15 SCARY BIGFOOT STORIES – Episode #019 – Sasquatch Encounters – What Lurks Beneath

By | June 18, 2020
15 SCARY BIGFOOT STORIES - Episode #019 - Sasquatch Encounters - What Lurks Beneath

The past several months we have had some Very strange activity going on around Our house we live out in the country and We've ignored a lot of it but here Lately we can't ignore the activity Going on about a month or two ago my Husband went outside to smoke and he Heard something and as he looked in our Driveway he's seen an animal that stood About seven feet tall all hairy he Couldn't explain it except that it Looked like one of her dogs on two feet And extremely tall it walked past our Trailer and that's how he could guess That the height could be we've heard What sounded like a baseball bat hitting A tree we've heard whistles and calls of What Bigfoot sounds like we've had Chickens and cats go missing every night About the same time you can hear Footsteps and sounds it's to the point To where we are scared to go outside We've never believed in Bigfoot till We've seen it and have heard them I'm Sure there are more than one around Because we live near caves they sound Like they are all around us at night we Had a ball in our yard and after finding It in the woods one day and down the Road from us another day and bring it Back several times it went missing and We've not been able to find it since I Just find it odd that this has just Happened after we've been hearing noises

That sounded like Bigfoot We were camped along marble creek donkey Creek near Avery Idaho july 2019 it was A weekday so no other campers were Within miles deep mountain valleys and Dense woods I was chopping food for Dinner my husband and small children Were fishing at the loud Creek I'm an avid birder obsessed I must know Every call I hear and that evening I Heard a call that sounded like an Old-fashioned crank police siren it was Echoing through the valley and came from A higher altitude howls of the same Tambor and pitch but slightly varying Lengths I thought it was an owl I must not know wolves and cougars don't Sound like that my dog did not bark she Hid under the table I also considered That maybe some kids were playing with An old police siren but then I realized There was no way kids could have been up There near the ridge with something that Heavy plus no one else was up there when I got back into cell reception I Searched through alcohols and found Nothing similar but I found that call on Other Bigfoot websites it was the Ohio Howl I live in Wisconsin and have been Interested in Sasquatch my entire life I've been a hunter for 44 years and no Sounds footprints and behavior of just About every creature in Wisconsin I have Always wanted to become involved in

Actively looking for Sasquatch in 2015 I Started researching sightings and Incidents in Wisconsin and discovered The northern third of the state had many Reports in Phillips Prentiss and Pryce Counties as well as the national forests My husband is also interested so we Decided to research areas of some Reported sightings we spent a great deal Of time walking around the forest off of Highway 17 near winter Wisconsin we Documented our findings using video cams And photographs I have a photo of what I Believe it's a sasquatch print in a Forest near some tree bends and Brown glyph that was about five yards From the print a year later we Discovered that the glyph had been Modified with additional sticks and Limbs we have photographs of tree bands And breaks and trees woven together that No human can manage and since 2015 have Actively returned to the same area of The forest to see if there are no Changes or anything new I've also had a Response to a wood knock that I did in The summer of 2018 the area of the Return knock is in the area that has no Homes roads or trails beginning in 2016 My oldest sister my daughter and I Decided to set up camp near Loretta and Each summer we would spend time camped And actively researching and have many Photographs On June 6th through 9th 2019

We once again set up our camp in the Same campground but in a different site Though he had not used before at the end Of the row on the southwest side of the Camp there's nothing for miles behind That spot we did not see anything Unusual when we hiked through the forest Earlier in the day but on our last night A bear walk through our campsite just Before dark so we decided to hit the Bunks early and it was around 10:00 to 10:30 p.m. when I heard a rustling Around the camper it's a modified camper With a deck that has a zipper tent Extending from the camper with a tarp Material or on the bottom the creature Was crinkling and fiddling around with The bottom portion of the extended porch And making the tarp crackle I thought the bear had returned and was Rustling around camp and expected the Camp to be destroyed in the next morning The noise went on for about a half an Hour and then it stopped my daughter and Sister were asleep less than 30 minutes Later a handful of rocks hit the side of The camper followed by three more rounds Of rocks and finally a larger rock hit The camper roof this woke my sister who Sleeps with earplugs She later says she does not know why she Woke up but I believe it was the sound Of the big rock hitting above her head By then my daughter was awake as well it

