Alien Abductee speaks out for the first time.

By | July 21, 2020
Alien Abductee speaks out for the first time.

Afraid to have Kids I think that’s terrible No i i couldn’t i think i’ve had a kid Telling me they saw something That’d be it for me no i can’t even Protect myself how can i protect my Child Before i go any further with this Interview guys you can You may hear a bit of giggling coming From upstairs That’s my my little boy um i can’t seem To get them out of the house One’s out of the house one’s in the House um So yeah you may hear that but you won’t Hear in the interview because the Interview’s already It’s been filmed the interview and this Is me just saying thank you to the two New patreons of the channel Eli thank you very much my friend you Didn’t send me what you wanted art wise So i kind of went with your name Um look i looked the name up and it’s a Hebrew name Um and i changed my logo for you Not permanently but just just in this Kind of picture Uh but yeah if you if you let me know What If you want some actual personal uh From your mind you want me to do

Something photoshop for you I’m glad to do that for you my friend so Eli has been in touch And he said you know alienated you don’t Have to do anything for me I appreciate that but i like to do Something for the new patrons so Because you said that you’re into Technology and you’re quite techy Along with the ufo stuff and alien i Went with my logo And i kind of um integrated it with all This circuitry and that for you so i Hope you enjoy that my friend and Thank you once again and also Uh wreaking havoc 215 Which is actually john who i’m Interviewing now Um i’d already agreed to the interview Before he became a patron by the way But uh john your art you will see In the interview when you um Reveal the secret Which people have already seen in in the In the thumbnail so but yeah enjoy the Interview guys I’m alien addict make sure you get that Thumbs up Good evening folks welcome to alien Addict we have John uh on tonight now John this is a weird one for me because You didn’t Want to come you gave me a story but it

Was kind of you just wanted to share the Story And then i did the video the other night I think that might have Twisted your arm a little bit definitely Yeah um it that’s what i find Interesting when you When you send me well somebody sends me An email And with the story like yours and you Just wanted to share the story Originally But not actually come on that intrigues Me that is why i’ve kind of I feel like i’ve badged you into coming On a little bit But this story needs to be told I agree so i want you to take me back Well the to the beginning To when this started now i’ve read the Email through So i do know the bits but i need to get A really good Picture of this so Let’s hear it so about uh it was 1995 Um my family took a cruise And they invited me to go along with Them um I decided to stay home i figured having An empty house was Much better than going on a cruise which I definitely try it Which is probably a bad decision now Look back on it but

Uh so yeah i had the house to myself It was i think it was a saturday it was A saturday or friday I know it was on the weekend but uh i Was out playing basketball with my Friends And uh you know regular day came home Like 11 o’clock at night Took a shower you know everything i was In a good mood i had a house to myself i Was like really upbeat Uh it was nice you know having a good Time So i take a shower i go into my room You know all the lights are on i’m like You know I’m getting ready to hop in bed to watch Some tv And as soon as i sit in my bed um I’m sitting against the headboard facing My tv I haven’t even turned it on yet and like My bed just starts Vibrating like very slowly And uh it vibrated more and more And started shaking and At some point after i started shaking it Started like Pretty much jumping off the ground um Not completely off the ground but there Was probably One leg of the bed on the ground at a Time Like it was just like all over the place

And uh i was actually holding on it was Pretty Nuts and then it stopped completely and It was just like You know that was it um I don’t believe in ghosts at the time i Just assumed it was a ghost And i kind of brushed it off like even Though it was Pretty nuts um I wasn’t too worried about it and then Like Three seconds later i get this like This uh some weird feeling just rushed Through my body like All my senses were like on high alert Like I almost knew what was about to happen Before i actually see anything at this Point Like like it’s hard to explain like I’m like i kind of knew um So you know after the best started Shaking i get this weird feeling And i turn my head to the right like Quickly And uh you know there’s Two aliens standing on my roof Um their faces were like maybe a couple Inches from my window You know so like my lights are Completely on i see this Clear as day so like as i’m turning my Head

And i get a glance of the first one My brain like already knew the whole Situation Even though this has never happened Before um You mean like a deja vu no it’s just Like before i see them completely Already knew what was there And what was going to happen i don’t Know if it was a deja vu or Maybe it happened before that way i Don’t know but the feeling was strong Like i barely saw like half of the first One’s like left eye And my brain just computed there’s no Something out there something’s about to Happen to me like quick So so i you know i turned her right to My window You know i had like a a porch on the First floor in my backyard And there was like a roof above the Porch And that’s what they were standing on um I had no clue how they even got up there You couldn’t climb it You know so they had to come from Above i guess i don’t i tried to climb That thing personally when i was a kid i Couldn’t do it so I don’t know how they got there but Anyway And there’s two of them there was a Taller one to the left and a shorter one

To the right The shorter one was standing in front of The taller one slightly But i didn’t get i wasn’t able to turn My head completely to see the second one Because as soon as i saw the first one My eyes like locked on immediately And uh i saw the face everything every Little detail you can Take from looking somebody in their face I have all that like One thing You know kind of like a typical gray but But not Um the shape of their head was You know i look at it now like the shape Of the head was like perfect It was too perfect like from the They had like a long chin you know the Head got bigger But there was no cheekbone jawbone Temple there’s nothing there’s like no Eyebrows no no wrinkles no lips Uh there’s nothing man this is like Two big black eyes two holes and like a Straight slit Or a mouth but their face was like To me it looked like their face was Pretty flat and their eyes were almost Like sitting on top of their face Um Originally when it happened i’ll go Ahead i’m sorry Was was there any movement to the face

At all They didn’t budge an inch they didn’t Flinch they didn’t blink They didn’t move a single hair which To me was more creepy like did you say You saw one of them from the side No no well while i was turning they’re Both like Had their faces almost against my window Side by side so i saw Both of them um i saw This well the second one i saw like in My peripheral vision Because once i locked on eyes with the First one It was like uh it was like a tunnel Vision But i can still see around me in my Peripherals so i can still see the Smaller one but there’s like a tunnel Vision effect going on And i’m just like it felt like my heart Stopped like i I lost my breath it was uh Was it just faces or anybody Just i couldn’t see the the body because It was uh It was nighttime and you know my lights Were on so It had been pretty short man i mean like Their head to body ratio Was like their head might have been the Third of their body Like they’re pretty you know i used to

Hang out on that roof My little brother in the room next to me Would climb out of his window You know and climb into mine so the Roof’s only a couple feet from the Bottom of the window Is anybody else in the house with you no That’s the thing Everyone is on that cruise i was telling You about So i’ve been stuck on this thing like Did they know They were on a cruise you know what i Mean That’s that’s the kind of questions that Get me So they’re on and you’re looking at These two um Alien gray looking creatures um What happened next Well i’ve i had to stir this thing’s Eyes for like 20 seconds Um but as i was doing that i had another Intense feeling And i turned my head to the left like Really quickly and i looked directly at The bottom of my door Like i didn’t look at my door i looked At the bottom of my door Um i had a huge gap my door was messed Up so there was a big gap between the Bottom and the door and the floor so i Can see A little bit into my hallway and as soon

As i looked like two seconds later I saw two pair of legs stepped forward To my door their shadows were projecting Into my room Um i had my hallway light on still um When i saw that i was just like oh [ __ ] You know like batman like you know Um My reaction i’m not too happy about Because i just Threw my blankets over myself and got Into the fetal position and just laid There Um i was 15. I think i’d have done the same i think i Could do that now no But now i’m like what if i got up and Walked towards the window what if i did This what if i did that You know i feel like i took the the Weakest route possible but it was just a Natural reaction For some reason the scariest thing to me Was Them actually touching me that was like My main concern like You know just your hands touching me i Don’t know why that was such Over everything else i did not want that To happen So i laid there maybe it’s like 15 Seconds And then the next thing you know i’m Waking up on my living room

