The Chilluminati Podcast – Episode 56 – John Titor Part 2

By | June 22, 2020
The Chilluminati Podcast - Episode 56 - John Titor Part 2

Great hello hello hello everybody and Welcome back to the chew Illuminati Podcast episode 56 as always I am one of Your house Mike Barton joined by Alex Vause IANA and Jessica hi what’s up boys I look enough intros let’s get to this Story John I mean John John Titor part Two you left us with such a cliffhanger The there is no wha cuz you you alluded That this episode is gonna kind of rip Everything you built down you kind of Build us a nice castle and now you gonna Break it I’ll do the story I told you The legend of John Titor like the part That like when you’d see like a fluff Piece on this in like some sort of Magazine that’s the part that you got Last time magazine yeah before we get Going oh yeah go ahead please take it I’m just said today we’re going like the Complete other side of the coin like We’re looking at the weird world around John Titor and the monsters that he’s Created out there and he’s married Monsters internet scape you’ll see I’ll See what I’m nervous I I purposely did Not dive any deeper because everything You said I mostly knew and you gave me Some new details that I had no idea About so do you guys want to discuss the Errbody some more I don’t there’s a Clarification think we’re good the Disease that you talked about in the

Last episode I got endless tweets Endless tweets about how mad cow disease Is a very real thing which we already Knew and that the disease you talked About is just a version of mad cow Disease I guess yeah what I was saying Was that I don’t know if it’s possible That that type of disease can become a Global pandemic that’s the only thing That I was explaining I obviously know What mad cow disease is and that disease Is sort of like the thing that mad cow Disease puts in your brain when you eat Does well meat also we got messages was It was it this episode or was it the the The patreon episode where I discovered That you two both believe that the world Is a black hole so because we’re talking About CERN and Hadron Collider and You’re both crazy people I’m glad that Scientists were like no no honestly I am Too because now that existential dread Is long gone and off to worry about it Anymore they could have googled You don’t cause like you there’s so many Conspiracy people things that pop out Here’s the thing I’m an anthropologist You know what I’m saying I’m a cultural Anthropologist I’m trying to lay out the Story as I heard it do you know I’m Saying I’m trying to preserve more of Corky the kooky American folklore D of These weird stories also if it wasn’t a Parent we’re not scientists everybody

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A–that’s a hosts only tradition and you Guys don’t get an old show we’re naked For all right last time I was talking About I’m just adding to the lore uh Come on once a year pre-show nude Gathering yeah don’t worry about it Uh so last time we talked John Titor was This sort of mysterious man of mystery Figure who’s maybe on a mission maybe Trying to change history even though He’s technically not going to be around To see it himself because of the way That time travel works in his universe This is all the stuff that we basically Covered last week right nobody’s really Sure if he’s completely talking out of His ass like on purpose or if he Believes what he’s saying Some of the stuff he says like kind of Checks out Like there’s like certain people who Have come forward who said oh no like This thing is like true or whatever but The overwhelming feeling that I think People are feeling is one of like gent Like most people I think doubt him or Look at what was happening as some sort Of like prank or hoax or joke I think That’s the general consensus about John Titor on the Internet I’m that’s just my own like sense of That but I feel like that’s what most People think but I haven’t exactly told You the whole story yet and there is one

Person who definitely didn’t think it Was some kind of prank and that woman Was called Pamela Moore Okay okay so of all the people who have Sort of been caught up in the whirlwind Of this crazy John Titor like Internet Fury storm that happened in early 2000 2001 everyone agrees that if anybody had Any sort of verifiable one-on-one Contact with Teeter as in like private Conversations with the guy its Pamela Moore who apparently on multiple Occasions engaged in well-documented Private conversations with him via chat Ok so here’s a quote from Pamela Moore Describing herself from an interview That she did in 2017 okay she said Everyone thinks I started out asking John too many detailed questions when he Came in 2000 but the truth was I had a Detailed dream of a time traveler in 1998 so I don’t know what kind of person She is I don’t know I don’t know like Where her mind is at coming from you Know her personally I I know her more From interviews than I do from reading All her writing already to Marianne Williamson but the implication is she Had a dream premonition you might say Time travel yes a premonition and it Relates to this which I think most Reasonable people could be like okay I’m Ready I’m already suspicious but yes Continue yes she implies that there’s

Destiny involved in Her meeting John Titor which is kind of Interesting but she sort of like over And over time kind of like maneuvered Herself into being like a contact point For other people who were in the forums – John Titor like for people on the Message board so like people kind of Like saw her as sort of like a like an In-between was there ever any evidence That she actually talked with him I mean Other than that they talked to each Other in on the message board as if they Had talked to each other No but there was a safeguard so so so Because because she was talking to John Titor there was sort of this understood Sort of sort of danger that she was Going to be encountering a lot of people Who were pretending to be John Titor When you know she only really wanted to Be talking to the real guy so the the Story goes that he gave her a quote Secret song which if you have time is Like worth an afternoon or two of Googling and going down rabbit holes all By itself because it’s such they’re like Romantic detail of the story that he Would like give her like a secret song That he would sing to her every time so That she could like identify him that People have sort of like gotten obsessed With like figuring out what that song is And there’s a lot that you can read

