Interview with TTSA investor

By | May 27, 2020
Interview with TTSA investor

They’re putting their body very very Reliable good evening folks and welcome To alien are they we have none other Than Osvaldo Franco in the house how are We my fellow I haven’t seen you face to Face on YouTube well actually I did I Saw you the other day when we had that Little discussion but you’ve not been on The channel for quite a bit now how I’m Doing well man in spite of it all How about you yeah yeah ASA well a power from looking at two two Little cherubs pretty much all week I’m Fine but what’s been going on what’s What’s the agenda for today’s interview Well we’re gonna do a brief recap of What’s been going on this little but in Ufology brief update on TTS a and we’re Going to talk a little bit about Something coming down the pike soon Eminently hopefully soon our next big Thing that we’re going to be unleashing Upon the geological community so a lot Of people have been wondering in the Past your connection with TTS a and you Said you said you would that you you’re Ready to kind of speak about that a bit More now well some more yeah like well Basically some people have I’m an Investor in TTS a I’m putting my money In the TTS a put my money where my mouth Is Like I do everything else like I’m you Know out there with my name you know my

Full name my name is Osvaldo Franco you Straight to me on YouTube that’s really Me I basically I believe in TTS a I’ve Always believed in TTS a we’re getting Remarkable results and I think it was Like perhaps one of the best things I’ve Done is to help TTS a get established in that regard So something I mean the the actual Interview this is kind of not me for six Because we were going to speak about Something in this interview and I kind Of I know some of the information but You know you said you need to hang fire Can you give us kind of anything in Regards to that all right it’s not Concerning TTS a it is however you Followed you related of course and it’s A very very interesting turn of events Which have some very interesting Implications I would say that may be the Best episode we’ve done in terms of like Getting something really useful out to The public was the episode we did about The phenomenon and I would say that this Would will be better and that this would Be much more interesting and we will be Starting some interesting conversations With this I’m looking forward to it man I am oh yeah so am i I have to say I Have to say and for a while I was I was I was kind of worried I mean I don’t Know how much saw the investment you’ve Put into TTS a but I was worried and I

Was on a podcast the other day and I Said that I was worried but I’m but then With this whole Pentagon thing I’m kind Of like along about this is starting to Really turn around now you know a lot of These people that are debunking these Three bits of footage that we have when The actual Pentagon is saying that these Are UFOs as in I mean they yeah Unidentified but I’m pretty sure there Are people on their end that can debunk Things better than you know Joe Bloggs Can yeah I mean like really the Department of Defense screwed up but you Know luckily we have you know these These guys on YouTube they’re gonna Figure it out It’s it’s very it’s it’s kind of sad it Is and I understand like we’ve been Disappointed so much in voluntee you Know like it’s usually the best bet is That this is nothing you know but Nothing lasts forever man and we it Looks like we’re we’re about to we’re Doing it we’re gonna die confident we’re Gonna see major stuff in the very near Future I know we I think we spoke about In one of our older interviews that There was a fourth piece of footage come In oh yes there’s other videos that are Coming yeah then that apparently yeah That’s that is true I don’t have any Idea about the timetable of the releases That but yeah more stuff is coming I

Think I not certain I would imagine yes But there’s basically there’s rumors That there’s more footage it’s coming up These are very very place place rumors And I would be I think you’d see Something soon more or less and I think That that’s when when we get more like Alright we already have three videos That are already now officially being Confirmed of being of military origin They this is their stuff and these are Unidentified I think when people start Seeing more videos and maybe better Quality videos from the that type of Source we’re going to like I think That’s when the public is going to start Hitting critical mass I think that’s When like things like will very very Slowly you know start to creep in like I Think right now like they’re comfortable With showing us blobs you know and that That’s fine but they’re getting us used To that now eventually the blobs will Become clearer and like take more of a Shape and then they’ll be like oh so It’s a machine somebody he said somebody Made yes somebody from here Or a it’s a very advanced machine Somebody made yeah I’m gonna say it Seems to me and I I’ve been wanting to Make a video about this but he does seem That this whole thing that’s been Released and the the they’re actually Admitting that the I UFOs

It doesn’t seem it seems like the World’s not taking is such a big deal You know that oh yeah like it’s like Okay there’s lights in the sky sure Whatever you know it’s it’s gonna be Different when those things come more Into focus and you know like and we Start developing technologies based on The study of these devices and those Things end up like coming into you know The public use you know it’s gonna like Like that this is no way that this is Gonna be right now it’s kind of the who Okay aliens great Kiki but there’s going To come a point where this is going to Be much more intrusive and you know and And and I and I it’s gonna right now There’s a laugh factor to it because It’s obscure and it’s still out there It’s like oh okay somewhere up there in The sky in the ocean somewhere there’s These blobs you know and they mess with Fighter pilots okay that has nothing to Do with me Oh yes it does very much so and and That’s gonna be the hook that’s when People realize holy [ __ ] this is Happening and there’s implications for This you know for me for my family the People I know the people in my immediate Neighborhood you know etc you know it’s Like like they they’re aware of it but They don’t know you know and they’re They’re gonna know soon you know this

