Real Paranormal Stories COMPILATION Winter & Spring 2020

By | June 13, 2020
Real Paranormal Stories COMPILATION Winter & Spring 2020

The following accounts have been Submitted by subscribers these Experiences are claimed to describe true Events I ask you to listen in good faith And decide for yourself what to believe My grandmother lives in a 200 year old Farmhouse in Wiltshire England the house Is called Shore farm and has been in my Family for generations My grandfather used to farm the Surrounding land sitting on top of the Hill the house is very much secluded Both the house and the surrounding land Have what I would describe as a very Strong energy with there being an Abandoned settlement named old Shaw at The top of the property no one knows What happened to the inhabitants many Strange things have happened in the House a figure in a black maid’s outfit Has been seen walking down the stairs And out the door my grandmother would Often hear a child crying despite there Being no children in the house and no TV Or radio playing and as I said the house Is very secluded there is one room in The house named the yellow room due to Its buttery yellow walls that seems to Be the hub of paranormal experiences Many people have experienced strange Things while staying in that room such As coins inexplicably dropping off the

Bedside table one at a time and people Waking up at around 3:00 in the morning For no apparent reason My grandmother even had an exorcism Performed in the house This stopped some of the activity but Not all of it it has become tradition For my family to spend a week together Each summer in the house this is a crazy Week as there are 17 people living under One roof however as the house is large This is Problem except for the fact that no one Ever wants to sleep in the yellow room When my brother and I was 17 and 15 it Landed on us to sleep in the room at the Time we were not aware of the paranormal Stories or the exorcism the real ghost Stories had been kept from us to stop us Being scared even so I had never liked The room and remembered how as a child Running past it it had scared me during The previous visit I had been made to Sleep in the room and ended up waking my Parents up as I could see flies swarming My head despite the fact that there were No flies in the room it was unsurprising Then that returning to sleep in the Yellow room was an uncomfortable thought Every night I woke up around 3 a.m. for No reason I hadn’t been dreaming I was just Suddenly awake my brother would also be Awake whilst trying to sleep I

Experienced pins and needles all over my Body and a sensation that I was being Watched I remember not wanting to move As I was scared I would see something And I did not want to see anything this Feeling would last for around an hour Then left and I would be left Questioning if I was crazy or if I was Actually feeling what I was feeling After a few nights of this happening I Mentioned it to my dad he said that when Staying in the room he would also wake Up around 3:00 and would experience Weird sensations he told me that if it Happened again I should come find him And stay in their room I also mentioned It to my aunt whilst having dinner that Night she told me about how my cousin Who was just seven years old at the time Had told her about weird things that she Had been experiencing my cousin was Sleeping in the room next to the yellow Room according to my aunt she had Dropped an M&M and had been looking for It on the floor she said she had been Searching for a few minutes before she Saw it slowly rolling towards her from Under the bed my aunt explained to me How she had tried to downplay this to Her daughter telling her that it must Have bounced or rolled or something but She was unconvinced My cousin had told her adamantly there Was no way that the M&M could have

Rolled as she had dropped it a while Before any momentum would have already Been spent my aunt also told me about The time when her daughter was little And they had stayed at the house one Christmas they had fallen asleep Together and her daughter woke her up Telling her to stop whispering her name Into her ear she had been three years Old at the time my aunt had been asleep And had not been saying her name at this Point my mom joined the conversation and Spoke about how she had felt a pressure On her chest multiple times like someone Was pushing down on her it was at this Moment that our conversation was Interrupted by the handle of the front Door Turning my mum got up instinctively to Open it as some of the younger family Members find it hard to open the door And often get stuck outside however when She opened the door there was no one There all the children were asleep and The rest of the family were in the Kitchen my aunt Mum and I all saw the doorknob turning The point was proven occurrences such as The ones described by my family members Were common in that house that night I Woke up at 3:00 a.m. again and felt the Same uncomfortable feelings as soon as They lifted and I felt I could move I Went to my parents room where they had

Created a makeshift bed on the floor as Neither of my parents wanted to trade Places with me and go sleep in that room That night my brother now alone in the Room woke up freezing cold and without His duvet he told me later how he had Turned on the light and discovered his Duvet across the room it was tucked Around a large armchair in the corner as If someone was sitting in the chair and The blanket has been placed around them My brother had no recollection of doing This and has never slept walked before In his life It is fair to say that both of us were Creeped out by sleeping in that room the Next summer I refused to sleep in the Yellow room and instead opted for a Blow-up mattress on the floor of my Cousin’s room one night after dinner I Had been helping clear the dishes so my Cousins were asleep in bed before me I Was just settling down to go to sleep When I felt a sensation I recognized From the year before Pins and needles and a tingling Sensation all over my body I had my eyes Open and as the whole light was on could See around the room I could not see Anything yes I felt my body being pushed Down and felt myself sink into the Blow-up mattress deeper than my normal Body weight I repeat is out loud go away Go away go away and the feeling lifted I

Did not wake up my cousins and was Surprisingly unfree count by the Experience as perhaps strangely I did Not feel like the presence I felt was Harmful Since this experience I have learnt to Recognize the feeling of tingling and Associated with a supernatural presence I have had many other weird things Happen to me since both in the house and At other locations and have even been Told by a complete stranger as I have Strong energy and need to learn to Protect myself despite the fact that Have very happy memories of the farm I Still get nightmares about staying in The house and nightmares about that Yellow room My parents separated when I was very Young as a result I would visit my dad During the summers growing up I would Stay at my grandparents house while Visiting the basement of their house Always scared me sleeping downstairs Would be uncomfortable sometimes to the Point where I would move upstairs to Sleep on one of the couches even during The day if I had to go downstairs it Felt like something or someone was right Behind me the entire time I was down There often I sprinted up the stairs When I was done performing whatever task I was sent to do the stairs in my Grandparents house have two flights I

Usually felt the feelings of being Followed stopped at the top of the first Flight but the feeling of being watched Did not stop until I was completely Upstairs this happened for years But never really escalated one night I Was staying downstairs in a room I would Later find out my dad had experienced Paranormal happenings in growing up I Was maybe 13 years old at the time my Little brother was sleeping in the same Bed with me he was around 3 or 4 it was A large bed so it wasn’t a big deal or At least it shouldn’t have been around 1:00 in the morning my little brother Started crying I attempted to calm him Down only to find he wasn’t even awake At this point I felt someone approaching My room I looked up expecting my father To be there but he was not when I looked Up I saw a shadow Walk into the room it turned after a Couple of steps and looked at me then Quickly faded away strangely enough I Felt calm looking back it wasn’t the Same entity that scared me I am now in My 20s living full-time at my Grandparents house my room is at the Other end of the hall I occasionally get The feeling of being followed still and The feeling of being watched always Seems to be present It gets worse at night I see shadows Move and even had a door opened down the

Hall footsteps up and down the stairs Without explanation a common place it Happens enough that even my grandfather A staunch skeptic took notice the Scariest nights I experience appear to Involve an angry entity that I can’t see And I doubt I ever will see it but I can Feel it it this presence enters my room Even with the door shut and stands over Me I can feel it and it feels like it Hates me but it has never harmed me only Scared me I am not afraid to admit even Though I am now an adult that I still Duck under the covers like a child to Hide from it I told my dad about these Experiences only to hear even more Terrifying tales from him he had many Experiences as a child growing up in That house my dad feels there are more Spirits than the ones I have encountered And that some may even be family that Have passed on I feel there are only two one it seems To be indifferent to me perhaps even Somewhat protective of me while the Other feels dark filled with hate and Anger it wants to hurt me I can feel it But it never has and I hoped that it Never will a few years ago when I was in College I was at a Halloween party at my Friend’s house I arrived a few hours Before everyone else with another friend Of mine because we both owned all sorts Of party equipment lasers fog machine

Strobe lights black lights you name it I’m not going to lie we spent way too Much time setting up for this party but In the end it was probably worth it a Few hours after we finished decorating The place Loads of people started showing up it Was a pretty good sized party I’d say at Least 70 or 80 people showed up which Was fine as the house was enormous it Was a really fun night and to this day It’s still probably one of the best Parties that I’ve ever been to I left The house at around 2 a.m. to give Several people a ride home I was Planning on going back at first however I was pretty exhausted after dropping Everyone off so I just decided to call It a night the next morning I drove back Over to my friends house to collect all Of my party equipment I had to work Early that day so I made sure to arrive At the house at around 6:15 it was still Very dark out when I pulled up into the Driveway and the house was completely Empty since my friend had already left For work I hurried up to the front door Which had been left unlocked for me I Reached out my hand and grabbed the door Handle and then began to twist the knob The moment I stepped into that house I Was overwhelmed with a very uneasy Sensation in my gut I had never felt a Genuinely creepy vibe like this before

Something just bounced on that About the atmosphere in that place I had Been in that house several times before But there was never anything even Remotely creepy or unusual about it this Was totally out of the ordinary I tried to just ignore the feeling at First assuming that it was likely the Resort of anxiety since I was afraid That I might be late for work but there Was no denying that something had Happened after I left the party the Previous night not only was the Atmosphere different but the place Itself I began walking around the house Just to get a good look at the Destruction left behind in the aftermath Of the party it was a total mess Confetti empty beer bottles balloons and Glow sticks were littered across every Square inch of the floor most of the Party lights were still turned on even Though I had told my friend to turn them Off before she went to bed the longer I Looked around the place the more I Noticed just how many things were simply Out of place it was almost like the Girls were playing a prank on me for Some strange reason the TV was spun Around and facing the wall and there Were seven wooden chairs stacked on top Of each other in a pyramid fashion in The family room the next odd thing I Noticed was that in one section of the