In my living room the next morning on my Couch Um i’m face down on my couch and My legs are like partially hanging off And i remember my shorts going backwards Maybe i did that the night before i Don’t know but And i remember i felt like i had like The worst hangover in the world I was in such days i was confused Um i remember that morning it was like So bright outside too Like birds were chirping like it was a Beautiful day and i just woke up [ __ ] yeah like what the heck just Happened you know it was like a second Later Like i went under the sheets covered Myself And like that i’m waking up the next Morning And you know i was under the sheets i Was just waiting to feel them grab me Through the sheet you know like i was Just Absolutely terrified about that that was I don’t know why that’s you know it’s a Messed up thing but like In my head that was like my number one Concern like i didn’t care that they Were there or whatever I did not want them to physically touch Me So i’m going to ask you this because

Your parents had gone away and You said you’d been at a football game i Was playing basketball Basketball yeah did you drink anything After with your mate so I came right home the the basketball Court’s like A 15-minute walk from my house at the Time we Walked back and forth all the time you Know we’d all meet i had like 10 friends In the neighborhood we all walked there Together Play basketball walk back you know Because I’m asking myself as a as a young kid at 15 years old but i know the rest of the Email as well So i know how this has affected you and The other stuff that’s to come But at the time I i suppose you’re not gonna get them Feelings when you look at these Two figures um But when you say that they had no Features it’s almost like the masks And i was thinking you is Could it be a prank you know what that Would be Something i would consider if my bed Wasn’t jumping off the ground Yeah that seconds got about so long you Know i mean Like if that bed thing didn’t happen i

Would have been freaked out but I might have approached whatever and you Know Just definitely no match there’s There’s like more of an image Of this featureless Creature that we know is a gray Because people always explain them Differently but i have I’ve seen them in um I mean there’s what’s happening there’s A fire in the sky Kind of ex travis walton explains them The way he’s explaining that that they Are in suits And i think travis does say something About that they could have been Suits Would you say that they looked like this Possibly wasn’t a living A living creature Ah as far as what like when you look So when you looked at this gray Alien i’m gonna call it a being um When you locked it straight in its eyes Did it look synthetic It looks like robotic yes um I didn’t think that at first you know i Just Chalked it up as they were you know Whatever from somewhere else But you know i think about this stuff Almost on a daily basis so i’m Constantly breaking down what i see

Almost like a crime scene so i’m trying To figure out you know What the heck happened to me so I think somehow they were created And not the actual beings themselves Um i say that because just to the fact That her face like it would be Impossible for your mouth to even move I mean it was just like a slit there’s No muscle definition there’s nothing At all it’s it’s crazy how little Features there were just a slit Two holes and you know big black guys Have you ever drawn it yeah but i can’t Get it exactly where i’m happy with it I’m a decent drawer but when it comes to Drawing that i’m like so anal that I kind of gave up just because it was Just If you’ve got any of them drawings i Wouldn’t mind if you send me one i could Probably put it in the video If you can you know think and see if you Can kind of Kind of get what i i’d love to know What they actually look like because Everybody report everybody has a Different Um way of explaining what a grey alien Looks like Yeah i’ve seen uh so many pictures and I’ve never seen exactly what i’ve seen But you know i don’t think the actual Beings themselves um

Just because i mean there was no sway to Their movement there was no reactions When i saw them There was they weren’t breathing like i Didn’t see no Like zero movement at all i and That to me just in fact like it didn’t Have any eyelids At all like there’s not like even if you Like you smile you have like you know Wrinkles in your face or whatever it was Absolutely nothing not a cheekbone not a Nose Like the face was like flat to me It seems like you’re creating You ever seen a film called communion no Okay you need to watch it Because um the the grays in that I i i’ve not read the book um It would take me probably a year to to Read i’m dyslexic and it But um apparently the the greys That was depicted in that and this is Based on a true story um They have no features what’s they have No kind of muscle or anything like that The way they they look is almost They it almost looks like a mask you Know Who got it close as to like what looks Close to that is south park Have you ever seen the aliens look like On south park Oh yeah that’s pretty damn their skin

Was darker it was like a darker gray Maybe their heads were a little wider at The top but just that blank Just flat face like you know And then also the two that Came to my bedroom door they didn’t walk Down my hallway I would have heard them i had like a Hardwood floor hallway my four creeks Even so i would have seen how did you Know it were two at the bedroom though I i literally seen them step to my door One at a time And the way they did it was like They weren’t shuffling their feet it was Like almost like a military Like the one step forward left right the Next one stepped forward left right and They didn’t move but they didn’t walk Down my hallways i would have seen the Shadows of them Halfway down the hallway you know Because like i said the gap under my Door was so big You know i can see maybe from where my Bed was i could easily see a foot Into the hallway and uh It’s like they stepped out of nowhere You know it’s like they just like Stepped out of a hole like just right in Front of my door like i don’t even know How they got in my house Every i lock we lock everything you know Like like how do they get in my house

How do you get on my roof I think if they can get come here from a Different Um planet you know I don’t know if i really uh i really Believe in that scenario So you don’t believe that they’re aliens I believe we call them aliens but see in The beginning i thought I was one of many people like i just Assumed There was a large majority of people This was happening to I haven’t knows happened 25 years ago There’s not too many abduction stories That are Unbelievable that i hear too often it’s Like slim to none So So i’m in the belief now like i might be A minority And if i’m one of you i don’t see Someone traveling that far To mess with me in my house for a couple Hours You know i think they’re closer closer Than uh we think That just don’t make sense to me Traveling like i don’t even know like Light years how far anything is i’m not I’m not really specific on that but Whatever if they come from somewhere far It’s going to be far You know and

It’s i don’t even know how dimensions Work But i always thought that could be a Possibility Because maybe they’re happy in our Dimensions i don’t know But you know were you into the whole Sci-fi Thing yeah before this happened yeah You know i was it was usually stuff on History channel You know there’s no 1995 i think Just got the internet maybe a year or Two before that So it was like documentaries i would see On tv It would be the same abduction stories You know all the ones i guess it was Like the 60s or 70s or you know the The one you’re talking about the fire in The sky like that story Um it wasn’t too many stories but i was Interested in it you know I remember i bought the vhs tape of the Alien autopsy Which that was me I’ve got the um probably he’s probably Gonna be blurred out but i don’t know if You can see that that is That’s it yep that’s the one that Is uh 1995. Well in that weird night um that Magazine I got that in 1995. i found it in my

Garage the other day I was cleaning it out um So the story doesn’t stop there and i Probably should have Said this at the beginning of the video But this is a this of Has affected the last 20 the 25 years of Your life This has really really affected you okay So when was the next Strange thing that happened to you Um i think it was 2 000 No actually if you don’t know the days It wasn’t my I i don’t know what day it is today A couple weeks after this um I was playing basketball at the same Place before at night And uh doesn’t it’s like clear sky a lot Of stars And from the right horizon You know i think i’m watching a shooting Star you know go across the sky Steady nice and slow i’m watching it i Never seen a shooting star before So i’m trying to tell my buddy i’m Playing with to look And he’s uh he’s like flipping out cause He thinks i’m gonna steal the basketball From him So the guy never looks i’m like Screaming at him You know but so it’s going across as