Isn’t and you understand also that this Has always been framed and you know the Lexicon of entertainment so this is Being treated there’s entertainment Still that We’ll change you know I think we’ve Grown a bit spoiled you know and and we Still consider this the realm of Something in the realm of belief you Know like you have a choice when it Could be Muslim or a Christian or a Jew Or atheist or something you know no no No your house is on fire Whether you’re true or a Christian or Atheist or a Muslim you know this is a Big deal it seems to me especially with Current events as well that all of this Happening right now it just seems a bit Weird that it’s like everything’s coming At once we’ve got the whole lockdown Situation we’ve got that the Pentagon Actually saying that yeah these are UFOs We’ve got the Steven Greer film you know We’ve got the battle on the internet Between the games consoles you know the PlayStation the Xbox it’s all kind of Very weird on the internet the minute And he’s kind of like he’s they’re Trying to get it for me it’s they’re Trying to get me to look a different way Oh yeah there’s well part of that is Distraction because they’re trying out Like listen everybody’s trapped in their House for the most part all over the

Place so yeah exactly no exactly nothing Else to do you know so you know it could Be that it’s also a bit of a stir Craziness like like I’ve seen like I’ve Been handling the situation that’s why I Haven’t been here I’ve been basically Outside 16 hours a day since like the Whole thing started I’m doing relief Work in the thick of em yet yeah I was And I live in the one of the heaviest Neighbourhoods at the center of the Epidemic from North America and I’ve Been handling that whole situation of Doing relief work getting food to people Things like that You know you would you know getting food To the hospitals and officers and like People trapped in their apartments and Stuff which there are like there are a Lot of and wait and I seen a lot of Crazy stuff man this is like a weird Like not so much now now everything is Kind of like normalizing but like like Six weeks ago like this was like a whole That was a different story it was like Really weird and scary you know Especially over here for a while but Yeah we pulled through this is our first Weird catastrophe so yeah every Thomas But we we spun we spoke briefly but You’ve always been busy doing something Now and about you’ve run you’ve actually Around me when you’re doing your errands Around New York so you know respect you

My friend you know like 16 I came I come Home tired and I wake up and I you know Run back out because there’s like a like A dude me you know people are terrified Or they were you know yeah you sassy Sent me the Steven Greer links yes I Watched the documentary together yes What did you make it out Moreover soul like that honestly almost Films should be released under the Banner of the universe according to Steven Greer it’s it’s it’s ufology for Non ufologists like if you’re not very Critical of you apology if you don’t Like if you don’t make any difference Between Richard Dolan and say David Icke Or you know what I’m saying it’s all you Know apples to you now I like David Icke Says makes sense Oh yeah but he’s definitely a crazy Uncle you can’t clean would pop him as a Crazy uncle Don’t like I don’t I don’t hate david Icke but i’m not you know i’m not gonna Buy a house from well i think he lives In the pot and apartment anyway from the Isle of man yes he does yes he does Right he’s love with the ILA mom I heard These the closing towers of the fifth Kind um Stephen actually spoke briefly Just for a brief moment about to the Stars Academy I don’t know if he has he Said the name to the Stars Academy but He was definitely speaking about to this

Day oh yeah destroy is that your great Affection yes yes you know he sounds Like ruffling Reverend Lovejoy I wish I Could do a better reverend lovejoy like If they ever they ever did an animated Dr. Greer that’s who would do the voice Yeah my home at home agrea yeah you’ve Seen you know the home of Simpson oh yes Yeah yeah But you know like it’s like listen if You’re a scholar you’re really into Ufology you don’t like you didn’t need To watch this You knew all of this and like I don’t Like like they do you know what spend Some money it makes some really really Good facts Emily’s like you know and and Say that they’re facsimile is like we’re Recreating bring our recreation or Something You know and then spliced in the good Videos of UFOs don’t splice in parts of Good videos with UFOs and put them in With a bunch of stuff that we know are Like divers at night skydivers at night You know doing it for a second they did Fool me for a second I thought what the Hell that was amazing yeah but for you Only a second everybody else was running Around thinking that that’s a UFO weeks After the fact well I did make a video On it but then I quickly made a video Again correcting myself It’s for me the fact that yeah actually

Kind of he’s singing again the TTS a is And Tom DeLonge you know they’ve pulled The wool over his eyes you know yes poor Tom You know they fooled him I I would say This though I would say like listen and I yes and I am a TTS a invested I’ll Tell you why is he a biased oh I’m very Biased but I’ll tell you what I’m biased For good reasons like I said I’ve been Doing this for a very long time Now remember being a kid and meeting Steven Greer and the excitement when the Disclosure project was knew he was Palpable like wow we were we were Finally on the road And we were I mean without the Disclosure project I don’t think TTS a Would exist so it must give credit where Credit is due How old are you when you met Steven Greer gosh I was I met him first time I Met him was briefly I was maybe 14 and Then I met him again after disclosure Project have come out he had come to New York City and he did a brief Presentation you know following with the The video clips this is back before the Internet really was you know a thing and Or as ubiquitous as it is now where as Fast is that way when you saw across the Table from him yes yeah I said well I Was a young physics major and I had Gotten into science because of ufology

