Aliens will not leave me alone (Interview with Dollie Indigostar)

By | July 3, 2020
Aliens will not leave me alone (Interview with Dollie Indigostar)

They have revealed themselves to me I Have had interactions with them and I Have actually works with one your Evening folks and welcome to a Lena day We have none other than dolly from Mars Moon and space TV how are you on this Fine luxurious evening dolly I’m really Well alien antics thank you for the Invite no no no thank you for coming on I mean first before I mean I know who You I know who you and Thomas are Because I’ve been subscribed to the Channel probably before I had alien a Date and then I know it’s a Mars Originally a mass Channel but it seems To be going a little bit further now if You could just give everybody an Introduction yeah well we have we have Had Mars moon space TV for a few years Now since about 2011 five years is that Right five years and we have progressed Further and further we joined you for my Husband Thomas started up you for a United Family of anomaly on hunters with Billy Carson and a group of others there And they they built up the anomaly Hunting community in sparked all the Interest in the Mars photographs that Were going around and really progressed In their research from there we got Involved with and very good friends with Billy Carson and I’ve done a lot of work For him with Anunnaki history and a Little bit of what was a manifestation

Of thought from a collective group of us Wanting to build a platform alongside Billy we’ve managed to build a new Conscious TV platform to share with the Community a little bit like kind of a YouTube platform it’s a well if this One’s a little bit like a Netflix Platform where you have all kinds of Categories on there that you can go in There and choose from workshops to Ancient history to cook in to music it’s Just like a similar Netflix basically Movies all kinds of things on there and Talk shows but we do have also a Separate thing that’s called 4bk tube That is also run alongside that and that Is a little bit like a little bit Similar to youtube you can upload and Upload your channel and share your Material with the forbidden knowledge Community about subjects there are a lot Of the normal man that people are Talking about within the communities Such as UFOs and the Anunnaki and Ancient technology and forbidden history And all these things that now we are Thirsty for so basically a channel to Binge This stuff that’s not normal yeah it’s Just absorb the forbidden knowledge yeah Absorb as much as you can and this world Has gone kaboom Recently with everybody wanting to find Out their origins there’s something is

Awoken in everyone that they just know Something is not right here something That they have been told about their Ancient history human history it’s not Right it’s not sitting right with the Globe the people of the globe they know There’s something wrong If you can after after the show send me These links I will leave them in the Description so that my subscribers can Check you out with this new platform as Well so what got you are you into this Subject myself personally was what some Would call an experiencer UFO phenomena Contactee experience all my life I’ve Had interactions with what some would Call extraterrestrial beings and UFOs Craft and strange interactions and Coincidence and meetings when you say All your life do you mean from your Earliest memories yeah from my very Earliest memories yes see I’ve always Found stuff like I mean we briefly spoke About this and I have I’ve done a little Bit of research on you dolly and I’ve Seen you you’ve been a few interviews Speaking about about your past and What’s gone off I know some of it you Don’t like to speak about each other I Understand that completely but can you Tell us anything about these like early Memories what kind of is saying to you That this is well tell the guys kind of What because there might be somebody

Else that has these exact experiences This in my comments that just wants to Kind of relate with somebody else like Yourself mmm well when I was a child I I Just thought it was strange dreams and Tried to forget about them let’s say Always remembered them but tried to Forget about them some experience is Physically I would go missing My parents would be frantically Searching for me And I lived on a ninth floor block of a Flats and I would be nowhere in the Block of flats my mother would be Frantic and then I would appear an hour Later in a random cupboard or somewhere Fast asleep tucked up unaware I don’t Remember these things it’s what I’ve Been told I do remember gazing out of The windows and looking down and being Up so high and thinking it is so high But didn’t really remember too much About that experience until I was Regressed about five years ago I had an Interest in regression which was turned Out to be a very interesting et gray Interaction and I guess that might have Been one of my first that I remembered But subliminally masked over and forgot So you remembered the something that Happened yes as a child yes and seen Well the the greys yes and in the Regression it was actually a dragon that Had flew through my window and tried to