Soon as it gets to the top of the sky It completely stops it stops for like A good 30 seconds it’s above me But it looks like a star so it’s Definitely far out But it definitely stopped it felt like It stopped above me but It really couldn’t have been so far away I don’t believe it Had anything to do with me but uh After sat there for 30 seconds it shot Off Across the other half of the sky in like Two seconds 20 times faster than it went across the First half Um i don’t know i don’t think they had Anything to do with me If it was closer and i can actually see Like it was in our atmosphere I would but it didn’t stop above me but But you’re not sure if they Uh from other planets The only reason i only reason i say that Because If they’re traveling that far i think it Would More people would be involved in it like More people who Encountered what i did there would be More of them well this Just doesn’t like those people claiming To have been visited you know Yeah i know but you don’t believe i’m

Probably the worst skeptic out of Everybody man Like i’m i don’t believe 99 of stuff i Hear Just because i have my own reference Uh it makes me pretty i think those Different people i think there’s people Who have experiences i think there’s People that have A minor experience and embellish it Because no one wants to listen to a Little story You know like i try to contact buffon at One point They’re like oh that happened too long Ago i’ll just give you a Case number that’s all we can do for you Yeah so i think people embellish it and I think there’s people who flat out lie And uh i think did you It was it wasn’t just that that made you Contact google I said i said goof on then move on Uh i contacted them I was like 30 32 And one reason i contacted them because At that point i felt like i needed some Type of Counseling or something you know because I was 32 and this is like the Very first time i ever lived on my own And i didn’t realize how much this Affected me you know so this is 17 years Later yes

And um when i lived by myself for the First time i was like Oh [ __ ] i got a problem i need to call Somebody they try to find help And that’s i slowly started contacting People But you know a lot of times i contacted Them like i emailed you And then the situation felt too real and I’ll get scared And i’ll just back off you know yeah This is like one of the first times Where i’m just like effort Um there’s nothing i can do but share my Story so So i’m glad you i’m glad you haven’t to Share this story Um but i can’t I want i feel like i i want to I want to help you out and i want the Audience that are watching this to help You out like in the comment section The community that that we’ve got an Alien addict i think is brilliant you Know There’s very little trolls and you know They usually troll for a little bit then They get bored um But So you sent a Um out you were asking for help from Mufon And you said something about was it a a Lady that got in contact

With you yeah i uh after mufon kind of Rejected me Uh i’ve talked to another man after that I haven’t i can’t remember who he was at All But he referred me to uh athlete martin She’s the uh i think the niece of the Uh betty hill she’s like a researcher And i got her i got her number we talked One time Never talked to her again because uh Everything was she was saying was just Freaking me out a little bit more you Know Um i told her my story to that point You know she was like most likely this Has been happening before and still Happened and after You know that’s something i totally Reject him Finally i think about so how many Incidences have they been when you’ve That you you can recall that Uh they’re not it’s not just a dream It’s Something that you think is definitely Real that’s happened to you There’s been a bunch but i’m not even Sure if they’re alien related or not I don’t care i want to hear them like um Because All paranormal activity whether it be Alien ghost related it’s all linked Yeah actually before we go further i

Wanted to mention something about the Original incident That i forgot to mention is um when i Woke up the next morning You know i felt you know hazy and those All messed up So i took a shower and Oh yeah i i found i had like a scab In the lower part of my back and this it Burns I can not forget how much it burned It was unexpected i was taking the Shower like the shampoo ran down my back As soon as i hit it it was Intense burning i had like a Decent sized scar probably an inch long With the scab I never equated that to the situation Until almost 20 years later But that uh To this day i still have as far And that just happened that happened at That That point yeah yeah you know I woke up on the couch took a shower and That was the first time I ever felt this and i was like how the Hell do i have a scholar what happened It didn’t even dawn on me at that time It had anything to do with you know Anything Until i saw a blog like You know 15 18 years later maybe When i saw one person had one comment

And she said I think you know aliens took my tailbone I got abducted last night i took a Shower i had a burning sensation And there’s a scab at the at my tailbone And i believe they took my tailbone That’s what her blog said and that’s When i realized It could have had something to do with That it was like mind-blowing And i was like were you in any pain Other than the soreness of the scab I was in no pain but it burned for weeks Man it just Burned so you know at The time i found out i read that blog Many years later My girlfriend at the time looked at it And you know she felt around her and she Just started like crying And she’s like feel feel my tailbone and Then feel yours I didn’t really see much difference You know i have no proof that it’s Missing But i mean she was hysterical like as Soon as she touched my tailbone she just Lost it And x-ray Yeah i don’t know how to approach the Situation I you know i can’t go on there and say Hey i think Alien took my tailbone can you take some

X-rays you know I mean well you could i don’t know you Could say you sound something Many years ago and it’s just caused a Little bit of discomfort Can you see it also sometimes i’m kind Of hesitant about that stuff because You know it’s just a solidifies my story Even more and it makes it like even more Real for me You know what i’m saying it’s it’s kind Of a weird thing like I want to know everything that happened At the same time i don’t Yeah i know it took a lot for you to Come on here because you said you don’t Want you You don’t your friends finding out you Don’t want your family finding out About that you’ve never discussed it With any of them A couple friends um very vague though And just by their reactions i didn’t Proceed with details You know i had a few ex-girlfriends i Had to tell You know i was in a position where you Know there’s issues in the relationship From my anxiety or whatever that’s had To tell them Two of them believe me one didn’t Um one of them actually experienced Something with me I think what was that

Uh this was like 2005. I was living with my girlfriend at the Time we’re probably we lived like 10 Minutes from The house where it happened and uh You know i go to sleep like a regular Night and I get this feeling like i’m regaining my Vision It’s not like i’m waking up it’s like I’m getting my vision back And i’m sitting up in a bed and i have a Can of pepsi In my hand upside down And it’s pouring all over me and i’m Like completely Paralyzed completely like i can’t move My eyes And i’m just like what the f what is it What the hell is going on So i can i’m looking at my girlfriend And she’s like freaking out And remember i’m trying to like scream And like yell at her Like nothing’s happening and the soda is Pouring directly on me it’s just pouring Pouring as soon as that soda emptied I was able to move again Absolutely crazy and she claims that she Saw Three people outside the window i didn’t See That so Just free normal people oh

She said three kids or three teenagers She said three people were outside the Window Now this might have been like two or Three in the morning um I didn’t see it because she said that Happened while i was Like paralyzed but i tried in my brain i Tried to think of every scenario On why i would climb into bed and open The can of soda upside down Like it’s like it was in my hand and i Just opened it from the bottom You know i think even if i was like Sleepwalking or something I don’t think you would hold a camp Upside down open it upside down You know it’ll make no sense i can’t Even imagine doing that Yeah that’s what i’m saying so i don’t Have like a Visual proof that that has anything to Do with anything But i kind of keep it in that general Area because i can i’m assuming No i didn’t see anything she did but uh But the second that came it was empty i Was able to move You know it’s messed up to kind of say But i feel like they’re Messing with me you know what i mean But why you know the things i saw in my House Look completely emotionless like

You know like robots i can’t see it’s Just it’s a weird Weird it’s just I can’t even explain it man you know You mentioned that you’d seen A ghost yes in the email Yes yes that happened uh 2000 2000 2001 it was the same guy i was Playing basketball with Previously he lived like five houses for Me you know I i don’t i didn’t even believe in Ghosts at all even though I talked about my bed as jumping as a Ghost i couldn’t think would also Be so you know it didn’t scare me So i’m sleeping at this guy’s house i’m Laying on the couch and i wake up And uh there’s a lady standing in front Of me Like two to three feet away from me Remember i was laying on the couch on my Side that’s opened my eyes And she was there like Her whole body was like bright white Almost glowing you know and Slightly transparent but not not really And she was staring at me and i like no I rubbed my eyes Like trying to wake up you know and i Sit straight up And we’re just like staring at each Other now I couldn’t move i was just like in shock

