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Okay I’ll just ask you some questions And I’ll let you talk basically like I’m Not here and you can look right into the Lens of the camera to basically like an Omnipresent observer so first I’ll just Have you introduce yourself and then Yeah we can get right into it okay Welcome my name is Bob Cranmer I live Here in Brentwood Pennsylvania which is A suburb of Pittsburgh I’m the author of The book the demon of Brownsville Road And it’s about circumstances that took Place in this house 15-20 years ago or So and I’m here to answer your questions So far away why don’t we first just Start out with the history of the Property and kind of why sure beforehand It may have started well I did I did a Lot of research on the background in the History of this house I’m a former Military intelligence officer and I know How to gather facts and put them Together to form up paint a picture so To speak and we were very interested in In why this particular house was Possessed by a demonic entity and again Not just haunted their haunted houses Are relatively common but what we Experienced here was rare at least rare From the standpoint of the entity that Was here was a very powerful demonic Force it took great time and effort to Exorcise it from the house so I was Interested in into what took place here

Even before this house was built and I I Discovered through various means that in 1792 not long after the Revolutionary War concluded there was a very serious And great war with the Native Americans In western Pennsylvania and Ohio with The new American government George Washington was president after the Revolution this land which had Heretofore been restricted by the British To settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains to keep peace with the Native Americans was opened up by the new American government for settlement and People flooded into this area literally The Native American tribes Iroquois Nation which who claimed that they were Not party to the Treaty of Paris and Even though the British seat at this Land in the United States they saw it as Their country and they weren’t welcomed To it being populated by the new American nation so they went to war it’s Called the Northwest Indian War very Vicious one of the greatest defeats of The American army took place st. Clare’s Defeat in Ohio and the Native Americans Push the frontier back to what is now Pittsburgh the Monongahela in the Ohio River and during that war there Apparently was a a settlement right here Somewhere right for the house now stands A mother and her three daughters were

Killed in a terror attack in tradition They didn’t Jerri kill women and Children but in this case it was a war Of terror to send a message if you bring Your family here you’re going to die and Your family as well so we’re only six Miles from Fort Pitt which had been Reactivated and INRI Garrison’s and it Was surprising that an attack of this Nature took place so close to the fort But did the four bodies are buried In what is now the front yard of this House and the father who was not present When it took place came home to find his Slain family his name was deliverance Brown buried his family in the front Yard and what we feel is that you know The Native Americans used to pray to Their spirits for courage and victory in In their attacks and their Wars and we Feel whatever spirit that was associated With that violent vicious raid and Murder of these children and their Mother attached itself to the land and That it was an evil entity and came to Inhabit the house after it was built This house and that the pattern of Hurting and killing children continued As in the 1920s it was used by a Pediatrician as an illegal abortion Clinic and many many abortions were Performed in one of the bedrooms Upstairs so that’s what we discovered And what we feel was the genesis for the

Evil in the house take me to the very First time that you came to the house What did it feel like right when you Arrived and you first purchased the Property what was it like well I grew up In this neighborhood in this community And from my earliest memories say from You know visible 7 years old When I could you know walk the streets By myself and I had friends who lived Right near the house and I used to walk By this house and it always captivated Me all through my childhood and teen Years I could never pass this house Without having an attraction to it it Always feel to be drawing me in I would Stand out on the sidewalk and just look At it and I always wanted to come inside And look at the house and I wanted to Know about the people who lived here and So on years later I graduated from Duquesne University and went on to Become a regular army officer and I was In the army not quite ten years was Married had four children and we decided It was time to to leave the military and We we moved back here to Pittsburgh I Initially had a job in New Jersey with AT&T and I was fortunate to be able to Get a job in Pittsburgh and I Transferred here so we came here in 1988 Blue family very excited to come home We’re particularly planning on living in This community

We were looking to move to one of the Newer developments further out but my Mother told me that the week we were Moving back interestingly enough that This house was going to be put on the Market for sale so at that point in time I I basically knew what house we were Going to buy and we came here to see the House so from the first time coming in To look at it we had two of our children With us our four-year-old daughter Jessica and our three-year-old son at The time Bobby and we were we were Walking through the house the owners Were showing it to us it wasn’t on the Market yet so there was no realtor Involved and we were in the basement Looking at at the furnace and my wife Noticed that our son Bobby wasn’t with Us and this being a large house they Headed upstairs to find where this Three-year-old boy was and found him Halfway up to the second floor on this Large staircase as a landing halfway up And he was trembling and gasping for air Like he had seen a ghost and the the Woman of the house the lady who owned it Rushed past my wife and embraced my son And says honey what’s wrong did you see Something my wife thought that was an Interesting odd question to ask him as To what would he would he have seemed to Elicit such a reaction as time went on When we bought it I would come to know