House there were about 40 or so popped Glow-in-the-dark balloons that had been Nailed all over the walls nailed with Kitchen knives I think there might have Been some sort of pattern to the Placement of the balloons but I couldn’t Really tell for sure at first I thought That some college kids have made a lousy Attempt at creating a crude shape out of The balloons but on closer inspection I’m pretty sure it was just some random Numbers things started to get really Creepy about 10 minutes after I stepped Foot in the house sudden pounding on the Walls upstairs would occur every two to Three minutes and I would frequently get The sensation that someone was standing Right behind me or even above me I was Startled a couple of times by the sound Of rapid footsteps which sounded like They were coming from the ceiling As I was winding up some of the string Lights on the second floor of the house I once again heard rapid footsteps Coming from the family room followed by A loud crashing sound I immediately spun around in the Direction of the sound to see that the Living room chandelier which hung Probably 20 feet off the ground was Swaying back and forth as if someone had Just run into it at full speed this was Enough to make me run out of the house And into the front yard the moment I

Walked outside I felt much karma Although I was still pretty freaked out But I was also intrigued as I had never Encountered anything paranormal before Deciding that I needed backup I called Up one of my friends who wasn’t working That day and asked him to help me Collect the party supplies after about 10 minutes of sitting outside the house My friend arrived in his car we both Walked up and into the house immediately My friend gave me a look like whoa what The hell and I just nodded my head and Chuckled a bit it wasn’t just me Thankfully my friend didn’t freak out And run away like I thought he might Have instead we continued to gather up All the remaining party supplies Together without leaving each other’s Sight I definitely felt more at ease Knowing that someone else was with me There but that didn’t stop the weird Things from happening the footsteps Started up again no more than five Minutes after we entered the house and In addition to that we started hearing Unexplainable voices and grunting sounds I remember hearing a frantic voice from Upstairs at one point it sounded like Someone speaking from the far end of a Large tunnel with the voice echoing in An odd way the best I can describe it is That it sounded like a tremolo effect on A guitar my friend and I both heard the

Voices several times however neither of Us could discern what was being said Later on I was up in the loft using a Pair of scissors to cut down the black And orange streamers which were taped to The top of the balcony that overlooked The living room the whole time I was Kneeling down at the end of the balcony I couldn’t shake the feeling that some Was looking at me from behind I even Remember turning around several times Only to be confronted with an empty room It was when I was almost done cutting Down the streamers that I reached in my Pocket and pulled out my phone to check The time I raised the phone to my face Yet before I could click the power Button I was instantly frozen in fear The black phone screen reflected the Room behind me and in this reflection I Caught a quick glimpse of something Straight out of a horror movie I swear I Saw two small eyes peering out at me From the wall from the wall I don’t mean I saw a figure near the wall staring at Me I mean there were literally two tiny Eyes sticking out of the wall Nothing else just eyes I gasped in Horror at the sight and as soon as I did The eyes retreated back into the wall in A flash I then turned around to once Again find nothing there This was my limit I even muttered Something to myself to that effect

Before standing up and walking towards The stairs to get off the second floor I Got to maybe the 12th step from the Bottom when I saw a very dark fuzzy Looking silhouette coming up the stairs Towards me I fell over onto my back in Shock and then raced back to the loft I couldn’t even leave from the loft I Could hear a high-pitched hissing sound Coming from the stairs which freaks me Out more than anything with no other way Out I climbed over the balcony railing Grabbed onto one of the supporting Pillars and began to slide down it’s Like a fireman’s pole when I made it to The bottom my friend and I exchanged Horrified looks we both sat down on the Couch and just looked up at the loft he Said that he had heard the hissing as Well I really wanted to leave at that Point but we were so close to being Finished with no other choice we both Swallowed our fear and continued Gathering up the supplies all that we Had left to do at this point was grab All the black lights since there were Quite a few of them both upstairs and Stairs we decided to split up I stayed Downstairs and gathered up all the Lights while my friend went upstairs Nothing strange happened to me while my Friend was upstairs replacing all the Black lights however when he came back Down something seemed a little off about

Him almost like he was in some kind of a Trance he later told me that his memory Of what had happened upstairs was fuzzy And as he couldn’t even remember how he Had got downstairs after he was finished He explained how he had been in one of The upstairs bathrooms unscrewing one of The black light bulbs as I had put in Place of the normal white ones for the Party apparently while in there the Entire house suddenly began to shake Violently he described it as feeling as Though somebody had just grabbed the Whole house and started shaking it back And forth like an angry kid startled he Had dropped the black light on the floor It was at this point that his memory Went fuzzy he said there was a gap in His memory as he simply could not recall Getting from the bathroom to the living Area downstairs when my friend joined me Downstairs I asked him if he had got all the black Lights and he said yes after that he Asked me if I had felt the earthquake I Had not felt anything like that and told Him that I didn’t know what he was Talking about my friends said that the Shaking had made him drop one of the Black lights I must have looked confused As he asked me what was wrong I told him That he had just said that he had all The black lights he seemingly had no Recollection of this and repeated that

He had not brought down one of the Lights as he had dropped it we discussed This weird moment for a little longer Before we both decided to go upstairs Into the bathroom when we got there we Saw that the light bulb was indeed on The ground in a million different pieces As strange as this was neither of us Really thought too much of it the Strangest part was my friend’s memory Distortion he told me that the more he Thought about being in the bathroom the More distant the memory felt almost like He was trying to remember something that Had happened years ago like Old childhood memory after we finished Putting all the alcohol and black trash Bags we went back out to the car and Threw all the party stuff in the trunk After that we both agreed to go back Inside one last time to make sure we Didn’t miss anything we were only in the House for about two minutes when we both Froze in place after hearing a very Aggressive growling coming from the Upstairs loft charging footsteps echoed Through the house as something neither Of us could see sprinted towards the Balcony railing the railing that Appeared to bend backwards as if Something had climbed up onto it before Leaping off not two seconds had passed Before we heard a deafening crash Several feet away from where we were

Standing we looked up to see a large Portrait which was hanging on the wall Next to us shatter into a thousand Pieces I swear that there was an impression in The center of that picture that looked Like someone just dove headfirst into it I think it goes without saying that my Friend and I both ran out of that house Immediately after that happened yet as We were running away from the house it Felt like I was being pulled back Towards it very similar to when a strong Current sucks you in towards a building Wave it was that same kind of force when We finally left the house it felt like We had been inside for years even though It had definitely been no more than an Hour there was just something so Unnatural about that place even time Didn’t run right I found out later that Day that some of the kids had started Messing around with a Ouija board not Long after I left the party the night Before the girl who owned the house said That they didn’t notice anything weird At first But after an hour or so people started Getting weirded out by the atmosphere With some even saying that they saw Shadows running across the ceiling my Friend told me that she was so scared of Being in that house That she ended up spending the night at

Her ex-boyfriends house I haven’t been Back to her house since that day but I Heard that it’s not that bad anymore Other than the occasional unexplained Footsteps the house still seems Completely normal My friend however told me that she often Gets night terrors when she stays in the House at night so she usually just Sleeps at her mom’s house I for one I’m Actually quite thankful to have gone Into the house because it gave me a Reason to believe in the paranormal After all I’ve experienced there I am Certain that there is much more to life Than what meets the eye Although I must say that’s morning is Not something I would want to experience Ever again my girlfriend and I once Stayed at an apartment that was built in The back part of a building her grandma Used for dance classes this building Used to be Ally’s pizza back in the day And I heard it was quite successful Tragically the owner ended his life not In the building just in the town the Upstairs of the building was a really Old ballroom it was completely closed Off but that didn’t stop us from hearing Footsteps right above us all night It never really freaked us out but we Both started to get really weird dreams It was after this that things got a bit Crazy we started hearing noises on the

First floor the floor we were on this Creeped us out as by this point we had Become so used to the activity in the Old ballroom above us hearing strange Noises coming from somewhere else took Us by surprise we heard footsteps tap And loud thoughts at first we brush them Off explaining them as noises that the Old building made was settling one day We were sitting in our living room Watching a movie we were both sick and Had three medicine bottles laying on our Long end table in front of us my Girlfriend and I were not touching or Even anywhere near these items no Windows were open no fans were on yet One by one they started to get knocked Off the table We literally both sat and watched one Bottle get pushed off one way and then Others get pushed off in completely Opposite directions we left for a few Hours after that a few months later my Girlfriend went on a cruise with her Family I had to stay home for my job and So I was in the apartment by myself just The thought of having to stay there Alone for six days was already enough to Put me on edge so I tried to keep my Mind busy while I was home one day it Was the second or third day of me being Home alone I was watching a movie with a Small Terrier dog we were chill but I Had this feeling the whole time that I

Was being watched I was legitimately Scared staying there alone and I feel Like that made the activity really pick Up it was like whoever was there could Sense my fear the door to our apartment Was a big metal single door that would Scrape against the metal frame metal When you opened it the sound of it Opening couldn’t be confused with Anything I had that door dead-bolted There was a little front hallway area When you walked inside and another wood Door To get to the actual living room of the Apartment all of a sudden while sitting On the couch watching the movie I Distinctively heard the sound of our Main door opening and closing the metal Of the doors scraping against the metal Of the frame hearing it I sat up my dog To her head turning in the direction of The door then I heard my girlfriend’s Voice say babe as if calling out to see If I were there my dog’s ears went up Like she had heard it too she adores my Girlfriend and would certainly recognize Her voice I don’t know how to explain it But you know the feeling you get when You hear your significant others voice When you haven’t heard it in a while It’s a feeling you can’t get elsewhere Well I got that feeling I got that Feeling for a second before I realized She wasn’t supposed to be there and

