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I am sure that there are aliens that are Aware of what i’m doing Probably more than one species Because they they communicate by mental Telepathy And consequently they can read your mind And you can’t hide what you’re thinking Even So they would know exactly what Everyone’s doing and what Thinking and i’m sure i’m no exception The justice children survive The idea of the tooth fairy and Santa claus when they become adult i Think that tax paying citizens Are quite capable of accepting the new And broader reality That we live in a cosmos teeming with Life Of various sorts the fact that some Other civilizations are more advanced Than we are may be humbling But that could be a necessary step in Our survival That’s very heavy when was that made 40 or 50 years ago Back when i was when they did my heyday Sometime i guess my interest in ufos Was not very great until eight years ago When i was minister of defense of course

I got Citing reports but i was too busy Unifying the canadian armed forces To be able to worry about them so I wouldn’t say i was a skeptic i wasn’t I was an agnostic i Didn’t know whether they were real or Whether they weren’t But there was a young man in ottawa Whose name was pierre Juno and he started sending me things About the ufo file one of the things he Sent me one day was A book called the day after roswell and I found it absolutely Fascinating while i was reading the book My Nephew said what are you reading i told Him What it was and he said well i’m a Skeptic a couple of days later He phoned and said i was talking to the General The general incidentally was a former United states air force general that He had met in his aviation career And i told him what you were reading and He said every word of it is true and More I phoned the general before i could even Say hello and how Are you he said every word is true and More And he said that there had in fact been

Face-to-face meetings between united States officials And extraterrestrials from other star Systems And with that assurance i decided to go Public And say for the first time of Anyone of cabinet rank from the g8 uh Group of countries That ufos are as real as the airplanes Flying over your head And set it without any risk any Restriction whatsoever Morning ladies and gentlemen my name is Clifford stone i was sergeant first Class united states army I had a secret clearance with nuclear Shorty I could get the clearance that i needed To do whatever it was uh that was Necessary for me to do at the time on Special operations when i was called in On those What i’m referring to here is that i was Involved in situations where we actually Did recoveries of trash Crash saucers for lack of a better term To breeze thereof There were bodies that were involved With some of these crashes Also somewhere alive while we were doing All this we were telling the american Public there was nothing To it we were telling the world there’s

Nothing to it i’d like to go into detail On some of the cases about the nuts and Bolts cases right here But i will be available if you have any Questions concerning My involvement in this you can talk to Dr greer to arrange For me to get to talk to you but the Whole situation is We’ve set back we’ve told the american People that there’s no such thing as Ufos I’ve been involved where we have Recovered these objects we know them to Be of extraterrestrials In 1969 i had an event that happened to Me While i was stationed at fort lee Virginia we went to indian town gap Pennsylvania That would be my first exposure to any Time that we would be recovering an Unidentified flying object When we went there we already had people That was already in The facility we were a backup team which Was supposed to be nbc because there’s Supposed to be some nuclear materials That was on board this craft later on Most people Involved would have been where were to Be told that there was nothing On board it was nothing more than just Crash of one of our aircraft i know

Better Because i was one of the people that Approached it with a geiger counter to Get surface readings I was the first person to go ahead and See that there were bodies on it That would be the first of approximately 12 events ufo crashes Are not events that take place every day They’re rare I know we’re not alone in the universe i Know that the Absence of evidence is not evidence of Absence It’s evidence that has been denied to The american people [Applause] Yes well as We get older and older i’m 77 right now You can’t live forever you know so If this uh The procedure am i going to have To clean the blood doesn’t work then I’ve got probably a few more months To make it before my kidneys shut down So that’s kind of why i’m kind of going Along with the Interview at this time you’re seeing That what you went through is just too Important for people not to know about Yeah yeah Can you just let can we start at the

Beginning With your military career and just walk Through What exactly your experiences were i was In uh Drafted into the military and Got into the u.s army After that i was sent to the signal Training center Science eastern united states what year Would this be 58 i went through the signal training Course And at that time i went through the Radio teletype course and also The cryptography course crypto They had five instructors That were getting out of military Service So they pulled the top Five students and i was third In the class so i got pulled as an Instructor Now were you at this time also working Yet For cia no not yet no After one day my boss came to me And he uh said how would you like to You know make some extra money and i Said oh Money is good [Laughter] So he’s explained to me that i could He could put it through like would i

