Joe Rogan is UFOlogy? Interview with Must See Audio

By | June 1, 2020
Joe Rogan is UFOlogy? Interview with Must See Audio

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Good evening folks and welcome to alien Attic we have Lee from must-see audio Rivers tonight and Lee how are you my Friend I’m good mate thanks for inviting me on No anytime a I’m thanks for having me on The last show no no I really enjoyed it It’s I talk about loads of stuff on the Podcast but I’m always really interested In this stuff so it was nice to have a Good natter about this type of thing With somebody yeah that’s what I see When I go out and about with my mace and I started talking about the aliens you Know the like not tonight please just Leave aliens out the conversation They’re all into football master I’m Talking about spaceships yeah it’s Exactly the same and I can I can talk About conspiracy type stuff for ages but People don’t listen to most of the time Yeah so I know who you are and yeah you Have a great podcast but I would like You to tell the viewers bit about Yourself what you into what the podcasts

About well I’m Lee how I’ve podcast got Musty audio you should go listen to it Immediately and I I like to think of it As a podcast where I can speak to any About anything um you know like a kind Of a no-rules type of show I constantly Sort of semi disparagingly I refer to it As Poundland Joe Rogan but yeah like It’s it’s one of those things where if You’re if you’re into social commentary Where you’re not scared about having Conversations that might upset people It’s probably the podcast for you that’s My type of got podcast the ones that get They get the the hosts into a little bit Of trouble but he just doesn’t give a [ __ ] that’s it yeah I’ve ever read in a Book by someone and he he essentially Wrote quite a controversial book and he Said oh I do this because I mean I’m in The position where if everything goes Wrong I can I can cope with the fallout I’m not in that position but I still Don’t care Yes I mean you seem to be in a good Place right now especially I mean Joe Robe is about to go to despite if I You’re on Wi-Fi Yeah it’s all interested I’m I I wonder What that’s gonna have for all of us to Be perfectly honest wait What will the repercussions be could be On YouTube for something like that Can you imagine right let’s just put

Yourself in the position of this guy for A second you’ve just you’ve just got off The phone from Joe Rogan or whoever Whatever part of his management team He’s told you mr. YouTube advertising Guy look I’m taking my content with me And I’m going to Spotify Dave from YouTube’s now got to go into a board Meeting they explained how he just let Joe Rogan out the door yes I wouldn’t Like to be Dave Dave a couple of times In my previous job but yeah I mean I Would imagine you tuber have to react in Some way I just it’s the whole thing I Mean I know a lot of people and I always When I’m listening to Joe Rogan it is Mainly listening because I’m I’m Watching every now and again I do like To look at his facial expressions that You know and it’s like what the [ __ ] This guy talking about yeah but I will Miss actually watching you know you’re Not going to see Elon Musk’s face with This way anymore anything like that They’re putting a video platform for him Oh yeah they’re they’re expanding into Video I’m just a Joe Rogan fanboy but Like that makes me wonder whether you to Wear this but if I were going to use This to actually go after YouTube and is It going to be a case of they get Rogen On the platform and then in the same way As I remember my podcast been on Spotify For a long time why I think I think I

Managed to get mine on somewhere in the First hundred podcasts that were on Spotify by For some unknown reason and but it was Like a drip-feed and it was like you had To reply and then get an invite to go on It but now anyone can instantly put the Podcast up on Spotify and I wonder Whether this is gonna be the slow drip Feed into video content as well yeah Yeah if that happens you might see me on There as well yeah yeah but I I think YouTube’s gonna have to relax slightly Because I mean we just downloads of his Podcast you are looking at 180 million Downloads a week or something you know So I think he had the highest view wreck Of use on YouTube you know for his clips And stuff I’m not surprised Yeah I don’t I’m not on these people That studies all that sort of sort of Stuff but it wouldn’t surprise me Yeah I mean that I first started to Joe Rogan through just some of the alien Stuff yeah and then now I just listen he Could be talking about anything and I’ll Just listen I find his stance on the UFO Subject like really interested because He’s flip-flopped so much from where he Used to be a big UFO guy then have after Having like people at the other grass Tyson and stuff like that he sort of Fell away from a little bit but he’s a Hundred percent in now yeah well he had

Forgotten the name of the program now I’ll probably put the program up now be Have that program where he kind of went Out and he was speaking to people yeah Deep keen and what have you and your Organ questions everything yeah yeah do You save me a job they’re having visual Or Baba doing anyway I told you fro good Fanboy Yeah I know I I I want same a fanboy by I’ll at least watch Joe Rogan once or Twice a week yeah yeah you know it’s I’ll catch up on of them a little Joe Rogan clips Yeah but yeah the whole alien thing he Seems like he’s fascinated with it And with recently with David flavor Going on with Korbel yeah that was Interesting I mean he looked genuinely Fascinated in that conversation I don’t I don’t know how you couldn’t be I mean Like like I said when you came on my Podcast that to me if you’re if you’re Gonna give anything to somewhere and Make that there’s no interest in Anything going to do with UFOs give them That interview you know give them that Interview and you just think about that For a couple of days after you’ve Watched it did you watch the the Tom the Long one I did that was an ideal for Anybody no but the thing is is now it’d Be interesting to see what would happen If Tom went back on I don’t think he

Would go back on no um but I mean I’ve Said this in one of my older videos I Said if you went on the Wally’s and oh I Always thought to his name that would be Interesting because he David flavors Only kind of come into that limelight Because of TTS a yeah yeah yeah yeah I Think Louis uh Alice Ando would be a Good shout for it he’s he’s an engage in Person as well he’s got he’s got a Charisma about him while still being Calm where the problem with de’longhi Going on was he sat there for two hours And said I’ve got this really amazing Stuff can’t tell ya and that was the Whole interview ever any time it was it Was just this this is just it’s gonna Break the world I just can’t tell you Yet and he sounded you know considering He had this new company that was Starting up that you could go and buy Shares in he sounded like a snake oil Salesman yeah I get really saying that I Mean I actually I like the long I Actually don’t know I do like I He’s in many ways he reminds me of what If I had a big business and I was Investigating UFOs I went on Joe Rogan I Would [ __ ] you up I think I would yeah Not knowing what I can and can’t say Because that company it is Tom DeLong’s Company B doesn’t seem like he’s the one Behind the strings no I I I can’t help But think that the way he went about it

Was weird as well by by saying to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science isn’t That right oh yeah well we could have Released like fiction but as a way to Prepare people anything well are you a Movie company oh you’re a science Company yeah it’s confusing Yeah away so what don’t you find sorry Sorry well what do you think of to the Stars do you do you take them at face Value so when I first started talking About to the stars calibrate I was Really intrigued because I saw a young Man well young man say similar age to me That I knew from blink-182 and I knew How into UFOs he was there’s a there’s a Video you can find on youtube of all Places where Tom DeLonge I think he must Be about 22 something like that he’s Talking about UFOs and aliens he looks Like he’s off his tits but he see all These books behind him in the books he’s Reading so you can see the slides Actually I’ve never actually picked up a Book I’m Dyslexic as they come you know That’s right yeah I just subscribe a Semi stuff and I’ll read it and I’m like Oh do books audiobooks the way forward No I wish I could I really do and I do Read them but no no audio books of the Way for audio I do have a couple of Those and I got which one is it Something about the world and it’s a Story about it’s a really old story and

