Overnight At The Dakota Sanitarium of Death (NIGHT ONE) *scary* | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 5, 2020
Overnight At The Dakota Sanitarium of Death (NIGHT ONE) *scary* | THE PARANORMAL FILES

There are some places in the world that Are simply terrifying the abandoned San Haven sanitarium and dun Sethe North Dakota nicknamed the Dakotas sanitarium Of death is one of those places not only Is this building reported to be the most Haunted place in all of North Dakota but It’s also known locally as an extremely Dangerous building the bricks and Building materials of this massive Sanitarium are crumbling most of the Interior support metals have been Removed along with the asbestos that Once filled the halls and the remote Location of the hospital only 10 minutes From the Canadian border means that There are all sorts of dangerous animals Lurking in the woods that surround San Haven something that my father and I Would learn firsthand on our second Night of investigating the San Haven Sanitarium was constructed in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota in 1912 and Was North Dakota’s only public Tuberculosis sanitarium the building saw Thousands of tuberculosis patients over The years and many of those who pass Through the door seeking treatment left In a coffin death from tuberculosis was Slow bloody and painful one can only Imagine how much suffering these Patients felt before they passed away in The rooms of the sanitarium in the 1950s As tuberculosis was becoming a thing of

The past a local mental institution Named the Grafton state school began to Send its mentally handicapped patients Over to San Haven to solve an Overcrowding issue and a few short years Later San Haven was converted from a Tuberculosis Hospital to a full-on Mental institution Thousands of mentally handicapped Patients were housed and treated in the Buildings on the San Haven campus and Many of their souls seemed to have never Left the property I’m telling you this Place is dangerous never before have I Felt like a place was simply too much And almost not worth the risk in this Instance we are putting our lives on the Line in the name of paranormal research And for this video but the dark things That happen to us during our two full Nights spent investigating San Haven Were worth it so sit back relax and it’s Time to get spooky Welcome to the paranormal files so we’re Driving to San Haven this is way out in The country Jesus Everybody here going everywhere hardware Store gas station food place they’re Like oh no I wouldn’t even the woman who Was on Ghost Adventures that were Interviewing just in a little bit she Won’t go in there or stay at night They’re like no way

Hey guys so it’s Jeff and I here sitting Upside sandy Aven sanitarium is freaky In there 100% we just walked around the Whole building It’s about 435 we just arrived at the San Haven sanitarium about an hour ago We’ve been setting some stuff up we Checked into our hotel but I’m sitting With Bernice and she has got some really Crazy stories and information to share With you guys online from you know a Long time ago when the sanitarium was Actually active and she worked here so Did you you know do back when the Sanitarium was operation I started Working here in 69 min and I worked with People we still had one that had Tuberculosis people on it but that I Think did maybe four or five years after We were all moved in after it started Filling up they moved out summer house Or I can remember this one guy he was Bedridden but he could talk was like a Little boy full-grown body One day we’re closing it down they moved Him out to a nursing home and to visit Him bed to cry take me home take me home Spell made me bright really beautiful up Here this was really a beautiful place We’d bring our people outside side right It’s so hard to see this place look like This really high let’s just kind of talk About the facility back when it was in Operation what did it kind of feel like

To work in the buildings well what was The overall vibe or energy just I didn’t Feel any think the only time I thought I Felt something was if I walked from the Tunnels but I went from this building to The next to the tunnel and I always used The tunnel went with somebody but I did Think thing with me other than that it Was felt anything anywhere else like by The time I come up here and I was I was In as a tuberculosis patient myself 61 there was only like two one floor Already then and they were really good To me that would that have been in the Shot Wow what do you think about the building Being rumored to be haunted could be Going down to morgue is is like like Maybe I could feel the presence like I Can basically feel a presence a lot of Times feel so peaceful right now mm-hmm You were telling us earlier that you Wouldn’t want to go in the building no I Think you’re too dangerous now too many People have been in there breaking Things up and you know what they broke Up Which crumbling courts did they loosened Friends darkness she passed away no when She was a client up here she was at in Here when she was really young She had TV she would cry for her mom Would come and visit her and her mom Would leave and she’d cry then she said