Couldn’t be home for another three to Four days I couldn’t see the doors from The couch since there was a corner to go Around but my dog had already gone up And was sitting at alert right at the Corner staring at the doors I got up and Walked by her the first door was closed I made my way over but she wasn’t going Near it even though she usually runs to The door when anyone especially my Girlfriend is at it instead she just sat At the corner her small body tense is up Watching I opened the door to the little front Hallway and it was empty I even went to The metal main door and shook it hard it Was still locked there was simply no one There Now I’ve sat and tried to come up with a Reasonable explanation for this but I Honestly can’t this was a family owned Building it was the only apartment Building in the back part of her dance Business that door was the only door That made that noise we didn’t really Have neighbors we didn’t share a wall With another building the people on the Cruise were the only people who had Access to this building to open the door Other than me the sound of that door Opening with the scream was simply too Familiar for it to have been anything Else and then there was the voice it

Wasn’t a kids voice who ran past the Building it sounded like my girlfriend My girlfriend’s voice is too familiar There was no way I would mistake it and That I think was what scared me so much Whatever it was whatever was in the Apartment with me used my girlfriend’s Voice to manipulate me Even my dog thought it was her after That happened I left with my dog for About six hours but eventually had to Come home I had the most unsettling Feeling the rest of the time I was there Alone Nothing really happened after those six Days but our electricity bill was Probably higher than normal since I Didn’t turn a light out after that we Moved out of that apartment a few months Later My name is tommy united states navy Active-duty this is a recounting of my Buddy’s experience during his United States military Corps 2013 operations in Iraq I remember the look on his and his Corporals faces when they returned back To base After a few hours and a few rounds down The range he told me what had happened His corporal ended up verifying his Story with his own experiences back in The chow hall these are his words Somehow we got turned around in the

Iraqi desert our Patrol took us a few Too many clicks south from base camp Than I was comfortable with before we Knew it the six of us were wandering in A desert with no name and no point of Reference Thanks to cloud cover even the stars Didn’t shine that night our lead was Corporal mattes and the five of us were Giving him hell for getting us lost and He was starting to get angry he wasn’t Snapping back or nothing but that’s how He always was when his temper was Bubbling it was kind of scary at times After about an hour of walking and Talking we caught a lucky break the Clouds were breaking up and the distant Scenery came into view desert nothing But desert sand and a pathetic looking Hut about 50 yards east from our Position lieutenant corporals Dominic And Hernandez scouted ahead to secure The structure while corporal mattes and Private Marcus brown and I covered them From the closest June a few minutes After entering we got the all-clear Coming into the building we could see There wasn’t much left of it there was One solid wall facing southeast the rest Of them were only half of a wall each And a single corner of the northernmost Wall The remaining wars were pockmarked and There were dark brown stains on the

Rubble and walls the roof was mostly Intact except for the six-foot white Home mats and Marcus were looking them Over while Dominick was scoping out The distance making sure we weren’t in Someone’s backyard or something like That it’s blood old but it’s blood Matt Said as he clicked off his light and Wiped his hands on his sleeve Marcus was poking his fingers into the Holes in the walls Shrapnel he announced probably mortar Fire we didn’t know how whoever had been There before got killed hunkering down Was not an appealing prospect but Matt’s Made the call we were to take turns Standing fire watch Matt’s first then Hernandez dent Marcus Dom then Brown once it was bright Enough to see we would head out once the Law was passed we started settling down It felt like only a few minutes before I Woke up to a bright light in my face and Hernandez nudging my shoulder in a few Minutes I was leaning against a wall Staring out at an empty desert the night Air was so dark I could just barely make Out the difference between sand and sky The clouds reformed blocking any Moonlight from passing through I would Have been creeped out back home but this Was common here the only sounds to be Heard were from the rest of us asleep a Few feet away huddled together to keep

Warm thinking back on it now all those Sounds were kind of dull too like the Sound didn’t have any echo no meat Behind it it was about an hour into my Watch when I almost jumped out of my Skin the sound of footsteps they were Coming from around the southern corner But still far enough off not to be an Immediate threat readying my rifle I Took cover behind the corner and peeked Over nothing maybe it was just wind and Sand maybe I was too tired just as I was Starting to calm down there was a pat on My left shoulder I would have shouted But once I saw him I was more relieved Than anything else It was just another marine just one in Battle rattle his face was about a foot From mine as he put his fingers to his Lips and shushed me stay quiet but– he Said Get everyone up and get your stuff we Have rescue on the way rescue for a Moment I forgot we were lost on patrol The marine got up and walked around the Southeastern wall seemingly to make a Call on his radio I started waking Everyone up telling them or what just Happened Matt’s walked completely around the Southeastern wall and back again He looked annoyed there was no one there He said in so many words Matt’s got close to me really close I

Told him to calm down he just walked Behind the wall I said pointing to the Southeastern wall Matt’s glanced back And forth between me and that whole Riddled southeastern wall he changed From annoyed to confused his tone Changed and he directed Brown with his Finger to follow him everyone got their Rifles and kneeled in a circle as Matt’s And Brown flanked the wall they walked Around it and found nothing but each Other and their footprints they came Back swearing under their breaths at me Marcus nudged my shoulder once we all Stood down you sure you saw that Marcus Eyed me up I guess checking my face for fatigue he Must have thought I looked tired as sure As you see me after that it was Determined that my watch was done I was Too tired I nodded and agreed as Marcus Took over as I settled down for the Night I wondered if what I had experienced was Real the others moaned as we all huddled Up I was out in seconds comfortable with Marcus watching over us soon enough I Was woken up by everyone scrambling to Their feet and grabbing their gear Marcus shuffled up to me as I sat up Dense that marine you saw what did he Look like was he in a vest did he get His name see his face Marcus Machine-gunned questions at me he was

Shaken up Yeah he had a five o’clock shadow white Guy older looking like mid-thirties name Did you get his name No I answered as I stuffed my sleeper Into my rug Marcus told me that he had Seen him too his head was swiveling Around nervous I was freaked out now Maths was doing a head count when Dominic said loud enough for all of us To hear let’s go let’s go were moving Out as we started walking I saw Dominic Reach down and pick up something in the Sand near the southeastern wall I knew that clink he shone his light on His find dog tags I could tell that from The glint – we double-time to the dunes And tried to see where we needed to go The sky was a little brighter now with Pending daybreak Matt’s managed to get a Radio signal and called in our statuses About a half hour later we saw our first Helo overhead than an hour after that The Humvees reached us once back at base We were debriefed and had to make Reports on how we got lost And anything we may have experienced Mine must have been a couple of pages Front and back but I doubt it all made It up to the combat operations centre Marcus and Dominic came up to me in a Smoke pit later that day What they shared with me made the hair On my arms and neck stand on end

Marcus told me about the sound of Footsteps the Pat’s on his shoulder then The Marines so close he could smell the Day-old stink on his breath he told me He was told the same exact thing I was Told and saw the exact thing I saw down To the South Eastern War if that wasn’t Crazy enough there was more dominic Nudged Marcus’s side likely urging him To share the rest Marcus swallowed heart before he spoke Again I asked around he told me there Was a four-man patrol about three weeks Ago that was recovered in that very House he said it so quietly I had to Repeat one word Recovered as in as in their remains Dominic answered with his hands in his Pockets a Marine Corps no no I cracked a Smirk they were messing with me right I Had to ask But they didn’t budge I could almost Hear the deafening boom sound that comes Right after earth-shaking revelations in Movies and TV shows they both shook Their heads after almost a minute of Awkward silence Markus pulled a piece of Paper out of his left leg pouch it was Folded in four but still fresh he handed It to me and asked if this was the Marine I saw it was I asked Marcus if he Had seen him too I immediately realized That asking him was pointless because I Already knew the answer he answered with

A single nod Dominic then poured his Right hand out of his pocket and turned His palm up showing the dog taxi had Found his name was Jeremy P Roberts Sergeant he and his men had been taken Out in that house blown apart by mortar Fire the enemy was never neutralized so They could still be out there Marcus and Dominic were done I was sick to my Stomach the guys walked away again after An awkward silence I had chills in a Hundred and ten degree heat the next day We got word that hours after we all Bugged out of there the house was hit With more towers again this time it was Leveled when I heard the news I got weak I have served twice in Afghanistan once With operation slipper and once an Operation highroad I was attached to a Light armored vehicle or lav unit that Was serving in the sandpit military Slang for Afghanistan and I was just Doing my job I was not Special Forces or anything Special at all I was just a truckie Doing transport jobs bringing food and Water and ammo and moving people around When needed I was a corporal at the time Doing a sergeants job and really Enjoying doing what I had trained for Then one cold Monday I was told that we Had to do a run to a levees and three Bushmasters trucks and as usual I was Keen to go just to get off the base but

