One Of Our SCARIEST Videos EVER At The Most HAUNTED HOUSE in North Dakota | The Paranormal Files

By | June 20, 2020
One Of Our SCARIEST Videos EVER At The Most HAUNTED HOUSE in North Dakota | The Paranormal Files

Everybody it’s calling here just before We start this video I want to let Everybody know that this was a really Really intense night it was really Freaky for Jeff and I we recorded some Insane paranormal activity at at fort Abraham Lincoln so I wanted to warn you That this is a pretty intense episode There are some graphic descriptions of Things that happen there and it’s really Really spooky so you guys are in for a Treat on this one I love y’all so much I Just got my hair done it’s a platinum Now got the emo and boy look going up And just wanted to say I love you all so Much and a big shout out to all of our Patrons and channel members you guys are Helping make the channel come true all The things that we do all the travels Are funded by you guys in your generous Contributions so if you love this stuff Please consider becoming a patron we’re Putting up a lot of stuff on there Leigh They have been work with my family to Get it really really really well to make It really really good for y’all and I’ve Been filming a lot of stuff exclusively For patrons but anyways enjoy the video Everybody wanted to say hi really Quickly I love y’all and stay spooky Heading in right now to fort Lincoln State Park lighting industry yeah we’re

We’re looking for the cemetery and then We pull in this is a park with the crazy History and unprecedented to speak an Unprecedented investigation opportunity To start off or maybe North Dakota Series I could use some custard right Now some custard custard custard Electric culpers Custer’s last stand Okay yeah bring it the cameras out start Rolling Yeah just wonderful Okay here we are Lieutenant Jeff and I another spooky Night father-son adventure we are out We’re out in their design for the Veterans Cemetery yep there’s the sign I Was gonna say here we are we’re pulling Into fort Lincoln Jesus Christ sorry is This all the park yeah that’s a huge Park I’ll go ahead and say I’m a douche I’m a douche you’re a douche as well Both of us we can just agree our douche Bags I’m looking man it’s pretty it’s Very pretty out here I see some rock now There’s some Rosie’s If you say oversees horsies Yeah right next to the fortress there’s A massive veterans yeah maybe some of Those spirits are coming over to the Fort you know it’s a lot of there’s a Lot of people over there these are all

The barracks audio test yeah Test test test hey everyone welcome to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and the Custer House my name is Matt to the Shannon door I’m the interpretive events Coordinator here for the State Park and We’re going to be visiting the Custer House and kind of checking it out on Both the history and some of the kind of Unknown paranormal activity that takes Place here in the commanding officer’s Quarters The first room that we’re walking into Right here is the parlour of the Commanding officers quarters this was The second house that existed here when The sport was occupied back in 1870s the First house burnt down Tragically about just about four months After it was completed General Custer And his wife Elizabeth were living in The post at the time and General Custer Came in and decided that it was to Building this new house to make some Changes and a few of those changes we Can see right here in the parlor is this Widened parlor the two fireplaces that We have as well as this lovely Queen Anne window here so these are the iconic Kind of symbols and icons of this Particular quarters here a lot of Activity took place in this room during The time period that the custards were Here mrs. Custer herself would host a

Multitude of socials throughout the year Usually with high society friends coming From New York to visit her These folks were the elite that were Able to afford a trip out here to Dakota Territory at that time and also spend Months on end here particularly during The summertime when it was nice with Mrs. Custer so she would hold these Lavish socials in this room tragic Things actually happened within this Room – the story goes that when the Soldiers came back the wounded came back From the battle Little Bighorn mrs. Custer was notified of the her husband’s Death at the Battle of Bighorn on July 6 Just two short days after the 4th of July celebrations it was a very Traumatic moment for her but she decided To kind of hold her own and gather the Other officers wives from the poles to Bring him into this room And basically announced to them that all Of their husbands had perished in the Battle so you can imagine the type of Emotional turmoil that would have taken Place in this room at that time in this Room here when we’ve had guides going Through different things have happened Once in a while the most common are Pictures even either falling off the Mantles or off the piano here a couple Of those things have happened and have Been reported in here and then we also

