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I recently read a BFRO report and I felt The need to add my own experience in the Same area I too was a forced service Employee for the Plumas County in the 90s I don't know the original author I Hiked to the bottom of the Middle Fork Drainage where the Pacific Crest Trail Crosses the river from the quincies side North side so I could brush it out and Cut some poles and logs laying across The trail first day I had a couple of Guys with me and we knocked out a good Portion of it that day I came back later In the week to finish up the remaining Few miles by myself the tactic is to go Down the trail heavy with water and saw Gas and work your way back to getting Lighter I worked my way down the trail Maybe about two and a half hours to the Area where we left off I started cutting My way back up the trail the logs were Spread apart with patches of down logs And then areas of clear trail for Several minutes of hiking and the Periods where I shut this off I soon Started to realize I was getting side Held by something that was downslope of Me off the trail maybe about 100 to 150 Feet just inside the tree line as I Moved up the trail it did also if it was A lion I would have never heard it and Bears are very noisy coming through the Brush this was not wildlife this was Clearly a bipedal footfall by the time

Most of my work was done I was getting a Little spooked and I just wanted to get Back to the landing where my truck was Parked unfortunately I never got eyes on It so I can't give you a visual account I was only able to occasionally see Saplings move to be perfectly honest I Was too afraid to look I had my head Down humping gear up the trail I was Light and moving and a good clip on a Trail This thing was easily able to outpace me Even though it was working through steep Rocky brush and tree covered terrain at Times it got ahead of me because of the Contour of the land and that was a Little bit horrifying this thing was Agile and fast this went on for a couple Hours about a half hour from my truck I Stopped hearing anything I feel I was Being escorted out of the area the whole Experience was very unnerving what Bothers me the most is I don't know how Long I was being watched for I was Running the chainsaw intermittently with Earplugs in I'm sure the three of us Were being watched on the previous trip We just couldn't hear anything with the Saws running I've spent a lot of time in The woods and still do in a professional Capacity but that was a new one if Anybody is thinking this is a person I'll tell you right now there is no Flippin way

We had a perfectly clear class say Bigfoot Sasquatch sighting Thursday August 29th 2019 10:00 a.m. Approximately Northwest British Columbia Highway 37 south of the NASA River Bridge very remote area with a Construction mustering site nearby Distance about 50 yards we were driving From Hyder Arkansas and our motor home The Sasquatch came into the woods across Two lanes of Highway in perfect sight And disappeared into the woods both my Wife and I saw it I still get chills Describing the event based on our seated Height in our motorhome I would estimate The height and over seven feet tall Walking almost completely erect it never Looked either way or hesitated before Crossing the highway it was intent in Its purpose dark brown hair from head to Foot chest was flat broad strides and Long arms but not ape-like I couldn't Stop as there was no shoulder to pull on And the traffic that was present was Limited to a large tandem logging trucks Traveling at high rates of speed I Barely slept that night trying to Process what we saw what it was or Wasn't if only I would have purchased That dashcam for our Alaskan trip I feel Fortunate and having seen this and Retelling the story brings a great deal Of interesting response the show is all That more interesting since I know they

Are out there having researched the Subject further the one we saw looked Most closely to the Patterson Gimlin Photo except our view was a complete Profile only I was accompanied by my wife and Fifteen-year-old son we had built a fire When the Sun had set I mentioned to my Wife that sasquatches are known to Answer howls I am on the BFRO site four Days a week to track sightings and I'm a Firm believer after reading dr. Meldrum's book Sasquatch legend meets Science I made a howl like the 1994 moaning howl Ohio call recording on this site I am a Trained vocalist and can project my Voice loudly I cupped my face and let Out a howl it was answered I was facing East and let out a howl every 30 to 60 Seconds that was answered progressively Closer astonished I kept it up and the Return was always closer my wife fled Into the RV and fear my son would not Come out I was not in fear but in hopes Of seeing a sasquatch I did not have my Cell phone with me to record the Sasquatch returning howls I grabbed my 44 magnum revolver just in case and a Flashlight skinning the trees in hopes To see an illuminated red pair of eyes As soon as I had my pistol in my hand There were no more returning howls I was Never in fear but in awe there must have

