Alien Abductions: Getting Abducted by Extraterrestrials | Documentary

By | June 6, 2020
Alien Abductions: Getting Abducted by Extraterrestrials | Documentary

Most of us believe we are not alone in The universe in 2017 a survey of over 26,000 people from 24 different Countries found that 61 percent of Respondents believe that there is some Form of life on other planets 47 percent Of people believed that these life forms Represented intelligent alien Civilizations similar results were found During a poll of 1114 Americans in 2012 And again in 2014 when some 2000 British Adults and children were asked about the Existence of extraterrestrials the Majority of humanity It would seem believes in some form of Life beyond Earth for some belief goes Beyond speculation it is influenced by Personal experience in 2012 one tenth of Respondents to a National Geographic Society survey claimed that they had Seen an unidentified flying object the Term UFO although not necessarily Meaning of extraterrestrial origin often Being equated with aliens in current Usage of the term and extraterrestrial Visitations or Close Encounters are by No means limited to sightings Intriguingly or perhaps horrifyingly There are people who claim to have been Contacted by alien life-forms contact Which is unsolicited non-consensual and Often unconscious whilst we do not have An exact number for how many people Claim to have memories of being abducted

By aliens it has been said that the Figure is likely to run into many Thousands understandably those who are Skeptical of extraterrestrials having Visited earth are even more skeptical When it comes to claims of alien Abductions they are for many simply too Fantastical to believe if alien forms of Life ever established contact with earth It would no doubt to be one of the most Sensational scientific discoveries Mankind has Were made and would therefore be World-shattering in its implications There is a sense that many believe such A discovery simply couldn’t happen Without us realizing if Extraterrestrials did make contact it Would they suppose be an event of such Magnitude that there would be no room For argument or misinterpretation as Such claims of covert sinister nighttime Abductions are simply to poor quality And perhaps too quiet in terms of Evidence and can thus be easily Explained away through the lens of human Psychology this standard approach to Assessing claims of alien abductions by Many mainstream scientists and Commentators has bred a policy of Dismissal in this way arch skeptics like Professor Chris French the head of Anomalistic psychology at Goldsmiths University of London is not alone when

He suggests that the desire for fame and Fortune can lead to exaggerated Testimonies and the falsification of Ever more elaborate claims of alien Abductions disdainfully he has cited So-called contactees who have profited From book deals and media appearances Including George Adamski who in the 1940s and 1950s claimed to have Witnessed UFOs and met with friendly So-called alien space brothers who Allegedly took him for flights in their Spacecraft however whilst the desire to Be heard and perhaps the desire to turn A profit may play a part in some cases This is simply not the story in many Accounts like all arch skeptics and Indeed arch believers professor French Cherry-picks cases and evidence to suit His argument ignoring those claims which Do not fit his dogma Not everyone publishes a book or Otherwise financially exploits their Alleged experiences in fact for many who Genuinely believe they have been Abducted by alien beings there is a fear That their experiences can irreparably Damage their reputation and the Reputations of their loved ones in short They do not wish to talk about their Experiences it is not an exaggeration to Say that there is a negative stigma Attached to claims of alien abductions Early contactees like George Adamski and

His space brothers were referred to as The lunatic fringe of UFO ology and it Can be said that such a damning judgment Has forever scarred the study of Close Encounters In this way it is not uncommon for Self-identified abductees to keep their Experiences a secret for years only Finally revealing their encounters when They feel they can stand it no longer Often suffocating under the weight of The trauma that these experiences tend To cause and then even when they do Share them they often reach out under a Cloak of false names and hidden Identities such is the case for Jeremy Who claims to have been plagued by Events he can only describe as alien Abduction for over 20 years During our email correspondence he Explained how he hasn’t told any of his Friends or family out of fear of being Labeled crazy from the start of our Communication he was clear about his Wish to remain anonymous stating that he Has no interest in drawing attention to Himself It would lead to a lot of ridicule he Has stated and affects other aspects of My life which I cannot afford as I take Care of my wife and child So why reach out at all for Jeremy it Was a desire to find answers after many Years of silent struggle also he now