It’s about a UFO coming down and this UFO an alien comes out and they start to Talk to the presidency start in the Other was he called now I came and we Have to put that up I’m not prepared for That question but basically it turns out That these aliens they look like you Know the devil that would be ideal would Be ideal at all it’s it’s it’s they did A series of it a lot it’ll come to me it Probably come to me always talking yeah I was we’ve knocked me for six there What we were just saying then well Starts again Yeah the dough Tom DeLonge to the Stars Academy I’d like taking with a face Value yeah I I think I thought here’s a Guy the you know he’s ambitious and he He wants he’s going out on this magical Journey to try and reveal UFOs the world Knife or I’m in I mean I’m all over that But then when I saw that he started to All the people that that he got behind Him all these big people are thinking Something’s not something’s a bit weird Here this is not see this is more than Just an adventure this is kind of it’s Very government it seems very government You know I mean it senior and Steven Greer spoke about he’s warned about it He said he’s being used this than the Other I don’t think that I kind of think Now especially with was gone off with The three pieces of footage and the

Pentagon saying yes these are UFOs yeah Which I don’t I haven’t seen any of the Debunkers that debunked them and said That there was a aircraft speak up now You know I’m pretty sure that I’m Ian An actual interface growing out for this One me and Osvaldo we spoke about this Alumns acid swim why would these why Would the Pentagon release them as UFOs Surely they’d have people work in the Pentagon to say actually these Alice Deep on these these are bar barbar they Won’t even bother you know that we even Bother with it yeah but these these Debunkers they haven’t said anything you Know I mean they’ve kept the mouth shut Hmm I don’t know I mean and it’s Reported as well it’s been reported on Every major news channel you type UFO Into YouTube how do you just get like Rows of the same footage so like we all Know that things don’t turn up on the First place of YouTube or like in Searches by accident you know it’s it’s It’s got that it’s got the big G hand in It somewhere But here you’ll always get the faint Ones first yeah well it’s all the to the Star stuff now that’s I though or that Footage it’s it’s all that footage yeah I what did you make of the voyage when You first sorry forget that the Pentagon’s turn around and said you know This is this is real these UFOs we don’t

Know what they are yeah and I was it was More than it was more how the pilots Were talking to each other that got me That drew me into it because Realistically it could be anything here I have no idea what like the the cameras On fighter pyre fighter jets look like Or what the speed it’s moving when it’s Trying to catch them I don’t know what That means I do know when you’ve got what would be Like some of the best pilots in the World right whooping and screaming like Children because they’ve managed to get A lock on something you think well you Know it’s if it’s been difficult that Difficult for you to get hold of Whatever this is you know and it’s your Job you’re like you’re trained To do this then there’s clearly Something that your you’ve not seen Before Yeah I the first the first tear was like Wow what is that you know the weight was Moving yeah especially the second one But then the go-fast one which the one You’re talking about yeah where they Locked on I would like is easier missile You know what what is it you know that Yeah I can’t get that that definition of Speed I can’t get that how fast that is But like you said I mean the pilots they Got excited yeah yeah I suppose the Thing that always keeps me with to the

Stars and makes me a bit weird about it And I’m sure given the subject and a lot Of your viewers all have had this Thought as well and when WikiLeaks Leaked the emails that would essentially Lead to Hillary Clinton not like being Elected as president Donald Trump being Like that and part of those emails if You take sort of the collusion stuff out And the China things there was emails in There for between a colonel which come Over the name of Tom DeLonge and John Podesta desta talking about UFOs Together and anybody that has even the Slightest sniff and conspiracy theories Probably has a very strange view of John Podesta and I also fight it was really Wait yeah they do and do you watch Unidentified it was that was that was The second greer document no no that was Unacknowledged unidentified the TV Series that T TSA put out on the History Channel No I didn’t see it so it was a trailer For a and they show John Podesta on the Trailer I thought oh my this is gonna be amazing They’re gonna sit down and after that Like a full full blown conversation we Might find out some stuff about these Leagues yeah it was just jumper it was John Podesta pretty much decided chairs Said a couple of words that were it yeah It was it was pointless

Yeah it’s even the history thing they Hit the history sort of like team up has Anything good been on the History Channel like in the past decade well a Lot of TVs he caught me out on that one But that there I like some of the you Know the the stuff that’s not real Yeah really actual TV series yeah yeah I’m a decent but like the likes of my Aged aliens and stuff like that and it’s You know and to me it just muddies the Water of the whole thing I’ve been Trying to watch that skinwalker ranch But no no the air is a series yeah and I Just can’t put my finger on what I think Of it because face value some of the Science that’s in it if if you take that As real without all the sort of we put In craziness I you know they turn around And saying that there’s right signals From above the earth beaming down that They’ve managed to register but because It’s History Channel like do what you Believe yeah I don’t believe I’ll be Anything that’s on TV or on YouTube for That my you know I watch it for Entertainment but I definitely think There’s something out there You mentioned Grier and I I know we had The conversation on your show about Greer a little bit but what what do you Make agree I think he is essentially UFOs he’s he’s more jacked and work and The UFO version of Alex Jones to me he

Knows stuff He’s there’s something engaging about Him but at the end of the day I think Where Alex Jones is just in it to sell As man pills I think Greer’s in it to sell whatever The latest Grier ISM he’s peddling be it His UFO meditation or whatever the Newest documentary is come meditate Agree yeah I’m tired of Kazuki because He he hooked me with the the little Alien body Oh the Anna Anna Anna Cassie oh yeah I’m A cat I spoke about that in the last Show yeah the little lads yeah he what Was it but he hit me up they’re thinking Right something’s going to happen here He’s gonna present something in this Documentary that’s going to be Earth-shattering and yeah it just it Wasn’t I don’t know what that thing was It was it was really weird Um but why why not more general made Yeah Well I mean that was that was and we Spoke I’m speaking about stuff that I Spoke on my last show but I’ll let you Know I think I spoke by this young your Show yeah that was weird because TTS a Took the research on from Gary Nolan who Was actually researching it and then it Was soon it was soon debunked it was Very said he was still very weird but it Was just a female fetus yeah yeah yeah

Yeah I don’t I don’t know what to think About him I see when you look at the Stuff he did with the disclosure project And stuff in the early days and you Think you know that all seems on the Level and something I do it I know he is A doctor BIOS I find I find his uses he Told you is easy I said I’m at least He’s mentioned he’s mentioned that he Has A doctorate in something but like he’ll Always be introduced as dr. dr. Steven Green he always seems to be very Backward and coming forward that he was A medical doctor like a GP essentially And I’ve always thought his use of the Word doctor is to make people think Oh What physicist is here is he a scientist No he’s a he’s a medical doctor so ah Was it here yeah and we doing wrong [ __ ] amazing for anyone that that is A doctor put it any our doctor hasn’t Exactly got what you call a field in Ufology no Olli I mean it talks about His past when he always says things About him nearly dying as a child you Know when he was young they nearly died And they start he had an experience and It’s always the same thing over and over Again he kind of readings it up for me Brings it up Andrea brings it up and I’m Not saying he’s lying or anything like That you know he he may believe all this And you know when you asked me I knew I

