WEEKLY COMPILATION (Bigfoot, Shapeshifters, Deep Woods, Aliens) – What Lurks Beneath

By | June 22, 2020
WEEKLY COMPILATION (Bigfoot, Shapeshifters, Deep Woods, Aliens) - What Lurks Beneath

I don't know where else to share my Story so I've just come here to the First website that pops up when you Search a goatman I don't really care Where I post it the only thing that Matters is that it's posted my name is Richard but if you don't mind me doing So I'd prefer to skip the pleasantries And proceed with my needed story I first Came to know the tale of this frightful Creature around a year ago during a School expedition that took us hiking Through some desolate forest somewhere In rural England the trip was actually Completely normal and nothing disturbing Happened whatsoever but as we sat down At the campfire one night one of the Students whose name I didn't know Suggested that we tell some scary Stories around the campfire as cliche as It sounded we all agreed and decided to Take turns the student who came up with The idea stated that they would go first As they had a pretty good story saved up For such moments as this they told the Tale of a humanoid creature that for the Most part possessed a body of a human But that had the head and legs of a goat Naturally it was labeled as the goat man And the student went on to speak of the Creature and its endeavors into the Offal this story is the only one I Remember from that night with the rest Of the stories all being based on the

Same generic plot concerning a Bloodthirsty creature who was on the Hunt for human flesh easily forgettable To say the least Was scared me about the story of the Goat man and successfully imprinted into My memory was that as supposedly didn't Kill people or rather it didn't kill Them straight away the goat man could Shape-shift into any creature be that a Person or an animal it didn't even need Some ritualistic such as a drop of blood Or anything crazy it could just Transform it well I have if idli Remember the student ending his tale by Reminding us once more that the goat man Preferred to mentally exhausted spray Before ending their lives in a variety Of unimaginable gruesome ways although It would barely rarely show itself in Its true form the student said victims Would typically see it take dozens of Appearances throughout very short time Periods this tale was slowly but surely Pushed to the back of my mind over the Next couple months with me sitting Important exams and entering a Transition period where many students Would leave my school in order to pursue Their studies elsewhere being replaced By a more optimistic Bunch who were so Happy throughout their first few days at School that it made the rest of us Uncomfortable you can relax though they

Weren't brain eating aliens sent from Another planet to destroy the human race And their blissful mood soon vanished Being replaced with a harsher more Realistic one that suited the repetitive Nature of school life during this Transition area'd a number of people I Knew let the school with some of my Close friends throwing goodbye parties With other people such as the student Who first introduced me to the tale of The goat man practically vanishing the Story of the goat man was forcefully Reintroduced to me today during a trip I Made to the national art gallery with a Small group consisting in my two closest Friends we made our way through the Various sections of the gallery over the Course of a couple hours but weird and Seemingly unexplainable things would Occasionally happen to the group of us The most alarming of these things was Most certainly when I witnessed Firsthand my friend James exiting the Room containing sunflowers through a Door located on the right side of the Room before reappearing through the door On the opposite side of the room only Moments later this speed was clearly Impossible due to the way the building Was laid out but when the remaining two Of us started walking towards James and Questioning how he had just done that he Quickly backed out of the door without

Uttering a word we concluded this was a Practical joke but before we could exit The room after James he shut it to us From the right-hand side of the room That he had initially exited out of he Yelled you guys coming or not and was Seemingly clueless when we caught up to Him and questioned him about the events That had just transpired I was somewhat Shaken by this initially but refused to Accept that it could have been anything But a joke Whilst this was the only largely creepy Thing that had occurred within the Gallery with the only other noticeable Occurrences being a few people smiling At us in creepy ways and one woman who Supposedly walked up to my friend Charlotte and began talking to her in a Language Charlotte can only describe as Cryptic things only got worse once we Decided to depart as we drove back to Our town I stared out the window and Dozed off suddenly awakening out of Nowhere as the car stood stationary had Some traffic lights rubbing my eyes I Gazed out of the window once again but Was jolted awake when I saw the kid who Had first told me the story of the Goatman all those months ago staring at Me from the other side of the road he Had an eerie grin on his face but in True horror movie fashion I did the Stupidest thing imaginable and opened

The car door before running up to him And smiling back fully prepared to catch Up with him and asked where he'd been I Had a thought about the goatman so far That day up until I saw the boy from the Hiking trip standing there and looking Back on it I'm pretty sure that the Goatman knew this too he wasn't willing To let me forget just before I made it To the other side of the road a car came Speeding out of nowhere passed right in Front of me missing me by mere inches I Flinched and impulsively clenched my Eyes shut Only opening them when I sensed the Danger had passed I almost jumped out of My skin when I focused on where the boy Whose name I didn't know had been Standing only come face to face with an Elderly man who despite his drastically Changed features were the same creepy Smile I turned and sprinted back to the Car my three friends had observed the Entire event I knew I couldn't have been Hallucinating when I saw the looks of Abject terror edge across their faces I Jumped in closed the door behind me and James slammed his foot down on the gas The four of a satins silence with the Only conversation we had occurring when James attempted to pull into his Driveway before Charlotte shouted at him To turn their car around and head Towards the nearest police station he

To question her but she cut him off and The desperation in her voice told us That something was very wrong James kept his eyes on the road as he Drove towards the station and Charlotte Looked out the window as she sat next to Him occasionally catching my gaze as she Glanced back in my direction A look of unwavering concern Overshadowing her usually calm demeanor We eventually reached the police station And I got out of the car we reached the Door to the station before Charlotte Grabbed me and twisted me around forcing Me to look back at the car I caught a Glimpse of a figure dragging its leg Behind it as a shuffled off in the other Direction Beecher's indistinguishable in the cover Of the night what I asked her as I Observed the figure somewhat rationally Assuming it was somebody departing from The police station after having been Interviewed regarding an injury for Their leg Richard she whispered to me Voice evidently close to giving out and Within tears in her eyes that thing it Was in the car with us did you somehow Not notice it there were three of us in The car when you arrived and began to Leave the gallery but awhile after you Got back I caught sight of it it was Sitting next to you in the back I was Watching it from the wing mirror in a

Car and had just sat there smiling at You for the entire journey with this Horrible indiscernable smile her voice Trailed off as she finished her sentence And I was left more terrified and I Never been in my entire life there was No way I couldn't go an entire hour long Car journey without noticing somebody Sitting next to me it was impossible and I knew it yet it had happened my feet Gave out from the sheer panic I was Experiencing and that collapsed to the Floor with an audible thud now my eyes Were filling it with tears too but I Swear I saw the silhouette in the Distance turn around to look at me one Final time before shuffling off into the Night the police heard us out but took No action as all we really had to talk About was a couple of people smiling at Us creepily and in account of somebody Slipping into our car Having been noticed by the person who Sat in the passenger seat in front and Yet somehow evading the sight of James And myself despite supposedly staring at Me for the entire journey I explained to Them the story of my hiking trip and of The goatman but it was met with raised Eyebrows despite my pleading and Protesting by this point I would have Started questioning my own sanity had I Not been sitting next to two others who Had shared this horrific experience with

Me Eventually the police said they'd come And visit each of our houses the Following morning for more information After we had slept and that we should Call them if anything else out of the Ordinary happened they escorted each of Us home and we decided to reconvey the Following day at James's house in order To try and piece together what had Happened over the course of the day I Was the last to be dropped off and the Officer who was driving the squad car Told me that they'd keep a unit on Standby throughout the night and then it Would be dispatched to my address Immediately should i dial the emergency Services he flashed me a smile as he Rolled up the window of his car and I Froze momentarily before shrugging it Off I was able to muster a faint laugh As I looked at my predicament with me Now being so paranoid that I was coming Within inches of a heart attack Whenever somebody did so much as smile In my direction however my fears were Very reasonable and maybe just maybe I Was correct to have been scared by a Smile I dare not look back as I made the Long walk up my driveway and into my House being so sure to lock and bolt the Door behind me before searching the Entire house for any open windows every Window in the house was closed but that

Didn't stop me from locking them – I Tried sleeping in my room with the Lights on but I found that my mind Refused to rest instead desired to Wonder I came up with endless Explanations but there was one so Terrifying that I was forced to go to my Bed and roam around the house keeping Any suspicious movement going on outside Perhaps it should have been obvious to Me earlier but I'd had so much going Through my head that had only just come To the realization I never seen the boy who told me about The goatman and appeared to be on my Side of the road anywhere Apart from on a hiking trip desperate to Be proven incorrect I grabbed my Yearbook and began frantically tearing Out the pages minutes later I was a Sobbing mess having gone to the entire Yearbook but not found a single person Resembling him now it was clear to me The goatman himself was the one who had Told me the tale of the goat man and the Boy he was capable of shape-shifting Into must have been a past victim or Something along those lines Seeing as I never seen him my life Before or after the night where he first Told us the story at least that was the Case up until today as I'm writing this I'm sitting at the table in my living Room and I have all the doors locked and

Windows bolted with the piece of Furniture propped up against each one to Prevent anyone or anything from entering I also have their radio on loud to drown Out all the sounds emanating from Upstairs those being the occasional Creaking of the floorboards and other Noises which I cannot identify to be Fair I do live in a very old house so Perhaps the sounds can be rationalized I Have my mobile next to me just one tap Away from calling the police It's 8 p.m. and that means my parents Should get home from their evening out And around 2 hours I'll just sit tight Until then staring out the window into My garden thankfully nothing can get Into my house without walking up the Drive and passing to the well-lit front Garden first so I'll be able to call the Police immediately if anything or anyone Who I don't recognize starts approaching My dog is lying flat on the floor a Couple of metres from me staring up at Me with a vacant expression I think it Can sense fear nothing can get into my House without making an awful amount of Noise I know that now I will have time To flee and call the police on my mobile Before anything bad happens to me you See there's just one problem that I Blatantly ignored during my over Analysis of the situation my parents Took our

With them on their trip whatever is Currently lying meters away from me on The kitchen floor knows it cannot Possibly be my dog and as it begins to Convulse I fear its realize that I've Just come to the same conclusion I'm a bit of an occultist this is Important later and I went through a Phase as a teenager where I studied Almost everything paranormal I could get My hands on but these days I'm mostly a Skeptic where spectacular creature Phenomena are concerned or I was until About three days ago around that time I Was on a drive and I heard a really old Podcast about black-eyed kids the Original Internet posed from a Labine And I almost wrecked my truck the story Was so similar to an experience that I Had with my boyfriend back in January But let me tell you about that first Because it's weird in and of itself I Was in Baton Rouge Louisiana on a date With my boyfriend it was actually our First date despite having met online Over a year ago and being an official Couple for four months at that point we Decided to drive down to Baton Rouge for The weekend after a college football National championship so partying was in Full swing from the LSU victory to party And hang out in general our first night There we decided to see a movie I think It might have been the 1970 movie and we

Got to the theater about an hour early So we can make sure we got good seats we Got our tickets and having kind of kill We decided to walk across the street to The Mall of Louisiana and take a quick Look around and window-shop for our Planned outing the next day it was kind Of late around 7:30 or so so most of the Shops were closed but we decided to go To the mall anyway like I said to Window-shop and also to walk around and Stretch her legs We had just crossed the street at the Crosswalk right there between the Theater and the bowling alley in arcade And it happened I never saw them walk up Which is odd because I have a really Hyper focused sense of observation I Grew up in a bad environment and you Learn early to take note of everyone and Everything no matter if you think Somebody is a threat or not just in case Mean my boyfriend who is younger than me And also a slim individual had just made It to the other side of the street when Two boys are pro Seemingly out of nowhere one look to be About 16 and the other was about 12 or 13 both of them were Caucasian in Appearance the older one having either Brown or sandy blonde hair and the Younger one with brown hair it was just Light enough outside still to be able to See that much my first impression was

That their clothes were weird they Looked like the kind of Ambercrombie and Hollister clothes a typical suburban kid Would wear but from the mid 90s kind of Faded almost the older boy started Talking and it immediately creeped me Out do you have a car he just walked up To me and asked that but I'm a nice guy And other than the weird feeling that Something was off and despite it being Such an odd question I decided to answer Bear in mind that at this point my Boyfriend is beside me and slightly Behind my left because he was following Me and we had been talking both we had Both stopped talking because of how Weird we both felt in this situation This is really hard for me to type I'm Honestly creeped out and scared at the Present moment but I want to put my Whole story out there I looked at my Boyfriend and he had his head down and Had moved behind me I'm a bigger guy Because I used to work on heavily before My job took over and I could tell he was Getting behind me because he was scared And my boyfriend doesn't scare easily He's never backed down from a fight and His headstrong nature has gotten him Into trouble before but now he was Hiding behind me and when he saw me Looking at him he raised his head and Shook his head no before putting his Head back down he also wasn't on his

Phone which was weird because he had Just been in the middle of a lively Snapchat conversation moments earlier That being his preferred social media App I looked back at the boys and Neither of them had moved I don't know Why I said it because my first instinct Was to lie and get my boyfriend away From there but I told them well not Really I mean I have a rental I'm parked Over there I appointed to the movie Theater parking lot Can you give us a ride despite the Complete sense of an easiness I had an Extremely strong sense that they did not Need to be anywhere near my car I was curious I've been a youth pastor And youth addiction counselor in the Past so when I see a kid in need My first instinct is always to try and Figure out what's going on and how to Help where do you need to go we came to The mall but we need to get back to our House it's not far from here our parents Will be mad if we don't get back well Why don't you call them maybe they can Give you a ride I was head set against Giving them a ride Despite their average appearance I kept Getting images of manacle smiles and Throats being slit from behind in the Back of my mind we don't have phones I Have a habit of skinning my surroundings And I looked up just then to see if the

Other people milling around were just Trying to get past us on the sidewalk or Looking at the strange conversation of Young men in the middle of a busy throw Away but just as I looked up I heard the Younger ones say they're not paying Attention hurt and say I never saw him Speak despite having instand not three Feet from me and his face being very Much in my field of vision I also Thought he was speaking to his brother His brother looked at him and I heard They can help us the younger one looked Back at him they can see us I thought This was odd but I was more concerned With finding a polite end to this Conversation and seeing these boys on Their waist safely I really would help You but there's all kinds of stuff in my Back seat and we have to see a movie Soon it won't take long it's not far The older one had spoken and turned to Face me again I barely managed to notice That the rest of the small crowd of the Mall looked kind of washed out almost Not there really when I saw his eyes for The first time they were the palest Shade of green yes Odd for a black-eyed kids story but bear With me his eyes though I could see them Were kind of etheral almost not really They're almost transparent like ghost Eyes They had bits of yellow in them maybe

They turn blue I'm not sure they were Hypnotizing though I noticed fear in his Eyes not I'm about to die fear but I Need serious help fear the fear a Kidnapped victim might feel or a lost Kid he looked at the younger boy again Yeah he can see us Ask him for help I was sketched out by Now and I just wanted to leave I can't Give you a ride but you said it's not Far can you walk or can I let you use my Phone to call your parents they're not At home they're still at work it's too Far to walk it's a couple of miles I was desperate to get away by now the Sense of urgency the help was getting Far too strong and I didn't like it Because every time I thought about Helping I got a stronger sense that I Was going to be murdered I just knew That if I survived the trip there I Would be invited in and I wouldn't be Able to refuse and their parents would Be inside and it would be bad my Boyfriend wasn't even a thought then Except that he was so close behind me That I could feel his presence we had to Go I can maybe give you a couple of Dollars for bus fare there was a bus Stop right there we just moved here we Don't know the bus stops we just need a Ride where are you from far away look I Wish I could help you but we've got to Go and with that I started to walk away