Scare me and I wasn’t scared of it and Kind of stood up to it I was only two Three and because I did that it revealed Itself to me and it was a tiny weeny Little gray being and then I ended up Going off with it pardon how big I’ve Always wondered how big that well I I am Really tiny so I’m four four eleven now When I was three I’m guessing I was Really really tiny so it wasn’t much Bigger than me it wasn’t much smaller Okay it it was wasn’t much Oh bigger than you okay yes it wasn’t Bigger and then another memory round About the same time period not much long After I’d been about four I have vivid Memories of leaving my home with two Beings one each side and they had gray Cloaks on and they wasn’t much bigger Than me at the time either and I was About four years old They weren’t greys I only saw cloaks I Didn’t see beings that time it was just The cloaks I remember it’s like little Gray cloaks and they took me through a Doorway so you always go through Doorways is how long has this been going On for is he still going on Yes it’s still going on sometimes I can Be woken in night at certain times I do Know when I’m gonna have an interaction Sometimes I can have physical Interactions I’ve had a couple of Interesting ones that I’ve shared with

My husband I’ve had many that I share with people That come and stay people that live with Me my mother there’s never been anybody That hasn’t stayed with me that hasn’t Had an interaction as Thomas have a like Woken up and you’d be missing and flat Asleep downstairs or just like I’m not Sure how I ever were have you ever woken Up and I’ve been gone but we have had a Couple of interest in interactions when We first met we did have a rather rather Interesting interaction that we’ve never Told anybody okay so that’s something That you want to keep hush-hush no we Can share We were filming somewhere a lovely Location in Denmark Denmark called Trelleborg and we went to stay in a Hotel and we weren’t together at the Time and recept in separate beds He slept you slept in your single I Slept in my single single and we were in A hotel room and that evening we went Out onto the car park with a Night-vision camera and we did actually See some interesting balls of light and Glowing things and shooting things and Some satellites because I’ve kind of Able to tell which is which now in Arabic yeah so there was some strange Things going on and we were going to Like wow really cool you know glad to Have seen something together kind of

Thing and then that evening we went to Bed as normal went sleep and I remember Waking up at I think it was 2:15 a.m. I Kept seeing on the clock and the doorway Was glowing and the room didn’t seem Like the room that we were in and I was Kind of stuck I was trying to scream I Was trying to call Thomas to say there’s Something going on and I couldn’t move My head and then I just managed to move My head and I looked at him and he just Bolted upright looked directly at me Awake and I can’t remember anything After that we woke up next morning and Just said do you remember last night and It was kind of like what do you be then Then no there was a strange interaction And yeah that was pretty weird I mean I Can remember anybody well I was I some a Dream when I was a child And I was your interview by the way but Yeah I hate where I couldn’t move yeah Everything was in slow motion you know I Bet sleep was sleep paralysis our web And have you ever had somebody say to You well that’s just sleep paralysis yes But lucky for me because of the Community that I’m in and because of the Experiences that I’ve had this is what Prompted me out there to search for Others and because I did that I’ve got To talk to some pretty credible people All over the world and one lady in Particular I can name her Suze Hanson a

Great lady in New Zealand who is an Experienced herself has wrote amazing But essentially does talks all over the World about the ETS and grays and their Interactions and funnily enough at the Time I was meeting up with her within Days of that interaction and she Confirmed a lot of my experiences that I Was having and I managed to meet up with A lot of other experiences who shared Their experiences in a comfortable safe Setting where we were finally believed And it became easier to talk about and You know now I’m at the stage where I Don’t have to prove my rinses anymore it So you spoke about this in big groups of People that have the exact same access Yes yes with with many kinds of beings From Gray’s to mantas I’ve never met Mantas I’ve met greys reptilians Pleiadians I’ve met some beings that I Like to call the plasma Because they’re just see-through they’re Not ghosts you say you’ve met you’ve met These beings like is this is this when You’re kind of is it always at night no No I’ve met some in the daytime I’ve met Some that have come to meet me I’ve had Interactions where they have appeared Because they only have a small time Fraction to appear in they get given Kind of a slot going to think they have A certain allocated time slot that they Can use kind of thing you said