Sure there’s there’s what there’s about 20% of me that thinks Korea is in it for Just the money but there’s probably that 80% that he lost his subjects and you Know it’s but I don’t like that I think He believes it I don’t see that’s I I Don’t think he’s a liar I just don’t Know whether and I don’t know whether The subject is as important as the Checks now hmm yeah that happens in life Yeah oh yeah of course it does it’s very I think I think there’s a big comparison To be made with him with David Icke as Well you know it’s they’ve he’s another Man that definitely believes in what He’s saying and what I mean the the Money he must have made over the years It’s so funny because we are at Literally rehashing my interview from Two nights ago it’s fine it’s fun I’m Sure people don’t mind hearing about David David Ickes my boy And I find david icke in really Interesting I don’t he’s [ __ ] crazy [ __ ] my boy I love him Yeah he’s he he means what he says Definitely I have no doubt about it Yeah leaves exactly what he says but you Know sometimes he hits the nail right on That he really does sometimes he was Saying about our world this day and age He hates the I think you know what I Mean I just don’t paint the Queen’s a lizard

No I’m not I’m not too sure the Queen’s A lizard my Jew husband yeah and yeah But on the great thing I don’t find him As credible as I find I know I know this Guy’s very polarizing but I don’t find It quite as credible as al-azhar yeah Lazar I absolutely love the story and This was kind of gonna be one of that We’re going to talk about thing we’ll Say that for a different show though Yeah but with the way UFOs have changed Over time you know we’ve got that Classic flying saucer and that the Billy Meyers flying saucer and then there’s The Lazar sports model that looks he Described billy meier his flame sauce And billy Meyers is a Billy Bulger yeah But that Lazar there is no signs when he Speaks of a man who is who is laying you Know he is cool as a [ __ ] cucumber oh If he’s lying if he’s lying he is he’s a Psychopath there’s no there’s no way you Could lie like that and not and and not Have something wrong with you I Robin was completely sold yeah he sold On that story I’m not saying it’s a Story by the way you know I would but I’m not going to say that I believe him Either you know because there is that Percentage that thing He is that psychopath I I enjoyed the Documentary a lot of people hated it it Was a lot of people that said you know Carl Bell did a poor piss-poor job of

You know I think that for people who Know the story the like this is just the Story you know this is the story that we All know why why but I think it needed To be done like that so that other People that wasn’t into it got Introduced to that story Yeah he’s he takes a lot of flack or Bail but III think the problem is I Don’t think he is I don’t think he’s a Bad person but he comes across very easy To dislike I think yeah I don’t I don’t Think that that I’ve got friends like That I’m sure he’d be perfectly nice if you Met him but I think maybe it’s just There’s there’s a lot of enthusiasm There and a misplaced enthusiasm and Like it in the Bob Lazar interview for Instance he answered too many questions For Lazar yo he was gay he was Interrupts and he was getting himself in The conversation you think well Realistically this is your story this is Bob story and this is what we’re here For the whole Bob Lazar Korbel though Being the a I have no idea how somebody Who’s that kind of relaxed like but Bob Lazar is kind of Korbel managed to hook Him you know yeah because yeah Wells Like somebody who who would go one of Your mates that you go out to be for With you know and the crease what you Know that that’s in in the nightclub

With all the strip is still for it the More it yeah yeah ice car Bell then what The one you’d be apologizing for at some Point during the evening saying that was The hardest strip a strip joint there’s Some finding me see that’s weird isn’t It like that where does that come from Like where does a guy like Bob Lazar end Up with a strip club You like to do it I find the most Bizarre in this the fact that his name Actually sounds bit like bizarre again And I know you said this on my podcast When we mentioned them you know that It’s at that point you’ve you’ve got to Wonder whether it’s some sort of Controlled opposition type you know in Joke almost yeah these people these People were a big down at area 51 Actually pissing themselves yeah yeah I’ve said Baba what Bubba’s are yeah He’s gonna he’s doing the show the lid Yeah I remember what was the first thing That got you like hooked into the whole UFO thing what me it was it was my dad My dad might a my dad when he was in the Merchant Navy he saw something fly over The ship Speed he just couldn’t comprehend they Had to call it in He we used to go on a walk with my with My dog I think I must have been about Eight years old or something like that And then my dad started to tell me this

Story and I think I was too carried on Walking the dog with my dad until I was Probably 12 13 something like that and He kind of gradually just got me into it I remember buying this magazine and it Was the first magazine that I bought and Every well not the first magazine that Bob but the first magazine that I bought Related to like paranormal and they had A picture of the the Sphinx on Mars yeah And that I was just I was hooked from Then yeah what about yourself um it was Always there was always something about This sort of thing which got me and I Think the first one at first time I Remember thinking I wonder if this is Like real stuff was the area 51 the Collar on art bells radio show yes the One that was crying yeah yeah So weird not even even when he caused it Eventually he got the the supposed guy Back on didn’t he said they did it for a Joke and it all that sort of thing but It sounded nothing like the guy that was On the phone I remember listening to That and it gave me actual goose pimples Because yeah it was that didn’t sound Like acting he’s how did amazing you Know it probably was just an amazing Hoax but it gave me goose pimples but The whole the radio station went down Didn’t it oh did it I think yes Yeah the station went off the air after The call and then there because it could

Because he he hung up the the radio Station went off the air and then it Came back on like five minutes later With without bail wasn’t explaining like What what happened away the radio Station had gone to it was it was I’m Will listen to that after the show yeah Yeah I am at least starting probably a Couple years now and I remember when I First listened to that I I showed my may And I said you need to listen to this This is this is shocking Well it’s something about Interdimensional or extraterrestrial Beings The I I think he was you suggesting that The world they would get that they were Working with the government for some Sort of like takeover wasn’t weren’t They I think yes that’s it that’s Happening right now right now that’s That’s where we ought to stay inside Whose about have you ever had anything Weird like have you ever seen anything Well I’m paranormal paranormal I’ve got I’ve got one really good ghost story Which is just [ __ ] weird but on me The UFO think I’m I’m one of those we Constantly look up at this guy I Constantly look like upwards I like There I said you pictures of a light That I saw which was a slight stray I saw that coming home from the Pope and I wasn’t hammered definitely but I

Remember seeing this like light in the Sky and I went to looked up I remember Stopping because I thought that’s weird Because you know when you look at Something that’s moving and you’re Moving and it kind of messes with your Equilibrium with a little bit yeah yeah So I thought I hang on a second that That’s moving as well so I stood still And I watched it sort of going out over The what because I live in a small Island and make sure it makes makes me Sound like a multimillionaire that and I Started going out over the sea and I Thought I’ll go home cuz I had a Reasonably good camera and I thought I’ll go home and see if we can take a Picture of it so bearing in mind there Was like a five minute walk home so Walked home grabbed the camera went out In the back garden and this thing is Still like flying away I managed to get A couple of pictures of it and then it Just disappeared I think you don’t think It could have been this satellite I Don’t think so because that name was There too long it was there too long and It was it was big in the sky here it was It wasn’t tiny it was like a tiny little Light it was because off the Venus gets Confused doesn’t you know and Venus is Really thick in the sky and but Obviously Venus doesn’t move so but it Was that sort of like big star type so

Type size I saw a meteorite which I Think I think was a meteorite so that Was just like a green a green fireball One sport the other really interesting One which I wish they’d been a picture Taken of it was I was at mates player Mates back garden we were having a Barbecue and he’s a big airplane guy Like big airplane junkie and a plane was Going going over the sky and he sort of Looked at he got his camera out and he Was thought oh it’s a such and such a Bore so ever type of plane it was and he Said whoa look at that and there was Something in the contrail of the plane Following following it yeah And it’s ice I swear down this thing was Sort of came out in it for the life of It it looked sorry like a metallic J Like a metallic J shape and it sort of Pulled out at the contrail and then [ __ ] off in front of the plane and Disappeared but yeah I wish because it Cuz he had his camera anyway because he Was checking the planes out that were Going I wish he’d got a picture of that Because and he’s his his dad was an X How high were it it was exactly the same Height as the plane right so you thought What 6000 feet so 3,000 feet yeah this is the Thing as well I mean everybody says that Why don’t we get amazing UFO footage now That we’ve got these fantastic UFOs best

