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I've been hearing a lot of knocking in The woods Close behind my house it's very loud And has a repeated pattern like as Follows One loud solid hit three quick taps Then another loud solid hit both my Father and i have heard this As we were just walking outside the Scary incidents have happened to me Three different nights in the weeks Prior tonight was the most scary As i had had at least three around my House I've been knocking back and whistling to No avail But sitting out on the back patio i can Hear the walking Limbs being broken as it walks then Everything is quiet as if they have Reached the edge of the wood line And are watching me a few times i've Sought to entertain them I do silly stuff or whistle a tune The night before i was met with three Limbs being cracked within 30 minutes This was too frequent to be natural i Have tried to get a trail cam video but No luck the nights when i'm by myself I can go out as per usual they're Already there And waiting on me tonight i tried Something different I decided to just casually sit facing

The woods and talk to them I just say that i was their friend and i Meant no harm As i talked the woods lit up with noise I was being approached from three Different directions But the largest one concerned me i could Hear limbs breaking as it got closer I had a flashlight but was reluctant to Shine it Until i was freaked out the thing was Too close I lit it up what i could see appeared to Be a very large animal Not quite to the edge and colors making It almost indistinguishable from the Woods But the eyes oh man they shined a bright Green I would have thought it to be a critter That only they were spaced five inches Apart And i could clearly make out the outline Of something squatting Just staring right at me not even Blinking This thing was huge it nearly made me Run Just seeing it i turned the light off And went the hell inside I checked again an hour later and could Still hear it walking around Out there this is something that has Happened to me numerous times

And every time i'm alone i can get a Response from them But if i have somebody with me and they Do not show They are definitely bigfoots in adele And i have some that come to my backyard There's only been one incident of the House being smacked during the night And i've noticed that every night as They approach all the neighborhood dogs Go crazy They could probably smell them now that I've seen them And know what to look for i see and hear Their presence all the time This is definitely a hotbed i just don't Have the technology To show you definitive proof at the time I first encountered them I was shocked to find the eye shine Coming from ground level It was bad weather that night and poor Visibility I thought it was a small animal but Decided to video it anyway Because i was seeing a face when i Walked closer I could tell it was a bigfoot lying flat On the ground watching me through the Shrubs I still have that video the environment Around me is a small creek running next To my house Several acres of force behind the house

It's part pine forest There's a large pond way back there off Of our property And as it gets closer to my house it Turns into thick Spots of oak pine and several types of Small foliage There is a very dense deer population in This specific location also Each time i've had the bigfoot approach The house they are coming in on one of Two trails which we have leading out Into the woods They're coming from far back near the Pond is i imagine This is something that happened a long Time ago and to be honest i never Thought it could be connected to a Sasquatch or bigfoot But recently i've been reading a lot About the topic And i figured i'd send it to you guys After finding your website And just checking out reports from areas Where i've lived in the past Anyway i found a report from belchertown Massachusetts And i lived in a rural park for several Years when i was in college This was sometime around 1997-1998 My housemates and i were out on our Porch which faced two to three acres of Meadow This open meadow and the porch were on

The east side of the house The entire area past the meadow to the East was wooded with houses and cabins Here and there for about a mile until You hit a lake Behind the house was about 10 to 20 Yards of woods With a walking trail and then another 10 Yards past was train tracks Running east to west then more woods Anyway my housemates and i were out on The porch When we heard the sound of a tree Crashing to the ground About 19 seconds later while we were all Kind of shocked There was an enormously loud and Guttural growl scream Roar whatever you want to call it and All my life I have never heard any animal sound that Could match its intensity Volume it just sounded plain angry and Vivacious It is hard to describe just how loud it Was and how stunned we all were That this was coming from an animal just Inside the tree line There were coyotes owls foxes galore Back then And the sounds they made were a world Away in comparison We all immediately looked at each other Got up and went into the house

As fast as we could without muttering a Word Everyone assumed it was an animal but After reading about and hearing Recordings of presumed sasquatch screams And howls It brought the memory rushing back Because It is so similar to what we heard anyway Just wanted to share this with you In the years of 2015 to 2016 I had encounters with a creature in the Mississippi river bottoms At a place called drinkwater a flood Control pump station On the mississippi levee system east of Charleston Missouri the first encounter consisted Of hearing high Pitched long drawn-out echoing of the Concrete walls of the pump station The sounds were far from off so i paid Them no mind at the time but I did find them to be quite odd the Second encounter happened just a few Months later As a few friends and i were bowfishing One night We were down by the lock gate shooting Fish when i happened to look up at the Levee To our right and notice something Standing on the levee watching us About 200 or so yards off even though it