About just about the secret song but That’s not like what’s the over/under of Being despedido it’s a future song by a Young boy Google Justin Bieber uh I Don’t know I don’t know what the song is I don’t know anything about it I my Understanding is that it’s like a short Little melody you know what I mean like How Willy Wonka goes like yes has come Out right but that’s its own thing you Can go read about that if you want it’s Not really related to John Titor as a Whole other than that people just got Really obsessed with figuring out the Melody of this song but here is a quote From Pamela about it from an email that She wrote to the guy talked about last Time The hoax hunter guy John Rasmus who I Quoted the beginning of last episode so Here’s she she did an email interview With him she said I only I honestly think only John himself knew It perhaps whoever he was he never told Anyone else he told me in a chat not an Email if John ever decides to come forth I will have the info to confirm it was The same John who posted as John Titor Uh and apparently at least since an Interview she did in 2017 she is still In contact with John Titor Pretty regularly here’s a quote about That she said the latest package I Received had several things in it a

Letter from K which is John teeters Mother a letter from John an album with A record inside and a CD with some songs On it but I’m keeping what was on it Secret because I am not really sure why He sent those to me I am more likely I’m More than likely find out later I Received it in September of 2016 My theory is that it’s an album called Everyday chemistry by the Beatles it’s Only available it’s certain universes Though they didn’t break up yeah that’s Very true so what was the thing from the Mom I feel like the mom is an additional Thing I wasn’t aware of yeah so so we Also have a question real quick I don’t know maybe you answer this and I’m already forgetting what stock should He not be alive literally right now Growing up John Connor style and we Should be able to just figure out where This guy is yes but we don’t we don’t Know for sure if his name is actually John Titor right everybody thinks that John T door is like an anagram anagram For something okay okay and how old he Is I mean it’s 2036 right so if he’s like Under 36 years old right it’s possible That what he did in our timeline made it Impossible for him to be born which Might be true you could only go down Certain rabbit holes of this that’s like What some people think was his other

Mission is to like cancel himself out of This timeline that doesn’t like I don’t Know I don’t I don’t know it’s just like I forgot looper it’s if you think about It in the same way right like if she’s The only one who has the song it just Means that she gets to decide who the Real John Titor is based on nothing Theoretical but also like if I document This whole thing you could also say why Isn’t she John T door and she’s you know Originally started out pretending to be This guy and then was like oh now I’m I Can only talk to him and I was like Mormon Gin well there I mean there is some Extra stuff here that that like probably Timeout timeout timeout Aliens yes Bigfoot yes yes mmm Extra dimensional things yes yes the Mormon religion Malthus is iffy on Because you can go back in history and You can go look at what a fraud that Dude was you saw Book of Mormon you know What I mean and straight-up true so You’ll believe that people can see Ghosts but but like a ghost I said I would love to see a ghost on I Love where you draw the line I love that You draw the line I am normally in the I Want to believe camp I so [ __ ] badly Want to believe I just need to see one Thing I just call you out on that I Heard that was like cold well to answer

Your question Jesse there’s like a whole Like lore thing that started and after After that post in March of 2001 there’s A lot less uniformity around what that Like what official communication from John Titor was and like a large portion That is like what this episode is about But specifically addressing his mom like I don’t really know what the Lord is There other than that like there are Other characters in this story and that His mom enters into the enters into the Equation somehow because she is alive in This time period for sure do you know I’m saying so it’s like a John it’s Starting to sound more and more like the Actual Terminator series and that’s Sometimes it’s John Connor and sometimes It’s his mom and sometimes it’s new Characters and sometimes the past is Changed and sometimes it didn’t change It’s like that kind of thing Alright but it gets even crazier cuz Okay because because whatever is Happening with Pamela right like Whatever the truth is there there is There is evidence just based on how it’s Been going that she’s at least talking With someone There’s there’s it just seems like she Is talking to someone and whether or not He’s the real John Titor is completely Up for discussion but it seems like she Is talking to someone and it seems like

She believes what she’s talking about Uh a lot more than some other people are Gonna get into but the exact question of Who that is is deceptively deceptively Complicated because she talks about it And sums it up pretty well in her and in Her interview where she says he then Went on to explain how I was Communicating with more than one John That other John’s motive and they need The posts to stay up as long as possible Now on the surface this doesn’t seem That much wilder than anything else that John Titor has told us right like we Already know he creates a whole new Timeline every time he time travels and Since we know he’s done that multiple Times in multiple decades by now it kind Of stands to reason if you’re able to Swallow the time travel pill in the First place that you can swallow the Pill that there might be multiple John’s Out there in the time stream at any Given time with their own motivation Shaking things up the only thing that Gets murky for me about this is that if They’re talking about it creates a new Timeline every time that you go back in Time like are you seeing other John Teeters if you’re John Titor you know What I mean like doesn’t that ghost Didn’t eat his post he said he has met Himself multiple times and took his Younger son enjoy right that’s the thing