Was quiet the rest of the night the next Morning when it was light out I bailed Out of the camper expecting to see a Ripped up camp but all was pristine the First morning at camp my daughter set up A hammock behind and slightly to the Side of the back of the camper when she Was taking it down She found a rock in the hammock my Theory is that whatever threw rocks had To lob them over her hammock and one Either bounced back and fell into the Hammock or pinged off the tree and Landed in the hammock we were the only Campers in the campground except for a Man that came in with his rig he left The next morning many areas have tree Bends twists a possible footprint all in The forest just east and north of the Campground where the rock-throwing Incident occurred I was with a friend of Mine behind his grandmother's house we Had seen some dead fish near pond broke In half so he went back later that day To look to see what might have caused it We went about 100 yards in the woods When my friend had to go use the Bathroom so he walked away from me when I heard a noise off to my right I looked And see something looking around a tree About 50 to 75 yards away I could make Out on fur of the outline of the shape It looked like it was about eight feet Tall I seen it take a step and then I

Took off running back to the house I was The only one that seen it he just Noticed me running back to the house he Was using the bathroom I was having a small campfire last night Alone with my small dog who had the time Was sleeping First there was something moving through The wooded area to my left sounded like It was on two feet and moving towards Some neighbor's houses I wasn't alarmed by this although it was Dark and there were no flashlights the Neighbors do walk through there from Time to time my dog was not alerted at All this part of the incident may just Be coincidental but it's what happened Next that I'm curious about about five To ten minutes later to the left of me Way off in the distance there was an Obvious wood knock then immediately to The right of me in the distance but in The direction is the great Krotz in Swamp was a reply wood knock and then Immediately after that another from the Left then nothing I've never heard Anything like that before it was about 11 p.m. and the neighborhood was quiet And in my opinion it was an obvious call And response our wood knocks usually Sell instantaneous or do they usually Have some time in between me and two Friends were walking up to the gas Pipeline to fish a natural spring on the

Mountain now privately owned by a Hunting and fishing club as we crested Our first hill all three of us stopped At the same time we saw a Bigfoot about 200 feet up the pipeline I would Estimate it to be about seven feet tall Brown and very shaggy after about 30 Seconds it ran into the wood line it Covered about 30 feet and three strides And disappeared as we got to where it Was you could see four spots where the Tall grass was pushed down from its Steps My friend says Bigfoot threw rocks at Him in the 70s about five miles away I live in Greenville Texas north of town Just off of highway 69 North I have Lived here 12 years and have had strange Things going on at my house since I Moved here but in the last two to three Years things have really started Happening more I live down a dirt road Off of highway 69 there are a lot of Woods around me also have several Neighbors around me too in late summer Of 2017 I was jolted awake in the middle of the Night by a loud banging on my house I Knew I wasn't dreaming because I shot Straight up and at that exact moment my Two little dogs flew off my bed barking And carrying on I stumbled into the Kitchen wondering what could be Happening and it was 2:30 8 a.m. my two

Big dogs outside were not barking which I thought was odd to make a long story Short I called the Sheriff's Department Two deputies came out and found nothing From that moment on every two or three Months I have several incidents for a Week or two then nothing for another Month or two or three then things will Happen again this past winter from November 2019 to February 2020 I've had Several things happen on three separate Occasions while I've been propped in bed Watching TV I have heard a loud growl outside my Bedroom lot enough to hear over the TV It was loud and guttural I have had Tapping on the back of my house during The night it's usually always around the Same time of night in January of 2020 I Was once again propped up in my bed Watching TV and over my TV I heard Something rubbing on the back of my House on the wall where my bathroom is My bedroom and bathroom run together my Two little dogs jumped off the bed into The bathroom at the back wall barking I've had rocks thrown at my house I'm Home alone most the time but this past Saturday night April 18th 2020 my Husband happened to be home between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. my dog starts Barking and when it stopped so I get up To holler Mr. hurt a hush as I got to my bedroom