If you try and take a picture of a plane Or anything like that in the sky that’s That high up it looks like [ __ ] oh yeah Absolutely yeah yeah it that was just Bizarre but his dad was a captain in the Navy they were he spent most of his life In Brunei and he even here when he was Tara is like that’s has to be military He’s like that’s not just something Straight that’s not something normal but Yeah that that was really weird but yeah I’ve always I I’ve always always looking For things and then you obviously get This the words there and so if you’re Constantly looking for something you’re Gonna see something so you’ve been wary Of that as well there is that means some Sometimes it almost feels like with the Some of these like genuine UFO signs I’m Not saying the UFO summoner’s but he’s Almost like it’s kind of saying here Look at me look at me look at me and Then it’s like you know it’s yes Fe you I think the well that that we’re back on The grier subject there aren’t we the I To the idea that I mean there was Another Spanish guy I believe wasn’t About a car member’s name where he Essentially said that he could But for what a better words pray them Into existence what’s his name yeah he Did on that use didn’t like he brought Them in there was these little white Specks in the sky from there where

That’s very hard there’s a lot of these UFOs some summoners that you know it’s They’ve probably got a partner in crime That’s releasing a few blooms down there Baby down the road yeah yeah yeah could Definitely be I think well what do you Think if we take this from a from the Point of these things are real yeah we Just we’ll just go from work from it These things are real and they’re not Human right they’re not piloted by People are you are in the intergalactic Camp or the sort of interdimensional Camp do you know what I’m 5050 I really Am with that because I can’t prove Anything No I really can although all the footage The footage that we’re actually given From space the footage that we’re given Of the earth and this than ever by They’re not saying yes Father and by the Way who’s interviewing who I knew this it’s for he it’s just it’s It’s very possible we well no we said we Said it would just be a conversation Anyway just don’t establish a me yeah But no these I think Sometimes depends what day is you know It depends on failing sometimes I’m like This is this is God but you know this This is something special This one is something special then I’m Nice the [ __ ] aliens yes it’s the Aliens if you’d have asked me the same

Question when I first started my youtube Channel and I said it’s aliens all the Way yeah but now that I’ve done the Actual research and I’ve been looking Into all the stuff I’ve watched all the Videos this that me over and I’ve got Older and I’ve had two kids you know had Friends died around me had family died I Don’t know I kind of changed changes you Know and I think a lot of there might be The the younger generation that might be Watching some of the young I don’t think I’ve got anybody under the age of 20 That watches my youtube channel but She’s got to be watching minecraft I Like a bit i engraft Pyramids it could be a bit of both and Why can’t they both exist in the same Universe I’ve asked myself that question Many times you know if there’s if There’s aliens if and if there’s God Yeah God made one planet yeah I stopped at One yeah I mean I I think I’m more and More drift into the interdimensional Like camp now I I find that the this Sort of rebirth in my hallucinogenics And people taking the listener genex and Coming back with like lots of the same Stories I implore anyone that’s got any Interest in that to read the book spirit Molecule by that’s it’s crazy that I I’ve been watching there was a DVD oddly Enough forager Rogen’s and the rates

I’ve been watching the DVD quite a while Ago and thought was interesting but the Book was crazy and in between Watching the documentary when it came Out and then reading the book when it Was years later I happen to take quite a Lot of magic mushrooms never dead well I I’m I never did after the first time I Took them because I am I scared myself a Little bit but basically it was when I Read the when I read the spirit molecule Like lots of what I remember from when I Took mushrooms made more sense like I am Lots of what these guys were going Through I because I I can remember Certain things like it was yesterday I Remember walk there we were walking on Road everything got bit too much for me And then essentially I felt like I was Just enveloped with something and Apparently I just lay down where we were In this field I think I laid out about Half an hour a day I remember being in Control and absolutely no I was taken no No other words for but I remember I Remember feel that was floating I Remember feeling water like I was Flowing um and there the like Stereotypical like Mandela type fractal Imagery being everywhere you know like All these like fractal colors and things Like that and looking at something in it Changing to something else and and then

But I remember I remember at the time I Thought I just made it like maybe my Eyes had been open and I’d seen my Friends but I remember having these sort Of six or seven like dark silhouetted Figures stood round me looking down at Me and I never felt worried I always Felt like safe and in control and I Remember this feeling of not being ready For what I was for what was there and it Was at that point where it was sort of a Like you you should you should go you’re Not you’re not supposed to be here I Woke up and then we went back to my Mates house And it was the when I read spirit Molecule of these people encountering These entities that’s what I think was There I think there was some sort of Other intelligence that was Communicating with a well how I would Have probably been about 20 year old Half pissed child that just didn’t know What he was messing around with you give Me a great irony maybe next time that we Do do something like this we’ll both Take a few yeah that could go really Good or really bad what if the aliens Actually come from the Sun yeah but no I Do I think there’s I did the idea of the Being stuff that’s drifting in and out Of what wherever we are wherever we are It’s highly possible but you don’t buy All this Nibiru and stuff no I don’t

Think so I like the I mean I’m I’m 37 Now and I mean what I’ve lived through At least five supposed end of the worlds Although I did like the Nibiru thing big It got me for a little bit we got my Mate as well yeah round here crying all Night he’d been watching all these Programs about the end of the world And this was leading up to you know 2012 I think it was yeah yeah we do videos And I for [ __ ] sake and I I think they Know it I was lying on it this is just Like so much [ __ ] yeah yeah and it’s It’s so easy to it’s so easy to get Sucked in as well I you know it’s it’s So easy to just You mentioned the silly things yeah you Mentioned an experience with a ghost but You said it’s a long story how long is It Oh no knows how long is it it’s just Weird the I’m a where what I’m not Trying to make podcasts and make think People listen to things I do I’m a Decorator and the I I worked in a old Manor house and write the the capital I’ve said I’m in the Alabama during Weather there’s no where the capital of The odd man is Douglas and the this House I was working in is that old that Was a painting of this house in there Before the but the Capitol was built it Sanics just this house ins like Surrounded by fields and so it’s it’s at

Least at least 200 years old I was Probably the probably older and in the Very like mr. Darcy style perfectly Square box house you’re the big big Mayor house here you’re talking a a room Is the same height as a house type Saying you know it’s these big big old Rooms so I was doing the windows inside This house and I was dropped off from a Boss and he said like you were just Doing all the windows inside so standard Decorating rules apply I went up as far As I could go and as far as I could go Right and found the attic door I was Gonna go in the attic and start painting The winners in the attic and I from the Attic door opened up bearing in mind Nobody lives in this house there is a Small gate house and the the family keep This house like it was a couple of years Ago for Wow however it works for Government grants for my restoration and Things I flung the door open and if you Can imagine like the the train the train Set in beetlejuice they lost in Beetlejuice but when I film the door Open all the lights were on the houses And the try and the train was going Around the track and like this but The thing is I could I can take somebody Turn the train set on and just leaving Its mess with the decorator but there Was no electricity in the house when we Came back the next day because I