And made sure my boyfriend was with me We left that spot in a hurry I turned Around about five seconds later to look At the two weirdos and they were gone my Boyfriend was pissed I can't believe you Did that Did what talk to them what they needed Help they were messed up What you mean hi their pupils weren't Even dilated no they didn't have any Pupils they were messed up I didn't see Anything I can't believe you didn't see Anything I'm telling you they were Messed up that's why I didn't say Anything and I'm not crazy I know what I Saw I believed him kind of I thought he Meant drugs I joked with him about it for a few Moments honestly not seeing anything Amiss except for the weird attitude and The insistence of getting in my car but He got even more upset just stop talking About it I'm done I'm not crazy and so I Dropped it until three days ago when I Heard a story about black-eyed kids on An old podcast show I had recently Discovered I called up my boyfriend and Asked him those guys at the mall back in January Did they have black eyes yeah was all he Would say he was still too scared to Talk about it but looking back I Remember that weekend it was bad Me and my boyfriend argued about trivial

Stuff we almost broke up he developed a Nosebleed that night after he went to Bed I almost went crazy and I drove Across town full of unexplainable anks And stopped at one of the riverboat Casinos out on the promenade I had this Strong urge to throw myself in the Mississippi and drown myself it was Raining and the water looked rough I Knew I wouldn't survive but somehow I Held back against the unexplainable urge And the weeks that followed he had a Near nervous collapse I was having Issues at work that almost cost me my Job we almost broke up again I had a Psychic help me do a cleansing and Things which had slowly began spiraling Into an abyss especially with virus Related layoffs started improving now I Mentioned to you that I was into the Occult since I'm a pagan well yesterday I was talking to a witch friend of mine Who has a lot of lore knowledge and Experience dealing with the paranormal a Lot more than me I told her my story and She was not the least bit surprised yeah She told me there the spirits of kids Who were horribly abused in life I Thought about it and consider the skin In Navion mei-ling's children with black Eyes come back for revenge on the living Killed at a young age and denied a Proper burial then I thought about Another black-eyed kids story where the

Parents of the kids actually did drive After a lady invited them which brings Me to a second store I was staying with some friends of mine Once and this is actually about the same Time I had met my first boyfriend online Anyway they were a couple and we were All close I'll just leave it at that They had a son whom I'll call Robbie not His real name anyway Robbie was the coolest kid ever he was Seven got good grades at school and was Fiercely independent knew how to cook a Little bit did chores like chop firewood And was known as steel alcohol on Occasion then he had a side of his Personality where all he wanted to do Was either snuggle up to me or his mom On the couch and watch a cartoon and Fall asleep on the days where it was Raining and he did not have school mom Worked weekends and didn't and dad Wasn't the affectionate type and like I Said we were all close he called me Uncle anyways he was a sweet but tough Kid Well one time he started having Nightmares and sleepwalking which is Typical seven-year-old kids stuff no big Deal I don't remember the nightmares Because they were eclipsed by something Else the spirit we would all go to Another friend's house for the day and Come back and the front door would open

At first we thought the two puppies did It they were six months old black labs And could be rambunctious so we put the Dogs outside when we left and the door Would be open when we got back we called The police eventually after about a week Of it and they set a patrol for the area The door started staying shut but the Inside doors would all be reversed doors That were closed will be opened and Vice-versa we were getting freaked out a Couple of times mom would swear she'd Heard somebody on the porch outside here Bedroom window we were in a double-wide Trailer with a porch that ran the length Of the whole thing once I thought I saw A small figure run past the living room Window but I did not hear footsteps and They weren't any prints in the sand of Grass around the porch we all looked This all came to a head that night Asleep on the couch I bolted awake when The dogs growl The dogs never growled they were too Scared to chase a frog and has sent Little puppies the growling set me on Edge and I woke up alarmed and there was A dark man shape trying to get to the Front door the dogs ran from the kitchen And tried to attack it I'm a brave guy I've run into burning buildings jumped Into a snake infested Creek to grab a Kid who couldn't swim but this I screamed the whole house came running

At first they didn't believe me the Figure had disappeared they thought the Dogs were play fighting and just Happened to hit the door but the door is Locked Every night and I pointed that out Suddenly we knew we had a situation we Were all pagans to an extent so we tried Everything sage salt rituals sigils and Still strange happenings the kids Sleepwalking was getting worse I Remember the dreams now I don't want to Go with them they want me to go but I Don't want to go we thought it was a Joke at first and told them well hell Kid don't go tell them to go away and Then excitedly a while later he said I Told them to go and to leave me alone And I kicked their butts and they left Robbie who are you talking about the Other kids right after he kicked their Butts the stuff started happening with The doors flashback forward we know we Have a haunting and then of the usual Stuff is working I decide to go all in I'm going to Transat edgar cayce style And see if I can maybe contact the other Side it worked There's a lady there and she had a Message for me I know you think this Kind of stuff is a joke but you need to Know that it isn't Robbie is in danger He was raped as a toddler by his Grandfather and now his grandfather's

Spirit has come back to destroy his soul He would turn the boy into a monster you Were all in danger if he succeeds I woke Up people were watching me the mom and Dad I didn't want to sound weird so I asked Kat her but not a real name was Robby Molested as a child her eyes got huge Dad who was really stepdad looked at her Confused Well people used to tell me that my mom Would abuse him but I thought they were Talking I caught her with her hand down His diaper one day though and flipped Out but I never told anybody Stepdad looks a cat is that why your mom Isn't allowed to babysit him the Situation had actually been a point of Bother and inconvenience and source of Several arguments between them in the Last few months when their work Schedules had collided horribly cat Grimaced yes but it still didn't make Any sense because my vision said Grandfather specifically unless Kat did Your mom ever claimed that her own Father molested her her eyes almost Popped out of her head when I asked yes But did he ever babysit Robbie before he Died I knew her grandfather was dead her Mother and her son were her only living Relatives no he died before he was born Still not making sense but one more

Question did your mom ever claim that Her father raped her cat was practically Crying these were family secrets buried For years coming from the mouth of Somebody who certainly never had him Told to him yes but what does any of This have to do with haunting the spirit And my dream last night told me that Robbie was molested as a baby by his Grandfather and then his grandfather's Spirit was trying to corrupt Robbie's Soul and turn him into a monster if we Go off of that victimized children Repeat the cycle by victimizing other Children as adults then in a sense since Your grandfather possibly molested your Mom and she likely did the same to him Then in a sense he started the cycle he Was the one who technically molested Your son his sin passed on to him she Was freaking out full-blown panic attack And the stepdad wasn't far behind They both stood up alarmed so what do we Do and we have to banish the old man's Spirit and protect your sons and the Cycle which we did with a series of Specific pagan rituals but that's my Theory the black-eyed kids were abused In real life and then their souls were Taken captive by the spirits of their Tormentors to pass on torment to others To feed off of happiness and replace it With pain and misery If the Scandinavian tales are anything

To go off of and my own experience I'm Not going to say to invite them in but Perhaps a banishing ritual and warding Charm could go a long way to preventing Further harm and mundane terms I think Those kids are already eternal slaves But we should try to prevent harm in our Own communities watching out for abused Kids keeping harmful folks away from Kids taking certain nightmares and Experiences seriously and preventing What comes next I think of all the Mysteriously vanished people and kids Who never turn up again and I wonder at First I didn't think it could have been A black-eyed child because I've never Heard about them doing this before my Little brother he's six he has some Disabilities and disorders that cause Him to be slow not be able to hear Properly talk properly use the potty Properly and he acts more like a toddler But he's super smart and he's my little Man one night Same as always I was putting him to bed Since I helped out my parents cuz I got Two more siblings and my mom works so he Usually goes to bed earlier and I don't Mind helping out with the kids I was Grabbing his blanket as he's babbling to Himself not real words but I still talk Back as if he understood him but all of A sudden he was quiet so I turned to Look at him and I instantly feel a wave

Of complete terror and panic black eyed Children immediately flash in my mind But then the thought is gone as I stare At him he was looking at me head tilting Just a bit His eyes were narrowed and he had a tiny Smirk on his face he had never made this Face before nor have I felt so much fear By a face or him in general I swallow The lump in my throat and say his name As soon as his name leaves my lips he Shakes his head and face and goes back To babbling and looking at the bed Within a couple of toys he had as if Nothing had happened but the fear in That face didn't leave me at all that Night and I even felt uncomfortable Being around him at that moment but I Told myself it was fine and he's okay And later that night I told my parents My mom thought he maybe had a seizure But I immediately said no because he Hadn't had one in a few months now and When he had seizures he would fall Wherever he is get all tense and is Unresponsive for only a few seconds and I knew this was not that the next day I Texted my best friend because at first I Thought he maybe had something in him or Something was in him but I didn't think Black eyed child then she told me to say Prayers or something like that to find Out but she told me to be careful Because if something was in him it could

Be in my other two other siblings but I Didn't think so I said they didn't act Any different like he did so anyway I go Up to my room with my siblings because I Don't know I felt better saying a prayer Up there than anywhere else for some Reason now just to mention we aren't Catholic but we do believe in God and That but our parents don't so we don't Say grace or prayers often together Anyway during the prayer my two siblings Not my youngest kept laughing and Talking because like I said we don't say Prayers often after the prayer I tell Them to say I'm men and they do but not My youngest I look at him and again that Fear and panic come back but not as Intense as before I again swallow the Lump in my throat And tell him to say Amen he again shakes His head smiled and says all men after That we go downstairs again and I sit Down and start to text my And when I noticed my brother fall over Staring at the stairs we had just come From and he starts scratching the floor At first I thought he was having a Seizure since when I said his name he Was unresponsive but then I see him Scratching and I knew it wasn't that Because he doesn't move when he has Seizures I quickly get on my knees Beside him and ask are you okay and I Say his name over and over as I try to

Pick him up but he was so tensed up that I couldn't get him up but then all of a Sudden he reacts by throwing his arms Around my neck And jumping into my lap his hold is Tight and he's still staring at the Stairs but nothing is there I try to Calm him down But it takes a few good minutes until He's back to normal and that was the Last of any thing that's ever happened I Actually didn't think this is a black Eyed kid until my mom said something I Thought said I never hear any stories Like this but she said maybe this was The first and then I thought it does had Happened before but no one knew it was a Black eyed kid she agreed and told me I Should write it out about and then maybe I'll find out from other people who've Had this experience before to my life Growing up was far from good rather than Constant physical abuse although there Was that – my parents ignored me most The time both had drinking problems my Mom only worked part-time so she could As she said be there for her kid but she Really spent the majority of her free Time in a bottle or bed my dad was the Main breadwinner working as an Over-the-road truck driver he was away Most the time leaving me alone to take Care of myself our apartment was on the Edge of town surrounded by miles of

Forests as long as I can remember I was Entranced by those woods it wasn't long Before I was spending my days exploring Them my love of nature only grew from There I soon realized neither of my Parents were paying attention to my Comings and goings So I began camping out in the woods Overnight here and there just to see if I'd be missed but as I figured I was not From there I began spending weeks at a Time camping throughout the vast forest We all know good things must end and one Morning I was caught walking out of the Woods by my father he just arrived back From the time on the road it was early And he was livid to see his Twelve-year-old son walk out of the Woods at 5 in the morning on a school Day in addition to hiding I got an Earful from both of them this didn't Stop me from returning though after Laying low around home for a week I Waited for my dad to leave and my mom to Get drunk when I was sure she was asleep I fled back to my real home and I would Slip back in early morning every morning Prior to school without anybody noticing It didn't take long for things to go Back to the way they had been before if I wasn't at school I was roaming in the Woods I mentioned before I had a series Of camps throughout the forest early on I realized I was sharing my getaway with

Others among these interlopers were Small groups of homeless people probably Way before I came along they'd used the Woods as a place to camp and drink away From the prying eyes in the public and Police I made the mistake of staying in The same place too long on one occasion And almost got assaulted because of it After that runnin I moved my camps to The other side of the river some nights I would lurk in the shadows and watch Them destroy themselves With drugs and alcohol many times Violence would break out and this only Reinforced my hate for them I already Saw enough of that a home anyway as the Months passed I moved deeper into the Vast forest always looking for a new Place to explore summer came and with it More homeless it wasn't long before they Had their filthy little camps all over The woods however at that point I was Still safe if I stayed on my side I was The only person who knew where to cross River or not my paradise would be taken Away from me once and for all by these Very same people one hot summer Afternoon I was down on the banks Getting water I had heard voices off the So is keeping my eyes peeled I'd Retrieved my water and was returning Back to camp when I heard a group of People arguing on the opposite side

Curious I hadn't watched there is a Raggedy tent set up and next to it three Men and one female yelling at one Another they were far too away for me to Make out much of what was said they all Looked like they were drunk swaying Around while they argued I stayed around For about ten minutes When one of the men hit another over the Head with a big beer bottle the man Staggered and fell to the ground I waited for the man on the ground to Move but he did not the assailant then Picked up a big rock and threw it down On the man while the others just stood By and watched he did this over and over About three times until he looked too Exhausted to continue I had to stifle a scream as I watched This horror unfold and by now was too Scared to move the female then yelled Something at the man and slapped him on The chest He looked unfazed and instead just Stared down at the mess he just made After a minute of doing this the other Shields something again at him and they All ran away together I could finally Breathe but still dare not move in case They returned I stayed hidden of what Seemed like hours before I decided that They weren't coming back I expected the Main on the ground to get up but now I Know how stupid that was I got the crazy

Idea in my head that I needed to get him Help drunk bum or not he was still a Human I ran the entire three miles back to our Apartment for some reason I was happy to See my father was home I ran in short of Breath and began yelling for my parents I noticed them sitting together on the Couch and ran up to them my dad told me To shut up and then asked me what the Matter was I repeated this story of what I just witnessed in the woods rather Than getting help my dad began yelling At me about defying him my slurring mom Soon joined in and they both commenced To chewing me a new hole The worst part was when my mother Accused me of making up stories to get Attention I deny this of course but she Was not listening the rest went the way It always did my dad pulled off his belt And strapped me across my butt until he Began crying and told me to shut up or He'd give me something to cry about it Was clear to me after the discussion was Over the man was not getting help after All I was just a stupid kid i crawl up To my bedroom and cried myself to sleep As I had done so so many times my Retreats to the woods had ended I Couldn't even leave the house without One of my folks and going outside was Another question Not long after that I was shipped off to