Have reports of smaller child voices That have actually been heard in this Room here during investigations so Onward we will head into our dining room Another grand Place where gatherings would have taken Place here in the house a lavish dinners Would have been also hosted as part of Mrs. Custer’s socials that she would Have had her in the evenings but all That preparation work would have taken Place right here in the kitchen and so This is our kitchen area here one of the Original things of this quarters is Actually the cellar down there so this Here is the servants quarters the Generals wife hired three servants to Work and cleaning the quarters here they Were paid very well as part of their Time here so these are two guest Bedrooms that the general his wife had Here this is where all of mrs. Custer’s Elite social friends would have actually Stayed during their time here these were The elite that were coming out to the Dakota Territory the kind of the rough Western frontier in 1870 so it was quite An adventure for them to come out here And spend time with the generals wife so She wanted to make sure that they had All the comforts of home that they were Used to being high society folks and so These rooms were pretty lavish or guest Quarters here at the post so this room

Here is our billiards room originally Was to be two rooms and In the second house but the general had The dividing wall taken out and this was More of the kind of the gentleman’s room That would happen during mrs. Custer Social the general many of the officers Would come up here talk about military Strategy He had a billiards table he was a very Avid player now it’s weird to think that This would have been in the place where The men would retreat it but this is Where we see and have in terms of Paranormal activities and sightings is This window right over here this window Faces to the east out of the post and This number of occasions when our staff Arriving early in the morning have seen A figure standing within these drapes Right here looking out onto the post a Very very eerie thing to see we’ve also Had accounts where the billiard table Balls have been broke or you hear the Sound of them breaking but not Necessarily have them broke on the table And so this really has a lot of that Activity we hear a lot of those Different sounds footsteps from up here Down below when our staff were here in The quarters and so for some reason this Room does have a lot of that energy that Takes place here so the room ring right Now is the general study and this is

Actually would have been the generals Favorite room where he spent almost all Of his time he was an avid hunter you Can see some of the mounts that he would Have had taxidermied out here on the Post but the general did a lot of Writing a lot of thinking in this room He did write for a journal back in New York under the pen-name A nomad was for the galaxy and so he did Do a lot of writings about his time out Here in the Prairie and kind of Reminiscing about about his career and How it led to hit this point here out Here at 40 gram Lincoln and then Attached to this study would have been a Master bedroom for the generals wife Just across this would have been mrs. Custer’s dressing room and this was Added on to the second house it’s kind Of a gift to mrs. Custer before you Leave you just given me kind of the Overall paranormal little quip well That’s our kind of a walk through our House here now keep in mind this is a Reconstruction so this house was Actually built in 1989 as an exact Replica of the house that general and Mrs. Custer lived in and some of the Things that are unique about it is Oftentimes we find that you know older Places that have a history maybe have That paranormal activity and this is This house here the structure is only

About 30 years old but even from the Time when it was being built Construction workers on site talked About happenings right here on site Tools moving things falling even seeing Shadow figures on different floors that Weren’t completed or in spaces of the House that weren’t completed and so you Had a lot of that taking place right Here and it was that kind of paranormal Has continued over the last 30 years as This house has been active oh here we go All right so we are standing in the Reconstructed central barracks here at Fort Abraham Lincoln they were actually Three of these barracks complexes here At Fort Abraham Lincoln housing six Companies of men to almost 300 plus men Occupied these barracks as part of Fort Abraham Lincoln’s military force back in 1970s barracks were not lavish buildings Oftentimes were extremely cold during The winter months were August extremely Hot during the summertime the walls were Not insulated very well and so you often At times had men that would possibly Freeze to death In their own beds during the wintertime Being a soldier out here at fort Abraham Lincoln was not a lavish lifestyle it Was a very tough decision a tough place To be and obviously could see but the Bunks was not five-star accommodations For sleeping so after the