Reptilians I mean yes I always hear About yes reptilians I mean people Accuse the queen of being a reptile but But is when you see when you’ve met These reptilians is that like you’ve Kind of had an inkling that there’s Something not right about this person or They’ve revealed themselves to you they Have revealed themselves to me I have Had interactions with them and I have Actually works with one worked for one I’ve worked well for quite a few Reptiles let me tell you that but but They make themselves know that they yes What could you see like they have scales Are actually they they did leave a Shedding of skin it sounds phenomenal I Can’t tell you what job I did but it was You know not the Box superhero agent job It was a normal every day to day job and One day I did question why there was so Much skin and it was just that they had A skin problem but it was quite obvious Um well no they didn’t appear to have Psoriasis at all their skin was very Very Their eyes water a lot as well because Of the light daylight a lot of them wear Shades and glasses and make out the Reptile the reptilians I’ve seen lots of People talk about these I mean I don’t Know how much I’m into it or not but They seem to be scared of them like to Say that they’re not nice well it’s the

Great old story isn’t it you fear the Unknown unknown it’s like the human race If we were aliens coming from another Planet and didn’t know about humanity we Would be feared in some way because they Don’t know us completely I’m not Sticking up for reptilians by any you Know means at all but what I will say is There is good and bad within everything And the most interactions that I’ve had Most have been positive and there have Been some that have not been positive so But I have met some that have made their Selves known and they have been kind and Helpful a view of Asura selfie that’s What I’d do I said I like a bit he’s out He’s not like a rule that you know I Don’t know I wouldn’t ask for a selfie No this time so so you’ve known Thomas Now for why married to Thomas now yeah I Knew Thomas before before before you Yeah what brought you to Thomas his chat Channel just because he’s really into Well especially back in the day was all Mars is you know something about Mars That we don’t It’s always been my interest the planets Have always been my interest and as a Researcher and researche in the I wanted To research aliens and UFOs and and just Went a little bit into what everybody Else had Goes into ancient civilizations that’s Where we all start and the conspiracies

And within everyone they talk about an Ancient civilization that lived perhaps On Mars and I started searching myself And and reading little bits in books and The Anunnaki things that I found out and Was just really interested in if there Was a civilization or had been something Going on on Mars and I am pretty sure That there was so are any of these Beings that you see did any of them Originate from different from Martha oh I did this is the thing when I have These interactions I’m not like hi how Are you where are you from it says There’s nothing like that because Sometimes these interactions can happen So quickly before you’re realizing What’s going on it happens to me every Time I’m kind of low I do it every time it doesn’t matter What experience I have I’m still Gobsmacked Jeannette everyone I Questioned everyone everyone well you Need to definitely I mean you know I I Think and I’ve said this to a lot of People that supposed to recently when I’ve interviewed somebody it’s had Something happens and there’s totally Out then arm you know there’s people That question absolutely everything but If you question everything you don’t you May as well just say there’s no such Thing as aliens you know you know mmm Yeah you must find it frustrating

Telling you story I used to I used to Because you know now I’m just like oh Whatever because I just don’t know What’s gonna happen from day to day and I know Thomas is here giggling beside me Because it is true The bazzara situations how much you Believe yeah of course he’s witnessed it So yeah but I think the most important Part for me now out of all these Experiences is what I can absorb and What I can bring to understanding a Little bit more well that’s what I want Out you you you you telling us about the Aliens the do you say not Syrians are They in there yeah yeah the grace so These all exist they all exist they all Accents create is telling the truth Sorry Greer Steven gray he’s telling the truth He said he said he says there’s nothing For us to worry about there is nothing For us to worry about why worry why Worry I don’t like that that many alien Species have an interest in in the place That I’m living you know they do what is The interest the interest is issue I’ve Always said that I am I’ve always Thought I’m God and I’ve made everybody Else up he’s just here for my Entertainment no seriously the interest Is us because I I am aware that we are Our part star seed we are we are hybrids We are a hybrid part of the star

Colonies and from my understanding in my Research and we can establish the space Program though Zoe this the secret space Program now we talk about that and People think it’s a new thing it’s not It’s old so yes the Space program this secret space program Is world we are talking ancient from the Beginning part of a secret space privacy I hear people talk about the secret Space program is that what’s-his-name Good Cory good oh yeah yeah I don’t know Yeah do you trust that mom I like some of the things that he says But I think Trust is a big word here in The this this Vale Trust is a big word Isn’t it because I’ve always thought you Know when somebody’s telling this story You know that the next thing is the Saying just give me credit card details You know and there’s that I mean David Wilcock he’s really like the old mr. Goode and he he promoted the hell out of Him yeah he’s doing you know they’re Both done well with it they did but it All kind of went it all kind of went Where’s where’s it gone it seems to have Fluttered out the window with the Chickens yeah I’ve lived in David Wilcock house for a day I think yeah I Probably live there for an hour so so There is there’s definitely some some Sense of the secret space program the Way there’s people to be in the waters