That doesn’t sit right with me about This is that like the fact that he would Meet himself seems to be against that a Little bit unless he can travel back in Time like maybe you travel back in time On the world line that you’re on I Really I don’t really know I I have to Assume like to know so like if you Travel with there’s so like get better So like if you travel back in time on The world line that you’re on at a Certain point your original world line In that world mines history are the same And you’d be traveling back on that same Point it only diverges when you arrive So you can ride back right on that Original point but then there’s another Guy that see all right about how did you Get back to that same world line I don’t Know if this was a paradox this is the Problem where it’s like okay close your Eyes for a minute imagine listeners Close your eyes Imagine you’re going back in time let’s Say you go back to the year 2001 ramp And you travel back 2001 at that point According to John t door there’s a split There’s a 2001 a 2001 B right yeah at Least yeah yeah And so then imagine if you go down the Path of 2001 be like that’s that’s your New path you’re on and that John T door Says I want to go back to the year 2000 John Titor then goes back to the year

2000 there’s another branch and so the Question is is then when it branches off In the year 2000 is there one branch That branches off as 2000 a which has no Further branches and is there one branch Since 2000 beam that then has another Branch that’s 2001 a bee right yeah I Bet I understand it you know what I mean Like that that’s yeah that’s how that Works then he could potentially try to Be like okay well I’m gonna go to like Can he do this can he go I’m gonna go to 2000 b-1b or go to 2000 a can they do That or is it he says it’s only on the Timeline you’re on yeah I mean it Happens all the time in Doctor Who I Don’t know if that’s the case there’s a Jaunty door on every timeline and so Every jaunty door can travel back in Time that’s what that’s that’s where it Starts to get crazy yeah yeah where it Gets for me that’s the biggest that’s The biggest pain point for me in this Whole thing like full disclosure it’s Like how could you meet yourself but you Know we’re not sure so as soon as Pamela Found out that secret song was going to Start becoming pretty useful I mean what I meant to say was And as she soon found out that secret Song was about to become pretty useful She wrote about it in a forum post from 2009 so this was a still a few years After any sort of like official

Communication from John Titor that we All agree is from John Titor you would Not believe how many people write to me And tell me they are John everyone seems To want to be John or they will post on A forum and say they were John and these People were like literally everywhere I Remember like when I was in college and I was watching the John Titor thing Happened in real time like like almost Even like back when I was in high school I think this was happening like just People popping up saying there John Titor all the Weird like he kind of almost became like A modern version of DB Cooper where People were just like yo John Titor like [ __ ] saved like killed Hitler like That eater like you know whatever like He became kind of like that type of guy Chuck Norris type guy on the internet For a little bit but as often happens in Those types of scenarios one dude Eventually separated himself from the Pack of like not the real John Titor Like John Titor clone guys and kind of Roasted at the top of like the the food Chain there and I think that it was for One simple like marketing related reason Which is that in order to like not get Confused with the original version of Himself that was wandering around and Like posting and being on art Belle this Guy called himself John Titor the second

Like with two like Roman numeral two After his name okay And I think people liked it because it Gives off like a terminator vibe like I Think people like got on board because He seems cool because he’s John Titor The second like he’s John Titor – mark Mark – John Titor but he was different Than the original John Titor in a lot of Ways even Pamela Moore was saying There’s something slightly off about This guy and she I mean I don’t know Mirrors John Titor dude he’s got me on t But one of the main differences between The original John Titor and John Titor – Is that John Titor to love taking Pictures love going on TV love going on The radio he even wrote a book about the Entire ordeal he was even making YouTube Videos up until shelter and play started I have like a link to his YouTube Channel if you guys want to see he Claims to be any claims to be odd John Titor he claims to be the like second Clone of John Titor a clone oh yeah like A Time clone you know like okay yeah Yeah like well I bring a branch from a Different area like yeah like a copy oh My god this dude yeah but in December But in December 2016 Kevin Moore the Same John Titor Archivist that I quoted in the last Episode blew the lid off of the entire John Titor – situation it turns out this

Guy John T – the second is actually a Like career con man with many aliases And All alleged I don’t want to like start Slandering some guy this is just According to Kevin Moore and he turns Out the dude was a career con man with Many aliases a criminal record his name Was Dana Lee Stern’s senior and his Whole part of the story was just some Weird cuckoo bird [ __ ] like like he just Sort of like decided one day that he was Gonna be John Titor it seems like by up The reason the reason this thing went Down so crazy with like a little extra Spice on it was because Kevin Moore the Archivist guy he was actually one of the Co-authors of the John Titor the second Book which was called disclosed so now Like he’s not only he’s he’s mad about It because he’s dedicated his life to Studying John Titor but he’s also mad About it because this guy basically like Tricked him into putting a book out with Like fake information in it so he’s like Literally going online It’s like lambaste in this guy he had Like a meltdown telling him about Telling his fans about John Titor the Second he like it was like a ranting Like long angry video but then he calmed Down the day after he took that video Down he recorded a nice level-headed Explanation of what went down between

