Bigfoot Encounters – Episode #018 – What Lurks Beneath

By | May 29, 2020
Bigfoot Encounters - Episode #018 -  What Lurks Beneath

We were camped along Marble Creek at Donkey Creek near Avery Idaho july 2019 It was a weekday so no other campers Were within miles deep mountain valleys And dense woods I was chopping food for Dinner my husband and small children Were fishing at the loud Creek I'm an avid birder obsessed I must know Every call it here and that evening I Heard a call that sounded like an Old-fashioned crank police siren it was Echoing through the valley and came from A higher altitude howls of the same Tambor and pitch but slightly varying Lengths I thought it was now I must not Know wolves and cougars don't sound like That my dog didn't bark she hid under The table I also considered that maybe Some kids were playing with an old Police siren but then I realized there Was no way kids could have been way up There near the ridge with something that Heavy Plus no one else was up there when I get back into cell reception I Searched through alcohol's and found Nothing similar but I found a similar Call on that BFRO website It was the Ohio howl check it out if You're interested My friend was driving my Lincoln Continental while I was sleeping it was Very late about 1:30 a.m. he screamed And slammed on the brakes and said as a

Very loud and surprised voice did you See that I said no but you certainly Woke me up I asked what was it thinking A deer or a possum in the road he said Well I don't know I said well go back and his reply to me Was no way that thing was tall dark and Hairy and was walking on two legs this Event took place back in 1982 we talked About it the other day he said he can Still remember how this thing's stride Across the road It saw the car and kept on going he Guessed we were about 75 feet from it The car lights came upon him to this day He swears that he saw a Bigfoot he is Not one for making up stories as he is a Born-again Christian and as a school Teacher as well as a teacher in Sunday School I was playing with my dogs about 200 feet from the campfire right before Sunset I heard a weird sound behind me Pretty far up the mountain I thought That I just imagined it and kept playing With the dogs after about 10 minutes I Heard it again along with the second Call farther up the canyon I thought That I just imagined it another five or Ten minutes went by and I knew the third Time that I had heard it it was a very Loud sharp call very much like what a Primate sounds like from what I've seen On TV I was instantly on edge as I have Camped and hiked in this area many times

Over the past 12 years without any Previous incidents of these sounds I Went back to my campfire to start dinner When I heard it again This time my dogs took notice and were Very uneasy as well and after 2 to 3 More instances with three of my dogs Cowering at my feet I decided to respond immediately there Was a call and reply that sounded Agitated they proceeded a call back and Forth progressively getting closer to my Location and it was getting dark I got In the back of my SUV with my dogs to Try and relax and think and then I heard Sounds very close in the trees not far From me the dogs went from terrified to Attack mode barking and jumping at the Back and side windows and I realized the Sunroof was open I panicked jumped over The seat and started the vehicle and Jetted out of there all of this happened In about an hour or so either late August or early September 1982 or 1983 At the opening of archery season several Friends and myself were camping near Elk Valley with our dads at our annual beau Camp one morning we started our hunt at The top of a thick area of timber I had Never been in this area before but my Instructions were to make my way through The forest and walk straight downhill After a while I was expected to break Out into a clearing where here will be a

Saddle with a few rocky knowles which Would drain into some ponds at the Bottom this area is known as the bloody Bucket and for what reason I wasn't sure And I did not ask the hunt was planned Out that my friends and I would slowly Walk down through this area hoping to Scare out a mule deer or a bull elk and Having the big game crossed the path of Another hunter in our party we were Spread out so far apart that we couldn't See or hear each other as I made my way Into the opening everything was just as Described to me I could see where I Needed to end up and meat even though it Was a ways away and I came right out in The middle of an opening and walked down To a rocky area stopped to take a Breather and look around all of a sudden To my left about 100 yards away I saw What appeared to be Three I racked dark-brown beings walking Down a trail near the trees as if they Were in a hurry they were an order of Height with the tallest leading the way Then a slightly smaller one followed by The smallest of the three which was Trying hard to keep up with the other Two as I took a deep breath to gather Myself to see if what I was experiencing Was what I thought it was the leader Turned around and waved his or her arms In a matter as if to tell the smallest One to hurry up they continued to speed