Live with my mom's dad because I'd Become too much for my parents to handle I expected life to be much more as it Had before maybe even worse after all There had to be a reason why my mother Was so messed up I kept my guard up for A long time waiting for the first Beating to come instead I would be given A life I could have never dreamed of Grandfather Mac turned out to be a Loving and patient man the exact Opposite of any adults I'd ever met Before the first time he asked me what I'd like to do I was speechless No one had ever cared to ask I swallowed The knot in my throat And told him of my love for nature Expecting the usual laughing and mockery I braced but instead his face lit up he Spent the next hour telling me of all The great memories he had camping with His father I knew then I had become the Luckiest kid in the world as soon as the Spring time came we spent every waking Moment hiking the woods and parks Throughout the country the knowledge he Passed on to me could fill up a library Full of books even though he's gotten Too old for us to go out together I Still visit him on a regular basis and Share all the amazing adventures I have Been through recently his body may be Weak but his mind is still as strong as Ever

I owe that man more than I'll ever be Able to repay and he did everything just Because he loved me It still took me a good three or four Years until I summoned up the courage to Tell him the story also I expressed the Guilt I felt for keeping it to myself All this time I was unsure of how he'd React at first he sat there quietly a Moment or two later he sat up in his Chair and hugged me tightly this Confused me and when he let me go I asked him what I should do his advice To me was to contact the police back Home and share the story with them after That the responsibility was out of my Hands and I didn't need to be guilty Ever again once I contacted them I Washed my hands of the guilts and now That I've grown up I realized my parents Were at fault I did what I should have If they chose to say nothing it was on Them I went off to college and upon my Return at Christmas Mac let me know that The people responsible had been found Although all but the woman were dead she Shared the location of the man's body With detectives they wanted to thank me For coming forward and helping them Solve the case after all these years With that I moved on leaving that Terrible part of my life behind me until Recently with the death of my father Which seems to have dredged up all these

Old memories I had not thought of that Part of my life and sometime my love for The woods and its creatures has grown Into my livelihood now I get to travel All over discovering and preserving the World's wild places before they are gone Something I could avoid dreamed of as a Kid trap inside a run-down apartment in New Jersey and without my grandfather's Love understanding and teaching none of It would have ever happened When I was younger I prefer to spend Time at my great-grandmother's house Rather than my own that I've lived in Was my grandmother being right next door My grandmother would often let me spend The night with my great-grandparents to Get me out of her hair my grandparents Had their own bedroom on one end of the House and on the other end was the room In which I slept whenever I visited this Bedroom was big too a 6 or 7 year old With a large bed that had sliding door Cabinets for a headboard and 2 large Windows one of which had a crate of Older toys in it Mostly building blocks the likes that Faced this side yard which had several Young pine trees the other window faced The large barn out back and Hal's their Camper and all manner of other things Before I continue I ought to mention That I'm a quarter Native American of

The Miami tribe to be specific My mother was adopted by a family whose Heritage was distinctly French while my Grandmother wanted my mother and I to Have nothing to do with our heritage my Great-grandmother embraced it never kept It from us and even taught us a little Bit about it me far less than my mother Since I was too young to understand much Before she passed one night when I was Sleeping over at my great-grandmother's House I woke up when the motion-detecting Floodlight on the barn out back turned On the room was flooded with light and I Could see everything clear as day unable To go back to sleep I got up and decided To play with blocks until the flood Light went out and I could finally go Back to sleep for some reason I felt the Strange urge to look out the window into The side yard so I climbed upon the Crate under the window and peered out There in the side yard was a young man He was in his late teens 17 to 19 with Neatly cut straight black hair nearly Ear length he wasn't dark-skinned but he Wasn't white either he wore what looks Like tan Carhartt overalls and appeared To be examining a young pine tree not 15 Feet from the window the tree wasn't Very tall maybe eight or nine Feet but the young man was carefully Moving the bottom branches this way and

That is if – looking for something I Watched him for a minute or two simply Observing I didn't feel frightened Rather I was curious then the young man Lifted his head and looked around when He saw me the strangest thing happened He looked startled then terrified his Eyes widened so far that I can make out The whites in the low-light there is no Other way to explain what occurred after Other than the crazy sounding he turned Into a deer and bolted away into the Darkness he simply turned to his left Made a drop to all fours and was a deer By the time what would have been his Hands at the ground he ran off back Beyond the barn I don't remember the Conversation I had with my Great-grandmother about it in the Morning only that she seemed upset and Was tight-lipped and that she and my Great grandfather went out to look at The tree later in the day they didn't Find anything and my grandmother didn't Want to hear about it so I shrugged it Off years later I would learn what Skinwalkers are I would think back to This young man and how he could have Been native how his coveralls could have Been deerskin I would also think about My experience and it didn't line up with Other skinwalker encounters I didn't Feel any fear I didn't notice a stench No one called my name also the young man

Seemed to be afraid of me then again I Suppose if I was looking for something And I saw a small child staring at me Out of window I'd be a little freaked Out too as time went on I had for the Most part convinced myself that I just Happened to witness a teen boy hunting Illegally on our property and my Startling him startled the deer he was After and my child brain just processed As strangely that is until I decided to Bring up the concept of skinwalkers with My mother I had told her that I could Have possibly seen one when I was a Child if my memory could be trusted when She said oh so you saw the Birdman – huh My belief that I misremembered a teen Boy Had shattered she wouldn't say much About it when I seemed confused simply Stating oh there was an old bald man who Had danced around on the roof with his Belt made of feathers and when I would Go out there to yell at him for being so Loud he'd smile at me and fly off as a Bird that house was on land that was Tribal before the family I was adopted And moved into the area several Generations ago artifacts coming to the Surface every other time the big field Behind my childhood home was plowed many Others have had experiences there Including others of my own though most Of the other experiences seemed surreal

Seem to be things that could be brushed Off as a coincidence or me psyching Myself up to see or believe something That wasn't there but that young man who Turned into a deer sticks with me and Has led me to be distrusting of deer and Not just because they're a road hazard I Have had many other strange occurrences With deer since then but none so Unbelievable as the shapeshifter in the Coveralls I'm not really sure who came Up with the idea first but by the day's End we'd plan the destination and date Although I'd been camping many times Before I'm almost positive Neither chuck nor Glen ever had they had Committed the family late in life and my Real dad had already died by then he had Been the guy who loved camping my Stepfather Not so much don't get me wrong he's a Great man but the outdoors has never Been his deal list of supplies needed For the trip was compiled and followed To the letter including the four cases Of beer perhaps the most important of All goods we loaded up and were ready to Leave at dawn the next morning as we Headed out we have no idea of what lay Ahead of us and how it would affect our Connection to one another a connection We once believed to be unbreakable three Hour drive was uneventful and quiet I Was pleased to see how the dry

Surroundings were fire-starting well not Hard for me wasn't my strong suit and Any neither of my brothers had ever Burned Than a cigarette I brought along some Lighter fluid just to be safe although I Never ended up needing it while I worked On the fire Chuck and Glenn put the Knowledge they had learned watching YouTube videos to use setting up the Tent I had purposefully not the easiest Tent I could find yet it still took the Better part of an hour before they had It up the fire was already wrong by the Time they joined me I had buried the Potatoes in the coals Prepared the steaks to be cooked and was Well into my second beer by then the Steaks didn't take long and by dark we Were sitting down to a delicious meal After dinner the real camping began I Had chosen to camp out in the middle of Nowhere on purpose I knew we'd become Obnoxious and loud when we got drunk More importantly I like to make big Bonfires and turn up my music aloud you Can't do that with others around you That evening turned out to be a blast We blew through two cases and didn't Pass out until dawn it was something I Needed to do for a long time Despite the hangover I resolved then and There it was something we were going to Do much more often when I finally

Drugged myself from my sleeping bag it Was well past noon Chuck and Glenn were Already awake sitting next to a cold Fire they both had a beer in their hand And looked happy to see me I asked them What was up with the fire and Chuck Mumbled something about not being able To get it real it this made me chuckle I walked over to the tree line and Grabbed an armful of wood when I Returned I set it down on the dead coals And blew onto them The coals love brightly and the fire was Wrong again within a few minutes then I Went to the creek to fetch some water The look on their faces was priceless Chuck's jaw was hanging open and I could Tell Glenn was aching to ask me how I Did it while I waited for the water to Boil I cooked up a large mass of eggs And potatoes and we ate breakfast with a Nice cup of coffee Once I had eaten I was feeling much Better and suggested we go fishing we Didn't make it back to camp until almost Dark Unfortunately no one had caught anything We could keep but I could tell Chuck had Already Popat good buzz i cooked what was left Of the steak and after we set to Finishing what was left of the beer this Evening was much tamer than the one Before I didn't want to make a big fire

It would only be harder for me to put it Out completely before he'd left for home Most of the night the three of us talked About unimportant things like girls and Work around 2:00 in the morning we Decided to turn in the beer long being Drunk my last memory was shot going out To take a week he had drunk a lot more Than Glen or I he fell several times Trying to get out of his bag he Eventually made it out of the tent I Must have passed out just after that the Next thing I remember the Sun was Already beginning to shine the trees I Had to piss like crazy so I fumbled my Way to the zipper try not to wake the Other two up as I unzipped a tent a Weird burning smell similar to burn meat Hit me I figured one or both of the guys Were already up and burning our Breakfast I looked behind me and only Glen was still asleep Chuck must have Been the one cooking and he was terrible At it I crawled out the smirk on my face And a smart remark for him I looked up Expecting to see my brother burning food But was met with a sight far more Serious and horrible than I could have Ever imagined the fire was burned out And chuck was nowhere to be seen the Dawn was still too dim to make out the Large object laying across the dead Coals I walked up within a few steps and was

Hit fully by the burning smell then all Of a sudden it hit me what I was seeing Chuck was lying face down across one Corner of the cold fire and he wasn't Moving without a second thought I Grabbed his body and rolled it over all I could see was the blackened smell the Terrible burning I began yelling for Glen and when he did not answer Immediately I ran into the tent and Shook him he was reluctant at first but I yelled Chuck's dead loudly in his face He jolted upright and asked me to repeat It all I could do is point toward the Manor and the remnants of the fire And the horrible vision that the Sun was Making clear by the minute he flew from The tent in one quick motion and came Almost face to face with the charred Body of our dead brother I stood behind Him and silently with my eyes closed Glen fell to his knees and started Wailing at that second I wanted to be Anywhere but there The sound of Glenn's haunting wails and The horrid smell permeating the air was Worse than any nightmare I could have Ever imagined a cold breeze was blowing Across me and that was when I first Realized I had pissed myself It didn't matter though with every Second the sight became more clear and I Was too terrified to open my eyes This was not the way I wanted to

Remember Chuck I eventually crawled back into the tent And started crying myself this continued For god knows how long until I figured I Should call 9-1-1 and let them know what Had happened they arrived about half an Hour later when the corner left with his Body I summed up the courage to come out Glenn was speaking to one of the Officers the smell was still so bad I began retching and retreated back to The tent soon after another officer Joined me inside the tent we talked About the trip and the events of the Night before nothing in particular He left about 20 minutes later when the Remaining officers I began breaking down Camp and Glen soon joined me as we Worked nothing was said between us I Moved as fast as possible hoping to soon Be away from the terrible smell of my Brother's burning flesh looking back on It I acknowledged I may have been a bit Cold and uncaring in my defense I was The oldest and had the responsibility of Notifying the rest of the family I knew Our mother was going to be crushed and I Wanted to tell her before she heard it From the news when it comes to Glenn I Can't speak for how he was feeling or What he was thinking no one has the Right to dictate to another how to Handle their grief especially in a Circumstance such as this telling my mom

Was as bad as I imagined She always wanted a large family when Dad died she thought her dream was over However when she met my stepfather and He mentioned adoption she was overjoyed Chuck and Glenn were actual brothers About two years apart and in their early Teens when mom found them boys their age Are usually hard to adopt out but mom Had fallen in love with him at first Sight I always consider them my blood as Did the rest of my family Glenn and I Stayed close to her for some time Knowing how hard Chuck's loss was on her This was the first instance I began Getting the feeling Glenn harbored Suspicions towards me nothing was said But I caught him watching me with his Usual questioning look many times Throughout that month as months had Passed more and more questions began to Be raised many more than I care to Mention I'd always assumed that chuck Had passed out or tripped and fell into The fire killing him he had been much More drunker than us however when the Results came back from the medical Examiner certain things were off the Bruises for instance Chuck's back was Covered in them The thing was Chuck played rugby with Some guys from school and had for many Years also his skull was fractured a Worrying sign for sure but even the

Doctor was forced to admit things like This happen in a fire the skull bursts Or cracks from the heat Horrible facts to hear I agree but for Some reason they have cemented the Suspicions in Glenn's mind no matter how Hard I try to show him this is the wrong Time to be apart he's convinced himself I had something to do with our brother's Death I've had my own reservations Towards Glenn and his relationship with Chuck more than once I saw them argue About something but they stopped Whenever I entered the room do I have my Own suspicions yes but now it's not the Time to fracture the family our mother Needs us now more than ever right now if She became aware of the distrust between Us it would not only break her heart It might just kill her for the Foreseeable future I'm going to do my Best to Bring us back together if not for our Mom's sake perhaps chucks on my own I'm Going to keep digging into the rift Between the two brothers and if a led to Chuck's death even if it yields some Terrible truth that I may not want to be Aware of I owe it to him after all Chuck was my brother too I met my best Friend Bend when I was 19 we started a Degree in music together and had Absolutely nothing in common which we Loved about each other what shocked us

Was how in sync our childhoods had been From being born two weeks apart to the Age of 12 We should a lot of experiences even Though we never met I remember been telling me about a VHS Used to have with cartoons on it saying How obscure it was and how I'd love it I Replied that I knew exactly which VHS he Was referring to and also still had a Copy of it this sort of thing happened a Lot between us so we like to quiz each Other from time to time and then joke About had different we were for our Identical upbringing One night when I was staying over at Ben's house we got on the topic of kids Ghost stories I love creepy stories but Ben hates them so the conversation was Slow going at first we started with the Usual stories kids in the neighborhood Spread it was funny how many of our Town's stories were exactly the same for Being opposite sides of the city and River ten miles from each other the Dilapidated places were always haunted We both had heard about a one-eyed black Cat nobody owns that watches the Children who play out the list of Stories went on and so did the Similarities Ben surprisingly into the Discussion so you've ever heard of this Story etc to which I confirmed or told My towns slightly different version of

The story that's how the night Progressed after we exhausted the Conversation he ended with even to this Day I'm scared of the dog Minh so please Tell me you've heard that story too I Just remember being dumbfounded saying I Had no idea What a dog man was as far as I'm aware The dog man's story is just in Ben's Town We tried looking on the Internet but Ben Was too easily freaked out by the Pictures and scary stories that popped Up as we searched the dog man really Grabbed my attention usually kids ghost Stories get into so much detail like the Color of the ghost dress or the exact Way the hair hangs over the ghost size But there wasn't much info about dog men The details were vague his words of the Time were something like the older kids Who were allowed out of the street Told us about dog men who stood around In the alleys at night and the older Kids were shamelessly scared to go there When it got dark obviously it was thugs Or druggies I explained but he was Adamant no because they ran away when They noticed the kids watching them They'd climb up the high walls of the Back alley into people's backyards Really fast without making any noise the Older kids would not talk about it Unless pushed he said their feelings