Also so I could say went outside the Wire as some soldiers never do we left At zero 5:30 hours this annoyed me a Little as the Sun would be in our eyes As it came up and would make identifying Possible IEDs improvised explosive Devices a little harder the only Consolation was that we would be on a Route that was well known to all and as Such was deemed safe Well seifish we were 3/4 of the way Through the convoy when the lead lav Stopped and pulled off the road the Concrete on the right side of the drain Looked as though it had been replaced This was very suspicious so we backed up About 300 meters I got out and we all Stood there for a moment trying to Decide what was the best course of Action it was then that the ie D in the Concrete’s detonated it was a huge Explosion It sent pieces of debris in every Direction a rock the size of a 5 cent Piece blew through my front left side Just below my chest rig and exited out My lower back taking some of my spine With it fortunately not the spinal cord Just some of the bone it was a strange Sensation painful yes but I was not to Panic I knew I had been hit with something in The front but I could not feel any pain In my back at all so I did not think it

Was that bad at the time after a second Or two I could not stand due to the pain In my lower front Needless to say my blokes went into Overdrive once I fell down and they saw The blood the medic showed up and did His bit then the chopper picked me up And I was taken to hospital this is Where things started to get weird once The medical staff started taking my Clothes off the pain really kicked in And I was told later they gave me a drug Called ketamine this killed the pain but Straightaway I could see a bloke who Looked like a heavyset african-american Soldier he was wearing early kits the Old haitch harness and desert cam but no Helmet or weapon every room I was put in For days afterwards this bloke was there Sometimes standing in the corner or Sometimes standing besides me just Looking at me I asked the nurse once who He was but she just looked at me as Though I were a weirdo she quickly Checked my IV and left after the third Day of this I found my courage and asked Him his name and this scared the hell Out of me he actually answered he said His name was Brian Harris or Davis I’m Not quite sure which for some reason I Couldn’t understand the last name Properly he was with me for about a week And then I never saw him again a strange Story don’t you think but he is the real

Kicker I was an Australian soldier and I Have never served with all met an African-american soldier well until that Point I simply have no idea who that man Was where he came from or where he went I was a five-level aircraft mechanic on Kc-135 refueling jets my enlistment Began as planes returned from the first Gulf War and stateside duties it was a Mess and we knew it but we did not stop Our job for dirt or odors or for the Plane loads of medical conditions that May have flown with it we thought Nothing of the hazards what I can only Describe as weirdness began in 1991 I Was a younger man eager to volunteer and Follow all orders I emptied the urinals Which overflowed and spilled on me Within an hour my trainer and I did not Look so good our hair had gone to a Shade of black and our skin as white as Paper other than this we were normal However before too long strange things Began to happen we started experiencing Problems with the Jets entry hatch Leaving it closed the night before would Sometimes find it open the next morning Items also began to move by themselves Despite needing a human hand to do it None of us had done this we assumed that Someone must be sneaking over the fence At night but why would someone put Themselves at risk to cause such silly Mischief as far as acts of espionage go

Opening and closing a hatch or moving an Object here or there is more peculiar Than effective unable to explain it any Other way We even requested the security police to Check on the plane in the middle of the Night eventually we began to suspect That a fellow crew member was playing a Joke as we completed the easier tasks we Finally got into the hangar to fix some More serious problems and conduct deeper Inspections we decided would replace the Floor ourselves the old plane used Plywood painted special each screw was Put in by hand by three of us it was Very tedious work with many many screws This was when the first bolt disappeared Without explanation the bolt was related To the pilot’s seat our lead trainer was At this chore he was clearly disturbed And very upset when the bolt went Missing claiming it had disappeared when His back was turned a peculiar noise was Associated with the event he described Hearing what sounded like a piece of Metal hitting a hard surface with Something loose attached such a noise Was not possible at the location of his Work there was nothing that could make That sound the bolt was never found Strange things always happened around That plane I had a wrench that kept Going missing and would show up in Mysterious places the chrome had worn

Off meaning the color of this particular Tool looked like none of the other Wrenches in the same set there was no Way I could confuse it for another Whenever it would go missing and turn up Somewhere else I would laugh and think I Was playing a joke on myself somehow 12 Years later I continued to shrug off the Strange wrench and all I had experienced Whilst working on that plane until Working under my vehicle one day I was Adding a bolt and turned around to grab The wrench that was playing tricks when I heard a peculiar noise my back was to The bolt that was waiting to be Tightened as I heard the sound of metal Hitting a hard surface on the ground and Something loose attached to it I turned Around to tighten the bolt but it was Gone it disappeared while my back was Turned not only that the bolt has Already been in its location loosely Fastened with the nut already threaded By hand it had disappeared entirely Seemingly stolen by someone who would Have had to have unbolted at first I was Also working on a dirt driveway there Was no hard surface to create the noise I heard I again tried to shrug it off but this Time I was unable to stop myself Remembering the old kc-135 and my Trainers missing bolt a friend I told The story to suggested that the chrome

Of the bolt may have somehow reacted With my hands my hands have after all Been on some hazardous duties in their Time when I got home I cleaned up and Filled my coffee cup from the cabinet And put it in the microwave when I Pulled the cup out there was a noise at The bottom I wiggled the cup and Realized there was something in it to my Shock and awe as I dumped out my coffee There was a chrome bolt in the bottom I Was instantly moved to shock and nearly Tears this paranormal event along with The others I experienced has never been Deciphered I was relieved to learn my Plane went to junk 12 years ago in 2008 I was an infantryman for the US Army Assigned to 1st squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment we deployed to guard a city Impact here province Afghanistan in 2014 There there were some historical areas Destroyed by the enemy that dated back To Alexander the Great Including a castle on August 22nd around 2:00 a.m. myself and a close friend were On tower guard duty we were trying to Stay awake when we both started seeing Movement in the construction site Outside of the Hesco barrier it was Rapid too fast for natural movement even For animals as I went for the radio to Call up the sergeant of the guard the Radio traffic lit up from the other Towers calling in the same thing

Fast-moving shadows and strange noises My friend man the machine gun and I Posted up on the sandbags ready for a Fight when the sergeant of the guard Began giving instructions he simply said Stand down and told us there was nothing On the cameras we were ordered to stand By for confirmation from bandit 6 our Company commander who never worked on Late night shifts a couple of minutes Passed before the radio chimed up again It was bandit 6 do not stand down we Were ordered keep post and ready only Engage if you are being engaged We kept post until daybreak four hours Later with a sore back and tired eyes my Friend and I heard a bang on the door Behind us it was the sergeant of the Guard to relieve us what was strange was He was not in full kit but just his Weapon he stated that his appearance was In a sense the stand down my friend was The first to leave the tower then myself As the new guards were manning the tower We met at the debrief station and all Tower guards submitted a written report Of what had taken place earlier that Night we all agreed that something was Wrong the count totaled over 60 Movements a far larger force than what The enemy in the area could have Mustered in a short time for a rapid Of the forward operations basis defense Or for an assault unable to explain us

Otherwise we tried to brush it off Claiming that it must have just been the Wind rushing to the west the east Kicking up dust and debris a few hours Later after a few hours of sleep We were awoken by our squad leader and Told to gather in our makeshift smoke Pit it was then that the news was broken To us roughly around the time I had Started seeing movements while stunts Our guard duty a friend of mine had Taken his own life he was found in one Of the bunkers that we used to hide from Mortar and other indirect fire I tried To keep my bearings for the job we had At hand but after a few days of mourning I needed to speak with someone I sought Out our chaplain after he gave me some Advice he asked me something peculiar Had I seen anything strange that night I Told him of the events that had Transpired and he grew quiet He stated that what we had seen were the Songs of those who had suffered over the Centuries he told me the story of the History of the valley we were in and of The number of painful deaths that had Taken place there leaving those songs to Claim others who suffered a similar fate I was shocked what he told me continues To stick with me since then I have been Told to call what I saw that night Shadow people those who suffer and Wander to feed off those who suffer as

Well I really am not sure how to say how I Feel about this it changed all of our Lives that I know I’ve been deployed Twice in my eight years in the Corps They were very different once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq the Experience I’m about to describe Happened 12 years ago but I still dream About it and think about how it just Couldn’t have been real I had been in Theater for about three months I hadn’t even been a Marine for much More than a year everything began as Normal as any other deployment could be For that time this was in 2008 when Things were a lot more active after About two months I was selected for a Special duty so I was excited I was Telling pretty much anyone who could Listen as I was being sent to garrison An important observation post turns out Someone I told was there a few months Before and broke it to me that it was Just a few huts in a fence on a hill in The middle of the mountains with only Very very small very very rural villages Nearby some so rural They had no electricity I was pretty Bummed but they didn’t have long to Complain as they wanted 28 of us to Leave in two days to the post there was A whole lot of stupid paperwork and Meetings more paperwork safety briefs

And yet more meetings and more paperwork I was relieved when we finally left in The early morning the drive there was Pretty uneventful we had a few IEDs Scares that were pretty much nothing it Was just a long and boring Drive the Post we arrived at was small five Buildings and a high fence in the middle Of a very large Hill on top of a flat Spot on a mountain on the far side of The hill there were some old ruins mud Brick squares and deep holes this was Easily the highest point in a 100 Kilometer area we were replacing 17 guys Who were cycling out there were only 32 People when we arrived 12 of which were Only there for a few days To rest as soon as we unloaded we were Pulled aside by the warrant officer in Charge of the observation post a warrant Officer being Co commanding officer of a Post is different not unheard of but Uncommon he pulled us into his office And closed the door he said that this Was a staging area for various special Operation groups he told us that they Come in to rest and resupply for Operations in the area he also ordered Us not to talk to them do not listen in On them and do not harass them they need Rest and time as they do a lot after a Few days we settled into a routine of Looking watching cleaning and going on Small patrols to check the nearby