Why and it was interesting when I made My offer which was as I recall about Twenty thousand dollars less than what They were asking for the house they Immediately took my first offer which Surprised me they they were anxious to Leave they wanted to get out and I know Why because the house was uncomfortable For So what was the first experience that You guys had that was straight normal Yeah yeah so the first incident that Really confirmed to my wife and I that There was something besides us in this House that there was a spirit in the House and again before this I I had no Interest in ghosts I had never had an Experience this was long before the Paranormal praise you know I’d seen the Movie you know seen seeing movies about Haunted houses and The Exorcist and so On but I had no particular interest in It I had never had a paranormal Experience my wife had not either the First event that kind of that bit Confirmed to us that there was something Else in the house was an incident that Took place in a closet a large walk-in Closet that’s under the staircase that Goes to the second floor the staircase Goes up to a landing and then reverses Back up so there’s this large open area Under the staircase I noticed that inside the inside the

Closet because it’s large there is a There’s a light an old fashioned Victorian light with a brass pool chain And you simply open the door and reach In where the light is and bullets change Her on the light get your coat or Whatever you’re looking for and I Noticed after a week or so being in the House a few few weeks that when I would Go into the closet to get my overcoat to Go to work in the morning that is small This chain this hanging chain on the Light would be meticulously wrapped Around the top of the light or even Around the little little screws that Held the shade the crystal shade to the Light so you would go to pull on the Chain and it would pool but pull because It was either wrapped around the top of The ladder on one of these these little Screws so I obviously thought that my Wife was going in and pulling the chain And letting it letting it fly and it Would wrap itself around so I Asked her not to do that that it was Aggravating to have to feel in there Because you can’t generally see it when You open the door you have to feel for That where the light is and and she Responded that she wasn’t pulling on the Light hard it wasn’t letting the chain Fly and she didn’t know what I was Talking about so one morning we we Opened the closet I unwrapped the chain

Turn on the light closed the door turned Out the light and we agree don’t go in The closet for the rest of the day now Our children were four and below so this Light is six feet off from the floor so They obviously weren’t doing it and and When I came home that night we went to The closet open the closet door reach For the light chain was wrapped around The like again so with that that Absolutely confirmed to us that Something was doing it we didn’t do it And there’s no way that that chain would Mysteriously float and wrap itself Around the light so that began I I Eventually had to take a take a wire and And tie it to the to the chain and tie It to a coat walk to keep it in place That began a whole series of seemingly An arch was not threatening type things That would happen in the house in the Coming years were once you get past that You’re not really scared but it’s Somewhat unsettling furniture would be Moved you’d come down the morning the Lights would be all on radios would be Playing at a radio in the basement in my Workshop I invariably go down all the Time and the radio would be on and the Light would be on so things like that Again not not really threatening but Nonetheless unnatural and when did it Start to become something more than just Interesting or evil yeah playful um well

This thing was had evil intent obviously And it began and eventually would it’s It worked on us worked on our minds the Scare the children began to affect them After six years or so in the house six Or seven years my wife had what amounted To a full boom like mental breakdown had To be hospitalized two of my children Eventually had to be hospitalized as Well for psychiatric treatment We’re very dysfunctional at the time I Had no idea the two were related that This spiritual presence that didn’t seem To be threatening was in fact working on Us as well and it progressively got Worse and then finally after we had been In the house before over a decade all Hell broke loose so to speak it’s all Detailed in my book how it it moved Along but it became at that point it’s a Very open in your face so to speak I Mean it it it became very very dangerous And that’s when I saw help but we lived With it in the house for a number of Years I didn’t realize or correlate what It was doing to us and our mental state With with the benign spirit which we Thought it was at the time so what Started to happen that was beyond the Happy yes yes I understand it well a Whole series of events took place with The family with with one of my sons and Became very chaotic and then when the The paranormal and I guess the first the