Door my cat was lying in my rocking Chair next to my door I paused a Petter And about that time I heard that same Loud guttural growl at my back door my Cat heard it wheeled around and looked At the back door I went and woke up my Husband he looked out at the back and Saw nothing I went to the front door and Opened it and he called my dog she would Not get close to the fence and was Barking looking towards the back of my House towards my neighbor's home behind Me all of a sudden she jumped back like Whatever it was was coming towards her I Ran to my guest room to look out the Window facing that direction and back Towards Northwest I saw something huge and dark in color Going across my neighbor's back pasture Moving fast my neighbor behind me lives Alone and she has had the same things Happen at her house on October 7th 2017 My wife myself and her dog went on a Late-season kayak paddle to upper priest Lake and overnight camping trip at Beaver Creek Campground after loading The kayak after our paddle we drove half A mile to the campground only to find That it was closed for the season not Wanting to find another campsite we Drove around the campground to tool bay Boat launch parking area which was still Open we parked our vehicle unloaded our Tent sleeping and cooking gear and began

A set up camp carrying things into a Designated site that would normally be Accessed by the campground road I was a Bit concerned about camping in the site After the campground was officially Closed but figured that it was already Getting dark it was unlikely that we Would be confronted by a ranger it had Been raining and was getting cold and my Wife wanted a campfire to warm up our Paddle to upper priest Lake I didn't Want to start a fire as I was still Uneasy about camping there and concerned That a fire would attract attention to Us after setting up the tent and getting Things situated we heard a who call to The north of us Across the road I had the distinct Impression that it wasn't an owl but a Person wooing for somebody in the dark Woods like someone trying to contact a Hiker who was late getting back to the Car though there were no other cars in The area the call was quite loud louder Than any al I have ever heard to me it Seemed like it was coming from something A person with very large lung capacity By this time it was dark and we couldn't See anything beneath the tree canopy Outside of our campsite while my wife Worked on starting a fire with wet Branches unsuccessfully I arranged our Sleeping gear in the tent Suddenly we heard a woo call that was

Much closer and much louder this call Made us nervous as we both felt it was Made by a person who was camping around Our campsite in the dark messing with us But we had heard no vehicles drivin saw No headlights or flashlights and it was Too dark and overcast for a person to Drive or walk around the woods without a Light my wife has better hearing than I Do and heard what she felt was an Answering who from some distance away in The forest grabbing a flashlight I walked 75 feet or so back to her Vehicle to get my 9-millimeter pistol There was no question that this was not An owl the call was much too loud and Gave both of us a fearful feeling I can Feel the loudness of the call in my Chest We noticed that her dog had no reaction To the calls remaining in camp and not Acting scared but I sure felt that way Even with a firearm on my hip after the Last loud call we didn't hear anything More the rest of the night no vehicles Drove in to the boat launch parking area And we heard no people or animals about In the morning I looked around our Campsite but couldn't see that anything Had been disturbed Later back home my wife researched Alcohols online but couldn't find Anything that sounded like what we had Heard whatever had made those calls

Around our campsite that night knew we Were there and had a lung capacity much Larger than an adult human Last fall 2019 while on a motorcycle Ride of tango Creek which was Approximately fifteen miles from our Incident we saw a fir tree about five Feet in diameter broken off about the Eight to nine foot tall of the ground Near a trail by a pullout parking area No other trees in the area had been Damaged it was last year 2019 around Mid-october near the Blue Ridge Parkway Me and my boyfriend were working for the Roanoke Times delivering newspaper when This encounter happened we delivered Anywhere from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. we were Almost done with the route when we went To turn down this dead-end maintenance Road since there was houses at the end Of that who got paper it was around 3:30 To 4:00 a.m. while my boyfriend was Going down the gravel and maintenance Road the headlights caught a glimpse of This thing standing right at where the Grass meant the road it stood about Seven feet tall and it took off up the Hill when it kind of walked fast not Necessarily ran it was dark brown and Had shaggy hair like fur it was on two Feet and walked like a human with its Arms swaying back and forth right below The knees I screamed out for my Boyfriend to stop the car but by the