Immediately took one look at it when Nope and shut the door and went down and I I spent the rest of the day doing the Doors in the porch because this is how Much it freaked me out I did the doors in the porch and wedged The front door open because I I just I Wanted to be able to get out of that out Of the house of what I had to it was Scary but when the next day when I had Someone working with me I explained them The city to the situation we we went up To the room and yet we turned that we Turned the the railway on stuff like That and it was a nice little train set But there was no electricity for the Lights Yeah that’s they still work to this day I I don’t understand what happened there That was Jimmy was just weird and I Don’t believe in ghosts but that was Crazy when you see don’t believe in Ghosts though than you was that no idea No idea but I don’t believe whatever Whatever worry whatever we’re Experiencing and wherever we’re doing Now and we’ll wait Warfel for whatever Reason I like we’re in these little meat Vessels for a small amount of time Personally I do I think the the idea That we can die and still stay around is Is like the idea the idea of a Caterpillar turning into a moth and then Deciding to turn back into a caterpillar

I think the way I put it yeah it’s I Think we go through stages of and the The idea that we just hang around here I Find hard to believe Well secondly I’ve got a very annoying Cat scratching at the door I’ll be Literally one sec no worries There you go that was it I took I took Over at it and I I had my own YouTube Channel for a second you know put a Picture of the cat or something up so so You don’t you don’t think when we’re Gone we’re gone No no no I think there’s something else After after what work whatever we’re Going through here but I don’t I don’t Believe that we we can just it seems it Seems so odd to think that the when you Think of everything that makes off like A like physical presence even just like The clothes we wear and stuff for that It’s not it’s not necessarily tied to to Something we like what why would a style Of clothes be tied to your everlasting Spirit for instance you know the woman In the white dress the army men walking Down than the hill and stuff like that And that makes no sense to me you know If I was to get hit by a car today if I Was to go outside the fact I’m wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt with a shark on Why would that all of a sudden be become Part of my everlasting spirit it’s funny You should say about a lady on my dress

Because when I was little I used to see A lady in a white dress apparently yeah So my mum told me that when I think I Must have been I think she said I was Around for a four of three years old my Dad was in the Merchant Navy Hence the UFO sign I see and I used to Go and into her room and say mom there’s A lady at the bottom of my bed a white Lady yeah Dressed dressed in all white just just a White lady I was in why I can’t remember This my mom used to tell me this story And one night my mom woke up and she saw This same violating per se I will take Like say we’re saying about UFOs and Things be an extra dimensional I’ll take Extra dimensional things more than I Would take I hate sweet people it’s Funny you should say that because my one Of my old ex-girlfriend’s mom told me That she once saw a child in her room And this child was dressed in all the Clothes look I told the clothes staring At a digital alarm clock Wow So I wonder when she she wasn’t this Woman you know she was she lovely lovely Lady Never she won’t lie she definitely Wouldn’t lie to me yeah she she told me She told me one my ex ravening affair But she told me story about and she said This this kid was just staring at this Digital I’m cocking the room I said

Could you been dreaming she says I might Have been back up see wild dream about That yeah and I felt like I was awake And then I thought you know what maybe Maybe it’s something to do do with time You know not the fact that she’s looking At time but that this young girl got Dosed wasn’t actually a ghost at all it Was something wrong with time I’ve just Crossed over yeah a little hiccup Somewhere yeah a matrix and you know she Was seen something some new technology She’s never seen before in her life yeah I mean we we’ve got so many folk stories That run through like history for play Like fairies demons things like that it To me it’s entirely possible that these Things are are a set are the same thing You know they’re they’re the UFOs we see There the the alien abductions that Happen but they’re just what we’re Looking at them in a different way you Know it’s where is if something like That was to happen to someone a couple Of hundred years ago where they’ll Either Yeah couple hundred years ago where the Height of Technology is a bloody horse You know what you’re not gonna look at Stuff in a technology technological Sense you’re gonna look surface or from The folklore grounded sense of what You’ve got around you and now we live in The age of technology so when anything

Like this comes in that we can’t grasp We cut and we physically can’t Understand what’s going on around us We’re gonna try and ground it as best we Can so we would think of it as being This ultra advanced or the race like Technological race because all we’re Really doing is we’re replacing or Replacing technology we can’t understand A certain like magic if you want with Technology because that’s how we can Break it down and whatever this an Entity is it’s doing something we’re Replacing it with alien because we think Well well we live on a planet so there Other thing has to live on a planet Further away so alien our extra Dimension and event real you know each Say do you think it will ever happen in Our lifetime what I mean by that is do Do you actually think yep gonna happen The next few years this is gonna happen In my lifetime it feels like something’s Building up to something doesn’t it he Doesn’t the minute yeah yeah I feel Something’s very hot right now yeah yeah Something something feels like it’s Gonna change and I know this doesn’t it Doesn’t quite add up cuz we’ve got this Is some of this completely man-made but I can still remember being sat in a pub With my BAE and it was like there was it Was like a change in technology coming And I remember her friend Hamish turn

Around to me saying you just feel like Something’s around the corner that’s Gonna fundamentally change the way we do Things that like he he was clearly bang Onto something I think it was like within the next six Months the first iPhone dropped and we Had usable smartphones and essentially From that moment on you know it Revolutionized the way we do things yo It’s Eve even to what we’re doing here You know it’s the you to the YouTube Platform took off because we were Watching YouTube videos on her phones All of a sudden though it wasn’t just Sat in front of looking in front of a Computer or a sound from a laptop and I Have I have that same feeling now where You just feel that any minute now Something’s gonna happen And in ten years time you’ll go like That That was like a core it was a complete Shift where things changed when them Three UFOs got and when the Pentagon uh She said that these are UFOs you know we Don’t know what they are We like oh holy [ __ ] are we kind of We’re not surprised I expected it I think I expected it and It’s but I think I only expected it Because I mean essentially Joe Rogan Broke it you know it’s the because we we Had them shown to us by to the Stars

Academy It was Rogan that got the pilot on yo so So from that point where you had like a Big in-depth interview with this guy and He came what came across with Information that is just it’s it’s you Can’t debunk it because it’s a personal Story but when it comes across as being So believable um I think that forced the Hand you know it’s the where else we Gonna do there now you’re gonna let are You gonna let this happen again And I read there was an interesting Article in The New York Times well I Think the headline was is Joe Rogan the New mainstream media and yeah I I hadn’t Thought thought about it that way it’s In the article that she’ll explain that He he knocked back Joe Barden he didn’t Want to interview him you know Potentially put A presidential candidate honey he didn’t Want and want them on the show and you Know it’s if it does come but I’ve often Wondered how it would come and whether It would be a White House lawn Presentation I think it’s far more Realistic now to think that it would Come through a Joe Rogan like a this Moderate grounded babe I mean the guys Just said the guys just signed the deal For a hundred million dollars and you Still feel like he’s a bit of an Everyman type person yeah it’s it feels