I wasn’t scared but i was just like At this point why is this stuff like you Know there’s a Constantly something happening and uh It was she was there for like 30 seconds And kind of vanished I wake my buddy up and i’m a little Startled I explained to him what happened he Shows me a picture of his aunt Who hung herself in her second floor Bedroom maybe 20 to 30 years prior i can’t remember Exactly how long Before it happened that she did it but She hung herself in the house She showed me a picture of her Hey i don’t even believe in ghosts i Don’t i’m not really like a religious Person i don’t believe like in the Physical heaven or hell i don’t I didn’t believe in ghosts i still saw One You know you still don’t believe in Ghosts I have to now right i have no choice you Know I seen one You know i saw a very similar thing Apparently When i was four or three years old My mum used to tell me that i used to Come into her room Uh i used to tell her i seen a white

Lady my dad was at sea he was in the Merchant navy Um i can’t remember this by the way i Don’t know it’s your interview but i’m Just backing you up on these white Ladies Uh that’s probably a thing um that’s What i just said there’s a white lady What do you mean completely white And then my mum said that she Saw the same thing the night before she Had a miscarriage So wow And she said did you explain exactly how You explained That ghost So i i i don’t i mean if you believe in Aliens coming from different planets And then you put spiritual spirituality In this It’s a bit weird in it when you kind of Mix the two together It’s very weird but i mean you know My question at the end of the day is is All this connected somehow Or am i just constantly experiencing Crazy [ __ ] like you know it’s been i Think last time i seen something crazy Like a year A year ago um You know what happened then um John i want all the craziness from you i Wanna oh Oh yeah yeah sleeping in bed

No on my back i feel a drop of water Hit me like right here under my nose i Wake up Water splashes in my eyes water running Down my face like a big drop of water Is this where you live now no previously And uh so i went my face off i’m looking Around like What’s going on i go back to sleep next Night same thing water drops hits me Directly in between my nose and lip runs Down my face Slashes in my eye wakes me up so i’m Like all right I already know my ceiling’s not leaking You know i work in construction i’ve Done remodeling i know a leaky ceiling When i see one But i still got a ladder and a Flashlight i expect the whole thing It was bone dry it was like kind of the Ceiling wasn’t leaking at all So i moved my bed to the other side of The room Same thing happens for like the next two Nights and then it never happened again So you moved it to the other side of the Room and the exact same thing happened Two more nights maybe three more nights I think it lasted about a week Like i opened my eyes there’s nothing There You know it’s not like i was dreaming Because i’m wiping

The water like the splash of the water Is waking me up I’m wiping it off my face I’m like what what the hell could that Even be i don’t even have A place to even start to even try to Figure that out You know what i’m saying like that’s Just What i googled it i found one article About people saying it’s uh some sleep Condition where you think you feel it But i’ve never seen anybody who said That It actually happened to them you know Like they felt the sensation of what are Hitting them like that’s like a sleep Thing But like there’s water wiping water off My face i’m not like Hallucinating you know i’m like Wow like crazy i was water on my face It wasn’t like threatening i didn’t see Anything else Around that situation it was just How do you i can’t even begin to even Think of a reason Do you suffer when it comes to going to Sleep Do you get night terrors or Uh no But i’m afraid to go to sleep Yeah that’s probably been going on for The last

10 years every single night I haven’t had to quit sleeping forever Unless i unless i have company sleep With me i can kind of relax a little bit But you know like i sleep in my living Room i’m gonna go have a one bedroom Apartment i don’t even go to my bedroom Yeah i don’t have a bed i won’t sleep in There I can’t do it now if i live with a few People They’re all in the house i have i can Sleep fine But like you know i i Have problems walking in my bedroom During the daytime And is this all from 50 From 25 years ago I have no control over it whatsoever At all i try to tell myself you know It is what it is or accept it The fear just takes over my whole entire My whole entire body there’s absolutely No control whatsoever It’s it’s like when the sun starts going Down You know i’m home once this gets dark It’s like okay I like getting alert mode every night Looking over my shoulder Looking down the hallway opening doors Like looking in rooms before i even step In them it’s crazy stuff Sometimes i’ll shower with the curtain

Open because i get this weird feeling Like every everyday thing but it’s like It’s so normal at this point It doesn’t seem as messed up as it does As i’m saying it you know I’m liking such a routine Have you ever been hypnotized i really Don’t believe in That you did it’s definitely a thing I’ve been i have been hypnotized before It’s it it um it’s weird But i don’t it might help you i thought About it you see it Hypnotherapist What i’m saying is i don’t know if they Might I don’t know i mean unless you don’t Want to know what happened i mean i Don’t know if it might That’s why i’m torn because i would love To know everything That’s what half of me says other half Tells me I don’t want to know any details any More than i know I don’t even know if i can handle Any more than i’m already dealing with You know what i’m saying It’s like a tough spot like i’m like Stuck You know because i would love to know The truth like you know Has this happened many times was that Only one time

Did they know my parents were on Vacation like That’s a big question like did they know Was that Random like Do they can they follow me you know like All these questions like i would like to Know but at the same time i don’t want To know I don’t know if i can mentally handle it I don’t know It’s been a you know it’s been a Struggle I feel like i live two different lives Man Yeah i can imagine um You’ve told friends that you’ve not told Any family whatsoever No i’ve thought about it but Yes i was i think it’s something i Wouldn’t do You know i’m hoping that The people in the comments section might Have I don’t know some advice of of what to Do because The email that you sent like It kind of really like kind of pulled on My heartstrings as well because I’m thinking it just it sounded like You are genuinely like [ __ ] terrified Um uncontrollably i can’t even control It You know i’m not like a a weak guy i

Deal a lot of stuff A pretty strong person but when it comes To this that one incident man it just Consumes Everything i wish i wasn’t that way You know i mean One thing i will say and somebody’s Probably gonna correct me on this but I i don’t hear many stories of These these beings hurting people You know i think Probably curious if anything I mean i i don’t know what you saw i i I have a good idea i think just how Everything Played out i think this is something That’s been going on Forever because you have to be Like you imagine if if we took a ship to Another planet And we’re sneaking into the people’s Houses and Taking them and doing stuff to them you Have to be pretty arrogant To do that wouldn’t be One you wouldn’t want to start a you Know i i think it’s always been going Down i think Somehow they’re above us like you know I like to come to my house and and Whatever happens like It has to be something that’s been going On forever you know It’s almost like you’re entitled is the

Way i View my situation you know like No empathy none and the lack of emotion And movement and It was just like they’re just going Through the motions i mean It was like a militarized move to me it Was just like it was Organized it was like There was two on to on the left of me There’s two on the right of me You know it was it’s just like they’re Just doing their job like Every day they gain nothing nothing Nothing special to them The way i look at it And you’ve never seen them since No i mean there’s a lot of times i think I see stuff in the corner in my eye but When i turn my head i never see nothing So i don’t know if that’s just me being Paranoid I don’t know i’ve never seen you know Hopefully i never never do again so you Don’t And you don’t want to find out Like i said i do but i don’t know if i Can handle it you know I mean was the whole situation was Probably a minute and 30 seconds Straight up ruined my life you know A minute and 30 seconds And i have little to no information About what happened i can’t i don’t know

