A Scary Experience at a Haunted, Abandoned Hospital in North Dakota | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 13, 2020
A Scary Experience at a Haunted, Abandoned Hospital in North Dakota | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Are you a demon is that a pig Dude is that a coyote dude let’s go hold On jesus Come on colin hold on Please Okay guys so last night we were here at The san haven sanitarium with peyton She’s a fan of the show It was jeff her and i and it was a very Fun night but we really didn’t capture Anything so tonight We’re back again it’s sunday now and Jeff and i Are all alone here on the entire Hospital complex and we’ve walked down The main hospital building that we were In last night is up The hill that way you have to walk down The road down this long winding path Over here Right behind me is this abandoned old Residence hall where A bunch of different types of people Used to live from tuberculosis patients To Higher and lower functioning patients When this was a mental facility One of the people that we talked to Yesterday that was here said that this Building is where The rituals took place where the Supposed demons were summoned and where The really dark energy lies

And that uh if there’s anywhere on this Property that is violently haunted it’s This building Right here so we figured that tonight Since it’s just jeff and i We’re going to try to avoid the ticks And uh do this building first So without further ado It’s night two baby let’s go let me So i’ve got a a2 meter on right now That’s going to measure Emf in the air If you want to walk out this way you can Just brush through the trees Okay oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] Wow sorry god trying not to swear look At this Look at the second floor this is all Like brick that’s wet This stuff can come down Right here hello Is anybody here in the building We would love to talk to you Pants are right and my pants are loose Because i’ve lost 20 pounds Is this abraham lincoln This floor what actually would fall Through here dude Yeah let’s let’s try something okay You give me the evp thing yeah What the [ __ ] is that what is wrong with You Come here i mean come on No something just was on my hand

And then in my hair i thought it was a Bunk but no it’s water There’s water dripping here i’m going to Start off with the Voice recorder session to everybody Online we’re standing it got cold I did yeah you feel just We’re standing in the pitch black in This building i can’t even See the room it got really cold okay Here we go If you’re here with us right now are you A dark energy If you’re here with us right now are you A demon Do you want to hurt my dad and i I’m so quiet it’s gonna generally hurt Me when you ask them I definitely i feel a little more Tonight uh-huh In here i am too same i feel like the Energy in this building Okay here we go live review Did you share with me right now No that’s one try yeah let’s go back That way This is a little dangerous right here This is very dangerous honestly And honestly anybody online i don’t You’re probably you’re not supposed to Trespass we have um Permission from the uh councilman uh for The chippewa tribe up here

Don’t trespass and especially don’t go In these buildings because these are Probably the worst we’ve ever been right Oh 100 percent of these Go left these are Ah this is really this is like You can feel this the moist the wood Underneath is rotted You come back to just normal here we go Let’s go right here And turn lights off these creepy stairs I did show it Head up to the next level we’re going to Do another Uh little voice recorder session and When the lights are off can you turn the Infrared off once to show people what it Looks like That’s it i can’t see anything I can’t even see behind me yeah i can See the red the hospital building it Looks eerie through the trees yeah but It’s it’s This is what it looks like to me from What we’re like three feet apart Yeah not even okay i’m coming back on There you go [ __ ] creepy Without that light okay let’s try Something Hey everybody my name is colin i heard That there’s a dark Violent person in my here I don’t know what that was did you hear That let go

Oh damn it well you can scare me all you Want go ahead can you try to scare me Okay we had a guy last night matt tell Us that he was down here many times a Guy named matt that introduced himself That said there’s a dark Energy that resides here please show Yourself talk into this device that my Son colin is holding Hold it up Now how’s the end of the session yeah [ __ ] How about we put the rampart out i’m Gonna put the rem pod right here oh Oh oh look at dude how do i get this off Didn’t hear that no crawling Oh jesus dude you’ll have that My camera paused like right when that Happened really Yep hey didn’t you just hear me restart The clip it was like Oh i kind of did hear something like That yeah Oh that’s the first time this has hit Thanks for coming through what’s what’s Your name Move a rock Hey are you here right now with us now Are you right here now with us now We gotta please try to hit the rimpot Again and i have this device Light up again and say something into This device let’s just

Something just actually moved over there Did you Kind of feeling exposed As it was changing for the new battery Or putting the new battery in the rem is Hit Twice and that last one was right when You said Do you want us to go on the recorder If anybody’s over here can you just walk Over to us It feels like the energy is kind of dead Again all of a sudden just like was here And then it just And left philosophy’s i don’t know if It’s it’s obviously probably who knows What the hell i’m talking about but I think it’s almost like a an area that Energy Flows through i mean over there as well I just think it’s so Open it’s like just it’s flow’s coming It’s gone it’s here And now it just feels like it’s just Dead like the other place Dead silence but i felt it when i came In yep like we have the custer house Nope i have that feeling same and now It’s just like Ah i also feel just kind of Um neutral empty It was here for a little bit when those Noises happened and the rem pod was Hitting