To me if you were going to put something Out out there you would use someone like Rogan to do it probably not the singer From punk band I wonder if I know I’ve Just said this but I wonder if he ever Will go back on Tom I I personally don’t Think he’ll he will but I think I think He will if something big comes out cuz He will he can come in with some gusto And some vindication you know it’s just With this all exploding now yeah they Must be because T TSA is a massive part Of it yeah somebody from there is should Go on definitely I think you’re right With Lewis L Alexander though if Anyone’s gonna do it should be him Yeah we talked about well me and you and We just message each other the other day About gray going back on and I think you Told me they didn’t he asked for money Yes for money yeah it was at some point It was on one of our roads or the show’s His name came up and yeah he what paid I Missed that completely I need but yeah I Don’t know why I don’t know why episode It was yeah I’ll give her a needle in Haystack now yeah It’s funny that the gray would say to to Joey yeah you know how much you’re gonna Pay me to come on yeah it’s like how Much you know for for like what a Hundred and eighty million like eyeballs I think what did you actually say did he Remember did he I think someone said

What what – what did you say say [ __ ] Him something along those lines he does He not pay does he not pay people to Anybody to go on the show no I don’t Think so no everything door shutting you Know I thought I’m I mean realistically This when you’ve got a platform like That I know why people hate it don’t They especially musicians and stuff when People say you can’t pay your bills with Exposure but like there’s a Rogen effect Where people have had whole careers Sparked through going on that show your Organ uh I lost investors like Elon what Yes yes he did And it was a great interview as well I I I was always a bit suspect of old Elon What why what was going on this seemed It seemed like whatever harebrained Scheme was coming out of what he was Doing never really materialized into Anything but he’s regardless of whether It was the right thing to do or not yeah So if we just take like whether Anybody’s moral stances on the lockdown The the idea that a billionaire company Owner will do hold a press conference And say our company is going back to Work tomorrow if you want to come and Arrest anybody come and arrest me that’s Like that is a renegade movie Etha and Regardless of whether regardless of Whether it’s the right thing to do or Not I respect that attitude a lot I am

The one thing that with with Elon that Okay that puzzles me is he’s for the Last couple of years now he’s been Warning people about AI you know he’s Wanting to merge with it well no he’s Always be He’s always been in that camp he’s Always warned about AI but he’s always Said if if we if we’re gonna move with It if we’re gonna live alongside AI that We have to embrace it essentially they Don’t think he could be the you know This could be the the big plan they see Nice guy but yeah it’s really scary like I dare I think I’d what I want version three at Least have you seen that little chip Thing they the neuro-link knew that’s it That’s the one yeah I mean okay well Let’s see this is what I mean even if It’s not the alien thing this is what I Mean by you feel like something’s around The corner which is just gonna change Stuff right he spoke the dirt did you Watch the last time he was on Rogen yes And when he broke it danced I say Watched I was looking at the same time But when he turned around he said Leo’s We’ve already got like a symbiotic Relationship with technology it’s just There’s a bandwidth issue yeah yeah Between how you go I understand that but The problem I’ve got is especially as a Musician as well and like what I hope by

Doing podcast as well I create a person And at what point does creativity Disappear you know it’s like if I can if I think I takes over yeah yeah if I can Use the Internet through thought And it’s it’s a case of I need to play Piano so I download the piano patch well Does that mean that everybody plays Piano the same now cuz were downloading The same patch there’s also that and the You know there’s the skill trade as well I mean you’re a you’re a decorator Yeah what happens to the the plumbers And you know who they don’t think every Everyone instantly becomes an expert in Everything they do the only thing that Would alter then would be physical Attributes wouldn’t it Yeah you could you could learn like the Correct posture for how to run a hundred Meters but if you’re not physically Capable of doing it you can’t do it so Physical actually would be the end the Only I’d be only discernible difference Between people I’ve cut my hand open I’ll get there in the syringe and get The stitches out I’ll sort it out it’s Crazy Honestly it really it’s scary out I Don’t think they could get me to put a Chip I mean I don’t think I could either I bought says I mean yeah exactly and I Hate it now I even noticed myself doing It where I’ll i carry my phone if I’m in

The living room I’ll carry my phone to the kitchen I Have no intention of using it in the Kitchen I just take it with me hey it Was funny that you said earlier about You always when you’re out and about You’re looking at the skies cuz most People they’re looking at the phone yes Yeah and there there’s your problem Taking the pictures of the aliens yeah The UFO videos on the phone rather than Looking for the UFOs yeah it just it is A brave new world where entran I mean You’ve only got a look at what’s Happening now anywhere because YouTube Is so lovely we can’t even mention the Word of the hallowed virus yeah yeah Ridiculous have to use like code for it Yeah situation that we’re in yeah the Voldemort the bombers that shall not be Named oh my god Speaking of altamar it’s evolved and Martes Baldemar Harry Potter yes yes I Am I’m I don’t read a bedtime story So my little boy any marks he’s four Years old now he wants something a Little bit better wish me reading Something a little bit better I stutter A little bit being dyslexic And when this whole pen this whole [ __ ] Hit the fan Yeah I took into the bed said right I’m Gonna read you a bedtime story what Would you like tonight would you like a

Bit of Harry Potter and the two-headed Dragon because I make up these stories For him I just make up some high past oh She loves Harry Potter now I which like Harry Potter and I can’t remember it was Something like how him in wrong reason Going going look for the spiders in the Woods this time the other and he went Can I have Harry Potter and the virus The C virus this is what I [ __ ] you not This is what he said to me sorry I’m Laughing too and tell him a story about How Harry Potter took a trip down to Hagrid’s house to get hungry to to whizz Up some Cal pol for a run always that They were balling in bed with the virus Okay well I’m glad you thought of that Because my head immediately went to Harry went to a party unfortunately Shared a needle he’s four years old Yeah it’s great the whole situations gay That I I’m more worried about what’s Happening to culture than I am I’ve any Any worry about like the situation yeah Yeah yeah I think these parents as well For the going crazy yeah yeah I do Hopefully hopefully soon it’ll all be Over I know it I was I said on the last Podcaster date when we would talk about This type of thing I did say this feels Like we’re in some sort of film and We’re calling the only way is dystopia It’s it that it seems like that’s just The the all roads lead to a 24-hour

Surveillance Let’s hope no the yem well I don’t Actually this is the thing we you to as Well because I see people talking about It and they always seem to use code for It cuz cuz YouTube just locks onto it And it’s like you’re not talking about That it’s really weird like I and I Think this is this is one of the biggest Problems I have at the moment is the big Tech companies welding yarn didn’t your Views views your downloads drop when you Spoke about the first time you said Something about them yeah and the Advertising software advertising Platform I should say I used to insert Adverts in the podcast I’ve used that Same advertising platform for two two Year I think this is the third year of Mercy audio I’m not sure 200 in five shows like that I just I Just recorded the 250 and and I’ve never Had a problem with the platform until I Didn’t episode where I was skeptical to Say no I’m not a virus There is no no thing I’m not one of Those people um but I did I I did some Pretty good research I thought on it and Had a pretty good case for that fact That this should be taken very seriously But it’s not it there’s something else Going on and it’s not it’s not as Serious as what we’re being led to Believe it is um and like all the

Monetization for that podcast Disappeared they’re completely gone and It wasn’t just that episode all the Monetization for all 200 episodes of the Podcast in one episode would have been Then of the of the podcast just Disappeared for three days I think it Was there And I took the decision then to I remove Advertising from the podcast completely And just just run it completely off Patron because I didn’t I I just Couldn’t be bothered [ __ ] with him to Be perfectly honest Jeremy no he agree Oh yeah I mean I’ve got ads run on my Channel but I’m I’m eight pence yeah you Know the patreon czar the ones that keep The show read a key area so they really Do the in terms of when you have when You come when you have guests on your Show And you’re in a similar situation to me With this it’s always hard sometimes to Get really good guess on all you’ll have Loads of people wanted wanting to come On but you’ve got to get the right People on yes yeah and it’s not Everybody can have a conversation for Two hours or an hour and a half or some People 10 minutes I think that’s that’s Always something you got to think well It’s got to be engaging as well look Luckily enough I’ve got a former CEO do It just in general I try and pepper it