If i can handle it I just know i would like to know but The subjects just scares me so much Because i got enough Like enough to worry about as it is see See so 25 years ago you You had this incident you’ve had The spiritual uh ghost incident And the the coke cam And the water has there been anything Else oh Yes uh there’s like a Shadow person i guess i would call it That was the strangest probably the Strangest of all things because that Makes Even the water droplet thing it’s pretty Strange This shadow guy made no sense Whatsoever so i’m coming home from work It’s like four o’clock in the afternoon I just got home from work i go upstairs To the room at the top of the steps Change my clothes i go out the room Look down the hallway and there’s like a Shadow Man standing above my bed Like he had his arms out like he was Like really about to do something over My bed he was reaching over my bed And he turned his head and looked at me Like once again now i’m looking face to Face with something crazy you know what I’m saying

And uh it was startled like It was just a shadow like you know i Couldn’t see anything it was just all One shadow But the way it turned his head and like Moved his body It was startled that i saw it So i watched this thing jump onto the Wall And as a shadow on the wall run down my Hallway Turn the corner and run down the steps Along that same wall going down And so It was like a person running a person’s Shadow Running on like this but it would be Like in this position And then glide maybe four feet then Change to this position And then glide another four feet it was Freaking weird like it wasn’t like A running it was like it was like Animating Like it would run pose and then glide And then switch to running position and Switch his legs And then glide some more that’s how it Moved Down the wall that’s the best way i can Describe it Was it a shadow this is hard to To explain but was it say If i was in your hallway

Running down your hallway normal but you Raised Me but my shadow was there Was it that sort of shadow or was this Shadow So like like like there was an invisible Person with a shadow Yes but the way it moves was so strange Because it wasn’t a smooth Running motion that it would pose in a Running motion And then glide without moving His body parts and then after a few feet It would switch it up and then glide Some more And it made like a okay when it was Looking over your bed Was was the shadow on the wall or was it Like no It was it was like black figure standing Over my bed it was in the middle of my Bedroom It was physically standing next to my Bed it was armed over my bed and i saw Its head Turn and look at me And it made this crazy like mechanical Noise as it was coming closer to me Um i described it as a scene in the Matrix I remember that he takes the pill So that one scene where the metal goes Into his mouth And it makes like this weird robotic

Sound yeah It’s like that’s probably dead-on that’s The best thing i can way i can describe It But like once again like the hell is it What is that You know what i’m saying like the shadow Jump did the shadow jump into the wall Or did the shadow No it jumped into the wall it turned Around and jumped onto the wall And now i’m like where the hell did it Go and it’s coming towards me Along the wall and it turned a little Corner and went down the wall down the Steps I i ran outside i was like freaked out i Ran outside And as i ran out of my house my neighbor Was happening to be walking From across the street towards me he was Just coming over randomly to see what i Was doing I told him what happened and you know we Went back inside and You know kind of brushed it off i guess But that’s weird like like once again What the hell is like what am i seeing It’s like That’s something i do want to know like Is this all lumped together Into one for one thing or I definitely think you need to get Answers

For yourself yeah but that little Stuff don’t bother me i don’t think About that to me that’s little stuff you Know i’m saying It’s not the the real incident even Though that stuff might bother me for Like A week or a couple days i’m not afraid Of that stuff you know So it doesn’t really see that would Freak me out more than the little gray Aliens to be fair Yeah well i’m like so terrified of that Situation there’s nothing that can Equal that kind of fears just you Is it because it left a scar that Situation On your back it’s just the whole thing I i i just don’t i don’t know man it’s It’s a Feeling i can’t control it’s Overwhelming um Sometimes it’s bad like there’s been Times that i won’t go to sleep i’ve lost Jobs over this Because i won’t sleep for like a few Days like or I’ll wait till the sun comes up and then I’m going to sleep i Just got this feeling you know Remember one night i slept i sat in my Room in a chair in the middle of my room With a knife in my hand I had that type of feeling that

Something was about to happen It never does you know I think that’s just i talked to kathleen Martin she She assumed i probably have like uh With ptsd with post-traumatic stress Disorder I haven’t been diagnosed or anything by A physician but I think i kind of think that a little Bit You know i can’t shake it it’s been 25 Years i’m still Terrified every day you know it’s just Freaking A lot of weight and then i have to Function You know at work outside I’m fine so i’m home by myself that’s When Everything goes have you got security Cameras like No that’s another thing i that’s Something i wanted to do But if i saw a security camera and saw Them walking through my house Like i i wouldn’t be able to stay here Anymore you know i’m saying Like that’s how i freaked out i would be Is better off Better off if i don’t know You know because like i couldn’t handle That like if i saw i had a video even Though

That would be absolutely tremendous On all types of levels personally that Would just You know i couldn’t imagine how bad i Would be i’d like probably just get up And leave Try to live somewhere else it would I don’t know i don’t know why i can’t That’s the thing like i see People get interviewed and they’re Pretty calm and like They don’t seem too scared or concerned About what happened to them you know Just Seem like they joke around a lot or you Know I i guess they haven’t been affected Like i have You know there’s got to be somebody else Out there who Feels the same way somewhere that’s Kind of one of the main reasons i really Want to do this Because like the mental part like the Emotional effects Terrible you know it’s like i said ruin Ruined my life I feel like i didn’t get a fair shot I i definitely think that You need to have a look at the comment Section When this video goes out because i’m Sure this will be a lot of people There’ll probably be a couple of dicks

But there always is but I’m sure there’ll be a lot of supportive People um I i i’m leaning towards the hypnotherapy Um but that is completely it’s your call Man Um but i thought about even like a lie Detector test or something just I don’t think you’re lying i’m not I don’t think anybody watching this will Think you’re lying But just to slacking like here no This is the only thing i can do to Validate My story i have like you know i do have That scar I’m like 99 sure That scar has definitely something to do What happened to me I’m like you know because i wasn’t there The day before And the scar is like precise like laser One inch long you know oh Try to take a picture of it but i don’t Think nobody wants to see that well That’s up to you mate Um well it’s uh it’s pretty low on my Back like it’s Almost in my butt so yeah yeah you told Me Um i was gonna if you decided if you Just said it Is on my chest though something like That say said there’s a picture but

Yeah that’s personal man i mean like i Do have the picture you can’t see it but You know it’s nothing Don’t you share with anybody it’s not Very flattering But it’s there This story honestly it it really Intrigues me It does to the to the point where I feel like I i don’t know if if you got hypnotized You might learn something What happened that night um But i understand that the same i Understand You’re not wanting to know because of Your anxieties when you’re going to Sleep If it’s something bad you don’t want to Know about that I completely yeah When i go to sleep it’s like probably The worst part of my day I literally use all my strength to fight My eyes from Closing it’s terrible You know it’s just like i’ll fall asleep I’ll wake up a second later like Alert like i feel like as soon as i Close my eyes I’m completely vulnerable even though What happened to me i wasn’t even Sleeping i was wide awake But for some reason i feel like when i

Close my eyes just like A free-fall like anything can happen i Fight it i like i don’t get that much Sleep That’s i lost a couple jobs just because I want to sleep during the day and stay Up all night just because i’m Paranoid you know it’s affected Relationships To the point where i had to explain you Know And my last girlfriend uh she didn’t Believe me I kind of helped that against her You know she’s like i believe that you Believe What you think happened and she would Not even You know the other two like i said They’ve seen david’s Experience something they believed me You know but That kind of sucked you know that’s That’s why my heads didn’t tell people Because there’s people who don’t believe In aliens at all there’s nothing you can Tell them they’ll make change their mind Otherwise unless They’re on the news like you know or Everyone sees something like Which i understand you know And also i think the subject is flooded With a lot of bs So you know i feel like one of the