Villages we received supplies every five Days or so that was pretty much the only Interaction we had with the outside World guys were coming in and out Several times a week sometimes in Vehicles sometimes in helicopters and Even once on horses sometimes they were In uniform other times they were dressed Like locals sometimes they came in the Middle of the night sometimes in the Middle of the day there was no pattern Other than they never stayed longer than Two days and it was very rare they would Interact with any of us we began hearing Rumors from the men who had been Stationed there for a while about how CIA operators came in once in a blue Moon We also heard stories of how a lot of The Special Ops guys were here for Psychological warfare things like Messing up corpses killing livestock Burning down villages that harbored Suspected insurgents and things like That but these were just rumors no one Ever saw the results of their suspected Work about two and a half weeks in 24 Guys showed up in large armored SUVs They didn’t seem like the usual guys They never ate at the same time as us And avoided us all the time when they Would talk to each other they would do So in really soft whispers as far away As they could get from us sometimes they

Got into the SUVs and Rove out of the wire about a hundred Meters and just sucked they’re in a line In the middle of the road for a while And then came back the really odd part Was that they stayed six days no one had Ever had anyone stay that long That wasn’t permanent personnel rumors Once again started making the rounds of How they had to be contractors for the CIA one morning when i was taking my Post i noticed they were gone not a Trace nothing was left and they said Nothing to anyone Later in the day 17 of us and one Interpreter were pulled into the Briefing room and told about an Informant who had been giving us Information about a small village about Eleven kilometers away patrols in the Area said the villagers were complaining About us killing their goats to steal Their skins villages always do things Like that Trying to get money or stuff from us yet This was a little different there were Reports of the women and children Leaving the area that morning and going To other villages and towns in the area Since no one was around they wanted us To go out and check out what was going On we left the next morning at zero for Fifteen hours the road up the mountain To the village was a single lane dirt

Track hardly wide enough for our Humvees About half a klick out we got out and Split up with six of us on overwatch the Rest of us twelve of us were to walk Into the village and see what was going On the village was on top of a small Mountain for the area kind of in a big Bowl into the top of the mountain it Reminded me of a volcano as we Approached our radios started acting up Most of us heard static but very very Faint you could hear voices a lot of Voices all talking at the same time you Could just about to hear them but Couldn’t make out what they were saying Only four of us heard it the other 14 Had nothing on their radios this freaked Us out we were all on the same channel And all our radios were encrypted no one But Marines in the area had the Corruption so no one should have been Able to broadcast or listen it lasted About a minute before overwatch came Over the comms in a panic they said Three of them heard voices and the sound Of clinking metal then all of a sudden They heard the guttural deep screams of Many people then mid scream it just cut Off then nothing we figured it might be Special Ops guys in the AO the area of Operations messing with us Pranks were after all super common stuff Like cheap fireworks thrown into the Head while someone was using it or

Spiders captured and put into people’s Foot lockers but nothing ever on patrol Patrol was something serious something We all take very seriously this was a Dangerous time to be in the country and We didn’t want to mess around and get Someone killed as we got closer it Happened again this time eight of us Heard it there were so many voices but Very little static this time it was on My headset too it was hard to make out Any of what they were saying as I swear I heard someone speaking in Russian our Overwatch again heard it too but none of Them could identify what was being said One claimed they heard Arabic one said Persian and one said Greek one heard Latin and the other said it was almost a Mix of English and something they Couldn’t identify we were all freaked Out and called back to base they said The radios picked up on their end but Heard nothing they told us to continue To objective when we finally arrived at The small village we found eleven small Buildings with around 40 people living There walking down the middle of the Village we noticed there was a thin Trail of blood from the gate it stopped In a small puddle almost dead center of The village soon after we walked into The front gate three military-aged males Popped out from behind a building and Began opening fire we all rushed to

Cover I ran into a small house it had a Two to three foot tall wall around it As soon as I turned the corner a man Stepped out of the house no more than Three meters from me with an ache a Pointed in my direction he yelled Something and fired at me I dropped to The floor and fired a bunch of rounds at Him in panic to hit him in the chest Making a wet slapping thud he dropped Like a rock someone else was firing in My direction so I ran to hide besides The house I heard his wet wheezing Gargled final breaths after all was said And done we put down eight men and Critically wounded two more that was my First kill I was shaking like a leaf I Felt sick to my stomach and everything Felt foggy in my head I puked three Maybe four times for the next hour after We cleaned up and reported what happened A cleanup crew came four hours later Another squad from another posting went To one of the other villages and brought Back some of the women they said they Had to carry them as they refused to go Back they were terrified Our interpreter began helping us Question them all four women told the Same story the morning the day before as Everyone was beginning their day just as The Sun was rising a person covered in Blood walked up to the village after Being alerted by some of the women

Yelling the men grabbed their arms many Of whom had very old unique muskets as The bloody man came closer they saw he Wasn’t entirely bloody at this point in The women’s stories our interpreter had To consult with a translator from Another unit he looked puzzled He asked the women again about what they Had seen all the women were being Questioned separately in different Houses so there was no hearing what the Others were saying even so they all said The same thing the man had no skin According to their descriptions his Flesh was bloody raw muscle he had no Eyes and no muscle on his lower jaw it Just hung there wide open with a no Tongue his belly was slit and his guts Were almost falling out he was breathing In a raspy groaning moaning sort of way He walked with slow jerky unnatural Movements his head swinging all around Slow uneven steps that looked like his Knees would buckle under his weight with Each step the men began firing at him They said he didn’t even slow down he Didn’t even flinch as chunks of him went Flying when he reached the centre of the Village he let out a wet deafening Unnatural scream some of the men began Bending from their ears and eyes then Collapsed the flayed man just vanished Just disappeared in a red mist the man Who fell were gone

– no footprints in or out no trace but For the thin trail of blood we were all Shaken by that story everyone said it Was just the women trying to scare us Out the area because we had killed some Of their men it wasn’t possible as we Were walking back to our vehicles I was In front with the overwatch crew talking To them about what had happened with the Radios and the stories when we ran Across a horse in the middle of the road It was a white and tan horse its legs Cut off flush to the belly and its head Twisted upside down it was perpendicular To the road so we could only see it on One side it was sitting up balanced on Its belly with its head contorted and Sticking up there was no blood anywhere Around it We stopped spread out and called the Rest of the men fearing it was an IEE d The other squad had some bomb Experienced techs with them we followed SOP standard operating procedure and Checked it all out the Sun was already Beginning to set as we slowly approached It we know Some Arabic letters carved into its Flank there was also a one and a half Metre long shot of a broken mirror Shoved into its side when we finally Reached it we slowly surrounded it while Keeping an eye to the hills we saw the Side facing away from the village was

Perfectly flayed not a single shred of Skin left in that half not a cut into The meat we were all pretty freaked out Now we called it in and they had us take Pictures and document everything we Finally asked our interpreter what the Writing said he shook his head and said He wasn’t sure as it was written in a Very off way kind of like really old Arabic only it wasn’t even Arabic words But Persian he said he thought it meant Look look don’t look when we finally got Back we went and debriefed the co was Quiet and listened intently as we told What had happened when we were done he Sat there in a long silence after what Felt like half an hour he said forget it You’re all tired and shocked First-contact can play tricks on her Mind he told us that no native would Kill a horse in this area as they were Far too valuable finally he told us not To spread what we had seen around Warning us that we didn’t want people Questioning our mental fitness for duty Then he stood up and calmly dismissed us Before walking out we filed no paperwork No documentation no anything we were all Freaked out not one of us slept for the Next three days we didn’t bathe or shave In that time our Co didn’t push us Letting us recover we assumed we were Finally told to shower and shave on the Third day we could only shower in groups

Of four I was in the second group of Four standing outside the showers when We all heard a shouting from the bath We rushed in and they were all as white As ghosts they refused to look at the Mirrors after calming them down we Finally got it out of them that all of Them had saw a flayed man in the mirror Where their faces should have been Thinking that they were just still a bit Shaken up we moved them on and took our Showers I was the first one done and Went to shave when out the corner of my Eye I saw something red I didn’t want to Seem crazy like the last four so I did Not say anything but every time I looked In the mirror he was there in the corner Of the room sometimes facing me Sometimes with his back turned everyone Said the same thing they either saw his Face over there or in the corner of the Room we tried to rationalize it by Saying that maybe this was all the Special ops guys playing mind games with People in the area you know the rumored Psychological warfare stuff maybe the CIA was trying to keep us out of the Area unofficially or something when Resupply day came the co said our Replacements were inbound we were Ordered to pack up and leave with the Trucks it was only the 17 of us who left The interpreter went home soon after we Got back that day we only spoke to each

Other in whispers when we got back to The base finally agreeing not to talk About it as it couldn’t have really Happened after another two months I ran Into one of our replacements and asked How it went at the post asking if Anything weird or cool had happened There he told me that it was mostly Quiet but the one village several days After he arrived was abandoned so they Sent some people to check it out they Found all the livestock had been killed Some missing parts and some with skin Missing from areas three women were Found dead in one of the locked Buildings half rotted with no eyes Tongues or Lips they figured they killed themselves And nature and wildlife had taken the Soft parts of that deployment three were Killed in an AED two was severely Injured the interpreter was found and Killed with his entire family several Weeks later four took their own lives After returning home within the next Three years I can’t help but think it Was God punishing us that day in that Messed-up place we ended the lives of Eight and injured two now of the 18 of Us eight were gone and two was severely Disabled we all grew separate after we Got home and got out of the Marines to This day I still dread looking in Mirrors I visit a barber once a week to