Seemed too real to make it to a joke to Scare the younger kids his childhood Friend Wes claimed to have saw one too The story goes that the dog men would be Found standing in the small groups and More solitary in the middle of an alley Looking for scraps of food not doing Much else Ben seriously thinks he saw One with his mom one day walking back From shopping apparently it was in a Fenced off area where a block of flats Had been demolished just a few years Prior at the opposite side of this land He saw a skinny hunched back man cupping His hands full of water from a stream Which ran through the plot washing his Long and greasy hair almost Ritualistically even though he didn't Seen the homeless man's face and was Quite far away to make out details he Swears something about the man wasn't Quite human I blamed a child's Imagination and exaggerated memories but He swears it he showed me the area that Next morning if he and his mother are Remembering correctly I have no idea why Even a homeless man would wash his hair In that dirty stream I first met Wes a Few weeks after that night that I Learned about the dog And didn't hesitate to ask for his First-hand account of the dog Minh it Was the main reason I decided to meet Him after all his description was

Similar to Ben's but his encounter was Far more close-up West's lived from the Local corner shop than Ben and used to Take a shortcut through an alley when he Walked there the wheelie Ben's route That day he said he could hear a cat or Dog fending on some discarded food Behind one of the Ben's it happens a lot And everybody knows to keep a distance So the dog won't get aggravated an Attack but Wes said the dog didn't look Right he only got a quick glance before It ran behind a wall with a rotten roast Chicken hanging from its mouth according To his memory it was running more like a Hyena than a normal dog with its Shoulders held much higher than its hips The snout was too short and the ears Were more elven than a dogs he can't Remember if the creature had fur or not But it definitely was naked not long After he overheard the older kids Talking about dog men and realized what He had saw I liked Wes he has a doubting Attitude akin to mine and admitted his Memory may have been influenced by the Older kids stories it could have just Been a normal dog struggling to carry a Whole chicken away after being startled The story lay dormant not mentioned four Months after I spoke to Wes and that Time I had moved away and have only Managed to visit Ben three times since Then

The last time I met with him we decided To go to the local takeaway in the early Hours of the morning and it got my very Own encounter of what could have been The dog Minh right on that same Abandoned plots where Ben saw the Homeless men bathing there was a Decent-sized fire burning I could make Out passively three silhouettes huddled Around the flames Ben's area is pretty Rough so this isn't an unusual sight but I don't know how to describe it those Figures weren't moving naturally my view Wasn't great because Ben wouldn't move Closer than we were but I swear those Silhouettes never stood completely Upright we watched them for about five Minutes They were hunched over with Backs up warning and warming their Gloves and hands by the fire with their Hoods up I remember one of them moving Closer to the fire while keeping its Hands on the ground it would have been Easier to disdain and walk closer but it Shuffled awkwardly using its arms Everything about their movement was Indescribably awkward I was so excited And had to have been the dog Minh I Didn't want them to spot us so we left Pretty soon after that but I forced been To visit the bonfire with me the next Day it was just a milk crate that sat Next to a charred circle on the ground

Nothing2prove these beings were inhuman Strangely there were bones in amongst The smouldering papers and branches that Had been burning the night before we can Make out Scootie handprints where at Least one of the homeless people had Presumably crawled over to the charred Ground the trail of handprints led away From the bonfire and faded after a Couple of metres that was all we found We walked away feeling slightly silly Laughing and how we had probably been Stocking a trio of drunk tramps however Bents realization unnerved us terribly As the hand shell faded he pointed out a Large paw print becoming more and more Prominent in the middle of the fading Handprints then it struck me why I found Their gait so weird the night before as The man had walked closer to the fire he Placed his feet in exactly the same spot Where his hands had been we stared in Shock not sure what to make of the trail Then the yelps and growls of the dogs Fighting came from a bush uncomfortably Close to us I'm not ashamed to say we Ran away crapping ourselves maybe it was Just a pack of dogs we didn't care to Look and I'm never going back there to Find out this is the craziest UFO Phenomena true story and it came from my Dad 1960s in Ethiopia my dad is just a Child nine years old at the time playing With his best friend Gabriel after

School they were playing in the fenced Back yard of my dad's house My dad turns his back for a second then Turns to look back at his friend and Gabriel has gone it's important to note That my dad and Gabriel were from the Top 1% of Ethiopia's ruling elite my Dad's father was Minister of Interior of Ethiopia and Gabriel's father was a Four-star general of Ethiopia The backyard Gabriel disappeared from Had 10-foot brick walls with armed Guards patrolling on the outside a Couple of hours pass his parents my Dad's parents and guards are searching But no Gabriel 48 hours pass now there Is a nationwide search for this Important generals kid it's on the news Police are searching door-to-door Describing him and what he was wearing When he disappeared He was wearing at his private school Uniform white shirt and brown pants Helicopters even searched the Countryside looking for him still Nothing A month passed then two and four people Start losing hope that he would ever be Found and think the worst exactly six Months to the day that he disappeared Gabriel appears back in my father's Backyard he was still wearing the same White shirt private school uniform and It was clean he looked exactly the same

As he did when he disappeared this is Where it starts to get weird Once they confirmed that he was ok they Started asking where he had been he said A couple of nice men took him on a trip He was in a white room that glowed and Other children were there from different Countries he said he was surprised the Nice men who looked like white guys Could speak Ethiopian and he could Understand what the other children were Saying even though they were not Ethiopian the white glowing room had no Windows and the doors disappeared into The walls They were buttons on the walls and if a Kid pushed them a bed would come out of The wall he said he was then all of a Sudden in a city that was glowing clean And cars were flying around him he said There was people but they looked really Strange like us but different One nice man was still with him and took Him to a tall building where he said he Had to stay there for a while but showed Him a room that he could use for Entertainment Gabriel said that he could Push a button and the room itself goes Places an open field the beach the room Itself even flied he said after a couple Of hours he was taken back to Ethiopia And appeared in the back yard he thought He was the only one gone for a couple Hours total no one believed him in

Ethiopia being a super religious country Most adults around him thought he got Possessed by the devil Gabriel even was forced to see a priest And get the evil spirits out of him my Dad still kept in contact with him Throughout their lives Gabriel got a Doctorate in physics and I believe he Currently works in Holland this was 1998 When this happened an old friend of mine Asked me to go camping with him I had it Been since I was about 12 so I agreed it Sounded fun and I was excited all week Leading up to the trip I didn't get much Sleep the night before because of it he Picked me up just after 5 a.m. And we drove 100 miles to the park I Managed to get a bit of sleep so I felt A little better when we arrived then he Dropped the ball on me we still had to Walk another two hours to the campsite I Tried to talk him into choosing ones a Little closer but he swore I'd loved it When we made it with a heavy heart I Followed him the first half hour wasn't That bad most of it was downhill however As more time passed I became sluggish Halfway there we took a short break but We're back on the trail before I knew it The second leg was a lot more uphill it Wasn't long until I was dragging again And not paying attention to where I was Going We arrived at a flat section and I was

Relieved my friend was in the front row And somehow missed the trap but I did Not all I remember was that one second I Was camping and clomping along and Hitting the ground the next The contact with the bottom of the hole Jolted me awake and the rush of Adrenaline masked outmost the pain as I Stood up my right leg buckled and I Dropped down onto a sharpened stick Jutting out below me apparently there Were several more stakes in the bottom Of a hole but they had been knocked over Thankfully when I looked down I saw the Bones sticking out of my skin Instinctively I pulled the stick from my Leg and the pain made me even queasy er Than I already was I looked up to get an Idea of where I was and only saw blue Sky edged by trees I figured the hole Was about ten feet deeper more it must Have taken the idiots that dug it Several days I yelled up for my friend Only to see his laughing face greet me Over the edge He didn't know the extent of my injuries At the moment but when I told him the Laughing stopped and panic replaced it I Asked him what happened and he told me It looked like some redneck poachers had Dug some type of bear trap and I'd Fallen into it I assumed he could simply Reach down and pull me out but that Didn't work so next he attempted to

Reach me with the tree limb this worked At first but when I try to stand up the Pain was far too severe I couldn't put Any weight on my right leg It was obvious I wasn't getting out of The hole without outside help it was Still early in the day so I wasn't very Concerned I could hear my friend pacing around Above and freaking out so I called up to Him in a calm voice and told him to go Get help the ranger station was only a Little over in half an hour back for When we came he could easily get help And make it back to me with plenty of Time before dark once he took off I was Left alone with nothing but the pain to Occupy me by now it was coming in waves And the accompanying nausea wasn't Making it any better initially I thought I could make a splint but the moment I Tried to tighten it down I almost Fainted leaving it alone seemed the wise Decision I put my head between my knees And waited for the sick dizzy feeling to Pass Eventually it did and I tried to focus On other things singing worked for a While that is until I started hearing Thunder and noticed the sky above me Getting darker by the minute getting a Little wet wasn't going to kill me right Perhaps I should have considered my Circumstances before saying that the

Rain was relatively light at first but Within minutes it was coming down in Sheets I was okay until I began to Notice the hole filling with water My feet were already submerged by the Time I realized I was in trouble i Clawed my way up the wall until I was Standing and at least the best I was Able and started praying for it to stop As the minutes passed more of my body Disappeared and after an hour the storm Began letting up and I could relax The water level is only about half way At my shins and I knew now if I Continued at that rate help would be Here before it even reached my waist Unfortunately it was just a wall in the Storm sinned enough the rain was Shooting down again the only positive About the whole thing was it had taken My mind off the pain in my leg I tried To be a beat thinking back on funny Jokes and movies the next hour was the Longest in my life what help finally Arrived the rain had almost completely Stopped at the time the robust pulled me Out the water was just below my belt Thinking about drowning to death in a Little hole out in the middle of nowhere Still gives me the willies Once I was out of the hole the write to The hospital went by fast after a Surgery where I acquired some screws and A few plates I was allowed to go home

The next eight weeks on crutches would Drag by but I was happy to be alive Broken leg or not we never got to make Up for the lost trip but I have taken my Kids out camping a few times in the Years since well it's on my mind I may Give my friend a ring we haven't seen One another in a few years in a camping Trip might be the best way to catch up I'll make sure to keep my eyes open this Time I'm not sure if this counts as an alien Or not but I definitely saw something I Can't explain it all about five years Ago and have been dying to tell the Story about five years ago me and two of Their friends were on our way back from Warped Tour in Maryland for those that Don't know Warped Tour is a heavy metal Slash hardcore concert tour thing we Were being driven by one of our friends Mom's because none of us had a car that We could drive yet It was almost night the Sun was still Out kind of and it wasn't dark yet and We were driving on a two-lane highway That had trees on either side of the Road and a medium in the middle of the Lanes basically some creature ran out From the trees on the other side of the Highway jumped the median and sprinted Towards the trees on our side we almost Hit the thing and our friend's mom had a Slam on the brakes and everyone in the

Car was screaming our heads off not Because it was a lookout for the deer Situation but because this was the Scariest looking thing I've ever seen it Was black had long gangly limbs and Moppy black string hair this thing moves So weird I can see it clearly to this Day it even gallops so awkwardly did not Run on all fours like a deer or anything Of that sort When it jumped it jumped off the back Two legs and landed again on the back Two legs before coming down and then Galloped across the road everyone in the Car said the same thing which was what Was that thing to this day I am Convinced it was a demon or an alien or An escaped and medical experiment it was Large and terrifying and the way it Moved was unlike anything I've ever seen In my life I wish I had more details but Sadly that's all I remember I've asked my friends and that friend's Mom about it numerous times and years After the fact and it still gives Everybody shivers The arguments started the same way every Time you'll never catch me dead in a National park they're full of nothing But fat tourists in RVs I'm from the old School and I liked it that way Old school was kind of a description of How he camped if it was made from Anything other than canvas or leather he

Considered a newfangled junk my mother Tried on multiple occasions to introduce Things as common al as nylon tents but He wasn't having it He'd rather carry that big musty wall Tent everywhere we camped and don't get Me started about the stinking cans of Kerosene that always leaked all over Everything he was certainly a man born To late the term roughing it had to been Coined with him in mind we'd continue to Suffer through his archaic ways of Experiencing the outdoors until the near Death and my younger brother showed him The error of his ways throughout the Early 80s my father would drag us out to The National Forest during Thanksgiving The weather was relatively mild for the Time of year in the forest beautiful I Could still smell the pine trees these Retreats always seemed to coincide with The hunting season for some reason I Remember hearing my dad used to hunt Before meeting our mom I think she Forbade him from doing it anymore so This was his way of sticking it to her Either way gunshots near camp for a Common sound I guess because our parents Grew up with very little oversight me And my brother Mike's childhood was the Same no one considered that it might be Dangerous with a bunch of trigger-happy Guys around to let two young boys play In the woods alone it was normal for the

Two of us to leave camp at dawn play all Morning until lunchtime and then go back Out until supper we'd been doing this as Long as I can and no one batted an eye On one specific Thanksgiving we had been Running and crawling through the Underbrush all day this was during the Time GI Joe and Rambo movies were at the Height of their popularity Mike and I Love dressing up in our camouflage Clothes and playing war Mike's birthday Had been just a few days prior and he Got a pair of GI Joe walkie-talkies Looking back they were junk but we loved Them after lunch who returned to the Woods I can't remember exactly what I Was doing at that moment but I know Mike Was trying to sneak up on me I was Sitting on a fallen tree and suddenly Heard a loud bang quickly followed by a Whistling going by my head I dropped Flat on my stomach and waited for Another shot and I wasn't sure what was Happening but something told me to stay Where I was no more than 30 seconds had Passed when I heard faint moaning in the Distance since Mike was missing at that Second I called him on the walkie-talkie No answer but I heard a new noise this Sounded like my name so I called to Mike Again no answer now I was getting scared Without any other ideas I yell out his Name and I told him the game was over And he needed to answer me I wasn't sure

If he was still trying to trick me or Was in real trouble I listened very Intently but nothing but the faint Rustle of leaves could be heard I walked In the direction of the rustle and Listened again nothing so I called out Again the rustling repeated followed by Another moan I ran in that direction About 20 yards and stopped the rustling Came again just to my right and very Close I couldn't see anything so I Dropped my stomach and scanned the Ground about three feet away I spotted The bottom of a Nike I knew it had to be Mike I ran to the bush he was lying under the Sight I came upon still breaks my heart To this day there was Mike staring up at Me with a terrified look on his face Just under his arm was a hole with blood Pouring out of it it shocked me but I Did my best to play it cool I didn't Want to make him any more scare than he Had already had been had I been older I May have known better to move him but I Just reached down and scooped him up in My arms he was too heavy for me but I Was going to do my best to save him I Made it about 100 yards of wire to set Him down he must have been in Considerable pain he asked me to leave Him there Get help his voice sounded very weak and I almost broke into tears right there