Buildings were reconstructed we Obviously have set this up in more of a Living history style and so you can see The bumps that you’ve got set up so Oftentimes we would have back when these Buildings were first this building was First reconstructed we would have rain Actors that would actually spend the Night here in the barracks just to kind Of get the feel of what life was like For soldier living in these quarters Increasingly a number of times where the Reenactors would talk about hearing Throughout the night footsteps here in The building Both inside and outside and it’s really Unique to kind of talk about this Because you know today our shoes are Kind of rubber and they don’t make a lot Of sound well the men actually used had A broken a square-toed leather brogan That they would use and these are have a Very distinct sound because of the fact They had a metal heel plate and this Plate actually helped keep the soles From wearing down over time so they had A purpose but these wood walking on wood Floors actually make a very very Distinct sound different from your Normal type of modern shoe that you Would wear and so they would hear this Very distinct sound at nights which Often times led to them either not Spending the night and eventually just

Kind of forgoing the whole adventure of Spending the night in the barracks All right so we are standing in our Stables One of the reconstructed staples out Here at Fort Abraham Lincoln and the Stables are kind of an integral part of The the military force here obviously Horses were a big part of the the camel Calvary regiments this was the Regimental headquarters of the seventh Calf the stables were kind of a constant Activity point here at the fort there Were actually six stable buildings that Were down here next to the river that Would have held the horses of all the Companies of men of the different Companies and there were six companies Of men here so you at any point could Have had two to three hundred horses Within these complexes here in these Stables so the men were in charge of you Know cleaning that horse getting their Horses fed but getting back to the life Of a soldier here on the post the life Was tough and so you had a lot of Emotional and mental problems that would Take place within these men that were Enlisted in the military and so it’s Sadly a lot of men you know used the Stables as this kind of building that Was that no one really went into is kind

Of a garbage building and horses yet the Dirt the hay this was the place where They would you know come to and you had Drinking that would take place and Things like that that would take place Here is not in the stables and Unfortunately some men chose these spots As a way out of the military and so There were numerous hangings that would Have taken place here in the barracks And that just couldn’t take the military Life or the life here in Dakota Territory and felt that was the the only Way out and so the stables are really Known for that type of mentality and and When events that would have happened Here on the post from the investigations That we’ve done The Paranormal Activity here in the Stables is a lot darker it seems from Some of the investigations that have Been done here in the building and it May come from that aspect that some men Died here in the stables and died under Extreme circumstances it actually was so Bad that there was actually an article Written in the old western papers in Bismarck at the time around the 1880s That they actually brought a medium from Out east to come out here to contact Some of the spirits so obviously even Back 100 plus years ago the men were Experiencing paranormal activity here in These buildings enough to warrant a

Journalist and kind of a another person To kind of investigate You know the happenings and the causes Of those disturbances that soldiers were Having here in the in the stables some Of the activity that we captured here is Mostly Stern voices one word kind of Nuances that we’ll hear off in the Distance whether it’s a get out or leave Us alone so there’s a lot of those Things that we’ve heard from both Interpreters and visitors that have Heard things here in the barracks and Oftentimes on various ends and so it’s Hard to debunk where those voices would Come from you’re on one end and you hear A voice on the other end of the building And there’s no one down there type of Thing and so those have been some of the Most kind of prevalent paranormal Happenings here in the stables There’s really not any major pivotal Point in the building we’ve had voices And reports of hearing of voices you’d Say in in all areas as people have been Visiting whether it’s during the day or Even at night just hearing those voices And it just comes from that fact that This was a far-off kind of place from The main aspect of the fort and so you Had that that opportunity here as a Soldier was kind of a darker place the Stables so right now we’re standing on The banks of the Missouri River just to

The east of the fort itself this is kind Of a unique spot because right across The river from us Was a small settlement town called Whiskey Point and that’s where it would Have been more of a saloon town the men Oftentimes were frequent being this Little establishment which was just South of Bismarck going through the Reports of the the quartermaster reports Here at the fort you can read about all The different deaths that occurred here In the Missouri River we obviously still Have deaths even in modern-day men Trying to swim across the river either From the whiskey point or heading there Falling through the ice during the Wintertime kind of get over to whiskey Point and back and forth and she had a Numerous deaths that occurred and just Trying to cross the river to get over to This little settlement that was just Across the river but in the spring of 1875 major flooding took place here on The Missouri River and it’s recounted by Mrs. Custer her glee and happiness that This little saloon town actually floated Away with the release of the ice jams as The river floated down and she recounts Seeing some of these mistresses that Were on the roofs of some of these Shanties floating down the river on ice So the saloon town did not last very Long but was taken down by a spring