Have to get a Top secret white house q Clearance for the job you know And i thought boy must be a pretty Exclusive thing you know and i said well What is this and he said that i’m Director for The cia for eastern united states you Know And i said oh i didn’t know that and he Said you weren’t supposed About six weeks my security clearance Came through And i got my cia card It was an id card like a credit card Where i could just go up to the door and Slice it Walk right in and my uh Name at that time i used artificial name Too Never used my real name i started Working with him On the project he was on And that was a project blue book Which was kind of partially a fraud You’re saying some of the blue book Cases were were completely fictitious Yes but the cases that we got Came from i think it was fort Maryland fort belvoir yeah And it didn’t come from the pentagon or It didn’t come from Cia headquarters but We would get reports about a certain

Sighting that they had in mexico or Italy or something like that and then We would have to we had people that Would Follow through on it they would go out And Interview the people to see if they were Not cases Or if it was real you know they’d be Going overseas Frequently i i wasn’t but i always Stayed Statewide but uh The people we had working with us From cia would do that we would get Like a new report probably A couple times a week i was Coming into the army fresh off the farm You know So i really didn’t much knowledge of Anything but my boss filled me in on Project blue book and what they had Found so far As far as greys and aliens And the roswell incident how did you Feel when This first got dumped on you When you first learned about it i was Just kind of overwhelmed With all of this you know and i said to Him i don’t Know if i’m gonna be able to be a judge Of this type of thing What’s real what’s not when i don’t have

Much knowledge of it you know so What did he say he said well we have to Build Information as we go and you’ll see How this thing is working out and then The other thing is of course You really weren’t able to tell family Or or close friends Obviously i couldn’t tell anybody the Fact that I had to take a vow that i wouldn’t Tell anybody a lot of it for 40 years and more Of it for 50 years which is up in 2010 you’re doing all this crypto work You’re looking at images photographs Video It’s 1958 maybe the fall of 58. What happened after this at that time The project blue book Thing kind of went pot you know if you Remember Back in those days they kind of declared It As a nothing you know right and Uh they were telling the world all ufos Are Misidentifications hoaxes Psychological issues whatever yes Yeah so my boss came to me and he says We’ve both got a new assignment And he says oh i said where are we going Oh he says we’re going to the capitol I’m gonna be part of the eisenhower

Push he’s trying to find out Something about all about these aliens That mj12 was supposed to find out But never did never send back Reports to him the mj-12 The ufo control group were they calling It mj12 At that time yes they called us In went into the oval office And i said president eisenhower was There in nixon And they said we called The people in from mj 12 From area 51 and s 4 but they told us That the government had no jurisdiction Over What they were doing so being a general Past general you didn’t tell him to Go to hell without any real good reason You know So he said uh I want you and your boss to Fly out there i want you to give him a Personal message he says I want you to tell them whoever is in Charge Tell them that to get in They have this week coming week to get Into Washington and to report to me And if they don’t i’m gonna get the First army From colorado and we’re gonna go over

I’m gonna take the base over i don’t Care what kind of Classified material you got we’re gonna Rip this thing apart eisenhower was Going to invade Yes harriet 51 yeah with the first army So you go out with your superior yes you Fly out You land what happens can you describe This whole process what you saw It took us the 13 or 15 miles South to s4 And like different garage door openings Okay and in these garage door openings They had like different saucer crafts The very first one had Uh the uh Roswell craft in it was Kind of crashed up but apparently every Alien that was in a died except for a Couple So you see the roswell craft and what Are some of the others that you see Well the roswell craft was really Strange Because it looked like real heavy Aluminum foil We could rock next to it and you could Rock it The whole thing probably weighed 150 300 pounds could they tell what the Source of power Was of this craft yeah it was a like a Rivers gravitational thing of some kind

