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The first time that someone tried to put The baffling puzzle pieces of other life In the universe together for me in a More coherent picture was October 1983 That’s when I was still trying to go Forward with the HBO project in spite of Government efforts to block me in Washington DC military source who Claimed first-hand interaction with at Least one type of nonhuman agreed to Talk with me off the record about the Type that he knew as extraterrestrial Biological entities also known as evens He was aware that on April 9 1983 at Kirtland Air Force Base I was shown an Alleged briefing document for an unnamed US president and it said Extraterrestrial biological entities or Evens have manipulated DNA in already Evolving primates to create homo sapien The military source told me that was True but he stressed that no one in the American government with access to that Knowledge ever wanted to be alive if or When such an announcement were broadcast To the world the humans are someone Else’s experimental Androids he told me That he had talked firsthand with the US Air Force captain who received Telepathic communication from one Non-human at a crash site in the Roswell Region He said 1949 not 9 1947 because they Captain more than anyone else at the

Crash site could clearly and correctly Receive mine to Communication from the non-human and Eben the captain was assigned to live With this entity called evil one at the Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico Until eBay died of unknown causes on June 18 1952 that Air Force captain said One of the most important transmissions That he ever received from this eben was Quote we made you we put you here on Earth but you have to live it plus quote I typed up notes after the October 18 1983 meeting that began with this Military source talking about Information gained from eBay one and Another captured being called eBay – Here are some brief excerpts from my October 1983 notes in Washington DC October 18th EBIT – trying to teach human scientists About their ebin technology they use a Completely different set of physical Laws than ours our physics would not Apply in their civilization but their’s Can apply in ours they the evens travel Inter-dimensionally many times faster Than the speed of light like the corner Of a napkin folded to its opposite Corner there are many dimensions too of Which we might relate to but at least a Dozen dimensions we would not relate to All evens look alike their society is Worldwide on a planet in the Zeta

Reticuli binary solar system about 39 Light years from Earth hive minds all Telepathic leaders are for life even Though they look pretty much the same There are personality differences the Evens brought five different humanoid Species he said to me juvenile Delinquents possibly from somewhere else In the cosmos – this planet Earth a long Time ago Our whole planet is a sociological Experiment according to this Whistleblower that’s why the evens Persist in the so-called guardian role Versus the renegade blonde Swedes Nordics and other et types are their Secret Wars ongoing to protect humans That are kept in a state of ignorance You said the problem is if the evens go Away from Earth what will happen they Have a computer base inside of our Moon And throughout our solar system he said Is that sufficient monitoring to keep The blonde Swedes reptilians and others In check he said the Swedes quote have a Large menagerie of cloned biological Entities close quote Which do work for them everywhere he Talked to me about the president’s and What they knew He said Truman 1945 to 1953 knew Everything at the time and then Ike 1953 to 1961 knew everything but put a Lid on it

Then came Kennedy 1961 to 1963 he wanted To tell the whole world about the alien Presence and was killed in Dallas on November 22nd 1963 for trying to open up The truth LBJ 1963 to 69 he did not want to know Because he heard rumors about what Happened to Kennedy Nixon 1969 to 1974 Knew and bragged about his inside Knowledge two friends showed Jackie Gleason some retrieved craft and e.t Bodies preserved in tubes hanging on Walls underground at Eglin Air Force Base near Fort Walton Beach Florida Ford 1974 to 1977 the whistleblower said He did not know if he was ever briefed On anything Jimmy Carter 1977 to 1981 Briefed in 1976 and again later on but Decided the story was too big to deal With Ronald Reagan 1981 to 1989 he was Briefed during the campaign because he Was so Pro military that mj-12 wanted to Quiet him down a little and then he was Briefed in March 1981 after the election By CIA director with CIA dia NSA and NRO Advisers present and about that word Reincarnation he said that the evens Described this quote only so many souls Are allowed per planet close quote They are recycled constantly at birth And death but why after that Conversation I didn’t know who to trust Or what to believe in 1983 so I didn’t Do anything public with this Washington