Yes there is such a huge complex Scenario when it comes down to their Secret space program and and these guys I would say everybody is part of the Secret space program Nobody is special here no no one’s left Dad that’s the thing Nobody’s left out every every human Being on the planet is part of secret Space program So the frustrating thing for me with This and it always has been when people Start talking about a secret space Program it’s Elon Muslim must you must Know about this you know must Elon must He must but I’m waiting to meet him Because we have worked to yeah he knows Who I am anyway what are you on dose oh He does he’s a fan he’s a fan of our Thing but well yeah don’t tell anybody Everybody’s they’ll all want to come Yeah but I’m a I’m a great fan of all The space stuff whether it be be SpaceX Whether it be NASA look we knowing what You know you say you’re a great big fan Of them but knowing what what you know They’re lying through their teeth to us Are they not they are but they can only Deliver what we’re allowed to be given Put it this way how can I put it if we If we knew the whole shebang of what was Going on the whole lot wouldn’t work It wouldn’t evolve how its evolving now It just wouldn’t go that way it has to

Be done gently and in sequence because If we get it all in one we’re gonna go Our brains are gonna fry with the Information so disclosure has been Happening now very very slowly drip fed Since way before the 2012 calendar we’re Going way way way way back right from The 70s 50s 60s We’ve had stuff slowly drip feds to us For this specific point where we are now With technology with knowledge with Humanity itself on whole without Discussing the global crises that have Happened recently It just takes one one collective thing To make things stop and question Everything so you see you have the Dreams you’ve seen them in person and You just you talk about disclosure I Mean recently we see in these you know The TTS a to the Styles Academy the Three pieces of footage of the unit Those have you ever seen have you ever Have you ever been inside one in my Experiences yes to what I’ve experienced Which is what I went through with Suzy Hanson which was the lady I talked about Earlier I had some experiences where I Was educated to fly a light craft what We call light craft and part of the Education of when you are first Interacting with grades is you go Through a sequence of schooling Interactions you could say of your

Abilities and what you can do and what You can’t do and what you are able to Progress in further and one of those was A light craft I was shown how we can use Our own bodies our own they call it the Merkabah it’s talked about a lot in the Ancient texts we can turn our bodies Into a geometric like portal that we can Activate and travel anywhere any of us Can do this yes Some call it astral projection so yeah Yeah and it’s activating our light Bodies and this is exactly how we Activate liked craft and it can grow big And it can grow small and I’ve said this Before that a lot of the ships that People are seeing out there these balls Of light that blow Grow and traveling threes and to some of Them are just us can you do this you Know Yes so if I grab something could you Guess what I want oh oh I don’t know I Could have a go that’s telepathy That’s telepathy that’s not Teleportation oh I’m I’m no good at that And no good at teleportation see you Can’t like project yourself to to see What I’m holding as well I can Remote View that’s called Remote View yeah I Can remote view could you do now I mean If you can guess this at that I would I’m sold well have you picked something Up right now you’ve got it in your hand

Right now It’s a vape it was next to the vape it’s Nice you’re very close it was right next To the vape okay you have to show me now I saw the way what is it it’s a dog I’ll Okay no it’s a bottle opener dope So you give you points for that because It was literally right next to my vape But I can remote when I want to know Yeah So there’s definitely something to this Remote viewing them do yeah I’ve I mean I know they were doing this back in the It was a military thing wasn’t it yeah Yeah in the in the my labs in the MKULTRA way back you know they they had Projects and hospitals and not just in America they had them all over the world And yeah they like to test people I Remember being tested from a young age In school and Multiple IQ tests and multiple times so People knew about what was going on yeah Yeah yeah yeah their governmental Programs and I was placed into a Governmental program when I was 17 and Lived in house with seven other Individuals where we were monitored and Yeah that must have been strange Difficult it was strange and it was Difficult but I didn’t kind of realize What was going on at the time well you Wouldn’t know what we saw easy only way No I was just offered a job placement