Walk into the timber and faded away I Was very shocked nervous and somewhat Frightened my heart was pounding and I Just sat there in amazement for about Fifteen minutes I didn't go down to see If I could see any sign of what I just Experienced I just went down to the Bottom like I was supposed to and didn't Mention a word to anyone I don't think Anyone would have believed me anyway a Few years went by and I met up with one Of my friends that I was hunting with That day I was relieved when he told me Do you remember that year when we hunted The bloody bucket in elk valley well I've got something to tell you He went on to describe to a tee what I Saw that day it turns out that he was Just a little ahead of me and to my Right in the trees about 75 yards Neither one of us knew that we were so Close to each other and witnessed the Same thing it would have been nice to Had somebody to back me up ever since Then I'm told a few people I also heard That same summer there had been a Sighting near a reservoir which was a Few miles west of Elk Valley it's ironic That the only time I would probably Experience something like that and I Didn't have a camera camcorder or was Simply too stunned to go and check out The area and tell somebody about it No sounds were heard no real proof that

This happened just my own word I Remember it like it was yesterday A dark humanoid form was observed Standing in the woods just outside the Campground clearing four of us were Camping and sleeping bags no tents in a Clearing recently cut by the Forest Service to develop a campground no one Else is in the area it was in the early Morning hours perhaps 3 a.m. my best Friend and I had been talking about the Strange atmosphere of the place and our Wives were asleep I was just dozing off When I suddenly felt myself jarred awake By a powerful feeling of a nearby Presence watching us i sat both upright And looked directly at a large humanoid Form Standing at the edge of the woods about A hundred feet away he or it was totally Black I could see no features but the Form was perfectly clear at this point My friend sat and looked in the same Direction do you see what I see I asked Him I sure do He replied we continued staring at it And it at us for several minutes then I Somehow got the message that it wasn't Going to bother us but if we didn't Bother it I told my friend that we Should just lie down and go to sleep he Agreed and this might be the strangest Part we both fell asleep instantly and At the time I never heard of Bigfoot I

Don't know what this being was and still Don't it could have been a Bigfoot there Are a lot of limestone caverns in the Area and it was still very wild then we Didn't smell anything or hear any Unusual sounds This report is a long time coming and is A reference to my other report I was Camped with my dad and friends at our Annual beau camp during the Labor Day Weekend in the fall of 1981 or 1982 this Particular day Our fathers led us out of the truck Along the elk valley road and told us to Spread out and hunt up over the ridge And down through an area known as the Bloody bucket they would pick us up on The other side as I started to descend Down the ridge toward a beaver pond I saw three figures standing on the edge Of a beaver pond my first thought was That they were people wearing snowmobile Suits I thought that was strange because It was early September and still very Warm as I got closer I realized that People were wearing fur suits then it Hit me that I was really seeing Something a Bigfoot there were three of Them a large medium and smaller one they Had dome-shaped heads and no fur on Their faces I had no camera with me at the time I Was about 75 to 100 yards away from them They walked around the edge of the

Beaver pond through some scrub Aspen and Into the timber on the north-facing Slope the scrub Aspen hit the tallest Bigfoot just below the shoulder I was Very nervous and started towards the Beaver pond to see if I can find some Tracks in the mud as I approached the Scrub Aspen I realized just how tall the Bigfoot was I was approximately 6 foot Tall at the time and the Aspen was well Over my head at this point I was really Nervous and decided to go in the Opposite direction and get out of the Area I remember that it was usually Quiet during that time of the sighting Years later I was talking to my friend Who was with me on that day and he told Me what he had seen Near Crouch Idaho Valley County about 20 Or so miles of roads 698 is Boiling Springs Campground in a few hundred Yards away is a Forest Service cabin in A creek right next to the campground on November 1st 2009 around 8 p.m. we saw Something between the trees between our Site and the restroom it was walking Back and forth in the clearing and Swaying back and forth in the same spot When it stopped to better see us to the Opening in the trees nothing occurred to Us except it maybe have been someone but We were the only campers for miles the Following year in October 2010 around 10:00 p.m. at the same location we were