Flood but it was obviously a very key Point and keep part of this fort in Terms of the overall life here at fort Abraham Lincoln Hey everybody its Colin here we are Currently outside of Bismarck North Dakota at fort Abraham Lincoln this is a Very historic property there are so many Interesting stories that have come out Of this place but I’m standing right now In front of the former residence of General Custer from you know Civil War Faman this was actually crazy enough we Found out tonight that during the Podcast that in this day in history may 15th this was the night and day that Everybody left this fort to head to Where a lot of people would eventually Die at the Battle of Little Bighorn Including Custer himself this was his Last residence before he died and his Wife was here when she received the news Of his death so that is a very Interesting angle that just has added Another level she can’t even talk Another level of depth to this Investigation but we’re gonna skip the Long intro and get right into it I just Want to thank everybody for all the love And support in the last few weeks all of You guys at home that are watching

You’re making my dreams come true and I Love all of you guys so much I’m here With Jeff obviously my dad he’s holding The camera and I just want to know in The comments section have you guys been To North Dakota please I know that we Have fans from all over the world and a Lot here in the US as well so I would Love to find out if you guys have been To North Dakota I have family here and I Love this state but we’re gonna head in Turn off the lights we’ve got this very Spooky ominous lighting on the building Itself we’re gonna start here in the Custer House then move over to the Barracks for a little bit and end in These stables which is supposedly the Area here on the fort which has the Darkest energy which is I always like to research the best Because I feel like it’s the most Powerful but anyways guys let’s just Here I’ll get Jeff real quick all you Have to say well North Dakota’s were Mary’s from my wife so I’m glad to be Here our host Matt and we met hunter Just now or no but it’s a cool location Obviously customers last stand That was like customers a cool dude to Me growing up and historical figures Wise look at look up pictures for those Young people watching it’s a pretty cool Looking dude so that’s what I like about This shoot and then North Dakota this

Part off the code I’ve never been and Bismarck really surprised me how how Beautiful it all is Missouri rivers back Here and so yeah let’s just let’s get to It I just want to say one more thing That’s kind of interesting a lot of People believe that flowing water can Really heighten paranormal activity in a Location that’s why Mineral Wells in Texas with the Baker hotel in the Haunted Hill house why that whole town Is supposedly so haunted because it has Flowing water underneath the the rock And the foundation of the entire city And this fortress is actually situated Right on the river it’s right there and There were actually a couple of deaths In the river back in the day people that Were drunk and attempting to cross and Sadly drowned and they have you know Obviously been deaths later on and in Recent years in the river so I don’t Know if that’s gonna heightened activity Or if that’s why people experience Things here specifically because of its Proximity to this river massive body of Flowing water but either way we’re gonna Head on in and just get this started so I thought further ado let’s head inside Okay so we haven’t actually been in here Come on Jeff in the darkness Oh Custer I’ve got some custard we’re here George like I said we haven’t been here

In the darkness yet so we’re gonna hit The Lights and it just got really great Being in this yeah let’s just stay here For a second to anybody that’s in this House any spirits or entities my name is Colin I’m with Jeff we’re here tonight To make contact with you we don’t want To scare you and we’re not afraid of you You can use our energy and we would look Comes behind me yeah yeah keep coming Follow the sound of our voice is there Anybody here in the house with us right Now I definitely have a feeling here mm-hmm You know like a heavier feelings ooh do You yeah you know I think some places Actually some places feel just like Empty like you don’t feel mm-hmm This feels like not I don’t think I’m Afraid you know it’s just like heavy That’s the kind of homage though yeah I Do too Didn’t expect that either yeah let’s go Stairs So where to start this first Investigation with a brand new REM pod That we just got it where I said the REM Pod on the pool table Where people have heard the sounds of Cue balls and pool balls being broken But almost as if a game of pool is being Played what Were you coming upstairs up up the Stairs