With guests where I can but I’ve got Like a core of sort of three or four People I know I can just get on and like There’s a girl I know that works the Radio she’s good at she’s coming on this Week week with me and I know that we can Just hit record and have a good Conversation about something and I think I think that’s that’s a handy thing to Have for somebody you know if you’re not In the position where you can just go Out and find guests and Buch weeks and Weeks and weeks up to have that sort of Nucleus of people where you know I can I Can have you on every other week and Then I guess satellite person around That it’s it’s it’s handy yeah have you Had I’ve had any guess that story you’ve Just fought like a paranormal story You’ve just four holy [ __ ] this is Amazing Um see I I haven’t known as many like People with Normal stuff on as I’d like and I did Because I toyed with the idea of trying To shift the whole show in that Direction but like it’s it’s mainly Being like social commentary and Politics types type stuff and would you Be up for having more people yes yeah Absolutely Watching this now yeah yeah sightings And what-have-you yeah a lot of people That they are in there aren’t they’re on

This channel that you know I’ve spoke to Leigh can talk so oh no I’m quite happy To give mercy audio as a platform to Anybody that wants to talk about Anything Although Franco on your show he is the I Can say now because the video that I’ve Just recorded and I’ve started in he has Admitted that isn’t him as an investor In TTS a big investor and something’s Going to hit massively and he knows some Information which he’s gonna deliver Very soon so yeah I’ll I’ll have half Some words big he’s a good ABI interests About speak to about it yeah he always Goes straight over my head some of the Stuff that he’s saying because I’m like I have no idea this is the guy that’s That’s he’s met Travis Walton he’s he’s He’s actually had dinner in the same Room as Travis Walton he’s met Steven Greer he’s supported Steven Greer’s First film serious disclosures in the Eye yeah she said yeah if you look I’m In the time I’m in the I’m in the Credits for support in the film our look In his yeah he’s showing off his there And now he’s spying TTS a cuz last night one was speaking he Was he was talking about Steven Greer And he’s kind of like you know he’s he’s Not doing the right thing for your Apology he’s he’s trying but he’s just Keeps revisiting all cash you know yeah

Yeah you’d it doesn’t I also don’t buy The everyone’s a space brother either You The degree every like they’re they just Here to to help us I don’t buy it yeah But they’re so they then the the the Over at the over end this TTS a set and They keep saying Ariel frets yeah that’s Worrying for me when the st. colony a Fret because I don’t I don’t how do they Know I know it’s in their airspace so Yeah the wood tree is a as a fresh to I Mean what the what was the there was Something of the week where so always Talk about this saying then it was only A matter of time until there was a Mid-air collision with a passenger plane With these things it already has been Probably just don’t just don’t know About it you know well Oh what I all I Know that one thing I am sure we know is Is that we know we don’t know what Happened to the Malaysian Airlines Flight yeah yeah I know I don’t you Saying that but then I asked myself this If they’ve got that much talent Technology surely they would see they’d Have the best technology to know not to Hit these things everything it depends Doesn’t because we what we do is we Humanize everything it’s it’s just in Our nature we do it right we have Through Morpha sighs like random objects And you know it’s we give things

Personalities when they don’t have Personalities so we naturally going to Humanize something we don’t know so is It gonna be human if it if it is human If there is something human about it Then you’ve got to think that would be Fallible two mistakes I think that if It’s technology all technology breaks Yeah I just I just think it’s advanced To get here you know then but then we’re Talking about something traveling you Know from from another universe or a Distance star that’s Over 100 light-years away or whatever if You think like that yes it should have The technology not to hit plane but if It’s from here in the first place yeah And it’s just something we don’t know I Mean you’ve heard bird you know the guy That went to the Antarctic and maybe They are from here I think the Germans maybe it’s children But I think that’s not the Nazis not I I I do think the idea of things being Ultra terrestrial is something that Isn’t entertained enough you know Something that’s been here longer than We have you know we don’t know about ya Know about but only certain people know Right mm-hmm That that to me seems like if you’re Looking for like give me the most real Possibility of what these things are Then a separate species that lives on

The like on the planet that we don’t Know about surely that’s much more Believable yeah I’m I’m fairly sure I Like my cat sees me walking around the House but he doesn’t know what’s going On he doesn’t know what’s happening when I’m watching the news oh I see He sees me all the time but he’s no idea What my existence is or why it’s there Yeah also this that and the Hollow Earth Theory yeah I was quite big into the Hollow Earth at one point I don’t know No no III don’t know if I ever believed It or not I just thought if there was if There was a podcast or a youtube video With Hollow Earth lit and not written on It they had my time you know how would It work you know how would it how would The actual I just can’t picture how the Actual earth would work back so I Actually can’t picture how it worked now Even with the car and I watch Documentaries about the spinning car and They stun the other yeah I mean that’s The the if you take the Hollow Earth Stuff out of it the interesting thing is We’ve dug eight mile By yes eight eight miles into the ground And like people like anyone can disagree With me on this but you can you can Disagree with facts as much as you want But everything we know about what in the Middle of our planet is educated Guesswork and and like guesswork to the

Highest degree you know cuz we don’t Know no no we don’t you write the moods Hello We know the moods hello rang like a bell Yeah so yeah there’s so many things that I think you can put down as inconvenient Science so it’s it’s inconvenient to Question it because we’ve got the Building block so if you start wrapping The building blocks ER blocks out then You have to start like analyze and Everything else and it’s in the same way As you have like Graham and Cox take on By ancient civilizations and cataclysms That have happened in the past I think mainstream academia don’t want To even entertain I could they could be [ __ ] I’m not saying because they Don’t want to look at it I’m not saying It’s real what I’m saying is they don’t Want to look at it in case it is if Let’s just say that everything that’s Weird that’s happening that people see In the paranormal it is all on this Planet you know it’s all from here do You think something like NASA would know You would struggle to work at how they Wouldn’t because I think crime industry Would be the one to look at because if They know about it you know and they’re Sending out Voyager back in there What was it seventies Oh ever and with a Big advertisement showing where we are What we made of how tasty we are yeah do

You think that was a good I say say that That is you know well he probably is but NASA’s send that all out Was that a good idea Steven Hawkings Didn’t think it was did he know you know It was a terrible idea what do you think Do you think it’s good to advertise Exactly where we are to potential Species that it feels a little bit like Go into the Amazon basting yourself in Gravy and hoping you only meet a rabbit I honestly I understand it I understand It but to me it seems like the biggest [ __ ] gamble it is it’s the yeah I Mean every everything in pop culture and I bear in mind when you look at what’s Come out of I think there’s an Interesting conversation to have about Where ideas come from like the way you Can sit for hours and nothing comes I’m A musician as well bleep I play drums For years and you can sit for hours when You try and write music and nothing Comes off that comes out all of a sudden It’s like something just shoots out of Nowhere like I am I remember when I was Learning to play drums I play drums most Of my life and I was trying to learn how To do something couldn’t learn it Couldn’t do it at all I’m not for one Second saying that the that it was Something like that visited me but I Dreamt that Keith Moon explained it to Me and then when I woke up in the