And the placement I was offered it was Through a governmental program and I was Apparently chosen this is me left school Yeah directly after I left school I was Chosen apparently for a governmental Program and part of that program can’t Remember much of it but I had to just Appear every day and right throat who Did somebody approached the school and Say this it wasn’t through school it was Through the local governmental programs How does that work someone come to the House and say we’ve been chosen for this I mean I’m cured I was just chosen for It it was through like yeah you know When you apply for schemes and things Like YT s schemes and when you leave School and through the job centers and Things like that it’s like four things Before and then they come out I just Come out of school like seventeen and Unemployed and you know you you’re there And you’re offered a scheme so I took The scheme I was offered a place in a Scheme in a governmental scheme and this Place was to live in a house with seven Others And job the job was in a room with lots Of other people and then it was just a Secretarial position and we would just All type we were just all right about Nothing in particular so you had given Certain things to right just certain Things to write up and you just type

Them up and can you remember anything That you’d have to typos some things but It was never like there was never Anything that you thought why are we Typing this sometimes Cher I have yeah Worked in positions like that I’ve Worked in a lot of interest in positions Where I’ve wondered why I’m doing what I’m doing so when did you realize that Thing about that wasn’t right although Out I was working see in this government Environment and something’s not quite Right they knew something about me I Didn’t I just continue to live in the House just continue to work and then I Met my partner who I was with at the Time and then left the work place and Continued to live life and and have Children but life didn’t stop there GC Worked forced into that job no I wasn’t Forced into it it was just I was offered Mmm placement and I was offered a Convenient place to live with it where I Could live with other individuals that Were like myself where we could share And a key worker would come in and they Would just monitor the house and come And go and then funnily enough when I Left the house the whole thing was shut Down and it was never opened again it Was only there for us seven people so When you left Everybody left Arthur just shut the Place that when you left everybody left

But a few of the individuals were Interesting characters interesting Characters and strange crazy things Happen to them after so so what happened In this this place I know it was work But obviously well the base by the Sounds of it you were all kind of gifted Or you have that yeah we all had gifted We were all definitely there other than Typing no a lot of parties and you know The norm is what a load of 17 to 22 year Olds would do like s you know kind of Alien anything alien happened to you Then can’t remember can’t remember Everything is just a fog but with that Person who I was where I ended up Staying with that person for a very long Time and shared many alien interactions With that person well who was aware of His interactions as well yeah how many People are aware you know that they have The same sort that you know of in in These groups and I don’t expected to Give any names or anything like that but How many people are having these same The same sort of situation that you are Having this meeting raises many many Many many and it’s always from from Being a child yes yes a lot of them will Kind of not remember much of their Childhoods or they’ve some of them have Had traumatic childhoods or interesting Childhoods or something of significance But some of them completely

Them just completely forget and just Think oh I don’t think I did when I was A kid but my mom told me I did but I Forgot because they’ll forget because You know you forget we become layered You see with programs as we get older so It’s less likely for an adult that’s Never seen anything in his past to kind Of meet up with anything oh yeah I’ve Been with I’ve been with people a group Of people that have all clearly seen What they feel is something of a UFO Phenomena and someone else has been Standing there and saying I just don’t See it and there’s been a group of People there saying but it’s right there In front of you and they’re just I don’t See it because some people just don’t See because I think it’s something to do With the programed layers that will Receive from a child because when we Come into this world we’re totally brand New fresh it’s only when we start Learning the programs basically Introduced by our parents because of What they have been taught yeah yeah I Know I get I totally get children it’s Harder to get through the layers well I Mean they do say that you know children Are very susceptible to seeing ghosts Somewhere of you so who knows ghosts Maybe aliens no in terms of the the Future I mean do you do you kind of get An inkling yeah I mean you said Donnie

Said before they used to get inked and When something was gonna happen do you Kind of know way in advance or is it Just like you think something’s going to Happen It’s scary sometimes it can be sometimes I’m a little bit apprehensive of or Agitated that I can feel that something Is going to happen like if something big Kicks off in the world I got I kind of Get a little bit oh that’s it then I Know I’m gonna be going somewhere kind Of thing right I kind know that’s a calling yes and When they tell you things that is it is It in words or is it false or yeah Telepathy words thoughts symbols I’ve Had tutors and mentors sorry this is Really interesting for me because I’m Curious I mean if someone is I spoke to A guy last year called Ronnie das and He’d had an experience in his house and He’d seen what looked like old people With spiked with spikes basically in his House and he in his very it was a very Believable story they told me he also Has a friend that has something very Similar to the the Betts fear but I’ve Never spoke to him but it’s actually Spoken to an extraterrestrial you know I Up close and personal I mean the the Wonder for me is you know it’s not just What they look like do they wear clothes What the clothes look like what do they