So to me like you have to understand Steven Greer was bringing these things Out and Steven Greer I remember this he was that we were at a Lecture hall and he was telling people That for $500,000 he could build an Antigravity platform like some type of Proof-of-concept thing and then Basically have a cover and he could like Move it around the room and back in if He could just get the funding and then He was working on that then years later He announced the Orion project he was Going to get funds together These overunity devices and things like That and he’s gonna get them out and you Know decades passed and none of that Happened We’re still waiting for Steven to come Through with that stuff It’s like Steven they basically gave Everything he had in one go and I still Believe that I don’t know how much real Hard information he’s still doing stuff But honestly it’s going at a snail’s Pace and like we have nothing to show For it now flat fast forward TTS a has been around for five years What have we gotten out of TTS a gun Camera footage from the government we’ve Gotten like you know they’re doing Analysis of these materials they’re Being you know found and they’re going To be making devices based on that like

This is a go they’re actually doing These things you know there’s huge Progress is coming actually from TTS say And not the disclosure project quite Honestly yeah they’re getting the word Out and you know but it’s not the same Thing you know what I’m saying Like it’s one thing to run a message of This contrary to what’s being put out It’s another thing to get the government To like say okay yeah I know we do have This you know look at that that’s Extraordinary you know that that is Happening you might know this because I’ve not seen it but as as Tom DeLonge Actually ever said anything in his Defense to what Steven Greer has been Saying no to my knowledge no and you Know what he should be above the fray I Got Tom belongs DS speak louder and Anything he could say or anything histor Tractors can hurl it honestly and like And so far they’ve all been defeated all Of them have egg on their face where are They you know where are they they’re not Apologizing they’re not saying [ __ ] yeah I’m surprised we haven’t seen dr. Greer Go on Joe Rogan again with the new film And everything yeah that’s true but Honestly like he already did his Interview with dr. Greer like you’re Listen dr. Greer says a lot of the same [ __ ] over and over again constantly like We know like it especially if you’re a

Student of this you you know what dr. Greer probably has to say it’s the same Thing he said before sometimes he brings Up new stuff like a few years ago he Brought up that he was working with Lake Elements of the Sarkozy government in France back before he was voted out and That came out and that is true he did he Was working with them on that but I Don’t know like it seems like the way Dr. Greer is doing things isn’t working As well as the way Tom DeLonge has Figured things out and got it working so He not saying that Greer is lying to us I don’t you know I I’m sure Greer Believes a lot of what he says and and a Lot of it is true there has a lot of Facts on his side I’m just saying that Things might not be as black and white As Steven represents them mmm I’m saying That there might be more to this than Greer or DeLong because he did look Quite believable you know when he burst Into tears about the people that have Died under him and I was like did you Think you turn down you know what he’s Told that story so many times and I’ve Seen him cry so many times about telling That story it’s like I’m immune I’ve Seen him cry no obviously I actually I’ve choked up a little bit inside well I guess well you heard it for the first Time it’s not like I’ve heard that at Like you know many many times I’ve seen

That story I see them doing this I’m I’m Not laughing as well if you know it’s True and these people did down yeah you Know People they’re heroes they help they Gave their lives to the study of ufology And trying to help humanity in that Capacity Those people are absolutely heroes you Know but there’s only so many times we Can hear the same story again and again So he’s telling the truth In that regard yeah I would not be Surprised Listen ufology has we have a weird death Problem and our yeah yeah it was like It’s the Steven Greer but not in his Group would not be the first people to Have had run run-ins with like ungodly Bizarre bad luck you know that questions Like you know credulity when dealing With the subject there have been a lot Of people you know there’s that effect Like weird ends you know that have Worked on things like that and overunity Devices scientists that have worked in UFOs else am i safe No you’re next better you than me That’s how I stay in the game so other Guys do you know I mean I actually Aren’t unidentified I enjoyed it was Entertaining you know I never fight was Better than I think then Close Encounters of the Third Kind yeah but

The thing the thing is I I hope that the Next season of unidentified dead they Show us more oh I want to see these Materials well that’s the rumor like Like there’s they’re saying that this Next season is going to be very Interesting and they’re gonna throw some Stuff at us I hope so because Unidentified was kind of clinical you Know and and this before I fell asleep During some of those you know I think One of them Bari was day and you know Yeah of course you know but like but we Do this you know we know a lot of These details as you know as it is you Know and like for guys like us we want Another new thing you know and that Would burst I was a bunch of old stuff For us you know for the general public This is new you know even if we like you Know like even though like you know had People that I’ve told this [ __ ] to for Years did not pay attention to this Calling me on my glob Doctor Who you Know about the CD 5 you mean that thing I invited you to at the park you know oh That’s what that was So this thing that gray is claiming that He can do where he can you know go out Out of his mind and body whatever you Know he can look into area 51 is he is That thing yeah consciousness is you do Some crazy stuff yeah do you think greed Can do it I think everybody can do it to