Time his reaction time kicked in Whatever it was already made its way up The hill my boyfriend positioned the car So the lights would shine up the hill And that's when we saw two bright Glowing red yellow eyes looking back at Us what was strange what it was hiding Behind a huge tree and how high the eyes Were up from the ground it was close to Seven feet tall you could clearly see The eyes blink we sat there for Approximately ten minutes and finally Decided to finish up the route and come Back we did eventually come back after We got done with the last house and it Was gone but you could see where the Tree limbs and grass was pushed down From where I was standing on the side of The road maybe less than a month before We had the encounter we had heard tree Knocks while on our route from Deep down in the woods maybe a Neighborhood or two over it scared us so Bad when we heard it that we just bagged The newspaper up and threw it on the Side of the road it was around the year 1989 I was working at McDonald's in Carlinville and it was closed that night I was headed home around 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. I was headed west on Illinois Highway 108 I was going through an area On the highway known to the locals as Hagah Man bottoms just as I was about to Approach the bridge at the bottom of

Bell Hill I saw a large creature Standing next to the road just as I got Near it were just about even with the Creature it reached out at my car it Scared me and I accelerated my car to Get away from it it was very bright Moonlit night and I could tell that it Was dark brown or black in color It was also tall as it stood above the Top of my car the car I owned at the Time was a Chevy celebrity Eurosport I Remember its standing facing east when I Was passing it it turns south and Reached out with its right hand this was A very scary experience for a young girl In a car going home all by herself as a Child I grew up in a small town in Fayette This town is just west of Hagah man Bottoms at night after the Supper meal We would take food scraps out to the Trash burning barrel behind the shed I Would get a feeling like there was Always something around or close by and My hair would stand up on my arms and I Would get very scared to go out there When it was dark I never did see Anything but just got an eerie feeling Like something was watching me I have had two incidents in the last few Months the first happened one morning When I woke up early and had to use the Restroom on the way back to bed I looked out the back door to see the

Sunrise and check if the dog was in the Back yard I watched a large dark person Where thing crossed the field from one Tree line to another the second happened On the night of the meteor shower just a Few weeks ago I walked outside to look Up and watch the shower I stood there For several minutes before I look down Directly on the other side of the fence Was a large form after I screamed my Head off it bolted to the tree line it May be completely unrelated but our dogs Have been bringing home several bones From different animals on a semi weekly Basis I have had several experiences Over the years near my home five years Ago I was picking blackberries on the Back side of my property late June to The east of the blackberry vines as a Farm field the field was planted in corn And there was a strip of last year's Corn residue at the edge of the field Old stubble harder walk through with Boots on there were a series of Footprints coming out of the field Moving towards the woods there were five Prints about my size mens eleven or Twelve bare foot wide with no arch Flat-footed I go barefoot a lot but no One in their right mind walks through a Corn field with stubble in bare foot Four years ago my son and I were in my Bedroom watching videos on my computer About 6:00 in the evening when something

Passed by my cabin and beat on the wall As it went by scared us to death the Pounding started near the corner of the Room or were in near the ceiling this is A good 10 feet above the ground level Outside the second was in the other Corner of the room the third hit sounded Like it came from above the window in The den and the fourth and fifth hits Were on the bathroom wall quick Bam Bam Bam Bam I live in a log cabin and it literally Shook the house next morning I looked Around outside no prints nothing on the Logs it was in July and August ground Was dry and hard I have ruled the house Settling Small animals birds no idea what it was This year made two June 2012 about 10:30 At night I was getting ready for bed my Son was in the bathroom we both heard a Low very guttural grunt whoo outside the House My son is 18 and large muscular young Man but he came out of the bathroom Pulling up his jeans and looking scared We ran out onto the porch and time to Seize something large dark and low to The ground run past my neighbor's house Truthfully it looked like a gorilla Running flat on all fours it activated My neighbor's motion sensor lights in Front of his home and about 30 seconds Later the Coyotes on the other side of