Smell like what do they talk like do They talk with an accent Aah-ha-aah they can now this is the Thing when you have an interaction with Them they’re kind of like very very Clever they know what your fears are and They know what you like so if it was a Nice Interaction they would appear to you as Something that you can resonate with That would make it more easier and more Comfortable for you to experience is This all of them or is this one species Some of them only some of them some of Them can come in their true form like Grace they grace just come in their true Form they can mask greys are really good Screening rooms they they have like a Screen room in technology and they like To appear as good and bad beings to try And get you to go with them to comply to Make it more easier for you to work we Can give you like your real elucidation Czar holograms or what have you they can Do they can do but it’s it’s mainly I Found out it was to work with me that When I first met the greys I was so Fearful so so fearful I did what any Other human being would do and that is Resist and I was absolutely no terrified Absolutely terrified but the more they Kept coming I kind of had to question This why were they come in why do they Keep coming to me so this time I’m not

Gonna resist I’m gonna say okay what do You want how can we interact since that I’ve been able to interact and to me They’re not fearful I don’t fear them Anymore and you know what they want just Information just information and just to Work with us and they help train and They help guide and they help in your Training Your education and they help put you Into other places where you need to go And need to progress and it might be That you might end up working with Another star race that you possibly Belong to or or are part of in your DNA Ancestral it’s whatever you have chosen Your pathway to go yeah yeah so I kind Of chose mine all along and now I’m Doing other stuff so which is not with The greys anymore oh you left them Behind Well I have not left them behind but I’m Not working with them so much my Interactions and what I needed to learn With them and learn from them has come To a closure for now but they’re still There see honestly I just like for me This is this is this is like it’s Overwhelming you know the information But interesting hmm so what species do You work we know them I have worked Recently with the Nordics the tall Whites I worked with those yeah yes they Do they do they do look like us

Do you know third phase of Moon yes they Look like Nordic blondes description Some of them are really really tall some Of them are not right okay I thought it Was all tall yeah and did they do they Wear normal clothes are from what I’ve Seen I’ve only ever seen them in wisps Of white right that’s why they called it Or why it’s I think the real story of Travis Walton he when he will he saw I Think he saw a graze they saw Nordic Blondes in the end took him home Lunge yeah they’re very very gentle very Very sentient beings they’re very Grounded and carry a very graceful Presence there them they’re very Graceful they’re not abrupt when the Reptilians are abrupt I can imagine yeah Yeah And messy thank you They’re horrible some of that well I Said earlier they’re they’re not but When they’re horrible they’re horrible You know nice when I said they ate People I see I then who knows I I hope They don’t the most that I’ve met a Vegetarian I really hope they don’t I Think Thomas is wanting to add something Thomas or stay out of that but the Plasma beings those are interesting Beings those are from the Inner Earth The plasma beings inside all right in Our earth yeah is that the whole that People talk about in Antarctica is that

Mmm there’s lots of them all over the World there’s not just one hole in Antarctica that’s the thing There are entrances all over the world And portals and holes it’s just that we Don’t see them and don’t know that They’re there there are very very deep Caverns and caves I’ll just say Europe way that have Entrances and then they connect and you Know some of these ancient civilizations Have been talked about they’ve been Drawn on in petroglyphs in the caves You know Mantid beings and other beings With illuminated glows and crafts and They were talked of about in their wars Off when they hid underground so so These you said they are plasma beings Like light one they live in Arras one I’ve known of them yeah yeah that was my Interaction with these beings that I’d Met it was me it was myself that just Called them oh they look like plasma Plasma beings but I’d heard a couple of Other people reference these plasma Beings and I’m thinking this must be These plasma beings is the only way I Can describe them very beautiful but They almost look like a person but kind Of like water with an aura but they Physically flow and I just had the most Beautiful feeling and interaction with Them and I wasn’t afraid and it was Quite a long interaction and it was