In fact one later on I got i got the The uh mathematical code for recursing Gravity In a three by five card i I guess they are different types of Grays And so on how did you see that evidence Well at the uh later on It hit s4 we Viewed the autopsy film And then the colonel said what we’ve got In here Is we’re interviewing a Grey alien all right right there How did you feel at that moment Well i thought boy we had no idea We were going to see the real thing all We saw was film You had to have a little bit of heart Racing yeah at that moment My boss was able to go in And had a like a partial interview with Him so what did this gray alien look Like Could you describe them a little bit This one looked A little bit oriental So i’m i’m just wondering if if it Looked almost human What about this didn’t look human No it didn’t look human as far as the Skin Tone and

Basically the shape of it and the size How was its head size compared with a Normal human for example Ah brain was kind of a little bit bigger And some of my nose was very very small And the ears were just like holes Mouth was very small Now why were they bringing you out here At all anyway To see an alien what was the point to Go back and tell the president they Actually had one So he did not know at this point if There was an alien At s4 no what did you do then at area Were you done or did you have other Things to do yeah so basically we were Kind of done went back to area 51 They took us into the main building And there we saw a u2 which of course we Didn’t Know existed And the uh A model of the sr-71 The blackbird so but like i mentioned Earlier It was not a model of the current Blackbird Republican earlier version but an early Version Did you go directly to washington after This or did you go somewhere How did they get did you fly regular Airlines

We flew back to uh The commuter plane back to the air base And then took president eisenhower’s Lockheed electra back to Washington you and your supervisor Superior officer and now you’re meeting With the president Yes can you describe this well we met With him In uh boy the second story of The old oss warehouse Building and Uh eisenhower and nixon were there And uh also Uru was there so he asked us what was Going on And we told him about the alien whole Situation And the uh Black projects and so on and he was just Totally shocked He appeared for the first time to be Worried you know Like he was worried i would think that Eisenhower would i mean he certainly Knew that flying saucers were real Yeah he knew that there were aliens So i guess i’m just wondering what would He have been You know really surprised about Surprise about the black programs Eisenhower said Got to keep this thing completely secret You know can’t talk about this

Your actual name is I mean the name you grew up with that Was a different name Than what you had in this i never never Used it In the cia at all now What about today you’re going on the Public record And this is still sensitive information Even though earlier you talked about You know security oaths that maybe Expire after a certain period of time Two years But you’re still concerned lindamon’s Phone call Her phone was tapped and they got my Phone number And through the telephone company They’re able to find me and so on When they found you what happened i was Going to a grocery store Two guys in a black suits Come out of a black lincoln town car And came over to see me and he told me That I better not publish anything Or talk to linda about any more things So at that time i did you know i stopped That was enough to intimidate you yes Rather remain anonymous never show my Face on anything really thank you for Doing this yes this was I guess kind of a good idea because I feel much better having talked about

It I kind of feel like there’s a load off My shoulders Really because uh I had an awful lot of secrets that i had Kept over the years As soon as the wire systems were Had got the story out information Started coming in Dozens of emails with personal Experiences Of how people have seen vehicles Flying over their their homes and In some cases how they’ve been abducted And I get these things from from many places Including a lot of other countries I would not attempt to Say how many terrestrials are living on Earth at the present time I have reports of several species That are here and have bases here There’s one species that looks something Like a praying mantis And then the short grays or The ones that you see in the cartoons The tall grays Look much different they’re more they Look more like humans And the nordic blondes for example Are so similar to humans that they can Walk

Down the street and not be detected none Of them are exactly the same They are a way ahead of us in medicine Agriculture and still i guess Presumably in technology There’s no question the u.s government Took this Whole idea of advanced technology very Seriously And started back engineering and Spending a lot of money on it Soon after the the crashes at Roswell in 1947. they have a very Interesting way of keeping things quiet And that is everything is on a need to Know So you could be working in a in a lab or You could be making a Some kind of piece of machinery and you Wouldn’t know what it was for And then the guy that gets it he would Only know what it fits into And this goes all the way up to the Ladder the Rating was higher the security rating Was higher Than for the h-bomb so one of the top And still is that’s the way it works Which technologies are you certain that Have been shared with us From extraterrestrials fiber optics Microchips Kevlar and improved lasers and