Somehow I held myself together and ran Another mile or so without stopping mom Must have known something was wrong she Yelled out in a panic voice for my Father my dad came out of the tent Took one look at me and said how bad is It I was too winded to speak I just pointed Toward where I'd set him down at and he Took off by the time I'd caught up dad Was already picking him up and heading For camp the entire ride to the hospital Mom kept talking to him telling him to Hold on I rode in the back seat holding My shirt against the wound the whole way There what would have normally been at Least a 30-minute drive took us just Twenty dad handed him off to the doctors They had given him in surgery within the Hour and the next three were a long Living nightmare more than shocked at What had happened to my brother I was in Amazement and how calmly my parents were Handling everything having become a Parent sense I realized they were far From calm but they handled it well Either way it was after midnight when The doctor gave us the news things had Been touch-and-go for a long time I only Found out much later that Mike had died More than once during the surgery but Mike had a good chance of recovering Completely the police having been Notified of the shooting arrived soon

After dawn to question us now the Urgency of the situation have passed I Broke down several times during my Recollection that was the first time I Came to grips with the possibility that I could have been shot myself Mike was going to be in the hospital for A few weeks as my parents got a hotel Room nearby I think my father considered Staying at the camp but after a very Short discussion with my mother he Decided against it The detectives handling the case kept us Up to date but as of late as the day I Was discharged no names had been Connected to the case the most widely Held theory is that a poacher mistook The movement in the bushes for a deer And fired it accounts for the lack of Red flags during the search through Hunting Licenses it wasn't the first time this Happened and sadly won't be the last Mike was one of the fortunate cases Though 34 years have passed since then And nobody has been decisively connected To the shooting Mike did make a full Recovery and went on to start his own Business and family just like any other Normal person something great did Actually come out of their mess We never returned to the national Forests and even better dad decided with All those fat tourists with their RVs

Being around it was a safer environment For he and his family between 12 and 17 I got to spend my holidays in awesome Places like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon this was the way I'd always Thought camping should be peaceful and Quiet and I'm almost positive Mike would Agree with me we were camped along Marble Creek donkey Creek near Avery Idaho july 2019 it was a weekday so no Other campers were within miles deep Mountain valleys and dense woods i was Chopping food for dinner my husband and Small children were fishing at the loud Creek I'm an avid birder obsessed I must know Every call I hear and that evening I Heard a call that sounded like an Old-fashioned crank police siren it was Echoing through the valley and came from A higher altitude howls of the same Tambor and pitch but slightly varying Lengths I thought it was an al I must Not know wolves and cougars don't sound Like that my dog did not bark she hid Under the table I also considered that Maybe some kids were playing with an old Police siren but then I realized there Was no way kids could have been up there Near the ridge with something that heavy Plus no one else was up there when I got Back into cell reception I searched Through alcohol's and found nothing Similar but I found that call on other

Bigfoot websites it was the Ohio howl Whenever my husband works Midnight's I Can't sleep so I came outside to sit on My steps and smoke a cigarette I happen To look up because the dogs were barking At something I looked up and saw this Tall black figure standing and kind of Peeking out from behind the shed I Looked at it and kind of squinted at it To see what I could see and it really Wasn't moving I went back inside my House and grabbed a gun when I came back Out it was gone I don't know what he was Doing there it was just a big tall black Mass peeking out from behind the shed it Was massive it was big I jumped up and Ran inside to get the gun I was able to See its head part of the shoulder and Some of the knee it was leaning out it Was 7-foot tall but it was sort of Hunched over – there is no lighting back There only in the front of the house we Have a tree line that comes up behind Our place The tree line comes with about a hundred Feet of the house I don't know how many Times have been here by myself and heard Something bang on the shed in the back There were a couple of nights that I Went out there with my gun but every Time I've heard a bang like something is Hitting on it and the door had been left Open I don't know if something was Trying to get in there I know it's not

The door banging because the door is on A track to hold it still there's been Other times by the camper shell I've Heard noises I've run inside and get the big light And shining over there but nothing there There are a lot of unusual noises that I've heard over the years here and there And I've never been able to put – what It was there are several times when I Have walked back to check the noises of The shed where I felt something was Watching me I've also gotten that Feeling a lot of my French doors because I don't have anything over them I'll be Sitting on my couch and feel like Someone is looking through that window And I look up and there's nothing there And when I get this feeling I am home by Myself I have an apple orchard in the Back but of course his time of year There aren't any apples but late last Year a lot of the apples were gone My husband picks up all the bad ones and Throws them out to the field I got to Thinking about this because somebody Found a footprint recently between Bunker Hill and Staunton a few years Back I was really into caving or to give It its dumb name that nobody uses Spelunking I really did not think I'd be Into it when I first tried it like I'd Have considered myself mildly Claustrophobic the kind of guy who

Always felt a little anxious zipping up A sleeping bag up the hallway but I Don't know whether it just woke Something up in me or it was the rush of Getting over a fear of something to that Effect but I took to it like a duck to Water You're somewhere you shouldn't be Exploring parts of the world that very Few people see relying on people truly Relying on them to ensure your safety And nares It's a rush that's for certain but it's Not without its dangers so every year my Family and a few close friends head out To a national park or something along Those lines to spend some time with Nature and one particular year I managed To convince them out to Mammoth Cave National Park over in Kentucky which is Home to more than 400 miles of Passageways making it the world's Largest known cave system the cave System is located within the Green River Valley and it's winding chambers pools And limestone labyrinths are equal parts Beautiful as they are eerie 10 different Tours offer guests the opportunity to Explore the decorated historic and Dripstone areas the cave complex is Especially well known for its natural Entrance and gothic Avenue a passageway Filled with historic stone monuments and Signatures from 19th century visitors so

That was just about enough history and Photo ops for my mom and aunts the river Could provide hours of fishing for my Dad and uncles all while myself and my Cousin could enjoy the caving there all Went well with the vacation right up Until the second-to-last day When my cousin and I decided to get a Little too exported during a visit to The caves my cousin was fairly new to Caving so for the first few days we Didn't go too deep or too far last thing I wanted to do was freak him out before We done anything worth writing home About but as the week drew to a close There was no way I was going home Without finding something a little more Extreme to traverse so as we're heading Back to civilization after an afternoons Of caving we found a slit just less than Knee high in the rock wall of a cavern You had to get down on your stomach to Fit into such a tight squeeze but if you Did it led to a small crawl space that Cut through the entire Rock after a few Meters I noticed that quartz was growing On the passageways ceiling and in the Light of our headlamps they glittered in A way that I can't really describe in Words I mean it's like something out of A fairy tale a still from one of those Weird Jim Henson movies it's just Magical so we entered one at a time Given that the tunnel was only wide

Enough for one person the old Claustrophobic me would have thought This place was a living nightmare for Real I'd have straight-up panic attacks and Probably have died of a heart attack Before deprivation ever set in every Single time you took a breath in some Places you'd feel the ceiling of the Tunnel on your back it was that narrow But the new mean just found it thrilling Once you get into your head that these Things can just up and collapse on you You get this feeling of calm and then One of exhilaration when you realized You were conquering your fears and going Places other men dared to tread the Deeper inside the tunnel we went the More incredible the scenery became it Was like a whole other tiny world Tucked away with solid rock but Eventually like most small subterranean Tunnels it just kind of petered out at One turn where there was a dead end The other was host to all kinds of Stalactites and stalagmites those are Like those rocks spike things you see Usually on the roofs of caves only you Get them on the bottom – in most places And I'm checking out the stalls to see If there's a possibility of us twisting Through them to get to the deeper Sections of the tunnel when I hear my Husband whisper something behind me

Something that honestly made my blood Run cold he said he could feel water on His back Something was dripping on him as it Turns out while everyone was having a Good time outside checking out the Statues and whatnot it had started to Rain Only they neglected to tell us so thanks Guys it's also worth noting that the Tunnel we were in had sank down into the Rock for a little while before sort of Flattening out at the bottom and to save You all a little geology lecture I'll Get to the point the tunnel we were in Was filling up with water Granted it was filling up slowly but the Position we were in meant that only a Few inches of water could effectively Drown us and that's a real bad position To be in if you don't own a pair of Gills needless to say we turned around As fast as we could which took the Longest time when you factor in how Narrow the tunnel was then begin the Long slow crawl back along the flat part Of the tunnel it was absolutely horrific I tried to keep calm as I collected as I Could but hearing my cousin almost Cracking up in front of me is something That still makes me shudder to think About my biggest fear was that he'd just Lock up which scared people are prone to During particularly grueling caving

Sessions for some reason the brain just Decides it doesn't want to take the body Any further and that's that they can be Stuck down on the rocks for hours before They're calm enough to keep going I was Terrified he just lock up not move and Be the reason we both drowned they're Dying while our family laughed and joked And they're tense but he didn't That night nificent fool kept his cool Relatively speaking anyway and just Pushed on that doesn't mean it still Didn't get pretty close it was Horrendous feeling the water slowly Rising around us sing the little drops Turn into trickles each new one causing My heart rate to speed up and my Adrenaline Serg by the time the tunnel started to Turn upward back towards the main Entrance the water was almost to my lips Moving made these splashing noises and Both of our sets of clothes were Completely soaked through that little Incident caused a ton of crap for the Remaining two days my aunt and uncle Blamed me for almost getting my cousin Killed and they pretty much took it out On my parents for allowing me such a Dumb hobby we didn't go back into those Caves at all and to be honest it took me A few months before I even thought about Caving again and hasn't put me off Entirely and I think it did me some good

To become a little more safety conscious But you can bet your butt that I checked The weather before caving now every Single time and if it even looks like It's going to rain don't do it it's just Not worth losing your life over no Matter how amazing it is okay so this Story isn't quite from a cave but it is From underground so I suppose that's Fairly similar so at my old high school There were these maintenance tunnels That snaked for hundreds of meters Underneath the building itself They were the newly built ones and then There were the old ones that the school Did not use anymore my friend Katie and I have found an entrance to the old Tunnels in a classroom that had long Since been abandoned we had to bust the Lock on the old trapdoor unscrew a round Metal top layer and lure ourselves into A square dirty tunnel the main tunnels Were about two feet wide by maybe only Six feet tall with maybe a few inches of Dirty stagnant water flooding the bottom Now these tunnels were very dark and Very cold with the utterly disgusting Stench of stagnant water and old mold it Was gross but we began exploring the Tunnels a little more every day one time We were in there for maybe 20 minutes Tops When Katie almost passed out from the Smell at least that's what I thought it

Was turns out there was some dangerous Gases down there What I found out later where methane Sinks that were actually pretty Dangerous to those without safety Equipment I had to pretty much drag her Out but the next time we brought Respiratory masks waterproof Footwear And flashlights then said about mapping Out pretty much the entire system all in All we mapped out more than 700 feet of Twisting turning tunnels it became Something of an underground layer for us They went up down and turned to the Sides so much so that we had to use Chalk to mark the walls so we can find Our way back after a particularly long Expedition maybe like three hours we Headed back to where we came in only to Find the opening was actually locked we Pushed and turned on the metal cover Becoming fairly frightened when we found Out it wouldn't budge we were basically Trapped inside and realizing that did Not feel good at all we rushed through The tunnels trying to open each of the Three openings we had found over time But not a single one of them went open Any panic that had been simmering away Before had now bubbled to the surface And to say the least We were completely freaked out we ended Up rushing down a tunnel we hadn't Exactly been down before

Hoping it would lead us to an exit after A while I kept hearing noises behind us I told Katie who was crawling in front Of me we froze turned off her flashlight And listened sure enough a steady Splashing sound was actually following Us we freaked out and started to make a Run for it please bear in mind we had Absolutely no idea where we were going At this point it was just pure blind Panic after what felt like an hour of Frenzied dash into the tunnels tripping Over pipes and scraping our knees we Emerged into a bigger room we realized It wasn't a room but sort of a down Section of a much bigger room as it Turned out there was somebody doing Maintenance down there with us we hid Behind some old metal stairs and when The guy left for more tools we scramble Up the stairs out the door and hid in The girls locker room for the The day we never did find out who locked Us down there or what that splashy noise Was but you can bet we never went into Those tunnels ever again It was last year 2019 around mid-october Near the Blue Ridge Parkway me and my Boyfriend were working for the Roanoke Times delivering newspaper when this Encounter happened We delivered anywhere from 12 a.m. to 6 A.m. we were almost done with the route When we went to turn down this dead-end

To maintenance Road Since there was houses at the end of That who got paper it was around 3:30 to 4:00 a.m. while my boyfriend was going Down the gravel and maintenance road the Headlights caught a glimpse of this Thing spinning right at where the grass Meant the road it stood about seven feet Tall and it took off up the hill when it Kind of walked fast not necessarily ran It was dark brown and had shaggy hair Like fur it was on two feet and walked Like a human with its arms swaying back And forth right below the knees I Screamed out for my boyfriend to stop The car but by the time his reaction Time kicked in whatever it was already Made its way up the hill my boyfriend Positioned the car so the lights would Shine up the hill and that's when we saw Two bright glowing red yellow eyes Looking back at us what was strange what It was hiding behind a huge tree and how High the eyes were up from the ground it Was close to seven feet tall you could Clearly see the eyes blink we sat there For approximately ten minutes and Finally decided to finish up the route And come back we did eventually come Back after we got done with the last House and it was gone but you could see Where the tree limbs and grass was Pushed down from where I was standing on The side of the road maybe less than a

Month before we had the encounter we had Heard tree knocks while on our route From deep down in the woods maybe a Neighborhood or two over it scared us so Bad when we heard it that we just banged The newspaper up and threw it on the Side of the Some backstory my mom and I are both From believers in all things paranormal We know the stories of black-eyed Children very well two kids with no Emotion and black shadowy faces asking To come inside to use the phone grab Something to eat or even ask you for Just simple help but if you help bad Things will happen we are believers but Of course we never thought either of us Would actually encounter something like This on Friday night my mom got home Late from work there is a meeting about Her work staying open during quarantine So she didn't get to our house until Around hmm I think about 7:30 or so After pulling up in front of our house She noticed a kid walking down her Street now my neighborhood doesn't Really have younger kids at all mainly Just as teenagers so my mom found this Kid walking kind of strange she even Says to my dad who is on the phone with Her and he jokes about the kid jumping On her car to scare her you know a Typical dad trying to be funny sorta Then just as fast as he was in front of

Her and moving to her he was gone down The road and around the corner 20 minutes go by and before my mother Hangs up the phone and steps out of the Car from behind her she hears a very Childlike excuse me after dropping her Purse and screaming she looks to the kid Who notices it's the same boy who had Disappeared around the corner almost a Half hour before immediately she told us She had this overwhelming feeling of Pure fear throughout her entire body she Stares this boy down and notes that she Can't see his face at all Because of his hood and shadows from the Street lamp behind him and he has no Shoes it's 8 p.m. on a Friday night After a stay at home order was just put Out and there was a little boy running Around barefoot and just shorts and a Hoodie it was like he was trying to Dress like a regular person but just Barely missed the mark this little boy With his head down asked my mom if she Had seen another little boy And that he couldn't find him anywhere Meaning he was one of a pair my mom who Has three kids and is one of the most Genuinely kind people I know had no urge Whatsoever to help this child in front Of her or had any kind of sympathy for His situation she just felt wrong like There was something off and she needed To leave in her head her only thought