This one nurse would pop up and she Would say peekaboo did and she would Come in and play with me soon when she Was ready to go home she’s looking for Her nurse and nobody ever said nobody’s Ever worked here with that name Thought maybe it was like person or Maybe that would come over and comfort Her she said she would come all the time And come and play with her gonna be some Of the last people to film here and do You have any advice no just be very Careful when you guys go in there mm-hmm Very careful My mouth is really dry I’m super Dehydrated this whole time that Interview with Bernice was really hard To get through for me because I’m just Here no what do you mean by just I don’t Know I feel just like the energy in this Property has kind of just made me feel Like just out of it and that’s not Trying to over exaggerate anything you Know of all people I’m like the person That’s trying to really play everything Down but it’s like just really really Geared like wires you know this is gonna Be like [ __ ] like everyone has warned us It’s a dangerous location and I think we Can’t stress that enough on safety you Know but then I think just during your Interview with Bernice though you were You know you’re not quite yourself no

And you think it’s more of the property Yeah that’s a I slept well last night I’ve done Investigations before with no sleep I Don’t know it’s just come walk over here With me because I’ve been over here yet Maybe there was you know more suffering Than maybe people know well this brick Right here going over here yeah right There I’m framed here that is what just Crumbled a big chunk on your interview And that’s what just fell Jose You know if you have that big chunk of Brick fall on your head that’s not you Know that’s not a good thing Typically we’re gonna go prepare for the Investigation tonight we’re gonna go eat Dinner fly the drone around get our Shots but yeah I’m just feeling weird And it’s just um Yeah during that interview I couldn’t Even think of what to say yeah I know I Was like yeah go grab our stuff prepare Make sure it’s all charged and then Tonight’s the night we’re here at the San Haven sanitarium we’re gonna Investigate for paranormal activity and Then get freaky so I thought I heard talking goodbye san Haven there’s so much of the property we Haven’t even been on yet – we got two Nights so apparently they’re doing prom

Tonight we’re literally here for a done [Laughter] Seth listen guys guys a man be saved Telling you be safe if you don’t be safe I will make you be safe out of you safe If you want to be safe but you don’t Have to take be safe guys yeah Move up to San Haven and there’s a car Outside Yeah this is Scott Oh yes some I’m the car now to see anybody in any of The windows up there I’m trying to look For where they would be assuming that This person would have a flashlight I Think the best thing to do would just be To call out hello and just ask you they Are what they want if they’re just urban Exploring we just give them ten minutes And say we have this place under lock we Didn’t know who was inside of the Building it literally could have been Anyone as we sat waiting for them to Exit the building another car pulled up Behind us from the darkness filled with People we didn’t know I’m sure Paul Aren’t you asked him there drinking Something I think they’re just teenagers Getting down I try capture them on video

Again just in case with no way to Contact these people we sat in our car And observed the main building and look For any signs of movement we kept seeing Flash lights flickering inside the Building but the tensions were high as We had no idea who was inside or what They were up to at one point some of the Group decided to leave the building and Came walking out towards our car we all Watched from our vehicle and horror as One of the people in the group stumbled Out and fell to the ground in front of Us most likely due to being very drunk We were concerned for their health but Also a bit worried as to who would be in These buildings with us that night The last situation you want to be in While investigating a massive abandoned Building in the darkness is to have a Group of inebriated individuals entering And breaking things destroying property And getting violent this just added Another element of danger to our Investigation that night and showed us That we really needed to be careful While investigating spirits don’t scare Me People do Hey guys welcome to the paranormal files And welcome back if you are somebody who Watches the videos very frequently Tonight we have one of the most exciting Investigations ever in the history of

Our Channel and in addition one of the Most dangerous so right now we are in Dun Sethe North Dakota 10 minutes from The Canadian border and we are at the San Haven sanitarium now this is a Massive hospital complex built in the Early 1900s that once housed thousands Of tuberculosis patients and Unfortunately a lot of those people who Came into these buildings to be cured Left in a coffin we were given exclusive Access to investigate this place tonight But as you can tell from the footage That I’ve already put into the video it Has been a long process just getting Here earlier today I was covered intakes We were trying to find the people that We set this investigation up with and They were nowhere to be found and it’s Just been a long process even getting to This point where were able to Investigate but I mean in that interview Earlier you saw that the bricks of this Building are literally falling off day By day we caught it on camera happening And Jeff and I were walking around Earlier in the daylight and the Interiors of these buildings are in Extremely rough shape like I’m talking Really bad materials hanging from the Ceilings there used to be asbestos in The buildings and there are all sorts of Creepy crawly animals out here like Mountain lions and even bears so this is

