By | May 23, 2020

Hey guys so so cold in there that before We start investigating Jeff and I came Out to take a little bit we came out to To stay in our car and to warm up a Little bit but when we’ve been sitting Here we’ve been listening to so the few Songs from some horror movies and Weeping ourselves out and it’s like you Don’t really want to go in it’s like This seems like it’s gonna be the Creepiest place of our trip so far and It’s fitting that it’s on our last last Night yeah I just feel like there’s Potential for something big damp in here Like something I feel like the energy in There like there’s something waiting Right now for us to come back in and It’s just Jeff and I in the whole Building I don’t want to be scratched What’s eerie is just the size of this Place that’s just us it’s like creepy Cuz it’s snowing and it’s all dark out And hearing stories about doppelgangers Shadow people violent spirits but Thought further ado we’re gonna head on In it’s time to actually investigate Upstairs on the top floor in the asylum We had had a former police officer tell Us that there used to be a table in this Specific room that he described as a Torture table he said that

Had metal arms that went out with metal Restraints and the legs of it were the Same but they went up and out at a 45-degree angle we had heard rumors About this table before and we actually Had an exam table donated to the Building so of course we put it into That room well it definitely sparked Something up there and we kept getting EVPs and things on the phasma box from a Guy who likes to be referred to as the Surgeon I don’t normally buy into the Idea of somebody’s mind being taken over But once it happened to me I couldn’t Really deny it anymore we were in that Room and it was just the girls up there We kept getting you know things on the Faster box that would say nice hair or Pretty eyes or just creepy things like That I thought it was really weird that He was saying things like that And then I had it was like a movie Playing in my head that I wasn’t Thinking about and it was a man in a Doctor’s uniform and he was standing Next to a girl who was in a wheelchair And she was very obviously out of it her Eyes were open but she wasn’t awake he Was playing with her hair and telling Her that she was so pretty and in my Head he was justifying that it’s okay That he treats these women poorly Because he tells them that they’re Pretty I actually am NOT a very angry

Person I actually had to be taken out of There and didn’t calm down until I was In the lobby for a little while because I was so irrationally angry at someone Who I knew wasn’t even alive for me to Do anything to but I had my emotions Taking control of and it was definitely A very scary experience Scratches okay so we’re now in the room The violent spirit notice how that blood Isn’t going off is there somebody up Here with us Can you say hello to us it’s dead So everybody in this hallway so my name Is Chelsea I have been volunteering at Madison for almost two years it’s gonna Be two years of summer I’ve been touched More than once here I would say probably About four times to homer on the back Porch Another time I got touched was actually In our Brides room of the Ohio cottage Side on the second floor we were in There for a tour of all things we were In there for a historical tour I was Being the watcher for one of the tour Guides and I was just standing in the Room there was a whole bunch of people In the room with me and all of a sudden Like I had my hand on my hip and all of A sudden I got pinched on the back of The arm I thought it was like one of my

Friends like joking with me like trying To pinch me to get my attention and I Like looked over at them they were even Paying attention to me I looked in the Back of my arm and also there was just This big red mark in the back of my arm I don’t know how I got there I even saw Like some indentions in my skin from it Happening I don’t know if they’re trying To be mean to me or trying to my Attention I’m not sure but probably my Wildest experience here potentially a Guy named Harry they think is who hung Himself in here and the police the Police used to be in this building and They told them that a guy hung Themselves in this bathroom they didn’t Know his name There anybody in this hallway with us or On this floor did you commit suicide in Here Let’s we’re gonna go down to the Civil War the final question what do you think Is the creepiest part of the building The creepiest is a civil war basement It’s a feeling I can’t even describe it It’s just some days it takes my breath Away to go down there I used to say that It didn’t bother me but here lately There’s I almost feel I don’t want to Say evil but it is definitely menacing He likes to let you know he’s there now The spot I like the least is in the Civil War building in the basement

There’s a bathroom down there that has Been remodeled because that was where The police state the police had their Workout room so they remodeled the Bathroom for some reason I do not like Going into that room or going into the Room right beside it there’s just Something there and there’s always been Something there that you just know it’s There it’s just a feeling and it’s Strange because actually I had been in This building back in the 90s for Meetings and that that was the bathroom You had to use and you go into that Bathroom and you just knew something was Watching you you could feel it I didn’t Like it then and I still don’t like it So I avoid that one I would say either The scariest or the part that I do not Wish to go to unless I had someone with Me would probably be the laundry wing When you get to that door that leads the Dark hallway that leads down there it’s Just I dread it I know Something’s down there waiting and it’s Some days it’s not a very good feeling And it does not pleased me to go down There by myself This is the laundry room in the basement Yes that’s the one that you and Denis Interview des we have a lot of equipment Issues you know batteries drain cameras Will turn off whatever a lot of times Our fire system will shoot a trouble

Code it’s really nothing and it doesn’t Like send a signal to the to the company Or anything it’s just I don’t know they Just mess with it sometimes there was One night where we had a private team in Here and it just so happened to be three Police officers in the middle of the Night the fire alarm went off it wasn’t Just a trouble code it was all of the Sirens all of the lights were on it was A legitimate code the Box said basement It’s a basement Pole meaning that Someone had actually gone up to the Leather and pulled it to indicate that There was a fire in the building so Since the team was the only people in The building we assumed that somebody Had broken in so the police that were Here for the private we’re walking Around and they were in full police mode They were checking the perimeter they Were checking all the rooms to make sure Nobody was here and then I realized that I decided civil war basement So I told Shelley we went and got the Police officers because they were Outside securing the perimeter we go Down into the Civil War basement and it Looked like someone ran into one of the Rooms so we’re scared at this point you Know we can handle spirits but a real Person breaking into the building was a Little bit intimidating so we go to look In that room and the three police

Officers all hear someone in the Bathroom it was just like a movie They’re yelling into the bathroom And they’re going come out with your Hands up this is your last morning one Of the guys says he’s in the middle Stall I saw him go in there and they go In Shelley’s pulling me back towards the Door like just in case somebody comes Out we need to run and leave and nobody Is in the bathroom we look at the lever That was supposedly pulled and it was Not pulled and those are set up so that The fire department has to come back and Use a special key to reset it you can’t Just put it back once it’s been pulled It has to be inspected so this was Something that had taken them so much Energy I can’t even imagine how they Would have done this but it was a crazy Night the alarms and the lights were Going off in the entire building I’d say That this room that we’re in is very Intimidating for me but also the Basement of the Civil War side is is Scary too so this was this is built in 1847 Most afraid Is there anybody down here in the Basement with us can you give us a sign By walking over here to us Slamming one of these doors feel free to Take one of those books if you want one

Hello so this is the creepy bathroom That no one likes to come to so anybody Here with us in the bathroom You do let’s go did something literally No I just hold up hold up I know I felt something this ground like Literally and I hand on my arm Oh let’s get out of here folks Well you got one minute in that regard So we have to call it a wrap is there Anybody here this is your last chance Go back Hello