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Me and a friend at the time were hiking In the angelis national forest My friend was just at a boot camp usmc And we started hiking as often time Would allow We were hiking down a small stream bed That went downhill The stream was all dried up and it was Mostly rock hopping Until we got to the bottom of the hill At one point There is a small section off to the side That is just dirt And makes for a much easier walk down to The bottom When we got to the bottom we hiked a bit More But as the sun started to go down we Headed back up the same hill creek bed I followed my own boot tracks back up as I was tired of rock hopping While going up the smell in the air was Horrible Like rotten eggs or a portable toilet I then noticed on one of my tracks laid A dead ground squirrel Right over my boot track i pointed this Out to my friend And as soon as i did a loud banging over A short hillside was heard It was coming from about 35 to 50 yards Away from us It sounded as if a large log was being Hit against a tree

I looked at where the noise was coming From and noticed the tops of the trees Were swaying Back and forth all this time of the Swing of the trees the pounding on them Could be heard then the pounding stopped And a loud grown scream was heard from The same area As the pounding of the trees i have Never heard anything like it I've heard mountain lions black bear This was nothing like that and was very Very loud To the point to where it was damn scary My friend asked if we should go look Over the small hillside to see what was Making the noise I said no way and he agreed When we started walking away the banging And the screaming would stop But as soon as we stopped it would then Proceed with the groan And screaming and the trees would start Swaying We finally got out of there and my Friend did not want to talk about what Happened This is what you might call a stretch But here goes anyway About 15 years ago when i was 17 or 18 I went on a hike with a friend trying to Reach smith mountain On the edge of the san gabriel Wilderness

We made it up to the saddle where the Trail goes downhill into the wilderness And where we were supposed to leave the Trail and go south of the mountain And decided we didn't feel like going Any further I'm assuming we rested for a while and i Remember just talking And hanging out as we were getting up And ready to go We heard a strange noise coming from the Bushes nearby We stopped talking and listened and it Was a very low sort of growl Snuffling sound my first thought Was that it was probably a bear but that Ultimately i had no idea what it was And it sounded like it was growling at Us the bushes along the trail were very High Such so that we couldn't see through Them it scared the hell out of us And so we quickly hoofed it back down The trail I'm not sure if we ever spoke about it Again except to maybe say i wonder what It was But it was scary but afterwards I actually looked at the field guides Trying to figure out what was making the Noise I knew that bears mountain lions and Bobcats all relatively are relevant in That part of san gabriel mountains

So assumed it was probably one of those But after browsing around And seeing several sightings near that Wilderness area I'm beginning to wonder in retrospect Although it could be my overactive Imagination it sounded a bit ape-like Very low pitched so that we almost Couldn't hear it at all And we had to ask each other do you hear That Take it as you must i just think it's Interesting in the context of the other Sightings I only wish i could remember any more Details and that we had the cajones to Hang around longer And to check it out further In 1976 while night hunting for bobcats On the fringe of san gabriel wilderness I called in a bigfoot while using a Dying rabbit call I heard it scream so loud that the hair On the back of my neck stood up And i got goosebumps all over my whole Body I have been hunting now for 34 years and Besides hunting eight of the 11 western States I've also hunted deep in the interior of Mexico And i have never heard anything like That before It was the only time i have ever been

Truly frightened Even though i had a high-powered rifle i Knew by the sheer volume of the Blood-curdling scream That whatever it was was too big to kill With my 243-caliber bullet It sounded like it was mad at me and Kept moving to my right Trying to get downwind of me i figured That my very powerful aircraft landing Light That i was using to hunt with must have Blinded him and hurt his eyes Because he was circling me trying to win Me He never looked my way thus allowing me To catch his glowing eyes This is the first of three so-called Sightings Me and my fishing buddy greg we're Fishing the back side of morris dam Knocking stuff out of smallmouth bass And an occasional huge trout Or crappy it's not legal to trespass There So we were very quiet and did not use Lights We are one with nature so to speak At around four in the morning we started Back to the car A quarter mile walk through dense brush Across the river Up to waist deep we use deer trails Like tunnels to get through the thick

Brush we grabbed our hefty stringer No fish story and headed into the bush Without really speaking We knew the routine well about 50 yards Into the bush Greg and i both noticed that someone a Human Was walking in front of us about 20 feet Ahead We both stopped the footsteps took two More steps Then stopped greg and i looked at each Other Surprised and simultaneously drew our Buck knives We couldn't see anything we proceeded Cautiously Our knives drawn the footsteps continued In front of us after about 30 feet we Came to the edge of a clearing and Stopped Two more steps and it stopped again Only this time in the middle of the Clearing We looked at each other looked back at It And simultaneously said who's there It turned 90 degrees up the river and Took off running through dense brush In the black of night like a halfback For the rams Like no human can This early 1970s sighting was none of my Own

I was a boy when my brother-in-law of That day And one or two of his hunting friends Had an excellent and fairly long-term Sighting both via their eyes through High-powered rifle scopes However i can relate some of this Information to you In fact i spoke with my Ex-brother-in-law about this earlier This evening Because i happened upon it and wanted to Explore this encounter What is very significant is that sam and Don Had every opportunity to shoot this Animal and or person And thought about it but could not Because it looked too human Only three days later bigfoot reports Hit the news My father and sam aka sandy in front of Me Took out a forest map and sam became Quiet as the new sightings were only 15 Miles from his encounter And in the direction the creature was Traveling the newer sightings as i Recall Put the creature near pear blossom on The other side of the mountains I remember a news report of a thousand People lined up across the desert Looking for anything and they did find

Some hair on a barbed wire fence To this day i know of no one having Reported this first encounter three days Prior Another significant item is that in Those days Bear season and deer season overlapped Or was one in the same At first they thought this might be a Deformed bear They had bear tags as they witnessed This being Walking on two legs just like any human And appeared to be around eight feet Tall They were a few hundred yards away on The other side of the canyon I don't remember the name of the canyon But the rifle scopes allow them to see This clearly enough That viewing the face in shape they Cannot decide if this was an animal or a Human I remember sandy or sam saying it looked Kind of like a monkey man The animal person seemingly did not know They were there They had bear tags and thought about Shooting the creature But as i said could not make themselves To do it I recall sam telling my father that it Had to be a bear Because it dropped down to all fours

When it climbed the steeper terrain My father asked sam how did you guys Climb it The reply was the same as a deformed Bear About then my brother-in-law was no Longer jovial regarding the sighting and Preferred not to discuss the incident Until now i have more or less left the Man alone about it Today he is a plant manager for a large Trailer company Dawn still lives in baldwin park California but may be moving to san Diego I seldom cross paths with don nor have i Ever pursued the matter with him If anybody is interested I was mining on the creek when some Movement caught my eye As i stood up i saw clear as day A bigfoot peering from behind a tree the Hair on my neck stood straight up on the Back of my neck As i moved back towards across the creek Away from it As i did i slipped on mossy rocks Fell back and banged my arm up pretty Bad which required medical attention Later on Keeping a close eye on what it was doing I know exactly what i saw As well as it saw me we were talking About a distance of 60 yards

My mining partner was upstream from us And it knew that too As he kept looking upstream looking for Him My friend must have spooked it my way as It spotted me Already acting nervous it left up and Climbed over some rocks and was gone As it knew to stay low like it was in Firefight staying as much out of sight As possible In panic and injured i was heading up The trail as fast as i could The behavior i observed was so Fascinating that this thing was very Tactful And knew exactly what it was doing quite The sure-footed creature