A dangerous dangerous investigation Before we start this video I know Sometimes I start with warnings but I Really really want you guys to listen on This one do not come to this place alone And do not attempt to do what we’re About to do because you’re risking your Life we’re risking our lives for this But we’re extremely excited we’re is me And Jeff tonight and we’re joined by a Very special guest come hop on in This is Payton we actually met two years Ago three years ago oh my god When my family was eating at A co-op in st. Peter Minnesota and she Approached me and was talking about how She was a fan of the show she was Actually the first person to ever Recognize me in public from the Paranormal stuff which is dope and now Years later she’s to come on one of the Most dangerous investigations we’ve ever Done but she’s never done an official Ghost hunt so how are you feeling Nervous yeah exactly I think we’re all Just on edge for this but behind the Scenes over here everybody else has got A mask I’m gonna put mine on in a second Mister fed she’s got his mask on already Yep he’s killing it in the P files Murch Scott hearse Peyton’s got the black mask And I’ve got the surgical mask you got It so without further ado we actually Were planning on starting at the main

Hospital complex which is the big Building that has the underground Tunnels but fortunately there were People there that are inebriated very Very drunk we saw him stumbling around And potentially violence so that’s why We came to the edge of the complex and We’re gonna start on one of the Residence halls where patients for once Help and the whole time a good part of Inspection just this last little bit Did I even start I have no idea Firecrackers yeah that’s all we need so We were initially gonna start in the Main hospital complex but because like You’ve just heard there are drunk people In there lighting firecrackers stumbling Around that could potentially become Violent we have come now to a different Residence hall where people used to live During the tuberculosis times and during The time when this place was actually a Mental institution some of the some of The higher functioning patients actually Lived here so if you recognize zak Bagans once famously said he was feeling Like he was gonna be jumping from the Window or pushed remember which is which But people really don’t come here to Investigate search the internet for Videos this place there really are not Like many at all and even talking to the People that we interviewed today they Told us that no one really comes here

Like sets it up and comes and does a Ghost hunt so I’m really excited because This is kind of like a lost gold mine That we’ve just discovered even though We didn’t really discover it and just Watch the episode of Ghost Adventures And liked it a lot and now we’re here so Without further ado I’m gonna strap up Kind of brings back memories of the Early days of the paranormal files let’s Get spooky baby Yes yep let’s do it careful with these Trees and [ __ ] come try to go up the Stairs Wow [Applause] Oh here it is oh here it is Oh here it is bathtub There’s Ghost Adventures so when you Start this investigation with the Rem-pod session if you don’t know how a Rem-pod works basically it emits an e/m Field electromagnetic frequency field Around it and if something comes into That field and disturbs it it lights up One of these lights correlating to how Strong a disturbance was there’s also a Temperature fluctuation meter that will Alert if the temperature drops should we Get out of this area though I was gonna Put it come over there I’m really tired Open it up let’s just see if anything Has yeah yeah nice to go wait so yeah Come back here and don’t forget three

Floors man – mica white sure you ready There’s anybody here at the San Haven Sanitarium Can you stop that or come over towards Us if that’s you standing by the ledge Of the building that’s weird Thirty minutes for that to hit last Night everybody that’s here my name is Colin I’m with Payton Jeff and we would Like to extend ourselves out to you and Open ourselves as portals if you’re here That thing’s like a beacon for those People to get Mophie yes I shut it off Yeah you’re gonna have to really be Careful lawyer okay okay like this stuff Hangs from the ceiling Okay let’s start inhaling yeah I start This again over here to try and see if It gets more we’re inviting you to come Through and contact us if you hear my Voice come into this room love to hear What you have to say Now this just goes empty I feel no Whatsoever even just staring out there This just seems like one of those like Empty buildings so shrinko lights again Here okay okay hold on there just for Kids I did There’s anybody that is dead in here can You come say hello You really go homie what kind of like a Little homie yeah do you want to try Their upon a more tonal sefa

Did you jump to your death from up this Wasn’t trying to say do you jump to your Death from up here okay we’re gonna use The obvious now Over there again yeah okay be careful Can you tell me how many people are here Right now on this property That’s great Let’s back off the ledge but there’s Needs that’s that that’s the rim hitting Not the temperature it’s okay if you Want to come in and talk to us Can you light that up all the way green Do exactly what you’re doing Speak into this device that peyton has Area do you like this area can you say Something else and this device that Peyton has tell us your name what was Your favorite food [Laughter] Who’s over there me too this building Just seems kind of empty I think it’s Really that was weird in this room hit Though I’m the actual am not the Temperature Yes to God number two well the rumors About this place Included the fact that people did Satanic rituals in these buildings to Summon demons which is why I’m the ghost Adventures episode they’re freaking out When the rem-pod said burn Jesus you Know it’s true so it’s interesting that