An extent to a greater or lesser extent But then there’s things that Greer says That are just like like come on would Please like alright like they’ll be like Only alive discovered I created the Protocol there were groups doing this in The 80s and the 70s basically what Steven Greer did was he was aware of These groups and basically he translated Some that stuff from spanish to english As nobody knew about that was going on At the time and I know about this Because my mom was involved with those Groups yeah and then back in the day There were a Spanish on them even the Ones that were operating out of New York So your your UFO history and I totally Forgot about that goes way back as it Goes not to your mom as well yeah you Remember everybody can see the video we Did I had of course the UFO encounter Which may or may not very that’s what The epital was my mom trying to do Anything in the yeah And basically what happened was after This had happened I turns out that my Mother had been into UFOs for years and Years and years I had no idea and in a Way I found out was that my mom would Keep these books in her closet and after We had this experience like I was like I Said I was spaceman warnley like in love Space since I was a little boy like your Son with the rocket ship you know he’s

Probably the same way there’s them in Love space stuff for his whole life so There was really no way of stopping me From doing this you know I had to learn More and my mother basically took me to The closet there were asleep dozens and Dozens of books and I started reading Them and then before long I had read all Of those books and I needed more books So I would go with my mother to these These lectures conventions and stuff and I would get more books and I would read Books and then by the time I was 11 or 12 I would start talking to people at The bookstores like in these little Conventions and I tell you want to read This book you want to read that book This one is good whatever and you know We’re waiting for this and that and I Had a lot of information about this and Then people would start listening to me Talk and that’s how I started doing Speaking engagements and I was like very Very young and this is the thing like There’s been a lot of groups of people That have done this before like there Were the ce-5 stuff in fact career is Not the first person starts signaling Them with lights that’s been going on For like since the 60s at least there Have been bits and pieces of this going On for a while so that’s like I think That’s disingenuous to say that I’m Gonna say I think but we can put this

Together and you know basically pretty Much proof that there are people that Have been doing that type of stuff for a Lot longer than Steven Greer has you Know the bit where and it’s kind of a Famous bit where Greer’s on the beach With his mates and those lights come up Out at sea yeah those are military I was gonna say did you did you think That grayed out something about I say You shot a flare up in the air honestly Some of the footage that he shows this Is pretty good and other stuff is just Like monkeys like come on like you know What I’m saying and it’s again I think Some of it is oversold did say the least There is one there’s one thing that Always sticks out for me and and I think I’ve told this a couple of times now but When when if you remember there the First documentary serious disclosure was It with the little I know my name is no Credit on that cuz I accepted money There Hall yeah looking at that thing Through the cracks and my fingers know What I mean yeah there’s something Wade That here for me that so what’s he Called the the an economist he called Now there I put that up of the name up Now yeah the little little girl so if You remember there was a doctor called Gary Nolan that was that was working There was working at work if agrea Really you know he was doing all these

Yeah so that’s interesting I’m looking forward to seeing that as Well um so in September but then he went Over to T TSA and as soon as he went Over to t TSA it’s like this he changed His tune you know he’s changed oh oh It’s not just him this is not just him Chris is Mellon when Chris Mellon first Came on the scene yeah but Chris Belen’s TTS a isn’t it yeah how he is this was Not Chris Mullin came out before He was involved with TTS eh now if you Look at Chris Mullins early stuff he’s a Lot more on the fence I guess there’s Something here but it’s just so Ambiguous type thing you know now he’s Much more into like you know given Details and stuff in fact he did a Q&A For TTS a a few days ago and you know And he’s done a lot of other stuff like He posted this video on Twitter of Something flying in space and and it was Taken down but people found it and it Was off of Twitter for a while after That because people started coming after Him and he just really did you know you Notice like he needed enough time or you Know the need to deal with that yeah But ya know like yeah a lot of guys like Wait I don’t know if it’s like he was Holding back before or if that was his Opinion at that point and then TTS they Came about and he took him to a skiff And it showed him you know a bunch of

Stuff and then this you know you have to Change change or two and accordingly I Don’t know what the deal is but it is What it is yeah he was it was a it was a Lot more I would say wishy-washy in Regards to the subject as opposed to now Where he was like you know full on board TTS a all the way yeah I just found it Weird that you know Gary Nolan you know He’s working with career he he said they You know that there was evidence that he Didn’t look like it was you know a fetus It looked like it was a did they say was 8 years old or something like that sure Was some type of weird abnormality you Know and but then it it changed it all Changed when he went to work for TTS a And TTS a broke the story that it was a And greed when he went and did a video And he he gave me a copyright claim for For having his back on that one because I did say it was weird He didn’t she Told you Steven rare is like it’s like Do you see dude no no no no be fair I Think it might have been the bot that Did it you know the the YouTube thought But um yeah I just thought it was a Little bit weird that Gary was very much All about this little girl alien Whatever and now it’s just it was just a Little fetus with a weird abnormality That’s very very very rare but not only That the other weird part is that he was

Working on this thing and maybe it could Have been alien and he found out that it Wasn’t and instead of being oh well it Wasn’t let me go back to doing like you Know high-level research it he goes Further who Gary yeah instead of like You know like oh well you because Gary’s Official Gary doesn’t need you followed You brainer you know what I’m saying in Fact you followed you will probably Bring him more trouble than anything However even coming back with a negative Result he’s doing work with TTS eh That’s a you know I’m saying that’s very Very interesting and normally a Scientist would be like oh no I’ve been Tainted and drop the subject never Wanting to talk about it again they Don’t go further into it yeah that’s True so who knows what the deal is with That that that is a weird indiscretion Discrepancy like I’m sure like somehow We’ll find something out over time but Yeah that that that was a bit weird you Know that and all right we’ll see what Happened because like I said there’s a Lot more that’s coming on down soon with TTS a Tom DeLonge did an interview Recently with a text show and he Basically outline what’s going on and What did the trijet you know the plan For TTS a and they’ve got a lot of stuff Coming up soon like we’re gonna listen We talked of like right now we’re

