By | July 22, 2020

The start issues kept their side of the Agreement there Honorable people and operate from very High Metaphysical and spiritual principles The same cannot be said of the Four governments involved There have been Firings on star visitor craft From time to time and and one of the Counselors said to me that uh the humans Say Well it was a mistake or a Misidentification or human error We didn’t mean to do it but of course These happened and did One of them was even captured by Astronauts Who We’re in orbit in a space shuttle Where a neutral particle beam Weapon being comes Up uh from the earth towards a uh Star visitor craft that’s hovering at The edge of atmosphere and it makes a Radical right turn At the last moment i think we’ve seen That video Yeah a lot of people have seen that uh You know that’s just documentation that Uh the deal was violated and they’ve Continued to fire on them there of Course have been Various reports of downed ufos

Since the 60s and those were no Accidents it was Deliberate shootings because these uh Cabal type folks want to Grab these vehicles and tear them apart And back engineer them and And find out what makes them tick and And take that technology and Reproduce it so that they can have Advanced weapon systems to rule the World with And flying down range we got all three Stages of powered flight And as the dummy warhead and the package Flew on down Range we were all celebrating the fact That we had seen the thing and Accomplished the mission When i got back to the base with the Film the next day i was called into the Office of major florence J mansman and there were three people in Gray suits Standing in there there was a 16-millimeter camera and a screen set up Major mansion said lieutenant sit down And watch this and he turned down the Lights turned on the camera on The projector and the film came on and i Recognized it as the film that we’d shot At big sur the previous day Toward the end of the flight i was Looking at major man saying pretty good Stuff uh sir and

And suddenly he said just watch this and As i watched The the warhead the dummy warhead the Chaff that was Put out in front of it as a decoy uh to To Deflect the russian attack missile Missile tracking radar Everything was flying along and suddenly In the same direction this stuff was Flying at about eight thousand miles an Hour The object came into the frame shot a Beam of light at the warhead Flew up to the top shot another beam of Light at the warhead flew around the Direction it was flying shot another Beam of light at the warhead Flew down shoot another beam of light at The warhead And flew out the same way it came in Well Why didn’t you see this when you were Shooting it Well it was uh 800 miles away from us Oh i got you the only confiscated Well first of all the major mans man Said to me what was that were you guys Screwing around up there I said no sir he said then tell me what That was and i said We got a ufo and he said lieutenant you Are never to speak of this again As far as you’re concerned this didn’t

Happen Hold on guys i’ll be right back i gotta Take a break okay that’s weird Uh you think there’s a national defense Plan for aliens sounds crazy we’ll ask About that next With me i very early on knew that to Deny The reality of ufos and other phenomena That occurs Would be denying myself So so as an as a communicator you’re Definitely You don’t always tell the others what’s Going on Remember i told you you feel it You feel yes you feel what they feel and They feel what you feel So you don’t always Address it because one of the things That you may feel like If they’re saying that they are a guest If our military is saying well this is One of our guests Uh they’re not treating that entity as a Guest And what’s happening is is that you are Feeling what that entity is feeling And one situation i even helped One of them escape and that right there Was Not telling them everything that was Being said i’m Curious what went on when you dealt with

That Was it first of all what kind of an Entity was it and i understand that They’re being held Prisoner but how was it that you were Able and in fact Dan bursch talks about the same thing Well I don’t know whether it was a stargate Or what but In order on the inside where we had this Entity If we were to And there’s a tape That talks about this which gives a Whole lot more detail But we went ahead And if they were to try to extract this Entity from inside where we were at Then there had been people killed and This entity would not accept that And you could feel what was going you Could feel what it felt That’s the best way to put it and i’m Trying to tell this without going in Any real certain details But i convinced the person that i always Called the colonel And all throughout that’s what i was Calling uh We went ahead and i said you know He needs to show me something but Everybody has to be cleared from here

It’s just got to be me and him And everybody went ahead left Uh there was one spec pie that stayed There to help me and i said you’re going To cut this Screen fence back here or the storm Fence And we can get in trouble for that says Yeah i know that’s why i’m asking you to Just drop Off the boat cutters And then beat feet well he didn’t he Went ahead and he cut the wires for me And we got the entity outside by the Time they found out that we had the Entity outside the perimeter Uh they went ahead and was very upset That now they were even to the point Where they even tried to shoot the Entity but the entity was now in a Position Where it was a bright bright bright Light that came down And i didn’t even get to see the craft And maybe it was because i just wasn’t Looking But all of a sudden this Entity was there then it wasn’t then of Course There was called the colonel he went Ahead and told me I’d be court-martialed and while we’re Going to overlook at this time but don’t Let that happen again

And of course is chastising him if They’re supposed to be our guest why are We treating them cruel and treating him As prisoners As a matter of fact even worse than Prisoners The i’ve never seen Either movie of the manchurian candidate Okay and the one thing that we had we Had identified by the time i got out 57 different species and they were Affectionately called the heinz 57 i Understand there’s some phrase in one of Those movies about that Oh gee i’d love to say There’s only two or three races there Are only Four or five or even one i’d love to say That But With what i know if i change anything That i do know Then it’s not reality it’s just going Ahead saying things that people want to Hear Uh-huh well why would you say you would Want to say there was only One or two almost some people well we Could find your story more believable if You could see And t can’t this entity be Gray because it’d be more believable Why do you want a story that’s Believable or do you want the truth