But the rem pod hasn’t hit for a while Again none of our devices have hit the K2 did not hit There were no responses on the digital Recorder We’ve only had a few rem pod hits and so It just feels like it’s gone again and That kind of edginess that you have When you walk into a building has Disappeared yeah the k2 meter it never Did anything either What is in here dude be careful oh [ __ ] Dude this floor we don’t want to be Around this stuff right here That’s all caved is anybody here with us Are you over here Look at how this hospital door is down There Do you see the stairs over there dude i Really don’t want to put all our weight On here i know Honestly i just i can’t get a shot that Good Like haunted village you know look at This building You know there’s so much getting a Little A little cold The steps leading all the way up wow Oh damn look at this place back there Oh my god but This is too this Is freaking completely destroyed man That’s we’re not supposed to go back

There Blast the light and see if you can pick That up i mean Is that a pig dude is that a coyote dude That’s a pig let’s go Dude hold on hold on jesus What colin Hold on Dude dude it’s probably a boar Oh [ __ ] man you gotta go those things Can tear you up The car Okay you know dude there’s garbage here And they probably feed here Don’t go too far but they they can run Fast that was a That was a wild that was a bore And they can get they they are vicious People who hunt like oklahoma through Tech all that area especially Even up here it’s dangerous yeah and it Takes like You know i’ve seen where these huge These are 500 800 pound bores that You can’t take them down with a high Powered rifle and if they get a hold of You They’ll actually tear you to shreds Piggy What the hell that was so freaky That scared the [ __ ] out of me i Literally like heard that i was thought I was gonna just run out of the woods

And attack us I just finally caught my breath you know We’re [ __ ] almost getting attacked by This like Evil pig creature yeah you come back to Where you’re safe and look at what what Safety is uh-oh okay Okay should we film the car from the car From the car over there oh they’re gonna Back out Get a shot of that Car i did yeah yeah this is like Just insanity yeah for the trying ghost Hunt here You should walk back over there oh no He says what the hell You know what five minute break yeah i Do need to here can we stop Yep so jeff looked up some wild Boar information since we’re sitting in The car cowering in fear There’s the creepy red hospital we’re Sitting here in the car It says their razor evidently there’s a Lot of News in north dakota on wild boars or Feral pigs Problems there are razor sharp tusks Tusks combined with their lightning Speed can cause serious injury And then it says the most most human Victims are adult males traveling alone And on foot Especially me in the back what should

You do Um be calm yeah right okay well this is What you’re supposed to do right Be calm and move slowly away from the Animal do not approach or attempt To feed them oh no keep a Safe that’s do not corner or provoke the Animal i’m just trying to run Yeah seriously well there’s one of them Literally right out there somewhere Dude you should play that i mean the Hospital looks so creepy with that red Light Damn that makes you wondering they’re Like what where did they go You know well he’s still around here Somewhere i know that’s why i don’t It’s [ __ ] spooky Jesus there’s there’s something right There black yep you know What the [ __ ] was that okay i don’t know This is this is right where it was we Might have Like piglets and [ __ ] oh Dude Roll down your windows and let’s listen Okay but Not even worse Oh dude what there’s some eyes right Here Well you can’t see but there oh it’s Moving where it’s right out there look At

Um past the tree oh Oh here you film it in a second You kind of need to have it a little Darker something that little black thing Ran right into here though like the Piglets could be living in this building Or something that we were just in oh What okay number one i mean there’s some Restaurants there’s There’s my eyes right there right there You see him oh oh yeah oh yeah oh Oh keep shooting it i mean that those Are forward you know Those are forward eyes uh i don’t know It’s a pig Is that a bad a pig doesn’t have uh Binocular vision they’re That’s a that’s a that’s a varmint of Some sort Like a raccoon or a possum or something Definitely it looks scary with these Lights God it is 12 30 already though You know We’re back Okay guys so uh we pulled up to the Front of the hospital again We were going to go back in and continue Investigating the main building But after researching the Wild boar stuff and Just thinking about how there’s so many Holes and entrances into these buildings

And who knows Where these animals are or where they’re Like you know babies are Piglets and whatnot because that’s Probably what those noises were like Well it sounded like they were actually Fighting It’s very very very dangerous to do that And since we already did the whole Building last night Uh jeff and i are just gonna head down To the um and the other building Yeah and the other building yeah we’ve Done each one of these buildings Already we’re just gonna head down to The Body tunnel where they used to wheel out Some of the bodies of people who died in This facility And it would travel between buildings And we’re going to end it by going down There and using some of our equipment I’m trying to contact whoever’s here at The san haven sanitarium Hey guys so for the very end of this Episode It’s extremely intense two-day Investigation At the san haven sanitarium we’ve Already been here a couple of hours Tonight We’ve been investigating all day um Roaming around the property shooting B-roll recording stuff for patreon

