By | July 24, 2020

We bought our place About five years ago on the river here In franklin county missouri Things happen on a daily basis like Howls Tree knocks and something looming in our Woods Our son used to travel home late at Night on his electric bike Two and a half miles from town to home Here He stopped traveling at night around 3 A.m After something that was 7 feet tall White And hairy crossed a field next to the Road and was gone It terrified him so much that he moved Into town permanently And will not live out here myself and my Husband heard strange howl Calls i hear tree knocks on our back Land And smell a horrible wet dog smell Sometimes coming off of the hill I do not trail walk or land anymore nor Do i go out after dark I have had chickens disappear from a Locked coop and two peacocks killed Inside a locked 10 foot by 10 foot cage the 200 acres Down the road is where my son seen the One Head towards as a minister

I was hesitant to write this but feel Something that's out here And in a group i believe an Investigation should be done My guard dog refuses to be out in the Backland as if it is frightened by Something i won't even swim in our pool Alone I feel watched and a few times seen Something tall in the woods But could not get the nerve to get Closer as we have found deer legs and Parts that should not have been killed As we did not hunt our forest animals Today i heard tree knocks again and when I stepped out to feed the barn cats Nope i came back in it creeps me out I almost want a siller place but it's so Beautiful out here The bluff off the backland is a 100 foot Bluff above the river Lots of open space land in a deep hollow That is remote And thousands of acres around thank you For listening I want to start off by saying i don't Know what i saw I know it wasn't a bear having said that I don't know what to think so this last Saturday At about 12 30 my hunting partner and i Went to a cave Conservation area to scout and see what Conservation has cleared

We crossed a creek bottom to where there Are small food plots Once we cross to the other side of the Field we saw something on the trail About 200 yards off even from that Distance I could see that it was big i noted a Head by a limb That i judged was maybe five or six feet Off the ground What we saw then crouched and sort of Swayed a few times before taking off to The right And stopping not being sure what we saw We crossed into the next field and Discussed what it was We turned around and went back to the Field we had seen the creature And it was gone we crossed back to where It had been And found a large fresh footprint i put My foot down next to the print I wear a size 10 and a half and the Print is way bigger than my foot We estimate it to be 16 or 18 inches Long In that same area we found broken trees That had been pulled up And then wove between other trees what Does that Also the limb we thought was maybe five Or six feet off the ground was more like Eight feet nine Maybe what we saw was big and when it

Moved it Almost glided it was dark gray with Brown hair It was bipedal i couldn't make out any Facial features or Say a hundred percent what it was we Were too far away This past october i was walking along a Road By city lake park in sullivan missouri It was around 11 11 20 pm on a thursday Night And the park is remote and empty on a Night like that I'm 29 and stand six foot six My vision is 15 20 in my left eye Better than normal as i came around the Curb I had the national preserve state park To my right As i looked ahead some 70 to 100 feet And i saw this Tall monkey with long legs go by under One of the lights I immediately looked to my right at the Tree line as Fear overwhelmed my body i turned around Pacing myself back towards town trying To make Sense of what i saw it stood about seven Feet And it was hairy the hair of the arms Was hanging about three to four inches It was the only part of the silhouette

That was clearly hairy And i could notice clearly that it had Ape like hairy arms I went back to the house and researched On the subject on youtube But most of the videos showed a much Heavier set creature A lot of people that i talked to just Cannot believe me Last night i came across the jacobs Video And the similarity struck me i know that It is hard to believe What i saw and i myself was a skeptic of This phenomenon Until it happened to me now i know that The creature and cause exists Do we know why it is so elusive it seems That it was leaving the park when it saw Me Why would a creature so large be scared Of a human I have no intention to gain any benefit From my experience The sighting occurred sometime after Dark I was in my sleeping bag sleeping on a Sandbar with three other guys on the River After an afternoon of canoeing and Fishing I was awakened and was looking upstream Into a beautiful bright Full moon the light being given off was

So bright That you could read by the moonlight Alone Suddenly about 20 yards upstream to my Left A very large very massive creature Walking on two legs Stepped into the river to cross it Appeared to have a very massive upper Body Because of the moonlight and angle i Could see that its body had a very Furry appearance to it when it walked I could see its arms sway and its knees Bend with every step I also noted a very pronounced crest on The top of its head And a very pronounced ridge in its brow Line I was on my back looking upstream and Propped myself Up on my elbows for a better look as i Did this Greg who was off to my left propped Himself up And said out loud what the hell is it I answered not taking my eyes off the Creature I don't know must be somebody ripping Off cabins Implying a human form immediately upon Greg's words The creature turned at the waist and Looked at us only taking its eyes off us