Morning I could do it it was just I’m Not I don’t think the ghost of Keith Moon taught me how to play drums I think My mind worked out an interesting way For me to digest the problem that I was Trying to solve and but and sometimes You just feel like you grab ideas out of The air and like they’re not your ideas They don’t belong to you like when you Have intrusive thoughts you know where You’re walking across a bridge with Someone you think should I just push you Off this no no I probably shouldn’t And yeah I I think there’s thoughts Floating around like a shared thing I You were a Bowie fan and I’m not not a Bowie fan it’s always been my biggest Mistake of I had the choice to either I Had two tickets to either go and watch David Bowie in Manchester or in the same Weekend to go to Newcastle and watch Eddie Assad do stand-up and I went to Watch Eddie is I do stand-up and I made A mistake Oh my god before I go into the Bowie bit That reminds me of a story that me dad Told me when I was a kid he his mate Wanted to see no my dad went my dad’s Mate said he coming to see this band but His other men made sir in this pub but He’s over mate said I’ve got these two Chicks well birds or whatever they call Them then probably gone shakes his two Ladies Annie Annie horseys I need a

Wingman to come on this second date and My dad said yeah any whence it went Through for a burger or whatever with This day the day didn’t go very well But the bum that was playing in in the Local pub was a band called Queen oh Yeah well I don’t know if it was called Queen at the time but it was it was it Was Queen oh he missed out on them Before they became big so but yeah Reason why I mentioned Bowie is the the Album that he did before he died Blackstar yeah have you seen some of the Music videos for the so that dripping With symbology iconi I can’t work it out I’m not I’m not a symbology guy but you All you need to do is watch that and you Talking hell it is it’s amazing you know He’s a work of art yeah but It’s his last album before I died and You would think you wanted to tell us Something And it’s like he is telling us something But it’s in riddles I absolutely don’t Think that’d be his last album okay There’s a secret album on I think just Going to keep rehashing he was so Embedded in technology you know like the There’s a really good video actually of Him in the 90s basically just explaining What how music would be distributed in a Few like in ten years to come and he Just nails iTunes and the and the Internet to the ground like the guy was

So intelligent when it came to my future Isms I III don’t believe for a split Second that he wouldn’t have been like Well on board with blockchain and stuff Like that And it wouldn’t surprise me if there was Something set up that just the 11th hour On a significant day a significant time Released an album it just drops out of The sky from saying yeah yeah the these Is that one that one black star the Middle Eastern music is the video it’s The video if you with the the guy or Girl or whatever it is with the tail That’s walking on the moon yeah and There’s the astronaut’s helmet with the Skull inside yeah is the whole he’s Wearing the same costume that he were Worn the man that fell to earth yes yeah The yeah yeah it’s good beard but this So there’s so much strange stuff in that And I you see I’m always hesitant to get into the Illuminati type side of it you know and Like the difficult side of things but There’s certain things where you look at You go away how many how many people Covering what I can I [ __ ] say yeah Before I think there’s something else Going on here I know too many things and people that Have symbols you know on them you know It actors in light they have tattoos With the the eyes on them and day

Numbers and yeah it is so strange Lewis Hamilton I’m a big fun with one Fan but and I I’m a Lewis Hamilton Supporter to to a certain extent I’m a I’m sport racist where I only support People from Britain so him Yeah so I like I obviously plumbed for Lewis but some of the stuff that tattoos He’s got on him I ate weird even in I’ve Never seen his tattoos yeah yeah there’s There’s so much of it seems like he Hasn’t gone full Tom Hanks’s sort of God I can all see it I on his chest but I Mean even down to that he’s not a sports Weight when he kit when he came on with This yeah yeah say what I have you top Off to announce that no no it’s so weird I know have you ever looked at Tom Hanks’s Instagram now I’m gonna looks Like the Instagram of a serial killer It’s [ __ ] weird in my wife would I Think I said this to you my wife would Be gutted yeah Oh ever came out about negative about Tom Hanks but it’s so strange and the he Just has random pictures of like People’s shoes and like scoffs on the Ground and I it’s it’s really weird I Eve you if someone if you took Tom Hanks’s name off her and said oh that’s Ted Bundy’s Instagram you go oh yeah That makes sense at least I hope nothing Ever comes out well of course I think That’s the that’s one of the strange

Things especially the when you look at The stuff that involves with all these Things and the celebrities like the real Dark stuff that if we mention it Youtuber band things I find it weird that you have people That are essentially they they’re Chomping at the bit for this to be real I all I want is for that not to be real Because it’s dark yeah is and this is This is the thing with with with and This is the fear for people like us you With your part on me with my platform is That freedom of speech we came on these Sort of platforms because we believed That we could say what the four we want Yeah that you can no it is it’s that’s Why the podcasts are kind of the Wild West and that’s one of the things I Worry about with Spotify getting Rogen Because I think it could do a great deal Of good but if it turns podcasts all of A sudden become under the under an Umbrella like what YouTube is Essentially doing I I realize you can Host videos all over the place but you Know it’s if you were a host of it hosts Video on your own like website it Remortgage your house because that costs Are what I’m money to do that sort of Stuff you know it’s you know you just You can’t do it so the I mean you can do It with podcasts easier you know like Help like pay for hosting and stuff like

That and host your own shows but it’s a Ball ache you know you you you want it To be easy and I do worry that if Podcast gets the same umbrella over at That YouTube start then maybe will Become more difficult for to have Conversations about things yeah I just Hope it does change mate but Lee we’ve Been going for an hour and a half now so Before we go I just want to tell Everybody where where they can find you What platforms well I’m sure you’re Gonna get some guys coming over to you Podcast wise I am on everything if you Look for must-see audio right you you Will find mercy audio podcasts and where It’s a white logo with kind of an All-seeing eye thing on it If you want to speak to me on Twitter I’m a tall shunt on Twitter the same on Instagram that’s at a total shunt I know I speak to eat quickly sometimes I do Have a youtube channel for mercy audio And I’ve got some video interviews video Podcasts so I stopped using it a while Ago but I think I’m gonna start putting Podcasts back up there for no other Reason just to see if I get my youtube Channel shut there just see if happens Well I’ll tell you what man I’ll make You a featured channel so I’ll leave That and you send me the channel yeah Yeah they like said a YouTube channel Yeah and yeah we’ll put my in the

Description I’ll feature on that on the Platform yeah anyone actually a vet very Rarely do I do things where I think what I’ve done might be important to people But one podcast I would implore people To go and listen to is I had a doctor Arafat Miller on my podcast the other Day and he is a respiratory specialist The UK and had him on for an hour to Talk about the situation and it was it Was an eye-opener for me because I Thought I had everything sort of in line But to have somebody speak to that’s Involved in the medical medical Profession that’s treating people with This thing it was very interested so if Any if anyone’s interested in listening To a doctor that has nothing to sell you And nothing to like nothing to gain Apart from just having a conversation With somebody it’s it’s a worthwhile Podcasting over less than two Harbor Listening to that Lee oh well thank you Very much for coming thank you yeah well I hope you’ll come on again as well like Having a beer with you as well yeah yeah I don’t get how much these days at least Now at least where I am I’m free-range Now you’re still in the house arrest Yeah I first goodnight go bless my in The books told by I’m alien our dates And make sure you like subscribe If you want support the channel further You can check out the patreon link in

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