One event that happened that really Scared me And I realized that this thing was Dangerous that it wanted to hurt us my Oldest son Bobby was in his in his Bedroom one day after school and he was A teenager that I guess he was about 17 Years old and here I heard a loud like a Pop not like a gunshot or explosion call Most like a a light ball breaking that Real loud popping goes in the corner of His room And he and he heard something whisper His head and hit the wall and what it Was and he went over to find that a a Music disc a CD someway mysteriously Looks like it was shot out of a gun the Corner of his room right past his head Hit the plaster wall again plaster about An inch thick plaster and it hit that Wall with such velocity that it Shattered like a plate thrown against Concrete and if you if you think of a Music yes I mean they’re pretty durable I mean even to break one in half would Take take some some effort and if I took A music disc and threw it against the Wall it may chip it or crack it but this Thing came by his head with such Velocity if I could hold hold what was Left of it in my hands it was just Shards of plastic had that hit him it Probably would have killed him that’s When I realized that this thing was

Dangerous and it became even more Apparent in the things that it would do It would take all the pictures in the House and turn them sideways on the wall It would move furniture it just did a Whole series of things to let us know it Was there which progressively got more And more daily on a daily event or a Daily basis I should say the events took Place especially after we began battling It with the Catholic priests and how did The priests become involved well at the Time when this this this stuff app Started to happen again it was before You know the whole pair Praise and you know every town and city Now has you know a whole host of Paranormal investigators and paranormal Teams which I which I’m which I must Make a comment to them to me that’s a Very dangerous hobby to have you can go On investigate ghosts and so on but you Come across one of these evil entities These these evil spirits they can hurt You and they can hurt you severely it to Me it’s kind of like having a hobby were Like you know defuse bombs and not not Something that you should take like knee Or even be involved in I have a lot of Experience in this obviously you know I Know what works I know what doesn’t work Because in the in the midst of battling One of these spirits people come to me All the time and I’ll refer them to

Other I don’t want to be involved with This I don’t want to touch it it’s Dangerous it’s dangerous work so how did They become involved what do you do you Know it’s the it’s the famous who are You gonna call you know from Ghostbusters I was not Catholic at the time Evangelical Christian went to the pastor Of my church I knew that this was not Normal it was evil I felt I needed Religious help he wanted nothing to do With it he thought I was a little kooky I told him what was happening you know It was it was outside of his realm Outside of his comfort zone but I didn’t Know from just you know movies like The Exorcist that the Catholic Church claims To have a handle on this type of Situation I I was a former politician High-level politician in Pittsburgh I Was friends with them who was mayor of The mayor of Pittsburgh at the time good Friends and he I I had told him what was Taking place and he went and visited the Bishop of Pittsburgh Donald Wuerl went On to become a cardinal of the church Archbishop of Washington DC and Eventually the He assigned a priest that eventually Included a number of priests a team of Priests who would work with us for the Next two years they did bring a an Exorcists in from the diocese

Archdiocese of New York to perform an Exorcism Father James lebar he had done a famous TV exorcism with Geraldo Rivera years Ago that’s how the church got involved But I might say that they were befuddled To an extent how their procedures and What they do for about a year it wasn’t Working it wasn’t working this thing was So powerful that it it was holding on And holding its own if it became after a Period of time a test of just endurance And the battle fell to me my wife and I Our family because we had to be waged on A daily basis and it just took a long Time before the final the final scene The final exorcism so what were I guess The two most frightening things that Happened to your family would you say That kind of were the impetus to calling The priests when was it too dangerous Well you know as I had said that Incident with the music CD to me was it Was scary now things got a lot worse in The house especially during the first Year again this began in late 2003 and Did not end until early 2006 so it was Over two years after the battle took Place for the first year and and I Realized things weren’t getting any Better it was getting worse in the house We were ready to just give up and move Out what took place at that point and I Feel it was the spirit somewhat claiming

Victory because it knew it had warned us Down you know kind of like a fighter Against the ropes he’s ready to just Quit it began to throw a blood like Substance onto the walls When I say throw you know you know you Hear of bleeding walls apparently this Is a somewhat this is this happens in These situations with with blood on the Walls the walls don’t secrete or exude In the in our case it was very similar To for those that are familiar with the Catholic practice of blessing a room or A house with holy water they they or People so to speak they take this vessel It’s in a vase and they throw the holy Water and droplets of it go on the walls And whatever your blessing if you can Imagine doing that not with holy water But with a pitcher full of blood so you Have these large droplets of this blood Like substance that we have almost 10-foot ceilings in this house so the Walls are high and it was all the way at The top and it began on the third floor And eventually made its way throughout The house every day or so we would find It in different rooms of the house and That was very very unsettling so to Speak and right away people say well What was it was it blood wasn’t blood I Had it tested by various labs they never Did were able to determine that it was You know it wasn’t blood even though