Getting videos where we’re going to get Some like Interesting stuff out of them very very Shortly and even tom says it’s a lot man He said literally the moms are saying Like you know like you know hold get Ready because it’s just the tip of the Iceberg in regards to what people are Gonna find out publicly really does Exist I love vaults in there I really do I Mean you know if TTS a have that fourth Piece of footage I hope it’s something Different you know I mean it other way Is what it is when it gets released but I hope it’s something that you kind of Look and you even the debunkers alike of The hell is that what yeah and something In the visual spectrum would be nice too If possible yeah they want really what Um But yeah it’s it’s exciting are they six Exciting times we’re living people and I Think I think there’s there’s so many People out there that seem to want it to Just fail and I mean you you know they Seem to want us Allah G to fail from Within ufology that’s the worst It’s from within you finally because These people listen these guys have Their fiefdom You know they live off of people’s Ignorance of this subject and the fact That it’s like you know all you can do

Is listen to the stories because there’s No tangible evidence what happens when There’s tangible evidence you know what Happens when you’re not you’re there’s Light over your dark recess you know There’s no longer so dark and freaky and Everybody can come in you know like a Lot of these guys are upset with their Their lack of a place and a world where This is going to be mainstream so how Long do you think it’s gonna be before It’s pretty much mainstream that depends Depends on what comes out in the next Couple of months Yeah do you think somebody’s done a Koala season yeah well we know we know You saw the the phenomenon or the rough Cut so we know yeah there’s stuff There’s big stuff coming you have stuff That’s gonna be hard like there’s not Really possible to ignore you know it’s Like Neil deGrasse Tyson said well Where’s the ashtray Here you go Neil now what yeah cuz cuz Neil was like he kind of slayed that Footage yeah this is ours like I mean Like really dude you work at the Planetarium and you’re not in the Military you think they screwed up the Analysis it’s not perhaps that you don’t Know what you’re talking about you know This is not your field of expertise you Know this is not from a telescope it’s

From a FLIR camera that are not the same Thing obviously it’s clear that he’s Just listen he’s a cop Neil is a cop he Will tell you not to do drugs even Though marijuana might be the thing that Saves your life that’s his job he won’t Even go home and smoke some first Cataracts but he’s not gonna tell you That he’s gonna tell you stay away from Drugs if that’s his job and he starts Talking about UFOs like there’s camps Well-baked you know they’ll change the Locks if he starts talking about the Baby but exactly unless they can get THC Oh yeah yeah but it’s he’s wait wait Listen he he’s a politician you know Like yeah he’s of businesses but I doubt He does a lot of math in a day you know It’s like you know basically he’s uh He’s the poster guy for the status quo And the status quo is about to change Dramatically you know and like in good Riddens because he’s Jerk honestly he’s a jerk he is Disingenuous doesn’t tell the whole Truth about himself in a lot of regards But is suspicious and also political you Know this is not a man that puts science Above everything let’s just say that and There’s everything I said is verifiable Actually do some diggin in the Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s life and not that me to Accusation stuff that seems to be Nonsense but there’s other stuff like

Legit stuff that he’ll tell you here Decorum well he’s an actor doesn’t mean To say that he isn’t the physicist okay He the weatherman is a meteorologist but He also works for media outlet he does What they tell him to do he says what They tell him to say if he goes off Record he loses his job you know that’s Part of the problem and honestly when Institute when the world’s institutions Are against your message you know it Gets to be an issue but it’s you know And I is not innocent as well Bill Nye Is awful the fact that they’re best Friends makes a lot of sense you know It’s like you know and then they all Have like like weird UFO Girt you know Each one of them is dirty in regards to This subject matter and like honestly Like do they they have egg on their face And I don’t know how they’re gonna like Honestly they’re gonna look horrible They’re gonna look awful when this comes Out you know these are the guys that Should have been at the forefront of This these are the people the public Trusts you know that tell them truth From lies and they were all along like Not only pigheaded ly wrong about the Subject but literally staring millions Of people again Subject and the people trying to further Yeah I remember Bill Nighy did them He said quiet law I kind of my movie

Started to no but he was having I was Larry King Yeah about you know was the most Grievous yeah like like basically you Know he came late you know I came on to Talk about oh don’t worry folks this is Just you know they got miss Furyk Effects and lights and you know people That don’t know what they see you know And then they had like you know people That didn’t know what they see and have Military clearance you know I remember He was he was in an argument with a Older guy that was one of the witnesses To one of the missiles getting shot down In the 60s that were launched by a UFO And so you got this guy who’s it it was An engineer and primarily an actor Trying to chop down this witness who was A professor of physics now who wasn’t The professor of physics at the time When this happened you know and like he Just like basically I tried to rush this Guy off and you know like I said you Know what they’ve always done but once Again at least these arguments don’t Hold water and at some point this has to Come back on them you know like they say They even look like jerks like neil Degrasse tyson did basically a comedy Routine about ufos you know and there Was laughter in the audience was like oh Come on they basically he took a it Looks like he read the back of like a

