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Good evening folks and welcome to alien A date I’ve hit 4,000 subscribers and I don’t Know what to do I want to say a massive Thank you to all those each and every Single 101 of you that are actually Sticking with the channel that have not Just subscribed and not come back and Forgotten about the channel the people Who are active on this channel that Leave the comments the support the Channel the patreon everybody who Supports it by sharing the videos out Even hitting that thumbs up get you know Get one of them home agree a thumbs up I It’s overwhelming honestly it really is And I’m not being funny there at all Because a lot of people might think you Know 4,000 is not a lot is he being Sarcastic here for me ace massive I’ve Every morning REE sack and waking up and These new subscribers I try not to look At the actual subscriber count but I’m Noticing the views growing up and Everything and it’s kind of like what’s Going on is someone finally lifted the The lid off this and just giving me a Little bit of you know what’s the word I’m looking for Whatever word I’m looking for they give Me that even the comments the word I’m Looking for I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve considered giving up this channel

I’ve lost loads of family time well what I consider a lot of family time I mean Right now my missus and two little boys Are in the park probably should be there I think I’ve said that before it just Goes to show this is this is what Happens my missus understands told that I need to get videos out to you guys When there’s no interviews to do I’ve Got interviews in the pipeline but They’re all in the pipeline you know This because people are different Times zones to me I have to work out Times dates that’s good for both of us But yeah the amount of times I’ve lost Out on family time is crazy and then There’s the the job opportunities that I’ve lost you know one in particular Really good business opportunity over a Year and a half ago I didn’t get that Opportunity and it was I found a late Date it was because I have this channel Well I don’t know if it’s because it’s a YouTube channel that’s got a few Thousand subscribers or because it’s About UFOs and aliens and if they didn’t Think I was sane in the head I don’t Know I don’t care no you know bollocks To them but yeah guys I’m ver very very Much here to stay now I’ve got this in My head that I need to make this work I Need to one day turn this into the day Job so I can do something that I love Doing and that’s doing videos for you

Lot so I’m working on getting I think I’ve told this before but I’m working on Getting my garage converted into a Studio it’s gonna cost an absolute Fortune but I think it’s gonna be worth It I’ve put more money into this channel For anybody who’s ever said it’s just You know the YouTube is just doing it For the money this that and the other Clickbait videos I’ve put more money Into this channel with equipment I’ve Put thousands into it over time then What I’ve got I’ve probably ant less than 500 pounds In the time that I’ve been on YouTube And that’s what five years so work that One out or those how much later a month Honestly I don’t care Start out as a hobby and I want to turn This into a career so I’m asking you People What is what can I do for you so you Tell me what you want from the channel I want to tell you what I want from you Guys so if you’re watching this now and You’ve had an experience of your own or You know somebody who’s had an Experience so you’ve got some sort of Crazy story then I want that I want you To email me Alien addict UK at I’ll put it At the bottom for you now so and it will You know it will be in the description Email me your story if you want to come

On the channel so how they gentleman Email me the other day with a fantastic Story and I think if you’re watching This now I think you want to come on the Channel but you’re scared too and I Don’t mean that in a bad way but you Don’t you don’t want your family to know You don’t you don’t want to be you know You it’s hard for you I understand from What you said in the email if anybody Out is in that situation the dines come On to tell the story but that don’t want The face to be shown we don’t have to Show your face I can even probably Change your voice if you that point Paranoid but I don’t honestly this is a Small Channel I think he’s very slim if One of my friends came on and you know Wanted to talk about aliens or what have You and they didn’t want the mom and dad To see the moment doesn’t don’t watch This channel so I wouldn’t worry about It too much Um but if you have a story and the Story’s true you know then you know I Say fuck’em [ __ ] what anybody else Thinks of you You know I say stuff all the time When so some so my daddy’s a bit weird I Love my dad to pieces my dad dot means I Think I’ve told you guys this my dad saw A UFO out at sea something shot up over The ship speed that he just couldn’t Comprehend so there he was in the

Merchant Navy and they I think I think He said they were about six of them on Deck and this isn’t the day And they have to call it in as a UFO and That got me intrigued about this my dad My dad has told me stuff about ghosts as Well And–but then he says to me he doesn’t Believe in any of it he believes in Aliens this thought never be doesn’t Believe in ghosts but he’s touched a Ghost he’s a weird kettle of fish he’s My dad he’s a very very strange man so I I have a little debate so I’ll tell my Dad something that’s going on I remember Showing the Bob Lazar Jeremy Carl Bell Documentary and my dad just sat there And said he’s talking about a [ __ ] it’s It’s it’s odd it is odd a mom that’s had An experience and then so I I get my Point is a gateway you’re all coming From you might have a parent like that That if they see you speaking out about This type of stuff they’ll just like Look at you and say I’m writing you out Of the will but honestly these stories Need to be told guys and this I believe This is honestly the future of this Channel is me interviewing new lot and Hopefully I’ll get some people on that Well-known as well but I think I think What I want to do rather than and this Is God’s honest truth this rather than Interview the big boys is interview you