Shave me I have no mirrors in my home when I’m Somewhere around the mirror I try to Avoid it all I can but when I do glance I still see him in the corner of my Vision I don’t know if this is all Psychological the effects of the story And the first time I had to defend Myself or if it is something really Supernatural in my dreams I still see That blood trail in any room I see the Women crying and bloody I see the man on The ground Wheezing his final breaths but most of All I see the flayed man there in the Far corners of my vision We live in the Quebec province of Canada In a small village of roughly 2,000 Inhabitants My grandfather had land in a remote area Of the region and part of it extended to The shoreline of a lake some of my Earliest childhood memories are of Visiting there during summer we would Drive up to my grandfather’s price Location on his land it was a quiet Lakeshore made out of big rocks we would Go there almost every day that the Weather permitted even though it was a 45-minute drive each way we would bring Coolers full of food and beverages and We would spend the day there jumping From the highest Rock which was five Meters tall into the deep dark waters it

Was always so refreshing and we had a Lot of happy memories there On my grandpa’s land there was also an Old house that we would sometimes spend The night in it was an old building with An old shed and when it was a cold night We would warm the place with a fire we Would start it in an old iron stove that People use before the invention of Electric stoves I was always fascinated By the Stars there at night my father And I would share this passion looking At them together the sky was magnificent Due to the lack of light pollution so Far in the wilderness we would spend Hours watching the Stars and I would Listen to my father explaining Everything he knew about the cosmos Which was quite an extensive knowledge For someone who does not study in this Field I remember listening to him and Asking a lot of questions sometimes we Would fall asleep on our sleeping bags Next to the fire my young mind blown Away by all the mysteries of the Universe my father was a game warden he Roamed the forests all year watching for Poachers doing checkups on important Wildlife hotspots giving out tickets to Hunters and fishermen who didn’t respect The quotas Because of this thanks to my dad I was Always very comfortable in nature he Taught me everything he knew I could

Identify an extensive array of trees Animals fish and plants my father taught Me to respect nature and its inhabitants As well as how to survive in the wild And all those things those memories are Also very precious to my heart one night When I was 16 my dad and I was staying At the house for the night with one of His cousins we plan to go fishing at Dawn I loved fishing and it is the only Thing that would get me to wake up at 4 A.m. It was about midnight and my dad asked Me to make sure the fire we started in The fire pit outside was out telling me To pour water on the embers if needed I Went outside and the embers were glowing So I went to the water pump and started Pumping water in the bucket it was a Partially cloudy night with an almost Full moon while pumping I heard rustling In the woods behind me at night in the Woods A raccoon roaming around the camp can Make a lot of noise I was not scared as I had plenty of experience with wildlife I knew it could have been anything from A squirrel to a bear and that’s in the Eventualities of a bear there was a Large population of black bears in the Area the best thing was to remain calm My dad always told me that your worst Enemy while being lost or stranded in The woods at night was not wolves bears

Or even the weather it was panic Panicking will make you do dangerous Things and will cloud your judgment Remaining calm was vital in the Wilderness Besides I knew my dad was a shout away With a firearm if needed I turned to try and see what was making The sound the wood line was about 40 Feet from where I was standing just for A second I saw a big shadow the clouds Opened and at that instant I could see The outline of something big it was big Big I was used to seeing bear And a bear would have looked small next To it I realized I was looking around The height of what a bear would be up on Their hind legs but what I was actually Seeing was taller still it was a massive Animal I looked up and what I saw froze The blood in my veins time stopped I saw Two big reflecting eyes they were Orangish and giving off the typical glow Of light which refracts off the layer of Cells in the back of an animal’s eyes to Help them see in the dark I felt a chill Run down my spine and then into my legs The eyes were at least 10 to 12 feet up Way too high for a bear I could also see The outline of massive and wide Shoulders bears do not have large Shoulders the animal was huge at least 12 foot tall with massive wide shoulders And long shaggy hair the hair was

Outlined around its body and was maybe a Foot long there were no ears sticking Out of its silhouette like you usually See in bears I was trying to make sense Of what I was seeing I had never seen Such an enormous beast in my life and Was certain nothing like this existed in All the books on fauna I had ever seen And my dad had certainly never mentioned Encountering something even close to This I tried listening for telltale sounds But all I could hear was my own blood Rushing to my ears I was dumbfounded and Paralyzed I tried looking over to the House for reassurance but I could not Move a muscle I don’t know how long we Stood there just looking at each other It felt like an hour but it was probably No more than a couple of seconds the Moment broke when I heard my father’s Voice calling my name All at the same time that I heard my Name a horrible smell hit my nostrils And that seemed to snap me out of my Paralyzed state I dropped the bucket I Was holding in my hand and the thing Turned its head around towards the Direction of the house that move brought Its head into the moonlight I could now See it had a flat face with almost no Hair on it the color of its skin was Hard to make out but it was dark there Was no snow it was flat a big flat

Forehead with a big flat nose a wide Mouth with almost non-existent lips and The eyes the eyes they were round and Big it looked like a gorilla and a human Face mixed together after turning to the House the creature turned its face Towards me and its upper lips went up Like an animal baring their teeth into a Snarl I could see large teeth I then heard a Deep loud but low growl I could feel it As much as I could hear it it felt like A vibration going through my entire body Like a sound wave so strong it makes Your flesh vibrate that woke my body up I had never felt such terror in my Entire life before or since it was a Primal fear I’m not sure how to explain It But it felt like every cell in my body Was screaming at me to move move run do Not look back I ran I ran so fast that I Was inside the house before I even Realized I was moving I never screamed I Couldn’t no sound could be made it’s Like my vocal cords were frozen My father saw that I was in a state of Shock and asked me what happened Repetitively as I didn’t and couldn’t Answer I was crying silently my breath Ragged as I trembled like a leaf my Father and his cousin then grabbed their Guns and made a move to go outside but I Hysterically screamed at them to stay in

Sight my father looked at me with worry In his eye But stayed inside after a while I calmed Down enough to be able to tell them what I saw my father told me I had seen a Bear and that my imagination got the Best of me I wanted to believe him very Much but I knew that what I had seen was No bear it was way too big and the Silhouette was very different it had a Roundish head with a slight conic top And apparently very little to no neck And no ears its fur was longer its Shoulders wider and its height taller it Was no bear its Eyes had an orange glow to them every Bear I have ever seen at night has a More greenish colour to them the smell Was also overwhelming and that feeling Of dread that primal fear and deep urge To run away I had always been curious about fauna And liked to observe all the animals in The wild but I did not feel that on that Night all I felt instead was pure terror I started sobbing like a five-year-old My father rocked me in his arms singing Me a lullaby he sang me every night when I was younger I fell asleep in front of The fire as the dawn came we did not go Fishing that morning I slept for part of The morning and when I woke up the truck Was all packed my father’s cousin went Into the woods around the house to try

And see any sign of animal activity but Found nothing except for broken branches In the dense wept forest on the route Home we talked about it more my father Was trying to convince me that what I Think I saw didn’t exist he said that if Such a creature was in the forests there He would have seen it or at least seen Signs of it in his 20 years as a game Warden After all if he had seen the elusive Mountain lion with his own eyes multiple Times he would have surely seen or at Least caught a glimpse of such an Enormous animal he put a smile on his Face saying again that I had Misidentified a bear repeating that my Imagination had played tricks but you Could see that he was disturbed Maybe it was disturbing to see his child In such a condition maybe what I said Made him think I refused to go to the Lake for at least a year then I agreed To go swimming there but we never slept There again and I always made a fuss To never stay past dusk I have hunted For information about what I saw ever Since I am not sure if what I saw was a Bigfoot or maybe a giant ape-like Creature but one thing I am sure of is That this was no bear I am 32 now and I Still dream about what I saw when I was 16 from time to time now every time I am

In a forested area I have that gut Instinct to turn around and get out I Live in a big city now and I will never Go back to those woods ever again My name is Alfred and I am a contracted Heavy equipment mechanic for Exxon Mobil’s pipeline division often my job Takes me to isolated locations on one Occasion me and another mechanic called Rowell were called to a job site where a HDD rig a horizontal directional Drilling rig had stopped working the Location was just east of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana we both got there And immediately began repairing the rig After working all afternoon we had the Rig running it was nearly dark as roll And I packed up our tools and cleaned up Our work area in the distance off in the Wood line of the swamp something started Grunting at us it sounded big and I Thought to myself that maybe it was a Hog even so it didn’t sound like any Harcore javelina i had ever heard before And i hunt them yearly and my property In Van Horn Texas we just about finished Cleaning up and putting our tools away When the grunting returned even louder Than before this time a swamp tree Branch at least eight feet up in the Tree started shaking violently the Branch shaking and the grunting had me And we’re all on edge we decided to Leave then and there the road away from

The site was made of wooden mats laid Next to each other the ground was soft And this was the only way to stop your Vehicle from sinking into the ground I Was driving a company truck a Ford f-450 Drooling mechanics body with a crane Raul was driving the same we began Driving toward the gate to exit the Property when out of nowhere a large Rock was thrown at her alms truck in Front of me it’s easily weighed 25 Pounds or more and flew from the wood Line and nearly hit his truck at this Point roulade it into the gas pedal and Hauled out of there I did too We are drug tested by a pipelined drug Testing consortium and I am regularly Tested twelve or more times a year I did not hallucinate what we saw and Neither did roll we still talk about What we experienced to this day I don’t Know what was out there that night but It was mad as hell that we were out There I will never forget watching that Rock fly towards the truck it was big Flying in the air like a professional Sportsmen through it was ever through That rock easily through it 60 or 70 Yards and it threw it like it was Nothing This happened last year I was 14 at the Time and my cousin John was 17 we live On a hill with trees on every side of The house and more hills bigger Hills on

