she came In and i was just screaming and she Comforted me and put me back again and i Fell asleep but it happened over a few Times six seven eight nine times And this is why i remember the picture Of this being coming through the door Doing this thing Kind of uh it didn’t hurt it wasn’t Painful Uh it was go to the dentist and get some Anesthetics and you can feel him pulling Your toes but you don’t hurt but you can Feel he’s doing something inside of you It was kind of the same feeling for my Tummy when i was that age and that was The first Experience i have that i actually Remember And it’s not something like a dream that I had once that have took over it was Something that occurred Seven eight nine times in a row and and

It kind of at The end of it i was basically just Waiting for him To come so i could get some you know i Knew he would come and then when he Finally didn’t come anymore it was i Don’t know how to explain it it was Weird because i was as i said two two And a half years old I don’t even think i was three years old At the time but i knew That he has been there he has done Something but i wasn’t old enough to With words speak or tell anybody about It or communicate about it so he kind of Kept it to myself and when he was gone And didn’t came back my world came back To normal again And i grew up with the memories of it i Remember i told my mom about it later At an age of about four i told her about It as well And she was of course like my mom is Very spiritual and Is a healer i have worked with Spirituality healing Therapy and so on and so on all her life So she Didn’t dismiss anything she was looking Very listening very interesting to Everything i said That reminds me of you know these these Um These healers that can kind of they

Almost do an operation without i’m not Saying you were operated on but You know because of the feeling of Numbness Because you i’ve had an operation where I’ve been awake And you kind of feel the pulling um from Inside but you Kind of you feel the pressure yeah you Don’t Feel any pain and it reminds me of those Um And i don’t know if i don’t know if There’s any truth to what these healers Can do But i’ve seen some of these some of the Healers that people swear by that they Have healed them from actually going Inside their body through Like kind of a massage healing I have an experience with healing too And it was a Been we were living living in our Seventh house second house in the city Called calambo In denmark and my mom was With a man for many years promises from Them right now If no if no one’s my My mom has had a partner Jens peter was his name he was 10 15 Years older and My mom and to be honest it’s a part of The story because i never really

Accepted him because he wasn’t my father My real father he was so much older very Old school but but I accepted him but not really so i was Not Interested in having him helping me with With anything At all i remember but i came to a day Where i had a pain in my tummy My mom couldn’t do anything about it and She wanted to take me to the hospital Against peter was his name uh i said let Me try some healing and i was like no No no i don’t want anything and my mom Said come on let him try let him try and They worked with healing i Had the wrong cynic and had been working With both of them for 20 30 years so they knew what they were Doing and i tell you this he put his Hand on my tummy And the pain i had disappeared within 10 Seconds 10 seconds that was only too bad i was So embarrassed because i wasn’t very Happy about My step that i loved him but Again it was two sides and and He just took my pain away like like that So i had kind of like a I had to eat all my words about him And thank you so much and that was so Good and i have No idea what he did it took him like 10

15 seconds it was gone So that was amazing with healing did That Change the relationship as well yeah I think maybe there were but that was The a part of a higher plan To staying from the relationship between Us What else has happened then because it Sounds like you said You said there’s been things and yeah You know I i can tell you what i already told on On Videos and interviews before I was uh four years old and i was Crossing this road where we lived in our First house in colombo Um i didn’t look probably Apparently and i got hit by a car got Knocked out and ended up underneath this Car I was four years old as i said and The view perspective from a Four-year-old boy is very very Limited in what’s going on What i remember was i lie laid under This car But i was looking with my eyes i Couldn’t move i was paradise i saw Right through the car so people Neighbors the car Those that drove the car stood outside

The car almost in a ring around the car And Trying to lift up the car but they Couldn’t and and somebody was saying no No stop wait so they come with a jack Lift And and i was i was gone i was gone but I saw everything that was going on And i heard an outer body experience it Was kind of out of body experience but i Was still in my body but i saw Everything that was going on i was kind Of like Looking through the car I think they called the x-ray side and It was kind of a weird thing Because i was present outside and still Being inside my body And here’s the thing that these two uh Small men In in white dresses with a helmet song Stood next to my mom and was comforting Her So don’t worry he’s gonna be okay don’t Worry he’s gonna be okay and she just Kept Ignoring them and they they kept talking To her We are gonna get him out and we all made It we already made sure it’s gonna be Okay don’t worry Don’t worry and i remember i thought That my mom is Pretty rude she’s just ignoring those

Nice guys that actually are standing There and trying to help her emotionally As well and she didn’t say anything to Them And they had these weird amazon and i Remember after that happened Sorry that weird one they had weird White helmets on and were wearing weird White clothings on like kind of like a Dress a little bit illuminating But remember i was four years old when i Had that experience And at one time um the one of those two Guys said to the other Can we take our helmets off and the Other guy said back No he’s not ready for that yet don’t do That and they kept their hammers on and I remember that so clearly Now comes the next thing the rescue team Come and i was still Inside my body having up out of my body Experience inside my body it’s hard to Explain And so they came with the jack leaf they Lifted the car up and they Pulled me out when i came out from Underneath the car I was like this feeling of Getting into my body again like being Flushing Dizzy for saying what’s going on here And back to my body i remember opening My eyes and i looked at my mom and i