To look at the other bank When it exited the river when it looked At us Its face blacked out due to turning away From the moonlight I remember hearing the creature cutting The water which was about three feet Deep as it walked The water flow was very fast and no man Could have crossed this area And remained standing for very long the Water came up to the creature's knees I could see its knees bend as it lifted Them to walk It exited the river on the right side And we lost sight of it This sighting lasted only about 10 Seconds but lives vividly in my memory The next morning when greg and i Recalled what we had seen to the other Guys We were severely ridiculed because of This We didn't really go back and check for Tracks or other signs We both agreed that what we saw was not Human and far too tall and massive to be A person Or a bear we both then agreed that it Had to be a bigfoot That we had seen i do recall that the Draw that the bigfoot had come out of Prior to entering the water was very Dark

With thick brush and a spring-fed creak In it As we were floating by i remember having A very uneasy feeling about it as i was Looking at it I would not have gone into it I'm a missouri resident back in 91 Or 92 i can't remember which year I was coming home and coming around a Curve when i noticed i shine As i got closer i could see a massive Creature Standing on the side of the road reddish Brown color At least eight feet tall as the truck Lights hit this thing It threw up its arm and covered its face It was not a man in a suit or bear When i say massive i mean massive This thing was anywhere between 600 to 800 pounds As the years went by i moved but within Seven miles from where i saw this Creature the first time I have been here 19 years now back in The first years i would come home at Night And hear things that i've never heard Before not thinking it was a bigfoot Just not knowing what i was hearing Until one night about 2 30 in the Morning I let my little dog out and heard a Holler that was long

And to me sounded like a warning I swooped my little dog up and ran in The house and shook we have 119 acres Mostly wooded my mother moved a trailer Onto my land and was here for about Seven years before she passed away In 2010 she would call me and tell me Something is hitting her door Trailer at night very hard she also was Throwing rocks out of the yard to keep Her lawnmower from getting them And to her surprise two rocks came right Back at her Over her head she never seen what threw Them though That also happened to me when i would be Weed eating her yard One time she heard a pack of dogs Running and barking She went out to look and she said all of A sudden Something firmly started talking in Animal language to these dogs And then she never heard the dogs again She stated that if an 800 pound gorilla Could talk That's what it would sound like around The time She started telling me things were Hitting the trailer at night and she was Hearing Walking around outside then it started Here at my house Rocks hitting on the house rocks thrown

On top of the house It came up onto my porch i heard it Scuffle and run off as i was lying in Bed I knew whatever was just on my porch was Extremely heavy I have never been so petrified in all my Life Then the wood knocks the very next night My husband worked nights so it was just My daughter and i at home After my husband retired he was working On my truck at our bottom barn And as he pulled down there he saw Something that he said was not a man or A bear But it ran so fast that he didn't know What it was He said it was big and fast after that He started finding footprints he would Come and get me And show them to me i heard this thing Holler on several occasions Wood knocking and walking around outside So much has happened throughout the Years here really Way too much to document i have noticed That it comes around if you sing At the end of last summer i bought a Cheap little night vision scope One night i asked my husband you want to Go sit on the front porch with me He said okay so we went out and took the Night vision scope

I turned it on started focusing it and To my amazement There it was in the woods in the Darkness 50 yards in front of the house As i was looking at this thing i said oh My henry It's a bigfoot i'm sure he was thinking Yeah right but i handed him the night Vision scope Pointed and said it's standing right There i waited a minute and asked Do you see it he said yes i see it I said i told you there was a bigfoot And it was out there This thing was standing there watching Us as we were watching it It was approximately eight feet or Taller and huge Its arms hung down past its knees and Kind of curved as like a monkeys would Its head was crowned to some degree we Passed the scope back and forth to each Other My husband couldn't believe what he was Seeing i watched it crouch down and Stand right back Up while we were watching that one Something other than It threw a rock on the carport my big Brave husband wanted to walk out to it I told him it could rip him apart with Little effort if it felt threatened My husband started to walk out to it There was a sudden flash of movement in

The scope And then it was gone i couldn't see it Anymore So i hollered out i don't see it anymore You better not go out there But it was gone it has never hurt or Threatened us besides growling at me In total i saw this creature four times And only one is questionable If i didn't see it with my own two eyes I would be skeptical too i suppose My husband also has informed me that as He was walking the dog this morning He heard a wood knock in one direction And a whistle in another I heard the whistles the other night When i went out to see what the dog was Raising cain about