I don’t mind interviewing some big boys Now and again that’s suddenly wrong but I don’t forget to be doing that and That’s what I want to do I want to get You guys on you guys tell me your story And then I will edit the hell out of it You know it will have a bit of humor to It so if I always warn people before They come up on the channel when we have A look whatever these artworks here’s Our an interview works for me so we’ll Do a Skype call and I generally have a Bit of chitchat for about half an hour Or so before we start the interview Where I kind of lay out I say look There’s a bit of humor in this and I’ll Just say you like I’m gonna question you There’s something the And I think is a little bit out there I’ll question you and you know what Everybody seems to be fine with that say I mean if you are telling me a bunch of [ __ ] I you know I would question it More I’m never gonna get somebody on the Channel that I’m gonna be horrible to Anything like that unless is the Horrible to me back unless the horrible To me first sure to say but yeah I Believe everybody’s got the right to Speak out and speak the mind and I want To make this a platform for you guys That have had these experiences because It I’ll be honest I’ll get people on here that probably

Are either lying to me or telling me Something that they believe happened That probably didn’t that probably was Something else but the will be the odd Person that I gone here that I’ll have That story that is intriguing that is Probably without a question the person Is telling the to the truth and I Believe that this is how I can do my bit For you you apology you know it’s um I Hate it when people do that so that’s The plan going forward I kind of want to Get this portfolio going of all these Different interviews some and I think After a while we might start seeing a Pattern you know we might say see Somebody come on they might tell a story Like I like about there’s two people now Being an alien on it that I’ve told a Very similar story to that and you guys Have really good judging the people that I’m interviewing and body language this Than the other I’ve seen I’ve seen Channels mention body language I will Say sometimes it is hard to read the Body language on my Two views because it’s a Skype car now a Skype call I see a bigger screen than What you’re seeing so you just see this Kind of so if somebody goes off camera It’s the Skype call that’s done that the Way scalps recorded it so I do apologize It’s not being me being unprofessional I Probably should use a better platform

Than Skype I don’t know but yeah as well If if you are questioning my integrity If there’s any channels out then I know There is some channels that have Mentioned made that dumb videos that Stunt video analysis analysis is that Sounds weird on my interviews and stuff I don’t mind people playing clips by the Way from my videos I couldn’t give a [ __ ] Place much gg1 it it just brings traffic To me even if it brings the [ __ ] to My channel I don’t care I can turn a [ __ ] right around but yeah if you’ve Got something bad to say about me are You questioning my integrity with them Why don’t you just come on the channel Why you sent me an e-mail say look I’ve Got problems with you this than the Other I want to address it I love you on The channel like a shot because I like a Challenge But believe you me at the end of that Interview will be best buds guys these These interviews are important and I Think them and now the more important Than ever especially for the for for how I want this channel to go so like I say You have stories you want to you want to Make yourself heard come on my channel You know you might be wanting to get a UFO channel yourself and your finger how Do I get my foot in the door you know Come on tell you story and you know if

You if then if you’re making a channel I’ll introduce your channel it’s not a Problem but yeah interviews I believe is The way forward people I think I’m Looking forward to really exciting Interviews with more people from diff Cultures different backgrounds all over The world it’s gonna be tiring but it’s Gonna be fun And I’m down for fun guys I like to say I cannot thank you all enough if you if You like the channel and you think other People may like the channel then share The channel out to them you know it’ll Help me grow the channel even mah thumbs Up apparently the help if you could Thumb it up then form it up but yeah Share the videos out I won’t share this One out because if I got sent this and I Didn’t know who this skinhead bearded Englishman was I just probably turn off After about three seconds but yeah if You could share like interviews out Anything interesting that you might Think somebody else can relate to send It send them the link it’s it’s the way To build this channel and get a close Community as well that people that kind Of know each other I’ve got my patreon page so if you have Been thinking of becoming a patron pay Pick up in a patreon page becoming a Painter um then check out the link is in The description and thank massive thank

You to the twelve patreon I’ve got I Never thought they would grow this fast And I know for some of our YouTube as Well as twelves not a lot of pace a lot To me and it means a lot More than anything that’s what it means A lot to have the support it’s not just The money it’s the fact that people Believe in me that’s the most important Thing to me that people like what I’m Doing they appreciate what I’m doing and They want this channel to progress and Here’s guys it’s been a [ __ ] year in Terms of what’s gone off but from from My channel it’s good and it’s growing so I I I can’t thank you enough and I hope Everybody is well safe And on that now I’m going to say good Night god bless mind the books don’t buy I’m ailene addict