Getting spooked by the area for no Reason and we actually packed up and Left again when there were no other Campers and we heard what sounded like a Large boulder about 100 yards away hit The ground with a great thud no boulder Rolling or crashing down a hill like That but it was thrown or dropped out of Air no smells or sightings except a few Possible 11-inch tracks in the dirt a Month prior while hunting in the area The other incident was quite interesting As well Nearest city is Boise in Boise County Going up road 268 up past arrowrock dam Towards Atlanta Willow Creek Campground It was around the end of August and About 2 a.m. my wife and woke me up for About an hour and a half or on and off And we heard what sounded like wood Knocking and three different locations Surrounding the campground I explained To her what I thought it was and not to Worry it appeared that they were taking Turns knocking three to four times a Piece random order nothing else noted We went camping in a remote spot off of Highway 21 18 miles east of Lomond turn Left onto old highway 21 and take a Right on a dirt road in front of an old Ranger house the road curves around a Couple of miles and we camped in front Of a dirt airstrip Warm Springs airstrip To be exact we were only there for a few

Minutes and began sitting up camp when We heard these loud high and low pitched Screams coming from the woods I asked my Husband if he heard that we listened for A moment I screamed back at them I'm not sure why I did that My first thought was that there was People playing down by the river but Then we listened and I noticed the Sounds were screams that seemed to go Back and forth from one direction and Then something returned from the other Direction It was long with high and low pitches This happened off and on for 30 or so Minutes we soon forgot about the sounds And began camping out the next day my Sons ages 13 and 9 asked me if they can Go up a tall hill and come back down I Could watch them through binoculars and They would talk to me with Walkie-talkies not sure why I allowed This anyway They began their walk and at the bottom Of the hill they reported seeing a dead Deer they said it looks like the back Legs were missing and saw another bone a Few feet away from it there was meat on It and fur but they didn't notice any Guts they kept walking up the hill after Reaching the top they told me there was A valley on the other side and they Wanted to just walk for a few minutes

More after about two minutes They began telling me there was an awful Smell that they described as being the Grossest smell they had ever smelt they Said it was like something was dead but Worse they said they were scared and ran Over the top of the hill and came back Toward me fast they later told me there Were woods off to the left that they Entered into they didn't see or hear Anything I'm not sure if this is all Related to Bigfoot activity I decided to Ride it in because a few months back I saw a show that had a man that was Recounting his Bigfoot sighting in California outside of some caves and They played a tape recording of what They presumed to be is a Bigfoot I got a Lump in my throat that was what I heard I played a type of recording off another Site for my boys who are now 15 and 11 Without any coaching I asked them if They had ever heard that noise before The older one replied yes when we went Camping at that hot springs what is it We will be camping near there in a Couple of weeks and I will now be more Aware of my surroundings June 2009 above Crouch Idaho it was mid-afternoon and my Husband and I were riding our ATV and Dirtbike Dave was about 200 yards ahead Of me and we didn't have sight of each Other we were on the main forest road That leads up to the mountain past the

Turnoff to Silver plunge the road gets a Bit windy up there and so we didn't see Each other I was coming up to a curve in The road where my left is the embankment Down to the river about 40 feet and a Cliff to my right the only flat part was The road it happened so fast I came Around to bend and saw a huge dark Figure on two legs upright bounding Right up the mountainside to my right The sound of the branches snapping was Louder than my motor I kept driving About another 100 yards around another Bend trying to catch up to Dave who was Sitting on a quiet bike with his helmet In his hand Wearing a puzzled look did you see that I yelled struggling to get my Helen off He said yeah it was huge hairy and fast We drove back to see where we both saw It separately and there was evidence of Something climbing up the steep mountain Dave saw bound up the Riverside Embankment and crossed the road as soon As he passed it I saw it when was going Up the mountainside we both know what we Saw a Bigfoot I Steven wreaths of paradise California Now was spending the summer of 1967 in Spirit Lake with Steve Shaw at his Father and stepmother's home mr. and Mrs. Ruth Shaw we Steve and myself were Buckling bales of hay at the Harold glob Farm some 10 to 15 miles away we were in