Definitely tax we get here but hopefully We can contact these energies that seem To love to play games okay guys let’s Let’s play a game We’re also going to use because we’ve Had so many comments online about people Wanting us to use voice recorders we’re Going to use one tonight for you guys at Home I heard your comments and we’re Going to start off with this rem-pod ask Some questions then without the voice Recorder and end up using a brain Populous that we just got okay everybody One more time I love you so much and We’re gonna go lights-out now any final Words It’s really dark adhere by the light to People online this is the window where Apparently the apparition of woman and Black dress has been repeatedly seen Come forward and touch that mm-hmm There’s anybody here in the house with Us once again I’m invited me to come Into the game room we just want to play Some games with you guys and get to know You or girls if you’re here Well it’s really still hungry down Let’s put the rem-pod over by the window That’s why sad it’s kind of heavy here Let’s just try That’s the window where the lady in Black has seen that’s why you really Creepy entity the track contact Well like imagine what would you do if

She just appeared right there talk to Her Would you really well I’d have to she Easily follow me anywhere she wanted to Go if she gotta be right there it’s true You know that woman in black we’d like To have you up here please do us a favor Go to the chair We’re not here to hurt you You can come in the doors but I’d really Like to see that woman in black if You’re here this is definitely like Really like old energy to me do you feel That like obviously I know it’s all Venice like Yeah come on over Yeah you want to sit down on that chair And have a seat and talk to us yeah take A seat one oh my god oh man I am like Totally if you’re here with us can you Please polish yep oh my god I’m actually I’m just freaked out right now Definitely freaked out right now that Was amazing if you’re the woman in black Which I feel you are Thank you so much can you really light That up for us I just saw orbit please Thank you so much we’re not here to harm You Interestingly enough right as we capture This REM pod going crazy while we asked The woman in black to sit in the chair We captured an orb that flies across the Screen and this was the only warp that

We captured the entire night in all of Our footage and it seems to appear right Near the REM pod what do you guys think Of this this is this is like you see no Matter this is a happy all my hairs on End I’m just not creeped out she’s here Can you come in the door again and come Over to the light over here like you did And not only did the temperature change Over there but they’re young okay I called it a panda today yeah can you Sit down in the chair it’s okay we’re Not afraid of you if there’s more than One of you can you light that up use Your energy please yeah can you do that Again move right over there walk on over To us If there’s more than one of you what the Hell was that I felt like something I Heard a click Whoa I don’t know if I’m just tripping Out no I’m the leader dude eyes look at My arms can you please tell me can see In the arms I just felt when I see when I took the camera from you and I was Filming that Yeah there’s no way that my shirt it was Like that I turn and I shut them like This film it okay but it would like this Did you just pull on my shirt Can you light up the green light like You did before I swear to God I just saw Something eyes I swear I just saw a

White you don’t want to be really kind Of freaked out I know Due to that’s my feelings I do you see That’s why I kind of feel like I’m Behind me here like that was strong to Out I wouldn’t make that up just for a Video you know like I lead her on it was Kind of like freaked by that well there Was a click when you said that mmm and Right when you sir over here against the Wall yep and then when I mentioned it Yeah I’m right out instantly It’s definitely centered I don’t heard that it’s just totally Centered over around the window I feel No here’s what I feel there’s something That is kind of over here that’s like Kind of distracting us but I feel like At the same time there’s like five to Ten people in this area we’re just Standing on the border like white Eyeballs no pupils just staring at us oh It’s so cold I’ve got him actually just like that my Ears up like and I’ve got like a Headache I mean I think there’s like a lot of Heavy energy here I’m you know I’m Feeling almost like a sadness Are you sad [Applause] Here in my ear sir if you’re if you’re Playing with my ears long stick and I Started talking that’s weird stairs and