Couple of books like David Icke as I go I got it I know you follow gee you know And it’s like no I’m with my boy David Well he’s done a lot to hurt some of This we didn’t need no shape-shifting Reptilians you were we’re weird enough He stopped he stopped speaking about the Reptilians yeah because he shot himself In the foot did you see him he um an Interview with Bill Maher you know the American comedian yeah Okay and Bill Maher’s very political and They’re walking outside the Vatican and You know the thing is it’s like David Ickes there’s a lot of stuff that’s Important like the banks against you and Usually families with a lot of money and They’re doing this and man they were Doing this for generations like yeah It’s exactly right point and then Mara Talks about the shape-shifting Reptilians and then you see the look at Ike’s face like this really touches down A person oh you heard about that Oh it’s great it’s like see we don’t Need that it’s like we’re strange enough I do think though and I’m gonna have my Boys back here David I mean he’s David if you’re watching This you need to come on the channel cuz I’m licking some serious ass here but You know he may have he may have fought About these being reptilians for a long Long time and then he made them a la

Ricci man Just Dance II fought this Because he’s he’s traveled and he’s been Reading us a lot of stuff about you know The tribes and how these tribes saw These reptilian people and this than the Other and you know he put two and two Together and said you know what the Queen’s a lizard was the primary form be A lizard and I mean that makes no sense Did you realize what would have to Happen to your bones to in order to Shape-shift I mean it would make more Sense if you were putty and other stuff You know shapeshifters they were I don’t Think like dude if they were there were Shapeshifters I think they’d have to be Fundamentally physiologically much Different than like our solid life for You and I you know that it would be like I would make more sense that they were Made out of energy just took different You know forms from that from there you Know then to say well they start out as A wizard and then turn it’s good like You know and Olli an old lady that’s It’s gonna throw rose England there is a Lot of people that speak about the Shapeshifters I’m not into these Pixelated videos because I’m pretty sure That you and I and they were throwing a Message into your head if they did that Right and then times somebody was immune To it or if there was some type of Cloaking device and sometimes it gets on

The fritz from time to time you know I Was running low on and if you didn’t Charge it up so like you know something Happened late yeah then to tell me that A lizard turns into people you know Without surgery or like maybe with Surgery or like you know complet even Then it’s like and better even how about This if we had nanotechnology it might Even still be impossible you know or or Take a lot longer or be excruciating Like they’re talking about like you know Shape-shifting like on some like you Know mystique from the X minute you know One second she’s Professor X the next Second she’s Magneto The next section she’s herself next you Know she’s somebody else yeah I just I Need to say this this interview who Acted skate should look on his face just Yeah you’ll know you’ll see yeah you Know whether the lizards whoever the Robots you know and hold on and I’m not Saying there aren’t intelligent lizards Up there totally dude there’s it’s a Wilderness you know I’m we’re gonna find Some incredible stuff out there I’m just Not sure that they’re the ones that are Like calling the shots on earth or you Know Our lizards you know our reptiles are Intelligent they can clean their Eyeballs with the tongue executors I mean I know it’s not intelligent but

Just the a to know you’ve got an eye There and just aim the tongue I’m the Eyeball design I mean they change Booking color fit for crying out loud Yeah but that’s a cloaking device it’s Not shape-shifting that you know that’s That’s that’s like like we think maybe These maybe the reptilians do you know Haven’t they’ve evolved still not a Great explanation Hey you reptilian nah I wish I was a Reptilian I’d be ruling your country This is true that’s tried ID what’s the PIA back to because we haven’t got long Left but so tt say dr. grey I’m gonna Bring that up go back I’m gonna go back There again I would like to see somebody Get dr. Greer on a show with Tom DeLonge Maybe somebody else maybe somebody else From Grey’s team and get Lou one and Just let him you know have a little Discussion over maybe a cup of tea or a Beer no cuz listen Steven Greer is gonna Grandstand he’s gonna go and then They’re gonna stand there and be like Okay sure and here’s your free energy Device that you were supposed to build And here’s your knowing here’s our Anti-gravity platform you told I’ll see You back back in 2000 I think this would Just probably speak over them Be very dramatic and and they would Probably this lay back and let the facts You know fall where they are I mean like

There’s a lot of drama in Greece camp Drama you know look a little bit anybody Who subscribe to this channel no sir I Love the drama fry on it but you know This is this is what your tubers do with Wit with the scum of the earth Yeah I am looking forward to Unidentified series 2 though and I think This whole thing that’s gone off with These with these free bits of fosters Has finally kind of being given the this Is real it’s gonna be made for an Amazing show oh yeah no but we’re primed And ready for the next shooter drop at The end of the day and that’s what’s Going to happen there’s gonna be another Shoe that’s gonna drop see whether That’s like this stuff that’s going to Be revealed in the phenomena coming Again in September tentatively like is It’s going to be something else released By TTS a is going to be a combination of Things are we going to see something From a foreign nation you know starting To like you know like there again There’s rumors that any when they’re Supposed to be doing a large-scale like Document dump soon ish yeah I promise You don’t even promise that for like About a year now a little bit more but The fact is we were promised if Something is gonna come out at some Point I think they’re you know maybe They’re waiting for something else to