Dale's red 1956 Ford PU and we were Coming back to the spirit lake on a Narrow dusty road it was not far from The glob farm and the road had a thick Growth of lodgepole pine on the other Side of the road this is where the hair On the back of my neck started tingling Which prompted me sitting in the middle To turn round and look behind me What I saw was quite a tall long-haired Bipedal mammal with the hair from head To toe complete four steps to get across The road as soon as we passed the place That came out onto the road and it made It across before the distance and dust Hid it from view I kept this a secret For all these years because I was trying To protect it from the harm that was Widespread back then it never looked at Us at all complete disregard as to our Passing never mentioned this to either Steve or Dale so I don't know if either One of us saw it in their mirrors I was Separated from them some days later as I Was put on a bus with some of my other California friends and Steve's brother Bruce had taken up a collection of money For gas to make a trip from San Francisco Bay Area to Spirit Lake to Beat a letter from Steve's mom had Mailed to mr. shawe to keep steven idaho I have not seen Steve's sense in 1993 my Wife and I made a trip to Spirit Lake to Find Steve we managed to find dolly

To try and get a message to Steve we ran Into the town historian and when I Explained who I was she instantly Remembered all the details of that Summer she is middle-aged and delivers Newspapers very nice person It was boots and his black model-a for That he drove backwards to show us where Dolly lived all this info will check out I also wish no harm to ever come to These beings whatever they are my Grandfather was a logging contractor and Would frequently take me along on sale Scouting expeditions this particular day We were driving in an area known by the Locals as the high drive it is a very Rugged and mountainous area above Lake Penh toriel most of the road is cut into The side of the mountain So it is very steep on the uphill as Well as on the downhill side it was Fairly late in the afternoon and was About an hour before dusk the road is Just an old forest service road and not Very well maintained so we were going Fairly slow maybe 20 to 25 miles an hour My grandfather made an expletive that I Won't repeat and stop the truck In front of us across the road ran a Huge hairy animal it ran down the uphill Side of the road crossed in front of us And ran right downhill this took all of About two to three seconds that I saw Although my grandfather who was always

On the lookout for game must have seen It sooner than I I remembered that it Was dark-colored and hairy with long Arms a swung sort of in an exaggerated Way at the time and looked twenty feet Tall and I was only seven but in reality Was probably seven or eight feet tall And it didn't take a lot to cross the Road and down the side of the mountain It maybe took two or three strides to Accomplish that and it was fast My grandfather grabbed his rifle and Jumped out to see if he could see it Going down the hill but he didn't I can Tell you that I was plenty scared it Definitely was not a bear or anything we Had ever seen before My story is less threatening having Witnessed Sasquatch in the middle of the Afternoon while picking huckleberries 20 Miles of lightning creek at a Clark Ford Idaho he or she came waltzing over the Top of a knoll on the steep incline of a Clear cut out on a brilliant summer day And late August it stepped over stumps With ease in a 100 yards distance picked up my scent Taking notice of my presence and the Midst of a full stride turned and looked Full into my face and continued its Course down the incline out of sight it Seemed that it was on a trajectory Course not to be deviated from its Purpose the creature was very tall even