A whole range of things where their Technology was much Improved or advanced from ours light Years ahead really i think Those were just the obvious ones that Were fed into american industry and more Have been since There had been lots of visits to earth Probably going back Thousands of years but the level of Activity took on A new dimension after the first Atomic bomb was was set off in new Mexico In and all of a sudden The the number of sightings increased And my Thesis is that because They know something we don’t know and That is every atomic bomb that is put Off on earth Has an effect on other parts of the Cosmos they were concerned about it And i use the Idea that the children are playing with Matches they’re afraid that we’re going To blow up our planet So that it would be uninhabitable both For ourselves and for Visits from them and They didn’t like that idea So they came down in larger larger Numbers And have been taking inventory of all

The The american bases the russian bases Chinese bases All of the bases doing inventories Finding out exactly Where they are where the nuclear Installations the power installations Are and all that sort of thing For what purpose exactly i don’t know But So that they will have the information On tap If we should start doing anything silly That they might in fact try to To intervene i would say i would hope There are a couple of well-known cases There was one in western united states Where A ufo was looking at their Intercontinental ballistic missiles and Putting them out of action And this was despite precautions And fail-safe devices that were Designed to make sure that that never Happened so this of course was a Matter of great concern to the united States air force and they spent months And months Investigating it and trying to figure Out what they had to do to If possible to protect their The invulnerability of their bases Another case involving nuclear missiles

Happened three years later at malmstrom Air force base in montana this site is The largest missile field in the world We simply were told not to talk about it We did not talk about it To anyone as a strategic air command Launch controller Lieutenant colonel robert salas was one Of the men responsible for the Deployment Of nuclear minutemen missiles three Two one key turn These missiles were to be launched as a Counter-attack in the event of nuclear War On march 16 1967 lieutenant colonel Salas was on duty when he was contacted By his top side guard Stating that there was an unidentified Object above the missile site Solace ordered the guard to observe and Report back on any further development Then he called back within a few minutes And was very frightened I could tell by his voice he was Extremely agitated He said there was an object hovering Outside the front gate A reddish-orange oval-shaped object And it just hung there quietly i went And woke up my commander And told him about the two phone calls

Uh and as i was telling him About the phone calls our missiles went Into no go Condition one after the other We lost nearly 20 missiles that morning After speaking with his commander solas Again contacted the top side guard The guard said that the ufo had Vanished basically just took off at high Speed It was no longer there these missiles Are controlled Individually so if if something did Happen within the System the electrical system let’s say Or the command and control system For one missile one launch facility it Would not affect the others And in addition these missiles are Separated by miles So all these things point to the fact That um Somehow this object was able to Uh disable these missiles Later that day salus was ordered to Report to the air force office of Special investigations For debriefing by two osi officers and So after we gave him our little debrief The first thing the af osi guy did is Stand up And said you need to sign these Documents not to disclose Any of this to anyone ever and um

We signed and basically that was it they Neither one of them asked too many more Questions and we were escorted out Several recently declassified documents Support solace’s claims of ufo sightings Near malmstrom This preliminary report dated the 24th Of march 1967 States that between the hours of 2100 And 0-400 mountain standard time Numerous reports were received by Malmstrom air force base agencies Of ufo sightings in the great falls Montana area It goes on further to state that reports Of a ufo landing near belt montana Were received from several sources Including deputies of cascade county Sheriff’s office Another formally classified secret air Force telex states that The fact that no apparent reason for the Loss of 10 missiles can be readily Identified Is cause for grave concern to this Headquarters In 1993 after lieutenant colonel salas Had retired from the air force He tried to gain access to official air Force records of the incident In a letter from the department of the Air force he was informed that No ufo report affected national security Making reference to an attached air

Force fact sheet Which states no ufo reported Investigated and evaluated by the air Force Has ever given any indication of threat To our national security If 20 nuclear Missiles going down at the same time Ufos are cited Nearly 20 is not a National security incident that i don’t Know what is The united states forces in cooperation With The extraterrestrials had Developed both the zero point energy and Cold fusion And these are the these are the things People have been searching for for Forever it’s sort of like making gold Out of lead which from what i’ve known Of the extraterrestrials Secondhand from people who have talked To them and visited them and been Abducted by them they want us to save Our planet They would give it to us if we the United states air force has stopped Shooting at them But we’ve got to persuade the americans That we don’t want a world Where somebody’s got to master the world By armed force we want a world where we Reduce