Drop and then throw that out there and See what happens yeah my style is its Raid Rendlesham forest you know it’s all Just he’s always close to the forest Perfect spot for a raid UFO rays Oh speaking of I keep going back to Greer but he had them he had the guy From like what’s his name Mickey Mikey his name now the guy who Organized the why kind of easy He said lestrade area 51 then he when You’re playing the fire Steven had him on all all Steven did was Talk about his life he had the Imam for An interview and didn’t didn’t actually Get in there’s a lot of you go with this Guy there’s like a whole lot of ego it’s More like they like like my identity you Members according to Stephen Drew it’s Like about how UFOs relate to Steven and Stevens opinions about how they relate It’s not it’s not all that objective You know that’s a problem though the Reason why I brought that up is because They were talking about organizing a Music event and like Steven said to the Young man could you organize something Like that because I’ll it was almost Like he said it thinking that he Wouldn’t be able to do it you know ya Can do that and he’s like oh [ __ ] Just imagine Steven Greer a rave Producing Steven that’s the thing There’s gonna have to be results as

Because of this again that’s why I Prefer TTS a Jesus can you imagine Steven Greer an acid images Steven Greer Do wearing nothing but a pair of boxer Shorts with glow sticks attached to him New leaves listen Steven if you are Watching this I do love you It’s basis for ufology in some respects And then it became over time it became a Lot about him yeah he just talks about Himself who built the lunar module his Kids and and and and [ __ ] I don’t need To know about It needs when you watching me it’s like The green show yeah it is it is very Much it and a lot of ego do it there’s Too much ego for it to be a science you Know you can’t approach it like this Ufology is not about me or you you know Anything take some notes from Bob Lazar Yeah go away for 20 years come back Become bigger than you were work for Dave Chappelle Yeah well it’s going quiet the bump Lazar thing though now well that’s for Now it’ll come back like I I’m certain Like listen the more disclosure comes Out the more and the fact that Bob is Willing to talk more I think we’ll see We’ll see more of Bob Lazar than perhaps You’ve ever seen there was gee did you See that clip I sent you with the TTS a Suitcase had that object in there that Actually kind of does forgot on the name

Of the channel I’m subscribed to output In the description I’ll put it up now But this videos brilliant and he points Out this suitcase this this piece in the Suitcase actually looks it’s the Description of what Bob Lazar is Describing on the floor or wall of the UFO of the hexagons yeah it’s got he’s Got tiny hexagons on it Well a lot of materials are like that Now ironically yeah you know that’s the New new all of a sudden that’s like Bob Was telling us about this in the 80s and Now that’s the cutting edge of the 2020s And it took around the same amount of Time that it would probably to develop Something like that from you know that Point you know working backwards but This was a piece that TTS a have that They’re investigating the mom keeps Saying a lot of stuff is coming from Them you can’t really talk about it They’re already starting to release Products for instance there’s that band That they just released they got into a Partnership with another company and we Talked about that a few months ago like What they were gonna do with that screen Technology and now we help you know Because they’re there they’re putting it On those trucks and they’re nice but That’s just the beginning of this There’s a lot of stuff that’s coming and I keep repeating myself like the blog is

Now openly saying there’s gonna be you Know the floodgates for opening and There’s not going to be very leave it he Literally says I mean soon this is Coming out and I would not doubt Tom DeLonge I’m saying at the end of the day Even if you don’t like Tom DeLonge for Whatever reasons how often has he been Wrong well what’s that one time on Joe Rogan way show the spaceship we don’t Know we don’t know what was going on in That situation and we don’t let’s wait And see Burton I think he was hi I’d be All over that you know somebody mixing Drinks that’s fun the yeah I I think I’ve said it before I said that a lot in This show but he I think he just he was Kind of showing the technology how it Was You know that video kind of maybe that Is how this thing does but yeah yeah I Don’t know if he was showing it as being Factual this is the this is a real UFO I Think he was showing how it was worked How it worked but it came across Completely wrong you know what but also Like the things he was talking about Like how they’re basically trying to Create this like he broke down what was Going on with them trying to create an Electromagnetic field that was strong Enough to get these these fragments to Become operational and they’re doing That now they actually did update so

That’s the thing that what he told Joe Rogan was true in terms of what they Were attempting to accomplish they’re They’re doing so now they said that they Couldn’t find one like something that Generated enough electromagnetic energy And like you know that existed Conventionally so that guys are gonna Have to build something new but but so Be it they it’s the mom of the sort is Is like listen like TTS a isn’t like Alright the next big thing they’re gonna Be dropping is gonna be that app the the Vault which has an AI component to it And also seems to have a social media Component it might be you know Instagram Or Facebook for people like us you know Oh fantastic Yeah this would be like amazing amazing Amazing thing to have and you know There’s gonna be other devices as well That are coming from this from the Analysis of these these things that they Have been doing also the mom has been Talking about how there’s they’re Working on energy devices and things Like this is open the longest talk like You know this is like don’t listen to me Listen the time too long it’s we’re We’re on a roll when do you think we’re Gonna say some of these energy devices I Don’t know however I think somebody Showed years ago I saw something on television involving