Was that she needed to run to our porch Steps and get inside however what came Out of her mouth was completely Different she tells this little boy no I Haven't honey where did you lose him I Can help you look every part of her was Telling her to leave and that this was Wrong but she offered to help it's like The children knew that she thought Something was off though because right At that second another boy in the Distance screamed of course my mom Jumped in her fierce pike but the boy Was eerily calm still he looked at her And in a monotone voice said oh there he Is Turned in the opposite direction and ran Up our street and then turned left which Was the wrong way where the voice came From when I was about 12 my family Bought a fishing cabin by a small River About 70 miles from our home on our First visit to stay in this cabin it was Kind of a work occasion meaning we were Painting and fixing and stuff as well as Fishing one of the people who lived near This cabin came over to say hi and Introduce herself during the course of Her visit she told us don't be afraid of The purple glowing mist you will see It's just from the UFOs and it won't Hurt you all of us kids snickered at This while elbowing each other so my mom Chased us off and apologized to the

Woman she later yelled at us for being Rude two nights later we were out at Night fishing with her father the stars Were amazing looking without the city's Lights pollution and we're all pointing In different constellations and Challenging each other to name them my Youngest brother pointed out to a Perfect circle of about seven bright Stars and asked what are those calls We all kind of froze and stared because Well there's no such constellation yet Here it was while we were looking at it The Stars took off differently and Silently in different directions and Vanished all over the surrounding Horizons We ran looking back it was stupid to run I mean the things were already gone but We were spooked and we ran as fast as we Could back to the cabin where my mother Was sleeping about half the way there Our dad overtook us and ran straight Into the cabin ahead of us slamming the Door when we get back into the cabin He told us just shut up and go to bed he Sounded angry so we did just that the Next morning at breakfast when we tried To talk about it My dad angrily said that he didn't Remember any of that and to stop with The stories my sister asked why did you Run and he said that he was tired and Wanted to go to bed he was tired so he

Ran my dad can be a real goober Sometimes this wasn't the only time we Saw things in the sky while staying There but it was the most interesting we Tried on a few occasions to get pictures But it was the early 60s and cameras Sucked half the time back then at least The chief kid cameras we had did we were Afraid to ask dad's good camera for that We only had that cabin for a few years When my dad suddenly sold it we never Could get him to talk about that night He would firmly deny it every time we Tried never did see the purple glowing Mist though and we looked for it it was Around the year 1989 I was working at McDonald's and Carolyn bill and that was Closed that night I was headed home Around 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. I was Headed west on Illinois highway 108 I Was going to an area on the highway Known to the locals as hagia Man bottoms Just as I was about to approach the Bridge at the bottom of Bell Hill I saw A large creature standing next to the Road just as I got near it or just about Even with the creature it reached out at My car It scared me and I accelerated my car to Get away from it it was very bright Moonlit night and I could tell that it Was dark brown or black in color It was also tall as it stood above the Top of my car the car I owned at the

Time was a Chevy celebrity Eurosport I Remember its standing facing east when I Was passing it it turns south and Reached out with its right hand this was A very scary experience for a young girl In a car going home all by herself As a child I grew up in a small town in Fayette this town is just west of Hagah Man bottoms at night after the Supper Meal we would take food scraps out to The trash burning barrel behind the shed I would get a feeling like there was Always something around or close by and My hair would stand up on my arms and I Would get very scared to go out there When it was dark I never did see Anything but just got an eerie feeling Like something was watching me on October 7th 2017 my wife myself and our Dog went on a late-season kayak paddle To upper priest Lake and overnight Camping trip at Beaver Creek Campground After loading the kayak after our paddle We drove half a mile to the campground Only to find that it was closed for the Season not wanting to find another Campsite we drove around the campground To tool bay boat launch parking area Which was still open we parked our Vehicle unloaded our tent sleeping and Cooking gear and begin a set of camp Carrying things into a designated site That would normally be accessed by the Campground Road I was a bit concerned

About camping in the site after the Campground was officially closed but Figured that it was already getting dark It was unlikely that we would be Confronted by a ranger it had been Raining and was getting cold and my wife Wanted a campfire to warm up our paddle To upper priest Lake I didn't want to Start a fire as I was still uneasy about Camping there and concerned that a fire Would attract attention to us After setting up the tent and getting Things situated we heard a who call to The north of us across the road I had The distinct impression that it wasn't An owl but a person Wooing for somebody in the dark woods Like someone trying to contact a hiker Who was late getting back to the car Though there were no other cars in the Area the call was quite loud louder than Any al I have ever heard to me it seemed Like it was coming from something a Person with very large lung capacity by This time it was dark and we couldn't See anything beneath the tree canopy Outside of our campsite while my wife Worked on starting a fire with wet Branches unsuccessfully I arranged her Sleeping gear in the tent suddenly we Heard a woo call that was much closer And much louder this call made us Nervous as we both felt it was made by a Person who was camping around our

Campsite in the dark messing with us but We had heard no vehicles drive in saw no Headlights or flashlights and it was too Dark and overcast for a person to drive Or walk around the woods without a light My wife has better hearing than I do and Heard what she felt was an answering hoo From some distance away in the forest Grabbing a flashlight I walked 75 feet or so back to her Vehicle to get my 9-millimeter pistol There was no question that this was not An owl the call was much too loud and Gave both of us a fearful feeling I can Feel the loudness of the call in my Chest We noticed that her dog had no reaction To the calls remaining in camp and not Acting scared but I sure felt that way Even with a firearm on my hip after the Last loud call we didn't hear anything More the rest of the night no vehicles Drove into the boat launch parking area And we heard no people or animals about In the morning I looked around our Campsite but couldn't see that anything Had been disturbed Later back home my wife researched Alcohols online but couldn't find Anything that sounded like what we had Heard whatever had made those calls Around our campsite that night knew we Were there and had a lung capacity much Larger than an adult human male last

Fall 20-19 well on a motorcycle ride of Tango Creek which was approximately 15 Miles from her incident we saw a frou Tree about 5 feet in diameter broken off About the 8 to 9 foot tall of the ground Near a trail by a pull-out parking area No other trees in the area had been Damaged I'm a qualified caving Instructor and honestly it's not very Often at all that I actually get framed During a Cayden trip now it's entirely Possible that have never gotten spooked Because I'm simply not claustrophobic Nor am i afraid of the dark I mean Asking somebody who likes caving to Describe really scary moments in a cave Could but if you asked people who hate Caving but were somehow roped into it Anyway What was scary about it those stories Might prove a little more fruitful Having said that there's definitely a Few caving trips I presided over that Haven't gone exactly according to plan I Used to do a lot of solo caving and Rappeling down vertical caves was one of My favorite parts of the whole process I Must have dropped into a cave maybe 300 Times or more last month I took a small group of Boy Scouts from Michigan into a vertical cave being Slightly out of practice and not Trusting of my own well-worn gear to Keep the kids safe I ended up borrowing

One from a buddy of mine it was a Slightly smaller bundle slightly Narrower in diameter but it was Infinitely more flexible than mine was I Thought this might prove to be more boon But it turns out I didn't quite think This through and problems that didn't Occur at me at the time begin to Manifest quickly once I was in the cave I figured out pretty quickly that I Didn't have nearly the amount of control I was used to when rappeling I found That I was able to stop but only barely Sitting over a 200-foot drop While hardly being able to keep myself From sliding I decided to abort the Rabble at the first ledge I arrived at Which was about 30 feet down I had to Lock off my rack and call on those who Came with me to help me swing over to The ledge and climb back out imagine That having your life in the hands of a Bunch of Boy Scouts no offense to the Little guys they did the job but I was Pretty worried for a minute or two I did have climbing gear with me and I Suppose I could have just switched over To the other rack but that would have Been a hell of a lot more trouble so I Took the easy way out no not that one Since I was able to lock off the rack I Could simply rust there and think about My situation and the thoughts were not Good the Boy Scouts had their troop

Leader with them so it wasn't like there Wasn't a strong full adult there to add Some extra Pole but I'll admit that I Couldn't help imagine what would happen If something went wrong if I were the Panicking type I suppose I would have Been deathly afraid that I would lose my Life right then and there but that Doesn't mean the prospect didn't make me Feel extremely nervous I was literally dangling like 30 foot Down into a pit with gear that was not Right for the rope I was on with Absolutely no way to control my descent The thing is I'm careful enough that When I decided that the rattle wasn't a Sure thing I chose to call it all Entirely rather than risk that I had Enough control to descend safely that's The type of care that keeps you alive in Caves like that but if you want to hear About something that really has that Pucker factor that's about how a Vertical cave with pull downs you take Your rope with you and an unexpected Increase in water levels there's a cave Out in Tennessee where there are three Vertical drops over 100 feet but people Typically only take one rope because the Bottom of the cave is open and you could Pretty much walk out of it unless it's Flooded there is always water in the Cave Anywhere from ankle deep to about 18

Inches between the second and the third Drop there's a long 400 foot crawl away With low ceilings and high water When I've been there is about a half a Foot of water with about the same amount Of airspace above it's a really nice Crawl though with pretty river pebbles On the floor and lots of small put clean Formations along the walls white calcite Formations and stalactites and Stalagmites and soda straws mostly some Of the formations are beige yellow or Tinged with red showing impurities of Course which leads to lots of variations During the 400 foot crawl if for example A caver was in a small party who were Exploring this particular cave and Dropped into an expecting typical Through trip but happened to have a Problem during the second 200 foot Rabble the party could just decide to Float him to the crawl way and lower him Down the final 100 foot rattle they Could pull down the rope and move him to Where the entrance to the crawl is only To discover that the water levels are Too high and there's a very small air Gap in the crawl but what the water that High the movement of the water would be Very Swift and it might be too much for Somebody attempting to navigate it to Fight their way back upstream that Person would have to contend with just a Few inches of oxygenated air at the top

Of a passage that has razor-sharp rocks All along the cave ceiling and at the End of the passage the water jets out Over to a drop that's more than almost Half a mile down the immense water Pressure would try to push them out of The passage and it would take a great Amount of strength and effort for a Sustained period of time to be able to Resist the water pressure and honestly It would not take long to exhaust Somebody and when they run out of Strength then it's time for the big Sleep it's likely that the fall would Not kill the cave or outright since the Bottom of the drop would be completely Flooded he'd hit the bottom and in all Likelihood break a bone or sprain an Ankle but the water would essentially Break his fall potentially saving his Life But that's only assuming that he could Breathe the whole way down the passage Without getting his space torn up by Rocks on the ceiling and as you can Imagine that's very very unlikely If there's one thing you take away from This dumb story about caving it's that You never go alone and generally Speaking you don't try to take an Injured person out of the cave with Small numbers it's better to leave one Person with that injured party and let Two people go out and get help

That's why the smallest safe party is no Less than about four people but with one Person staying back and two people Trying to make it out of a flooded Passage there's potential for lots of Drama let me preface this by stating That almost all the encounters that I Have witnessed have been with at least One other individual the first two Encounters happened on two consecutive Days in 1997 and the numerous other Encounters happened over the span of 90 Days a year and a half ago I do not Recall being abducted I have filed Reports with an incredibly incompetent Mutual UFO network back in 97 my buddy And I had just finished up our Pizza Shift at a joint it was around 11:00 P.m. we were worn out and wanted to go Get stoned we were completely sober Anyway we drove out into a cornfield in The off year so it was full of rye we're About half a mile off the road it was Pitch black and because of our vantage Point I could see headlights in any Direction for a good mile we were way Out in the country so no worries My buddy starts breaking up the weed When I noticed what I believed to be a Truck head light shined directly from Behind take a hard left and disappear my Buddy didn't seem to notice but I became Frantic I thought it was the cops my Friend thinks I'm messing with him and

Continues breaking up some really Terrible brick weed I recall looking at The Stars and one star in particular Grabbed my attention and I can't tell You why but it looked like your average Star within 30 seconds this star starts Moving up and down side to side and in Circles I yelled in a panic what is that My buddy just gives a dismissive And then he looks around pointing for Five minutes The UFO continues to move in very fluid Movements making impossible maneuvers And do so in complete silence without Notice this one object becomes five Equally impressive star-like objects They stayed close together at times they Move in some kind of formation another Times they seem to move independently Just as quick as they came they fused Back together as one we were in shock But we didn't feel like we were in Harm's way We were recapping what we witnessed but That single UFO was still there and Wasn't moving too much we thought things Were coming to a close but we were wrong This time the one object turned into at Least seven objects the way they moved And jerked around felt aggressive to me My friend must have felt the same way Because he said he was starting to get Nervous I told him we should go Embarrassed

I confess that I knew it was there for Us and I became fearful we halt out of There and this thing follows us to the Outskirts of town the night after me and The same buddy walked across my Apartment complex to go visit with a Neighbor I was about to grill some burgers the Sun was just starting to set on a humid Midsummer afternoon we knocked on the Door and my neighbor lets us sit in with Him was his girlfriend her sister and Some random guy that I didn't know I go Out back with ray to chitchat while he Fires up his Kingsford grill it's just The two of us so I take the opportunity To tell him about the previous night the Stars are just starting to come out and In my storytelling I pointed out one Just so ray would know exactly what I Meant I'm still pretty much tripped out so I'm Fairly excited when describing Everything I'm almost done with my story And I noticed ray looking at the stars That are just beginning to appear I mean This guy is looking around everywhere It's like he became instantly paranoid While I was in mid-sentence ray points To the Northeast and yells Like that right there the goosebumps He yelled inside for everybody to come Out they did so and soon after the same Situation as mentioned starts to occur

It went on for a bit it went on so long That everybody but ray and myself went Inside we ate our burgers while watching This behind Ray's apartment was a field 300 yards away on the other side of the Field is a tree line in Creek on the Other side of that tree line is another Field this object slowly descends Towards the tree line and I opened the Door and yell for everybody to come back Out we watched this huge fiery orb in Complete silence land on the other side Of that tree line when we lost direct Sight of it we could still see the light Through the trees right before the light Disappeared it became very bright we all Kept asking each other if this is real And this is the part where some of you May lose it but hell after several Minutes and at the end of all sunlight Nothing was happening everybody was in And out of the house I remember standing In the front of the back door talking to Ray's girlfriend in the kitchen ray my Buddy from the previous night and the Girlfriends sister were outside my buddy Says under his breath and darts past me The sister is right behind him ray shows Me the door and almost falls on top of Me the girlfriend screams slams the door Shut and locks it we all back away from The door all after our what on earth was That we decided it was a four legged Covered and brown fur and tried to

Attack us this apartment was a townhouse We all went upstairs to get a better Look there it was in the shadows it was Pacing around and keeping an eye out This is when they appeared they came out Of the darkness They were short at around 3 feet tall Skin tone was grayish with a bit of Caucasian color these were short greys And there were several of them meanwhile The animal thing starts to climb a Utility pole this isn't a typical you It has six or eight transformers on it And is h-shaped and kind of low when the Bee starts to climb I watch its shape Shift to a degree it decides to perch on One of the crossbeams it looked right at Us but its focus seemed to be on the ETS It acted like a guard dog for lack of a Better words the greys were closed and They had some sort of instruments they Seemed preoccupied by the field they Would look at us on occasion but they Were doing something what exactly I Don't know this went on for hours and Eventually we all went and ran back Downstairs every once in a while of go Check to see if they were gone and as Soon as it was all clear I ran home that Was it for the next four years I pretty much believed it was random and Then after meeting my biological father For the very first time my ex-wife Jokingly brings up my UFO stories of her