Them and directed people to his site the Crystal for more information Which I obviously visited and I’ll give You the link for right here mathis yeah That’s for the the victims of John Titor The second page then you can see if you Want to like go deep into all the Reasons that he’s sure you can look There but it’s got it’s got a lot of It’s got a lot of like the talking Points that I just said it’s got a lot Of clear evidence showing Dana Stearns Like picture attached to his name it Also shows him as the CEO of something Called John Titor the second LLC a Nevada Corporation it also has a bunch Of receipts and emails tying the whole Thing together showing him like talking To people on email about how to trick People how to get people to lie for him It’s all there at the link but the one Thing I did want to read from there was Just a little bit of this absolutely Insane blog post which Kevin more links To at the bottom of the page For quote research and information only Judge for yourself it seems to be from The oldest son of Dana Lee Stern who is Go call who’s called Lee stern and it’s Multiple blog posts beyond the one I’m About to read and it is filled with Typos it looks like it looks fake and Weird just based on like how it’s Written but it has so many like specific

Incriminating details about him that Only a family member would know that I’m Tempted just based on my initial Impression to say that it is at least Based in truth and is at least maybe Written by the person who they say they Are probably I think all right say Things they say personal things about This guy that that like came out just The week of of Kevin Moore figuring out About all this Gotcha and and like this is like the Evidence that he used that he discovered This by so I think it’s true but you Should take it with a grain of salt just In case his fake here’s what he wrote my Father Dan Lee Stern aka Dana Lee Stern Aka dan stern aka Dana circus aka dance Eastern aka Bob hemstead aka Bob Smith Aka Dan’l Eastern aka Donnell Eastern Aka who knows is a pathological liar who Has deep-seated mommy eat issues he Thinks everyone should worship Him and Needs to dominate everyone around him This is compounded by his cowardice of The first order he fled the 82nd Airborne for Canada after stealing a car And wound up in a prison in Canada His father had to make a deal to get him Out then he was unceremoniously booted Out of the army after betraying some of His fellow soldiers in order to escape Getting a dishonorable discharge this Also makes him a traitor to some while

He looks impressive on paper it is all An illusion and trickery on his part his PhD was bought and paid for online for 120 dollars his Pulitzer nomination for His coffee table book on hacking was Done by his agent who cares As for his employment he has many many Co-workers that are now enemies even Several of his co-workers talk about his Attempts at extortion of the companies He worked for his ex-wives have compared Notes and found it very revealing the Lies he told about different ones to the New wives don’t hold up under the light Of day his son so despise him that most Are kin Centering changing their names his Oldest son is the only one – seriously Catch him out and prove him to be the Coward and liar he truly is at the end Of his miserable existence it has become Apparent that almost nothing about the Life of Dana Lee Stern senior is true There are some who believe that he may Have even stolen the identity of his Oldest son who has had to go on Disability why else would he start Attacking his oldest son within two Weeks of his oldest son signing up for His disability a private investigator Will help us find out the truth and they Did hire one and he did find out the Truth so it was not looking good for John Titor – at this time though it does

Get a little bit weirder than that I Can’t find any reference to this Anywhere else besides the Thrillist Article that I like based most of this Off of yeah but maybe it’s from one of His YouTube videos where he’s like Trying to slander everybody who Discredit him like if you go to if you Go to his website if you go to his YouTube channel right now you’ll see Like most of his videos or just him like Talking [ __ ] on like some specific Person in each video I’d like it’s like Kevin Moore is a piece of [ __ ] there’s One about Mitt Romney there’s one about Robert DeNiro he’s just like call out Vids let me let me say if all the Alleged is true what a piece of [ __ ] Right right Jesus Christ But apparently Dana senior has said that That same son I don’t know if it was Like in retaliation for him calling him Out but Dana’s senior the guy who says He’s John Titor has said that his son Lee Stern actually injected Windex into His own brother’s brain in order to give Him cancer I have no idea wait well That’s it you King away one more time Okay so like like imagine imagine this [ __ ] came out from Lee stern the Sun Like incriminating his father his dad Fired back with he the son injected Windex into his own brother’s brain in Order to give him cancer might

Immediately be like alright you lying Sack of crap yeah thinking about that That Geico commercial where she’s like That’s not how this works this works Yeah I don’t know that’s like Dahmer Trying to create a love zombie levels of Like I don’t know man yeah so John Titor Too has like been the big thing right Like for years for people with John Titor love who like follows stuff online John Titor too has been the sort of like Big things a relative term having seen His YouTube page he has about 97 views Per video well sure and most of it is Like cuckoo-bananas stuff sure like he’s Been that he’s been sort of like the Face of this mystery online like his YouTube channel has not ever been his Main thing but he like he’s the one who Does interviews on radio shows he’s the One who put the book out like he’s the One who’s been keeping this story alive Alive alive for this whole time but now That we know that John Titor – has Nothing to do with the real person who Did the John Titor stuff and that he’s Just kind of confusing the truth a Little bit I want to also go into what Possibly the original John Titor stuff Is okay so there’s one element of the Thrillist article that goes throughout The article that I have left out of the Show so far because I wanted to save it For this half of the show and that is

