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Hey what’s up guys Tyler here with Secured team representing Clio State Buckeyes as you can see I just wanted to Give a shout out and a thank you to a Lien addict who has been well it’s Gotten my back during this whole Lionsground Situation which if you don’t know Lionsground a succubus a bottom-feeder Is attempting to claim that he owns my Logo and my channel something he’s about To get a very rude awakening about but I Want to thank a lien addict as well as Other channels who have stood up and Kind of posted more about the story While my channel is kind of on hold While I deal with these legal issues Which will be handled very quickly so Again a lien addict from one American Across the pond to a really good guy I’m Gonna say thanks good luck with your Channel good evening folks And welcome to a lien addict before I go Any further with this whole secured team Thing I just want to say two things one This video is represented by new jankis Actually my head was getting burnt on Holiday and it was the only hat I could See that wasn’t fake so I just grabbed It but a massive shout out and thank you To mr. Morpheus a patron of the channel Who has kindly built me a PC now as you Can see my desk now is full of Technology if anybody would like to join

The patreon page I I could probably do With a good carpenter to to build me a New desk But yes mr. Morpheus thank you my friend And because you are into Pink Floyd by My good self and you like Warhammer 40k Ultramarines I designed you this in Photoshop Now to any new patrons of the channel I Always design you some artwork whether It’s two dollars five dollars ten Dollars you get a bit of artwork from Myself so if anybody wants to jump on Board it really helped to jump now means A lot so I have told you for a while now That tile from security in ten will come On the channel well it kind of has now But the interview will come this is a Weird one for me to put out and this is Because not only am i kind of I feel Like a bit of a backstabber because I’ve Done work with Lions ground before in The past you know somebody I would have Considered a friend but I don’t like What he’s doing I I really I don’t Approve of it I don’t approve of Copyright striking channels It seems very vicious this move to take Tyler down so this is the reason why I’m Doing the video now for anybody who Thinks you know well you’re gonna do This video to get views on your channel Damn right I am Yes go Sam so any youtuber that kind of

Puts these videos out and tells you you Know they’re doing it for the love of God the line tear so let’s just get that One straight first okay moving swiftly On so little refresh here Tyler now has One video on showing on his channel That’s basically a video asking for your Help he’s had 10 videos flagged by Lions Ground on the channel two of which he Actually got a copyright strike for you Get one more strike and you are out so Lions ground is claiming that he owns Believe it or not they do do that quite Often blue talkies just know where it Used to be so lionsground has basically Claimed that he owns the rights to Tyler’s logo and this is what this is About So at first I thought is that what’s This to do with what is this these Strikes about is he just striking for The fact that he is claiming some of the Video that is his you know that can’t be Right because it’s not you know I’ve Seen many lionsground videos and Security intend hasn’t copied his videos Is he claiming because Tyler has used Stuff that’s over people’s in his video I don’t know I’ve had some advice then Lionsground is claiming it because of The logo He claims he owns the copyright to this Logo what you see now is an edited

Version of what Tyler has shown me I can Show you Tyler’s response as he does not Mind at all and I’m not showing lions Ground’s full response public custom Eyeballs aren’t big enough Lions ground But they are big enough to debate this With you at any time because you’re Wrong what you’re doing is wrong what You’re doing is what is making YouTube But this copyright striking needs to Stop and this is from everybody all These channels that are doing these Little tactics to get rid of their Enemies it’s [ __ ] and it’s it’s Fighting with dishonor in my opinion It’s totally dishonorable I’ve been asked so many times by over Channels oh we should all flood this Channel blah blah blah and I’m like That’s not the way I work and some Channels that are listening to this now You will know who you are when you’ve Asked me to do flags because I don’t do That I won’t do that and I won’t get my Patreon I won’t get my subscribers to Start harassing other channels because It’s not the way I work in this there’s Enough [ __ ] going on in this world Without people trying to take out People’s people’s livelihoods so I am Sorry LG I do not agree with what you Are doing so as well it’s not just the Logo in question and it’s the actual Security in going across it because

These merchandise has been taken down as Well if you look on the USPTO website I Believe I’ll put the link in the Description and you type in security you Can see that this is owned by Tyler Glockner so I and if and if we go back Ok if we go way back over a year ago Whatever it was when security in town Was being accused of taking the Alienware logo you know I’m sure Tyler Doesn’t mind me showing this because he Said that can show what I won you can You can see that you know he’s got no Worries when he comes to Alienware Pursuing him because he’s taken the logo This logo was was a competition logo and A kid did there a drawer in an amazing Drawing yeah and you know Tyler or eight Years ago saw that logo changed a little Put it on his channel like I say I don’t Know the ins and outs of long when it Comes to that all I know is the fact That lion Ground has claimed this as his now by The sounds of it you know and he to me That is just it seems like somebody seen An opportunity and they’ve gone for it I Don’t know if there’s money involved in This or whatever Tyler’s are actually said that they’re He’s talking about money or anything Like that he just seems a very very Spiteful it seems to me like this is Just a vicious attack just to try and

Destroy somebody also you know Lions Ground is still making videos you know I Think they’re on his patreon page or Wherever but they are there he is making Videos you know and you know a more Power to him but does it have to be Constantly what is it what is it we’re Trying to do people you know this is not Just for Lions ground here this goes for Anybody who’s constantly just on Security intends case Tyler’s case you Know what do you want to happen do you Want to break the man so much that There’s nothing left to break do you Know you could literally tip somebody Completely over the edge for anybody the Things this man is completely strong and He can take all this he can take his two Million subscribe channel dying a death He could take that he can take the fact That he will lose his business he Doesn’t have any of a job as far as I Know he has secured team ten so that’s Like somebody just say saying right We’re making you redundant but it’s not Just that he’s ace what do you do next You lose that channel and you’ve had a Youtube channel for that long if I was Doing my channel for a living and I just Lost it I’d have no idea what to do next You know I work for I work I work and I’m not saying doing YouTube is not Worth Because it very much is you know I I

Can’t imagine doing it full-time and it Takes up a lot of time takes time away From your family this now I’m making This video and my wife and kids went out You know that they went out for a walk I Probably should have gone for that wall With them I’m making this video I needed To make this video I needed to get it Out I’m not stupid Then any other youtuber okay this is a Little message out there for any of the Youtuber that wants to use this content Feel free my only rule is I only have One rule you know leave the link to my Channel in the description and that Should go for anybody that’s using Anybody’s content but feel free anybody Wants to use this they can just make Sure you cut something behind it you Know you’re talking over it are you know You you you not just basically copying The channel but I’ve got I’ve got no you Won’t get a copyright claim from me we I Think we all need to just behave you Know let’s have a little bit of Sportsmanship on YouTube we need to we Need to change this platform Let’s make YouTube great again Guys i’m ainlina date yeah make sure you Like this hit that thumbs up hit that Little bell end in the corner subscribe If you haven’t subscribed already Because there’s some great stuff coming From the channel supposed to be doing an

Amazing interview tonight and yeah I do Have a patreon page so if you fancy Becoming a patreon you’ll get a little Bit of personalised artwork from myself I want to grow that platform because I Don’t know how long I don’t know how Long YouTube is gonna be around for UFO Channels and when these things like this Happening we’ve strike somewhere I’ve You I don’t want this hobby to ever stop You know I want to be able to do this if I have to move to another platform I’ll Move to another platform but the minute I’m loving YouTube you know I just want People just to behave and just start Having it you know what’s the word I’m Looking for I’m looking for the word Integrity yeah so that’s a little bit of Integrity all right good night god bless Mind the books don’t bite I’m a lien Addict