They did find skin cells in it it was a Mixture a concoction of different Chemicals that shouldn’t have been Together they didn’t know what it was But it looked like blood it would appear On on the on the floors on the hardwood Floors and puddles in different places There was also some clear liquid that Would appear on the floors it smelled And again this stuff didn’t happen once It didn’t happen twice it was almost a Daily occurrence we lived with this and Things like that I can remember one Instance which was very unsettling I Woke up in the middle of the night and I Was completely turned around in bed Meaning that no one’s bed my wife was in Bed next to me I woke up and my feet Were I was under Blankets under the covers my feet were On my pillow and my head was at the base Of the bed and I don’t have a habit of Getting up in the middle of night you’re Back in bed like that um what had not Been out of bed but I was some way Turned around in bed and things things Like that it’s just crazy but we dealt With it so did you ever find anything Interesting out about the house or maybe Anything inside of the house well all This was happening Yeah the Catholic Church had us contact Again this is this is before the Paranormal craze and there was a group

Of students at Penn State University That had paranormal research they were The first they they went on to have Their own television show matter of fact Called paranormal State Ryan Buell who went on I believe he to Have his own his own personal issues Which I think he attributes to his work Here in this house but they we contacted Them the church wanted to have an Outside investigative team verify that There was unnatural things happening in This house people that weren’t Associated with religion that were Somewhat scientific and they were first They came ten different people students With you know everything EVP meters and Infrared cameras and they wired the Whole house up and recorded things and It was it was quite impressive they came To the house twice they had talked to Some type of medium some type of Spiritual person who apparently as I Understand it was going to come with Them but then told them that she she was From Gettysburg and her name was Julie I Believe and she said guys I’m not going To that house and I recommend you stay Away from it as well so she didn’t come But she did tell them that there is a Void a space in the center of the house That’s where this thing is its lair so Does Big and you need to get into that space

So the first thing they asked me when They came if in fact the space existed And I said yes in fact it was the area In the center of the house underneath The stood the grand staircase so I went Into that closet that I referred to Earlier with the with the light and the Chain cut through the wall now mind you The house at the time was almost a Hundred years old that was built in 1909 And this was 2005 so when we cut through The plaster wall this area under the Steps had been sealed off for almost Hundred years since the house was built And we they filed a whole host of items Under the steps that were interesting And some one of which should not have Been there they found some of my son’s The Lego toys in this area completely Stymied sealed off no way into it Lego Toys they found a large piece of amber Large I mean it was several inches large Or long amber had traditionally been Used throughout I guess the Middle Ages As a to ward off evil evil why that was In there they also found an interesting A picture that apparently had been drawn By the original owner of the house and It was a it was a nice drawing as an Artist what appeared to be his wife and His mother-in-law in the backyard Looking at a sunset and on the reverse Of that drawing were these very bizarre Evil looking pictures that one of the

Priests later told us was a curse that Was put on the family and it was put on This on this drawing crumpled up and Thrown under the steps I go into much Greater detail in the book but we found Things we find a bird skeleton in there We found some playing cards that may Have had some Significance and and after we broke into That area again which this mystical Woman had told us was the spirits lair All hell really broke loose in the house At that point and it became a battle Royale so to speak it’s a long answer to Your question house perfect what was the Climax of the story okay how did how did It kind of come full circle well after The father Mubarak came in and was here For several hour or hours performing in Its exorcism this ritual from that point Forward the house was was calm but I Still saw the thing and it would appear In different shapes and forms and it Would let it note let you know it was There it had this this stench I don’t even say foul smell it was a Stench that it would give off when it Was in the room with you kind of like a Burning sulfur burning rubber type of Smell that was very pungent and I saw Black again it would appear as a black Shadow of black cloud sometimes it would Take on a bodily form that would be seen I never saw it in the bodily form but my

Children and some of their friends saw It of this this was always like the man In black so to speak almost like the the Grim Reaper with a long black cape on so I knew it was in the basement still so We had one of the primary priests of the Team and I said we need to have them we Would have mass almost weekly in the House I said we have to concentrate it In the basement and there was a mass That was celebrated said in the basement But the family present various incidents Took place during the mass that let us Know that the spirit was present it Liked to do that during Mass it wanted To let you know that it was there and Get either smell its its stench or it Would make noises in the Case it knocked on the wall after that Some things took place that told us word Was we kind of cornered it in a you know In a room that had one once been used Used to store call in and we confronted It said prayers and it wasn’t finally Expunged from the house now I always Thought that maybe there would be some Great fanfare when it left like there Would be a thunderbolt through of Something but it was more like a fire That eventually just burned itself out And it just petered away and left and I Knew at that point in time a piece came Over me a piece came over the house that It was gone that it was over we had had