The comments from an interview of an Extremely interesting dude who is called Joseph Matheny okay okay Joseph Matheny is a transmedia writer He’s an artist he’s known for Spearheading something called Aang’s hat Which I was that’s the thing that I was Referring to in the last episode that I Said was like the earliest Internet Mystery proto Arg thing that is out There that’s about like a weird town in The New Jersey Pine Barrens that’s like A weird sci-fi horror extra-dimensional Thing that started in the 80s and a Secret lab and all the [ __ ] fun stuff They basically created like this entire Transmedia like thing about they Basically invented an urban legend I Would have worried very I would have Loved to have known about that when that Was happy yeah that’s a common that’s so Fun it’s so weird you know we’re gonna Get into that I’m gonna do that Eventually I have I have a couple books About that that I I just I have always Looked up to this guy is like a guy Who’s inspiring to me so I was excited To see him pop up in the John Titor Stuff but here’s what he had to say About this he said I’m gonna be picked With what I say to you over what I’ve Said in the past John Titor is a story That was created as a literary Experiment by people who were observing

What I was doing with Aang’s hat and These people wanted to do something like That I was a consultant on the project But it wasn’t my project we knew at some Point this was going to get out from Underneath us and we were going to have To let it go I thought everybody would Get this was a wink-wink nudge-nudge but When they didn’t I went to the other People involved and said let’s come out And tell the truth Nobody would so according to Matheny and The people who came to him whose names He still will not reveal we’re in it for The art they’re like trying to they Really were into the idea of the Internet as like a futuristic version Kind of telling a modern fairy tale a Fairy tale folklore you’re seeing it as The modern version of that now seem like How cool would that be though like you Know just took to create something like A modern fairy tale and literally watch It kind of come to life before your very Eyes and then walk away because you know Along the Internet has decided is theirs Now and you just get to watch this thing Become something you don’t know what It’s gonna turn into that’s yeah that’s Gotta be fascinating yeah apparently What drew him to the thing was that it Seemed like that like they were just Super into the idea of like incubating It and forcing it into existence we got

To come up with the Chile monatti Fairytale dude in stir dude it’s not Even out of the question No I’m dings oh we don’t need to we we Don’t need like we need to we should Just make up are encrypted and like Completely merchandise off of it We’ll make do a whole episode we’ll wait Another year nobody everybody will Forget episodes all right I’m gonna Pitch it here right now the Boston bean Man feed half man half bean half man Boston bean man he’s like a little Sprite and he like goes around steal Socks he’s like cool spy socks dude no He steals little nugs they’re legal out Here hole in your baseboards and he goes And if you can smell the That legal government weed he comes out And he gets it carried and ugh in my Mind well here’s the thing here’s the Thing right like we got a sacrifice out For the boston bean man like we’re Making jokes but like the version of This john titor legend that like I’m Being told includes like in jokes from The creators like okay like you know the 5100 IBM computer that he needed 1975 According to Matheny ’s version of the Story the people that were working on This just all happened to be old IT People who happen to know this Information and because it was a piece Of like like little-known information

That they that just they had they Thought it would be funny to include it Because it makes it seem like John Titor Has like insider knowledge of something When really he doesn’t it’s just people Who know their [ __ ] about computers but The problem is though with this right Cuz I wanna I want to believe this the Problem is that while Matheny is a legit Verifiable guy who’s known to not be Like a liar and has actually done the Things he says he’s done he has a Website you can go check it out he has He’s in like people he gets interviewed In like major publications all the time He still refuses to disclose these names Of these people that he supposedly Worked with on the project so and Because it’s not his project so unless They come forward with some kind of Evidence that it’s been them all along The only difference between this Explanation and the real John Titor Explanation is whose word you’re taking As true so he’s not but but he’s not Even the only person who’s suspected of Being at the center of John Titor okay And in fact most people out there will Tell you that this next version of Events is the most likely one that They’ve probably heard online in in Recent years and it all has to do with An attorney who’s called Larry Hebert Okay these guys are real guy because see

According to Matheny after a certain Point once the thing grew its own legs To stand on right he and the people that Worked on it just stepped away and let It go right I’ve already said that but According to him the thing that’s crazy Is that he says that that moment came For the people who originally John Titor even before there was any Posting on the art bell forums so he’s Saying So what Matheny saying is that Everything that’s happened since the Original facts to art bell basically has Been other people the only thing that Was real from the original creators of John Titor was the facts I believe that Yeah I’ve actually believe this Completely I think yeah most people Especially because it was art Bell most Of the responses opportunistic it’s People trying to like copycat make a Buck I believe that because our Bell is You know same thing with the people who Are like are not just a Sala I saw a UFO The other no I think most of it is they Like that aspect of Fame cuz there’s its Associated with it and that’s something Right like you have a little attention As opposed to none and when you call in Those radios you’re you’re the star for 30 seconds yeah so we don’t so we don’t Know exactly who the heck anyone was Right at that time just it’s like