Grabbed my mom and gave her a big hug And I saw those two guys with the hammer Song back on I said to my mom where’s the guys with The hammers and she was like what guys Those two small guys That were smaller than you my mom is uh Not at all Um person my mom and dolly is about the Same height And they were like a hit lower than my Mom so they had been about 130 140 Centimeters told and i just remember To my mom but it was those guys in the White dress with the wise helmets on They were standing and talking to you Why did you ignore them they were being Kind and what are you talking about Somehow are you okay you’ve hurt your Head come on let’s go inside and i was More interested in Finding out about those guys in in weird White dressings and weird helmets Say that again you have to go to Hospital No i didn’t go to hospital they took me Out and i had a few scratches and that Was basically it but i was knocked out For 45 minutes One year was this i was knocked out for 45 minutes onto that car That was uh i was four years old so that Has been in 81

Oh but that’s the 80s for you you know That’s just a scratch But i do remember giving him a cup of Tea you’ll be fine And getting older and having these Memories you put two and two together Slowly and you realize whoa whoa Those guys you saw back then that time There was something that wasn’t there They were there but Nobody else or me could see them so who Were those guys Why are the aliens where they small Grace would help us out or whether the Spirit say what you call a guardian Angel is coming down in disguise Not to reveal who they are or confuse me Or Who were they that was when i got out Under that car that was my big quest uh I wasn’t even worried about myself Because i was okay i was hugging my mom I was A bit scared of what was happening but i Was more interested in those guys Who were there because they took all my Attention they took all my focus because They were not like the other standing Around there That’s amazing yeah so that was four Years old yeah So we’ve gone to the age of four now so How many hours i can remember being a Child

You know i i get like little but i Suppose Nothing like that i mean i died when i Was a baby yeah apparently I can’t remember it but you know it’s Um to have a memory like that and Something like that that’s just stuck With you for this long and you know It it’s a you you don’t remember dreams Do you you know This i i for what i mean by that is when You’re a child and you have Like dreams there are certain dreams you Remember yeah Certain emotional dreams where you come In one a kind of special Emotion uh uh which is uh Related to sorrow or sadness uh And you have these dreams where you hear Music and The music make you feel things that you Haven’t experienced yet and you can’t Explain it as a child Uh i remember we had um An artist in denmark um damses winner I don’t know the english word for it Would probably be tdps friends It’s a an ad up and making a lot of Music but they also make Fun music and a little bit successful Funny sarcasm From time to time he made a specific Song About a girl that went in some specific

Tones that was a little bit sad And it was about losing and dying and And not seeing the person anymore and And that kept playing in in A few dreams i had two three four times The same song And i remember sitting in the same chair At all all the drink all the drinks the Same chair the same dream i had a few Times in a row with that song playing in The background And i was just over uh what you called Overwhelmed with with Feelings that you cannot explain as a Four five six years old kid Feelings about love live and lose and They die And so on and so on uh Adult feelings without going in too deep In it And and that was pretty weird that that That Song could do that to my Brain when i’m asleep and make me happy Yeah And experience the same emotional Feelings uh To do with love that hasn’t existed yet And so on and so on and so on So yeah i have had some pretty weird Dreams i have had many weird dreams i Don’t think we got Time enough today to go through uh To discuss some dreams you know i may

Even i may even do A a a a show dedicate to dreams because I definitely think there’s something to The dream world You know that people talk about these Crazy dreams and A lot of them some some people’s dreams Tend to be Kind of like you know like almost real Yeah i think i mean Before i let you get off um Have you had anything recently strange That’s happened I know dolly house and i know she’s Listening The same house Would be yes but but we have had a lot Of things going on some of the things we Have uh Experienced together was as you also Told about it Last time when when we were on a in a Hotel and We were lying in each bed in each side Of the room and this lighter kind of Appeared in her setup like that and Remember looking at her but i was kind Of like gone i was there but i wasn’t There but i still Remember what i what i wasn’t in the Capability to move or talk or do Anything i was just observing and then Back out again so i i remember I remember that yeah and that’s we we

Have had some A few ufo sightings uh Not close but close enough to know that This is not helicopter this is not an Airplane this is something else Going on we have had a few of them Yeah and of course before i met dolly I had had a few ufo experiences in Denmark as well and As a kid as well as seven eight years Old i remember the first clear one I remember seeing Basically right in in in front of me Um and the shelf wishing this i was Walking home Um we had an area in basically in the Middle of town called the Cluster in the ruins of an old Castle that’s still there just next to The five tower Uh very famous church we have in canada There’s a ruin that you connect it’s Open you can walk around it with Plantations and But all the walls are still there and Next to the sidewalk was one of these Walls and i was walking on the sidewalk And when i was walking this light came Up from this wall and i was like what Is that looking up like oh i have no Idea i wasn’t Feeling scared or fearful i was just Looking at this slide and it just Hovered up from behind the wall to over