DC military sources information then a Decade later an alleged 1950s government Document was leaked on March 7 1994 this Is its title quote restricted Psalm 101 Majestic 12 group special operations Manual extraterrestrial entities and Technology recovery and disposal Top-secret magic eyes only warning this Is a top-secret magic eyes only document Containing compartmentalized information Essential to the national security of The United States eyes only access to The material herein is strictly limited To personnel possessing magic 12 Clearance level examination or use by Unauthorized personnel is strictly Forbidden and is punishable by federal Law since the u.s. War Office was Transitioned to the US Department of the Army under the Department of Defense in 1949 the implication is that this Psalm 101 For extraterrestrial entities in Technology recovery and disposal was First produced before 1949 and updated In April 1954 the unofficial leak of This Psalm 101 manual started at a La Crosse Wisconsin pharmacy when 32 pages Of text and drawings showed up on thirty Five-millimeter negative film addressed To Don Berliner at the fund for UFO Research in Maryland the film was in an Envelope postmarked March 7 1994 Don Berliner gave Bob wood an aerospace

Engineer retiring from McDonnell Douglas Permission to print the negatives for Study the first negative frame was the Psalm 101 cover then on page six of the Training manual is section 10 Description of extraterrestrial Biological entities EBIT type 1 and EBIT Type 2 EBIT type 1 these entities are Humanoid and might be mistaken for human Beings of the Oriental race if seen from The distance they are bipedal five feet To 5 feet four inches in height and Weigh eighty to a hundred pounds Proportionally they are similar to Humans although the cranium is somewhat Larger and more rounded the skin is a Pale chalky yellow in color they can Slightly pebbled in appearance this was Odd to read because the gray evens and Other gray types are not described by People let’s say in the human abduction Or a whistle-blower as chalky yellow in Color is this yet another type or Something related to the metabolism of The evens I’m now showing a charcoal Illustration that a government Whistleblower told me quote is almost Like a photograph of an eben the acronym The US government uses for Extraterrestrial biological entities the Psalm 101 manual continues quote the Eyes are small wide-set almond shaped With brownish black Irises with very large pupils the whites

Of the eyes are not like that of humans But have a pale gray cast the ears are Small and set low on the skull the nose Is thin and long and the mouth is whiter Than in humans and nearly lipless there Is no apparent facial hair and very Little body hair that being very fine And confined to the underarms and the Groin area the body is thin and without A parent body fat but the muscles are Well-developed The hands are small with for long digits But no opposable thumb the outside digit Is jointed in a manner as to be nearly Opposable and there is no webbing Between the fingers as there is in Humans the legs are slightly but Noticeably bowed and the feet are Somewhat splayed and proportionally Large a second type on page 6 of the Psalm 101 manual states EBIT type 2 These smaller entities are humanoid but Differ from type 1 in many respects they Are bipedal 3 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 2 Inches in height and weigh 25 to 50 Pounds proportionally the head is much Larger than humans or type 1 IBAs the Cranium being much larger and elongated The eyes are very large slanted and Nearly wrap around the side of the skull They are black with no white showing There is no noticeable brow Ridge and The skull has a slight peak that runs Over the crown the nose consists of only

Two small slits which sit high above the Slit like mouth there are no external Ears the skin is a pale bluish gray Color being somewhat darker on the back Of the creature and is very smooth and Fine celled there is no hair on either The face or the body and these creatures Do not appear to be mammalian The arms are long in proportion to the Legs and the hands have three long Tapering fingers and a thumb which is Nearly as long as the fingers the second Finger is thicker than the other but not As long as the index finger the feet are Small and narrow and four toes are Joined together inside a membrane would A membrane around four toes explain Tracks at animal mutilation sites where Ranchers and law enforcement have Described hoof like tracks or ice-cream Cone shaped tracks it is not definitely Known where either type of creature Originated but it seems certain that They did not evolve on earth it is Further evident although not certain That they may have originated it on two Different planets close quote and this Is from the Psalm 101 training manual Today I can add the probability that Eva One types genetically manufactured EBIT Type twos to do work on this planet that Means abductees have usually been Handled by the small large black eyed Little guides not the prime even

Intelligence behind the genetically Cloned biological entities or androids The concept of cloned biological Entities of various types made by Ibanez And other extraterrestrial types has Emerged in more details about five Different non-human species allegedly Presented in a briefing for US President Ronald Reagan this released 27 a Reagan Briefing was included in a series of 35 Reports from 2005 to 2007 posted in Order quote to facilitate the gradual Release of confidential documents Pertaining to a top-secret exchange Program of 12 US military personnel to Serpo a planet of Zeta Reticuli and this Happened between the years 1965 to 19 Seventy-eight the information began to Be released on 2 November 2005 by a Retired senior official within the United States Defense Intelligence Agency he calls himself anonymous until He chooses to make his name known this Is the way he will be represented here Anonymous reports that he is not acting Individually and is part of a group of 6 DIA personnel working together as an Alliance of three current and three Former Defense Intelligence Agency Employees he is their chief spokesman Close quote The following excerpts are allegedly From a transcript of a tape recording Made at Camp David Maryland for