The north down the hill to the south is A lake I love the area and always go There for a walk anyway me and my cousin Went off up the hill hunting just for Little things like birds We had a pellet gun an air Hawk that Looked like a real rifle I remember it Was quiet too quiet much quieter than Normal I kept telling my cousin that I Felt like we were being watched He said it’s nothing and we went higher Up the hill at the top there was a field And from there we could see the lake and The mountains to the west we had been Sitting on some big rocks looking at the View for about 10 to 15 minutes when we Heard a whistle down the hill it came From the brushy area where you couldn’t See more than two feet in our first Thought was it was our cousin Jacob so We called his name no response I was Holding the pellet gun so I asked John If I should shoot just to scare him out He said yeah so I aimed it as I looked In the woods down the hill I felt off I Can’t explain exactly how it felt but I Told my cousin that we should go back he Brushed me off and told me later so I Just said nothing and nodded my head I Didn’t shoot I felt like we were going To waste ammo it was then that we heard A loud scream in the woods we were Scared neither me or John had ever heard Anything like that before it was a

Muscular scream like it had come from a Big man from a giant even though it was Loud And not normal we kept doing what we Would Moving down the hill hunting eventually We ended up going down an old road there Were trees on each side and barely any Sunlight I was always scared of that Area we were walking when my cousin Stopped suddenly I stopped too and he Pointed up a tree far ahead it was then That I saw it it looked like a hairy kid Like it was the same size as a toddler I Asked him what it was and he said maybe A bear bears are common in my area so I Just went with it we figured the mom was Close by so we went the opposite side Still moving down the hill we headed Down to the river there we saw a strange Truck in the dirt it was big and looked Like a human’s bare foot neither one of Us had seen anything like it in the Woods before but as soon as I saw it I Knew it was a Bigfoot Remembering the thing we had seen in the Tree I told my cousin about Bigfoot I knew he knew it was no animal we’d Ever seen before I asked him if he knew What it was but he just said it was a Bear so I wouldn’t freak out As it was small I thought maybe it was a Baby Bigfoot John just mumbled maybe as we carried on

Walking we had it east there were some Big trees in that part of the woods and A house a couple of yards to the south We had not seen anything for a while and It was getting dark it was about 9 p.m. And we turned north to head back up the Hill to go home the only way back was Through that old road nobody comes out To this part of the woods we were the Only ones in the area or we should have Been up the hill where the road opened Out to a field there was something Standing by a lone tree it was dark so We couldn’t really see what it was only That there was something there keep in Mind all we heard was a pellet gun and We weren’t expecting anyone to be out There Especially not at night we just lay down By a fallen tree and watched looking at Whatever it was that was standing at the Top of the hill around five minutes Later we saw two smaller things walk out Of the woods we were lucky we didn’t Keep walking if we had well I don’t want To think about what we might have walked Into on that old road I have always Believed that those kissed by death have An uncanny ability to see and hear the Dead Born on the last day of the year in 1996 I came into this world clinging to life The umbilical cord wrapped around my Neck I was born with one foot on the

Other side from the time I could talk my Parents record me seeing things that Were just not there I would look at the Ceiling and giggle murmuring the word Angels to my religious mother’s delight She praised me until one day I saw my Grandma I was three when my mother’s mom Passed away and my mother did not even Know of this yet I simply walked into The room and said grandma bye-bye my Grandmother passed that day the next Year both my grandparents on my father’s Side passed within months of each other My grandpa in the hospital and my Grandma alone in the chair It took them days to even find her when My grandpa died my dad already knew but I had no idea he was even sick I was Only four and my parents felt it best Not to alert me I had drawn a picture of The family and had both my parents and My grandma in the picture but my grandpa Was not when my dad looked at the Drawing he asked where grandpa was I Apparently pointed at the ceiling and Said he went up the stairs he’s waving At you after these experiences my mother No longer praised the things I saw There are three experiences that I can Recall after this that shook me to my Core once when I was about six the next At 14 and the last at 20 my mother and I Believe our house is haunted by a man With big boots who reeks of cigarettes

No one in our home is a smoker but on Certain mornings when you wake up the Entire house mouths of cigarettes almost As if one was put out in the hallway Most nights as well between midnight and Around 2:00 a.m. you can hear heavy Boots walking down the hall stopping and Turning it only happens once and we had Got used to the sound until one night my Dad and I had spent the morning building A cardboard box fought in the hallway Next to my room and I had eagerly Elected to sleep there that night we put Blankets pillows and stuffed toys into The fort and my parents kissed me Goodnight and went down the long hall to Their room I stayed up a bit playing With my toys in the fort before I Crawled into my makeshift bedroom and Called it a night as soon as my eyes Shut the boot steps began they walked The path straight to my box And they did I opened my eyes and looked Out the window of the fort and saw no One so I returned to attempting to sleep Suddenly one of my toys in the hallway Began to play its song I had a toy Winx Club play house that had a blue lever on The front of it when you pulled the Lever the doors opened and played the Theme song in an instant that song began To play the blood rang in my ears and my Heart jumped from my chest I sat there

In silence as the song stopped hearing Nothing but my own heartbeat then Suddenly the smell of cigarettes I Stopped breathing my eyes shut hard in Fear as I heard and felt the breath of a Man against the back of my head and Forehead the next thing I remember was My parents rushing to my aid only Believing I had had a nightmare by the Time I was about 14 I had seen and heard Many more things one however involving This entity makes me shake to this day I Was lying in bed with my cat who was Fast asleep at my side on cue the Footsteps run down the hall I just Continued texting on my phone then Suddenly they stopped the footsteps Didn’t make it all the way down the hall They stopped right at my door my cat Picked up his head and looked at the Door just as the knob started to rattle He jumped down under the bed and I Dropped my phone Watching him panic as the door rattled And the knob quickly shook I had a Guitar next to my bed and I heard the String start to pluck and my cat start To hiss I never once screamed I just sat There frozen in panic waiting for it to Stop as quickly as it began it ended my Last big experience in my home was a few Years ago my childhood dog had just died And I fell into a horrible depression The way she died was graphic she had

Cancer and the tumor bled profusely After she died for about eight months I Had nightmares of her every night Dripping in blood although I could brush That aside as the trauma from her dying This experience was different two days After the nightmares started I elected To sleep downstairs on the couch Thinking getting away from my room would Help the downstairs couch shares a wall With the back yard at the head of the Couch outside the wall is the gate my Dog used to go through in the mornings To get to the back yard it is a big Six-foot tall metal gate with a lock on The top after her death we pad locked it Shut I laid down for the night with the Gate closed and my parents asleep Upstairs at about 2:00 a.m. I woke up to Hear the gate rattling thinking it was The wind I went back to sleep What felt like only two seconds later I Had this strong feeling I was being Watched I popped my eyes open and looked About the dark living room and saw Nothing so I went to bed but the Feelings stayed I woke up a second time And saw something I will never forget or Rather I smelled it before I saw it a Black figure reeking of rot stood about Seven foot high in the room just feet From me it was lanky and nearly touching The ceiling its features distorted and Resembling Slenderman but it was black

No blacker than black my stomach dropped And a cold sweat started too scared to Scream I just stood there in the face of What I thought was death I heard the Blood pounding in my ears and then Nothing just blackness I passed out I could brush off this occurrence as a Nightmare if not for one thing the lock On the gate outside which was padlocked Shut with a key was found on the floor The gate swinging wide open I was born And brought up in Delhi but my family Originally belongs to Bihar Some 1,200 kilometers from Delhi All these experiences started when I First went to visit my grandparents when I was around 2 or 3 years old because I Was so young I don’t remember the Incident at all but my parents and other Villagers have told me about it many Times my grandparents home was a two Storey building without railings and I Was playing on the roof besides my Sisters and cousins who were reading it Was around 6:00 in the evening and the Sun wasn’t fully set my mother went Downstairs to get something leaving me With my elder sister who is 14 years Older than me somehow after my mother Left I fell off the roof when my mother Came back and she couldn’t find me Within minutes the whole village came to Help for around 2 to 3 hours they Searched eventually someone found me

Under up a bull tree a tree with lots of Thorns without any clothes and without a Single scratch on my body I was lying There as though someone had placed me There yet that would have been Impossible no one could have taken me From my grandparents house without being Noticed as the stairs go right through The middle of the house and there were Over 20 family members present in the Building at the time after this I was Taken to a priest who said that someone Or something was linked to me when I Again visited my grandparents this time At the age of 13 I spent a lot of time Roaming the nearby fields while going Home late one evening I saw a beautiful Girl who seemed to be of the same age Appear out of nowhere We talked a bit and became friends after This we met again and again at first we Would meet around a bit Kela place but after those first few Times there grew to be no fixed time or Place she would just appear out of thin Air especially whenever I was in a bad Mood these meetings took place over a Long time period as I used to visit my Grandparents every year staying there Only for a week or so as time passed I Kind of became addicted to her I knew That there was something odd about her Because whenever I used to ask her about Her parents or where she lives or any