Reasons I didn’t want to do this at first i Would get shuffled in with the rest of The bs And you know my true story will not be Able To be singled out from all the [ __ ] You know i didn’t want to be just thrown In with the rest of the people who say Like You know they hang out with them and you Know like i’ve heard so many crazy Stories You know i’m afraid to get bunched in With that category It’s uh You you you do not think that they are They have the best intentions in your Head No they on offers It is purposely done or what but All that bs makes to so everything Sounds like Yes you know like all the fake ufo stuff You are i mean youtube’s flooded with Fake ufos I could watch fake ufos all day if i Want you know there might be That one or two real ones mixed in there But you’re not going to know it’s going To look like bbs like everything else You know it just gets lost With everything else that’s the way i Look at it

Have you ever spoke with anybody that’s Had anything similar happen to them To you that you you know is not Bullshitting you no that’s another Thing you know it’s like almost like a Of feeling like you’re alone almost i Guess Like no when this all happened i thought By this time Something would have happened some Evidence i thought by now And i feel like it’s worse now than it Was before because like I have yet to hear any stories that i Find Believable no I’m hoping some point with Me doing these interviews i can get Enough People that have these stories That maybe i don’t know i can get a Group Set up totally free Where you guys can just I don’t know talk you know between Yourselves And it might in my position it’s hard to Confide in somebody a hundred percent If there’s a chance they’re bullshitting Me You know it’s like i feel like it’d be Hard to pour my heart out to someone Claiming they’ve been through what i’ve Been through

But i’m skeptical of what they’re i Should probably be a least skeptical Person I’m probably the worst out of everybody Like i don’t believe anything Nothing sounds right to me you know like The reptilian stuff And i’ve seen like i heard all types of Stories and i just Always say bs maybe i’m wrong for that i Don’t know But uh it’s hard to can like Give a hundred percent into someone Else’s story It doesn’t match up with mine or if i Feel there is a little more out there Than mine Still could be true you know i feel like My story is A simpler story compared to most You know um Yeah it’s just i feel like it’s all Mixed together like You know especially the conspiracy Theory label over everything Is just even if there’s real stories out There or real ufo videos i feel like all Gets lost in the shuffle I don’t know it’s meant to happen that Way or that’s why you know I’ll show it hesitant to come out Because i was like Know people aren’t going to believe me No matter what i say

I don’t want to be looked at that way But there’s nothing i can do about that You know i accept it just like damn like I’m telling you The real [ __ ] and just Someone’s going to tell me oh you know i Don’t believe you blah blah I don’t think they’re going to do that Mate all right i’m not saying i’m not Saying you’re Followers specifically i’m saying like No i Shouldn’t think um If you’re telling the right people you Know Caring people they’ll they will listen Um i mean I understand how hard it would be to Tell uh Family my my dad I would if anything like that happened To me I’d probably find it extremely hard to Tell my father That because my dad is a bit he’s a Strange one It would just it would just change the Dynamic of your family And then change everything I’d rather just leave it alone and you Know i want to tell them i would like to Tell them but They don’t believe me and look at me Funny you know i just don’t want to

And none of them have ever spoke about Anything ever happening to them No no Even though i don’t know something might Have I have a feeling maybe one of them it’s Just a feeling No i hear a lot of people Say it’s like a hereditary Problem like you know if it happens you It means it happens to all your parents Or probably happened with one of their Parents I don’t know i don’t know if i believe That or not but It’s a possibility but they never say Anything i’d hate to ask them In this like if they said yes I think i don’t think i can handle that Either you know it’s just Overwhelming i think it might be nice to Have Like that common ground though um have You Ever told your parents about the ghost Story You don’t know any of i thought this i Think the ghost story might be kind of Just like a I’m i mean icebreaker i guess yeah Like you know i once saw a ghost Um i don’t know I fight with that a lot in my head you Know

It’s always a conflict i want to do this But then the same time i don’t It’s like this you know interview i Wanted to do it but i didn’t You know i sent an email and when you Reply i was like Oh [ __ ] he replied it’s like it’s real Now it’s like you know What am i going to do mate that email Intrigued me honestly Um i i get emails up for people asking To come on that have just seen A ufo in the sky and it’s a really Interesting story and i’m like You can send me a video you know um i’ve Had that before someone Sent me a video explaining what they saw I can That’s great i can put that up just for A little video But i can’t interview somebody just that Sorry ufo Yeah that’s because the interview won’t Last very long If you plan on you know pursuing Interviews with people who claim to be Abductive And abducted i think you got a pretty Tough job man You gotta you know well it’s not my job It’s my hobby That’s what i’m saying like to be your Job i know you put a lot of work into Everything but it’s like

You gotta Deal with a lot of like shuffle through The [ __ ] to find out one good story That makes everything worth it you know What i’m saying you know like i hate to See people interview Someone and they’re just bsing them man I’m just i get angry like i get It’s real personal like i’m like do i Waste this dude’s time like you know That [ __ ] didn’t happen But at the same time you got they gotta Be interviewed you have to go through Everybody and do the process and Well this is the thing i mean i i want To get The stories that are really quite out There You know because i think if i’m labeling Myself as an alien channel You know i need we need to explore these Stories and some of them will just Probably be You know i might get somebody on this Absolutely you know Bonkers i might get somebody on that’s Just just a liar i might get somebody on That’s actually telling the truth Yeah this is a crapshoot pretty much But you know i mean you’ll know you’ll Know what Who’s lying who’s not you know you Somebody got good judgment so You know is what it is i mean i’ve been

Watching bs Stories for just like over 20 years of Just nonsense you know It’s like i remember i used to listen to A Popular radio show who deals with this Subject And there’s a craziest people calling me Like this one lady called in and Talked two hours how she was an actual Alien You know i’m just like what the hell is Going on like It’s impossible to filter it there’s no Way you gotta take it all in and take None of them Yeah i’m sure i’ll probably have one of Them at some point When i’m doing this somebody ring up and Someone somebody’ll come on they’ll tell Me that they’re an alien Um it was an awesome story i mean it was Definitely i need more than that It was definitely entertaining but at The same time like I feel like that hurts me you know When i get the opportunity to talk to Somebody you know what i’m saying Yeah i mean the thing is as As well you hear these stories that are Just absolutely wild And but then at the same time i do ask Myself this You know maybe there is some wild

Stories Because if they are there and they are Real maybe Somebody remembers something or somebody Maybe they went a little bit further And did something else i mean the travis Walton for for example Do you believe travis walton yeah that’s One of the few i do believe I mean that is that’s an amazing story I don’t know real quick As far as i know i haven’t seen a movie Or tv show or anything that Projects aliens As you would describe a typical grey Alien Never as far as i know i haven’t seen a Movie like that or a tv show it’s always Something Off even the travis walton thing yeah Fire in the sky movie is was travis was Pissed off about that Yeah like when i saw it i was it was Like you know I’m scared to watch that kind of stuff I’m like it’s like a horror movie i’m Looking away Like i don’t want to see faces it Bothers me But when i saw the movie i saw what they Look like i was like what the f is this Like You know i think that’s strange

Because people talking about grey’s been Going on forever But when have you seen a movie that has Them in it an alien movie You know i think i think that’s strange Yeah maybe not watch the communion that I recommended before No don’t watch it mate i never uh what What did i try to watch the fourth kind That was I tortured myself watching the fourth Kind Like i tortured myself watching some of This stuff i feel like i have to You know i do you know what i And i whenever anybody is telling a Story And it rings bells with a film i’ve Watched every single Alien film going i don’t think oh and Series I know them all um but i think you’re Right i don’t think I don’t think any of them are getting it Right i think they get this there’s Certain bits i mean close encounters Close encounters the third kind i think It’s very Very like close to what some Real stories um And and e.t is hitting i’m joking But i do think they they do they are Partial to her To a beer um but