President Ronald Reagan on March 6 and March 8 1981 about the subject of quote Unidentified flying objects and Extraterrestrial visitation of Earth Close quote Leading the discussion was CIA director William Casey along with CIA advisors And a caretaker of the et history Casey Was Reagan’s campaign manager in 1980 And then President Reagan asked Casey Who becomes CIA director from 1981 to 1987 That means this briefing March 6 to 8 1981 was only two months after Ronald Reagan first took office on January 20th 1981 as president of the United States I Begin with excerpts from the Presidential briefing as the anonymous Caretaker speaks to President Reagan Quote the United States of America has Been visited by extraterrestrial Visitors since 1947 we have proof of That Close quote my own note is that the Truth about crashes that we appear to Have history of a crash retrievals six Years before Roswell events and that was In Cape Girardeau Missouri Allegedly in the first part of 1941 and Discussed elites majestic 12 documents From which a quote neutronic propulsion Device was retrieved and later delivered To robert Oppenheimer when he began work At Los Alamos New Mexico to produce the

First American atomic bomb the caretaker Says however we also have some proof That Earth has been visited for many Thousands of years by various races of Extra-terrestrial visitors mr. president I’ll just refer to those visitors as ETS In July 1947 a remarkable event occurred In New Mexico during a storm two ET Spacecraft crashed one crashed southwest Of Corona New Mexico and one crash near Dat’ll New Mexico the US Army eventually Found both sites and recovered all of The debris and one live alien I’ll refer To this live alien as ebo one what does That mean do we have codes or a special Terminology for this President Reagan Asked mr. president II Bimini’s Extraterrestrial biological entity it Was a code designated to this creature By the US Army back in those days this Creature was not human and we had to Decide on a term for it so scientists Designated the creature as Ebel one we Also refer to it as Noah there was Different terminology used by various Aspects of the u.s. military and Intelligence community back then can we Classify them can we connect them with Anything earthly no mr. president they Don’t have any similar characteristics Of a human with the exception that they Have eyes ears and a mouth their Internal body organs are different their Skin is entirely different from human we

Could not classify any part of the Aliens with humans they had blood and Skin although considerably different Than human skin their eyes had to Eyelids probably because their home Planet was very bright is time the same On their planet is on ours no mr. President time is very different on the Ebin planet which by the way we call Serpa when you look in Latin and you Find the word ser Pio it means to creep Or crawl Perhaps they meant like a snake their Day is approximately forty hours that is Measured by the movement of their two Sons the solar system containing serpo Is a binary star system two suns rather Than the one Sun like our solar system The distance from Earth to serpo is About 40 light years they can travel That in about nine months of our time I Am no scientist but as I mentioned Earlier they can travel that great Distance by means of space tunnels they Seem to be able to bend the distance From one point in space to another just How they do this must be explained Scientifically are they all friendly Advisor number one mr. president that is A very difficult question to answer There are many parameters that we follow To evaluate the threat however we have Little intelligence on four of the five Visitors we have plenty of Intel on the

Evens They’ve given us everything we’ve asked For they have also helped us to Understand the other four species I’m Afraid to say mr. president and please Don’t misunderstand my words but we Think one of the species is very hostile William Casey CIA director mr. president We have intelligence that would indicate This one species of aliens have abducted People from earth they have performed Scientific and medical tests on these Humans to the best of our knowledge no Humans have been killed but as advised Number one stated the intelligence is From witnesses and we haven’t thoroughly Evaluated this intelligence we have Captured one of these hostile aliens This gets into some very very sensitive Areas mr. president I strongly suggest we end this Discussion and move on to any further Questions that you might have and then Get back to this I don’t think we are Prepared to provide you with accurate Answers to your questions about the Potentially hostile aliens at this time Close quote and that was March 6 to 8 1981 President Reagan said okay but Expect this to be given to me as soon as Possible I want to know everything about These hostile creatures so I mean we Should start forming policies on how to Deal with them advisor number one do we