Impossible to verify the identity of Anybody posting teacher stuff on the Internet almost unless I guess you have A [ __ ] secret tune that you can sing With the person and then you know it’s Them or whatever but almost immediately Once these message board posts were done In March of 2001 right all quote Official publication like public Communications since then has been Through the sky Larry Hebert who claims To be the attorney for something called The John Titor foundation which According to him belongs to John Titor Everybody who knows Larry Haber knows Him as an entertainment specialist Lawyer including Pamela Moore and John Rasmus who actually has a genre Hara Rasmus is this like sort of hoax hunter Guy again that I’ve been talking about And he’s not like looking at his channel If you watch it like it’s not super like It doesn’t look very credentialed but He’s the main guy who’s been looking Into this and he’s the only guy I think He has his own little theories that he’s Kind of trying to push but he does a Good job of collecting interviews and And statements from people so that’s why I’m using him here he says I think they Were fans of art bell they created one Of the first internet hoaxes And it blew out of proportion perhaps They have some book rights or movie

Rights they’ve been sitting on and That’s and that’s that’s so that’s his Hypothesis and weirdly Larry Haber Himself sometimes have supports this Except in the quote I have he always Refers to a K as the client making all These decisions about the John Titor Story rights which I assumed to be the Same K that Pamela Moore is referring to As John teeters mom right so that’s Already another weird thing And according to Rasmus is extremely Circular and repetitive two hour-long Documentary on the creation of Don John Titor with the Hebert Brothers which I Think his video is not super like you Should not watch that as fact but also Two hours I’m John Titor most he just Talks in a circle over and over and over Again for a long part of the video but That’s today yeah according to him and a Lot of this has substantiate admire a Haber the creation of John Titor can Largely be credited to Morrie Hebert who Is Larry’s brother which is then sort of Corroborated and supported by the other Hebert brothers who are Arthur and John Richard and Larry’s son Benjamin except For one problem which is here’s a quote About it from Larry Hebert my son is not John Titor my brother is not John Titor There is no John Hebert in my family so That’s [ __ ] up like Dave’s already Like they’re already making up brothers

That don’t exist those [ __ ] up [ __ ] And even worse if Larry’s story is true Then Metheny story isn’t true right like The way that Larry says it happened and The way that Matheny says it happened Don’t sync up and so Matheny said I saw Some people that were clearly using the Story as an effort to make money which I Am NOT cool with Larry Hebert I don’t Know who he is none of us do He’s not nor has he ever been involved With the group I was in he’s an Entertainment attorney he’s somebody who Jumped on the bandwagon and weirdly Enough though if this actually is about Money the only commercial product Released by Larry Haber’s John Titor Foundation was a print-on-demand Addition of all the original John Titor Posts from the internet called John Titor a time travelers tale which came Out in 2003 print-on-demand and you Can’t even get it anymore from the print On demand service the only way you can Get it is a copy on Amazon for nine Hundred dollars that money but that Money doesn’t even go to the John Titor Foundation necessarily depending on Who’s selling the book you know what I Mean Yep so there’s not even like really a Money motivation here right uh But somebody still sent Pamela Moore a Copy of that book and she said that she

Doesn’t know who sent it though whoever Did left a song written in the back of The book but unfortunately it’s not the Same [ __ ] song that’s that that that John Titor used to sing to her Apparently according to her so here we Are again in this likeness of muddied Waters you can’t even see an inch in Front of you nobody [ __ ] knows what’s Real anymore so the best I can see is Either there’s really evidence of a time Traveler visiting this timeline and Saving us from y2k or some like really Neat like artists with Andrew W K type Mindset tried to make something cool That captured people’s imaginations and Then some people who got greedy ruined It to sell a shitty book now Twitter Will have us know that hundreds of Millions of dollars was pumped into Technology to stop the y2k bug from Happening and John Titor did not do Anything and I say to you prove it I’m Just saying where did they get the Technology you know maybe they showed up At each one of those businesses and no He just went way back in time right when The computers are being made and he Implemented the fix right then and there That’s the thing it’s like people are Like look at this real world evidence to Like fly in the face of time time travel And I’m like if time travel is true like It doesn’t matter what happens in the

