By | July 28, 2020

My wife and i were driving home From denver colorado to albuquerque new Mexico And stopped at a gas station in las Vegas new mexico I believe it was philip 66 at Approximately 100 On 10 18 2013. We pulled off of i-25 southbound into The gas station parking lot When we were driving down from the Frontage road towards the gas station We saw a few vehicles on the far end of The parking lot with Three to four people talking and a new Mexico state police officer cruiser Was leaving the lot however Upon parking in front of the gas station We discovered that it was closed I needed to pee rather urgently so i ran Around to the back of the station To find a dark place to do my business I walked about 20 meters behind the gas Station to be totally out of sight Of the occupied vehicles in the gas Station lot As i was urinating i began to feel Uncomfortable i was paying an open Ground And initially thought somebody was Walking up behind me Probably to do the same thing i craned a Look around And saw nobody no animals

Just a blanket feeling that somebody was Very near me as i finished peeing I turned and began briskly walking back Towards our vehicle As i was hurrying back i turned to look Behind me And this is when i became a believer Before i continue i would like to Preface that my anecdote by alluding to My high level of academic credentials Alongside my occupation as a health care Executive I also provide executive and technical Advice to elected And appointed officials i have worked Very hard to become an expert based On empirical analysis and studied fact I did not believe in bigfoot ghosts or Another unexplained anomalies I believe in results hard work and well Results My perspective is now very different As i turned and looked over my left Shoulder i Saw an enormous lurking animal The animal was crouched over almost as If taking cover In the sparse and cold vegetation In fact i think the creature watched me The whole time And did not make such a noise However the creature noticed when i saw It It stood up and quickly lumbered into

The dark way From the direction of the parking lot The one attribute of the creature That resounded with me was how heavy the Footfall was It sounded like somebody dropping a sack Of potatoes Over and over again and it was fast I observed the creature for about 11 Seconds from the moment i realized i saw It To watching the animal dart into the Woodline Due to the radiant light from the Parking lot i can make Steady detail of the fleeing creature Here are the salient points for my Memory Aside from the footfall Creature was approximately eight to ten Feet tall I'm six too and this animal would have Towered over me Since i observed it on flat land leading To my estimation The hair on the creature was matted like Dogs that live outside The coloration was dark brown the Creature had a very defined gait It took strides that i would estimate to Be three to fourths of my stride per one Of its strides it had massive human-like Hands The creature was very skittish not

Moving Until realizing i was observing it Lending to a higher intellect than that Of a brown bear I believe the creature may have fled in Fear I did not make eye contact but noticed a Massive brown and defined jaw And cranial structure there is one other Trait that i have since read about that May allude to this Being a new mexico bigfoot the air was Ranked with what i thought was the Dumpster behind the gas station However this might be the musk Eyewitnesses have reported in the past I could not be sure but it was very Powerful And somewhat reminiscent of what i Perceived to be urine This incident was fearful and moving i Was unable to sleep for days And could not bring myself to tell my Wife until recently Due to my profession and reputation i Have extreme Extreme reluctance about openly sharing My encounter However i have personal visual evidence Of a so-called mythical beast And i do not know what to do with it Another fact I have a concealed carry handgun license In the state of new mexico

And was carrying a 1911-45 at the time Of the incident I was so scared that reaching for my Weapon would have been an afterthought I was actually scared stiff i also Noticed that the animal was trying to Stay hidden And very cognizant of what i was and When i noticed it It was saturday july 16th 2011 about 12 30 a.m Early last saturday morning we were Going to the chesca mountains on the Navajo reservation for a family reunion We just left the main paved highway Through narbana pass Indian service route 32 highway 134 Between sheep springs new mexico and Crystal new mexico We went south on a dirt road indian Service route 32 Into the chesca mountains we were about Five to eight miles into the mountains When we came upon a small hill that Curved towards the east Then to the south as we approached the Hill to go up The road quickly turned right or south As we reached the top we saw the full Moon And it lit up a flat green pasture that Was on top of the hill As soon as we made the turn to the right I noticed a big black figure standing

There As i looked at it it stood with the full Moon behind it So that all i could see was a black Outline form I kept my eyes on the figure while Making the turn right I said to my wife did you see that and She said what I said something is standing over there By the road As i looked i noticed that the figure Was standing by a small pond which was About 10 to 15 feet from the road I could see the figure's reflection in The pond along with the full moon I would say when i first saw it it was About 75 feet away As we got closer our headlights turned To the right Away from the black figure but i still Could see it Because the moonlight was so bright it Just stood there Still as if it was waiting for us to Leave I told her i was going to pull the truck Onto the edge of the road The road being dirt and because of the Rain It had been plowed so there was a ridge Of dirt on both sides of the road So i pulled the vehicle left towards the Bigfoot to flash my headlights on it

As my headlights flashed the bigfoot it Turned We could see the legs which there were Two of them turn And the arms again two of them turn And it started running away from us up a Small hill into the trees It was a quick smooth run i mentioned to Her that it ran Ninja-like smooth and stealthy In less than six seconds it was in the Trees As it was turning and running we didn't See any clothing Buttons shining from the headlights or Moonlights We just saw a huge mass a body running On two legs And we never saw any eyes we noticed the Legs and arms and for sure It ran on two legs up the hill we were About 30 feet away from it when it ran Up the hill We could see that it was not a bear nor A human It stood at least seven to eight feet Tall it was wider and taller than a Person After it ran away we were in shock We sat quietly in the truck still for About 15 seconds Then all of a sudden my oldest daughter Screamed and said Daddy what was that i was shocked that

She was awakened the whole time I thought only my wife and i saw it but She was terrified Asking me over and over i couldn't say Anything but tell her That it was a bigfoot my wife and i Aren't crazy Nor are we believers of bigfoot until Now In fact we were the biggest skeptics There are But we can't deny what we saw i have to Believe it because it was real My wife also admitted that she saw it Too as we first approached the hill Just like i did she just wasn't sure at The time if it was the same thing that i Saw It was eerie and exciting at the same Time We also went back there on sunday to Look for tracks There weren't any the ground was Extremely hard where it ran up the hill Along the pond we saw hoof prints from Cows dog prints Deer prints but no noticeable bigfoot Prints of any kind By the way the pond was only about 10 to 15 feet wide It was just runoff of rainwater so it Isn't always there during the year It seemed to me that it was not wanting To be seen

I believe if i did not turn my Headlights towards him it would have Probably stood there Until we passed by then it would have Left I think it was very intelligent because It watched us And even before i can get the headlights Turned on to him he had already started To turn away from us It had to have known what we were going To do next that is probably why we Didn't see any eyes I have lots of stories from my Grandmother about bigfoot She said they have been here since the Beginning of time and That they were like us living among us Until they saw humans start to fight Amongst themselves Then they didn't want any part of us Anymore So they went into hiding they know that If they kill a human or make contact With one They know that nothing good will come Out of it so That is why they stay in hiding after Our encounter We heard a lot more people have Witnessed bigfoot in the same area We also observed that the bigfoot Noticed us on the hill It seemed to me that it stood there

Until it noticed we were turning towards It Because it was already turning before Our headlights shined on it That is why we didn't see any eyes or Any face I've also heard other stories many more Sightings have happened because of the Fires in the arizona mountains I even talked to a navajo nation ranger Once and he stated that a lot more deer Elk and other animals have also migrated Into the chesca mountains because of the Fires