Was dark You could see the outline of the figure Standing upright in the faint light Caused by a semi-truck weight station on The highway That crossed over to illinois it didn't Stay long but it left an eerie feeling Over us at the time we left shortly Afterwards The third encounter was the most Interesting one of all One of my friends and i were both Fishing again and one night at the pump Station When we began hearing the high pitched Sounds again My friend who was holding up a spotlight So that i could see to shoot Began to go into a panic and started Shining the light in the woods to a Right Which irritated me at this time because I couldn't see the fish without the Light While trying to calm him down to get the Light back to the water Something grunted off to our left at 25 Yards or so Stood a creature of a height between Eight and nine feet tall Covered in dark brown to black hair at The very edge of the tree line In full view of the spotlight the Creature watched us for a little under a

Minute time With one arm gripping a tree limb the Size of my forearm As if he were using it to keep his Balance when the creature departed He had let out several loud grunts and At a steady walking pace Left the scene while breaking any tree Limb in its path Whether it was dead or green we left After the encounter Terrified at what we had just witnessed The past several months we have had some Very strange activity going on around Our house We live out in the country and we've Ignored a lot of it But here lately we can't ignore the Activity going on About a month or two ago my husband went Outside to smoke And he heard something as he looked into Our driveway And we seen an animal that stood about Seven feet tall All hairy he couldn't explain it except That it looked like one of our dogs on Two feet And extremely tall it walked past our Trailer And that's how he could guess the height We've heard what sounded like a baseball Bat hitting a tree We've heard whistles and calls of what a

Bigfoot sounds like We've had chickens and cats go missing Every night About the same time you can hear Footsteps and sounds It's to the point where we were so Scared to go outside We've never believed in bigfoot till We've seen it and have heard them I'm sure there are more than one around Here because we live near caves And they sound like they are all around Us at the night time We had a ball in our yard and after Fighting in the woods one day And down the road from us another day And brought it back several times It went missing and we've not been able To find it I just find it odd that this has just Happened just after we've been hearing The noises that sound like a bigfoot I worked on a dairy farm between Deersville and tippecanoe Ohio and harrison county during high School It was march 1982 about five o'clock in The morning There was a heavy frost on the ground a Full moon And i could see fairly clearly due to The moonlight I went to the outside paddock area to Feed the replacement dairy heifer

And started dumping the grain attached To the board fence when i heard a low Grunt The kind of grunt that someone makes From being in one position too long as You stand up When i looked up this figure was in the Process of standing Up it was on the other side of a small Creek that ran through the paddock Approximately 50 yards away the figure Was standing next to the wooden hay Feeder It stood there for a few seconds and Then walked towards the other end of the Pen closest to the woods I only saw it for about 5-10 seconds but Could hear it walking For approximately 45 seconds i heard the Sounds of footsteps crunching in the Frost As it moved to the other end of the pen And then Heard the squeaking sound of the fence Being pushed down The cattle somehow were not spooked at All during this encounter And just continued to eat after we were Finished milking I went over to the hay feeder and Couldn't find any prints in the ground As the frost was gone the figure Appeared to be seven feet tall Which i estimated was a foot taller than

I I have hunted and farmed the area for Years my parents farm is approximately Five miles from where my incident Took place i had two other possible Incidents All while bow hunting the first occurred While i was hunting from a tree stand in A hayfield Back in 2010 it was the end of october Or First part of november and it was right At dusk And i watched three does enter the Hayfield and start to eat the grass After approximately two to three minutes I heard a scream that i can't explain The three does immediately ran off Through the hayfield and Into the woods while still in my tree Stand Whatever it was that kept screaming for 15 minutes it caused me to leave the Area The second incident was in 2011 during Bow season While hunting the same place with my Teenage son While using a doe call i heard something Walk down over the hill through the Trees I watched and listen for a few minutes And can hear the sound of something Urinating

Whatever it was did not move again when It was too dark to hunt We left the area