Dinner and wine I have had several Experiences over the years near my home Five years ago I was picking Blackberries on the back side of my Property late June to the east of the Blackberry vines as a farm field the Field was planted in corn and there was A strip of last year's corn residue at The edge of the field old stubble harder Walk through with boots on there were a Series of footprints coming out of the Field moving towards the woods there Were five prints about my size Men's 11 or 12 bare foot wide with no Arch flat-footed I go barefoot a lot but No one in their right mind walks to a Corn field with stubble in bare foot Four years ago my son and I were in my Bedroom watching videos on my computer About 6:00 in the evening when something Passed by my cabin and beat on the wall As it went by scared us to death the Pounding started near the corner of the Room where we're in near the ceiling This is a good 10 feet above the ground Level outside this Ii was in the other corner of the room The third hit sounded like it came from Above the window in the den and the Fourth and fifth hits were on the Bathroom wall quick Bam Bam Bam Bam I live in a log cabin and it literally Shook the house next morning I looked Around outside no prints nothing on the

Logs it was in July and August ground Was dry and hard I have ruled the house Settling Small animals birds no idea what it was This year mated June 2012 about 10:30 at Night I was getting ready for bed my son Was in the bathroom we both heard a low Very guttural grunt who outside the House my son is 18 and large muscular Young man but he came out of the Bathroom pulling up his jeans and Looking scared We ran out onto the porch and Tinus sees Something large dark and low to the Ground run past my neighbor's house Truthfully it looked like a gorilla Running flat on all fours it activated My neighbor's motion sensor lights in Front of his home and about thirty Seconds later the Coyotes on the other Side of the highway went nuts it was Moving quarter of a mile in just under a Minute the next day my father said he Also heard the grunt it woke him up I Sometimes find broken trees and bent Trees in the woods I have also heard Screams and howls that I can just write Off as being a dear Bobcat coyote or Vixen I don't know where I stand on the whole UFO controversy but I can vividly recall An experience from my childhood that I've never forgotten and cannot explain I was maybe 10 or 11 years old I

Distinctly remember it because it caused Me a sense of terror more pure than any I had had or felt sense my parents house Is out in the country and my old bedroom Is on the second floor with two windows Facing north and west respectively my Bed was up against the west wall just Beneath the window my dog Henry was Sleeping with me that night I woke up to The sound of Henry barking and found my Room bathed in light from the window Above my bed I can vividly recall Henry Silhouetted staring into the light Barking her brains out I jerked up and Looked out but there was only light a Crackly humming droning sound filled the Air I was disoriented and terrified both For myself and for my dog but all I Could do was pull my blankets over my Head and curl into a ball I was sure Henry was going to die I Remember feeling sorry that I was too Framed to help in my head the clear Thought of I don't want to die repeated Over and over and I wasn't aware that Was the first time in my life that I had Ever really not wanted to die Like it was the first time I never Genuinely felt that I was going to die The experience ends there I woke up the Next morning with Henry in my bed I Immediately went to my parents room and Woke them up to ask if they had seen the Light or heard Henry barking but they

Hadn't I wondered if I dreamt it but I'd Never had a dream so visceral before all The fury experienced up to that point Became a lower classification now there Was fear and there was real fear when I First heard about sleep paralysis my Mind immediately went to that night it Had some of the same characteristics the Terror the vividness the weird noise but I wasn't paralyzed I moved twice once When I sat up and peeked into the light Again When I pulled my blankets over my head And head I think I can give a good Answer to this as I have been caving as A hobby for several years now Nothing really super naturally creepy Ever happened during any of my cave Events but I have been in some dangerous Situations which have either left me Questioning my sanity or the sanity of Those around me so I used to go caving With a group of people from a university Club but I had been out of the University a few years and just been Doing my own thing well one weekend me And my friend Josie decided we should go On a little trip to a cave with these Guys you know to see how the old club Was doing the club that taught us how to Cave and we in turn taught the new guys When we were the old breed so anyway the Trip is going according to plan and me And Josie go off caving on our own but

One evening we decide to join the whole Group and cave with them in a tunnel System near our communal campsite now at The time it was raining a little and I Was beginning to feel uneasy about the Whole thing but to be honest I never Voiced my concerns and just went with it Big mistake and so it was that a large Group of us about twelve people arrived At this cave system spending about 20 Minutes checking their gear before entry The particular cave system we were Exploring is normally just a Subterranean River on the inside but it Has a few levels of corridors that you Can explore high above the water itself The entrance is really tight though and Requires you to climb down this tight Pipe extremely cautiously using only Your feet to feel for stable footholds There is absolutely no way to see what Is below you and basically if you lose Your footing there is a nasty fall that Could leave you seriously injured if you Fell victim to it however managed to Keep your head together and you'll be Fine so much of caving is winning the Battle in your own mind so we get to the Cave and the guys in the club are doing Their own thing Me and Josie are just the old salty Veterans coming along to relive the old College days once we're inside we Realized that there is one younger girl

Who's got ourselves somehow stuck in the Entrance at the very rear of the group It turns out it was only her second Caving trip ever And for some reason her buddies thought It would be a good idea to bring her Into this one even though she had Panicked whilst in a much larger easier Cave system earlier in the week so one Of the team leaders stays behind to help The panicking girl calm down and get her To advance further into the cave while The rest of us move deeper down some of The long corridors before we start Exploring the cave properly then I went And asked one of the leaders of the Group a girl I had taught how to cave Just a few years before what time it was And to my absolute shock and horror she Straight-up tells me she doesn't know Because she's not wearing a watch Shocked I asked her how the hell she expects to Know what time to leave the cave and to Be out for call out for those that don't Know the call out is arguably the most Important aspect of serious caving it's Where you let someone on the surface Know even if it's just a friend who's Not even on the trip exactly who is Going to be present on a caving trip as Well as what time you plan on leaving Without a call-out if something goes Wrong nobody will know you are missing

For days or even weeks and will then Have potentially hundreds of caves to Look over in the hopes of finding you And in that time it's entirely possible That you could have died of deprivation By that point remember it takes just Around 72 hours without water for a Person's heart to just pack up and see Speeding anyway The leader of all these sweet innocent Beginners tells me that she did not Leave a call out or bring any first-aid Kit or safety equipment I'm literally Furious that she's put us in this Situation but I hold my cool long enough Because I don't want the others to panic Because the panic in a cave system is a Straight-up death sentence on occasion But still I tell her quietly that I am Now the call-out and towed out the cave By 1:30 p.m. I reluctantly give her my watch trying Not to start and snap and straight-up Call her reckless and dumb before I Start back towards the Cape entrance Back near the entranceway the other Leader guy who was sitting with the girl Who got stuck earlier the same one who Managed to get her into the cave turns Out she just could not handle it and They'd abandoned the attempt entirely I Go through the situation with them and Tell them I am leaving the cave to be The callout guy they asked me to go get

An SRT kit which is basically just ropes And a harness in case any other caving Club needed to climb back up so I do Just that a little while later I head Back with the gear which they did not Have at all and I had to borrow off Other cavers who were lucky at the Campsite I get back to the cave and the Others are leaving rather slowly as it Is a difficult entrance and climbing out Is considerably harder than climbing in They all managed to get out but lo and Behold the panicking girl gets stuck and With two leaders trapped below her she Is blocking the entrance we harness her Up and I rigged up an anchor to try and Secure her on a rope in case she falls But she is wedged in there tight and Isn't in the right frame of mind to get Moving then I get the news from the Others below that the cave is starting To fill because of the rain and after What seems like an eternity of them Nicely talking to this panicking girl Telling her she's doing great and she Will be fine she is getting worse at This stage I freaked out I shouted her That she needs to get herself together And get out of the cave because two Others are stuck behind her it kind of Works and she nearly stops having a Panic attack not entirely but stops Hyperventilating which just makes her More stuck she still won't climb out

Though so against all common sense I'd Lie down into the hole and grab her by The harness and pull her up and out of The cave this actually occurred last Week on January 15th 2016 I live in Outer Sunset in San Francisco Around 7 p.m. I poked my head out the Window To see if it was raining it wasn't I heard a loud aircraft overhead which Was several magnitudes louder than the Planes that normally fly in the area I Looked to my left and saw a plane that Appeared to be a commercial aircraft but I noticed it was much larger and the Lights were super bright and creating Large cones of light ahead of it I Remember thinking how neat it looked Being able to see so much of the craft And the area lit up around it with such A cloudy evening when I tried to focus In on its lights they flickered off and I lost it completely I could still hear It though very loudly about 10 seconds Went by and I see something come alight About two blocks to my right I see a lot Of commercial aircraft out there but This was easily four to six times larger In the sky than they normally appear the Lights were strange too I saw what Appeared to be four white jet exhausts And across the whole craft they were Blue and red lights and lines slowly Glimmering it moved much slower than

Regular planes and was visible for about Ten seconds moving north along the beach And then vanished for about ten seconds Confused I looked around to see if Anybody else had witnessed it lo and Behold someone on the corner of my Street who was running their bike had Stopped and was gazing up at the sky in The same location as the craft had been I shouted down to them hey did you see That what was that they turned and Looked at me looked back at the sky and Then back at me then without saying Anything got on their bike and rode away Quickly and I could still hear the craft So I got out onto my roof about a half Minute later or so I saw it come again From behind and slowly fly west out over The ocean until it vanished I stayed on My roof watching and waiting to catch it Again but I didn't hear or see it after About 20 minutes regular aircraft began Flying overhead per usual my best guess Is it could have been some sort of The past several months we have had some Very strange activity going on around Our house we live out in the country and We've ignored a lot of it but here Lately we can't ignore the activity Going on about a month or two ago my Husband went outside to smoke and he Heard something and as he looked in our Driveway he's seen an animal that stood About seven feet tall all hairy he

Couldn't explain it except that it Looked like one of her dogs on two feet And extremely tall it walked past our Trailer and that's how he could guess That the height could be we've heard What sounded like a baseball bat hitting A tree we've heard whistles and calls of What Bigfoot sounds like we've had Chickens and cats go missing every night About the same time you can hear Footsteps and sounds it's to the point To where we are scared to go outside We've never believed in Bigfoot till We've seen it and have heard them I'm Sure there are more than one around Because we live near caves they sound Like they are all around us at night we Had a ball in our yard and after finding It in the woods one day and down the Road from us another day and bring it Back several times it went missing and We've not been able to find it since I Just find it odd that this has just Happened after we've been hearing noises That sounded like Bigfoot I'm a 24 year old male living in the Philippines this is not even my story But my dad's it happened when I was a Year old and my mother was pregnant with My younger sister we lived in a Semi-rural area where we had a lot of Relatives and everybody knew each other In the neighborhood my dad was out Watering the plants in the backyard when

He noticed a huge black bird perched on A low branch in a tree we used to have In our backyard I no big deal right except the bird had Unnaturally bloodshot eyes and looked Back at my dad like it was thinking my Father a bit unsettled thought nothing More of it as he resumed his work and Went inside Afterwards hours pass and it was after Dark my dad went out again to do some More chores in our back yard he was just Finishing up when he noticed in the Alley between our house and the fence Separating us from the neighbors some Small creature shuffling across a puddle Of water on the pavement now we had a Pet turtle a red-eared slider and my dad Thought that the turtle somehow God of Its tank and was making its way across The alley but on closer inspection he Realized that it wasn't our turtle but I Kid you not a crab that's right a crab Hundreds of miles away from any sea it Was huge a dinner plate sized crab and What further unnerved my father was that This crab just like the bird earlier in The morning bloodshot eyes The crabs stopped look at my dad with According to him the same intense stare The bird gave him my dad having had Enough quickly went inside a bit creeped Out and everything that had happened That day the very next day my father was

Speaking with the elders in the Neighborhood and what he saw the Previous day they told him it was an AA Swing now in rural areas of the Philippines there are stories of aah Swings which are kind of philippine Analog to vampire in western folklore They are said to be shapeshifters who Enjoy feasting on human and animal Entrails but a favorite delicacy of Aswangs our unborn fetuses A NOS wing would crawl atop a roof at Night directly above a pregnant woman as She slept Slip its long tongue through an opening In the roof and lap up the fetus like a Mosquito would blood as it happened my Mother was pregnant with my sister one Old man claimed he knew the Aswang that Paid a visit to our home he told my dad That this particular one wasn't trying To eat my sister but that had just like Being around pregnant women like my mom Because it was intoxicating to all ass Wang's doesn't make it less creepy Though and I'm glad that that ass Wang Was not one of the malevolent ones it Was an interesting story though I should Pay more visits to my dad to hear more Stories from him but I haven't gone back To them since because their foolishness Straight up nearly got two team leaders Killed I have recently moved out of my House in Illinois during the last year

So I have experienced several strange Occurrences I have never actually seen Anything except once a large dark shape Moving bipedally through the heavy fog I Have heard the sound of something Drumming on tree trunks the sound of Something big walking in the woods on Two legs I have found chunks of firewood Thrown from my woodpile and now November 25th of 2008 as I was packing to move I Heard a moaning Hal very close to the House I have hunted for 20 years and I Have never heard the likes of this I Stopped loading the vehicle loaded my 45 And locked the door I did the rest of my Packing and the next two nights armed But as before I had the distinct feeling I was being watched and several times Large branches were broken and there was Knocking on trees also there is an area Of woods for the grass and foliage is Crushed down this could be deer but Since these things have started Occurring the deer who are usually thick As fleas have been gone several other People have heard knocking however I was Alone when the howl occurred and it is Mostly at night I live in Wisconsin and have been Interested in Sasquatch my entire life I Have been a hunter for 44 years and no Sounds footprints and behavior of just About every creature in Wisconsin I have Always wanted to become involved in

Actively looking for Sasquatch in 2015 I Started researching sightings and Incidents in Wisconsin and discovered The northern third of the state had many Reports in Phillips Prentiss and Pryce Counties as well as the national forests My husband is also interested so we Decided to research areas of some Reported sightings we spent a great deal Of time walking around the forest off of Highway 17 near winter Wisconsin we Documented our findings using video cams And photographs I have a photo of what I Believe it's a sasquatch print in the Forest near some tree bends and a small Ground glyph that was about five yards From the print a year later we Discovered that the glyph had been Modified with additional sticks and Limbs we have photographs of tree bends And breaks and trees woven together that No human can manage and since 2015 have Actively returned to the same area of The forest to see if there are no Changes or anything new and I've also Had a response to a wood knock that I Did in the summer of 2018 the area of The return knock is in the area that has No homes roads or trails beginning in 2016 my oldest sister my daughter and I Decided to set up camp near Loretta and Each summer we would spend time camped And actively researching and have many Photographs On June 6th through 9th 2019