Personal questions She used to avoid answering them yet I Still longed for our meetings she also Used to wear the same white dress every Time we met when I asked her about it She smiled and answered that I used to Like that dress very much but I remember Very well that I had never once Complimented her about the dress before When my grandfather died we stopped Visiting the village as my grandmother Came to live with us I didn’t see the Girl into the month when I used to go Visit my grandparents this was the first Time I saw her here in Delhi at first I Was very happy although a bit shocked to See her I must have been 18 at the time When I came back and talked about her With my mom my grandmother overheard us And was furious in my village it wasn’t Allowed for a boy and a girl to spend Time alone in the evenings when I Described her appearance my grandmother Refused to know any such girl my village Isn’t a big one and my grandmother spent Over sixty years living there so she was Very confident that the girl I described Must have been from some other village However the nearest village from my Village is about five kilometres it Wouldn’t have been possible or allowed For a girl to travel that much distance All by herself and that late in the Evening after telling them this my

Grandmother and mother were left feeling Slightly worried but didn’t say anything Else other than to invite the girl to The house the next day when I met her And asked her to come to my house she Answered in a very strange way I can Still hear her voice fresh in my head Smiling she asked do you really want me To come with you to your house there was Just something about the way she spoke That startled me So I murmured not right now and instead Suggested she visit tomorrow she agreed And left and so I returned home to tell My mother about it the next day I asked My mother to make something nice for my Friend We waited together for her to come but Time passed and there was just no sign Of her my mom said that she was going to Pick the clothes up from the roof and Would come back quickly just seconds After she left the girl arrived I Invited her inside and shouted to my mom And grandmother from the stairs I asked Her to wait as I ran to the kitchen for The cookies that my mom had made for us After some time standing together Waiting for my mom to return the girl Said it was getting late and that she Would have to leave I convinced her to Wait some more wanting her to meet my Family after 10 minutes or so she said That it would soon become dark and hence

She should really be going now promising To meet my mother some other time so she Left now I was furious at my mother as She said she would be right back but Over half an hour had passed was my Friend waited to meet her as I was about To make my way towards the stairs to Find her I saw her coming down I yelled At her questioning why she hadn’t come When I called my mom looked confused she Said that she had never heard anything And asked why the girl left so early When I told her that we had waited for Her for over half an hour she answered Much to my surprise that she had only Been gone for 5-10 minutes at the most Upsets I said she was just making Excuses and ran to my room this was the First time my mother started to believe That something was very wrong After this every time the girl met me Others wouldn’t be present due to Various reasons my mother became so Worried that she decided to place a Camera in my room where most of our Meetings used to take place the camera Didn’t show anything my parents thought That I must have a cycle Chuckle problem and consulted with a Psychiatrist various tests were done but The results always came back normal my Grandmother who was a very spiritual Woman asked my parents to take me back To the same priest who had examined me

In my childhood the priest performed Some rituals and gave me some sort of Pendant instructing me to never remove It from my neck yet as soon as I came Back to Delhi I fell sick I was admitted To the All India Institute of Medical Science but none of the doctors could Determine the reason for the high fever I was suffering for three months I Suffered from some unknown disease until One day my nephew who was around six Years old at the time came to visit me Along with my parents my brother-in-law Told me that my nephew had begged to see Me all morning and hence they had to Bring him whilst my brother-in-law and Mother went outside for some time my Nephew came close to me then all of a Sudden he snatched away the pendant and Threw it out of the window I could not Understand why he did that but before I Could react I saw her the girl still in That white dress standing right behind Him I passed out after some time I Eventually woke up to the doctor Examining me as the doctor left my Mother nephew and brother-in-law came Into the room my nephew was crying Most likely having been scolded by his Father for what he did they were asking Him why he threw the pendant away and to Everyone’s surprise he said that a didi Referring to a girl older than himself Had asked him to do it we were all

Shocked to hear that but didn’t dwell on It for long as surprisingly I wasn’t Sick anymore I was feeling well and Within a week I was discharged from the Hospital Despite this incident having freaked me Out Whenever she used to meet me afterwards I couldn’t resist her these meetings Increased significantly when I moved out Where with my cousin for studies it was Then that my family members too started To sense her presence my mother in Particular often felt as though someone Had just entered into my room despite There being no one It was also around this time that bad Things started to happen to people who Were mean to me for example a boy who Made fun of my glasses said that someone Pushed him down the stairs on the same Day Some time passed like this until one day My father called me to say that he was Coming to meet me and that he had got a New pendant from the priest for me on The night she told me that she wouldn’t Leave me this time and that no one could Interfere the next day when I came back From my classes I saw I had many missed Calls from my mother when I called her I Was shocked that my father had had an Accident whilst he was coming to the Railway station I remembered what she

Had told me the previous night and I was Grasped by sheer fear I wanted to be With my parents but my mom said that as My exams were only weeks away I didn’t Need to come I didn’t say anything else And hung up the call that night when she Came to meet me I was frightened I told Her that I didn’t want to meet with her Anymore and that she should leave I Can’t remember anything after that but After that night I never saw her again As I used to still to this day I dream Of her it is the same dream every time She and I are sitting on a bench in Front of a huge tree and she is wearing The same dress that’s all I can remember From the dream but this happens every Full moon and whenever I am feeling very Sad Other than those dreams I have never Seen her again Not since the night I told her to leave I don’t even like using her name because Even just the sound of it is so Unnerving to me I have always been a skeptic and believe In the power of suggestion and the human Brain picking up on things Subconsciously so I’m not saying that This is completely paranormal but it is Strange and it’s a hundred percent true My grandmother had been suffering with Dementia heart problems and failing Kidneys since I was about seven so her

Death when I was fifteen wasn’t a shock It wasn’t exactly expected she had been Very ill for a long time and there was No indication of her getting any worse And if there was my overprotective Father wouldn’t have talked about it in Front of me so there was no reason for Me to suspect that she might be dying Anytime soon it was a perfectly ordinary Weekend with me revising for my exams Reading and doing homework everything Felt fine until it came to going to bed On Saturday night I have always been a Poor sleeper struggling with insomnia Night terrors and nightmares since I was A very young child so when I couldn’t Sleep that night and lay awake for a While feeling wrong I put it down to my Normal sleeping problems or maybe some New horror of my anxious teenage brain My sister was asleep in the bed next to Me and my dog was asleep on my feet Clearly they didn’t feel anything off so The problem was with me eventually I drifted off into an uneasy doze in my Dream I felt twisted and stiff and Unable to move or wriggle away from the Distressing and uncomfortable feeling That was all over my body As I lay there twitching and turning all I could see were the waves of the ocean And a small canoe like boat that was in The distance the water was close not Stormy just steady with the waves

Passing me by I jerked awake an hour or So later I still felt restless and Uncomfortable and left distressed by the Dream although I couldn’t say why the Strange thing was I was in an unnatural An uncomfortable position when I was On my back with my back arched off the Bed My legs ramrod straight and pressed Together my hands folded tightly over my Chest Normally I sleep curled into a tight Ball on my side after shaking myself and Cursing my terrible circadian rhythm I Tried once more to get to sleep only to Fall back into the same dream the Discomfort was slightly less now but I Still tossed and turned restlessly the Water seemed closer now all around me But not like I was in danger of drowning But like it was on a video that was Zooming in I glimpsed inside the canoe It was empty the water kept rushing past Again I woke up feeling disoriented and Tired like I hadn’t slept at all Only to realize it was still the middle Of the night again I was in the same odd Position nearly tearful with tiredness And frustration I flipped my pillow Rolled unto my side and tried to sleep Again surprisingly I did manage to fall Asleep and yes slipped straight back Into the same dream only it was hazy ER Now less vivid I wasn’t so uncomfortable

And twitchy the waves now filled my Vision the empty canoe was nearby Somewhere it was all fading to nothing As I went deeper into sleep when I woke Up again I was back in the same strange Position but without the tent straining In my muscles it was still the middle of The night so I couldn’t have been asleep For long but this time I felt more Rested the only problem was I was Terrified there was a bit of anxiety in My stomach Something was wrong I wanted to scream And wake everyone up because something Just wasn’t right then I noticed my dog Standing up struggling and attempting to Get off the bed something was wrong I Just add heart pounding as I was staring The phone rang I heard my dad get up to Answer it when has a 3 a.m. phone call Ever been good When I heard him come back up he popped His head into my room expecting me to be Asleep only to find me sitting up and Urgently whispering that there was Something wrong with the dog I got up And we helped her down from the bed and Into the hall so we could look at her in The light without waking my sister my Dad woke my mum as she was examining the Dark I asked him about the phone call he Just said it was the nursing home your Grandma has taken the turn for the worst I’ll need to go and visit her in the

Morning the next morning after spending The whole night in my parents room Monitoring the dog we got dressed and Took her to the vet when we got back and Told my dad the news that the dog was Going to be fine with the time and an Injection of some steroids he told me That he had lied about the phone call The previous night you were just so Scared about the dog he said and I Didn’t want to tell you right then but Your grandma died that was the phone Call I was so overwhelmed with Everything that had happened thinking About how awful it had all been the bad Dreams the uneasy feeling my dog getting Sick then learning that my grandma had Passed that I didn’t connect it until Later how strange it was that I had Known something was wrong the timings Are what bothered me and still bother me The most as I was dreaming of being Trapped and uncomfortable writhing in my Own body waking up position like a body In a coffin my grandma was dying as my Dreams got weaker she got weaker the Dreams fading to nothing as she passed Just minutes before my dad got the call As I dreamt I was trapped watching the Waves my grandmother died in the bedroom Of her nursing home on the promenade Which looked out to sea I dread another Night like that and what might be wrong Or who might be gone when I wake up in

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