Stop here because we’re just stumbling Around in the dark do you want us to be In the dark Okay guys so we’re in the hallway right Now on the second floor of the building And we’ve got a cold and it’s like this House is actually really creepy yeah for Both like what he does to meet you Well it’s cuz it’s so creepy cuz there’s A doorway right here that goes into Multiple rooms and then a doorway what Didn’t throw away right over there and It’s like I feel like something at any Second it was just gonna pop around and Like grab me and so it’s like a weird Energy that you can’t get through the It’s phenomenal this is a perfect spot I Know you’re free yeah okay I wasn’t saying it’s a weird energy Can’t convey through video but I’m gonna Hit record so let’s just not say Anything just ask some questions I’m Ready here we go is there anybody here There anybody here in the coaster house With us can you tell us your name [Applause] Take this here’s over this recording Okay come on come on make it all light Up guys I’m sorry maybe I’m being overly Aggressive you move down to the bottom Floor okay the woman in black is in here We’re going downstairs so feel free to Follow us once again I’m going to turn

On the rem-pod and let’s just talk when I was upstairs right remember in the Podcast I heard a asked if there’s a Stringed instrument because I thought I Heard a string and there it is there’s a Harvest Accord harpsichord Yeah not quite that strong but yeah or Or it was that or the harp I don’t think You can Yeah it’s something right way to play it But okay but it’s weird that there’s a String instrument and I asked him Alright wait listen to how creepy this Would be this is like a horror movie Score wait just be quiet it’s breached Okay sorry knees the obvious but I mean Really I’m trying to say again yeah you Heard that a Stu him I heard so I asked Him cuz there’s no inherent string inch When you said yeah mm-hmm there’s one Downstairs I didn’t really anyway what We’re gonna leave the rem-pod here cuz Just mobile or to walk through the house There’s anybody here the house we would Love to hear your voice oh she’s hot Scared Oh On the corners Lindemann Aki Oh quick quick supply do You need a quick supply of what oh I Feel some chart Yeah I did too I heard something Charts charts of the house and this is Custer’s this is being yeah this is the Actual desk from the house look it turn

Are you your heart is something you Wanted us to do around these charts as Weird there are actual chart yeah you’re Right towards yeah you know we’re Walking through the house ooh it’s cold I’m feeling like really code right here We’re gonna have to be brave soon not Look at this bare bison is way creepier I know Custer General Custer was brave when he Died her true do you miss him Why didn’t I bring it right here Mrs. Custer is that you I know it was July 6 when he found out that your Husband died how did you feel when you Found out that George Custer died chart For the battle we have to be a brave Soon that’s the truth I was like almost Like it we’re picking up on the energy Of them about to leave you know do you Guys have to head out to battle brave Soon in Wyoming or Montana what do you Think of the name Little Bighorn Do you know what happened at Little Bighorn General Custer was killed there And he left today hundreds of years ago A hundred and something years ago I’ve Always wanted that like a rocking chair Like that to start yeah of course You’re Jeff when you hold this no it’s Interesting that rem-pod in the other Room hit after it led us to the charts Yeah we got into this room and then we Heard movement and those taps have

Stopped on the wind rack that we were in There and then the rim honey we know There’s either one person here I feel More than one person here can you give Us one of your names Oh my oh yeah was it that that was like A big emotion have you come into the Room with us here I feel like you’re all Around this my hand is actually Vibrating I don’t know if I’m imagining This but it’s like you know how your Hands asleep mm-hmm my hand is just Literally that sand tingling all the way Through like there’s something in this Room to our right the bedroom where Custard use did you give your name You’re right in front of me oh I’ve got A headache too do I have a head I have a Massive headache that just said is punch Go walk in this any of this room with The device what he’d say no well other Ones page could be a PA g fe IGN same Page same unholy thing I made that unholy painting the other Day and we’ve been talking about Fame Today and you were just holding a page Over here I just heard of hmm like literally me I Feel like I’m here pass I can’t touch That interesting that seven homes and Tales Edgar Allen Poe Palms of des and their home this one’s To say Bella While the mayor’s creepy