We once again set up our camp in the Same campground but in a different site Though he had not used before at the end Of the row on the southwest side of the Camp there's nothing for miles behind That spot we did not see anything Unusual when we hiked through the forest Earlier in the day but on our last night A bear walk through our campsite Just before dark so we decided to hit The bunks early and it was around 10 to 10:30 p.m. when I heard a rustling Around the camper it's a modified camper With a deck that has a zipper tent Extending from the camper with a tarp Material or on the bottom the creature Was crinkling and fiddling around with The bottom portion of the extended porch And making the tarp crackle I thought The bear had returned and was rustling Around camp and expected the camp to be Destroyed in the next morning the noise Went on for about a half an hour and Then it stopped my daughter and sister Were asleep less than 30 minutes later a Handful of rocks hit the side of the Camper followed by three more rounds of Rocks and finally a larger rock hit the Camper roof this woke my sister who Sleeps with earplugs She later says she does not know why she Woke up but I believe it was the sound Of the big rock Hitting above her head by then my

Daughter was awake as well it was quiet The rest of the night the next morning When it was light out I bailed out of The camper expecting to see a ripped up Camp but all was pristine the first Morning at camp my daughter set up a Hammock behind and slightly to the side Of the back of the camper when she was Taking it down she found a rock in the Hammock my theory is that whatever threw Rocks had to lob them over her hammock And one either bounced back and fell Into the hammock or pinged off the tree And landed in the hammock we were the Only campers in the campground except For a man that came in with his rig he Left the next morning many areas have Tree bends twists a possible footprint All in the forest just east and north of The campground where the rock-throwing Incident occurred Back in the spring of 1978 at the age of 17 myself and my high school sweetheart Were parking just off of a seldom Traveled country road in a County about 10 to 13 miles south of Carlinville And roughly 10 miles west of Gil Spy we Were making out on a farm field across In the back seat of my car parked about 20 feet off the road the area was Fertile bottom land just about 50 feet From a bridge over a small creek they Were dense woods around with a small Cornfield maybe four acres cut out of

The fertile soil along side of the creek The knight was one I'll never forget And our young passion a foul stench came Over the area but the real thrill soon Followed We heard the loudest most she'll scream We could imagine it was very very close And extremely loud It started as several low-toned grunts And exploded into the most frightening Schill scream I'd ever heard it seemed To vibrate the old car we were in we Were both panic-stricken and scared out Of her mind I jumped into the front seat Butt-naked and drove like hell until we Were on high ground and away from any Woods I hadn't taken time to dress until We were miles away from that spot we Discussed what had happened and decided To keep the whole thing a secret Actually we looked at each other and Said something like this didn't happen Did it the whole thing gave me a fear of The woods that lasted for almost twenty Years but as I looked back on it I Realized whatever it was had been Watching us and at any time if it were a Savage beast had every chance to do Whatever it wanted to do to us did we go Back later and look for the tracks no no Way I avoided that area at all cost day or Night did the sound resemble recordings That we hear a Bigfoot well actually it

Did indeed but amplified by a Hundredfold I recall his small children The screams of what the local Illinois Farmers called a mountain We had several cattle maimed and that Scream was nothing like the one we had Heard that evening it was just so Chilling mine happened probably back in About 95 to 96 s at the time I was a Pizza delivery guy I was out on a Delivery and after the delivery I was Returning to the store while driving Along the highway I noticed three still lights almost in a Row way off above the horizon since it Was evening and it was dark stars were Visible first thought was that they were From planes for the airport as they were Way brighter than the stars that were Out they only looked still because I was Driving on the highway and my mind was Playing tricks on me Over the course of the next few minutes As I was continuing down the highway I Noticed the center light started moving Up it contained into the shape of a Triangle I continued to try and keep an Eye on triangle of lights in the Distance as the whole thing moved Towards the sky I eventually lost eye side of this thing Behind trees and whatever else and made It back to work I was utterly confused By the whole thing I didn't tell anyone

Because I figured they'd think I was Crazy I kind of even thought myself I Was saying things and making things up I Don't know why I remembered this part All of this happened about a week before The Super Bowl might have been the Friday before Super Bowl and I'm unsure All I remember is that before the Super Bowl I was watching sci-fi channel some Show was on about people who had seen UFOs whatever I was always skeptical Then they did a segment on numerous Sites of triangle-shaped lights and they Started showing clips of the few Examples that people had caught on video It was exactly what I had seen never saw Anything since no one else reported any Strange sights or lights that weekend That I knew of course I was a dumb kid In my early 20s so I didn't pay Attention to local news but I'll never Forget that incident Me and two friends were walking up to The gas pipeline to fish a natural Spring on the mountain now privately Owned by a hunting and fishing club as We crested our first hill all three of Us stopped at the same time we saw a Bigfoot about 200 feet up the pipeline I Would estimate it to be about 7 feet Tall brown and very shaggy after about 30 seconds it ran into the wood line it Covered about 30 feet and three strides And disappeared as we got to where it

Was you could see four spots where the Tall grass was pushed down from its Steps My friend says Bigfoot threw rocks in Him in the 70s about five miles away I live in Greenville Texas north of town Just off of highway 69 North I have Lived here twelve years and have had Strange things going on in my house Since I moved here but in the last two To three years things have really Started happening more I live down a Dirt road off of highway 69 there are a Lot of woods around me also have several Neighbors around me too in late summer Of 2017 I was jolted awake in the middle of the Night by a loud banging on my house I Knew I wasn't dreaming because I shot Straight up and at that exact moment my Two little dogs flew off my bed barking And carrying on I stumbled into the Kitchen wondering what could be Happening and it was 2:30 8 a.m. my two Big dogs outside were not barking which I thought was odd to make a long story Short I called the Sheriff's Department Two deputies came out and found nothing From that moment on every two or three Months I have several incidents for a Week or two then nothing for another Month or two or three then things will Happen again this past winter from November 2019 to February 2020 I've had

Several things happen on three separate Occasions while I've been propped in bed Watching TV I have heard a loud growl Outside my bedroom lot enough to hear Over the TV it was loud and guttural I Have had capping on the back of my house During the night it's usually always Around the same time of night in January Of 2020 I was once again propped up in My bed watching TV and over my TV I Heard something rubbing on the back of My house on the wall where my bathroom Is my bedroom and bathroom run together My two little dogs jumped off the bed Into a bathroom at the back wall barking I've had rocks thrown at my house I'm Home alone most the time but this past Saturday night April 18th 2020 my Husband happened to be home between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. my dog starts Barking and wouldn't stop so I get up to Holler mr. hurt a hush as I got to my Bedroom door my cat was lying in my Rocking chair next to my door I paused a Petter and about that time I heard that Same loud guttural growl at my back door My cat heard it wheeled around and Looked at the back door I went and woke Up my husband he looked out at the back And saw nothing I went to the front door And opened it and he called my dog she Would not get close to the fence and was Barking looking towards the back of my House towards my neighbor's home behind

Me all of a sudden she jumped back like Whatever it was was coming towards her I Ran to my guest room to look out the Window facing that direction and back Towards Northwest I saw something huge and dark in color Going across my neighbor's back pasture Moving fast my neighbor behind me lives Alone and she has had the same things Happen at her house I saw a UFO up close Probably from 30 feet away tops I'm Pretty certain that it was a military Design though I was out driving with my Younger brother near a military base in Tucson Arizona probably not even two Models from my house it was about 10:00 P.m. or so and there were no cars in the Road I was making a left and an Intersection and right as I completed my Turn I heard it approaching from behind us Was this move sound literally the sound That they play as an effect for Hovercrafts and movies that was what I Was hearing It started out quiet but got louder as The craft got closer since it was Obviously heading above us my brother Leaned out the window and exclaimed what Is that to which I responded by hitting The brakes what I saw shocked me and had Convinced me ever since as I came to a Stop the craft glided above us and I

Watched the wings detached like a Transformer robots and lower themselves From the craft by about 10 feet the Wings at this point were supported only By two rods connected to the craft there Were two giant thrusters on each wing as Well as an even larger one at the bottom Of the main body of the craft the shape Of the movements suggested that it was In some sort of VTOL mode because it Changed into this mode it swung around Ended a complete 180 over a two-story Building just ahead of us to her left Barely missing the roof with its wings Then it reconnected the wings forming a Triangle shape and it boosts it off back Over our heads at an incredible speed to Further describe the craft it had two Modes as far as we could tell one where The crap is consolidated into a Triangular shape and seems to be Designed for quick horizontal travel While the other node allowed for VTOL Movements it could switch between modes Like five seconds or less in this mode It almost looked like the body of a Stealth bomber but with two swords Shaped objects Underneath and of course with thrusters Facing like a 45-degree angle but they Seemed adjustable the whole thing was Pitch black and we would have never Noticed it had we hadn't had the radio Off and heard it approaching from behind

I can come back later with it I was with A friend of mine behind his Grandmother's house we had seen some Dead fish near pond broke in half so he Went back later that day to look to see What might have caused it we went about 100 yards in the woods when my friend Had to go use the bathroom so he walked Away from me when I heard a noise off to My right I looked and see something Looking around a tree about 50 to 75 Yards away I could make out on fur of The outline of the shape it looked like It was about eight feet tall I seen it Take a step and then I took off running Back to the house I was the only one That seen it he just noticed me running Back to the house he was using the Bathroom The crazy thing about this is I don't in Any way believe in UFOs even after Having the experience though I have no Good explanation of what happened I'm a Pretty staunch atheist and I don't tend To believe in something unless there's a Reason to I don't even trust my own Experience even if it was corroborated By others but this one was really hard To shake off I was writing home to the Country when evening rural Kansas and Had three other friends of mine in the Vehicle with me we were totally sober Because I feel like that matters and we Were about 20 miles or so outside of

Town On a country road in the middle of Nowhere it was about 11:30 at night late Enough that there really wasn't any Other traffic on the road but not so Late that it was in the middle of the Night or anything I was in the back Passenger seat looking out the windows Just into this dark farmer's field that Has just a tree line that paralleled the Road all of a sudden just behind that Tree line it's about a hundred yards From us I see blue lights flashing Behind the tree line and I turned Towards my friend who's driving and tell Him to slow down we pull over to the Side of the road and look out towards The tree line at this point the lights Are directly perpendicular to our Position on the road but we were behind The tree line at first I'm thinking it's Like an electrical substation blowing up Or something but then the blue lights Change and start flashing in all kinds Of different colors becoming more and More rhythmic and bright casting God Raised through the dust over the tops of The trees at this point I had stepped Out of the car and was watching as the God rays began to descend towards the Eye level whatever it was behind the Tree line was rising up towards the tops Of the trees at that point my friends Start screaming for us to go we jump

Back in the vehicle and he takes off Like a bat out of hell flying down the Road the lights continue to rise until They were perfectly level with the Treetops and whatever was on my other Side starts chasing the car staying just Out of Clear View behind the other side Of the tree line My buddy pegged the car out over 90 it Was a family car and it not very fast And the thing kept perfectly alongside Of us almost the entire way back to town And then winked out just before we got There We talked about it for an hour at a gas Station just inside a town and then Decided that we wanted to go back and See if we can find whatever it was we Had seen but this time took dirt roads That paralleled the country road so We've been on the other side of the tree Line when we got back out there we saw Fire trucks all over the place driving Slowly with spotlights Aimed at the field looking for something They were canvassing a large area Covering about three miles I called the Fire department to ask them about it the Next day and they said they had gotten Reports of lights or fires from several People over a large area but they were Unable to find anything to this day I Have no idea what we saw I was having a Small campfire last night alone with my

Small dog who at the time was sleeping First there was something moving through The wooded area to my left sounded like It was on two feet and moving towards Some neighbor's houses I wasn't alarmed by this although it was Dark and there were no flashlights the Neighbors do walk through there from Time to time my dog was not alerted at All this part of the incident may just Be coincidental but it's what happened Next that I'm curious about about five To ten minutes later to the left of me Way off in the distance There was an obvious wood knock than Immediately to the right of me in the Distance but in the direction is the Great Krotz in swamp was reply wood Knock and then immediately after that Another from the left then nothing I've Never heard anything like that before It was about 11 p.m. and the Neighborhood was quiet and in my opinion It was an obvious call and response our Wood knocks usually so instantaneous or Do they usually have some Between I've told this one before but It's definitely worth a retelling Especially if I include a bit more Detail a long time ago I happened to be On a visit to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico with my two college buddies so This one particular small cave we Decided to explore begin with the narrow

15 meter belly-crawl at the opening There was a buttload of cobwebs spread Across the cave entrance but they seemed To clear up after a few feet pretty Creepy but generally nothing to worry About although I really hate that Feeling of them when they touch your Face and they're a few dead flies in There or whatever anyway I was the most Experienced caver so I went first and Did the belly crawl pretty quickly Pretty much making myself to human Shield for these big clumps of old Cobwebs as the tunnel ended I came out In a small domed room about a metre and A half tall and about four or five Metres across I had some time before my Friends made it so I was describing the Room to them while dusting the Spiderwebs for my clothes I looked up at The ceiling and gassed a bit and I'm not Afraid of spiders but the sheer volume Of them caught me off guard it must have Been a minimum of like a thousand all Crawling around each other now that I Think about it it was probably more like Two or three thousand all hanging from The ceiling with egg sacs all around Them I mean they were a legion like There wasn't a speck of rock ceiling to Be seen as the entire thing was just a Mass of eight-legged crawlies hey guys There's a lot of spiders hanging from The ceiling don't stand up when you get

Here I called to them my friends were Considerably more cautious of the Spiders and began to ask a few questions How big are they what color are they how Many what kind they're not that big they Kind of looked like black widows but They're not they're the wrong color They're brown the legs look a little Lighter than the body I said studying them as best I could With my headlamp I was no spider expert But I knew a black widow when I saw one But then a friend of mine who was a big Animal expert at the time and actually Went on to be a Wisconsin DNR warden Yelled out really do they have a small Pattern on their back sort of like a Violin yes I replied already getting a Really bad feeling in my gut our buddy The DNR warden burst into the room Looked up shuddered then forced himself To look at one of the spiders as close As he can manage the color and his space Drained out and he hissed get out Everyone get out of the cave he didn't Say any more He just rushed to get out of the cave as Quickly as he could it took us all about Ten or fifteen minutes to get into the Room and it took us about two whole Minutes to get all the way out of the Cave when we finally got out the other Two of us were confused My warden friend told us that what we

Were looking at was a nest of brown Recluse spiders some of the more Poisonous arachnids on the entire Continent and we had been unlucky enough To stumble across their lair when they Bite you you go through excruciating Pain for a few days skin necrosis and Then possibly died we didn't go in any More caves with cobwebs in them for the Rest of the trip I have had two incidents in the last few Months the first happened one morning When I woke up early and had to use the Restroom on the way back to bed I looked out the back door to see the Sunrise and check if the dog was in the Back yard I watched a large dark person Where thing crossed the field from one Tree line to another the second happened On the night of the meteor shower just a Few weeks ago I walked outside to look Up and watch the shower I stood there For several minutes before I look down Directly on the other side of the fence Was a large form after I screamed my Head off it bolted to the tree line it May be completely unrelated but our dogs Have been bringing home several bones From different animals on a semi weekly Basis