At this greater distance it seemed to Only take notice that we were there but Didn't stop to inquire or access it Appeared very tall and covered with dark Brown hair no other animal would go down Such a steep and brushy incline on its Back legs or with such ease its arms Swung from side to side like any human Walking in stride would I carried a 44 Magnum with me at the time as I had my Two small children with me my husband And I had walked in two miles from a Forest service road for the choice Late-summer berries I felt no fear from The creature it was just paying Attention if it had been a bear I Wouldn't have felt more threatened I do Know the reported screaming of these Creatures unravels emotions minors up by The mewling in the 19th century reported The screaming as well of course native Peoples knew all about it and that's Where the original legends began I Suspect if the creature had stopped and Screamed I probably would have engaged My firearm due to my instinct to protect My two small children we might have had A body as I was a pretty good shot but As I mentioned above I felt no Intimidation at all and it was gone as Quickly as it had appeared I might add Here that I did have a sense of some Other presence which was the reason for My looking out across the landscape

Otherwise I would have stayed focused on Picking and watching my children who Were by my side I told my English Teacher at North Idaho College who was Also a founder of the cryptozoology Club Which I joined instantaneously about my Sighting he took my eyewitness report And sent it to Grover Krantz a professor At Washington State University in Pullman who was gathering stories about Sasquatch sightings one late afternoon In spring We cryptozoology students with our club Teachers gathered to drive up to an old Mine out in Mullen our intent was to Follow up on an old miners story that Had reportedly talked about nightly Screaming of some terrible creature Throughout the woods we brought along Tape recorders and stayed the night Hoping that perhaps a sasquatch just Might find its way back into the area it Seems that the creature comes with an Element of surprise to its witness It appears that nobody is really looking For Bigfoot when one crosses their path The scientific search for the Loch Ness Monster provided to prove no evidence For Nessie that seems like an easier Enterprise using sophisticated sonar Imaging I can only suspect going out Into the forest to find sasquatch as we Did that night it is a much more Difficult journey according to some

Stories here on your website we might as Well just parked along the roadside such As a major highway or rest stop we did Not hear any unusual force sounds or saw Anything out of the ordinary that night That there are more stories of people Actually trying to find Bigfoot I would Be most interested I would certainly be Interested to dig in Grover Krantz Archives I just never have I am sure There are many collected sightings I'm Happy to see after 22 years that you Have provided it was during the winter Of 2000 to 2001 and her friend and I Were trying to pass the long winter in Rural Idaho with a snow hike to a Waterfall the closest town is called Clark Fork population a couple hundred There was deep snow on the ground and it Was cold dark and snowy on that day we Drove up a dirt road as far as we could Until it was chained off we parked the Car and walked up some snowmobile tracks To where the trail usually is I say Usually because it was totally covered In deep snow most people would have Thought us to be crazy hiking that trail That day but like I said before it was Something to do in northern Idaho in the Middle of winter so we managed the deep Snow Ravine there were no other tracks that a Human would make such as footprints Snowmobile or snooze show going up this

Ravine probably about halfway up the Trail or ravine we crossed into some Tracks the hair on the back of my neck Stood up about half way and as I looked Down to the tracks I knew instantly what I was looking at but I tried to explain It some other way first the friend I was With grew up in Clark Fork and he had Lived there all of his life without Mentioning the word Bigfoot or Sasquatch I looked at him and said is this what I Think it is and he nonchalantly replied Something to the effect of we see this Kind of stuff around here all the time And I definitely believed in the Possibility of the existence of Sasquatch at the time but these tracks Really sealed the deal in my mind I know What bear tracks look like in the snow Moves deer elk they all have a certain Kind of track the tracks that I'm Reporting about here were huge I could Fit my boot covered foot into them and They were definitely bigger than my boot What was even more telling was the Distance between the tracks I would have To jump from track to track to make it So to sum it up the tracks were roughly Human foot shaped but very too large to Be a human they were obviously made by a Two-legged upright walking creature the Path in the tracks came across the Ravine and up the other side from know We're going into nowhere this area is

Miles and miles of national forests on The Idaho Montana border there's no Other rational explanation for tracks of The size and shape to be found where They were when they were believe it or Not but I know what I saw