Real world like you like that’s the Problem with time travel is it’s like Doctor Who like there’s no we don’t know The rules of time-travel for sure yeah We don’t know anything about it so it Could be anything and that’s why it’s Frustrating and why it’s kind of perfect For this type of like art project to do Time travel because it’s such an Enigmatika thing versus like creating an Alien event My favorite things to work in would like A table top RPG though yeah absolutely But according to Joseph Matheny like That’s all according to plan and here’s A quote from him he said we achieved What we said we wanted to achieve we Wanted to take that legend and ride it On the new sphere like graffiti if Anybody has decided to believe the John Titor legend pay attention to anybody Who is trying to sell you anything Books DVDs or a belief system attached To this as leverage give it a real hard Thought before you do any of that Because John Titor would not approve and That is after two fatty boy episodes John still not it’s not the end of John Titor because before we go today I want To walk you guys through one last Outsider theory that surfaced from the Depths of 4chan in 2016 that made it all The way famed UK tabloid The Daily Star Everyone has a favorite cesspool on the

Internet making it everyone’s favourite Tabloid cesspool it’s about how John Titor didn’t actually come to stop y2k Came to destroy so he came to stop a Nuclear war with Isis it all began Jesse What it took it was a delayed second and I watched your brain short-circuit in Your time it all begins in 1943 the National Defense Research Committee Needed to go through famous adventurer Nikola tesla’s notes after his death to See if there was military applications For any of his research the MIT Professor they called in to look over Them spent three days on the task before Declaring that there was nothing of Worth to be found but 4chan conspiracy Theorists allege that it was during this Investigation that this professor Actually found the plans for a Tesla Designed time machine that professor was John George Crump and soon he would Impart what he learned to the Future About his future about the future to his Nephew Donald who would change history To set on course a chain of events Leading to his eventual inauguration as The 45th and possibly last president of The United States of America the link to The shitty-ass article is in the Description That’s actually the end of this episode Okay there you go yeah but now I asked You guys

What do you think the most likely thing Is obviously the most likely thing is Not that this has anything to do with a Real time traveler right right but to me The thing that’s interesting about this Is that this guy Joseph Matheny is like Being a little cagey about what is Actually happening here and I don’t Really understand why it would be bad to Reveal the identities of the people who Who made John Titor Well because it it’s like well if you Put their names out there take it from Them if they want to do this again if Their identities are out there it’s Easier to track them down I guess but I Just I feel like I feel like at this Point like even if somebody did come out Like I feel like that’s already happened You know I mean like I feel like in this Age what if we they’re mine though they Come out and and definitively put an end To the story The art project officially ends and Maybe in there why are we calling it an Art project and not a scam because they Have nothing to gain from it you know What I mean there’s nothing on purpose To just like well hope they gain they Gain you know we’re assuming that There’s financial gains but there’s also The gain of like got’em yeah possible Yeah that’s what they’re doing here but I think they’re doing it in a sort of

Like like intellectual way they’re you Know they’re seeing it as like the Creation wholesale of like you know Something like Mothman you know it’s Like what if you can just the boss the Boss Boston bean boy the bottom velocity Boy the bust not man he’s a boy now Alliteration yeah yeah that makes Whisper Boston bean boy the boss is he Oh my god it’s because he’s underage Which is why he steals the legal weed Yeah and he’s not baked because he’s Like baked he’s baked because he’s Smoking all that legally look at us Making this it’s perfect Does he wear anything busy of clothes You just a naked being is like a bean With trousers or is he just like a bean He’s a bean but he’s like you got Cartoon feet like Betty Boop arms yeah He’s like Rain Man but with like Betty Boop but here’s what I mean it’s like Okay even if this is people who are like Making [ __ ] up to [ __ ] with me All right and they did it in the year 2000 right even if they came clean right Now the only people who are gonna like Benefit from it anyway are people who Are actually like willing to accept that It’s a fake thing and I feel like the Whole spirit of this is that like I Guarantee you that if they did come out And say that we’re the people who Invented John Titor and Joseph Matheny

Came out and said yep that’s them the First thing that would be posted on the John Titor subber and it would be like So here’s the fake yep here’s the latest Fake attempt to cash in on John Titor Yeah I feel like at this point I would Like to put out a call to anybody who Maybe is involved in this if they do Hear this somehow if they are still Stroking their egos and looking as far As John Titor goes and you’re listening To this I would like to just know I Don’t care if you go public I don’t care What but I just want you to tell me Because I’m impressed and I wanna I want To read the plaque on this at a museum You know what I mean I want to like know What’s up I want to know what you guys Are thinking about I want to know where Your head was at with this because I Think John Titor is awesome even if he Is fake and honestly the reason I like John Titor so much is because he Perfectly exemplifies like everything That I like about like this type of [ __ ] In the mysteries like I’m not so much Interested in whether or not everything Is true like I’m just more interested in This as a way that specifically Americans in a lot of cases tell like Stories to each other and I I feel like John Titor is like the og like if there Was no John teener there would be no Slenderman there would be no Momo there