That’s that goes back to like what i Think i saw As them being not Natural i guess them being like Artificial But that’s the vibe i get i didn’t think That before but like i said if i keep Playing it over in my head i tried this Get all the information i can and by Just Looking at the face how they didn’t move I feel like They’re not the actual beings i feel Like they’re like You know they’re doing their job you Know like if you’re if you’re so Advanced Why go do it yourself if you don’t have To you know I’m sure they think humans are Barbarians You know they don’t want to get their Hands dirty so They might not be the actual beings but Maybe there’s something else that looks More natural more facial features Pulling strings possibly so a good Friend of mine And i can’t i can’t name him um One day mike he might tell the story on This channel Um he’s not a youtuber or anything like That Um but he described them as paper

Oh yeah he’s he told me a story Um one night and he said that they are Paper the way they move everything It was bizarre and something when you Said When they had the faces about the south Park Could could you see Like 3dness to them all You know i thought about this before is Like Not really i mean i know there’s no Features but Say for example For example this yeah yes Okay okay it won’t pick it up because It’s not a real I gotta see it yeah but you see it’s 3d Can’t you Yes yeah did it look Did they look 3d the eyes did Okay eyes you know if you want to use a Paper Analogy it looked like big black lenses Maybe sit on a piece of paper Because i can’t the shape of the head Was so ridiculously Perfect that i’m stuck on that it just Blows my mind So i didn’t see there’s no Bone structure or facial features for me To even Get a a depth i guess perception Of like maybe this background

That makes sense yeah but it looked like Their eyes were like sitting on top of Their face Is what i kind of got from them They’re very like Like glossy i guess But there’s like a not a reflection but You know but there was no like Eyelid or any it was just like a eye Sitting on her face there’s no Eyelid or absolutely nothing You know all right yeah and the Another thing too the i didn’t look Directly at the Second one to the right But i got a real weird vibe that Might have been a female maybe I don’t know how much i really believe That but it’s just there was Significantly shorter than the one on The left And his head was much slender The one on the left the head got larger Much larger at the top and the one on The right was more slender it didn’t get As big And the way it was standing in front of The taller one like a prom picture You know that’s visually what it was Now does that mean it was a girl Probably not but My brain kind of thinks you know that’s

What it looked like And they they were gray in color were They Dark gray dark gray almost like the Color of your background Pretty close to that Um i always had that weird like i have a Feeling that they were there To watch what was gonna happen I don’t i don’t know how to explain it Because they didn’t move or do nothing But It’s just a feeling i had Um Yeah like i said i don’t know if that’s True or not but it’s just Visually that sounds like do you think You’re Abducted yeah i think for sure No this is i’ll put everything together To happen Waking up on my couch having a fresh Scab on my back Um my bed vibe my bed jumping up You know or maybe they did something and Maybe i never left my house maybe it Happened in my house You know i’m saying and then i’m like How do i even get to the living room You know they carry me there i get Dropped out like you know i mean like There’s a million questions out of like A small Period of time that i have

Um i believe i was abducted But i believe it happened before and After I kind of do um I’m thankful i don’t remember all the Instances like there’s people that Remember Or claim to remember every single time Like it’s clockwork like they’ll come in The bedroom they’ll come Beam me through my walls take me to the Ship they’ll show me some stuff drop me Back off You know call at least later come back Again like I only remember that one time but i Don’t think that was my first time When i was like Elementary school i kept having a Recurring dream Of me looking out my window to like 10 ufos like outside my window There were different heights in the sky You know some were closer some were Further But they covered the whole sky pretty Much i had that dream I don’t know how many times how old were You then Seven or eight but it wasn’t the dream Wasn’t From my point of view it was like from Behind me so i was like Looking at myself looking out the window

Which i usually i never had dreams like That besides that one Usually all my dreams are my perspective I don’t know if that’s how other peoples Are but This one was like the perspective of Behind me looking at myself And now between then and when i was 15 There’s nothing That i know of happened you know I don’t know so in this in this stream You just look at you and then see Okay and i i’m pointing pointing at the Sky looking out the window and they’re Just sitting there You know i don’t know if it’s just a Dream or something i saw I don’t know for the dream i had the Same dream for a couple years when i was A kid like Repeatedly like i remember i had like a Red striped long sleeve shirt on in my Dream I just pointed the sky and just be Sitting there But once again that never crossed my Mind until after the incident you know It’s just Do you know can you remember anything Kind of from that dream over than just Looking at the wind and seeing these Ufos did anything Else happen did you just wake up then That’s all it was

It was just me looking at myself looking Out the window at ufos And then there is part of the dream Would be Further perspective behind me and that Part of the dream was my perspective Of just seeing the ufos in the sky 30-second dream you know that was all Was to it But i had this it was like the same one Over and over As a boy of seven or eight What did you think they were I’ve never even thought about it i mean Do you just think the ufo do you just Look back at that dream now and go they Were ufos or Can you remember thinking It’s probably hard for you to remember That but can you remember Back at being eight years old thinking They were spaceships so No i knew there were ufos 100 You know that’s about remember to dream I’ll look out the window at ufos you Know it was Just as simple as that you know when i Wake up the next Day was even something that crossed my Mind it was just a dream Then i put put zero thought into it You’ve never had this dream Since I’ve had uh

There’s one time uh i was with a female You know and uh i remember I closed my eyes for a second i remember The second i closed my eyes i just saw Like An alien face Oh wow No no having like an intimate moment no Yeah And i closed my eyes to blink and like There was just an Alien’s face like all i saw wasn’t even On my mind at the time That wasn’t the same Yeah it was it looked more like a uh It had facial features you know It had it looked like a like an old Old man i guess kind of like a lot of Wrinkles in the face Maybe that’s more typical of pictures You might see You know i don’t know if that’s me being Paranoid as hell But that was not the time or place for Me to even have the idea pop in my head I wasn’t even thinking about it you know What i’m saying uh That always bothered me so i didn’t know If that was something That was real being maybe projected to Me or i’m just So paranoid that i can blink my eyes and Just see a face of alien It’s hard i have a lot of stuff like

That where it’s hard to tell if i’m just Nuts i’m not nuts but just so paranoid You know i hear things all the time i i Smell things sometimes Like sometimes i have like i get like a Smell of like A sulfur like heavy like sulfur smell I remember i googled it and i saw an Article someone was talking about you Know They might have a scent like that i Don’t know i never see nothing i never When i smell it but it’s happened a few Times like strong Is it’s like in the middle of the night You wake up Better no day no today You know i get a big whiff like a sulfur Chemical it’s been in different places i Lived you know it’s happened Maybe four times i would say but the Smell was strong And it would go away and then my brain Starts racing like you know Start checking rooms and checking Closets and You know and nothing’s ever there So i’m at a point now it’s like Sometimes i think i see stuff but i Always think i’m just so Paranoid that my brain is just out of Whacking You know so It’s tough i could definitely relate