Interesting So we’ve got blight overwhelmed with the Amount of species but how do you manage That you know in your head you know how Does it not do you not think I’ll on Promise you I’m not being Rudy about how Do you not think to yourself am I going Crazy oh yeah this happening do you not I mean Do ya have you ever asked yourself that Question things like I said will happen Where I’m with people or there’s no Doubt there’s no question there’s just No question of what you’re seen or Experienced in and it’s like you know That’s a confirmation that that’s not of This world because normally when I meet People that are telling me a story like This they’re trying to sell me something You know me I’m selling you nothing yeah I don’t even want you to believe me I Yeah Listen honestly I’m my my eat my ears And eyes are open these days I’m I’m Becoming more and more what’s the word Oh wait yeah yeah but but you know I Definitely think there is these Creatures I’ve just never seen look I’ve Seen stuff I’ve never kind of like it’s Always been in dreams and they slightly Over but I’ve never had that kind of Experience that’s something so close to Me yes many says many year on earth I’m Sure you have interacted without you

Even knowing many they walk among us so What do they want the same as everybody Else what do you want to do here on this Planet what do you want to do what are The many be nice just to get the kids Out of the house now and again but but Your overall thing is you want to live You want to be happy you want to thrive Yeah but do they know you want your Planet to survive don’t you you want Earth to survive so you can live on it For your children So they want earth to survive they won’t Well I have always said that we’re Destroying the planet Yeah in in that huge ball we’ve got Venus and we’ve got Mars we’ve got a Male and we’ve got a female and in the Middle we’ve got this beautiful bright Blue shiny little ball in the middle of A – male and female planets and we’ve Got this beautiful thriving seeded Beautiful shiny alive thriving species In the cosmos who won who wouldn’t want To come here why wouldn’t a Lian’s want To come here and see us yeah I mean we Mentioned briefly while we were speaking Before the actual interview I did a Interview on your husband’s channel when He’s well you’re both your channel now Yeah Mars moon is base TV yeah it’s Fantastic documentary that he made the Baltic Sea anomaly I think there’s two parts to it a

Freelance there is this to be honest I’m In one of them I’ll leave the link in The description for that as well and it Was a funny story because I had no idea It was on the Baltic Sea anomaly and I Came unexpected cuz I my channel on it First died was all about Mars so I am Coming on to speaking with Thomas and Then he just goes and asked me what my Thoughts that the Baltic Sea Sea anomaly And I’d only seen a little bit about it So I spoke about it but I know you guys Have done loads of research on this Baltic Sea anomaly I’m interested to Know how that’s coming on I’m sure well can you tell us what it is As well for it I know where it is but The some of the viewers won’t know what This is the Baltic Sea is a it’s a Phenomenal shape in the Baltic Sea that They found that some some divers A diving team the ocean ax diving team They were they they were looking for Other artifacts like boat stuff and Bottles and stuff like that just old Stuff on the sea and they came across This shape this this huge formation in The sea and they took a dive down with a Team and it cost them a huge amount of Money and they had all sorts of things Going on like electrical failures and All sorts and went down and managed to Take some footage of this huge shape That is in the Baltic Sea and from that

These guys put out a documentary and it Went kaboom and a lot of people straight Away on seeing the shape said that it Resembled something out of this world It it looked possibly like a UFO a lot Of people mention the Millennium Falcon It does look like yeah and we Interesting it looks amazing and it Sparked a global interest so these guys Went down there and did amazing research And the world has been forever Interested to find out more about what It is and because it’s such a huge Expedition and cost so much and getting The whole team together these guys Weren’t able to get back out there until They’d got everything quite in place but I can update that they did go back out There last year and say they do have an Update coming pretty soon I think Exclusive for the world and it should be An interesting one is that it’s not Gonna be your exclusive Mmm it will be their exclusive but I’m Guessing we will get to cover it because We love the guys yeah I know you yeah I Love us sure we’ll get to it was a gray Document you have to say they’re very Well edited did Thomas did you edit that He did too much you did a tremendous job My friend yeah I’m really interested to See what happens with that there’s a lot Of speculation globally yeah I mean People are just saying it’s a fancy Rock