Mass so many times and gone through so Many ups and downs and feelings that we Were making progress but at that point In time I knew it was done now for a Number of months after that I had kind Of a a peak Ostrom attic stress syndrome Where I was always on edge about you Know what sit still you know coming back Or so on it was gone it’s been gone that Was the climax of the story so after I Uh I went through this several year Process again initially when it began my Friend the mayor said you know you need To keep notes you know I thought it Would be like you know calling the Exterminator the ghostbusters who would Come and do whatever they did maybe once Maybe twice and it would be over so he Said you need to keep notes what’s Happening what’s going on so I did begin To keep a daily diary little did I know At the end that had 350 pages of Detailed notes as to what took place During the whole process and he said you Got a right you got to tell the story Man I’m telling you this is this this Happened it is true you know no matter You know people read my book and you Know I read your reviews on Amazon And most of them are very good people Impressed by but a lot of people get Very angry when they read the book Because I feel it challenges what they Believe or maybe what they don’t believe

In and maybe they don’t believe in God They don’t believe in in the hereafter Or spirits are good or evil and and and My message is you can believe whatever You want you can be sincere but whatever You want but I’m telling you that this Happened and it wasn’t a Lien’s it Wasn’t our imagination this was good and Evil this was that you know I don’t say That the devil itself was here but this Was evil good and evil God angels it’s All true it’s all true and and that’s The message and when I understand and Record you know what eventually Prevailed over the evil and that was the Cross of Jesus Christ that was it and And that upsets people but that’s true So I wrote the book my life has has been Somewhat turbulent even since the book Was written I compared it to like outing The mom the mom’s not happy when they’re Exposed that that was not happy when It’s exposed so he was it’s been gone It’s 2006 you know 15 years or so the Book has gained you know following have Been several television programs there May be a movie and I believe it’s Probably the most complete concise story Of any on this subject and I’m left with With this house not exactly a great Selling point if I’m you know my Children if this house were too big for Us to begin with And you know three stories and 14 rooms

And I find myself with it not the house Clean mind you there’s there’s no Problems with it so what do I do with This house so I decided to convert it Into it and make it into a Bed-and-breakfast and that’s what it is Now people that read the book that are Interested that want to come and Experience the house and say they stayed Here it’s open and for people who just Plain need a place to stay in Pittsburgh It’s open as well and so that’s that’s Where we’re at you come and see the House we have a website it’s called the Brownsville Road house we sell the books As well I wouldn’t sign a copy for you So at the end of the day it’s not better Now It’s obviously gone but your story is Kind of a message not to mess with evil Well again as I said before ghosts are Interesting you know what is it ghosts You know a ghost is is really the spirit Of a person who once lived and for Whatever reason when they died and their Death generally has to do with some type Of tragedy or some unsettling event in Their in their life and their spirit Doesn’t go on to whatever it’s eternal Destination is and how that works we Really don’t know you don’t know until You experience it and there’s not I mean It’s all conjecture all you know People’s idea of the afterlife it’s all

Conjecture but these spirits these Ghosts exist relatively common on it Houses you know what what is it You know I I think it might be related To the Catholic doctrine of purgatory For whatever reason people have to stay Place and stay in place for a period of Time for maybe to atone for something I Don’t know but on the other hand there Are these angelic beings there are good Angels and there are bad angels the Bible talks about the rebellion that Took place before creation against the Creator By Satan at one third of the Angels who Were cast down to the earth it’s why There is evil in the world today there Is evil in the world and there is good And there’s this battle that takes place And and work on it in the middle of it All because it’s about us and that’s the Way it is and that’s what I believe this Story in a way confirms this is true and It can be extrapolated out and how it Applies throughout the world well okay I’ll just there’s the light and that’s How generator would be come in and pull On this and III conducted some Experience experiments I put a real Heavy lead weight on here hid weight of Probably weighed six ounces or so and Left it came back minutes later minutes Later and the LED weight and everything Was up around the top I was wondering if

These you know can it just lift this or Could it lift something with some weight It could I had I think these are still The same rosary beads I actually tied These rosary beads onto the chain and Came up and the chain and all the Rosaries were wrapped around the light As well so it’s been easy it was and Then here’s where if you can even see There’s a lot of I store Christmas Things in there now but that’s where we Cut through the wall and opened open the Large area back in there where the thing Used to hang out so this is the famous Claw everyone who comes here wants to See the closet well Hello