We change our priorities and get rid of These huge Defense expenditures and use the money To provide food And shelter and education and clothing For people that don’t have any A kind of different kind of world all Together than what we’ve had And that they shouldn’t take this the Extraterrestrials on for size which they Seem determined to do The government of the united states has Lost control of a whole Pile of stuff that’s going on out there President united states doesn’t even Know what’s going on out there And if he wanted to know they would just Say mr president you don’t have Clearance for that project This is you know what it is but getting Back to the point Either the the technology exists which i Believe Or they would give it to us if we treat Them like Friendly neighbors and collaborators in The cosmos instead of As enemies that they were originally Designated Then i there’s no doubt that we could Change the system in 10 years My name is john callahan i’m a retired Faa Employee i was a division manager for

The accidents evaluation and Investigation division In dc about two years before i retired i Received a call from alaska region With the region wanted to know what to Tell the media When i questioned tell the media what he Says about the ufo And it went downhill from there what ufo It turned out i told him what any Government employee would do at that Time was to tell them it’s under Investigation And then i had them send all that data To the faas tech center In atlantic city the next day my Uh immediate boss service director hobby Sofia and i went to atlantic city I just purchased a uh a new video camera And i videoed the uh the event In the lake city we had him play back on A on a scope You would call a scope of planned view Display pvd Exactly what the pilot uh uh scene or What to control the scene And we tied it in with the voice tape so We could hear exactly what the Controller said and what he heard And we taped it we came back the next Day uh Briefed the administrator admiral engine On what happened he won the five-minute Briefing

After we started the briefing he wanted To know if he could see the video we put The video on he watched the video the Whole video The next day he set up a uh a meeting For me to give a dog and pony show To president reagan’s scientific staff And whoever they brought over And to hand off all that data to them That the morning in the faa round room It was either nine at 10 o’clock three Men From reagan’s scientific staff Three cia people three fbi people and i Don’t remember who the other guys were Along with all the faa experts that i Brought with me they could decide or Talk about the hardware and software How it worked we put on a dog and pony Show We let them watch the video we had all The data there we had all the printouts That the computer Put out they got all excited over it When it was all done The cia one of the cia men told the People they were now sworn to secrecy That this meeting never happened and This event never happened But i asked them why You know i thought it was probably just The stealth bomber at the time He says well this is the first time that We have uh

Recorded radar data on a ufo and these Guys Are going to get all excited drooling Over all this data I said well you’re going to tell the Public about it and he says no we don’t Tell the public about this It would panic the public he says we’re Going to go back and study this I said okay that was what he was going To do Now i’ve told this story many times and I’d get Sometimes funny looks from people i have With me The voice tapes of the Controllers that were involved the faa Original tapes See after we handed this stuff off to The president’s staff The faa didn’t know what to do with it We don’t separate ufos from real traffic So It’s not our problem okay I have a copy of the original of the uh Video that we took Which is rather interesting and Once once the thing was all over the Report started coming into my office But because it wasn’t an faa air traffic Problem The faa’s report ended up on a table in My office And stayed there until i retired when

One of the staffers Packed up all my gear and helped move to My house Also in a box i found just a few good Days ago In my 1992 tax return i have the target Predoms From the uh computer data which so if You wanted to Recheck or look at every target that was Up there at the time You can now reproduce this from this Piece of paper here And it’s called the ufo incident japan 1648 i believe the number was it Happened on november the 18th 1986. i’m prepared to go to congress to Swear before congress that everything I’ve told you people And everything that’s here is the truth Thank you You removed the soundtrack from the tape Before you turned it over to this Program That’s correct i can’t allow the voices Of the project personnel to be heard by The general public There’s a very good chance their family Or friends on the outside might Recognize them Is it your purpose in releasing this Tape to expose area 51 To the world my purpose is to expose the