But whether indeed it has it definitely Looks you know like something man-made Whether he I’m not saying it’s a craft But it looks like and I think I did say It when I went Thomas interviewed me I Said I use it was like a an alien craft That’s crashed there but I think over Time I’ve kind of matured and it looks Like it could be maybe something very Interesting Ancient rice Wow I suppose that I can Say because it’s everybody’s carbon Dollar age I suppose but it’s not a Rock-cut I’ll do for me it’s not a rock That’s all I can say okay when do you Know is he gonna be next year do you Think well I’m not sure I think the guys Are onto it and they’re just about to do Something with it so I know they’re onto Something with some things so it’s not Gonna be long and they will they’ll Bring it out yeah how many how much the Cost to get out there and get that died The fuel alone was something like $20,000 for the fuel that was just the Fuel for the boat that’s let alone the Guys the equipment their time who knows They don’t let us know that was kinda Secrets they just want to get it now and Get the job done and and I look forward To seeing close seeing that so because I Generally keep the interviews round About an hour or so yeah so tell us a Little bit more about this this platform

That you and Thomas and Billy have kind Of come up with and where we can where People can find out put the link below You know and what was there was the main Goal here the main goal is to unite Everybody out there that’s got great Work and and doing great research and Great interviews and let’s get them out There and all this disclosure that People are talking about from ancient Technology to experiences to new Discoveries let’s get it out there let’s Get it on a platform that we can access A forbidden knowledge platform and That’s what we’ve created we’ve managed To create a conscious TV platform to be Able to deliver you guys and the Forbidden knowledge that everybody needs And you can find us that forbidden Knowledge dot TV well cool well I will Put the links below for and I’m Definitely going to check you out the I Think times are changing rapidly for you To I mean with Joe Rogan jumping ship to Spotify yeah I think that there Definitely needs to be a big change the YouTube doesn’t change how it’s how it Is with creators like myself Thomas you You know that want to speak about this Subject You know I joined YouTube originally Because I believed that you were allowed To speak your mind you know I think I think they need to let people

Speak their mind my you know mmm so a Platform where you can fully speak your Mind a platform where yeah where you can Fully share and show you work districts What surface I know of you we accept Everyone we accept everyone but you have To you know come home when when people Say in the earth of flat and then people Say in this Hollow Earth everybody’s Entitled to an opinion there it they This is it we can’t not speculate so I Ain’t reaiiy interviewed a very Interesting chap he’s a lovely chap Called double-oh-seven Yeah da boo yeah yeah he so he’s not Actually no he told me off ah because I Put in the title of the video put Interview with flyover and straightaway He came at me when I can’t believe you Done the ollie you know and not a flyer For he’s a globe denier a globe like he Doesn’t say it’s flat he thinks he’s Bigger than the making out see I came up With a little think about that the flat Thing see when you look at the whole Galaxy from a distance because I’ve been In craft it actually does look flat the Whole galaxy it’s cuz it spins and it’s It’s it’s kind of flat from a distance So prospectively looking on when you’re Looking at it everything in its flat I’m Sorry I’m about to end the interview but I know you’ve been up in the craft but It’s not flat itself the disks that

We’re spending in the gas everything so You can remember going up and looking at All this oh yeah yeah when was this How are you I don’t know it happens so often see I Have interaction words where they’re They’re like you know you kind of done Aware you are kind of thing you don’t Know whether you’re awake asleep or you Know I watched the men in black the Other night and I thought this is just So this is so wrong this is this is this Is not how it is but it sounds to me That is how it is it really is Harry I’ve been taken while I’ve been awake is There men in black yeah they’re real I’d Love to be in you know my name black I Just don’t know if they accept ginger Beards no you see you see they’ve all Got dark hair you’d have to be Clean-shaven very clean shave and They’re all playing cards he’s not gonna Happen I haven’t been cleaned shaved since I Was 18 all gonna happen Dali Thomas Thomas you’ve been very Quiet he’s just chilling out on the bed Just chilling at he’s taking time off Because he’s always so busy here I know I’ve hijacked his spot today I’m Actually stopping that’s a bit of Knowledge channel just for you yeah well I will I will leave links for that in The description it has been a pleasure

Having you both on tonight good night God bless folks mind the books though But I mainly know it make sure you check Out the the patreon page like share Subscribe and all that good stuff cheers Folks You