Would be no you know any of that type of [ __ ] it’s cool man humanity will take Anything and make it a storytelling Device if they can but the internet Getting that that the most in the newest Example I guess Speaking of storytelling devices and John T door um 2019 book published February 7th 2019 John T door is an [ __ ] but Jeff O’Brien Sarah Bartlet a Sexy 80s horror movie host yearns for Eternal stardom or at least to stay Relevant for a few decades I know that After seeking out worldwide renowned Tom Traveler John T door A hero from the future struggling author And eighties movie expert Jeff O’Brien Is sent to help her achieve that dream But such services do not come without a Price Neither for Sarah nor for her knight in Shining armor both are about to learn That John t door is an [ __ ] that is Book it exists you can get it it’s a Book oh that’s wild I want I was hoping It was like a shitty b-movie it is a Book by Jeff O’Brien starring Jeff Aubry Jeff O’Brien I’m blown away this exists There’s also a video on Jeff O’Brien’s YouTube channel which has 17 subscribers That is called my real experience with John Titor he really is an [ __ ] and He says in the description I wrote a Book about fictional time traveler John

Titor little did I know there is a guy Who thinks he really is the titular Character He’s also an extortionist among several Other things all I needed was Google and A little expert level trolling and they Helped a few friends to get through to This one good he now also is being her And by John T to the second for writing A book called John Titor is an [ __ ] Good-o the layers are ever-present but Don’t you think that’s crazy like Imagine being one of these people who’s Like life is like based off John Titor Like you know it’s not real if you’re if You’re faking it right oh yeah or your Door you’re just severely mentally ill And you truly believe you are John Titor I guess that’s possible too but I mean I Feel like most people who are like Trying to profit off this oh definitely Anybody who’s trying to make money Yeah like even even with the Kevin Moore Thing though like this book like it was A paltry sum that the book made like it Was it was doing well on Kindle I guess But like there we’re talking about a Couple thousand bucks total here you Know I mean that’s it’s not not worth Not worth it but you also have to know That shows like coast to coast am profit Off of people like learning about these Things Oh really like a grateful I’ve always

Thought this I would continue to think This when art Belle hosted coast to Coast am our Belle would shoot down Things all the time all the time like All the time and the show was like it Was on but Wasn’t huge George Noory took over and George was like tell me more what is This about I want to learn about this Thing and would never shoot people down And it blew up the show exploded Overnight yeah I got is like getting People to talk about like he’ll he’ll Like poke a hole in it and then the like Wait for the person to answer and that Was not so interesting about it that’s Why if you were to share yours over to Everything we’re gonna become the modern Coast-to-coast so share your story to Believe you we are not me I’m ready to Question everything you say you get to George Knorr in an art bell all right so It’s fine mm-hmm we got to have that Balance otherwise it’s too crazy George noise and art Bell is like the Shittiest party I feel like I’m not Fully Mulder or fully Scully I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle I feel like I’m here for the story yeah you’re one Of the guest hosts like the guy who was Like a Jesuit priest I can’t read his Name I’ll to the guy to show up on Weekends and he host during the weekends At least I think so wasn’t there a guy

I’m gonna look up coast-to-coast hosts I Don’t name so many good good guess Mm-hmm on that show well anyway I don’t Know I felt like it was important to do It in like like a definitive John Titor And I know this one this one kind of Ends up being like a big question mark At the end but I feel like the fact that It ends as like the legit mystery and I’m not like a Hondo clear on like who Made this or what there is still like This weird element of like unsolveds to This one that I feel like someday Somebody’s gonna come clean about it and I just I just want to know I don’t care I won’t [ __ ] I won’t share I just want To know I’m interested in it I just want To know from a sociological level just Let me know well it was a fun ride dude Your internet mysteries are wild in There uh I’m glad I’m glad you take us Down these deep rabbit holes Jesse what Are you doing right now I’m trying to Find this guy’s name Oh Jesse what Priest Oh Ian Punnett was his name I’m that guy yeah it was a regular host But he retired because he got tinnitus No tonight is are you really truly gonna Be following his path I don’t think he Was the Jesuit there was a guy who was Like a priest I don’t know if that was Him or not But yeah I hit tinnitus and he had to

Stop okay well I mean yeah that’s all I Got for you guys today Fantastic yeah that’s John Titor part 2 That was awesome thank you for that Wild Wild Ride um we’ve got a a mini soda Compliation coming up very very soon It’ll be another four episodes even if That comes out there should still be two Or three exclusives over on the patreon And growing over there and then after That I think we’re due for another fan Stories relatively soon so if you want To be dropping some fan stories I’ve Seen them Yeah there’s so many good ones we’ve got Dreams up there for Jesse to interpret We’ve got all kinds of good stuff so if You want any I will interpret your dream I’ll be the best dream interpreter cut Already for like an extra chunky fan Stories I think we could do it oh There’s so many stories up there now Like the stories just never stop so dry Again drop them up on the subreddit make Sure you tag it to let us know it’s okay To read on the podcast and we will we’ll Choose a few stories and we’ll go Through them like we always do And finally again thank you guys for the Support on the patreon head over to loominatee pod you Can go ahead and support us go above and Beyond get some behind-the-scenes extras By throwing us a few bucks and just

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