Existence of the aliens not compromise These individuals I made the decision to come forward i’m Taking precautions to protect my own Identity and i don’t think it’s fair for Me to put these others in danger of Exposure in any case the interview on The tape Went nowhere it was interrupted as You’ll see Can you describe for us what we’re Seeing All right we’re looking at the interview Suite at s4 Uh it’s kept dark for the comfort of the Aliens The uh figure who is just barely visible In the left foreground is the telepath And behind the camera is a raked seating Area for observers Although in this case i believe the only Other person Present was a military aid The alien is seated behind a glass Partition in a biocontainment area Which is maintained at biosafety level 2 The lowest designation that’s Primarily for the protection of the Aliens not Us the theory is that if they were going To infect us with an alien bug it would Have happened 50 years ago Um in fact all the indications are The aliens eliminated microbial and

Viral life from their own Ecosystem long ago they aren’t Susceptible to our diseases directly but It has been shown that microbes can Reproduce and form colonies within their Respiratory systems Which tends to exacerbate the debilities They seem to Suffer anyway in our environment Uh in fact you can see here The alien is beginning to flag Uh the interview was not going well the Telepath was trying to clarify some Points from a previous interview but he Wasn’t receiving coherent responses As you can see the being is in real Distress At this point the telepath is sending Out a message to the medical staff He’s trying to communicate with the Alien but he’s getting no response There’s very little he can do there’s no Direct Connection between uh his space and the Bio containment area that’s the aid Stepping in on the right Uh the medical staff should be there by Now they’re Slow in responding There they are i have to say the medical Personnel at s4 Are less than first rate they tend to be

Selected for their willingness to keep Secrets Rather than their medical competence by The way he’s not shining That light into the eyes it looks that Way but in fact he’s checking for Hemorrhaging around the eye sockets And uh in the nasal cavity I’m sorry it’s very hard for me to watch This Is it fake i grabbed a frame in the Computer And we’re outputting it now in digital Format and you can see that we have an Absolutely Solid picture done is Taken the picture and moved it over So that we can look at the information That’s in between the frames Now when we look at the motion video We can see that it still is not bad And we have this little indicator down Here It tells me that The original image was transferred Using some kind of time based corrector These are video screens up here Television Video monitors and they’re off at an Angle If this was shot using a video Camera with lines on it we would see More a patterns up there

And we don’t see the more a patterns so There’s a probability that this was shot Originally on film possibly a film stock Like 72-52 or 72-47 Depending on the lighting the idea that These images may have originated on film Is in direct contradiction to victor’s Statement that the interview was shot on Video On closer inspection delitoso decided The images could indeed have been Recorded by a video camera Under certain specific conditions in This case Uh i i get the the sense of it that this Was originally created Using either Film transferred telecity to beta But then this is the third generation or It was taped under very low light Conditions With the video gain boosted Probably 12 db even the emotionless Analysis of a computer Cannot provide a definitive answer Deletoso’s efforts yield tantalizing Hints But in the end they only increase the Mystery One of the key things about this Creature Are its eyes like the other experts Video analyst jim delatoso was

Emotionally affected by what he saw He took the tape very seriously and Offered this Personal opinion if someone faked this I don’t like these people i think it’s a Bad thing for people to do Because extraterrestrials come here It’s an incredibly important thing to Understand who they are and why are they Coming here If this is not faked i think we’ve got a Glimpse here Of a sense of communication With someone who came from a long Distance away When asked his opinion of the alien Interview Adair was careful to answer only in Terms of his own Experiences if you’re referring to the Film where um It’s aliens being interrogated at area 51 I don’t know i’ve never seen a ufo in my Life i’ve never seen Aliens pickled in a jar or anything like That but i know i saw an engine that Wasn’t from our Terrestrial technology if you look at an Engine like that it came out of a craft If it come out of a craft Then that craft has occupants so It’s very logical to assume then that Those occupants could still be here and