Have operational war plans on this Advisor number one yes mr. president we Have war plans on all potential threats To our country William Casey okay give The president the names caretaker okay Thank you mr. president the five Non-human species are called evens Alkaloids quad Lloyd’s Hepler LEDs and Toronto Lloyds these names were given to The alien species by the intelligence Community specifically by mj5 the ebin X’ our friendly the trono Lloyds are the Dangerous ones we call the hostile alien Simply that hav meaning hostile alien Visitors mj-12 placed that code on them Back as early in the 1950s a note about Mj5 A member of majestic or majority 12 also Known as mj-12 is this group that was Originally organized in September 1947 After the July 1947 Roswell and other UFO crash incidents That’s when President Harry Truman Organized mj-12 as a secret committee of Scientists military leaders businessmen And government officials under an Executive order to monitor and analyze The interactions of non-human Intelligences with earth and to organize Back-engineering Of advanced et technologies retrieved From down eg craft in the briefing President Ronald Reagan said you mean to Say these h-a v’s have been visiting us

And kidnapping our people since the 1950s William Casey mr. president we Have some indication that they might Have been doing this for some time but We can be sure that the evens have never Done this they are extremely peaceful And they would not harm a living soul Including animals close quote in Contrast to what the CIA director told President Reagan this can’t be a true Statement about the evens because it was Evens that abducted the Colorado couple From the Longmont Highway in November of 1980 President Reagan my god just Knowing we have names for these things Is amazing which one did we capture William Casey well mr. president we have A Toronto law but it is dead we captured It in 1961 in Canada and we had it in Captivity until 1962 when it died Advisor number one Mr. president these hostile aliens are Pretty sneaky they seem to appear and Disappear which is beyond our technical Understanding they also seem to float or Defy gravity we have actual photographs Of them doing this we have a classic Abduction incident that was recorded by Military intelligence personnel it Happened in 1979 near a military base President Reagan where advisor number One in New Mexico the caretaker New Mexico is similar to the home planet of The evens I now understand that the

Evens originally come from a desert-like Planet in the binary g2 solar system Zeta wanting to Reticuli and this is Information that comes from abductees I’ve interviewed and from other Government whistleblowers and this is What they’re talking about right now in This briefing with President Reagan Those binary suns are very similar to Our own Yellow Sun and they say to President Reagan quote since we do not Know which planet the trono lloyd’s came From and then the caretaker is Interrupted by advisor number four Advisor number four says I think we do I Think the evens gave us that information We know the star group it is close to Our solar system in astronomical terms Maybe ten and a half light-years away It’s on the third planet of the Epsilon Eridani solar system It’s the trynna Lloyd’s and they are Actually closer to us than the evens are Epsilon Eridani on the left is an orange Dwarf star in the constellation air Adonis a cooler fainter k2v solar Spectrum Compared to our g2v sun at ten point Five light-years from Earth Epsilon Eridani is in a multiple star system and Has an estimated 82% of ours Suns mass on the right and 74% of our Sun’s radius but only 34% of our sun’s Luminosity our Sun is much brighter the

Epsilon Eridani is an orange color Versus our yellow Sun and it’s dimmer The Reagan briefing indicates the third Planet in the Epsilon Eridani solar System is the home of the hostile insect Toronto Lloyd’s Epsilon Eridani has a Large ring jupiter-like gaseous planet Called Epsilon Eridani B and a probable Second rocky planet called Epsilon Eridani C and it might even have a third Distant planet in one of two asteroid Belts our solar system is underlined in Red at the center of this Three-dimensional star map of our region In the Milky Way galaxy in the lower Left of our solar system is Epsilon Eridani also underlined in red not far From Epsilon Eridani is Tau Ceti Underlined in red and Tau Ceti has been Referenced by people in the human Abduction syndrome as a solar system Also containing humanoid life when Astronomers Frank Drake and Carl Sagan In 1960 first started to look for radio Signals from intelligent Extraterrestrials they turned their Radio telescope on both Epsilon Eridani And Tau Ceti but no signals were found Then President Reagan’s 1981 briefers Would say that is because SETI was Looking in the wrong frequencies or the Very advanced Ronna LEDs have a way to Cloak their planet was this astronomy Magazine cover in December 2007 another

Leak from government intelligence Sources trying to condition the public That there is other life in our galaxy And beyond because they already know About the dangerous Honolua teen sect Beings on a planet in the Epsilon Eridani solar system You