Fears for his daughter after allegedly Waking one night to find several beings Standing in the room near my bed his Daughter was next to him when he tried To put himself between them and her one Of the beings raised a hand and I Blacked out Fear not only of judgment but of the act Of abduction itself is a common feature In the stories of potential abductees For those who remember their abductions They report being taken from their beds Whilst sleeping by unknown beings or Waking up in a strange room where they Are often subjected to various medical Procedures however it is said that not Everyone remembers being abducted Someone could in theory live their whole Life without ever realizing they have Been abducted by aliens this is perhaps The single most terrifying element of Abduction phenomena in the 20th century Experts began noticing a series of Psychological disturbances in their Patients that had no apparent cause in 1986 dr. Ronald westrom in response to These observations proposed the Recognition of a new psychological Syndrome called post abduction syndrome Or pas he suggested that some people Exhibit a type of trauma that one might Expect an alien abductee if real to Experience according to his definition This condition is characterized by

Living in a state of incredible anxiety When going to sleep being in a bedroom During medical procedures whilst in Elevators and even when exposed to Animals with large eyes psychologists Who use westerns pas symptoms when Working with patients have observed that Fear of going to sleep could be so Severe that those believed to be Suffering with pas may need to have Lights radios and even televisions Turned on in order to feel somewhat safe Irrational phobias may also incapacitate Patients from going to certain places or Experiencing and I think medical other Symptoms include terrible dreams of Black eyed aliens spaceships and Undergoing horrifying medical procedures This condition can be so symptomatic That it can even affect a person’s Ability to enjoy relationships with Other people often pas sufferers feel The constant Need to move around from place to place Post abduction syndrome suggests that Abductions most commonly occur without The abductee consciously remembering Only a minority of abductees are able to Recall their experiences and even then They often report that their memories Are fragmented or suddenly returned to Them many years later such is the case In the well-known story of Barney and Betty Hill who suppose it abdomen

Happened in 1961 but they did not begin To explore the incident until two years Later the precursor to their exploration Included strange dreams in line with the Characteristics of PAS another case Involves Bill Brooks a former British Army soldier who despite claiming to Have been abducted since early childhood Did not remember any of his experiences Before the age of 44 piecing these Encounters back together He claims took over 20 years the Uncovering of abduction cases therefore Is not always intentional it is not so Simple to say people knowingly share Fantastical stories of Close Encounters With the hope of being believed often These people are scared their lives Debilitated by fears and anxieties which Have no obvious cause strangely as Traumatic as abduction experiences can Be for those who either knowingly or Unknowingly experience them there are Others who report having adjusted to the Phenomena dismissing it as Inconsequential to their lives they move On and lead perfectly healthy and normal Lives and this is the difficult thing About alien abductions and abductees it Is not always what you might expect Just as adjustments to innately Repulsive experiences is shocking and Unexpected the backgrounds of alleged Abductees often is – when we consider

The archetype of an abductee rarely Would we think of certified Psychologists highly trained soldiers or Successful lawyers but these are Precisely the sorts of people who report Being Ducked it according to John eMac a Harvard psychiatrist who has studied Abduction phenomena in depth they seem To come as if at random from all parts Of society a Brazilian farmer who was Diagnosed with radiation poisoning after Claiming to have been abducted in 1957 Went on to become a respectable lawyer In Jeremy’s case some of his Understanding about his abductions have Been influenced by his own experiences Having served in the US Air Force’s Space warfare division a question which Has no doubt played the minds of all Abductees at some point or another is Why me Why would they chosen to be abducted and Subjected to traumatic experimentations And communications by alien life-forms It may be that there are some answers to Be found in familial connections that is To say that our examples were Close Encounters seemed to be inherited David M Jacobs a professor of history and a Keen ufo-ologists has documented a case He personally investigated where a woman Claimed to have been jointly abducted With her son by aliens in her basement