They could be interrogating them or if They could have downed another craft Since 1971. Make-up artist john criswell has Provided special effects creatures for Many hollywood motion pictures and Television shows Such as spaced invaders and babylon five Hired by rocket pictures to create the Aliens for the recreation segments of This program Criswell was very interested to finally See the real thing By hollywood standards i i would say This is it’s a pretty decent puppet Well to be honest with you i i would Love to buy this being real but It’s probably a hoax well i think this Is a really cool design and it’s a great Concept But i think i could have done better Whoever did this i mean They could have a job in hollywood in a Minute No problem this one has a much creepier Quality than the Than the alien autopsy tape i think um That one that one i definitely didn’t Buy just because of The way it laid on the table um there’s A couple of things this actually Whoever did this was or if someone did

This they were very clever because it You know it it hides a lot of stuff so That’s what makes me kind of disbelieve It A little bit but you know who knows Criswell thought the alien exhibited Movements that would be difficult to Fake There are there are moments when This looks very real and and i don’t Know how they did Certain little things about this um So right right when i would say that It’s definitely a puppet he He moves a certain way or he’ll or he’ll Lift up in the frame All that and all these little things are Important to the you know To the character of him Academy award winner rick baker is one Of hollywood’s reigning masters of Makeup effects He transformed eddie murphy into a 300 Pound man For the nutty professor and has created Monsters for countless films including An american werewolf in london And the ufo-related men in black Baker dismissed the tape as a fake Yeah i don’t this this doesn’t fool me i Don’t buy this i think this is a puppet And You’ve got a table in the foreground

It’s hiding the rest of his body You’ve got some kind of whatever that Instrument is in the foreground I mean it’s also lit very mysteriously i Think you’re going to record this alien You would want to see it and you Wouldn’t want to hide it behind a table And you would Light it in a way that was show up much More than this This particular movie this head jerking Movement here especially looks very Public Looks a little overdone and very much Like a guy with his hand inside this Thing I guess he’s supposed to be ill here he Said what’s going on It just looks like they went to a great Deal of effort to hide As much of the anatomy other than the Head on this is on this puppet and I just i just don’t buy it i would be Willing to stake my reputation on the Fact that i think this is a box It’s very interesting to see them in Baker’s opinion there was no controversy At all It’s a fake it might be we could build Better we have built better Ufo expert robert dean on the other hand Had no doubt whatsoever that the tape Was authentic This is powerful because this is not

A staged event this is real In the 1960s robert o dean served as an Army intelligence analyst At nato headquarters in europe where he Claims to have seen First-hand evidence of alien beings and Their artifacts Retired from the army he is now a highly Regarded ufo researcher and analyst Dean was asked to view the tape and Offer his expert opinion Treating him like a piece of livestock Wiping his lips Calling on his own first-hand experience For comparison Robert dean was stunned and moved by What he saw That breaks my heart I think you’ve got yourself a piece of Legitimate footage here and i think You’ve got your hands on some pretty Sensitive material i don’t know how the Hell you got this I don’t know who you got it from and Frankly i don’t want to know who you got It from But you got yourself a tiger by the tail With this footage I would say and i know that that’s one Of the things you ask of me Is that you’ve got yourself some Legitimate Footage of one of the little guys being Interrogated and filmed

And there’s a reality to it and there’s A sensitivity to it that literally Breaks my heart But i tell you very much very strongly You’ve got something here that Is very sensitive well i know that level Of classification on This kind of a thing is so far damned Above top secret that you won’t even You can’t imagine how sensitive this Kind of thing is And how delicate it is and how tightly The government sits on anything like This One of the problems i had when i first Went public was newsmen saying well have You ever seen one And i said no and then they said well Then we can’t really Take you seriously but my first actual Sighting I was at my place in muskoka A couple of years ago for thanksgiving My wife sandra said Going out to look for stars and here was This Very very bright star right out over the The bay we both looked at it And all of a sudden we saw it change Location in the sky by three or four Degrees In three or four seconds well stars and Satellites And airplanes don’t do that they can’t

Do it And it was a tremendously interesting Experience and one of course That confirmed my Beliefs that they are real after i went Public My daughter who lives in the old house Here at christmas time I saw one go pi go by the her window and The cross behind the boathouse And the family were saying that they Thought that the ufos had Come to get me You