To the sidewalk where i was Stopped like two meters in front of me Was up in the air Hovering just a few meters above the Ground and It got more and more and more and more And more and more and more and more Bright and Expanded uh it wasn’t blinding me but The light was so bright But still not blinding i can’t explain About the light It’s kind of like this doorway kind of Appears in the middle this black Square kind of appeared slowly in the Middle and That’s all i remember and then i walked Home I remember i decided now it’s time to go Home and i went home and The first thing my mom said where have You been and i was like Well i’ve been down at the radio station There was local radio station that has Some kind of event where i was down at Have you done the radio station just Welcome you should have been home two Hours ago it’s like And i remember i walked 10 minutes Before i had to walk because i want to Be home in time I had a little issue at that time of Constantly coming like 10 15 20 minutes Too late my mom was a bit tired of it so

This time i was home before I came home two hours later so what Happens in in those two hours My mom asked what have you been doing i I left i left ten to five From from the station yeah but it’s it’s Ten to seven now Oh i just left and it’s a 10-15 minute Walk from the radio station hope And i explained to it but but i saw this Light at the ruins Downstairs down the the road those ruins Were just Two three hundred meters from where we Lived so walk from the room into my home Was like two minute walk Uh i explained to her just as i have Said now there was a slide coming up From behind the wall and it expanded and Expanded and they kept shining on me and Then i remember i walked home that’s it And I was like because she had had ufos and Alien experience as well And i remember her saying so your mum’s Experience My mom have experienced similar stuff as I have had With lights coming up like that hovering Above you steve kept that one quiet Thomas I have kept a lot of things quiet Because in this World today it’s so easy to get a stamp

On your back saying idiot whatever Imagination dream guy don’t listen to Him fake that’s just a story But the thing is when you know people Will judge you Like that why go out and publish it I have kept this to myself first time i Started talking about these things were In 2014 Uh i first went public and told some of The things i’ve Experienced and i kept it to myself Didn’t you say Much about this on mars moon space tv No because i wanted a marshmallow space Tv channel that was about mass moon and Space i’m not about Some as margaret jensen’s experiences as A kid because i knew if i put them out As a part of blasphemous based tv in the Beginning people would be thinking Hey yeah we ain’t gonna watch anymore Then he’s just talking When you knew that when you know they Get that stamp right away you ain’t Gonna go out and say listen to me guys i Have a story to tell I listen to me and my story is better Than all the others because I ain’t got any story to tell i’ve got a Life experience to tell I know what happened to me to me it’s Important that i know the truth What everybody else believe is is their

Matter not mine But it does become easier with age uh I’m 43 now uh 44 minutes I kind of lost it No i know it gets easier with age uh uh To handle critics and stupid people Do you know what the technical word for It is yeah It yeah that’s another way i can some Other ways but You probably would have your youtube Channel pants but You can say [ __ ] youtube now i mean it’s I I know you mainly upload now to um The your youtube platform i uh We haven’t done much the last month or Two because we’re working on a project With dd carson so our marshmallow space To be a little bit in the background Until we get finished with that big prop Uh project when you upload to youtube Now you can just say They’re swearing in this video and They’ll say okay thanks for being honest You can monetize Um that’s how i’m still here anyway Um but yeah i mean we’ll i May i’m i’m going to uh i’m going to end The video now because i think It’s been a it’s been a fantastic Journey now i’ll carry on if you don’t Mind Me and you’ll carry on having a

Conversation for 10 minutes Thank you for coming on thomas so just Let everybody know where they can find You Um they can find me and my wife dolly on Marshmallow space tv that’s our platform That’s Ours everything we do there is our work But We have uh working for billy carson as Well on forbidden knowledge tv Where you also can find all of Marshmallow and space tvs uh Good stuff and and the thing is that uh We have split it up a little bit So things about mars are going to go on Marshmallows based tv on youtube they Will also be Shared on forbidden honest tv but Documentaries and And longer uh documentaries secrets Based programs that we still are working On a part two three and four Uh the black knight satellite that we Are working on now As well and the ball 16 normally that Will come up they won’t be on youtube There will be unforbidden knowledge uh Tv uh it’s it’s something we do With billy uh together with with billy Uh for forbidden knowledge tv but we are Contractors of forbidden knowledge tv so We are marshmallow space tv working for Forbidden knowledge tv

Does it make sense yes once once the Documentary’s out then So the is are you gonna call it part Three uh The answer to mystery patri yeah That is out and it’s out in the open uh Would you come on and talk about of Course Of course and that’ll be awesome and if You want to dedicate a A day to talk more about the baltic sea Anomaly and and all the pictures and Videos that we have and Then we can do another definitely i need To start Maybe do a live show or something like That that’d be pretty cool Thank you very much for coming for Coming on thomas guys i’m alien addict Uh i’m gonna leave the links uh all Thomas’s links Down below in the description check them Out guys uh Check out my patreon page um you know The best way to support the channel Is to subscribe and hit the bell in the Corner Uh and a thumbs up never goes miss thank You guys good night god bless Thank you for having me it’s been a Pleasure