Everything like that So the climatic finale of this I just got cold Dude Go ahead so for the end we’re entering The body tunnels Where they used to wheel patients who Passed away inside of the sanitarium Like a that’s just an echo yeah Like that that’s creepy though no So these tunnels are supposed to be some Of the most haunted areas inside of this Complex And i’ve got the ovulus a rem pod and Jeff’s got the connect I’ll let you freaked out Yeah i am you know i’m kind of hyper Because of the Just the wild boar or feral pig whatever You want to call it West west west Oh careful be sure to watch for your Walk This is the creepiest part for me There’s just a streak that comes across All this rusty metal sharp all this Forward buckle And this is going to collapse you know Yeah it gets pretty uh Flat really Like the floor yeah broken broken

If you’re down here in the tunnels with Us Do you think that they’re broken Almost sounds like something Drinking There’s anybody down here Can you come walk towards my voice Oh It’s ice like the one that’s nicer it’s The middle of summer This is actually dangerous down here Though you know oh yeah My name is colin i’m here with my father Jeff We’re not afraid of you you don’t need To be afraid of us Can you come and talk to us Keep hearing Expect nothing grand oh my god yeah That’s the whole One that’s what i’ve been saying the Whole day that’s crazy I don’t expect anything big to happen Nothing grand yeah Nothing on the connect either I mean they have all these people Passing through these tunnels A year for years and years and years and Years give us a little bit of help We’re friendly I kind of feel like if i get out of here

Alive tonight That i’m gonna be very happy just to get Into here Are you down here with us I don’t really want to go down there but It’s like so creepy to see that arrow Oh we can’t go down there but you know What i mean that means there’s another Hallway that goes Intersects right there yeah i can’t take The rest of my life Oh yeah no i’m just not gonna get stuck Down here If anybody’s down here hello We just want you to communicate with us Somehow hit the pipe Oh god don’t do that Can you show yourself by hanging off a Pipe off the ceiling come around the Corner What do you want me to know Yeah ready Ready yep ready for what Ready ready yup ready for what Was that did you hear that what I don’t know if it’s going to capture This or not like Was it was it Was it i don’t know if it’s on camera You have to see i feel like Oh god what to say look i’m in the Center of the hallway Look at this okay look at this graffiti Right here

Do you see him isn’t that creepy Oh [Applause] Yeah me too i didn’t charge this last Night I didn’t even charge it this goes full Power when we get back to the Look at battery is critically low See the battery down here that one’s got All green can you see that yeah Battery’s green It’s the it’s the tablet but when we get Home let’s see if it actually comes out Okay let’s remember okay dude did you Turn the lights off Look at the lights off no What the light’s here oh no i didn’t Hello Hey dude what happened i actually did Not do that now Those lights were on i know i left them On red here You can see in the intro shot when we go Down into the tunnel okay Girl i see Hello Wow that’s freaky You hear that squeak Let’s see if you can turn it see if you Turn on again Yep what the [ __ ] yeah they’re just Clicked off

Okay what the hell that’s crazy yeah Those were on we went to the top You have to literally click that thing i Don’t know Okay i don’t know move it in the woods Hello hello Dude my eyes are blinded from that light I can’t see Oh okay Help they’re close too Let’s just throw our [ __ ] in here okay Let’s Let’s go thank you san haven Oh this door’s open right here what is It this door is open Dude just close it probably tonight Tonight is freaking me out it’s way more Active I’m not liking it whatever vibe you know I would say like you know even if we’re Not getting like A ton of rem pod and all that stuff this Is again one of those investigations Which i would say Is where you have to be here yep to Actually feel That nervous and this i kind of felt Again Like danger for whatever reason i mean Well look it we’re out Driving down a deserted pathway to an Abandoned tuberculosis sanitarium with Multiple buildings dangerous animals and Random people

Showing up and tonight i had like Multiple not to mention the bore issue It just felt creepier though there was Just stuff That the air was electric Well both of us didn’t really want to go Back and continue filming at the end Really down like we’re like i think we Have enough Yeah it’s just creepy we’re gonna go in The tunnel Again we did it though We did it man i gotta okay everybody Well it’s jeff and i here in uh Duncy north dakota um We’ve been putting in a lot of effort on This specific investigation from the Interviews to just putting ourselves in These situations So if you enjoyed this investigation Please be sure to like share and Subscribe this video Like and share this video and leave a Comment on it And also subscribe to the paranormal Files and the paranormal Files podcast yep the podcast is dope Too we got Fresh offices subscribe to that and Watch and really we appreciate the Support especially colin I’m just along for the ride but i’d Really appreciate it If you guys would go over and subscribe

To the podcast channel yep And watch those those are full of Information that’s really interesting For these people that live here Every day and appreciate it yeah thank You And uh as always everybody we’re gonna Go back to our motel Drive back to sioux falls tomorrow it’s Been a fun little north dakota road trip But it’s calling here and jeff and uh As always everybody stay spooky Thank god that’s over Hello