Yeah here’s the Holy Bible what unholy Inhale my God why would why would it Give us both eyes in a row that’s weird I’m looking look what I’m wearing like You I just took the thing maybe it’s Calling me unholy oh let’s look at this Remember attitudes remember mrs. Custer Dynasty mrs. Custer was very like Conservative of course and in villages Maybe she’s saying that I’m on Holi and I’m going to hell yeah then who’s them Who’s them what’s interesting We were over another room then the Rem-pod starts hitting when we were Talking okay step back over in the other Room the rem-pod starts I’m saying we’re Over there and the rem-pod starts Hitting when I’m asking what the song Was Oh that they were listening to and we Were calling off camera our contact here Then this thing right when I pointed it This thing starts hitting then we come Over here and it’s on songs either songs Right here okay we should talk to do you Want to do you want me to play one of These songs for you that’s on the piano There is definitely activity in this House do you want to hear one of these Songs I feel like really fainting yeah I’m gonna mess up I’d have a full hittas I just have a form then he’ll unholy That’s a very creepy sequence of words To receive on here are you calling me a

Demon puddle wings from them condition Jesus coming then it says wings as well Like a angel like I always say mafroom For all this starting to happen so I was What I was saying before before it’ll Start going this is what I was gonna say And I was trying to say before was uh When we were calling Matt who was in the Episode earlier about the song he was Talking about on the podcast this Rem-pod started to hit and we were over There came back the earth songs right Here okay so for this experiment I’m Gonna attempt to just play out loud the Battle Hymn of the Republic is that what They actually played yeah you think Probably I mean they were marching on It’s like big house we came over here to The rem-pod they’re like here this one If you guys like this song Can you give us a sign I’m playing this For you all of you guys who died in June Of 1876 of the Battle of Little Bighorn I know that George Custer himself died Mrs. Custer If you guys like this solemn can you Give us a sign I’m playing this for you All of you guys who died in June of 1876 Of the Battle of Little Bighorn I know That George Custer himself died mrs. Custer Moreover you like this song

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] What do you have in response to this Song how are you feeling how does this Make you feel [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Everybody gather around yep use your Energy Show us the support you have for this Song yeah it’s cold and I had these Pumps okay let’s get my moment [Applause]

Well they end up moving on it’s getting Late So your last chance to say anything to Us would you like that I played that Song for you Okay we’re gonna leave Custer’s house And this device I have here please tell Us something before we leave it’s your Last chance I’ll hold it out here if You’re right in front of me come forward You’ve got to have something to say you Have to have something to say you’re Like disoriented since from the Pitch-black here Light what so proudly we knew response Anybody in here why tonight man I feel You have anything left to say before we Leave okay guys well thank you so much And we’re gonna move over to the Barracks now if you’d like to join us we Were taking photos for our patreon Members around the house right after we Just wrapped we’re gonna send our Cameras out And melody joke and B came through in The Ovilus because when we take the Photos we’re actually investigating and That’s just so weird because I was just Singing the melody of the Battle Hymn of The Republic and it was kind of a joke Like we were laughing no i’ma start

Something a banner and the banner we Were doing yep in other words maybe it’s Mad that we didn’t know the words well Anyway so everybody’s getting that Patreon cameras okay that moment Captured because I got your expression When I popped up and I came back to Filming they can’t the light just turn Off right when I started to roll hold on Hold on what’s going on yeah I was weird Okay well I was gonna say when we walked Over and we’re taking a couple more Pictures and then Jeff said I think that The noise was the camera one of these That we have a cent or patrons taking a Photo so whoever is getting one these Cameras I think is going to get a Picture Yeah took upon itself it was like it Took by it was an idea it was click yeah And then when I want to take him a Picture it was already done I had to Wind it yeah so it clicked when I was Getting on this fainting couch so we’re Putting this in here so that whoever the Patron is who receives this camera Please let us know what that photo is Because because yeah that was kind of Freaky but we’re gonna head to the Stables now to finish this out we’ve Been here for two hours already Hello