Another example comes from Jeremy who in The course of his emails spoke of how he Was born in the UK whilst his father a U.s. serviceman was stationed at a United States Air Force operated RAF Base in Suffolk I know there was quite a Bit of UFO activity in Suffolk during That period Jeremy explained and so I wonder if that Is what started this whole series of Events the now in active military Facility borders Rendlesham forest the Location of the infamous alleged UFO Incident that was reported only a few Years before Jeremy’s birth my father Used to speak of strange happenings in That region as well as paranormal Activity he experienced in our house and On the base Jeremie also spoke of how his mother was Not supposed to be able to have any more Children when she fell pregnant with Jeremy and his twin brother who sadly Died during pregnancy whilst it is Terrifying to imagine could events that Happened before Jeremy’s birth have Influenced decade’s worth of abduction Experiences of course there are other Potential explanations for why people Become alien abductees explanations Which dismiss Close Encounters being Real and instead suggest psychological Pre determinants may cause delusions or Confirmations of biases according to

Professor French certain psychological Factors do appear to be relevant to the Vast majority of abduction cases false Memories of being abducted he has stated May be caused by particular personality Traits including hypnotic susceptibility Fantasy proneness and absorption the Tendency to become totally absorbed in One’s own mental activity such as losing Oneself in a work of fiction in some Ways it can be said that skeptics like French are suggesting so-called Abductees simply cannot tell the Difference between reality and a fiction Of their own creation another Explanation combats the frequent use of Hypnotic regression to aid in the Discovery of abduction experiences often Those who believe they have been Abducted by aliens undergo hypnosis During which memories are said to be Recovered from the subconscious mind Such was the case for Barney and Betty Hill who underwent separate hypnotherapy Sessions in 1964 in the course of these Sessions Barney revealed details such as Supposedly being taken onto a Disc-shaped craft and encountering Non-human beings with mesmerizing eyes Who subjected him to a medical Examination the reasoning behind the use Of hypnosis is that aliens it is alleged Have the ability to wipe the memories of Those they abduct hypnosis therefore is

A way to unlock the secret to Remembrance Hypnotic regression however is Controversial and is not always Recognized as being able to produce Accurate results whilst the apparent Memories produced can feel very real it Is argued that they are very likely to Be false Produced by our beliefs expectations and Fantasies and not real events evidence Retrieved in this manner therefore is Not likely to convince experts who are Not only skeptical of aliens having Visited earth but of hypnotherapy as Well whilst false memories triggered by Delusions or ineffective hypnosis may be True for some individuals such a Sweeping brushstroke explanation risks Negating what may very well be genuine Cases the world is never so black or White to give a one-size-fits-all Explanation especially not when handling Phenomena as varied and complex as that Which is reported by alleged alien Abductees there are so many people whose Lives have been massively affected and In some cases irreparably damaged by Events which they claim are abductions By extraterrestrial life-forms Often these experiences are reported as Dating right back to childhood Suggesting that someone’s entire life Could be dismissed as a lie if we follow

The strict explanations of skeptics Obviously this is not the case there is Something to be studied precisely what That is however is unknown are alien Abductions real perhaps a better Question to pose would be if they are Real what do these aliens hope to gain By abducting people the answer is Perhaps so terrifying that most of us Would simply rather dismiss the Possibility of the phenomena altogether Thank you for watching if you enjoyed This video please subscribe for more of The paranormal equally if you would like Another video on alien abductions Exploring other aspects including what Has been described as happening during An abduction please leave a comment Below I would love to explore this Phenomena in more depth also if you have An experience to share either in regards To this topic or another paranormal Topic you can contact me via my website The link to my contact form is in the Description you can also find links to Similar videos that you might enjoy Which are also suggested on screen now Until next time