Uh it said to God you know Do you like God Or even even like me and demon brothers Do not believe in you but if you are a Demon he come through can you touch that Red little ball if you want me to leave The guy the bandana I talked to said That building over to hurry again mm-hmm Is like we’re a really dark forces that Yeah I agree I think we should wrap okay Thank you guys to anybody who’s in this Building if there’s anything you’d like To say or do feel free to do it right Now before we go because we’re not Afraid I hope you aren’t afraid of us That’s why yeah that’s why I said to Them earlier I think I could like lay Down in here now see right on the broken Glass okay okay thank you guys So rap okay so we’re gonna head now to a Different building we’re gonna see if we Can get access to the building that the Guy that was talking to Jeff right Before we began filming tonight said is Filled with a dark energy that he said It’s very present all the time that’s The stuff that I’m interested in and It’s Peyton’s first ghost hunt so we Need to try to bring her to the deeds Yes the thieves spookiness so we’re Gonna hike there now and after that head To the main building Once the drunkies are out if they ever Leave actually kidding me the moment

That we come out oh yeah it is [Applause] No we read out I we actually have worked With an earlier than Ghost Adventures Dreamer nice today Yeah we’ve been trying to get over there Thank you sorry shoot yeah me too [Laughter] We talked to the policeman who kicked Everybody out who was in here before the Drunkies and we’re now at the main Building here at San Haven and we’re Gonna enter now and investigate the bulk Of the property tomorrow night we’re Gonna focus on the body tunnels Underneath this entire hospital and the Dark energy building across the street Amongst others death we were in here Earlier how are you feeling Phone good I don’t feel like you got the Sls sauce brandon a sauce I feel like I’m in that Indiana Jones so episode in Disney World talking to you like this All scripted anyway huh Indiana Jones Episode Indiana Jones yeah that’s like okay Jeff What do you think like they do it like Five times a day okay it’s not scripted How are you feeling I’m feeling pretty Calm I haven’t been inside this building Well Yeah let’s not move once you go lights Out so that there’s no there’s anybody

Here in the San Haven sanitarium can you Please let us know where you are in the Building by making some sort of a noise This is the stairs level one here we go Are you standing around So I’m chose to set the rem-pod By the elevator over there we’re gonna Start our first experiment just got the Kinect running yeah Don’t a swab with me for a sec anybody Here in the San Haven sanitarium maybe If you lived and done set where you died Here in these buildings can you come out And give us a sign that you here with us It’s really such a kind of like to me It’s just such a hollow feeling I agree You know I mean like I don’t feel like Dangerous or you know really does like How you get that real anxiety we had Last night last night was crazy yes it Was it was like just weird Juice we had this thing on for like 20 Seconds and it really went there any Boys love and map out a raccoon yeah any Deer that would like to chat squirrels Too you don’t discriminate you’re out There Nope how the trip chickens hitting me Weird yeah well what do we think next Floor Yeah if you want to kind of retrace our Steps today oh [ __ ] are you horny whose Daddy William why William are you here

What do you want us to describe to you Here we go what a question is there Somebody behind me that came up behind Me did you mean a ghost is there anybody In here in the San Aden sanitarium Kevin Bacon’s here you hungry for breakfast What side are we on this is the Cafeteria oh yeah you’re right thank you Here I think what you should do Oh [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Ever heard you scream what realistically Well I feel awake Jeff give us a Postgame report from the Burrell that Was creepy that was a creepy ass bird There’s two are there two or 30s – I Think there is three of them Dive-bombing They were really coming right at us As we exited the building that night I Couldn’t help but think that there’s Something more to the equation and that We needed to return for a second night Of investigating and we did part 2 of This video series will be posted on Tuesday and I’m telling you it contains One of the scariest moments that I’ve Ever experienced while filming both Jeff And I thought your point to die for a

Half of a second Yeah just be on the lookout for that Because the nights only got more intense We captured even more activity and like I said it’s truly one of the freakiest Episodes we’ve ever produced thanks for Watching and I’ll see you on Tuesday Hello