Been 10 to 12 howls and returns with the First reply I would guess that the Sasquatch at least a mile away and with The last maybe a quarter mile to an Eighth of a mile if not closer on June 30th 2020 we returned home and I had my Wife and I and son listen to the 1994 Ohio howls they were shocked that that Was exactly what they had heard if you Haven't heard it be sure to check out BFRO net and check out the 1994 ohio Howls I was visiting my family's former home And treated myself with a night's stay At the cottages they lie along the road Running from Deadwood to Rockford the Campgrounds was empty safe for me even The proprietor was not home they have Beautiful pastures and a huge assortment Of farm life from turkeys to quail to Goats and llamas donkeys and horses Their fields run right up to the forest Probably not even a football fields Length away I was sitting outside Watching their antics and enjoying the Evening air suddenly something started To howl in the woods to the west Everything alive in the place froze in The same moment and all their heads mine Included swiveled toward the sound I Cannot begin to describe it but I had Grown up in these hills and no it was Nothing I could identify the sound was Somewhere between a Hal and a scream and

Just echoed it went on for three to five Minutes and every creature stopped to Listen I didn't hear it again while There I didn't tell anybody when I saw Them next since then I've listened to Recordings to try and identify the sound And the recent recording by the hunter Out of Canada is an exact match That's what impelled me to report it I was driving home from work in the Afternoon and completely preoccupied With my thoughts of my struggles when my Eyes caught something however my mind Was still not focused other than I was Waiting for movements of sorts it's Second nature to keep an eye out for Deer in this area when I finally noticed That I was looking at something unusual I saw a tall hairy animal walking up Into the woods on two feet from the road It had long blonde – light brown hair All over I never saw the face I kept my Eyes focused on the woods where it Walked into when I reached that spot I Was completely shocked at the size that The creature was it had to be at least Nine to ten feet tall the only thing I Can think of was Bigfoot quick note I Have never been a believer of Bigfoot Before but what I saw that day is Something I can't stop thinking about There were several cars in front of me – There could have been other witnesses One reason I noticed the Bigfoot was

Because the traffic was slowing down and His second nature in this area to be Aware of wildlife so I was looking for a Possible deer on the road when I noticed It it was around 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. with Good lighting and it was mostly sunny or Clear day the sunlight was not direct Enough to cast shadows though it was Perfect lighting for a photo shoot I was on the Little Miami bike trail Heading back tomorrow for more go jnana Mile marker 23.5 it was Sunday April 12th around 5 p.m. in the afternoon Since the co-ed restrictions were Enacted a week or two prior the trail Had become so crowded every day of the Week however a cold front came in and it Was a cool cloudy day and very few People on the trail maybe 20 riders Encountered from Argonia to Kingsmill Well maybe more but not bad I'm retired And ride this route nearly daily weather Permitting So after passing under the former Jeremiah Morrow Bridge high 71 over Little Miami River there's a long gentle Arc in the trail I haven't seen a soul Since I turned around at Wilmington Road I'm cruising it's nice and quiet when Suddenly I heard a loud knock so Distinct that I instantly said in my Head that was a knock it came from atop The hill to the east I pondered all the Conditions

Kids playing not coals remote and they Don't play in the woods anymore adult Messing maybe but how would they know I Was there natural very doubtful I'm Nearly 68 and never heard anything so Crisp clear like a Louisville Slugger Full-speed against a barkless solid ash Tree or so I imagined therefore that's What happened I look online to see if Any Bigfoot sightings had been reported In this area and found none I stored the Incident away until last weekend when I Was talking to my son he's 46 in May I Raised him near Morrow our school District includes the main ville area One of his good friends lived on a Hillside at a ninety degree curve on a Nearby road his friend and his older Brother 20 years ago he and his dad both Saw Bigfoot walking through the woods on The opposing side two different times The older brother said he never related This until he told me because of my Knock story he said he'll never forget It and because of his story I tell you My story thank you for reading