The highway went nuts it was moving Quarter of a mile in just under a minute The next day my father said he also Heard the grunt it woke him up I Sometimes find broken trees and bent Trees in the woods I have also heard Screams and howls that I can just write Off as being a deer Bobcat coyote or Vixen Whenever my husband works Midnight's I Can't sleep so I came outside to sit on My steps and smoke a cigarette I happen To look up because the dogs were barking At something I looked up and saw this Tall black figure standing and kind of Peeking out from behind the shed I Looked at it and kind of squinted at it To see what I could see and it really Wasn't moving I went back inside my House and grabbed a gun when I came back Out it was gone I don't know what he was doing there it Was just a big tall black mass peeking Out from behind the shed it was massive It was big I jumped up and ran inside to Get the gun I was able to see its head Part of the shoulder and some of the Knee it was leaning out it was seven Foot tall but it was sort of hunched Over – there is no lighting back there Only in the front of the house we have a Tree line that comes up behind our place The tree line comes with about a hundred Feet of the house I don't know how many

Times have been here by myself and heard Something banging on the shed in the Back there were a couple of nights that I went out there with my gun but every Time I've heard a bang like something is Hitting on it and the door had been left Open I don't know if something was Trying to get in there I know it's not The door banging because the door is on A track to hold it still there's been Other times by the camper shell I've Heard noises I've run inside and get the big light And shinin over there but nothing there There are a lot of unusual noises that I've heard over the years here and there And I've never been able to put – what It was there are several times when I Have walked back to check the noises of The shed where I felt something was Watching me I've also gotten that Feeling a lot of my French doors because I don't have anything over them I'll be Sitting on my couch and feel like Someone is looking through that window And I look up and there's nothing there And when I get this feeling I am home by Myself I have an apple orchard in the Back but of course his time of year There aren't any apples but late last Year a lot of the apples were gone my Husband picks up all the bad one And throws them out to the field I got To thinking about this because somebody

Found a footprint recently between Bunker Hill and Staton I have recently Moved out of my house in Illinois during The last year so I have experienced Several strange occurrences I have never Actually seen anything except once a Large dark shape moving bipedally Through the heavy fog I've heard the Sound of something drumming on tree Trunks the sound of something big Walking in the woods on two legs I have Found chunks of firewood thrown from my Wood pile and now November 25th of 2008 As I was packing to move I heard a Moaning Hal very close to the house I Have hunted for 20 years and I have Never heard the likes of this I stopped Loading the vehicle loaded my 45 and Locked the door I did the rest of my Packing and the next two nights armed But as before I had the distinct feeling I was being watched and several times Large branches were broken and there was Knocking on trees also there is an area Of woods where the grass and foliage is Crushed down this could be deer but Since these things have started Occurring the deer who are usually thick As fleas have been gone several other People have heard knocking however I was Alone when the howl occurred and it is Mostly at night back in the spring of 1978 at the age of 17 myself and my high School sweetheart

Were parking just off of a seldom Traveled country road in a County about 10 to 13 miles south of Carlinville And roughly 10 miles west of Gill spy we Were making out on a farm field across In the back seat of my car parked about 20 feet off the road the area was Fertile bottom land just about 50 feet From a bridge over a small creek they Were dense woods around with a small Cornfield maybe four acres cut out of The fertile soil along side of the creek The night was one I'll never forget and Her young passion a foul stench came Over the area but the real thrill soon Followed We heard the loudest most she'll scream We could imagine it was very very close And extremely loud It started as several low-toned grunts And exploded into the most frightening She'll scream I'd ever heard it seemed To vibrate the old car we were in we Were both panic-stricken and scared out Of her mind I jumped into the front seat Butt-naked and drove like hell until we Were on high ground and away from any Woods I had it taken time address until We were miles away from that spot we Discussed what had happened and decided To keep the whole thing a secret Actually we looked at each other and Said something like this didn't happen Did it the whole thing gave me a fear of

The woods that lasted for almost twenty Years but as I looked back on it I Realized whatever it was had been Watching us and at any time if it were a Savage beast had every chance to do Whatever it wanted to do to us did we go Back later and look for the tracks No no way I have voided that area at all Cost Day or night did the sound resemble Recordings that we hear Bigfoot well Actually it did indeed but amplified by A hundredfold I recall his small Children the screams of what the local Illinois farmers called a mountain lion We had several cattle maimed and that Scream was nothing like the one we had Heard that evening it was just so Chilling