Magnetics and the longest talking about Magnetics and somebody had this weird Device that basically altered it Basically used electromagnetic energy to Make things look different or a Different position and it was really Really I met and worked on camera they Showed this thing on camera very very Like a ripple no not not in that sense But like a right this guy he goes he Puts down this looks like a yellow puck Ring on the floor and this guy was Working out of Niagara Falls as I recall And they had these two investigators and One was a very tall man was an Average-sized lady and we had the tall Man on the one side and the Average-sized lady on the other side and Then they made them rotate around so That they were you know if he was on the Right he would be on the left and she Was under left she’d be on the right and When they did that the woman was taller Than the man appeared taller than the Man yeah and then they kept doing it Again and again and this was in real Time and they were freaking out because They couldn’t believe and this is going On now this was on a show by a guy named Brad Messner a man fired back Meltzer Pregnant Who’s a science fiction writer he’s a Comic book writer he’s great and he also Does like you know a lot of conspiracy

Stuff new children’s books and things Like that mean tech shows on the History Channel and I spoke to him last week Briefly on Instagram he was doing a live Stream and he basically I was like Please like can you give it a night Basically hit a dead end I’ve been Looking for this guy and more Information about this for years and he Just referred me back to the episode Blew me off the guy you can go back no Wait there’s not enough to work on you Know when the data that was given but It’s there though I’ll try to dig it up And like you know you can see for Yourself but yeah man it looks like Something’s been going For quite some time people are been Working in secret for quite some time on Some very interesting stuff and it’s not Again it’s not known to most people but It’s there and it looks like it’s about The beginning its showcase and I think We’re going to be seeing a lot of crazy Stuff like technology like miracles as Impressive as your grandmother your Great-grandmother would find your cell Phone but you will find like these Things that are coming out soon well may Look at the look at these things yeah Remember this plane snake and now I can Play call of duty hmm a while phone and The next one I’ve got a one plus the Next one of one of these can the camera

There’s a big thing on the internet About it where people are kind of going A bit mad over it can actually see Through objects can do it the new one of These so you it mainly black plastic you Can see all the circuits through it bees Crazy Yeah 30 year old military technology They decided that they can sell to you Now yeah what else they’re giving See-through stuff to regular people and They have like and that’s a watered down Version I guarantee you that was a Teenager with that phone oh yeah privacy Is a thing of the past Yeah he just sees through kind of I Don’t I don’t know if he sees through Clothes you would hope no there was a Video camera that did that ya know as Your guy see you know and if you you you Probably gonna see everything anyway if You see somebody in BBC yeah Listen yeah like everything is there’s No secret so yeah in fact that’s one of The reasons why this is coming out Probably because they know we’ll know Because we’ll be able to look in you Know and and so it has to come out we Have been going for about an hour now so Before I go can you just remind the Folks what’s what’s what’s is that Little tidbit coming soon oh yeah There’s there’s something coming Something very very interesting probably

Gonna start a couple fights but that’s Ufology and honestly the truth is the Truth and it is what it is and none of Us gets to say you know none of us get To say in this we get to deal with this As it comes you know that we need to Stop making the subject the realm of Wish fulfillment you know we gotta stop Using this you followed you to take These elaborate fantasies that we like And actually hunker down and get to the Real serious business the figuring out What this technology is what this means Who they are and how this affects us and Where we’re going with it you know and And stop with these these derailment Seems like weird cult II religions when Like we’re not going towards religion We’re going away from religion and more Towards science in fact in a way that we Never ever had before as much as even With all the technology we had you know And that increasing this is inevitable The singularity is coming early and That’s the that’s the big thing the Singularity Probably already happened do you Understand that the singularity might Already be here in certain areas and Like this is inevitable this is my god You know it begins with UFOs and aliens But it doesn’t end there I mean did you Hear about the ultimate reality Discovery

That’s incredible like my god We’re really getting goose bumps awesome Pardon you gave me goose pimples I’ve Been so happy in spite of this crazy This madness going around you know I you Know this is great I can’t wait Bring it on Oh you can touch with your Contact to try it in touch again as soon As we can release this the bear amen Osvaldo Franco it has been a pleasure Having you on alienates and I want you Stay safe my friend when you’re out Doing your errands for people and Anybody in the comment section please Ask questions like I’ll be in the Comment section to fire away Where can I find yours big I have an Instagram account but I’m also like you Know episodes I’m on I try to leave a Prank like that like you know some Comments or answering stuff like feel Free Dalek my name is Waldo Franco a Pseudonym you can find me cause if you Leave a comment on this video when once Once it’s up I’ll pin it that way people Can ask you some questions so like it’s Great time to you know just basically You know have a bag of ice on my knee in Answering questions cool mate Cool well I will leave you to my friend And thank you very much for coming on Guys remember to Like share and Subscribe if you want to support the Channel further I do have a patreon page

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