With that i mean there’s these times When I mean i used to daydream a hell of a Lot and some of the daydreams used to be So So real um i’ve actually had dreams Before myself Uh and since i’ve had this channel So i i i put it down to the stuff that I’m watching But i mean probably about two years ago I had a dream That i was just outside in my street In the middle of the night on my own Wearing a pair of like joggers no No t-shirt i sleep with no t-shirt to be Honest with you i sleep probably naked Most of the time Don’t tell everybody um but yeah i’m Outside And i’m just looking up in this Like a craft quite big In my street um i’ve had that dream once But that dream was so So real and when i woke up the next day I told my wife and i’m like I wonder if he what if it was real you Know But i put it down to This channel and the stuff the people i Speak to the movies that i’m watching I don’t get that from you i get That something Is quite disturbing and you know the

Difference between I know the difference between that dream That i had And you know me Drinking a beer now i i know it’s real Um i’m sure you’ve d you’ve Um questioned yourself and thought yep That was real It’s as real as Yeah you know i tried to find any excuse For anything that happened to me to not Be real And everything is just It’s too obvious to me it’s like this Like the shadow Going down my wall and all that like i Just got home from work i was home for Like five minutes I wasn’t tired i wasn’t drunk you know I’m saying like i Just got home from work i just just took My boots off And i see the shadow in my bedroom Running down my wall and going down the Stairs I’m like how do i How do i try to explain that that’s not What i saw Because it’s impossible there’s no way There’s no i have no explanation like For that it’s just you know Like there’s a lot of there’s some other Things that happen but Stuff that it’s not a hundred percent

You know revealed to me there’s like It might not happen you know might have Been something else I just brushed all that stuff to the Side you know the stuff i’m telling you Is stuff that like I’m wide awake i’m sitting up i’m just I i made eye contact with so much So many messed up things and i’m Thinking about it you know It’s there’s no There’s no other excuse I can’t think of anything john if you do Decide Um to get hypnotized would you come back On Uh to be honest with you i doubt i would Want to get hypnotized but if some Reason I did i would definitely come back on I feel like i’ll be opening a can of Worms i don’t want to open No yeah it would be I think it would be good for Ufology in general maybe that i can Explore more of my story and get more Pieces to the puzzle Like i said i don’t think i can handle It man if you can’t handle it Stay well over stay well away that’s my Advice By the way told you in my email i’m Afraid to have Kids

I think that’s terrible No i couldn’t i think i’ve had a kid Telling me they saw something That’d be it for me no i can’t even Protect myself how can i protect my Child I’d love to have children i like kids You know But for like that that’s that’s for the Thing like You know i want to have a kid but that’s Like the number one thing in my mind How can i protect it from something i Can’t protect myself from You know i can’t imagine kid like i had A kid that walked in and said dad there Was My friend was in my room you know he had Big eyes he come sees me all the time I’ll lose my mind i’ll be done I’ll be it i’m not i can’t do that I’m hoping some there’ll be some Somebody but somebody’ll watch this And i don’t know they’ll they’ll they’ll Send this video to Somebody help or whatever that Sit that wants to help you out properly Rather than just Want to get your information um I mean i don’t know how much it’s been 25 years man i’ve been trying to get Over this Every day and i haven’t budged a bit I don’t know how i can besides just

Forgetting everything you know like it’s Part of my life nowadays is how i live This just You know when i emailed you It’s like you know my day-to-day routine Kind of It’s just me going through the motions Of how i live It doesn’t seem i almost forget while i Sleep on my couch I’m so used to it you know You know but when i write it down or Talk about it sounds You know terrible but i’m so So used to it it’s nuts like I go when i go to sleep i go and i go Into my bedroom Very slowly you know i try to get in There before eight or nine o’clock I don’t like going there late i keep my Blankets and [ __ ] in there and just Bring it out make Make my bed on the couch like it’s Nothing i don’t even think about why i’m Even doing it anymore You know i think i think that’s kind of Crazy Like now if that’s what if that’s what Makes you Feel better keep doing it i couldn’t sit In my bedroom I would never sleep i would torture Myself I’d be staring out the window like i do

That during the day sometimes I gotta be sitting on my couch watching Tv i’ll keep looking to the right every Like 15-20 minutes just real quick quick Glance And check the hallway because like in my Mind I feel like i’m overdue for this to Happen again i feel like it can happen Any second I feel like i’m always waiting for it to Happen you know Well john i mean these this this Skype chat that we’ve got going now you Know i don’t delete them I chat with people that i i’ve Interviewed in the past still to this Day You ever just want to chat just message Me mate Even if you say look do you mind if we Have a beer one night I’ll come on um but i’m hoping that This video something happens from this That will help you Um and um Be before we end this chat and i’ll have A little chat with you after This vid we’ve finished the interview But is there anything else you want to Add Um you know i think if anyone Who’s had an experience who you know Thinks by themselves that

They’re not i felt that way forever like Even though i think it happens to a Decent amount of people I don’t know anybody has happened to Have a talk that anybody has happened to So that only the feeling of learning This Kind of sucks you know even if one Person You know might help them to feel like They’re not by themselves i think this Whole video would be worthwhile Just for that single thing alone you Know it’s like It’s hard to talk to people about it you Know Yeah thankfully i’m able to come on here And talk to you And i’ve never talked to anybody like This before Like this detail ever this is going on 25 years Well i’m really glad you have i mean as Much as i’m trying to turn this into A business because i i love the subject I i i honestly hope that Regardless of the comedy that i do in Some of the videos i do but i hope Some of the videos that i do do kind of Hit people in the and give people the Right Because i don’t know the word i’m Looking for um this this interview is Kind of not me for six

Um but i i hope something happens good From this I really do yeah i want to thank you for Coming on Um and you need anything you just Message me if you need a chat just Let me let me know as long as i’m not Dealing with kids or whatever you know This this whole lot down being daddy Daycare is not me But i’m just about managing it um But yeah john thank you so much for Coming on And telling everybody story i hope You’ll come on again Sometime as well yeah we appreciate you All having me on Would you want to go any on any of the Shows do you think Depends on who would be i’m not You know there’s maybe one or two people Maybe but i don’t mention names but like I don’t there’s not too many channels i Trust No there’s some big there’s some big Channels out there that i think Knowingly put fake stuff on there i want Nothing to do with that type of Situation You know i don’t know it depends on the Person I got like one or two people in mind but Cool well you can smell that and if you Wanna i can

You know i’ll have a few i’ll have a Couple of words with them because I think i think getting the story out um I think it will help getting the story Out and i think When when you get the people the Response that i think you will get Of people believing you Because i i take a position like you Know i can watch somebody’s channel I just see like bs after bs after bs And then i think like i have the power To contribute to this person By giving them a true story even if People don’t believe it i know that you Got A real story which makes me feel good You know At the end of the day like i said all Right you have a real interview with Somebody who had a real experience 100 percent i know that you know And i feel good about that you know This i i’ve tried to research for so Long it’s just The bs is just overwhelming yeah it’s This impossible Is her mind failed so like i only had This idea maybe the past six months About even doing something like this I just got frustrated i was watching Somebody’s channel i seen something that Was so Fake and i’m like you know what i think

It’s time For me to say something to somebody So i know there’s some truth out there I’m sure there’s plenty of truth out There But i know this is true like you know it Kind of feels good You know well i’ve got a couple Of other people coming on in the next Month or two which are on our range Times schedules um But um well there’s more than a couple Of people coming on but There’s a couple of them that have Very intriguing situations which i’m i’m Hoping Will ring some truths but john thank you Ever so much for coming on Um guys i’m alien addict um Make sure you like share and subscribe You can check out the patreon page John thank you for that by the way um You didn’t have to do that But i appreciate it you’re you’re Helping me out where do you know me Like a therapy session almost you know I’m saying yeah But i meant what i say if if you need Anything Just hit me up you’ve got my skype um Guys good night god bless mind the bugs Dope bye I’m alienatic thank you mate